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January – June 2017

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The official publication celebrating Magnum Photos’ 70th anniversary: a totally fresh and perceptive view of the legendary agency’s history and archive. Clément Chéroux is senior curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Clara Bouveresse is a photographic historian.

Over 400 illustrations 29.5 x 24.5 cm 400pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544556 May £45.00

Magnum Photos’ 70th anniversary will be celebrated with a global programme of events throughout 2017.

Magnum Manifesto Edited by Clément Chéroux, in collaboration with Clara Bouveresse


In this landmark photography publication and accompanying exhibition, Clément Chéroux demonstrates how Magnum Photos owes its pre-eminence to the ability of its photographers to encompass and navigate the points between photography as art object and photography as documentary evidence. A Magnum photograph can be expressive and bear witness at the same time. Magnum Manifesto is organized into three main parts: Part 1 (1947–1968) views the Magnum archive through a humanist lens, focusing on post-war ideals of commonality and utopianism. Part 2 (1969–1989) shows a world fragmenting, with a focus on subcultures, minorities and outsiders. Part 3 (1990–present day) charts the ways in which Magnum photographers have captured – and continue to capture – a world in flux and under threat. Featuring both individual photographs and in-depth projects that have shaped our view of the world, the book also includes correspondence, notebooks, magazine spreads and other previously unseen material. Magnum Manifesto is an essential purchase for anyone seeking to understand the very best in photography. The accompanying exhibition opens at the International Center for Photography in New York in June 2017. It will then travel to: • Rome, Ara Pacis Museum | February 2018 • C/O Berlin | May 2018



New in paperback

An extraordinary record of great photographs being captured, edited and made, reissued in a new format to celebrate Magnum’s 70th anniversary. Kristen Lubben, former longtime curator at the International Center of Photography, is now executive director of the Magnum Foundation.

446 illustrations 29.3 x 24.0 cm 524pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292914 February £29.95

‘Exemplary … stunningly beautiful’ Geoff Dyer, Observer


‘Utterly absorbing. To be able to follow dozens upon dozens of the most recognised images of the 20th century backwards through the selection process gives these pictures a new immediacy and vitality … fascinating and surprisingly intimate’ John Banville, Daily Telegraph ‘A treasure trove’

Andrew Motion, Guardian

‘Magnificent … every compelling image gives us an intimate and exciting sense of walking alongside the photographer’ RA Magazine

Also available

‘Brimming with photographic masterpieces ... some of the greatest pictures ever taken’ Sunday Times 978 0 500 288306 £24.95 pb

Magnum Contact Sheets Kristen Lubben Now published in an accessibly priced paperback format, Magnum Contact Sheets comes out just as the shift to digital photography threatens to render the contact sheet obsolete. This highly acclaimed book celebrates the contact sheet as a fascinating way of accompanying great photographers as they work towards, and capture, the most enduring images of our time. 139 contact sheets, representing 69 photographers, are featured, as well as zoom-in details, selected photographs, press cards, notebooks and spreads from contemporary publications, including Life magazine and Picture Post. Further insight is provided by texts written by the photographers themselves or by experts chosen by members’ estates. It includes many greats of photography, among them Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt and Inge Morath, as well as Magnum’s latest generation, such as Jonas Bendiksen, Alessandra Sanguinetti and Alec Soth. These photographers cover over 70 years of history, from the D-Day landings by Robert Capa and the Paris riots of 1968 by Bruno Barbey to images of Che Guevara by René Burri, Malcolm X by Eve Arnold and classic New Yorkers by Bruce Gilden.


Magnum Photos Gift Range

Field Notebook

3 Sketchbooks

Travel Journal

ISBN 978 0 500 420355 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

ISBN 978 0 500 420348 £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT

ISBN 978 0 500 420454 £14.95 inc VAT | £12.46 exc VAT

100 Postcards

Poster Book: Icons

Street Photography Notecards

ISBN 978 0 500 420362 £16.95 inc VAT | £14.13 exc VAT

ISBN 978 0 500 420461 £19.95 inc VAT | £16.63 exc VAT

ISBN 978 0 500 420478 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

‘Everything you might expect from a partnership of two high-quality leaders in the industry’ Black & White Photography ‘Beautifully produced … a great way to decorate your home with some fantastic photo art … The quality of reproduction is excellent, belying the bargain price’ Amateur Photographer on Photo Book



A landmark publication exploring David Hockney’s work over the past decade, including a catalogue raisonné of the artist’s iPhone and iPad pieces. Simon Maidment is Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, at National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. Barbara Bolt is Associate Dean, Research, at the VCA and MCM, University of Victoria. Li Bowen is an art historian. Martin Gayford is the author of several books, including A History of Pictures and A Bigger Message, both with David Hockney. Edith Devaney is Senior Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

2,036 illustrations 30.5 x 25.0 cm 328pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 094051 January £45.00

David Hockney: Current Texts by Simon Maidment, Li Bowen, Martin Gayford, Barbara Bolt and Edith Devaney 6

David Hockney is one of the most influential British artists of the past halfcentury, and arguably the country’s greatest living painter. He has dedicated his life to drawing, oil painting, printmaking, set design and photocollage, and more recently has extended his practice into watercolour, charcoal, multi-camera video installation and digital drawing. This book surveys the artist’s output over the past decade. It includes essays by Simon Maidment, Martin Gayford, Li Bowen, Barbara Bolt and Edith Devaney, as well as a Q&A with Hockney himself and a selection of the remarkably prolific and diverse works of these years. It also features, for the first time, the complete catalogue raisonné of Hockney’s iPhone and iPad drawings – some 1,500 works. Reflecting and celebrating a life’s work based on risk-taking and experimentation, this publication will appeal to those familiar with David Hockney and inspire those new to his art.

Also available

‘I won’t read a more interesting book all year ... utterly fascinating’ A.N. Wilson, Sunday Times 978 0 500 239490 £29.95 hb

‘A remarkable picture of Britain’s greatest living artist’ Daily Telegraph 978 0 500 292259 £16.95 pb


New Edition

A new edition of this landmark anthology of manifestos, articles and statements by the early-20th-century Russian avant-garde, published to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution. John E. Bowlt is Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Southern California, and Director of its Institute of Modern Russian Culture.

105 illustrations 21.0 x 15.0 cm 376pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293058 February £16.95

Russian Art of the Avant-Garde New Edition John E. Bowlt 8

During the first third of the 20th century, Russian art went through a series of dramatic changes, reflecting the political and social upheavals of the country and producing – for a brief, exciting period – a body of avant-garde work whose influence would eventually be felt throughout the rest of the world. Eagerly breaking with the past and absorbing the innovations of Europe, a new generation of young artists developed a host of fresh ideas and original styles, such as Neo-primitivism, Rayonism, Suprematism and Constructivism. John E. Bowlt has collected and translated manifestos, articles and declarations by the principal artists and critics of the era, including Kandinsky, Lissitzky, Malevich, Goncharova and Rodchenko, as well as many lesser-known but nonetheless key players. Illustrated with more than 100 rare photographs and facsimiles and supplemented by clear introductory essays, up-to-date biographical information and copious notes, this is the essential sourcebook for a clear understanding of the motivations and struggles that produced an extraordinary, seminal period in modern art.


A smart and irreverent introduction to the art and art world of today, written by two curators at the heart of the contemporary art scene. Kyung An is Assistant Curator for Asian Art at the Guggenheim Museum, New York. Jessica Cerasi is Exhibitions Manager at Carroll/Fletcher, a contemporary art gallery in London. She has also worked for Hayward Touring, Christie’s, the Guggenheim and Hayward Gallery.

c. 35 illustrations 19.8 x 14.6 cm 136pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 292747 February £9.95

Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi What is contemporary art? What makes it ‘contemporary’? What is it for? And why is it so expensive? The contemporary art world can be a baffling place, but authors Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi are on hand to bring you up to speed. From museums and the art market to biennales and the next big thing, Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? offers concise and pointed insights into today’s art scene, examining how artists are propelled to stardom, explaining what curators do, challenging our understanding of artistic skill, demystifying the art market and much, much more. The authors’ playful explanations draw on key artworks, artists and events from around the globe, including how the lights going on and off won the Turner Prize, what makes the likes of Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei such great artists, and why Kanye West would trade his Grammys to be one. Packed with behind-the-scenes information and completely free of ‘Artspeak’, Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? is the perfect gallery companion and the go-to guide for when the next big thing leaves you stumped.



A lavish and thorough look at a large-scale work of landscape art, produced by one of the world’s greatest living artists. Olafur Eliasson lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. His Berlin studio, established in 1995, consists of about 90 craftsmen, architects and art historians. Landscape architect Günther Vogt develops projects with some 40 employees in his offices in Zurich, London and Berlin. Contributors include geologist Minik Rosing, and Danish novelist Josefine Klougart, with photographs by Iwan Baan, Annabel Elston and Casper Sejersen.

c. 100 illustrations 29.0 x 29.0 cm 144pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239599 February £75.00

Your Glacial Expectations Olafur Eliasson and Günther Vogt With a literary contribution by Josefine Klougart 10

One of the most ambitious creative minds of his generation, Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson has produced a dizzying spectrum of work around the world. Best known for his large-scale public works in a wide range of settings, from museums to gardens, his constant inventiveness and social concerns have entranced huge numbers of people. For Your Glacial Expectations, created in 2012 for the headquarters of the Danish textile company Kvadrat, he joined forces with renowned landscape architect Günther Vogt, whose design process is led by an active inquiry into the fascinating workings of the natural world. The book focuses on a single artwork situated across a large site in Eliasson’s home country. As can still be seen in the topography and geology of Denmark, the landscape was formed by the glaciers hinted at in the book’s title. Five mirrors, ranging from a perfect circle to elongated ellipses, reflect the changing sky above and the contemplator’s own gaze, as if in the surfaces of glacial pools. Captured over the course of four seasons, this book offers a highly detailed insight into a singular landscape. Eliasson and Vogt have created a unique space seen by few, documenting the work through photographs, essays and collaborators who render the poetic power of the project through their images and words. Designed by Graphic Thought Facility and Peter Saville, and exquisitely produced and packaged in a limited quantity, this very special volume is a gift to collectors, bibliophiles and all those seeking new perspectives on one of the world’s leading artists.

