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Christy Phillips – Blak Axx Freestyle – CO Chosen One

Characteristics of A REAL AMERICAN GANGSTER Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Herb & Warfare mixtape REVIEW -

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As many of you may know, Pasadena rapper Blak Axx is no newcomer to tha Pasadena Music Scene. Ever since tha release of Tha Lyrical Miracle vol.1 back in 2010-11, Axx has been on a hiatus‌until now that is. Blak caught up with ThaWilsonBlock and was open to giving us an exclusive acapella for tha Pasadena Music Scene. In tha video, Blak Axx mentions‌ Full Article & Video

Pasadena poet CO Chosen One spits hot Acapella at McDonald Park. Exclusive video footage.

You'd be surprised on how much talent is boiling beneath tha surface of tha Pasadena Music Scene. You get musicians and artists of all kinds. We were strolling through McDonald Park in Pasadena, Ca (home to Wilson Ave.), when we came across poet CO Chosen One. Born in Detroit, CO grew up in Pasadena where he would develop his skills as an artist. When reps of ThaWilsonBlock discovered CO, he just felt like tha Chosen One. While he's currently in talks with‌

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Christy Clinton Phillips. I My name is

am being held in prison under violations of my civil and political rights and I need help in fighting for the protection of these rights. The issue of my case in short form, is as follows: I was 15 yrs. old when my crime occurred and was sentenced to life in prison. According to the UN INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS(to which the United States is a party to) AND CRC(Convention/Committe e on the rights of the child). a life sentence for a child is explicitly prohibited under article 37(a) of CRC and(article 6 the right to life, survival and development) paragraph 11 and paragraph 77.

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Trayvon Martin

Davontae Sanford

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The small memorial of candles on Sunset Avenue set up to commemorate the death of Kendrec McDade is gone. Flocks of supporters demanding justice no longer flank his parents, Kenneth McDade and Anya Slaughter.

On the first anniversary of his death today, the pain of losing their 19-yearold son remains. As do many unanswered questions. "There aren't too many people left who want to step up and demand justice," Kenneth McDade said Thursday as he fought back tears. Pasadena police officers Mathew Griffin and Jeffrey Newlen shot and killed Kendrec, a Citrus College student, on March 24, 2012. The officers believed he was an armed robbery suspect fleeing a crime scene.

But the 6-foot, 180pound former Azusa High School football standout was unarmed.

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He’s this thinker, hard-worker but always refers to himself as a Hack not a writer. You know how some articles we read can be so boring but full of facts and information, right? Well, this guy puts down words like I’ve never seen before. I mean it doesn’t matter the topic, he writes about a variety of things. Some pieces are full of facts, stats quotes and some not, but always his bold personal opinion. That’s where he grabs you. He has this bold manly kind of manner that almost stands up off the page as you’re reading it. It can give the average unexpected readers that shock factor at first because you can darn near feel his strong but real honest presence standing next to you, his sense of “this is my view, my opinions and I’m saying it my way”!

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A Just Cause

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The IRP6 case concerns an African-American company (IRP Solutions Corporation) in Colorado that developed criminal investigations software for federal, state and local law enforcement. The case of the IRP6 (Kendrick Barnes, Gary L. Walker, Demetrius K. Harper, Clinton A. Stewart, David A. Zirpolo and David A. Banks) is currently under appeal in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The men were convicted in 2011 after fighting the U.S. Government pro se at trial and have been incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colorado since the summer of 2012. The IRP6 continue to maintain their innocence.

"Herb & Warfare" is a definite classic and must-have mixtape on the underground circuit in Pasadena, Ca. We also love when an artist releases a project with 17 cuts or better (not to down the ones that don't). "Herb & Warfare" came with 20 tracks.

Davey Jones aka Nicky BeacHouses, who in reality goes by a number of aliases, released "Herb & Warfare"on November 19th, 2010. The fierce mixtape comes with features like HollyValens, The Kaptain, C.O.N.S, K.G. Eddie Lopez, Young Will & W.E.B.B. Dubois of Beasthood. Nicky BeacHouses proves his greatness on the mic by handling his own writing, rapping, singing, & production himself. The production on this mixtape is amazing! We were shocked at the original production that he used on this mixtape. His urban-related flow will touch a hood near you. If you're a street nigga and/or a Hip Hop fanatic in general, you gon’ feel this one.

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Tyra Patterson was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned because of a perfect storm of events, which included poor choices she made that night, a false confession she gave under intense police pressure and the woefully inadequate representation she received from her lawyers at trial. As a result of the unfortunate combination of these events, Tyra wound up convicted of crimes she did not commit and is serving a life sentence in an Ohio prison.

Justice for Tyra Patterson

Due to the lack of knowledge, there are North Carolina citizens who do not realize or even have a clue how much money the inmate population is costing taxpayers. Yes, they are in prison for breaking the law, but it is our responsibility to take care of them. Let’s talk about some of these responsibilities‌

Characteristics of a Real American Gangster •Someone who stands up for what is right. Regardless of established law. •Someone who understands life may not be fair, but firmly believes in Justice. •Someone who doesn’t run from any challenge. •Doesn’t kiss ass under any circumstances…unless it’s absolutely necessary. •Someone who thinks for themselves •Someone who fights their own battles and would RATHER fight their own battles. •Knows tha difference between right & wrong. •Values integrity. •Despises bullies. •Strong-minded and willed. •Discipline & Patience. •Lack of greed. •Loves children. •Only fights for tha RIGHT cause. •Only knows how to tell tha truth.

Any more traits?

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