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condom fact of the day: The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom is a 12,000–15,000-year-old painting on the wall of a cave in France.


are YOU PrOteCteD?


L&a: Learn how to properly use a condom (page B2)

Feb. 14-21

addressing proper sex education, one condom at a time.

safe seX


architects to Contraception options for you design new water research A laboratory ARIANNA PICKARD, CAMPUS EDITOR

s the Women’s Outreach Center passes out condoms in Oklahoma Memorial Union today, students seeking other forms of contraception can visit OU’s Goddard Health Center for more options. The type of contraception a student should choose depends on the individual – that’s why there are so many kinds out there, said K.C. Moore, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure graduate assistant at OU’s Women’s Outreach Center. Moore said she would recommend students looking for contraception options to go to OU’s Goddard Health Center.

New water center will bring together disciplines for study, conservation effort

Offered by Goddard Health Center:

ATIBA WILLIAMS campus reporter

The OU Board of Regents currently is looking for architects to help design plans to create a Water Innovative Research Laboratory on the South Campus. The top two architectural firms being considered include Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets Inc. out of Kansas and Glover Smith Bode Inc. from Oklahoma, according to a press release from OU Student Affairs released Jan. 24. After the firm has been “We want to have chosen, architects will draw a focal point where up the construction plans we bring together all with advice from OU’s faculty and staff, said Nick those different ways Hathaway, vice president of of understanding executive affairs and administrative affairs at OU. The water.” Regents then will decide if pauL risser, cHairmaN of such a building is feasible. tHe uNiVersity researcH This lab will be built caBiNet somewhere on OU’s south Research Campus, Hathaway said. However, the architect will select the exact location, so it hasn’t been determined. Since the 1930’s, the water research on campus has grown and diversified, and now students can study and research a wide range of water-related subjects, such as water law, the science of water and water engineering, said Paul Risser, chairman of the University Research Cabinet. Currently, water is being researched on campus at the Corix Institute and the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, among other places, Hathaway said. “There are programs that are quite strong, but they are spread out all over campus. We want to have a focal point

Ty JoHnson/THe daILy

2. The pill 91-99 percent effective Also called “the pill,” combined oral contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin. A pill is taken at the same time each day. Warning: If you are older than 35 years and smoke, have a history of blood clots or breast cancer, your doctor may advise you not to take the pill. Prescribed by a doctor. 3. The ring 91-99 percent effective The ring releases the hormones progestin and estrogen. You place the ring inside your vagina. You wear the ring for three weeks, take it out for the week you have your period, and then put in a new ring.

5. Intrauterine device (IUD) More than 99 percent effective An IUD is a small device that is shaped in the form of a “T.” Your doctor places it inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can stay in your uterus for up to 10 years. 6. Female condom 79-95 percent effective Worn by the woman, the female condom helps keeps sperm from getting into her body. It can be inserted up to eight hours before sexual intercourse. Available at drug stores.


Recent changes give Department of Development control of SGA finances KAITLYN UNDERWOOD campus reporter

OU’s Student Government Association plans to save students fees by reorganizing a government department and obtaining funding from outside sources. SGA President Joe Sangirardi presented a bill to update the Department of Finance to the Department of Development at the Undergraduate Student Congress meeting Tuesday. The duties of the former Department of Finance have changed significantly over the years, prompting revisions to the department, Sangirardi said.

“What this also does is add a lot of new facets to an otherwise unnecessary department of the Executive Branch,” Sangirardi said. The Department of Development will house the Offices of Finance, Strategic Funds, Historical Records and the new Office of SGA Student and Alumni Relations, according to the bill.

Don’t know where to dine for Valentine’s Day? L&A: Find out where to take your date, regardless of the stage in your relationship, for a special Valentine’s dinner. (Page B1)

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7. The patch 91-99 percent effective (less effective in women who weigh more than 198 pounds) This skin patch is worn on the lower abdomen, buttocks, or upper body (but not on the breasts). It releases hormones progestin and estrogen into the bloodstream. You put on a new patch once a week for three weeks. During the fourth week, you do not wear a patch, so you can have a menstrual period. Prescribed by a doctor. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website; Maggie Pool, health promotion coordinator for OU Health Sevices

seLf Defense

Training program offers peace of mind Women and girls learn safety, self-defense SHELBY GUSKIN campus reporter

A 6 foot 6 inch, 275-pound man walks into the room. At first, he is incredibly intimidating, but then he lets out a small laugh and a smile, and you can’t help but laugh with him. “Huge doesn’t even begin to describe him,” said Sgt. Bob Moore. Officer Carl Pendleton, a former OU football player, started working for the Norman Police Department

after college. He was asked by Moore to start working on the My Body, My Life program, a rape-prevention class that teaches women and girls safety, self-esteem and self-defense. “I have a lot of female family members or close family members that have been sexually assaulted - the vast majority, all but two,” Pendleton said. “This is something near and dear to my heart,and that’s important to me.” When Moore asked Pendleton to get involved, it was an easy answer. “This is real life stuff,” Pendleton said. see DEFENSE paGe 2

Go aND Do My Body, My Life program When: The first class is full; the date of the next class is to be announced Where: norman regional Hospital Info: my body, my Life is a rapeprevention class that teaches women and girls safety, selfesteem and self-defense

CaMPUs BrIefs

Visit for the complete story

OU parts ways with Shipp, Kittle Sports: Jackie shipp and bruce Kittle became the second and third coaches to move on this offseason. (Page B3)

Ty JoHnson/THe daILy


HeaTHer broWn/THe daILy

4. The shots 94-99 percent effective Women get shots of the hormone progestin in the buttocks or arm every three months from their doctor.

see WATER paGe 2

Plan to save fees starts with reorganizing

1. Condoms 82–98 percent effective Worn by the man, a male condom keeps sperm from getting into a woman’s body. Latex condoms, the most common type, help prevent pregnancy and HIV and other STDs as do the newer synthetic condoms. “Natural” or “lambskin” condoms also help prevent pregnancy, but may not provide protection against STDs, including HIV. Condoms can only be used once. Available at drug stores.