Also available

978 0 500 343135 £60.00 hb

‘A magnificent document of Eliasson’s work’ i-D ‘Exquisite’ ANother Magazine


Published by Thames & Hudson Australia

An important new publication on acclaimed artist Tracey Moffatt, Australia’s representative at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Natalie King is a leading Australian curator. She has curated exhibitions for numerous institutions, including the Singapore Art Museum; National Museum of Art, Osaka; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo; Palazzo delle Prigione, Venice; and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. She is a Member of the International Association of Art Critics, Paris.

Illustrated throughout 28.0 x 15.5 cm 160pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500996 May £25.00

Tracey Moffatt: My Horizon Edited by Natalie King


This is the first book on Tracey Moffatt in ten years. Moffatt has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries across the globe, with more than 100 international exhibitions, including a highly prestigious 2012 solo show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. She also received the 2007 Infinity Award for Art from New York’s esteemed International Center of Photography. Moffatt has created highly stylized narratives and montage to explore a range of themes, including the complexities of interpersonal relationships, the curiousness of popular culture, and her own profoundly felt childhood memories and fantasies. My Horizon presents a compendium of texts that reflect on Tracey’s highly political and deeply personal fictions, allowing readers to ponder what might be over the horizon. With all new work, including large-scale photography and film, it situates Moffatt’s work in the international arena as an artist who consistently takes the tempo of our times. Contributing authors include Germano Celant, Adrian Martin, Moira Roth, Susan Bright, Djon Mundine, Alexis Wright and Romaine Moreton.

New in paperback | Revised edition

Building on the success of the first edition, with five new shows, this is the most up-to-date book available on contemporary curating. Jens Hoffmann is an exhibition maker and writer based in New York. He is Deputy Director, Exhibitions and Public Programs at the Jewish Museum, New York, and Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Hoffmann is the Founding Editor of The Exhibitionist: Journal on Exhibition Making.

217 illustrations 26.0 x 20.2 cm 272pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292624 March £24.95

Show Time The Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art Jens Hoffmann This revised and updated paperback edition of Jens Hoffmann’s survey explores the radical shifts that have taken place in the curation of contemporary art over the last 25 years. Nine thematic sections focus on a huge variety of exhibitions – 53 in total – including those that have explored public space; reflected on globalization; engaged audiences in revolutionary ways; and brought into the gallery other disciplines such as theatre and architecture. This new edition sees the inclusion of five new exhibitions: ‘Living as Form’ (New York, 2011), the first large-scale survey of social practice; ‘55th Venice Biennale’ (Venice, 2013), the first time that outsider art was presented alongside ‘fine art’ in the most prestigious art exhibition of them all; ‘When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969 / Venice 2013’ (Venice, 2013), a remake of arguably the most important exhibition of the last 50 years; ‘The Other Story’ (1989–90, London), interesting as a critical response to the iconic exhibition ‘Magiciens de la Terre’; and ‘artevida’ (Rio de Janeiro, 2014), the first overview of artistic practices emerging in the 1960s and 1970s to focus on the Global South.



New in paperback

‘A fully illustrated look at art that engages with a wide range of religious traditions and opens up debate on anything from extremism to environmental ethics’ The Times Aaron Rosen is Professor of Religious Thought & Director of Cultural Projects at Rocky Mountain College, Montana, and Visiting Professor, King’s College London.

Illustrated throughout 27.0 x 22.6 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293034 January £19.95

Art & Religion in the 21st Century Aaron Rosen


Contrary to the expectations of 20th-century rationalists, religion has not faded away in the 21st century, but roared back onto the scene with renewed vitality – and blaspheming artists get all the press. Some exploit the shock potential of religious imagery, but many also reflect deeply on spiritual matters. This survey shows how religious themes and images continue to permeate the work of contemporary artists from across the globe. The introduction outlines the debates and controversies that the art– religion connection has precipitated throughout history. Each of the book’s chapters opens by introducing a theme – ideas about creation, the sublime, wonder, diaspora and exile, religious and political conflict, ritual practice, mourning and monumentalizing, environmental art and sacred space – followed by a selection of works of art that develop that theme. The book encompasses a wide range of media and genres, from sculpture to street art, and considers faith in its broadest sense – from Islam and Christianity to Aboriginal mythology and meditation. Art & Religion in the 21st Century is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary art and culture.

‘A timely introduction to art that engages with spirituality today, and a corrective to the notion of “contemporary artists as godless marauders on a quest to offend”’ Apollo


Accompanies the blockbuster exhibition held at the Prado to mark the fifth centenary of Bosch’s death. Pilar Silva Maroto is curator of the early Flemish art collections at the Museo del Prado.

302 illustrations 30.0 x 24.0 cm 400pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 970799 January £29.95

Bosch The 5th Centenary Exhibition Edited by Pilar Silva Maroto The Museo del Prado houses the largest known collection of works by Jheronimus Bosch. Among its holdings are The Adoration of the Magi and The Garden of Earthly Delights triptychs, as well as the original of The Haywain, making it the ‘home of Bosch’ and the perfect institution to hold a major exhibition marking the quincentenary of the artist’s death. This richly illustrated book reproduces these masterpieces and other recently cleaned and restored paintings held in thirty other institutions around the world, and reveals hitherto unknown facets of Bosch’s art. A distinguished team of Bosch scholars contribute to the volume. Pilar Silva Maroto’s essay presents an updated biography of Bosch and his family, which locates the artist in the context of his home town, ’s-Hertogenbosch, and includes all the surviving documents dating from his lifetime. Eric De Bruyn considers Bosch’s sources in texts and images; Paul Vandenbroeck, his values and ideology; and Larry Silver, the sins and their punishment, a fundamental theme in the artist’s work. Finally, there is a ‘conversation’ between Reindert Falkenburg and The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych, and a reflection by Fernando Checa on the reception of Bosch at the Habsburg court in Flanders and in Spain in the 16th century.

‘Packed with detail’

The Art Newspaper



World of Art

An archaeological exploration of the mysterious world of cave art through the ages. Bruno David is a researcher at Monash University’s School of Geography and Environmental Science, specializing in anthropological archaeology. His previous books include Landscapes, Rock-Art and the Dreaming: An Archaeology of Preunderstanding; The Social Archaeology of Australian Indigenous Societies and The Handbook of Landscape Archaeology.

223 illustrations 21.0 x 15.0 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 204351 February £12.95


Cave Art Bruno David Deep underground, hidden from view, some of humanity’s earliest artistic endeavours have lain buried for thousands of years. Shell beads signal that 100,000 years ago humans had developed a sense of self and a desire to beautify the body; ostrich eggshells incised with curious geometric patterns hint at how communities used art, through the power of symbols, to communicate ways of doing things and bind people together. In time, people came to adorn cave walls with symbols, some abstract, others vivid arrangements of animals and humans. Often undisturbed for millennia, these were among the first visual symbols that humans shared with each other. However, as Bruno David reveals, we have ways of unlocking their secrets. In pictures and words, David tells the story of this mysterious world of decorated caves, from the oldest known ‘painting kits’, found virtually intact after their use 100,000 years ago in South Africa, to the magnificent murals of the European Ice Age that are so famous today. Showcasing the most astounding discoveries made in the past 150 years of archaeological exploration, Cave Art explores these creative achievements, from our remotest ancestors to recent times, and what they tell us about the human past and ourselves today.

‘Creative and original … This book is a new way to frame our attempts to understand cave art on a global scale and is an easy but provocative read. Bravo!’ Meg Conkey, Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley


The only comprehensive survey in print of the art and architecture of ancient Mesopotamia. Zainab Bahrani is Edith Porada Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, New York. She is the author of numerous books, including The Infinite Image: Art, Time and the Aesthetic Dimension in Antiquity, winner of the Lionel Trilling Prize in 2015, and Rituals of War: The Body and Violence in Mesopotamia, winner of the American Historical Association’s James Henry Breasted Prize.

414 illustrations 27.5 x 21.5 cm 376pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519172 February £45.00

Mesopotamia: Ancient Art and Architecture Zainab Bahrani This authoritative book surveys the momentous and influential developments in the art and architecture of ancient Mesopotamia from 8000 BCE to the arrival of Islam in 636 CE. Zainab Bahrani introduces readers to the spectacular images and monuments of this region of the Near East, covering modern Iraq, northeast Syria and southeast Turkey. As the narrative unfolds, readers will learn about the art of the legendary civilizations that flourished between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, and how it was made and received. She addresses the present-day situation in these lands and the violent destruction that continues to threaten the rich cultural heritage of Mesopotamia. Chapter-opening maps and overviews guide readers through the geography and chronology of Mesopotamia, visiting the ancient cities of Ur, Babylon, Nineveh, Hatra and Seleucia on the Tigris. The book includes a glossary that defines all art-historical and technical terminology.

