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is 99 percent failure.

THARAT Graphic Designer, illustrator


Character Design

Bangkok Christian College


Visual Communication KNOWLEDGE

Adobe illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Lightroom Adobe Premiere Pro

Graphic illustration

Design Principle, Visual Advertising Grid and Layout Design, Pop Surealism Street Art, Urban Culture and Design Theory of Color.

My Profile


DESIGN IS A LIFE Detail and Simplicity are important. Giving an attend is the main objective to creating a good piece of work. I love the Arts. The first thing that I remember when I was young, drawing characters and coloring books is my favor. Comics, street art, music, and fashion, all these things inspire through the momentsof my life even time pass by. These aspirations were expressedthrough the artwork when it gets a chance. For this conclude, my passion of work, and commitment, even though it willnot succeed now. But I am confident that One day it will accomplishment and be on the top of the world. Just give me a chance and I promise that, I’ll do it my best.

ONLINE ADVERTISING Search, Email, Social Networks.

ONLINE Advertising

CHAINGARD: MAKE YOUR DOG A SUPERSTAR Facebook Cover and Profile Picture

“Stray dogs” is one of the big problem that we can found nowaday. In the same way, you may not know. There were more than 700,000 of stray dogs in our country. They cannot choose their lives to became like this. No any dogs want to be stray all of its life, don’t you agree?

“Nice Graphic Design and simple. I also like the campaign that it works very well with stray dog” Real User.

Chaingard Brand

CHAINGARD: MAKE YOUR DOG A SUPERSTAR Website Banner and Facebook Page Post

For this reason Chaingard, the dog shampoo brand launch a special event that will change all stray dog live forever. The campaign Make Your Dog A Super Star give every dog lovers a chance to submit stories and pictures about any stray dogs they’ve met. For the transform project that will make these dogs becaming a superstar, and also finding them for a new happy home.

ONLINE Advertising

GOOGLE ADWORDS Clickable ads that appear in Google’s search results

Chaingard Brand


In conclusion, design have to related with the campaign. Broadway theme, red carpet, and flash lights is the key message of overall visual. As well as elegant dogs, golden frames and shiny glitter text effect of “Superstar�. All of these is what makes artwork complete and related to the main purpose of this campaign. Finally, throughout 1 month, These dogs were takecare under this following steps: meet the vet for a health check, body training to get used to the new environment and culminating with understand of discipline and command, to prepare these dog for an new home and owners. Each mission has also been expressed in an interesting viral video clips and we can see obviously for a better transformation of these stray dogs.

ONLINE Advertising

BOURJOIS: THE FRENCH KISS Facebook Cover and Profile Picture

This artwork was designed in the same way as brands identity. Together with the concept of this campaign is “The French kiss” that let audiences dive to a romantic scene in Paris, As well as somebody who’s waiting for the perfect first kiss in a front of eiffel tower. Besides the shocking pink color theme with stripes graphic represent to a form of a flashy women which confident and assertive.

Bourjois Thailand


The French Kiss Campaign


ONLINE Advertising


Bourjois Thailand


ONLINE Advertising

LED DISPLAY BOARD Jabs mineral wipes Advertising Campaign

Jabs Mineral Wipes


With the idea of client want to communicate the features of this product. The designs in this section focuses on the freshness and purify after using it, like a Bath Spa in the middleof a mountain range in Europe. For this reason, cool color tone was chosen to present the visual elements and layout, that completely satisfy requirement of client.

ONLINE Advertising

FACEBOOK TEMPLATE & YOUTUBE COVER Jabs Mineral Wipes Advertising Campaign

Jabs Mineral Wipes



Sales promotion series of activities that boost the sales of a product, usually in the short-term.

WEB DESIGN Designing the layout.

WEB Design

DOIKHAM Redesign Website

The company produces a variety of agricultural products including ready-to-drink fruit juice, fruit juice concentrates, dehydrated fruits, fruit jam, canned fruits, tomato paste, frozen fruit and full fat soya flour.

Doi Kham

ABOUT US PAGE Doikham Website

With an interface, that is simple, unobtrusive. Color sets are relate to the brand logo. It was considering design about preserve for eyesight. Every art direction is all in identity and consistent to the Doi Kham brand.

“นOverall Graphic layout are created on grid with simple style. Moreover, the function menu and color bars that design according to the Brand Logo” Design Concept.

WEB Design


The Doi Kham Company was begun when King Bhumibol Adulyej visited Chiang Mai. He had the opportunity to observe the problems of rural villagers. At the king’s command, the royal project was created to provide alternative sources of income for hill-tribe villages that formerly relied on opium production and slash and burn farming.

