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Wildcard – Anastasia Belvidere – The Jeweler Genius – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – ZOOK -

Rhyme Disciples – Music and Strength – – IWIL Interview

Issue3 Issue3

Pasadena Music Scene – Tha Grey Area mixtape – Also Known As – SCRIBES – Dena East

Why There Is No Unity in tha Community DENA MAG disses thawilsonMAG

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The Jewelry Genius

Weighs of tha World

project Release Date: TBA

I survived one of the most notorious domestic violence abuse cases in recent California history. My encounter with the twisted logic of abuse began in 1995 outside a motel room in Riverside. That’s when a spate of bad luck led me into a bizarre, four-year odyssey of polygamy, torture and psychological trauma. The case, involving 19 victims, made national headlines, even CNN, earning the abuser seven life terms in prison. As outrageous as it was, my story fits a typical pattern. It’s a story of fear so intense it strips victims of everything but the will to survive. Now a speaker, counselor and forceful advocate for abused women I would like to bring awareness to Domestic Violence. The LA Times did a multimedia piece on my story. please click on the links below to view it. The video, multi-media piece and story that the LA Times did on me and my family, are all the links below (there are 3 parts)

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Welcome 2 My World mixtape

Mistah Wilson: Before we go into further detail, give us a broad background on yourself. Where did you grow up and how has it impacted the person (and artist) you are today? Iwil: I am born in raised in the Los Angeles but from my early teen years and on up i have lived in and around the Pasadena Mistah Wilson: So you do more than just rap. What type of artist would you consider yourself? Iwil: I am an Emcee, Lyricist, Poet, Word Smith, Director, Human Being, Proper Villain, Bad Mutha Fucka!!!! Ask about me!!!! LOL! Mistah Wilson: When trying to move to the next level in the music business, what are some of the key attributes you’ll need to possess? Iwil: Talent, Time, Patience, Persistence, Money, the ability to network and a lil Luck never hurt anyone. Read Full Interview

Cover Story

Tha DENA Magazine disses ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. As you can see in tha above photo, Jason Hardin of Tha DENA Magazine went out of his way to photoshop a discrediting image of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine’s debut issue. Although Mistah Wilson & ThaWilsonBlock have ads & credits in both issue #1 and 2 of Tha DENA Magazine, it proves to no account as Tha Dena Magazine’s motive remains unclear. Here is Mistah Wilson’s official statement.

“This is why there is no unity in the community we live in. Because we constantly pull each other down. When one of us are about to come up, we feel we have to belittle and tear each other down. This is a prime example why we can’t move forward as a collective music scene. And I, Mistah Wilson, plan on changing that for the greater good of us all.” This has been recognized as a legitimate issue because unity in & around the Pasadena Music Scene depends on the support (whether direct/indirect) of each other. This was a poor display from a local publication.

ThaWilsonBlock dominates BeatCraze

PokeyLo’s 4th single off his highly anticipated solo debut

Tha Grey Area mixtape

Rhyme Disciples / Music & Strength

Watch Now!

I am that girl that someone just wrote about. I would be left to gasp for breath n the nun held my inhaler in her garment pocket they refused to give it to me. They would tell the other girls to KEEP ON MOVING, SHE (me) WAS DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION!!!

a moment in her memory

Hop On The Ride by SCRIBES Official Music Video

Macklemore is highly attributed for representing Seattle well. With his latest mainstream album The Heist,Macklemore is a blessing to Hip Hop for generations to come. Hip Hop actually sounds good again.

Probably set out to be one of thahottest mainstream albums of 2013, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are re-defining Hip Hop as we know it. I can honestly say that this album was great to listen to from start to finish. It's a well-balanced conceptual album with great production. Listening to the album for a month straight, I was enticed from‌

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