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Tony Valor

Taye Zooited

Money Mike Ash Kelley Brandon Maddox

Jessica G

Mabel Baumgardner


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WilsonBlock100 Radio Podcast w/ Mistah Wilson

“Why I’m Thankful for Foster Care”

“Why I WANT to be Depressed” “I Took Psych Meds as a Foster Kid” “Why Leaf Blowers are a Problem” t h a w i l s o n b l o c k . n e t

BigDru Lily Ruiz

Black Rabbitt Snak The Ripper


Kyle Davis Jordan Peele & many more…

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10-Question Exclusive Article Interview


20-Question Exclusive Article Interview

1. 210West

38. Charlin Janene

75. J. Rell

2. 2-Hye

39. Chris Jaiden

76. Jamo Gang

3. 5VE

40. Chuck Dollaz

77. Jangles (Jay Blue)

4. A-Clasik

41. Cracka Smile

78. Jason Hardin

5. AJ tha DJ

42. Crooked Noize

79. Jav DaHart

6. Alivya

43. CrystalTears

80. Jay Mays

7. Andre Hardin

44. Deblin

81. Jazzzone Network

8. Andre Pace

45. D. Haile

82. Jennifer Thompson

9. Andrew (TLH)

46. Disco Ministries


10. Antherius

47. DJ Chuck Daggers

84. Jessica G Promotions

11. Anthony Stone


85. Joey Tripp

12. Armen

49. DPone

86. John Eklof

13. Aron Fletcher

50. Eddie G

87. Jon2

14. Art from El Sereno

51. Eden Allegra Young

88. Jonathan Nesbitt II

15. Ash Kelley

52. Eli Gardiner

89. J. Reese

16. (Asun) Suntonio Bandanaz

53. Emani

90. Justin Miller

17. Asya

54. Epidemic

91. Kallion

18. Azo

55. Eric Williams (EDuB)

92. K. James

19. Bambo Kino

56. Ernest Musik

93. Kev King Cold

20. Bando Kev


94. Key Lewis

21. BigDru

58. Frank Bank

95. Khriz - Z


59. Gabriel Teodros

96. King Duey

23. Bigg Dutta

60. Gabrielle Ayers

97. Klee Magor

24. Big Montana

61. Gangsta Ric

98. Konfrontational Art

25. Bill Bogaard

62. GL Moody

99. Korena

26. Billy Coats

63. Haj


27. Bing Bing

64. Hax


28. Black Rabbitt

65. Heartless

102.L3 Gamble

29. Blak Axx

66. Hendo

103.Langston Doobs

30. Brandin Bruce

67. Ieesha Naeema

104.Larry McZeal

31. Brandon Maddox


105.Latoya Rhodes

32. B. Rocket

69. Imani Akil

106.L Boogie

33. Buddhakai

70. iMu

107.Lee Ellis

34. Cali Jackson

71. Infant Head

108.LEJ (LeMatiq)

35. CallumJP



36. Calvin Banks & The Tellers

73. J. Byrd

110.Lily Ruiz

37. C. Carter

74. J. Real

111.Little Stranger

148.Nicky BeacHouses

185.Sparkydog & Friends

112.Loretta Glickman

149.Nino Rose

186.Sobukwe Toure

113.Lovey Elise



114.Luke Friday


188.Stephen Baldry

115.Lymin Lime


189.Stephanie Schafer


153.Ol Sol

190.Supreme Cerebral & Pete

117.Lyssa True Poet

154.Otto Evans

118.Mabel Baumgardner


191.Sweet Tee


156.Paco Swartz

192.Taffey Champion

120.Mac Judah

157.Paul McCarty

193.Tammy Goolsbey

121.Magic Mike Z

158.Phil Phree

194.Taye Zooited

122.Mak Boss


195.Tee Ran

123.Mance Makall


196.Timi Tamminen

124.Marina Gutman

161.Qaadir Naqib

197.Tony Valor

125.Matt Lewis

162.Ramon Barajas

198.Tyke ThaMob

126.Matt & Megan (Bagpipes)

163.RD Peace

199.The Goldmine

127.Maya Huyana

164.Realio Sparkzwell

200.The Letters Home


165.Reina Mora

201.Tone Grizzard

129.M Da Great

166.Relly 2euce

202.Triggered Heart

130.Meddie Lanes

167.Rey Avalon

203.Tyk ThaMob

131.Michael Jones



132.Michelle "Miller" Bell

169.Riya A. Piper

205.Verse B.