Doi Kham

NEWS AND PRODUCT Website and Mobile

All of products of the Doi Kham Company are produced by the royal project. The company produces a wide variety of agricultural products including ready to drink fruit juices, dehydrated fruits, jam, honey, and flowers.

LOGO DESIGN Graphic Mark, Emblem, and Symbol.



SUGAHUT Logo & Product Design

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Ready-to-drink mix jeeb Durian SUGAHUT is produced from coconut milk from the coconut taste, eat exotic fruits from Thailand by breed pillows breed gold which is famous and best. By we took, but the meat is golden yellow Durian production only. Dough portion is our inseparable khao introduced just open cans, you’ll feel the smell of the durian, and if you tried to drink, you can discover the unique flavor.


DESIGN CONCEPT Design of this product using the techniques of art composition. Through the premium design style cause the product look more stylish and valuable. In consequence of fulfill the selling point of client, that present the unique of product flavor, and the brand position in market clearly.

ILLUSTRATION Graphic Art, Character Design


INJURIES Because no matter who you are, you’re going to get hurt in your career and you have to be patient to get through the injuries.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC Always develop yourself all the time. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. This could be a metaphor for our evolution.


THE LIFE CYCLE Growing up is getting old Some people think about getting older is an unbelievable experience. However, getting older has many pros and cons. One advantage is that, you learn new things. For instance: About your life’s experiences, to be indepent and to be assertive when you decide to do anything. Another point is that, your knowledge will increase more and more . All things considered, getting older is a magnificant, unbeliebable experience in your life.




Customer needs to change the Design of a emblem to be more modern, but the concept and visual layout are remains the same. For this conclusion, to present the unity of group by using symbol of an American such as, bald eagle, anarchy font, and harley davidson engine.

illustration AZ: AUSSIE RAPPER Aaron Meadows, better known by his stage name AZ, is an Australian rapper. Born in Melbourne, Australia. He is known for a member of hip-hop group “The Australian Hip-Hop Network”.

Aaron wanted to create a logo that represent himself as a tough rapper. He offer that, a psycho-looking baby would be his main character. Together with, a font “AZ”, his stage name appear on the side.

FROM BRIEF TO DESIGN In terms of brief for design, The key thing must visualize is “Graffiti” the one element of Hip-Hop Culture. That’s make overall artwork layout are in Graffiti direction. The main character “Psycho Baby” was inspired by graffiti character that always seen on Train and subway of New York City. Furthermore, with the name “AZ” also inspired from old school graffiti font with crack corner, that shown the meaning of abnormal and damage.

T-SHIRT DESIGN Creating Brand

T-SHIRT Design


Urban Clothing, Streetwear Is a lifestyle clothing brand, with a cute bright color and uniqueness design. In addition, adding creative ideas in every t-shirt collection, sarcastic about the social.

As a result, it’s create a new dimension of the design. Also brand has formed a special identity that audiences would recognize. Unlike others brand, that always copy illustration and pattern of t-shirt from a famous clothing brand.

Crooked n’ Crime A.C.A.B.

Also known as “All Cops are Bastard” the t-shirt collection from brand. Inspiration from crooked cops in our country, that moneycan bought everything even law.

DEVELOPING FROM SKETCHBOOK Designed with the cute feature. Thus eliminating the harsh attitude between citizen and police as well. Starting from the idea inspirational from characters in Japanese games that reduce figure of human to be in a smaller scale like most RPG game do (Role-playing game) such as, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, in Super Famicom platform.

T-SHIRT Design

LICK OF DEATH Oh sweet lollipop.. Indeed, it may be coated with death! Inspired by the beautiful people and nice society, but hide with the vicious hatred and ready to betray. Design base on cutiecharacteristic and fresh color, that relate to-

identity of the brand. The Lollipop convey about sweetness that every kid would prefer, try hard to own and taste it. Even their mom not happy about their oral health. For this reason, designed consist hidden meaning make a skull lollipop is the key visual of the death that brand want to communicate to their customers

Crooked n’ Crime


The 39 Million Spent BY HONOR AND PSALM

to our province governor that spent for City Hall’s 39 million baht New Year light. Which many critics regarded as extravagant and a waste of money.


rubber print withhis avatar face and text that says “Word Up BKK”. Overall layout was inspired from political campaign banner that run for an election.


For the purpose of honor and status of him as a memorial of spending like maniac, Moreover, rubber screen on the back of t shirt, will be inscribed on the back of wearer. That once we’ve had a governor. who’s pay 39 millionbaht in exchange for new year decorate light.


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