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AS EXPATS WE translate ourselves both metaphorically and literally. The term translation comes from Latin trānslātus, which suggests “carrying across” or “bearing across”. That is what we do, we carry across our belongings, our families, ourselves, all we stand for, we carry across our lives and start over. Change is constant and it is inevitable. We may shy away from it, we might try to stick to familiar routines, places, foods but change is always there, lurking around the corner. As expats, we know it is written into our lives and there is no way around it. When the topic of a possible move comes up, our internal alarm goes off. Get ready, get set - GO! It’s time to re-invent yourself. How do we start? Well, for some it has become almost second nature. The word ‘re-invent’ is part of who we are. More often than not when we move abroad we do have to start from scratch. We have to rebuild our social, professional networks as well as at times completely re-think our career paths. Moving abroad is not just an exciting adventure, it is a serious decision that affects everyone involved. It is challenging and at times it can feel like an uphill battle. This is especially true when we have to re-invent ourselves professionally. Once we hit our mid 30’s should we be on a steady career path? Should we not try to find what best fits our lives? Should we not shift professions multiple times? I beg to differ. In the modern world, most people will switch careers multiple times, the skills they carry over are priceless. “Jobs become redundant from time to time but people do not need to. It is possible to create employment for life if we are willing to learn, unlearn and relearn our entire lives,” says Leena Nair on As Expats we have that covered. We are constantly learning, unlearning and relearning every day in our multicultural settings.

THE NETWORK AND SHAME Please stop shaming! As expat Spouses/Partners we will switch careers more than once, we will be unemployed, we will face challenges that locals do not, we will have to reinvent ourselves. Please be kind, think twice before you dismiss someone just because they say they are in-between jobs currently. As an Expat Spouse/Partner do not be ashamed. I know it is sometimes easier said than done. It can be crushing to have others overlook you just because you do not have a job title right after your name. I know first hand how that feels. It can also be scary to shift gears and throw yourself into a completely new profession. Re-inventing yourself as an Expat Spouse/ Partner is not an easy task and it takes courage. There are doubts, existential questions, a bit of shame, guilt, excitement and most definitely - lots of uncertainty. Most people do not see themselves searching for work on a regular basis, as an Expat Spouse/Partner you DO. Sometimes, we get to a point where we have nothing to lose and often those are the greatest moments - change happens. How many people get an op-


portunity to really find out what they want to do? How many people get to do it? We have that opportunity. Sometimes, finding your purpose, or dream job will take you down a winding, bumpy road, but it is worth it! THE-INTL

KATHY BORYS SIDDIQUI FOUNDER, ACTIVE ACTION Kathy was born in Poznań, Poland and has lived in four countries and on two continents. Growing up as an immigrant and a cross cultural kid she was able to discover a multicultural world that shaped her into the person she is today. As an adult she experienced life as a re-pat as well as an expat and she is not a stranger to the challenges and opportunities that life abroad offers. Just when she least expected it, she met her Danish husband and once again packed her life in boxes and set Here We Are Global and Active Action are offering a unique workshop for International Career Couples. See you there!

off to live the happily-ever-after life in the land of the Vikings and Hygge. Over the span of 10 years she has lived on Fyn, in Jylland and currently

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 Time: 17:00 - 19:00 Location: Talent Garden Rainmaking For details please see:

in Nordsjælland. Kathy has a background in Cultural Studies and also a degree in American Studies. She has been able to combine her passion and profession as a


Cultural Transition and Expat Spouse


and Partner Specialist at Active Action.

Here We Are Global and Active Action have also joined forces to create a workshop for International Spouses/Partners. Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019

A firm believer that if you are lacking something - create it. She is the founder of two International Mom Groups in Denmark, a running enthu-

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

siast, active lifestyle advocate, wife

Location: Talent Garden Rainmaking

and mom.

For details please see :

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