Guest Lecturer

Flash mob dancing to oppose violence against women today

Speaker to address reproductive rights

sooners are invited to rise up and dance to raise awareness about violence against women and girls at a flash mob at noon today in oklahoma memorial union’s Will rogers room. The mob is ou’s one billion rising event in support of V-day’s 15th anniversary activities, said Tanya miller, the managerial associate for ou’s Women’s and Gender studies program. one billion rising is a global movement demanding an end to violence against women and girls, according to the event’s website. one in three women will be raped or beaten at some point in her life, according to the website. Matt Ravis Campus Reporter

ou Law students for reproductive Justice is holding a lecture about reproductive rights at 4 p.m. today at the ou college of Law, classroom 2. This event showcases Lynn paltrow, the founder and executive director of the national advocates for pregnant Women. “I would really encourage students to come see ms. paltrow,” said Jill Irvine, director of Women’s and Gender studies. “she is interested about how abortion laws affect pregnant women, and I think it’s a really interesting perspective she brings to the discussion.” paltrow will be discussing the great issues at hand when it comes to personhood, eggs and embryos without subtracting pregnant women from the picture of inquiry. The free event is a preview of the Take root: red state perspectives on reproductive Justice conference Friday and saturday. Shelby Guskin Campus Reporter

2/13/13 10:49 PM


• Thursday, February 14, 2013


Arianna Pickard, campus editor Paighten Harkins and Nadia Enchassi, assistant editors • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDaily

defense: water: Research aids Oklahomans Technique Continued from page 1 not to be disclosed to men Continued from page 1

Today around campus Visit the 3rd Annual Art from the Heart Fundraiser, a fundraiser to support the OU School of Art and Art History students 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Lightwell Gallery of the OU School of Art and Art History. Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Oklahoma Memorial Union. Attend a decorating party while promoting international giving for the P.I.G. Scholarship noon to 2 p.m. in Hester Hall 170. Attend the Red Flags and Green Lights in Relationships Student Success Seminar to learn about how relationships affect your academics from Sunny Wenger 2 to 3 p.m. in Wagner Hall 245. Attend a film screening of “I am Love” as part of Italy Week 6 to 8 p.m. in Kaufman Hall 230. Do you want to see your organization’s campus event here? Visit to add your entry.

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“This is lasting stuff, and it matters.” He became involved five years ago and has been an active supporter and instructor ever since. At first only offered to high school women, the program has spread to all middle and high schools at over two school districts in Norman. They’ve also held the program for several sororities at OU. The program has continued to expand and will now be offered to adult women of all ages at the Norman Regional Hospital Education Center. The program has been created for women only and includes self-defense techniques that the instructors say not to disclose to men, Moore said. The secrecy of the program is so important that some information about the types of sexual assault and abuse discussed in the class could not be disclosed due to its graphic nature. For Pendleton, there is a personal reason to teach the class. “One of the major reasons why this is an important program to me is that I am actually a victim of sexual assault as a child,” Pendleton said. “It goes a long way into defining who I become as an adult.”

where we bring together all those different ways of understanding water,” Risser said. The decision to improve OU’s water research with a lab that can do detailed water analyses came as a natural offshoot of the university’s meteorology program’s success, Hathaway said. In Oklahoma, there are more than a dozen agencies that are responsible for water quality and conservation, Risser said. There are three different agencies to contact about water quality alone, according to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board website. The proposed lab would allow these agencies to meet and be acquainted with the latest research in water conservation and quality. “We want to interweave the government, the private sector and the university,” Hathaway said. The building itself will be an example of sust a i nab i l i t y a nd wate r conservation and feature water-conservation technologies. “We need to be careful about our water resources - the building itself will demonstrate how,” Risser said. Oklahoma residents also would be able to take their water to the laboratory to have the water from their homes analyzed, Risser said. Researchers in the building would not only look at the problems facing Oklahoma, but would

Illustration by Heather Brown

“It’s an issue that drives global challenges. Starvation is a problem, but dehydration is a bigger problem, and a quicker killer.” Nick Hathaway, vice president of executive affairs and administrative affairs

also be involved in global said. research. “It’s an issue that drives global challenges. Starvation Atiba Williams is a problem, but dehydration is a bigger problem, and a quicker killer,” Hathaway



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fin financial nancial em mpowerment p empowerment for r all POWERED BY

2/13/13 10:50 PM

Reader comment on ›› “The last time the OU Daily complained about the OUPD was then they successfully arrested Naasik Ferdous last October. Giving the public more information than we need could potentially be counterproductive and even harmful.” (mythman, RE: ‘OUPD must open its mouth’)