‘This book illuminates the artistic creativity of ancient Mesopotamia with new and profound conceptualizations for our generation’ Harvey Weiss, Yale University

‘Wonderfully explained and illustrated, this accessible and updated synthesis encourages readers to discover and reflect more on ancient Mesopotamia’ Ariane Thomas, Curator, Mesopotamian collections, Musée du Louvre



The first biography of the circle of British inter-war artists and designers centred on Ravilious – an enthralling narrative of creative achievement, joy and tragedy. Andy Friend is a Ravilious expert and and co-curator of Towner Art Gallery’s major touring exhibition, ‘Ravilious & Co.’ Alan Powers – art historian, artist and author – has written a number of books on Ravilious including Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer and Eric Ravilious: Imagined Realities.

239 illustrations 24.0 x 16.5 cm 336pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239551 April £24.95


‘A lovingly researched and crafted portrait of intricately connected creative lives… New voices emerge from the archives, unfamiliar images light up the pages. Here, above all, is the joyous making of art’ Alexandra Harris

Ravilious & Co. The Pattern of Friendship Andy Friend • Introduction by Alan Powers In recent years Eric Ravilious has become recognized as one of the most important British artists of the 20th century, whose watercolours and wood engravings capture an essential sense of place and the spirit of midcentury England. What is less appreciated is that he did not work in isolation, but within a much wider network of artists, friends and lovers influenced by Paul Nash’s teaching at the Royal College of Art – Edward Bawden, Barnett Freedman, Enid Marx, Tirzah Garwood, Percy Horton, Peggy Angus and Helen Binyon among them. The Ravilious group bridged the gap between fine art and design, and the gentle, locally rooted but spritely character of their work came to be seen as the epitome of contemporary British values. Seventy-five years after Ravilious’s untimely death, Andy Friend tells the story of this group of artists from their student days through to the Second World War. Ravilious & Co. explores how they influenced each other and how a shared experience animated their work, revealing the significance in this pattern of friendship of women artists, whose place within the history of British art has often been neglected. Generously illustrated and drawing on extensive research, and a wealth of newly discovered material, this is an enthralling narrative of creative achievement, joy and tragedy.


The story of three passionate, unconventional and original 20th-century women and the Venetian Palazzo that they in turn inhabited. Judith Mackrell is the Guardian’s dance critic, and a successful author of non-fiction titles, including Bloomsbury Ballerina and the bestselling Flappers, which combined the biographies of six women whose lives together encapsulated the history of the flapper era.

69 illustrations 23.4 x 15.3 cm 408pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518663 April £19.95

The Unfinished Palazzo Life, Love and Art in Venice The Stories of Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim Judith Mackrell 19 Commissioned in 1750, the Palazzo Venier was planned as a testimony to the power and wealth of a great Venetian family, but the project was abandoned with only one storey complete. Empty and decaying, ‘il palazzo non finito’ was an eyesore for over a century until it came to be inhabited by the very different women whose stories are told in this gripping book. Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim in turn used the Unfinished Palazzo as a stage on which to re-fashion her life, each making the building famous, or notorious, in her way. Their worlds of art and imagination boasted an amazing supporting cast, from D’Annunzio and Nijinsky, via Noel Coward, Winston Churchill and Cecil Beaton, to Yoko Ono. Marchesa Luisa Casati made her home an aesthete’s fantasy and venue for parties as decadent as Renaissance court operas, spending small fortunes on her own costumes in her quest to become a ‘living work of art’. British socialite Doris Castlerosse (née Delevingne) made her mark during the hedonistic interwar years, hosting film stars and royalty at glittering parties. Jewish-American heiress Peggy Guggenheim turned the Palazzo into a model of modernist simplicity to house her exquisite collection of modern and surrealist art that today draws tourists and art-lovers from around the world. Individually, the lives of these women make remarkable stories of rebellion, absurd privilege and bold self-invention. Together they offer a snapshot of history – both of modern Venice, and of the way women chose to live in the 20th century.


In collaboration with

Published to accompany a major exhibition at the British Museum, this book casts fresh light on the sublime paintings and prints Hokusai created in the last thirty years of his life.






Timothy Clark is Head of the Japanese Section in the Department of Asia at the British Museum. Shugo Asano is Director of the Yamato Bunkakan Museum, Nara, and the Abeno Harukas Art Museum, Osaka. Roger Keyes is a leading Hokusai scholar.

c. 300 illustrations 28.0 x 25.0 cm 352pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 094068 May £35.00

Hokusai Beyond the Great Wave Timothy Clark et al.


‘Until the age of seventy, nothing I drew was worthy of notice’ Hokusai, 1834

An acknowledged master during his lifetime, Hokusai created sublime works during the last thirty years of his life, right up to his death at the age of ninety. Exhibitions since the 1980s have presented his long career as a chronological sequence. This publication, which will coincide with an exhibition at the British Museum, takes a fresh approach based on innovative scholarship: thematic groupings of late works are related to the major spiritual and artistic quests of Hokusai’s life. Hokusai’s personal beliefs are contemplated here through analyses of major brush paintings, drawings, woodblock prints and illustrated books. The publication gives due attention to the contribution of Hokusai’s daughter Eijo (Oi), also an accomplished artist. Hokusai continually explored the mutability and minutiae of natural phenomena in his art. His late subjects and styles were based on a mastery of eclectic Japanese, Chinese and European techniques and an encyclopedic knowledge of nature, myth and history. Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave draws on the finest collections of his work in Japan and around the world, making this the most important publication for years on Hokusai and a uniquely valuable overview of the artist’s late career.


In collaboration with

An important new survey of American printmaking from the 1960s to now, published to accompany the first major UK exhibition on the subject at the British Museum, London. Stephen Coppel is curator of modern prints and drawings at the British Museum. Catherine Daunt is Monument Trust project curator at the British Museum. Susan Tallman is editor-in-chief of the journal Art in Print.

388 illustrations 28.0 x 25.0 cm 332pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239605 March £40.00

The American Dream pop to the present

The American Dream pop to the present

Also available in paperback


978 0 500 292822 £25.00

Stephen Coppel, Catherine Daunt and Susan Tallman With contributions from Isabel Seligman and Jennifer Ramkalawon In the early 1960s, American printmaking experienced a dynamic resurgence that placed it at the heart of artistic practice. Such was the medium’s attraction that by 1970 virtually every major American artist was exploring its creative potential in collaborative print workshops. Throughout the past six decades, as leading artists have experimented with different materials and new techniques, prints have continued to reflect their central concerns. The American Dream: pop to the present presents an overview of this extraordinarily vibrant period of American printmaking, from the moment pop art burst onto the New York and West Coast scenes in the early 1960s, through the rise of minimalism, conceptual art and photorealism in the 1970s, to the engagement with issues such as race, AIDS and feminism right up to the present day. Particular attention is given to key figures such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Ed Ruscha as well as to more recent practitioners, including Jenny Holzer, Kiki Smith, Glenn Ligon and Julie Mehretu. The vital role of several print workshops is also discussed. Fully illustrated with more than 200 key works by almost 70 artists, informative commentaries on the prints and concise biographies of the artists, this book reveals the unprecedented scale, boldness and ambition of American printmaking since the 1960s.


In collaboration with

A fresh new perspective on British landscape drawing and watercolours in the Victorian and Modern eras. Kim Sloan is Curator of British Drawings and Watercolours at the British Museum. Jessica Feather is Allen Fellow at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. Anna Gruetzner Robins is Emeritus Professor of History of Art at the University of Reading. Sam Smiles is Emeritus Professor of Art History at the University of Plymouth. Frances Carey is former Deputy Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum.

159 illustrations 25.0 x 25.0 cm 192pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292815 February £20.00

Places of the Mind British watercolour landscapes 1850–1950 Edited by Kim Sloan • With essays by Jessica Feather, Anna Gruetzner Robins, Sam Smiles and Frances Carey The attempts by artists of the Victorian and early Modern period to convey not merely the physical properties of a landscape but also its emotional and spiritual impact – landscape as ‘places of the mind’, as the critic Geoffrey Grigson put it – is the focus of this fascinating new study of British watercolours produced between 1850 and 1950. Drawing on the British Museum’s impressive collection, this book explores artists’ spiritual quests to capture the essence of landscape and convey a sense of place. Artists of the later 19th and early 20th centuries drew on earlier traditions but developed and extended the genre through their imaginative, personal responses to the artistic, cultural and social upheavals of the time. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the British Museum, this book includes works by Victorian artists Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Poynter and by many well known 20th-century artists, such as John and Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson and Henry Moore, some of which have never previously been published.



In association with

An informative colouring book featuring the dazzling designs of the Art Deco era. 37 illustrations, 46 line drawings 27.0 x 21.5 cm 96pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420690 March £12.95

The Age of Glamour An Art Deco Colouring Book


Throughout the boom and bust of the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco defined modern style while drawing on the design traditions of the past. Designers captured the spirit of the fabled ‘Jazz Age’, inspired by the glamour and romanticism of Hollywood films and the new streamlined forms of modern architecture. This colouring book explores the work of key designers of the period from the V&A’s outstanding collection, including Georges Barbier and Robert Bonfils. Full-colour reproductions of the original designs are juxtaposed with more than forty line drawings for readers to complete. A short introduction places the designs in their historic and artistic contexts, and thumbnails at the end of the book identify all the images. Art Deco remains enduringly popular for its eclecticism, rich colours and bold use of line and shape. The era is still a rich source of inspiration and has influenced countless designers and artists.


