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THINGS TO DO Windsor’s number one attraction is, of course, the Castle, and no points for guessing why. Walking through the grounds of Windsor Castle alone, you can't help but peer into the windows and think you're catching a glimpse of the ghost of a King or Queen. Some visitors don’t get much further than the Castle, but there’s enough in Windsor to fill a day’s sightseeing, and enough nearby to make a weekend or several days worthwhile. A little further afield is Stone Henge, another one to tick off the bucket list. This great and ancient stone circle is unique; exceptional survival from a prehistoric culture now lost to us. The monument evolved between the later Neolithic (c3,000 BC) and the middle of the Bronze Age (c1,6000 BC) and is aligned with the rising and setting of the sun at the solstices, but its exact purpose remains a mystery. Facing each other across the Thames, with the massive bulk of Windsor Castle looming above, the twin riverside towns of Windsor and Eton have a rather surreal atmosphere. It is most well-known for its famous public school, Eton College. The High Street is a must for antique shoppers. The finely preserved shop fronts include a half-timbered building believed to date from 1420.


GREETED BY MY friendly contact Angela at Berkshire Rooms' Royal Winchester House, Bracknell - I felt very comfortable with the 'Scandi looking' building and its unique design and architecture. Royal Winchester House creates a striking and impressive presence from the ground floor up to the luxury penthouse level. Once shown inside, we were blown away by this sleek modern apartment with every amenity you could ever need. The generous space of the apartment which has a master bedroom with an en suite, a second large bedroom and across from it a wet room to die for! Moving into the common area, we loved the open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge area - great for entertaining. Downstairs in the lobby area there is a meeting room and waiting area - perfect for meetings if you don't want to go too far, and close to a local food chain across the road and to the right a large shopping mall. I felt quite at home here with its panoramic view of the city, beautifully decorated from top to toe, it reminded me of the newly built high-end luxury apartments in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. So I felt right at home! HOW DO YOU BOOK THESE APARTMENTS? Citybase Apartments are specialists in booking serviced apartments in hundreds of cities around the world. What's unique about their service is that they offer the convenience of hotel-like services with the added space, privacy, and flexibility of a kitchen and living area. A bonus is that their apartments are great value compared with hotels and, if you’re staying for a while or sharing with friends or children, the savings can be significant. Wherever you want to stay, their friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect place. If you're on the go, their simple reservation process and friendly customer service makes booking super simple.


ATTRACTIONS:  Windsor Castle  London Kayak Tours  St. George's Chapel RESTAURANTS AND CAFES:  Two Brewers  The George  Bills SHOPPING:  Eton fudge shop 113 High St, Eton, Windsor SL4 6AN  Windsor Royal Shopping Arch 5 Goswell Hill, Windsor SL4 1RH

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The International - September 2019  

Time to celebrate internationally. Happiness is a state of mind, so get into a happy state this International Day. Get out there, make some...

The International - September 2019  

Time to celebrate internationally. Happiness is a state of mind, so get into a happy state this International Day. Get out there, make some...

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