Thursday, February 14, 2013 •


Mark Brockway, opinion editor Kayley Gillespie, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailyOpinion

THUMBS UP: Condom Week starts today. Events around campus will bring attention to safe sex practices by promoting the use of safe and effective contraceptives. (Page 1)


Marriage needs no law Our View: Lawmakers should stay out of

Why model a state program after other unsucmarriage. cessful state programs? More importantly, how will covenant marriages decrease divorce rates if Oklahoma has a number of “nanny laws” that in- they have shown so few couples choose a “coveterfere with personal choice: nant marriage” where it is available? Why should Oklahoma devote time and money to a marriage • Oklahoma’s alcohol laws prevent consumers option that is unpopular in three other states? from buying wine in grocery stores; This bill alienates a sizable portion of the pop• The state has tried to restrict a woman’s reulation by defining a covenant marriage “a marproductive rights with the Personhood bill; riage entered into by a man and a woman.” It as• Anti-tobacco laws have restricted tobacco sumes the solution to complex social problems is use on state property, including public colrooted in marriage and marriage can be salvaged lege campuses. through counseling and restricting the terms by which one can seek a divorce. Now the Legislature is considering another Oklahoma’s federal lawmakers are notorious over-protective law called covenant marriages. for strictly defining marriage as a heterosexual Senate Bill 105 would legalize the option to enter relationship, most notably in the Defense a covenant marriage – a kind of marriage of Marriage Act. Former Oklahoma Rep. The Our View that would make it illegal to divorce withSteve Largent, R-Tulsa, was the author of is the majority the House bill, former Sen. Don Nickles, out first completing marriage counseling opinion of and listing at least one of the following as R-Okla., was the lead author of the Senate The Daily’s grounds for divorce: adultery, physical or bill and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was a nine-member psychological abuse abandonment for one editorial board co-sponsor. year, being separated for one year without A covenant marriage doesn’t prevent reconciliation through counseling, frauduunforeseen circumstances any more eflently entering into the marriage. fectively than a traditional marriage. Covenant marriages are aimed to prevent the After this second kind of marriage is created, consequences of divorce, like poverty and psywho is to say there cannot be a third, fourth or chological damage to children, and allow “people 10th type of marriage? Creating multiple marriagto enter into a deeper commitment,” according to es could become legally problematic. To ensure Sen. Josh Brecheen, R-Coalgate. simplicity, all should be able to obtain a traditionAllowing a covenant marriage does not resolve al marriage license. poverty or children’s psychological afflictions like If Brecheen were concerned about poverty or Brecheen addresses. the psychological state of children with divorced Rather, it seems to be another way for Oklahoma parents, perhaps he should address issues that get lawmakers to discriminate against the GLBTQ to the crux of these injustices. community while wasting time and resources. Let’s address housing, education and healthWhile people should have the right to enter a “cov- care — to start — instead of trapping a spouse and enant marriage,” it should be a personal choice and children in a potentially dangerous situation. the government shouldn’t get involved. After being approved unanimously Feb. 5 by No one has to enter the covenant marriage opthe Senate Judiciary Committee, SB105 will now tion and, in fact, few do. go before the senate for further consideration. SB Brecheen determined Oklahoma should legalize 105 does not protect Oklahomans, and our state covenant marriage because Arkansas, Arizona and should not entertain proposals that interfere with Louisiana, have it too. one’s personal choice. Contact your senator to But only 1 to 3 percent of all marriage applicaprotest the institution of another nanny state law. tions in the aforementioned states are for covenant marriage, according to the National Center for Policy Analysis. Comment on this on


Boren, Woollen respond to our safety concerns We published an editorial Monday describing a communication problem between our reporters and OUPD during the effort to apprehend an escaped convict in Norman. OUPD was working with Norman police in the effort, but OUPD did not disclose information to The Daily about the joint effort until the chase was over. OU President David Boren and OUPD Chief Elizabeth Woollen have responded to our concerns in the letters published below. We would like to express our gratitude for both responses and our desire to work closely with OUPD and university administration to provide students safety information quickly and easily. Dear Editor, I am in full agreement with your editorial “OUPD Must Open Its Mouth”. The first responsibility of the OUPD is to assure the safety of our students and the university community. It is also their responsibility to keep our community informed of major security events as quickly as possible, even if there is no direct threat to the campus. I will work to make sure that the OUPD provides information in a more timely fashion in the future. David L. Boren, OU president

Dear Editor, The safety of students, faculty and staff is our top priority. However, we agree that in this situation we could have communicated that more effectively. We have discussed this in our review of the situation, and we will concentrate more efforts on timely and effective communication. Liz Woollen, Chief of OUPD


