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5 Pasadena Eateries YOU MUST TRY! – Old Towne Pasadena’s historic alleyways


PasadenaJohn Media Muir’s relocates SECRET – John to Success Muir High in School tha Turkey – Tussle

NOY “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow vol.2 (Album Review)

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My Own Country


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Rosarito  Lee’s Hoagie House  Kal’s Bistro  Wonder Burger

Pasadena Media relocates to South Los Robles. As you may have heard, Pasadena Media has recently moved from Hen's Teeth Square and took a quick trip down Los Robles Avenue. While administration is handling things from the 4th floor, word going around is that they are building the new studio. Our sources tell us that the studio will be unveiled late Summer/Early Fall. During tha move, regular scheduled programming was not effected and administrative/post production services are still available.

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Anthony Randolph is a NBA Player who attended Eliot Middle School for a short time in 2002-2003

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Noy, not only an illified MC, but a true child of God. His latest mixtape Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow vol.2 (click to download) has been floating around the streets of Pasadena and it's making (((NOISE))) How do we know? Well, we bought one personally from Noy as he was hustling his mixtape by hand in the streets. At this current day & age, we proclaim Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow vol.2 the most Admirable Album out in the streets of Pasadena, Ca. Not downing any other dena mc's as we know you are out there.

Album Review by Mistah Wilson

The album comes with 13 classic cuts that you MUST get your ears on. It has features by Lil S, Big Araz, & D Haile. We've been inspired by it‌ Read Full Review

John Muir High School’s SECRET to SUCCESS in tha Turkey Tussle…

They Play Harder!

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Pasadena’s Hottest New Rapper

And DENA EAST breed artists from out tha deepest pockets

I’m on my pac shit, that wilsonblock Dot net

If you haven’t heard of him until now, it’s not your fault. PokeyLo, a long-time independent rapper whose been off tha radar, has broke silence with tha release of 5 singles achieving 100K+ plays and 3 music videos. PokeyLo is far from your average “rapper”. On Father’s Day June 16th, 2013, PokeyLo dropped his debut solo project Tha Grey Area mixtape. Tha mixtape came with 13 solid cuts and has been tha hottest compilation we’ve heard from a independent solo artist from Pasadena so far this year. He’s worked with Bing Bing, Bigg Bump, Phil Phree, Crystal Nahidi, Iwil, Scott Daniels, & more. Although PokeyLo has done quite a bit in so little time, he still has quite some ground to cover as local Hip Hop fanatics question his ability to perform and create original music. Tha Lo’s online presence has taken a life of it’s own. He’s been on his grind promoting his debut solo project and selling merchandise & apparel. If he wanted, he could drop another mixtape like yesterday. He has that much material. PokeyLo’s day was back when break-dancing was a big part of Hip Hop. We like to still believe it is because Hip Hop is tha culture, Rap is tha music. PokeyLo was introduced to ThaWilsonBlock in December 2012 prior to Bing Bing’s House of Blues event through Tobi Hero by way of Lyndrum

Productions and Phil Phree. PokeyLo went in for a meeting and before he knew it, he was on! He hit tha lab and began his promotional campaign as a WilsonBlock artist. It wasn’t long before PokeyLo & Bing collabed on “Step One” which went on to do 20k+ numbers. Shortly after, PokeyLo and ThaWilsonBlock were in talks regarding Lo’s debut solo project Tha Grey Area mixtape. PokeyLo dropped his 1st single “As I Walk Away” feat. Crystal Nahidi. Then “Hope” dropped as his second single followed by “Fixated” feat. Bigg Bump, his smash single which got 30k+ plays and 23k+ youtube views. His 4th single “Tha Streetz Iz Watchin” turned heads all over tha Pasadena Music Scene and shot a video for it. Throughout tha promotional campaign for Tha Grey Area, PokeyLo has also released singles and a music video for a project called Tha Hater’s Favorite which is a duo of Bing Bing & PokeyLo. We don’t expect everybody to agree with us when we say PokeyLo is Pasadena’s Hottest New Rapper. At tha same time, you can’t deny his results. Not only has he been getting groupie love, but has shown and proven to have a solid, promising fan base. It’s been 7 months and PokeyLo has surpassed independent artists who’ve been on tha scene for quite some time now. His rhymes are tight and his work ethic is consistent. As he works on Tha Hater’s Favorite collaborative project and his solo original material, PokeyLo doesn’t have to try hard to stay in tha headlines. When you take everything into consideration, PokeyLo has been working hard and is about to achieve what he’s been waiting so long for. His patience and persistence is now paying off. And if ThaWilsonBlock could help it, nobody is going to get in his way.

Wrongly Convicted

Learn More About This Tabitha Pollock was sleeping when her live-in boyfriend, Scott English, killed her 3year-old daughter, Jami Sue, in the early morning hours of October 10, 1995, at their home in Kewanee, Illinois. The following year, a Henry County jury convicted Pollock of first-degree murder and aggravated battery based on the prosecution’s contention that she “should have known” English posed a danger to Jami Sue’s life. The judge sentenced Pollock to 36 years in prison. The Third District Illinois Appellate Court affirmed the conviction in 1999, even though the trial judge had observed during a post-trial proceeding that Pollock “did not commit the act of killing, nor did she intend to kill the child, nor was she present in the room when her boyfriend killed the child.” Read Appellate Court Opinion (pdf)

Tabitha Pollock

Mistah Wilson catches up with Electro-Americana musician Arthur Lee Land as they discuss Music, Charity, and his premiere performance on tha Pasadena Music Scene (performance footage included) Mistah Wilson: You’ve sure been through quite a bit over the past few years. You have such an inspiring story. How has the things you’ve been through effected your music and your overall artistry? Arthur Lee Land: Good question! That's exactly touching on the whole concept of "integration" because the healing journey is about integrating the parts of myself that have been disowned and unconscious so by being willing to love those parts of myself I can quit resisting them. Mistah Wilson: So, we see you play tha guitar like nobody’s business! Your voice is calming and your lyrics hold an encouraging force. How long have you been playing guitar? Arthur Lee Land: First off thank you very much for the props secondly a while actually over 30 years! Mistah Wilson: How long would you say you’ve been ‘pursuing’ music? Arthur Lee Land: When asked by my work-study teacher during my senior year of high school "what was I going to do with my life?" I stood up and said "I'm going to play Rock n' Roll!" Then walked out of class.

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This is a story about how prosecutorial tunnel vision created a tragic communication failure. The criminal justice system exists to give everyone a chance to tell their story. Juries decide who brings the best story to the table. Bad things happen when the system amplifies one story while silencing the other. The IRP-6 case is characterized by an unusually deep divide between the government’s story and the defendants’ story. Such a wide gap is rare, 95% of federal cases are resolved short of trial because few defendants ultimately maintain their innocence. If a federal case proceeds to trial it is either because the government isn’t offering much of a plea deal or because the defendants actually believe in their own innocence. There are two ways of approaching the issue and everything depends on where you start. It has been said that where we place our focus determines what we miss.

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