133.Mina Wildcard

170.Rockton Road

206.Victor Gordo

134.Minal Zaman

171.Rollie Robles


135.Mistah Wilson Photography

172.Ron & Greg

208.Warrior Richardson

136.M.K. Gray

173.Roscoe Lee Owens


137.MoeBetta ThaGoddess

174.Rose Robinson

210.West Coast Collaborators

138.Moe Grams

175.Rough City

211.Xavier Lamar Truesdell

139.Money Mike

176.Royal Mitchell

212.XL Middleton


177.Ryan Aderréy

213.YG Chief


178.Samantha Church

214.YG Lil Ive

142.Mr. Frantastic

179.SB (Kevin Duncan)

215.Y.N.G. DOUGH

143.Mr. McStrange

180.Sea One

216.Young Dellz

144.Ms. Jeanine

181.Scribes One

217.Young PAYSO

145.Mya Vat


218.Zarkhi Palmer

146.Mystah GT

183.Sheldon Botler

219.Zoneiak McGee


184.$krrt Cobain

220.Zyto Crowns


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Real Quick, Tho .. Jordan Peele on Winning an Oscar "I Almost Never Became a Director" Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay for 'Get Out' at the 2018 Oscars and gives his first post-win inter view! Watch Video

Buddhakai - "One Last Drink" Official Music Video Originally called "Stop Drinking," from the Clock Strikes Thir teen album, "One Last Drink," is a bone-chilling stor y of a relationship shattered by alcoholism! Make sure to watch to the end, otherwise you'll end up missing it all ! Watch Video

Mario is Finally Getting His Own Movie! Filmgoers and video gamers alike were surprised by the news about an upcoming Super Mario movie from Minions studio Illumination—and Nintendo recently explained how

the collaboration came to be. Although the project was rumored for some time, it was late in January when Nintendo finally confirmed the news to their investors, and to the public through a tweet. Read More‌

New Artists Brandon Maddox

Taye Zooited

Lily Ruiz

Jessica G

New Artists BigDru

Black Rabbitt

Mabel Baumgardner


New Artists Lee Ellis

Timi Tamminen

Money Mike

Ash Kelley

Mistah Wilson, whose spent virtually his

entire childhood & adolescence in foster care, gives an unusual testimony as to why he's thankful for the system. An

interesting listen for professionals in the fields of mental health, social work, probation, youth development, & more... Listen / Download

Mistah Wilson opens up on his experiences taking various psychotropic medications throughout his childhood in foster care. For a kid who couldn't speak for himself, Mistah Wilson reflects on how psychotropic medication has impacted his life today. A great listen for psychiatrists, psychologists,

therapists, social workers, and any professional in the fields of mental health & wellness. Listen / Download

Mistah Wilson opens up on what he likes to call the 'beauty' in depression, a concept that explains how isolation empowers the mind. Of course, too much of anything isn't good for you...let alone depression. This podcast talks about how Depression is sometimes used to balance energies. This podcast is ideal for introverts and those who are sensitive to vibes.

Listen / Download

Mistah Wilson touches on his trauma & frustration with leaf blowers, bringing up issues such as early morning

ordinances, inconvenience to pedestrians, and how they are on virtually every block every day of the week. Mistah Wilson makes it clear that this topic is strictly meant for leaf blowers and DO NOT include lawn

mowers, weed wackers, or tree trimmers. Mistah Wilson decided to speak up on this topic because there is no one to complain to about it lol. Listen / Download

Nipsey Hussle Explains The Importance of Ownership

Victory Lap

Hard Knock Tv's Nick Huff Barili sits down with Nipsey Hussle for in-depth interview at Truth Studios. Part 2 starts with Nipsey giving advice to young artists sharing that it’s important to study your craft and own your masters. As the interview continues, Nipsey breaks down keys to building wealth. Part 2 ends with Nipsey talking about Rick


Ross and Puff Daddy and the blueprints they laid out for building an empire. Learn More…

Hard Copy for V8 Pasadena State Of Mind 2! Also Comes with "Under The Influence" FOR FREE! ORDER UP!! Includes unlimited streaming of Pasadena State Of Mind 2 via the free Bandcamp app, plus highquality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Download Entire Album

Listen & Download "Pasadena State of Mind 2" album by V8 (Tha WrongKind)