Drone strike against American citizen is unjust W

e’ve all seen OPINION COLUMNIST them, and we’ve certainly heard about them in the news. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have become this administration’s weapon of choice in its campaigns in Afghanistan, Yemen Jeff Black and Somalia. The official number hasn’t been made public, but some estimates are at 3,000 kills since U.S. drone strikes started, according to the Washington Post. Among those killed in U.S. drone strikes, was American citizen and New Mexico-born Anwar al-Awlaki, an alleged senior al-Qaida spokesman and recruiter. Al-Awlaki wasn’t given a trial and was never convicted of treason. While there is no denying the need to protect American lives from terrorist attacks, or even this individual, I am disappointed with the way our government handled this situation. The White House may have released a memo with its reasoning for killing U.S. citizens outside the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it should be done. Everyone deserves a trial, and everyone deserves due process. This may seem like there’s some cause for concern, because there is. A Predator drone will not rain down hell-fire upon you while you are sipping a mojito in Cancun, Mexico, and the president isn’t going to launch a ballistic missile at you if you’re traveling through the Middle East. It’s never going to happen, ever. You aren’t part of a terrorist organization, and you haven’t declared war on the U.S. But it’s disturbing that without capture, without trial and without conviction, a U.S. citizen

was killed by air strike. There certainly is a case to be made for both sides. On one side is the outrage that the Obama administration would hunt down a U.S. citizen and kill him without due process. The other side shows that al-Awlaki fled the U.S. as the FBI began to close its case linking him to two of the Sept. 11 terrorists. He fled to Yemen and allegedly gave guidance to IN DEPTH both the famed underwear

Predator drone Range: 770 miles Speed: 135 MPH Cost: $20 million Source: U.S. Air Force

The Associated Press

bomber and Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who carried out the mass shooting at the Fort Hood military base. He showed himself to be an imminent threat to the U.S. and had to be dealt with. Both sides have valid points. Is it right to kill enemy combatants? What if they’re also U.S. citizens? Do they deserve a trial if they’ve sworn to attack the U.S.? What if they’re a part of al-Qaida? “It is obvious and unarguable that no government interest is more compelling than the security of the nation … the national security, after all, is the primary responsibility and purpose of the federal government … The founders intended that the president have primary responsibility — along with the necessary power — to protect the national security and to conduct the nation’s foreign relations,” Justice Clarence Thomas said in a Supreme Court case regarding the indefinite detention of Americans who could be shown to have ties with terrorist organizations, “They did so principally because the structural advantages of a unitary executive are essential in these domains.” When justifying wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, former President George W. Bush cited the need to expand American freedom and democracy to countries with oppressive regimes. In Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan under the Taliban , executions without trials were common occurrences. Fair trials are hallmarks of American constitutional democracy and the right to a fair trial must be protected for all citizens, at home and abroad. We cannot expect to spread democracy if we can not practice it ourselves. Jeff Black is a broadcast junior.

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Research volunteers needed! Researchers at OU Health Sciences Center need healthy volunteers ages 18 to 30 who have a parent with or without a history of an alcohol or drug problem. Qualified participants will be compensated for their time. Call (405) 456-4303 to learn more about the study and to see if you qualify. The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution. Eskimo Sno is NOW HIRING Managers & Staff for all locations. Send Resume to Call 820.2528 for interview Direct Care Staff/Counselor Southern Plains Treatment Services, a leader in behavioral health, is now seeking applications for FT Direct Care Staff in Norman. Excellent pay & benefits. Please fax resume to 405-217-8502 or email to apply@ The Cleveland County Family YMCA is seeking Swim Instructors & Lifeguards! Apply in person at 1350 Lexington Ave. EOE


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PAID EGG DONORS. All Races needed. Non-smokers, Ages 18-27, SAT>1100/ACT>24/GPA>3.00 Contact: NOTE TAKERS WANTED!!! Available positions in the OU Athletics Department!! Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Post-graduate applicants only!! Hiring for Spring 2013. Email: for more info!! Pita Pit Delivery is booming! Now hiring experienced Drivers at the Campus Corner location. Apply in person at 311 W. Boyd.

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ACROSS 1 The former Miss Trueheart 5 “Hair� do? 9 Competent 14 Word seen on sports schedules 15 Senior member 16 Kentucky college town 17 Flowerless decorative plant 18 Bit of drollery 19 Flashy jewelry, in slang 20 Took part in a Halloween ritual 23 Matching pair designation 24 Dangerous marine creature 25 Old Rome’s ___ Way 29 Bob in a bay 30 Main burner? 33 Congregation 34 Spill the info (with “up�) 35 Holy Roman Emperor called “the Great� 36 “That’s my final offer� 39 Checked out 40 Where to hear a lot of grunts? 41 Haggard songwriter? 42 Writer Bradbury


43 Udders 44 Pollster’s projection 45 French soldier’s cap 46 Critique harshly 47 Ripley’s ultimatum 54 Like a dunce cap 55 When “et tu� was spoken 56 Presidential administration 57 Having no company 58 Cold War-era alliance 59 ’70s supergroup 60 More dishonorable 61 Extra on “The Untouchables� 62 One of a yawl’s two DOWN 1 “Dollar Diplomacy� president 2 Pitcher in a still life 3 Ganges garb 4 Set to the same time 5 Abut on 6 Dreads 7 Spellbound 8 In an oppressive way 9 Abbot’s place 10 Burke of “Designing Women� 11 Port between

12 13 21 22 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 37

Buffalo and Cleveland Await judgment Baseball action Army uniform material Notched like a maple leaf Subsequently “Costa� kin Gumby’s chum Like some coffee Banks of earth Back in the navy Functional Attentive one Accepting one’s apology Place to wear a mitt Brownishgray

38 Kind of acid 43 Airport fluid 44 Bell’s first phone-call recipient 45 “A Fish Called Wanda� Oscar-winner 46 1499 marble masterpiece 47 Gaucho’s weapon 48 Baseball’s Slaughter 49 Cheese that’s made backward? 50 Act the nomad 51 Space org. 52 Man with a lift 53 Just one of those things? 54 It will give you a fare deal