In association with

An exquisite facsimile of the Kelmscott Press edition of William Morris’s seminal 1890 novel. William Morris (1834–1896) was an English artist, designer, social reformer and writer associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Dr Rowan Williams was the Archbishop of Canterbury, 2002–2012, and is now Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Illustrated in two-colour throughout 20.6 x 14.2 cm 324pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519394 February £29.95

News from Nowhere William Morris • Introduction by Rowan Williams News from Nowhere caused a stir with its unusual blend of utopian socialism and science fiction when it was first published in instalments in William Morris’s socialist newspaper The Commonweal in 1890. The Kelmscott Press edition, printed in 1892 and reproduced in this facsimile edition, was a triumph of book design and making. After attending a Socialist League meeting and returning home to the London suburb of Hammersmith, narrator William Guest awakens the next day to find himself in the twenty-first century. Industrial buildings have been transformed into a pastoral paradise; civilians are dressed in fourteenthcentury costume; there is an abundance of open-air markets and wooded areas and gardens; and money, prisons and divorce have been abolished. The bewildered but enchanted Guest embarks on a journey across London and up the Thames to Kelmscott Manor, during which he learns that England, now called ‘Nowhere’, has become a decentralized and humane socialist society following a revolutionary upheaval. Part utopia and part romance, News from Nowhere is William Morris’s depiction of an ideal nation peopled with ‘happy and lovely folk, who had cast away riches and attained to wealth’. In its appreciation that industrial capitalism has alienated us from the world we actually inhabit, News from Nowhere is as relevant today as when it was first published. The beautiful Kelmscott Press edition, like the narrative itself, embodies Morris’s belief that art and beauty should be accessible to all.



In association with

Drawn from the V&A’s world-class collections, these inspiring, impeccably researched and concise histories are must-have resources for students, designers and lovers of fashion.

Bags Accessories series Claire Wilcox From the hand-stitched embroidered purses of the sixteenth century, to the ‘make-do-and-mend’ bags of the war years and the rise of the ‘It’ bag in the 2000s, bags reflect the needs and desires of their users, as well as the changing attitudes to fashion. Focusing on the V&A’s world-famous collection, Bags tells the story of the bag from the earliest leather pouches through to today’s covetable, luxury pieces. This edition brings the story into the twenty-first century, with a new chapter by Elizabeth Currie. After a general introduction, chronological chapters unfold, illustrated throughout; a detailed glossary, bibliography and index conclude the book. Claire Wilcox is Senior Curator of Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

114 illustrations 22.7 x 15.7 cm 160pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519370 April £12.95

Shoes Accessories series Lucy Johnston and Linda Woolley 26

Focusing on the V&A’s outstanding shoe collection, this beautifully illustrated book explores the development of fashionable footwear from the Middle Ages to the present day, from medieval leather poulaines and dainty Victorian satin slippers to the iconic platforms of the 1960s and the gravity-defying designs of today. In this updated edition, chronological chapters trace the history of footwear from the Middle Ages to today, featuring shoes and boots that once belonged to both anonymous and famous male and female wearers. A detailed glossary, bibliography and index conclude the book. Forthcoming in the series Lucy Johnston and Linda Woolley are both former curators in the Department of Textiles and Dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

123 illustrations 22.7 x 15.7 cm 160pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519387 April £12.95

Rings 978 0 500 519745



A glorious selection of floral jewelry drawn from the magnificent holdings at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Patrick Mauriès is a writer and publisher of many notable titles on fashion and design, including Jewelry by Chanel and Maison Goossens, both published by Thames & Hudson. Évelyne Possémé is chief curator at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.



112 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0 cm 128pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519424 January £16.95

The Art of Jewelry Patrick Mauriès and Évelyne Possémé Flowers have long been a source of inspiration for jewelers, many of whom have sought to capture their transient beauty in glittering gemstones and precious metals. In the 17th and 18th centuries, flowers were imitated in enamel or used as motifs for elaborate gemstone bodice ornaments. Brooches, pendants and rings took the form of bouquets or flower baskets. The stylized blooms of the Empire style were followed by the highly naturalistic blossoms of the later 19th century. Flowers continued to flourish in the sinuous shapes of Art Nouveau, the geometric designs of Art Deco and the sculptural simplicity of modernism, with great artists including René Lalique and Georges Fouquet constantly reworking nature’s forms for their style-conscious clientele. Now, contemporary designers such as Claude Lalanne, Lorenz Bäumer and JAR continue to create floral jewelry for today’s trendsetters. The floral pieces in this book have all been selected from the magnificent jewelry collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and range from the 17th century to the present day. Beautifully photographed by renowned photographer Jean-Marie del Moral, these intricate works of art will delight all lovers of jewelry and nature.


Two additions to Thames & Hudson’s ‘The al-Sabah Collection’ Series. Salam Kaoukji is curator and collection manager of The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait, and an editor of Thames & Hudson’s long-running series of the same name.

Precious Indian Weapons and other Princely Accoutrements Salam Kaoukji

c. 550 illustrations 27.6 x 21.9 cm 504pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 970805 June £45.00

This spectacular collection of nearly 200 jewelled weapons and priceless accoutrements from the Indian subcontinent was assembled over many decades by Sheikh Nasser and Sheikha Hussah al-Sabah for The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait. The ninth book in Thames & Hudson’s celebrated series includes marvellous jewelled, enamelled and carved hard stone weapons, archery rings, a jewelled shield, fittings and horse trappings. The different categories are introduced by historical overviews that present each type in context, and detailed catalogue descriptions explore the techniques and stylistic affinities of each object. This is a dazzling celebration of one of the world’s greatest collections of precious weapons, suitable for specialists and anyone with an interest in weaponry and Indian decorative and jewelled arts.

New in paperback

Arts of the Hellenized East Precious Metalwork and Gems of the Pre-Islamic Era

Martha L. Carter has taught and curated at institutions including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the University of Wisconsin. Prudence O. Harper is Curator Emerita in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Pieter Meyers is an independent scholar and Senior Research Chemist at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

c. 350 illustrations 27.6 x 21.9 cm 424pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 970706 January £29.95

Martha L. Carter • Contributions by Prudence O. Harper and Pieter Meyers Visually compelling and accessible to all art lovers, yet a valuable scholarly resource for collectors, archaeologists and historians, this informative and beautifully produced guide to one of the world’s most spectacular collections of precious metalwork from the Hellenized East is now available in paperback. Leading expert Martha Carter spectacular vessels and other luxury items from the Hellenistic East, including many rare and important objects never before reproduced in print. The decorative motifs of these exquisite objects incorporate (or combine) the complex interconnected cultural histories of Greece, Iran and Central Asia that testify to the astonishing skill of their craftsmen. These connections are explored further in two illustrated essays. Prudence O. Harper’s discussion of a group of eighteen magnificent Sasanian and later Central Asian works of art, including some important royal seals, and an essay by Pieter Meyers on the technology of ancient silver production, including a new metallurgical analysis that helps to clarify the objects’ origins, complete the catalogue.



Masterworks of the modern jeweler’s art from the Art Deco era. Pierre Rainero is Image, Style and Heritage Director of Cartier. Évelyne Possémé is Chief Curator, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and the author of Art Deco Jewelry and Flora (see p.28). Stephen Harrison is Curator of Decorative Arts at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Sarah D. Coffin is Curator and Head of Product Design and Decorative Arts at CooperHewitt, New York. Sarah Davis is a specialist in jewelry history.

362 illustrations 30.5 x 22.9 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519479 April £45.00

Jeweled Splendours of the Art Deco Era The Prince and Princess Sadruddin Aga Khan Collection


Foreword by Princess Catherine Aga Khan Introduction by Pierre Rainero • Essays by Évelyne Possémé, Stephen Harrison and Sarah D. Coffin • Catalogue Texts by Sarah Davis One Christmas Eve, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan gave his wife, Princess Catherine, an exquisite jeweled box made by Cartier around 1930, thus starting a magnificent collection of objects created in the Art Deco era by jewelers, at a time when the jeweler’s art was at the height of beauty and creativity. The innovative luxuries in this book – bejeweled vanity and cigarette cases, timepieces, jewelry, and a photograph frame – take their inspiration from varied sources. Smoky nightclubs and exotically decorated apartments provided a new landscape for the designs of the great jewelry houses of Europe and America, with the most coveted pieces from Paris. Expert authors explore this new artistic world by considering the exotic influences of the most important jewelers – including Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Boucheron, Lacloche Frères and Cartier – as well as the process of design and making, and the impact of changing femininity. Well over 100 pieces are accompanied by detailed descriptions and have been specially photographed for this book by the renowned photographer Doug Rosa. This collection from the most important period in the history of jewelry and the decorative arts is unsurpassed in quality and is beautifully presented with a wealth of context and detail.


New in paperback

A dazzling sourcebook of images celebrating the immensely varied decoration of Indian architecture, now available in paperback. Henry Wilson is known for his photographs of India, which have appeared in many magazines and books, including Benares, India Contemporary and The Floral Patterns of India, all published by Thames & Hudson. His drawings of Indian motifs inspired Osborne & Little to commission the Sariskar Collection of wallpapers from him.