Other V8 Albums 1. I’m A Problem 2. Since 87' 3. Seal Off 4. Hustlin' Backwardz 5. Duin 2 Much 6. So Cal Nights 7. Aint Gon Change 8. Northwest Streets 9. Not A Hobby Feat. Rice Got Racks 10. Palmer ( Skit ) 11. Tell Mama Feat. Young Mack 12. Eulogy 13. Late Night Kick It Feat. Deltrice 14. Money N My Pocket Feat. Yae Yae 15. Critical Feat. Half Ounce 16. If You Gon Ride 17. Back To 06' Feat. Lil Brownie 18. Understanding 19. Alot Of Hatin' 20. It Feel Good

03:03 02:24 03:30 02:36 03:27 03:30 03:45 03:20 03:10 00:48 02:40 03:24 03:22 03:51 03:30 03:38 04:23 02:39 03:22 03:39

Raised Shout Out To The Ave . Mistah Wilson: How was life for you growing up in Seattle? Taye Zooited: Life On The Ave Is Hectic The Niggah Next To You Could Be There Today And Gone The Next They Either Die Or Fold. Mistah Wilson: What inspired you to star t rapping?

Rapper Taye Zooited talks South Seattle, New Music, and His Definition of Success in an Excusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

Taye Zooited: I Always Loved Music I Used To Wanna Sing Play Guitar n All

Kinds Of Instruments But Rapping Has Always Been My For te Didn’t Know Until I Star ted Really Letting People Hear Me And Putting Effor t Behind It That. I Would Wanna Make A Career Out Of It.

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Taye Zooited! What's

Mistah Wilson: What current and

good wit it thanks for coming thru for this

upcoming projects do you have in tha works?

exclusive inter view with ThaWilsonBlock

Taye Zooited: “From The Ave To The

Magazine! What's tha latest & greatest?

Tac” Is A Collaboration Mixtape I Have

Taye Zooited: Shit Smoking Big Tree

Coming March 1st With Hendo From

On Some Zooited Shit What’s Good

the Group L.o.L 400 (Loyalty Over

With U Big Dawg?

Loot) Outta Tacoma Wa And I’m Also Working On My 5th Solo Album “Late

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading

Nights On The Ave” Presented By Not

this , could you give us a quick background

Only My Label Zooited Gang

on yourself?

Enter tainment But Original Pie

Taye Zooited: I’m Taye Zooited From

Flipper s As Well Shout Out To The

South Seattle Rainier Ave Baby Born N

Squad Niggahs Is Working .

Mistah Wilson: Who are some ar tists

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Taye Zooited thanks for

you've worked with and would like to work

coming thru for this exclusive inter view with

with in tha future?

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine . Got any shout

Taye Zooited: YSic , Mdot80 ,Rainier


Ave Musik ,Mini Mar t Mafia, Mafi D

Taye Zooited: Shout Out To My Team

Loyalty Over Loot, Naj The Shooter,

ZooitedGangEnter tainment Shoutout

Thrill, Supe , HighwayTone , 2Elevn.

Rainier Ave Musik,Mini Mar t Mafia, OPF, RNM, Mafia KLICK,Free Y Sic And

Mistah Wilson: What is your definition of success? Taye Zooited: When My Momma Can Live Her Life With A Nice Car And Nice House Without Paying Any Bills And My

Siblings Our Children Dont Ever Want Of Need For Nothing And We Can Just Smile Ride Nice And Live Life . Mistah Wilson: What do you plan to achieve through music? Taye Zooited: I Hope People Can Get The Message That Ever ything That

Glitter Isn’t Gold Hopefully The Obstacles I Went Thru Which I Talk About In My Music Can Help The Youth Make Better Decisions And Choose A Better Route . Mistah Wilson: Where can people follow you online? Taye Zooited: YouTube ITunes Google Play Spotify Amazon SoundCloud Reverbnation CdBaby Shazam Tidal.

Hermès Hush.

Singer / Songwriter Kyle Davis drops new single "Nothing"

His latest collaboration "Nothing," with Malaysian production team Vessbroz adds a eurodance vibe to the mix. Their album "Lost," features Kyle's vocals on four other tracks and wrote lyrics for the remaining 6 tracks. Kyle hopes to establish himself as a household name in this next phase of his career with these exciting releases ! Listen on Spotify!