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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2013 It looks like a greater amount of travel is probable for you in the year ahead, though it might not be to faraway places. Regardless of the distance, your trips will provide you with a wealth of memories. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- You always require a degree of independence and freedom in life, so don’t hem yourself in with a tight itinerary. Leave plenty of room for impromptu developments. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- There is a good possibility that you will collect payment on an old loan that you had completely written off. If this should occur, be appreciative without overdoing it. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Challenging conditions are more likely to stimulate your positive qualities than negative ones. Success makes you feel like a winner. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- A friend for whom you did a favor will find an opportunity to repay you. Your pal will step to the plate without being asked. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- It’s to your benefit to study the successful procedures of an associate. You’re likely to discover some new tactics that you could put to good use. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Resistance you are facing on a major project can be alleviated if you just make a few tweaks. Once these are implemented, you can go forward with alacrity and aplomb.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Be sure that what you do at work also produces benefits for your co-workers. They, in turn, will be more responsive to your needs and requests. Remember, one hand washes the other. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Work on an endeavor that can either be updated or transformed into something far more useful. The rewards for doing so will be larger than you think. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- What cannot be accomplished on your own can be achieved through a strong team effort. The secret is picking the right helpers who’ll stay with the project until the end. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- In order to feel gratified, you need to get involved in something that you can see through to its completion. Only then will you feel like you’re putting your time to good use. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Participating in some kind of activity that is unrelated to your workaday world could do wonders to refurbish your outlook on life. Find something different to do that you’ll enjoy. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Don’t be afraid to spend a little of your funds in hopes of future gain, because in order to make more of anything, including money, it is necessary to prime the pump.

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Sports: Jacke Shipp and Bruce Kittle move on this offseason. (Page B3)


SECTION B • Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emma Hamblen, life & arts editor Megan Deaton, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailyArts


Take your Valentine to dinner LIFE & ARTS COLUMNIST

Two playlists for the lonely and the lovers FOR SINGLES “Heart of Glass” — Blondie “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” — Beyoncé “Boyfriend” — Best Coast “Love Is A Battlefield” — Pat Benatar “Haven’t Met You Yet” — Michael Bublé “Lonely Boy” — The Black Keys “Dancing On My Own” — Robyn “Party Like You’re Single” — Stephen Jerzak “I Love It” — Icona Pop “All Alone” — Fun.

Collier McKinnis

Blu — Anyone 21 and over raves about how great the alcohol is at Blu’s, and I’d be inclined to believe it, if I was anywhere near 21. Couples around this age will appreciate the trendy décor and the intimate seating. It takes reservations and their food isn’t pricey at all. This is the perfect place for couples wanting to have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day experience. Just take a cab or use SafeRide if you decide to make use of the full bar. Red PrimeSteak — It costs $40 just for one steak at this restaurant. In other words, this is one of the fanciest and — guys — most expensive steak houses in Oklahoma City. For V-Day, you’ll probably need a reservation as well. The place is booked for Valentine’s Day, but there always is the possibility of last minute cancellations. The low lights and romantic atmosphere of Red is a Valentine’s Day date for a couple who has been dating for at least a year. Interurban — Interurban serves a variety of food for those who are going out with picky eaters. From enchiladas to tilapia, this restaurant doesn’t break the bank while still maintaining a casual


Social work junior Quaye Kaaihue and chemistry senior Jay Jennings enjoy a lunch at Campus Corner’s Victoria’s Pasta Shop on Wednesday.

GO AND DO Blu 201 S. Crawford Ave. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 360-4258

Victoria’s Pasta Shop 327 White St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 329-0377

Red PrimeSteak 504 N Broadway Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (405) 232-2626

Buffalo Wild Wings 2601 S. Service Road Moore, OK 73160 (405) 794-9647

Interurban 1150 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 73072 (405) 307-9200

Benvenuti’s Ristorante 105 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069 (405) 310-5271

ambiance. Be sure to get a reservation for this one too, though. Although it’s not as fancy as Red, it still could be difficult to get a seat on Valentine’s Day. Victoria’s Pasta Shop — The quaint atmosphere of this little pasta restaurant is a sure-fire V-Day hit. Large enough not to be cramped, yet small enough to be cozy, Victoria’s, on Campus

that long. People in newer relationships probably will feel awkward going to an uber romantic restaurant simply because it’s V-Day. As long as you both have some interest in sports and wings, why not? Better news? It’s definitely not expensive, and it probably won’t be full today. Benvenuti’s Ristorante — Considered to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Norman, Benvenuti’s is another place with a romantic, quiet, dark atmosphere. The food has a very rich taste that many will enjoy. It is costly, but from what I’ve heard, it’s worth the price. They do take reservations, and they even have outdoor seating if the weather is nice. Visit here if you’ve been dating someone for at least a six-month period.