223 illustrations and 89 drawings 29.7 x 20.0 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292419 February £19.95

‘Masterful … the layout and colour combinations are a delight … Wilson is an author of deep erudition who writes without a trace of pedantry’ The World of Interiors

Also available

978 0 500 518397 £32.00 hb

‘An excellent sourcebook … the wonderful photographs make this a book that anyone can enjoy’ Cassone

Pattern and Ornament in the Arts of India Henry Wilson This visual exploration of India’s decorative genius focuses on architecture – forts, palaces, havelis or mansions, tombs, temples and mosques. It concentrates on north-west India, which has an exceptionally rich seam of ornamented architecture – forts and palaces of Rajput and Mughal princes, mansions of Gujarati merchants, and much more. Three elements are essential to the evolution of this ornamentation: the natural world, the materials themselves, and the many hundreds of thousands of artists and craftsmen who have created this generous abundance of work in carved stone, wood, plaster both moulded and painted, and glass. Henry Wilson examines all in his introductory texts, and displays the results in his remarkable photographs and stencil-like drawings. This outstanding sourcebook of images will seduce and inform lovers of design, lovers of India and practising artists and designers everywhere.



Reduced format edition

A dazzling study of the role and fundamental importance of decoration in Islamic architecture.

Dominique Clévenot is a professor at the University of Toulouse and is the author of several books on Islamic art. Gérard Degeorge has contributed to several books on Islamic art and architecture, including The Art of the Islamic Tile and Damascus.


330 illustrations 29.7 x 22.4 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343326 January £29.95

Ornament and Decoration in Islamic Architecture Dominique Clévenot • Gérard Degeorge Surface decoration has always played a key role in Islamic architecture. As human representation is forbidden in Islamic religious monuments, designers employed mosaics, stucco, brickwork and ceramics, and the vigorous use of brilliant colour to reach unparalleled heights of expression. It is this ornamental dimension of Islamic architecture that is explored in this magnificent volume. Rather than limiting itself to an exclusively historical or chronological perspective, Ornament and Decoration in Islamic Architecture presents four successive approaches to its subject. The first part offers an overview of Islamic architecture, discussing its great diversity. Dealing exclusively with techniques, the second part considers the materials most often used as well as the expertise of the builders and Muslim decorative artists, and the third part explores themes in Islamic ornamentation. Section four discusses aesthetics, and studies the relationship between the buildings – the structures or their architectonic components – and their ornamental coverings. Each of these topics is presented through a number of outstanding examples and then through comparable monuments from all over the Islamic world. For anyone in thrall to such great wonders as the Taj Mahal and the Alhambra, and for everyone interested in the world of Islam, this lavish publication will be indispensable.


A compelling set of observations, reflections and insights into why architecture can and should have meaning, new in the series that began with Why Fashion Matters. Aaron Betsky is dean of the Frank Lloyd School of Architecture, Taliesin West, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Taliesin, in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

20.0 x 12.5 cm 144pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519080 April £9.95

Architecture Matters In the same series

978 0 500 517376 £9.95 hb

‘As much a personal manifesto as a multi-layered exploration of the significance of fashion in society … thought-provoking … Corner races through her subjects elegantly and succinctly’ The Financial Times

Aaron Betsky Architecture does matter. To our cities, to our planet, to our personal lives. How we design and what we build has an impact that usually lasts for generations. The more we understand the importance of architecture, and the thinking and decisions behind the buildings we create, the better world we will construct. Who better to guide readers into the rich and complex world of contemporary architecture than Aaron Betsky, former architect, author, curator and museum director, and today dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Combining his early experiences working with and meeting cutting-edge architects with his frequent role as jury member selecting the world’s most prominent global architects to build icons for cities, Betsky possesses rare insight into the mechanisms, politics and personalities that play a role in how buildings in our societies and urban centres come to be. In over thirty themes and drawing from his own experiences and encounters with people and buildings around the world, he explores a broad spectrum of topics, from the meaning of domestic space to the spectacle of the urban realm. Accessible, instructive and hugely enjoyable, this book will open the eyes of anyone dreaming of becoming an architect, and bring a wry smile to anyone that already is.



New in paperback

A major overview of Japanese residential architecture of the past decade, now available in paperback. Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard, and edited Connaissance des Arts for over 20 years. He is the author of numerous books, including monographs on Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster, Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid.

Over 500 illustrations 28.0 x 20.3 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293232 January £24.95

The Japanese House Reinvented Philip Jodidio


Japanese architects have to contend with very particular constraints, from tiny plots in crowded urban contexts to ever-present seismic threats. Their ingenious solutions to the creation of space and stable structures, combined with their close attention to materials, technology and natural light, have resulted in homes that are admired around the world. This overview of fifty recently built Japanese houses includes works by three Pritzker Prize winners – Tadao Ando, Shigeru Ban and Kazuyo Sejima – as well as lesser known but no less exciting up-and-coming architects. Each house is clearly illustrated in crisp colour photographs and plans, and accompanied by texts from Philip Jodidio, the internationally renowned critic. It is a powerful demonstration of Japan’s enduring commitment to design innovation, and confirms contemporary Japanese architecture as a substantial force on the international scene.


Robot House Peter Testa • Forewords by Eric Owen Moss and Greg Lynn Robot House is the most advanced robotics design studio in the world. Situated conceptually and physically between studio and shop, academy and industry, the dedicated robotics design laboratory employs a wide range of technologies, from motion capture to material science. Functioning as a manual and as technical inspiration, this book has three central sections: ‘Principles’, which sets out the fields and the thinking that underlie the new uses for robotics; ‘Projects’, offering detailed presentations that explore through prototypes and working models how these principles can be applied and augmented; and ‘Platforms’, which presents the working tools used for robotic architecture through specially drawn technical illustrations. These sections are bookended by an introduction, which frames the current developments in the history of architectural innovation, and a reference section that includes a glossary. No architecture student or designer of the future will want to be without this rich, multilayered resource, which will set the standard for new thinking and exciting possibilities for our ever-changing built world.

An in-depth survey, manual and manifesto of breathtaking new techniques for designing and building by the leading pioneer of architecture and robotics. Peter Testa is founder of Testa & Weiser, where he developed the Carbon Tower, recognized as one of the most significant architectural developments of the past 20 years. He is a founding director of the MIT Emergent Design Group (EDG), and inititiated the Robotics & Simulation Lab in 2010. Eric Owen Moss is former director of SCI-Arc. Greg Lynn is professor of architecture at the Angewandte in Vienna.

c. 500 illustrations 25.0 x 20.0 cm 336pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343159 May £34.95



The first major survey of contemporary apartment buildings that foster a sense of community while giving every resident an inspiring place to live. Michael Webb has authored more than 20 books on architecture and design, and is a regular contributor to leading journals in the US and Europe. He lives in a classic Richard Neutra apartment in Los Angeles.

348 illustrations 30.0 x 24.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343302 February £40.00

Building Community New Apartment Architecture Michael Webb 36

Building Community is an in-depth, wide-ranging survey of contemporary apartment buildings, not as raw canvases for interior decoration but as a building type of growing significance. An introduction presents the history of multiple-occupancy housing through its most innovative 20th-century exemplars, from the urbane blocks of Auguste Perret and Henri Sauvage in Paris, to the landscaped housing estates of Weimar Germany and the visionary schemes of Le Corbusier. The heart of the book features 39 recent or ongoing projects, designed by leading international studios and rising talents. Buildings range from social housing and micro apartments to urban villages, megastructures and innovative high-rises. Each project is considered for the way in which it enriches the lives of residents and the city, and is shown through drawings and photographs, taken from the street and within. The book also includes interviews with such contemporary masters of apartment design as Michael Maltzan, Lorcan O’Herlihy, Édouard François and Bjarke Ingels. As our cities grow more crowded, it is critical that we produce creative buildings that enhance the lives of their inhabitants, their surroundings and the urban environment as a whole. Building Community offers dozens of proven successes to designers and apartment-dwellers.


The first comprehensive monograph on this major North American practice – winners of more than 100 awards, including the 2015 Gold Medal from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Robert McCarter is the Ruth and Norman Moore Professor of Architecture at Washington University, St Louis, Missouri. Jujani Pallasmaa is former professor of architecture and dean at the Helsinki University of Technology. Kenneth Frampton is the Ware Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, New York.

c. 750 illustrations 29.5 x 24.0 cm 416pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343319 March £45.00

The Work of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Economy as Ethic Robert McCarter Foreword by Juhani Pallasmaa • Afterword by Kenneth Frampton 38

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, the influential and award-winning firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, have an international reputation. Producing a wide range of projects both in Canada and further afield, they work in a sophisticated modern vernacular idiom, drawing inspiration from a rich local heritage of building types and reinterpreting them according to the best practices of 21st-century architecture. It is above all for their dignified and beautiful houses perched on the wild, rocky coasts of Nova Scotia that the firm is recognized. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this remarkable body of work is based around a number of plan types that answer to the particular local climate: open to the sun but sheltered from the winds, and built using traditional materials that are allowed to weather, these dwellings embody the architects’ engagement with their unique surroundings and material culture. This new monograph covers MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects’ complete work. Introductions by renowned architectural writers set the scene, while individual projects are illustrated through evocative photographs and detailed plans and drawings. What emerges is a celebration of an architecture that is both practical and deeply poetic.


New in paperback

A celebration of two very special tropical gardens and the two remarkable brothers who made them. David Robson is the author of Bawa: The Complete Works and Beyond Bawa, both published by Thames & Hudson. Dominic Sansoni is a highly respected Sri Lankan photographer, and knew the Bawa brothers from a very early age.

