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Issue95 March 30 th , 2019





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Hip Hop Artist

featuring talks New Music , Experiences, & 'Universal Language' in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

KoolQuise Wilted Petals

Rudi Goblen


Frechelle Rivers


Awon & Phoniks


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m a n y

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The Way by Mike Leite | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

March 24 th , 2019 thru March 30 th , 2019

CONTENTS 1. Listen to "Hanstromentals : A Beat Tape" album by H... 2. Patr ice Rushen - Number One (12" Ver sion) 3. Listen to "Histor y Rhymes If It Doesn't Repeat (A ... 4. Sailing - Chr istopher Cross 5. Snow Patrol - Chasing Car s (lyr ics) 6. The Police - Ever y Breath You Take (With Lyr ics) 7. The Temptations -just my imagination 8. Total - Can't You See 9. Ralph Tresvant-Sensitivity. 10. Michel'le - Nicety Feat. Dr. Dre 11. Lady - Kenny Roger s (Lyr ics) HD 12. H-Town- Knockin' Da Boots 13. Jodeci - Freek 'N You 14. Listen to "Insanity Isn't" album by Rudi Goblen on... 15. Jerald Daemyon Summer Madness 16. Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It 17. Donny Hathaway - I Love You More Than You'll Ever ... 18. M-Dot - Pr ice Of Love (Prod. By Jon Glass) ( Offici... 19. Univer sal Language Enter tainment presents “Don’t K... 20. Jaheim - Put That Woman Fir st 21. Listen to "I'm Happy" album by Wilted Petals on Ba... 22. Tavares Never Had a Love Like This Before 1979 23. Maxwell - for tunate (lyr ics) 24. STARS - KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL 25. Listen to "Intellectual Bliss" album by Jason Plus ... 26. Ambrosia - You're The Only Woman 27. Hall and Oates -- Sara Smile 28. The Isley Brother s - Voyage To Atlantis 29. Promote Your Music Here 30. yolanda johnson ~ Get To Know You 31. Listen to "Knowledge of Self" album by Awon & Phon... 32. Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why 33. Listen to "Finally Confident" by -topic , Willie P,...


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Hip Hop Ar tist


talks New

Music, Experiences, & ' U n ive rs a l L a n g u a g e ' i n a n E x c l u s ive I n t e r v i ew w / Mistah Wilson Mistah Wilson: Yo, 5ve! It's a tremendous

this, could you give us a quick background

honor to have you here with us for this

on yourself?

exclusive inter view with thawilsonblock

5Ve: Detroit born, moved to Atlanta for 9

magazine! What's tha latest & greatest, fam?

year s as a kid, lived in the GA countr y for a

5Ve: Man life is great. I'm in a good spot in

few year s before moving out to Boulder

my life , and really enjoying my creative

Colorado in 1996, where I picked up making

freedom and the momentum me and the rest

or iginal hip hop soon thereafter. I graduated

of Univer sal Language Enter tainment are

high school in Boulder, went to Full Sail

building. With an amazing suppor t system and

Univer sity in Orlando Flor ida to achieve my

a positive per spective on things , 2019 is

associates degree in recording engineer ing.. i

bound to be an incredible year of music video

Moved back to Colorado in 2004 to star t

and album releases , shows , tour ing, and a ton

performing shows with my Colorado formed

of other fun things for us ..and the recent

fir st group, Audible Audities . Basically I've been

release of my album, 5Ve & GaDJet -

a local ever since , making records , doing shows

Facetious ...There's that (wink)

and building a position and role in the local music scene .

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading


Universal Language Entertainment presents “Don’t Know Why” Shawn Keys+Small Hands+Buddhakai+Proximity+5ve+windchILL The Hip-Hop Collective of Universal Language, also Grind Mode Cypher members, carr y a centur y and a half of accumulated and extensive experience in the music industr y, from headlining major festivals and tours to opening for Hip-Hop icons.