Corner, is the perfect restaurant for couples who have been dating for a couple of months. However, Victoria’s does not take reservations, so get there earlier or you’ll probably be waiting for two hours. Buffalo Wild Wings — Now that you’ve finished laughing, let me explain. This Collier McKinnis is a is a fun place to take some- University College freshman. one you haven’t known for


FOR COUPLES “Chasing Cars” — Snow Patrol “What Makes You Beautiful” — One Direction “Marry You” — Bruno Mars “Home” — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “You Make My Dreams” — Hall & Oates “She’s Got You High” — Mumm-Ra “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” — Landon Pigg “The Girl” — City and Colour “Somewhere Only We Know” — Keane “My Life Would Suck Without You” — Kelly Clarkson



Thursday, Feb. 14

Art from the Heart Fundraiser | 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the Lightwell Saturday, Feb. 16 Gallery, School of Art and Art History. All-you-can-eat sandwiches and soup plus one piece of original art is $15. All-you-can-eat soup and OU Women’s Tennis vs. Tulsa | Noon at Headington Family sandwiches without a piece of art is $10. All proceeds help fund School of Tennis Center. FREE admission all fans! For more information, visit Art & Art History student travel and scholarships. OU Baseball vs. Hofstra | 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at L. Dale Mitchell Student Success Series: Red Flags and Green Lights in Relationships | Park. FREE admission for OU students with a valid OU student 2-3 p.m. in room 245, Wagner Hall. Lecture by Sunny Wenger, Freshman I.D. For more information, visit Programs. OU Men’s Gymnastics vs. Minnesota | 7 p.m. at the McCasland Field House. FREE admission for OU students with a valid OU OU Women’s Basketball vs. Iowa State | 7 p.m. at the Lloyd Noble student I.D. For more information, visit Center. Tonight is PINK OUT! 12,000 FREE pink shirts will be given away. FREE admission for OU students with a valid OU student I.D. For The Return: A Tribute to the Beatles | 7 p.m. at Sharp Concert Hall, Catlett Music Hall. Experience the excitement of more information, visit Beatlemania! Commemorating the 45th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper. Tickets are $27 in advance, $33 at the door. All University Theatre presents: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui | 8 p.m. seats reserved. For more information and tickets, contact the Fine in the Weitzenhoffer Theatre. For more information and tickets, contact Arts Box Office (405) 325-4101. the Fine Arts Box Office (405) 325-4101. University Theatre presents: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui | 8 p.m. in the Weitzenhoffer Theatre. For more information and tickets, contact the Fine Arts Box Office (405) 325-4101. Friday, Feb. 15 Winter Welcome Week: Make it Happen Day | Noon-2 p.m. on the South Oval. There will be food giveaways and promotion for several Friday night and weekend events. For more information, go to cac. FREE MOVIE “Seven Psychopaths” | 6, 9, and midnight at Meacham Auditorium, Oklahoma Memorial. Come check out the first free movie of the semester. Brought to you by the Union Programming Board and Campus Activities Council. Opening of the 99th Annual School of Art & Art History | 7-9 p.m. at the Nancy Johnston Records Gallery. This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by art and art history students from the University of Oklahoma. For more information, please contact Michael Bendure, Women’s Gymnastics vs. Denver | 7 p.m. in McCasland Fieldhouse. Come support the OU Women’s Gymnastics team as they take on Denver. For more information, visit

OU Track Sooner Invitational Duals | All Day at the John Jacobs Track and Field Complex. FREE admission for OU students with a valid OU student I.D. For more information, visit soonersports. com.

Sunday, Feb. 17

OU Women’s Tennis vs. Arkansas | Noon at Headington Family Tennis Center. FREE admission all fans! For more information, visit OU Baseball vs. Hofstra | 1 p.m. at L. Dale Mitchell Park. FREE admission for OU students with a valid OU student I.D. For more information, visit University Theatre presents: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui | 3 p.m. in the Weitzenhoffer Theatre. For more information and tickets, contact the Fine Arts Box Office (405) 325-4101. Sutton Concert Series: Academia Filharmonica and Chorale | 3 p.m. at Sharp Concert Hall, Catlett Music Center. For tickets and up-to-date information call the Fine Arts Box Office at (405) 3254101.

This University in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, religion, disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid and educational services. For accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact the sponsoring department of any program or event.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 •



Emma Hamblen, life & arts editor Megan Deaton, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailyArts


Practice safe sex: Use a condom the tip of the condom about one half inch from the top. This ensures some space is left at the top of the condom when it is fully unrolled. 2. With the other hand, roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. It should unroll Mary Stanfield smoothly and easily. If it does not, you are likely trying You’ve heard that conto put the condom on upside doms, when used consisdown. Remove it and try tently and effectively, greatly again with a new condom. reduce the risk of pregnancy 3. Smooth out any air buband sexually transmitted dis- bles, which can cause the eases. But what exactly encondom to break. sures the “effectively” part? 4. Consider adding lubricant to the outside of the Before you use it: condom for added comfort Remember, condoms can for you and your partner. Be and should be used for a sure to use only water-based variety of sex acts, including lubricants with latex conoral, anal and vaginal sex. doms, as any others can Be sure to store either type cause breakage. of condom in a cool, dry place and away from direct After the action: sunlight. 1. Withdraw before the Always check the expirapenis begins to soften, to ention date on the condom and sure condom effectiveness. immediately throw out ex2. Remove the condom pired ones. carefully from the base and Open the package by care- dispose of in a trash can. Do fully tearing off one of the not flush condoms down the sides. If the condom looks toilet. discolored, dry, brittle or damaged in any way, throw Female condom: it away and open another. 1. There are two flexible If the condom isn’t lurubber rings, one closed and bricated, you can add a one open. Gently squeeze few drops of lubricant on together the sides of the the inside of the condom closed ring and insert it into for a more pleasurable the vagina. experience. 2. Place your ring finger inside the condom and push And remember: the closed ring as far as it Enthusiastic consent and will go. foreplay should always pre3. The outer ring should cede sexual activity. rest comfortably outside the vagina. Male condom: 4. Be sure the condom is 1. With one hand, pinch inserted straight and has not become twisted.