303 illustrations 27.0 x 24.0 cm 176pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292921 January £16.95

Bawa The Sri Lanka Gardens David Robson and Dominic Sansoni This is a story of two brothers, Geoffrey and Bevis, and their exquisite gardens, Brief and Lunuganga, set in the lush tropical landscape of Sri Lanka. It begins with a largely photographic overview of the country’s natural features, showing the varied palette of landscapes that inspired Bawa’s sensitive treatment of architecture. At the very heart of the book is an intimate portrait of two gloriously detailed gardens and the personalities that brought them into being; but it is also a story about the nature and landscape of an island of exceptional beauty. As such, the book has something to offer followers of Geoffrey Bawa, tropical-garden enthusiasts and all those seeking a photographic portrait of Sri Lanka.

Also available

978 0 500 341872 £45.00 hb

978 0 500 291566 £29.95 pb

‘A tantalising portrait … With its catalogue of luminous visitors, glamorous snapshots of the rich at play and delightful sketches by talented friends, this book is as much a gossipy biography as it is a horticultural record, and is none the worse for that’ The Art Book



Reannounced title

The first monograph to showcase the work of one of Russia’s most influential architectural firms. Oleg Yawein is a founding partner of Studio 44 Architects. Aaron Betsky is dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Hans Ibelings is a Montreal-based architectural historian and critic, and the editor and publisher of The Architecture Observer.

400 illustrations 27.0 x 25.0 cm 312pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343098 February £50.00

Studio 44 Concepts • Strategies • Works Edited by Georgi Stanishev Introduction by Aaron Betsky • Texts by Hans Ibelings 40 Also available

978 0 500 343012 £34.95 hb

Studio 44 Architects is one of the largest and most influential private architectural firms in Russia. Founded in St Petersburg in 1991 and led by Nikita Yawein, the company now employs over 140 highly qualified specialists, including architects, restoration experts, structural designers and engineers. Studio 44 has won over sixty prestigious awards and implemented over 25 public and residential building projects, including Ladozhsky Railway Station, the new wing at the Hermitage Museum, the Grand Palace shopping gallery, the Novy Peterhof hotel, and the Boris Eifman Dance Academy in St Petersburg, the Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana (Kazakhstan) and the Olympic Park Railway Station in Sochi. Studio 44 provides a detailed look at 35 projects completed from 2000 to the present as well as an overview of the earliest projects and the birth of the firm.


Reannounced title

Renzo Piano’s personal account of his work, fully illustrated and including his most recent projects. Kenneth Frampton is a distinguished architectural historian. He is the author of many books, including Modern Architecture and Le Corbusier in the World of Art series, and Kengo Kuma, Modernity and Community: Architecture in the Islamic World and Building Brasilia, all published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 1,000 illustrations 24.5 x 24.5 cm 420pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343104 January £48.00

Renzo Piano The Complete Logbook Foundation Renzo Piano • Foreword by Kenneth Frampton Renzo Piano has created some of the most emblematic buildings of our age, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Shard in London, the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome, and the New York Times Building in New York City. Here, Renzo Piano himself – whose many international awards include the prestigious Pritzker Prize – presents in his own words the works on which he has built his reputation over a span of 50 years. More than 80 works are described, accompanied by over 1,000 images, including new photographs, drawings and sketches, all with commentaries by the architect that combine personal anecdote and technical description with original insights. This is an unmatched introduction to the work of one of the world’s most influential and inspiring architects.

‘The architect walks a knife-edge between art and science, between originality and memory, between the daring of modernity and the caution of tradition’ Renzo Piano



A global overview of the innovative and ingenious ways in which former industrial spaces have been transformed into stylish modern residences. Sophie Bush is the editor of Warehouse Home, an online and print magazine focused on warehouse living.

c. 400 illustrations 25.4 x 20.3 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519462 April £24.95

Warehouse Home Industrial Inspiration for Twenty-First-Century Living Sophie Bush 42

‘ Warehouse Home freshens up the design market. It is full of great ideas and inspiration for contemporary living with a huge nod of respect to our industrial heritage’ Sir Terence Conran

The love of warehouse buildings has become a global phenomenon, from London to New York, Sydney to Florence. Warehouse Home takes the reader on a tour of the world’s most inspirational industrial conversions. From live-work spaces to family-friendly lofts, substantial developments to single-family dwellings, it showcases a plethora of remarkable residences in historic granaries, former textile factories, tanneries, old printworks and, of course, warehouses. Drawing on her own experience of living in a Grade II listed mill, Sophie Bush examines the qualities that make these homes truly unique: exposed timber beams and bare brickwork, structural columns and industrial doors, combined with heights and scales uncommon within more conventional homes. Case studies offer design insights and personal perspectives from the architects and homeowners. Warehouse Home also provides unique tips and ideas for achieving a warehousestyle feel in any home, and on sourcing distinctive lighting and accessories crafted from salvaged materials. Celebrating the movement for retaining the true character of neglected neighbourhoods through revitalizing the urban fabric, this book will inspire us to live, and work, differently.


New in paperback

An escapist visual sourcebook of modern interiors in waterside settings, from the creative duo behind Mediterranean Modern and Mountain Modern. Dominic Bradbury is the author of numerous books, including Mountain Modern, New Natural Home, The Iconic Interior and Mediterranean Modern, all published by Thames & Hudson. Richard Powers’s previous books include New Paris Style, Living Modern Tropical and The Iconic House, also published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 400 illustrations 21.5 x 19.7 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293041 February £16.95

Waterside Modern Dominic Bradbury • Photographs by Richard Powers


From the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean and the tropical idylls of Southeast Asia, this book takes an international trip to the world’s most stunning waterside homes. Photographs of each house reveal its architecture, interior design and surroundings, while plans provide an additional layer of information. Dominic Bradbury tells the story of how the dwelling was sited to make the most of its location, how construction innovations were introduced, and how such solutions provide a comfortable space from which families can enjoy the great outdoors. Loosely grouped into three sections, all of these houses – created by leading international architects and designers – offer dazzling inspiration, wherever you are. Also available

978 0 500 292563 £16.95 pb

978 0 500 289273 £16.95 pb

‘Celebrates some of the coolest beachside properties in the world’ Sunday Times


Published by Thames & Hudson Australia

Multi-award-winning interior designer David Hicks showcases his body of residential work for the first time. David Hicks founded his eponymous interior design house in 2001. Neale Whitaker is editor-in-chief of Belle magazine. Ivan Terestchenko is a renowned interiors photographer, and has contributed to many books on the subject, including Great Fashion Designers at Home, also published by Thames & Hudson. Shannon McGrath is a Melbournebased interiors photographer.

Over 200 illustrations 33.6 x 26.5 cm 276pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500835 May £39.95

David Hicks: Intimate A World of Private Interiors David Hicks • Foreword by Neale Whitaker Photographs by Ivan Terestchenko and Shannon McGrath David Hicks’s interior design work is streamlined and modern, yet tactile and luxurious while hinting at a little nostalgia; it is an aesthetic that has been described as ‘new luxury’. The influential Australian designer has a knack for mixing styles, periods and antiques, which he then juxtaposes with modern finishes. However, his design philosophy extends far beyond the surface, and architectural considerations are balanced with a keen eye for decoration. Every detail from materials and finishes to decorative objects and furnishings are thoughtfully curated with an emphasis on enduring quality. This collection of Hicks’s most covetable spaces is an invitation into an intimate world of interiors where no detail is too small. With photography by Ivan Terestchenko, Intimate is David Hicks’s personal perspective, a narrative of his references and inspirations – from the detailed curation of objects and art sourced from the world over, through to the architectural detailing and finishes.



The definitive book on the use of paint and colour in interior decoration from the 1660s to the 1960s. Historian of architectural paint and colour Patrick Baty works as a consultant in the decoration of historic buildings and is proprietor of ‘Papers and Paints’ in London. He has been employed by Dulux and Little Greene to develop ranges of traditional paint colours for English Heritage, and he regularly lectures on the subject of paint and paint colour in 18th- and 19th-century interiors.

1,100 illustrations 26.4 x 20.6 cm 352pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519332 May £35.00

The Anatomy of Colour The Story of Heritage Paints & Pigments Patrick Baty 46

The definitive book on the use of colour and paint in interior decoration over a three-hundred year period, The Anatomy of Colour is certain to appeal to both amateur and professional restorers, renovators, enthusiastic decorators and all those with an interest in interior decoration and design. Drawing on his huge specialist archive, Patrick Baty traces the evolution of pigments and paint colours together with colour systems and standards, and examines their impact on the colour palettes used in interiors from the 1660s to the 1960s. He first charts the creation in paint of the common and expensive colours made from traditional earth pigments between 1650 to 1799. Next he examines the emergence of colour systems and standards and their influence on paint colours together with the effect of industrialized production on the texture and durability of paints. Finally, Baty turns his attention to 20th-century colour standards, including those developed originally for the purpose of identifying flowers, such as the Répertoire de Couleurs des Fleurs, des Feuillages et des Fruits, each incarnation of the British Colour Standard cards, Walpamur paint swatch cards and Parson’s Tint Book of Historical Colours. Throughout the book reproductions of interiors highlighting the distinctive colour trends and styles of painting particular to each period and room accompany the in-depth analysis of the history of colour and the development and use of paint colours in interior design.

‘Patrick Baty is the most influential of our paint experts, whose breadth and depth of knowledge is unrivalled’ Homes & Gardens


New in paperback | Reduced format

A magnificent showcase of ten outstanding English country houses, all still in family hands.

