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September 2015

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Tha Fulfilling

14mile Walk for Faith & Forgiveness

Monday September 14th, 2015

By Mistah Wilson


Faith is not a destination, it’s a journey. I, Mistah Wilson, have always walked by faith. Whether I was hungry or trying to get out of jail, I had faith that everything would work out. Walking by faith has proven to work in my favor. And it even sharpens other character traits like patience & discipline. I’m not religious, but I am a believer in Christ. Many of us have a hard time grasping tha concept of walking by faith because nothing happens on our time. Tha world doesn’t revolve around us. Faith is a big part of this walk through tha Antelope Valley because I have faith that something will come from this. I have faith that everything will turn out ok in tha end.


Now is tha time to forgive…and be forgiven. No one is exempt from tha wonderful blessing of forgiveness. In times like these, tha best thing we can do is forgive each other. It is what must happen before we can even come together and be united. Please, be aware that tha only time we have to forgive is while we are alive. Yes, While we are alive and kicking is tha only time we have to forgive each other. And let’s face it, none of us are perfect. So, let’s take this time to learn from each other’s mistakes and take a blind step in tha right direction. If you expect God to forgive your sins, you must forgive those who have wronged you. I understand it may not be an easy thing for all of us to do. But, this is a principle I will walk 14 miles for.

MWP Mistah Wilson Photography

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United for Peace

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