After the action: 1. Remove the condom by twisting the outer ring and then pulling the condom out. 2. Dispose of the condom in a trash can. Do not flush condoms down the toilet. Other tips: Never use a condom twice. Always use the proper amount of lubrication to prevent slippage or tearing. This is especially important during anal sex. During manual stimulation, condoms can be used over fingers to prevent the spread of STDs. Condoms can also be used on sex toys you share with your partner.

Obviously, condoms can help make oral sex with a man safer, but they also can be used during oral sex with a woman. Just cut one down the sides to use when a dental dam is unavailable. Never use a male and female condom at the same time. If a condom slips or breaks, immediately stop the sexual act and use a new condom. You should consider going to the doctor for an STD test or, if pregnancy is a concern, using emergency contraception.


Mary Stanfield Heather Brown/The Daily


Job fair DATES:

Friday, February 15th & Saturday, February 16th


Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm


Hilton Garden Inn 700 Copperfield Drive, Norman, OK 73072

Please complete your online application at prior to attending the Job Fair.

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MARCH 1, 11-15

405-325-3668 Sooner yearbook is a publication of OU Student Media, a department in the division of Student Affairs. The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 •



Dillon Phillips, sports editor Jono Greco, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailySports


women’s basketball

OU loses two more assistant coaches

Sooners, Cyclones set for battle Oklahoma looks to avenge earlier loss

Shipp, Kittle leave after Patton, no longer part of Sooners’ coaching staff

Julia Nelson Sports Reporter

Just two days after losing interior offensive line coach James Patton to Indiana, OU football coach Bob Stoops confirmed Wednesday the departure of assistant coaches Jackie Shipp and Bruce Kittle. “Bruce and Jackie both are great professionals who made a positive impact on Oklahoma Football,” Stoops said. “Jackie played an integral role on our staff for 14 seasons as we won a national championship, made three other national championship game appearances and won eight Big 12 championships.” “Bruce made substantial contributions to a pair of Big 12 championships during his tenure with us,” Stoops said. Jackie “He also played an instrumental role in Shipp the development of players like Donald Stephenson and Lane Johnson. I wish Jackie and Bruce the very best moving forward.” Rumors of Shipp and Kittle leaving surfaced Tuesday, and several publications confirmed their departure through anonymous sources. Shipp coached defensive linemen for 14 seasons at OU, and Kittle coached offensive tackles and tight ends for two after serving as the team’s on-campus recruiter during his first season at OU. Despite reports claiming OU hired West Virginia offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh to replace Patton and Kittle, Stoops said none of the vacant positions have been filled. Bruce “I anticipate speaking with several Kittle candidates that I have identified for our coaching staff, but I have yet to interview any of those individuals,” he said in the release. “I will continue to evaluate all of our options.” With Shipp’s departure, only four coaches from Stoops’ original coaching staff remain — defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, director of recruiting and running backs coach Cale Gundy, defensive ends coach Bobby Jack Wright and director of sports enhancement Jerry Schmidt. “It has been a privilege to coach the last 14 seasons at my alma mater, an honor that few coaches in this business are afforded,” Shipp said. “It was a pleasure to compete with my teammates on Owen Field, and later, to work with a staff that helped so many talented student-athletes achieve their goals. I am particularly grateful for the many enduring relationships that were forged at the University of Oklahoma over the years.” Staff Reports

to celebrate.

Julia Nelson


NUMBER ONE is nothing

It’s been a good couple of outings for the OU women’s basketball team. Most recently, it beat Kansas State in Manhattan, Kan. and dominated Oklahoma State in a Bedlam matchup. Who will stand out against Iowa State on Thursday is anyone’s guess. Senior forward Joanna McFarland put up big numbers against Kansas State, and junior center Nicole Griffin had a career outing against OSU. The thing that makes Oklahoma (18-5, 8-3 Big 12) so good is its ability to beat teams in so many different ways. “To have all those threats, I mean it’s huge,” McFarland said. “If someone’s having an off night, we can make up for it.” It’s something the Iowa State defense didn’t have much trouble with the last time these two teams met in January. “We did not play like ourselves out there,” McFarland said of their last matchup. “We didn’t show a very good Oklahoma team, and I think that’s what we’re really going to work on, playing the way we know how.” That may require Griffin to have another monster game. “Especially since it’s our pink-out game, and we lost to [Iowa State] last time,” astrud reed/the daily McFarland said. “So I’m Junior center Nicole Griffin skies for a rebound against TCU on Jan. 30 at Lloyd Noble Center. Griffin hoping to play well again.” scored 11 points, snagged seven boards and blocked three shots in the Sooners’ 74-53 win. Tonight’s game is OU’s annual Pack the Place Pink night to raise awareness about women’s cancers and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.