Listen to "Histor y Rhymes If It Doesn't Repeat (A Southend Healing Ritual)" album by Gabriel Teodros on Bandcamp

released September 21, 2018 All tracks produced by Moka Only Engineered by Gabriel Teodros at Mead St. Studio (Seattle, WA)

Mixed by Gabriel Teodros & Moka Only Mastered by Dume41 at The Legion of Dume Meklit appears courtesy of Six Degrees Records

Listen to "Finally Confident" by -topic, Willie P, Orin Be, P. Domino, Frechelle Rivers, KoolQuise,

and Paris P of A.Dd+ on Bandcamp finally confident is just that - the everlasting struggle for braver y in a world where you're expected to keep quiet. this album is the result of me finally opening my eyes, my mouth, and my

mind to speak on ever ything from religion, peer pressure, money, and the constant day -to-day battle to stay sane. this is the world directly as i perceive it. unfiltered. uncensored. just me . finally confident.

I recently went through a tough phase that had me question the quality and

content of the music I've put out over the years. From my very first mixtape up until my latest releases, they've been deleted from Soundcloud and my cloud storage. The only project that remains is The Beautiful Struggle mixtape and single

releases for my upcoming 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS project. I can't really tell you when that's coming out, but expect it. I've been sitting on songs for a long time now. And the process of recording and releasing has been stretched out entirely!

Listen to "Insanity Isn't" album by Rudi Goblen on Bandcamp In 2006 Rudi was commissioned to create a one -man dance theater piece. After creating "Insanity Isn't", he decided to record the monologues from the show to provide the audience with a soundtrack/audio version of it to go home with.

M-Dot - Price Of Love (Prod. By Jon Glass) (Official Video) In promotion of Own Lane Music's "Stay In Your Lane Vol. 1" One of Boston’s most consistent emcees [10 years+] M -Dot drops the new visual for "Price of Love." While the bonus track isn't featured on the project it’s being given away for FREE to promote this compilation. Own Lane Music is a Massachusetts based indie label and is home to ar tists like M -Dot, Quiz [Producer] and Boston collective EMS who all make contributions to "Stay In Your Lane Vol.1." Watch the video for "Price of Love" prod. by Jon Glass [Cuts by DJ Access] shot in a cold and wintr y NYC by director Peter Zeidler [Z-Enter tainment] it showcases the personification of mood music through a film -noir lens. #mdot #priceoflove #jonglass

Listen to "I'm Happy" album by Wilted Petals on


...and things improved, little by little, until the tiny seed grew to be a beautiful, smiling rose who basked in sunshine.

Listen to "Knowledge of Self" album by Awon &

Phoniks on Bandcamp "Knowledge of Self" is the 2nd official offering from hip -hop duo Awon & Phoniks. Coming over 2 years after releasing their debut album "Return to the Golden Era" in Summer of 2013, the Newpor t News, VA emcee and Por tland, ME producer have been working diligently on their follow-up. While the debut LP was a throwback to 90's hip -hop in ever y sense, with lyrics focusing on Awon's troubled youth and tales of street grandeur, their 2nd LP sees the group maintain their signature sound while refining things both musically and lyrically. This time Awon is speaking from the present, educating youth on tracks like 'Reflections' and speaking on current social climates in 'Summer Madness' and 'Profit Off My Pain'. He has adapted his rhymes to more relevant topics while keeping his all -natural flow groove-locked in the pocket.

Listen to "Hanstromentals: A Beat Tape" album by HanSolo This project is dedicated to my grandfather. Love and miss you daily!!! I would like to say thanks to my wife and daughters. You are My number one suppor t system in life. Next I would like to say thx to my brothers in music Al Basics, RediBrown, Beatz For Food & Mista Crane!!! May our skills & knowledge , in life and music , increase with ever y track! Much love to my mom for always suppor ting my music , even in its 8 -track days. Also a fat shout out to all my suppor ters, family, friends and haters for keeping me motivated to keep pushing! Hope you enjoy the sounds, if you're an emcee, I hope you do the beats justice and link me to the final product. Real suppor t real all day! Peace & Stay Up!!!

Listen to "Intellectual Bliss" album by Jason Plus

One on Bandcamp Debut full-length project from Jacksonville's own Jasonplusone . Member of the Duval collective Black Chain Gang (BCG). Plusone presents a biographical album that also parallels the stor y of one of enter tainment's great ar tists.

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thawilsonblock magazine issue95  

Hip Hop Artist 5ve talks New Music, Experiences, & 'Universal Language' in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson + KoolQuise + Wilted Peta...

thawilsonblock magazine issue95  

Hip Hop Artist 5ve talks New Music, Experiences, & 'Universal Language' in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson + KoolQuise + Wilted Peta...