Mance Makall - “Envious State" (Official Music Video)

Mance Makall - Envious State Dir. By @CheckTinoOut

Watch Music Video

quick background on yourself? Tony Valor : I Come from Chinese, Colombian, and Sicilian decent. I’ve been around music my entire life and knew that this is what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little kid. Star ted taking my music serious at the age of 14. Played my first instrument at 11. Having family ties into the enter tainment industr y, I’ve been around studios since I was 3!

Singer / Songwriter Tony Valor talks Musical Genres, Dance, and MultiCultural Heritage in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

Mistah Wilson: You have quite a bit of work

out right now. Tell us about how you got star ted making music? Tony Valor : Got my first instrument when I was 11. It was a small nylon string acoustic guitar. From there on I explored many genres of rock and pop and evolved little by little as a

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Tony Valor! Thanks for

musician. I was 14 when I decided I

coming thru for this exclusive inter view with

wanted to learn how to use a

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! How ya' been?

recording board and make music with

Tony Valor: What’s poppin?? Been

production software. I star ted with

good and working hard on future

Pro Tools when I got into the field of

projects! Ver y proud to announce the

producing music. My choices of

new single that just came out D’Nah

genres That I’ve produced over the

Nah ft. Ar tists from Romania and the

years has changed drastically. For me

Philippines! And there’s much more

music is music if it moves and

to come!!

grooves I’m making it. Don’t matter the genre. As Usher Raymond once

Mistah Wilson: Awesome! For our audience reading this , could you give us a

said “evolve or evaporate”

Mistah Wilson: What inspires your

listening to my r&b tracks to so the

creativity when writing new songs?

listener such as ‘Up & Away Ft.

Tony Valor : Ever ything I do musically

Mariah Simmons (R&B)’ can

comes from what I’m feeling. Some

appreciate the vocal approaches I

times even when you hit a funk where

took in those songs in par ticular.

you find it difficult to get inspired

Before they hear the mainstream

from the outside there's always the

songs that people get over quickly

will power to find capability with

before there ready to hear the “next

solitude from the inside. There fore

big thing”.

what I write comes from within. Mistah Wilson: What do you plan to Mistah Wilson: Your music videos display

accomplish through your music?

tons of energy! What styles of Dance do you

Tony Valor : To make a viral impact on

like to incorporate in your songs ?

ever y nation in the world. Not only

Tony Valor : I love to go from a ‘daft

through music but through other

punk’ style to the next style having a

potential ventures that the future

‘trey songz’ vibe. For instance It can

will bring. This journey opens many

be a Hip-hop \ house genre such as

doors and oppor tunities so who

one of my last singles ‘up & away’.

knows what else can be achieved?

Deep house is one of my favorite

We'll definitely see.

genres of dance music! Mistah Wilson: What are some of your personal favorite songs that you would recommend to a first-time listener? Tony Valor : There are a few personal favorites that hasn’t come out yet but they will soon! ‘Unexplainable’ which is a ballad/R&B track, and ‘Bad Influence’ which is a more Hip -hop/ rap and R&B elements as well just to name a couple. For what is currently out I would definitely recommend

let's hear em'... Tony Valor : Big and special thanks to the teams and ever yone else that has worked ambitiously and being inexhaustibly determined in this campaign to make this dream come to life! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!! Mistah Wilson: Who are or were some key influences that played a par t in the ar tist you are today? Tony Valor : Calvin Harris, Tchami,

Oliver Heldens, Usher, Kanye West, Katy Perr y, Marilyn Manson, Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Four Tops, Janis Joplin and I can continue for days. I have and always had since I was a little boy a versatile taste in music. Always loved adapting to new styles! Mistah Wilson: Where can people follow you online? Tony Valor : Ever ywhere!! @tonyvalormusic Mistah Wilson: Yo, Tony Valor, Thanks so much for coming through for this exclusive inter view with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! It's been an honor! If you have any shout outs ,

Snak The Ripper has returned in style with a new song called ''Lesson Learned''

Snak The Ripper has returned in style with a new song called ''Lesson Learned''. The music video was directed by Stuey Kubrick and the beat was produced by Vokab. The music video is dark and almost feels post-apocalyptic, showing the Ripper moving through an empty city at night by himself while looking as though he is reflecting deeply on past trials. The visuals are a great match for the musical vibe of the song . Watch Music Video‌

Tenacity & D.R.U.G.S. Beats «Discussions» Album Stream + Tracklist

Los Angeles based Rapper/Engineer Tenacity and Grammy nominated producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats recently joined forces to create the collaborative project, "Discussions". The musical duo’s first album together introduces 13 forward -thinking tracks that focus on a variety of societal issues and current events that have affected a vast amount of people around the world. D.R.U.G.S. Beats supplies a hard -hitting back drop for Tenacity to express raw emotions and share his point of view in a way that makes the listener feel as if they are part of the discussion. Stream & Download This Album

Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown - Stranger Things (Official Music Video)

Joyner Lucas teams up with Chris Brown to release Stranger Things, under a joint project called Angels & Demons.