James Peill is the curator of Goodwood House in West Sussex, England. He is the co-author of The Irish Country House. James Fennell’s books include The Irish Country House, The Scottish Country House and The Irish Pub.

225 illustrations 28.0 x 21.0 cm 224pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293072 February £18.95

The English Country House James Peill • Introduction by Julian Fellowes Photographs by James Fennell 48

‘Glorious ... a must for anyone interested in the English country house’ Historic House ‘Its tone is deliberately light, balancing the nuts and bolts of architectural history with family anecdote ... Offers inspiration for colour, pattern and the arrangement of rooms ... Very enjoyable’ The World of Interiors

Ranging from Kentchurch Court, a former fortified medieval manor house that has been the seat of the Scudamore family for nearly 1,000 years, to a delightful Strawberry Hill-style Gothic house in rural Cornwall and car-crazed Goodwood House, this beautifully illustrated book showcases ten outstanding English country houses, all still in the hands of the original families. James Peill recounts the ups and downs of such deep-rooted clans as the Cracrofts, landowners in Lincolnshire since the 12th century, whose late 18th-century Hackthorn Hall is a perfect example of the kind of house Jane Austen describes in her novels (indeed, she appears on their family tree), as well as the relatively newly arrived Biddulphs, who constructed Rodmarton, an Arts & Crafts masterpiece, in the first decades of the last century. James Fennell provides superb photographs of a wealth of gardens, charming interiors, bygone sporting trophies, fine art collections and fanciful family memorabilia, making The English Country House a delicious treat for Anglophiles and lovers of old houses.


An intimate look at interiors, lifestyles and houses belonging to a wide range of young creatives and artists who have taken their studios, practices and creativity to the British countryside. Chloe Grimshaw writes frequently on style and interiors for London’s leading newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Among her previous books is New London Style, also published by Thames & Hudson. Luke White is a photographer specializing in interiors, portraits and travel.

409 illustrations 25.0 x 19.5 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519097 March £19.95

Creative Living Country Chloe Grimshaw • Photographs by Luke White Also available

978 0 500 516973 £19.95 hb

‘Packed with ideas you’ll want to steal’ Grand Designs

The countryside has always held appeal for those trapped in the urban jungle, as it can be difficult for artful minds to isolate themselves from the 24/7 stimuli that cities bring. With a greater appetite for ‘authentic’ experiences, working practices and creative inspiration, metropolitan talents are setting up studios far from the madding crowd. Combining a more relaxed lifestyle, budding entrepreneurship and social media, a new generation of young creatives is redefining ‘country living’. Creative Living Country celebrates this new breed of artists and creatives – from photographers to textile designers and ceramicists – who have found a way to make their homes, work and lifestyle a seamless whole away from the city lights. Looking at 25 houses across the UK, Chloe Grimshaw and Luke White provide a glimpse into truly original homes that could only have been inspired by country life. From the East Anglian fens to the Cornish coast, the unique landscapes that make up the British experience take on new meaning in the hands of these creative pioneers and provide inspiration for all of us, no matter where we live.



The first overview of contemporary gardens in Scandinavia. Annika Zetterman is a professional garden designer with over ten years’ experience working throughout Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

c. 325 illustrations 25.0 x 21.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519455 March £28.00

Also available

New Nordic Gardens Scandinavian Landscape Design Annika Zetterman 50

The Nordic countries are admired for their modern design sophistication, but their contemporary gardens and landscapes are far less well known. Against a high-latitude backdrop of deep winters, long summer days and raking light, the Scandinavian countries – each in its distinct manner – have produced particular elegant while robust responses to planting, landscaping and the relationship between home and garden. This survey presents the best gardens to have been produced in the region over the past ten years. Organized by themes that encapsulate the special ambience and lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries – Simplicity, Silence, Fragility, Nakedness, Attunement, Boldness, Openness and Care – each garden is presented through images and texts explaining its unique aspects and describing its regional characteristics. Featuring the most inspiring examples in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, this fresh publication brings new ideas for creating modern outdoor spaces – no matter where you live.

978 0 500 292396 £16.95 pb

978 0 500 291375 £22.50 pb

978 0 500 518137 £19.95 flexi


A stylish guide to environment-friendly ways of buying, wearing, caring for and decluttering your wardrobe. Christina Dean is CEO of Redress, a Hong-Kong-based environmental NGO founded in 2007 and devoted to reducing waste in the fashion industry. She was listed by Vogue as one of the UK’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’. Hannah Lane is Communications Director at Redress, and Sofia Tärneberg is its former Programme Director.

228 illustrations 21.5 x 13.5 cm 224pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292778 March £14.95

Dress [with] Sense The Practical Guide to a Conscious Closet Christina Dean, Hannah Lane and Sofia Tärneberg (Redress) Illustrated by Charlotte Trounce 52

Dress [with] Sense is the perfect guide for fashion lovers of all ages, keen to embrace a more ethical and environment-friendly approach to their wardrobes that is also economical, stylish and practical. This timely book is organized into four chapters – ‘Buy’, ‘Wear’, ‘Care’ and ‘Dispose’ – each containing a short introduction with essential information, followed by practical tips and illustrated case studies to help you make the first step towards a more sustainable wardrobe. It concludes with a rich reference section recommending not only the best ethical fashion labels and collections, but also eco-friendly fabrics, standards and certifications, cleaning methods, renting, swapping and recycling initiatives, and much more. Here, finally, is the ideal ‘green’ and fashion-focused complement to the decluttering craze started by Marie Kondo’s bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.


Published by Thames & Hudson Australia

A beautifully photographed monograph on one of Australia’s leading fashion designers, tracing the arc of his entire career. Mitchell Oakley Smith is a journalist, editor, curator and author. His books include Art/ Fashion in the 21st Century, also published by Thames & Hudson. He co-curated the events programme for ‘Fashion Icons: Masterpieces from the Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris’ at the Art Gallery of South Australia. T HE E L E G A N T R E B E L

Over 200 illustrations 29.5 x 22.5 cm 240pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500712 February £39.95


Maticevski The Elegant Rebel Mitchell Oakley Smith • Foreword by Kirstie Clements Toni Maticevski is one of Australia’s leading fashion designers. Over the past twenty years, he has built a reputation for a unique blend of haute couture craftsmanship and creative innovation. Tracing the concepts that inform and inspire his work, and the techniques and processes that underpin them, Maticevski: The Elegant Rebel showcases the collections and projects of this celebrated designer. Featuring more than 200 images and illustrations, as well as a foreword by Kirstie Clements, ex-editor of Vogue Australia and contributions from respected actors, models and other movers and shakers, this insightful and inspiring book will be coveted by fashion lovers and Maticevski fans alike.



The second book in the ‘Catwalk’ series: the first comprehensive overview of the legendary house of Dior, featuring over 180 collections presented through original catwalk photography. Alexander Fury is chief fashion correspondent at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, and was formerly Men’s Critic for American He was fashion editor of the Independent, i and the Independent on Sunday newspapers from 2013 to 2016, and was named one of InStyle magazine’s 20 most powerful people in fashion in 2015.

Over 1,100 illustrations 27.7 x 19.0 cm 632pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519349 June £48.00

Dior: Catwalk The Complete Collections Introduction and designer profiles by Alexander Fury 54

On the 70th anniversary of Dior’s first ever collection (the iconic ‘New Look’, launched in spring 1947), this book charts Christian Dior’s fabled collections and those of his successors Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut presentations for the house. Every haute couture collection from 1947 to 2017 is represented, as are ready-to-wear collections from the arrival of John Galliano onwards. With over 1,100 glorious images, plus designer profiles by Alexander Fury, this treasure trove of inspiration will be the must-have reference for all fashion professionals and Dior fans.

Also available

‘Exhilarating, beautiful and superlative in scope, this is an invaluable reference for any style library’ Glass ‘An invaluable and comprehensive overview of Lagerfeld’s creativity’ Business of Fashion 978 0 500 518366 £48.00 hb


The first book by rising star of fashion photography Alice Hawkins, who takes us on a personal and multi-faceted tour around the world. Alice Hawkins’s photographs appear regularly in POP, LOVE, PonyStep, Vogue (German, British, Russian, US), Arena Homme+, SHOWstudio, Harpers Bazaar US, The Financial Times and Garage. She has also shot campaigns for Agent Provocateur, Topman, Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel, among others.

235 illustrations 24.8 × 19.4 cm 224pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 292907 April £19.95

Alice’s Adventures Alice Hawkins • With contributions by Katie Grand, Mark Haywood, John C. Jay, Frith Kerr and Nick Knight 56

‘Alice Hawkins has the audacity that fashion photography needs’ Nick Knight

Displaying an uncommon flair for storytelling that imbues each image with a sense of the sublime, Alice Hawkins’s work explores the importance of individuality, role play, dressing up, fantasy and playfulness, all of which have become hallmarks of her career. Her photographs for some of the world’s leading fashion magazines document men and women found on ‘road trips’ to far-flung locations. Alice’s Adventures presents Hawkins’s sketchbooks and behind-the-scenes polaroids alongside final images. It features such world-famous icons as Donatella Versace, Hugh Hefner, Dakota Johnson and Gisele Bündchen, as well as street-cast locals styled by top fashion editors for publications such as POP, LOVE, i-D, Ponystep, Garage and Vogue. Organized by location and interspersed with short contributions from some of Hawkins’s key mentors and collaborators, Alice’s Adventures is a mesmerizing and highly original visual journey that will inspire those interested in a fresh, contemporary approach to fashion and photography.


