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A book of great beauty and cult appeal, revealing the visual artistry behind the evolution of sound recording with specially commissioned photography of iconic, rarely-seen artefacts from the collections of the EMI Archive Trust. Terry Burrows is an author, musician and producer. Best known as a cult performer under the alias Yukio Yung, Burrows has recorded with The Chrysanthemums, Asmus Tietchens and the duo Push-Button Pleasure. He is also a prolific author of more than 80 books relating to music history, tuition and technology, popular psychology and history.

850 illustrations 24.5 x 21.0 cm 352pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519288 May £35.00

The Art of Sound A Visual History for Audiophiles Terry Burrows This visual chronology of sound recording showcases specially commissioned photography of the beautiful, iconic and rarely seen objects contained within the diverse collections of the EMI Archive. Recording equipment, playback devices, catalogues, artist files, records, master tapes, radios and televisions are all here, accompanied by detailed specifications and explanatory captions, together with archive photographs from throughout the industry. Each chapter is introduced by an in-depth essay summarizing the advances of that technological age, from the invention of the ‘Gramophone’ method to the development of electronic signal amplifiers, and from the arrival of magnetic tape recording to the advent of CDs and the digital era. Double-page biographies of the great innovators in sound production are spliced between the photographic technology spreads to provide context. Each chapter also features facsimile blueprints of some of the most noteworthy innovations patented throughout the history of sound technology. Sure to prove irresistible to music geeks, audio freaks and design lovers alike, this spectacular volume is a compendium of evolving technologies, beautiful ephemera and creative photography intertwined with an engaging, comprehensive history of sound recording.


Thames & Hudson Spring 2017 Catalogue  
Thames & Hudson Spring 2017 Catalogue