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Society Blackmail

Bing Bing Be Like‌

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Coming to a Pasadena community near you this Fall (2013)

Peace or War?

I prefer peace. But it really doesn’t matter‌

LeMatiq is back at it with tha release of his latest visual project "Hip Hop Thrilla’ Dance" which he claims is a modern HipHop version of "Thriller." Yea, it's crazy. LeMatiq produced, wrote, edited, and played one of the zombies. It starts off with LeMatiq walking across a bridge. He stops to put his earphones in as tha camera angle shows "Last Days" written across tha straps of his shoes. A zombie is in tha tree eating at his own face when he sees LeMatiq walking through listening to music while unaware of his surroundings. Tha zombie grabs LeMatiq and it gets scary for a few seconds lol. Suddenly, he appears and starts bustin' out dancing. It wasn't long before a pack of zombies joined him. What makes this project great is that it

How tha Dollar Blackmailed American Society.

“He can’t speak about tha things he’s seen because his paycheck depends on it.” –American Citizens

Just Think About It‌

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Zarkhi thanx for taking tha time to come through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. What’s new on tha scene? Zarkhi: Well, first off, I just would like to say thank you so much for interviewing me. There has been a lot going on lately actually… Mistah Wilson: Do you feel like a collective independent music scene is necessary for a city like Pasadena? What are your views on what it’s been over tha years? Zarkhi: I think it is definitely growing ever since Odd Future blew up everyones been trying to do that. It shows me people can be inspired. However, I think a lot of cats (from dena in particular) lack professionalism and are too in a rush to put stuff out. Also, a lot of teamwork will help. It's not about competition because in the Indie scene you have to work together, or the model does not work. Mistah Wilson: Growing up a foster kid, attending John Muir High School in Pasadena, and going on to attend USC while pursuing music & entertainment, can you give us a little summary on how you became to be tha person you are today? Zarkhi: Judgement, doubt, and hatred all has fueled me to be the best I can be. I have a strong passion in proving people wrong, and that shows a lot in my music. Whoever doubts me usually gets the "I told you so" at some point from me.

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Illinois Judge Orders DNA Testing in Murder Case

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It was lunch time and I just had this crazy taste for avocado. Since I was in tha area, I rolled on over to Lucky Boy's latest location on Walnut & Oakland avenue in Pasadena, Ca. This was my second time eating here and tha experience was nothing more or less than expected. I'm quite tha impulsive, yet indecisive person when it comes to ordering food. So I ordered tha Avocado Cheeseburger with a side of Fries and a Drink...Cherry Coke to be exact! Tha service was pretty good. For being as popular as they are, they handle customers pretty well. It probably took me longer to choose what I wanted than it actually took to make tha food. Tha burger was‌ Full Review

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