Watch Music Video Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes & Tidal. Follow Joyner Lucas on IG: @joynerlucas Bookings:

Nolan The Ninja - "LEX" (produced by Ill Tal) +++ Euro Tour Booking Now +++

Hip Hop is an art form and culture that is constantly changing. Mus ically speaking, new technology and the lates t trends have a very real influence on the records releas ed from year to year. It’s easy to get caught up in the pop culture hype machine and triplet trap beats that currently dominate rap. Trends come and go, but the proven elements of Hip Hop mus ic w ill continue to be relevant for years to come. For ins tance, MCs that s pit ferocious bars over dusty, head-s plitting beats w ill never go out of s tyle. Enter Detroit’s Nolan The Ninja and his latest record, YEN. Released on DJ Soko’s imprint, Left of Center (LOC), YEN picks up w here Nolan’s earlier projects left off. Nolan, w ho has been gaining momentum in Detroit and els ewhere, continues to demonstrate his ability to rip a microphone. Underneath Nolan’s agile delivery is an element of s torytelling that is sometimes lost in rap. From Nolan’s rhymes to guest appearances by Royce Da 5’9, Blu, A dd-2, Denmark Vessey and Quelle Chris,

there is no shortage of heavy bars on YEN . W ith stand out production from Black Milk, 14KT, Chanes , Denmark Vessey, Scud One and Nolan hims elf, YEN is 17 tracks of non -stop heat that creates the perfect backdrop for Nolan’s strong delivery . Grow ing up, Nolan and his friends w ere accustomed to status symbols by default. The latest video releas e "Lex" is dedication to that. "W e're older now & realize our full potential to do great things w hile acquiring our childhood statuses in the midst. Triumph." says Nolan.

Watch Music Video

Drag-On "Run Off On The Plug" Official Music Video

Hood Environment Presents: Drag-On "Run Off On The Plug" Official Video..Off of the "Barz on Fire 2" Mixtape Video Directed By: Akonsc! Filmz Production.. Don't forget to log-on to: #barzonfire2

Watch Music Video

Locksmith - "Olive Branch" (Official Video)

With the help of visual aids, Locksmith gets his point across in the title track from his latest album, Olive Branch.

Watch Music Video

Nine (Double M) - The Revenant (Prod by Snowgoons) VIDEO Cutz by DJ Crypt Nine (Double M) teamed up with the Snowgoons to drop an epic 90s album in 2018. The Revenant is the first single and only gives you an idea about whats to come via Goon MuSick. Snowgoons bringing back legendary rapper Nine (Double M) and announcing a new studio album for summer 2018. It has been quiet about the Bronx native Nine who started his career with Funkmaster Flex in the early 90’s. After Nine joined the Snowgoons «Goon Bap» project in 2016 they have been talking about new music and finally decided to move forward and start working on a collabo album. From the forthcoming album Nine - The Revenant produced by Snowgoons! iTunes: Bandcamp: Spotify: Info:


1.Me and My Soldiers


3.Stop Drinking

4.It's Alright


6.I'm Innocent

7.Alcoholics Anonymous "Clock Strikes Thirteen" Album by Buddhakai (2013) 8.Rest in Peace

Buddhakai’s Top Spots on WilsonBlock100 Charts

9.Love Triangle

10.Casualties of War


#1 This Week #8 This Month

12.Hitch Hiker

13.Unholy Matrimony

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue61 (March 2018 / Wintergreen)  

California Boulevard, Pasadena, California + Depression + Foster Care + Psych Meds + Leaf Blowers ... Featuring: Tony Valor + Taye Zooited...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue61 (March 2018 / Wintergreen)  

California Boulevard, Pasadena, California + Depression + Foster Care + Psych Meds + Leaf Blowers ... Featuring: Tony Valor + Taye Zooited...