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•PokeyLo •Erinn’s Meals In Heels •Hathaway-Sycamores •Pasadena Music Scene •Davontae Sanford

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Pasadena, Ca rapper PokeyLo, who just made his debut in 2013, has hit the Pasadena Music Scene hard! Coming out under ThaWilsonBlock, PokeyLo has significantly surpassed majority of his competitors on the local music scene in DENA. PokeyLo made his debut on Bing Bing’s 1st single “Step One” for his upcoming Beautiful Struggle mixtape. The song went on to achieve 20,000+ plays and 300 downloads. Shortly after, tha Lo released his 1st single “As I Walk Away” feat. Krystal promoting for his upcoming debut project Tha Grey Area mix tape. His 2nd single, “Hope” was a big success as well. PokeyLo has now teamed up with Bing Bing to put out a collaborative effort called Tha Hater’s Favorite project. The singles released for Tha Hater’s Favorite has done record-setting numbers on the Pasadena Music Scene. Stay tuned for the release of his upcoming debut projects “Tha Hater’s Favorite w/ Bing Bing and his solo project Tha Grey Area 6 mix tape…

Tha Official single of Tha Hater’s Favorite mix tape


Bigg Bump on tha rise‌

Pasadena artist Bigg Bump is another rapper from the 626 whose been beneath the surface for a long time. Now, with the launch of ThaWilsonBlock's new marketing campaign, Bigg Bump is looking to make an impact through his music. Word on tha street is that Bigg Bump will make his debut on‌

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Altadena, Ca


Hungry Fa’ Mo’ mixtape by Marcu$ Ca$h Marcu$ Ca$h 2nd mix tape received good reviews and has entered the race for Pasadena’s 2013 MIXTAPE OF THA YEAR.

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Tha beautiful. Tha talented.


Tobi Hero Signature Guitars By Floyd Rose


Chief Gang Pasadena’s Hottest NEW Movement

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Eat Sexy. Look Sexy.

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ThaWilsonBlock helped market these fine products 15

The DENA Magazine (Issue #1)

The DENA Magazine (Issue #2)

Mistah Wilson gets exclusive interview with Erinn from Meals in Heels about Lifestyle, Career, and how she took her passion for Food to the next level‌ Mistah Wilson: Hey there, Erinn!

Honored to have you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock! How are you? Erinn: I am well, thank you!

Mistah Wilson: What dish do you

love making the most? Erinn: oh man! again, such a tough question! I honestly LOVE cooking...EVERYTHING!hahaha... I put love and passion in to EVERY dish I create.

Mistah Wilson: What kind of

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impact do you want to make through your modeling? Erinn: I want to say a lot of things through my photo shoots. I want people to know that NOT ALL CHEFS ARE OVERWEIGHT, I want people to know that I LOVE food SO much, I model with it, while still being a diva, I want people to know that if you "Eat Sexy", you will "Look Sexy", and most of all, represent for the kitchen. The testosterone is INSANE, and sexual innuendoes are ALWAYS present... I don't sugar-coat things... it is what it is, it's the kitchen life! 16

Featured Review Bonnie B’s Smokin’ BBQ & Soul Food Heaven is our absolute FAVORITE restaurant in all of Pasadena. Fortunate for us, their nestled right in the heart of the Lake & Washington community. They’ve been in business here for over 3 years and have brought love & grace to the community ever since.





We’d like to take the time to recognize John Eklof for all his latest community outreach and selfdevelopment efforts. JE is more than just an artist from Seattle, Wa. He’s a motivational speaker, a positive role model, and would make a great actor if he ever chose to go that direction. Much love & appreciation for John Eklof.


Watch John Eklof speech

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Pasadena & Seattle connect on independent music scenes Pasadena & Seattle have very active independent music scenes. Here, you see Seattle rapper SCRIBES (top left) with Pasadena rapper Bing Bing. Below, you see Rypynt, Bing Bing, Grynch, & Eternal @ Old Towne Pub in Pasadena. At tha bottom, there is Pasadena rapper Bones alongside Seattle rappers Marat Milano & DL.

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Hathaway-Sycamores 24

HathawaySycamores is a Non-Profit Organization focused on child & family services. Through it’s many programs and activities, they operate a Transitional Living Program for emancipated foster youth (ages 18-21) in Pasadena, Ca and have proven to be a muchneeded resource not just for child welfare, but for the community.

Darcy Delaproser’s 25

Social Awareness Christopher Dorner. Terrorist or Real American Gangster? You decide‌

Trayvon Martin



Davontae Sanford is now 20. He has spent the last 6 years of his short life in adult prisons, convicted of murdering four people on Runyon Street on Detroit’s east side on Sept. 15, 2007, when he

was 14. He is 5’6,’’ slightly-built, blind in one eye, and developmentally disabled.”

Vincent Smothers

Davontae was sentenced to 37 to 90 years in prison in 2008, Vincent Smothers, now Shortly after

28, of Shelby Township, confessed to the Detroit police on videotape that he and a different man committed the murders as part of a series of drug-related hits. Highly placed members

of the police department have testified they believe Davontae is innocent, including a former chief of homicide who says Davontae was with him at the time of the murders.

Help us to end this gross miscarriage of justice, sign, share and be counted...No Justice No Peace!

Learn More

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The innocent bus tour will highlight and profile cases of wrongful convictions while advocating for the innocent in the following ways: Recognizing the vital relationship between social support and reintegration, we will serve as a vehicle to connect the innocent with community resources; insisting that DNA testing is made available to persons who claim innocence, particularly, those facing lengthy sentences; demanding the innocent be set free, fully restored to his or her rightful citizenship, and given Immediate compensation for the wrongs that were committed against him or her.

The innocence bus tour was a vision of Johnnie Lee Savory as part of his, and many others, commitment and efforts to end the plague of wrongful convictions. Wrongful convictions have been experienced by many of our nation’s people without regard to race, age, or gender and is a result of a number of factors including false accusations, false confessions, eyewitness misidentification, ineffective assistance of counsel, and the most common cause, revealed in a recent study by the Better government Association and the Center on Wrongful Convictions, alleged government error and misconduct by police, prosecutors, and forensic officials. Innocent people the world over are being falsely accused, unjustly convicted, and sentenced to nightmarish imprisonment for crimes they did not commit. The cries of the innocent echo in the wind; no longer can we as a people turn a deaf ear we must not deny love, truth, or justice to one another. As the innocence bus tour journeys across America and to Canada let these two blessed and great nations serve as righteous examples to humanity.

Additionally, we seek to end prosecutorial misconduct immunity and hold accountable our elected appointed officials who have sworn before God and man to protect the administration of justice by adhering to the spiritual word in which he or she places his or her hand, obeying the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Truth must go forward unhindered, human rights must be protected, and the captive must be set free. The vision of the innocence bus tour is reunited communities and a healed nation where justice truly prevails and innocence is coveted justice will prevail please Sign ! savory/ ; 69563453 Fighting for social justice. Seeking justice for those who were falsely imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Born on the same day of Emmett Till.

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