Walk-Ins Welcome Open 7 Days a Week 1215 W. Lindsey 364-1325 129 N.W. 24th Ave 360-4422 127 N. Porter 360-4247






This year, more than

172,000 people will

be diagnosed with lung cancer, and more than

163,000 will die— making it America’s



During the Regular Meeting Of

But new treatments offer hope.

The University of Oklahoma PUBLICATIONS BOARD

cancer killer.

Join Lung Cancer Alliance in the fight against this disease.

9:30 a.m. Friday Copeland Hall, Room 146 Students, staff, faculty and others in the community are invited to express their views concerning The Oklahoma Daily or Sooner yearbook to the Publications Board.

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• Thursday, February 14, 2013


ap nba


James rewriting record books

Thunder-Heat set for Finals preview

LBJ’s recent stretch pushes Durant

Oklahoma City faces Miami in a rematch of last season’s NBA Finals


AP Sports Writer

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — LeBron James is playing at a record-setting level, and that only makes Kevin Durant want to get better at his own game. Heading into the All-Star break, James is making the race for league MVP a one-man contest. He has grabbed all the headlines by logging an NBA record six straight games with at least 30 points while shooting 60 percent or better. By comparison, the three-time NBA scoring champion Durant has hit both of those marks just five times all season. The two top vote-getters in last season’s MVP balloting will play Thursday night when Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder host James’ Miami Heat. “I always feel that I have to raise the bar for myself every single day. I think I’m competing against the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the season, throughout the season and seeing if I can be better than that,” Durant said. “Of course, LeBron James is a really good friend of mine, a big inspiration, a guy I looked up to in high school, middle school, just hearing about him when he was in high school and being the No.1 pick out of high school was a pretty big accomplishment and now the stuff he’s doing now, of course he’s a big inspiration. I want to get there as well, so I just got to keep working.” Besides finishing second to James in last year’s MVP voting, Durant’s Thunder

oud-2013-2-14-a-008.indd 1

Zack Story

Sports Columnist

alan diaz/the associated press

Miami Heat’s LeBron James (6) goes to the basket against Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard, left, during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Miami, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013.

lost to the Heat in five games made 60 of his last 80 fieldin the NBA Finals. Thursday goal attempts. “Both teams night’s game will be the first also know it doesn’t define time the the season, teams have “Both teams also w i n , l o s e played at or draw. I know it doesn’t Chesapeake think both E n e r g y define the season, teams want Arena since continue win, lose or draw. to the Heat to get better I think both teams and end on w o n Ga m e 2 o f t h e want to continue to a high note Finals, then going into get better and end t h e b r e a k . returned home to on a high note...” B u t w e ’ r e win the next not going to lebron james, three games put added miami forward and the title. pressure on Miami it. w on on its “ We u n home court on Christmas derstand the magnitude of Day in the only other meet- the game. We understand ing this season. what they’re going to come “It’s really fun. I think with and we will be ready both teams accept the chal- for it.” lenge,” said James, who has Behind James, the Heat

roll in on a six-game winning streak. Oklahoma City had also been hot, tying a franchise record with four straight wins by at least 20 points before getting blown out at Utah on Tuesday night. The Thunder (39-13) are just ahead of East-leading Miami (35-14) in the overall NBA standings, with both trailing NBA-leading San Antonio in the race for home-court advantage for their chance to pursue the title. “We know what it feels like to lose, to get there almost to the top of the mountain and fall off,” Durant said. “We know how hard it is to get back. So we just try to prepare ourselves every single day to try to do that.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat will go head-to-head at 7 tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena in what’s most likely the biggest game of the season for either team. While the run-and-gun Knicks, the ageless Spurs and the Clippers in “Lob City” all have been having fantastic seasons, none of them come anywhere close to the level at which the Heat and Thunder are playing. Tonight’s bout between these NBA heavyweights will be the last time they play each other in the regular season, with most expecting them to meet again in the NBA Finals. It will be Miami’s first trip back to the Chesapeake Energy Arena since its Game 2 victory in last year’s NBA Finals, which was the beginning of the end for the Thunder. The Heat would go on to rattle off four straight victories to win the NBA title after losing the first game of the series. One only can imagine this game will be a playoff-like atmosphere tonight at the Peake, and the biggest storyline entering the game is the record-setting performance of LeBron James. James has taken his play to a new level as of late, becoming the first player in the history of the NBA to score 30 points and shoot better than 60 percent from the floor in six straight games, breaking the previous record of five games held by Hall-of-Famers Moses Malone and Adrian Dantley. It will be interesting to see if he can continue his record-setting pace against one of the league’s best frontcourts in Oklahoma City. Tuesday night, Oklahoma City fell at the hands of the Utah Jazz, snapping its four-game winning streak despite shooting 56 percent from the field. The Thunder’s play was lackadaisical. It committed 20 turnovers and was unable to stop Utah’s front line of Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson, who combined for 41 points and 17 rebounds. Whether it was a total lack of focus or too much focus on the Thunder’s impending matchup with Miami, it’s safe to say Oklahoma City’s head was elsewhere. James and Kevin Durant — like their teams — are in a league of their own. As always, it will be a spectacle to watch them go toe-to-toe. They have pulled away from the pack as frontrunners for the league’s MVP award, and it will be interesting to see who takes the reins after their showdown. One thing is certain: Tonight’s contest will not disappoint. It will be a close, fiery, competitive matchup between the league’s two best teams.

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Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013  
Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013  

Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013