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Martin Luther King March “Unity & Peace” walk January 19th, 2014

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Gaslight Street I’d like to thank you for taking the time for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. How are you? Campbell Brown (Gaslight Street): Hey, this is Campbell Brown, from Gaslight Street. I’m doing well - in between rehearsals. Thanks!

Mistah Wilson lands exclusive interview with Campbell Brown of Gaslight Street as they discuss Bands, Tours, & Influences.

Mistah Wilson: For the persons reading this today, can you give us a quick background of you and your band? Campbell Brown (Gaslight Street): We are a 6 piece band from Charleston, SC and have been together now since 2008. We just put out our third full length studio album called “Heavy Wind”.

Mistah Wilson: Who are all the members of Gaslight Street and what role do they play in the band? Campbell Brown (Gaslight Street): Whitt Algar is the keyboardist (organ, piano, electric piano) and the catalyst for a lot of what we do - one of the best around. Dan Wright is our other guitarist (lead) and has an incredible blues/country tone - some of the tastiest licks on the guitar that you’ll ever hear. Ben Kinser is our bass man and holds it down like a natural. He has a New Orleans influence that mixes with reggae. Stratton Moore is our drummer and gets credit for the funk style in this outfit. Very dynamic and solid. Noelle Brown is our other vocalist and adds the soul to our band’s voice with her harmonies. I play guitar and sing lead and just try to keep up with all these guys! Mistah Wilson: What would you consider some Pros & Cons of being in a band? Campbell Brown (Gaslight Street): The pros are fairly easy travelling and seeing new places and faces, playing music with friends and creating. The cons are probably time away from home and family, long nights and stalkers!

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On January 19th, 2014, Martin Luther King smiled upon the step that 8 individuals took in attempt to fulfill his dream. Pasadena artist Bing Bing led 7 people on a 21-mile trek through some of the nation's most treacherous neighborhoods to End Gang Violence by demonstrating non-violent, positive ways to make change in society as Dr. King did. Those who joined the march were C.O Chosen One, Otto Evans of DenaBoy, Tammy, Cracka Smile, Shine Briduh, OG Porterhouse, Matt Rinnegan of Rhyme Disciples, and Bing Bing. The "Unity Now" team, as the group calls themselves, began at the very popular Pink's hot dog stand on Melrose & La Brea in West Hollywood and were headed to El Camino College Compton Center where the march would end. ABC7 Eyewitness news came out and interviewed Bing Bing and the crew only to find out that it did not get aired that day. KTLA returned an inquiry call to us and said that they could cover us live at their 6p news. It never happened‌

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue12 "We Are Anonymous"  

We Are Anonymous + Martin Luther King March "Unity & Peace" walk + Gaslight Street Interview + Otto Evans + Zachary Sampier + much more...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue12 "We Are Anonymous"  

We Are Anonymous + Martin Luther King March "Unity & Peace" walk + Gaslight Street Interview + Otto Evans + Zachary Sampier + much more...