The first mainstream publication on a future superstar of contemporary fashion photography. Erik Madigan Heck is a photographer, artist and the founding editor of art and fashion publication Nomenus Quarterly. He has collaborated with fashion designers and labels including Anne Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann, Kenzo and Giambattista Valli. Susan Bright is the author of Art Photography Now, published by Thames & Hudson. Justine Picardie is Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK. Her previous books include Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life.

100 illustrations 36.0 x 25.0 cm 160pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 544709 February £28.00

Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future Essays by Susan Bright and Justine Picardie


In contemporary fashion photography, Erik Madigan Heck is something of an anomaly – a very successful anomaly who steers his own path. His work is elegant and unashamedly beautiful, exploring the intersections of fashion, painting and classical portraiture. Working with natural light and combining in-camera effects with digital post-production, he produces evocative and seductive images that are simultaneously timeless and futuristic. His work stands alongside that of the greats, yet he is a true original and no mere impersonator. Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future presents more than 100 photographs in a flowing, chromatic sequence. With essays by Susan Bright and Justine Picardie that look at Heck’s place within the realms of both art photography and fashion, and with an index to the photographs captioning the piece, model, designer, collection or publication in which each image appeared, this book is the essential introduction to a future master of fashion photography.


New in Thames & Hudson’s acclaimed ‘Photofile’ series, this book surveys the work of William Klein, best known for New York. Christian Caujolle studied in Paris with Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes and Pierre Bourdieu. He worked as Picture Director at Libération before founding the VU photo agency in 1986.

William Klein Introduction by Christian Caujolle William Klein was born in New York City in 1928. After enlisting in the army he was stationed in Germany and then France, where he would later settle permanently. His interest in art began with abstract painting and shifted to photography in the early 1950s as he began his career in fashion photography with Vogue magazine. He gained notoriety for his ambivalent and ironic approach to fashion photography and can be credited as one of the founding fathers of street photography. He directed such satirical films as Who are You, Polly Maggoo?, as well as documentary shorts and features. This latest addition to the Photofile series assembles the experimental, unforgettable moments captured by William Klein in one accessible volume.

66 illustrations 19.0 x 12.5 cm 144pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 411124 February £9.95


Presents the results of the World Press Photo contest, described by the British Journal of Photography as ‘the premier competition for photojournalism and reportage’. Illustrated throughout 24.5 x 19.0 cm 240pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 970782 May £18.95

World Press Photo 17 World Press Photo Foundation Universally recognized as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, the World Press Photo awards have been described by Michael Rand as ‘the international photographic contest’. Publishing the results of the most recent awards, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from the year 2016 – pictures submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Selected from thousands of images, these prizewinning photos capture the most powerful, moving and sometimes disturbing images of the year.

‘A compilation of the most shocking, heartbreaking, and sometimes beautiful photographs taken by photojournalists last year’ The Herald ‘Will amuse, sadden, console and ultimately teach you much about this world of ours’ Popular Photography


The first publication in English of Sergio Larrain’s much-prized Valparaíso. Agnès Sire has been the director of the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris since its creation in 2003. Pablo Neruda (1904–1973) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

120 illustrations 23.5 x 16.5 cm 212pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544808 January £40.00

Sergio Larrain: Valparaíso Texts by Agnès Sire and Pablo Neruda Sergio Larrain (1931–2012) published very few books during his lifetime, but perhaps the most fêted among them was Valparaíso. He photographed this Chilean seaport throughout his career, but it was in the early 1960s, when he returned to his homeland after travelling the world for many years as a Magnum photographer, that it became a focus for his attention. He saw it as ‘a rather sordid yet romantic city’, standing between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, falling into a slow decline as its trading importance faded away, yet still retaining hints of beauty and magic. Now published in English for the first time with an essay by Agnès Sire as well as a specially written text by Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, this new edition of Valparaíso is based on a layout that Larrain designed in 1993, in response to the original French edition of 1991. It includes a selection of previously unpublished photographs taken between 1952 and 1992, expanding the original 36 images to a total of 120. This intimate book features handwritten notes and texts by the artist himself, allowing us to share his singular vision of the world and its moments of grace.

‘If we walk up and down every staircase in Valparaíso, we will have made a trip around the world’ Pablo Neruda



A remarkable collection of vintage portraits of plants by the great pioneer of botanical photography, Karl Blossfeldt. Ann and Jürgen Wilde are collectors and founders of the Karl Blossfeldt Archive. Hansjörg Küster is professor of plant ecology at the Institute of Geobotany, Leibniz University of Hanover.

70 illustrations 36.5 x 23.5 cm 160pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544754 March £40.00

Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks Ann and Jürgen Wilde • Foreword and Botanical Notes by Hansjörg Küster


Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) was a great pioneer of botanical photography, yet he was neither a professional photographer nor a botanist. A professor at the Academy of Applied Arts in Berlin, he was a sculptor and amateur photographer, and his interest in the plant world was originally educational. Fascinated by the structure of plants, whose apparently artistic forms were created by biological expediency, he realized that photography could be a useful teaching tool, allowing his students to see and compare many natural forms. Blossfeldt worked with a homemade camera and gathered and photographed his own plant samples, magnifying them by up to 45 times. From around 1898 onwards, he shot some 6,000 images, which he used primarily as visual aids in his classes. Eventually published as Art Forms in Nature (1928) and Art Forms in Nature, Second Series (1932), his photographs had a lasting impact on the art of his day and were enthusiastically embraced by both the Surrealists and the New Objectivity movement. His books brought him overnight fame and are still considered landmarks in the history of art and photography. This volume brings together a remarkable collection of Blossfeldt’s strikingly austere yet poetic portraits of plants, capturing their timeless beauty in intimate detail.


The definitive illustrated publication on the art and science of Polaroid. William A. Ewing is an author and former director of the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne. Barbara P. Hitchcock is a writer, curator and the former director of Cultural Affairs at Polaroid and curator of the Polaroid Collections, Massachusetts. With contributions from Christopher Bonanos, Peter Buse, Deborah G. Douglas, Dennis Jelonnek, Rebekka Reuter, John Rohrbach and Gary Van Zante.

300 illustrations 27.5 x 23.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544730 June £34.95

The Polaroid Project At the Intersection of Art and Technology Edited by William A. Ewing and Barbara P. Hitchcock 64

Accompanies a touring exhibition organized by the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (FEP), which opens at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas, in June 2017 before travelling to the WestLicht Museum of Photography, Vienna, in November 2017, C/O Berlin in March 2018, and worldwide thereafter.

In 1943 the American inventor and scientist Edwin H. Land was asked by his daughter why she couldn’t see immediately the photograph he had just taken. Within an hour, Land had conceived of the technology required to make this seemingly impossible demand a reality. So begins the story of Polaroid instant photography, an invention that revolutionized the taking and making of pictures. But Land’s creation was more than a groundbreaking scientific accomplishment; it also heralded an exciting new chapter of artistic expression. Through the efforts of thousands of photographers the world over, as well as the corporation’s own artist support programme, which provided many with materials, Polaroid would help shape the artistic landscape of the late twentieth century – and, indeed, up to the present day. Published to accompany a major travelling exhibition, The Polaroid Project is a creative exploration of the relationship between Polaroid’s many technological innovations and the art that was created with their help. More than 300 illustrations showcase not only the myriad approaches and often idiosyncratic work produced by such photographers as Ansel Adams, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ellen Carey and Chuck Close, but also a fascinating selection of the technical objects and artefacts that speak of the sheer ingenuity behind the art. With essays by the exhibition’s curators and leading photographic writers and historians, The Polaroid Project provides a unique perspective on the Polaroid phenomenon – a technology, an art form, a convergence of both – and its enduring cultural legacy.


New edition

The Earth has changed… A new edition of this classic book, with 100 new photographs and new texts by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a world-renowned aerial photographer who has published over thirty books, including Horses, The Earth from the Air – 365 Days, The Earth From Space, From Above and Below and Human, all published by Thames & Hudson. Illustrated throughout 36.4 x 28.5 cm 440pp including 12 gate-folds hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544846 June £49.95

The Earth from the Air New Texts, New Images Yann Arthus-Bertrand 66

The result of a five-year airborne odyssey across five continents and sixty countries, The Earth from the Air is the bestselling and most popular book of aerial photography ever published. This updated edition of the internationally acclaimed original features much updated text and over 100 breathtaking new photographs. New essays by such renowned authors as Jane Goodall, Matthieu Ricard and Olivier Blond consider such perpetual issues as agriculture, climate and biodiversity, as well as the latest concerns – the migrant crisis, new technologies and environmental movements. A classic of its kind, this book will heighten everyone’s awareness of today’s urgent ecological issues. Now more than ever, The Earth from the Air stands as a call to action.

‘A breathtaking collection of some of the planet’s most spectacular views’ The Times ‘Takes the breath away’ Guardian ‘A picture book on an altogether higher plane’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Spectacular photos, green message’ Sunday Times

‘A phantasmagoric revelation of the shifting patterns of colour, form and human activity that adorn our planet’ Independent


A spectacular showcase of vintage and contemporary photography of the North Sea, its coasts and people.

North Sea A Visual Anthology James Attlee is the author of four non-fiction books, including the highly acclaimed Nocturne and Station to Station.

167 illustrations 28.5 x 24.0 cm 240pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544761 March ÂŁ32.00

Introduction by James Attlee The nations bordering the North Sea have always been engaged in a dialogue with water. The sea is the source of livelihoods as well as leisure, industry and relaxation. Holidaymakers are not the only ones drawn to the seaside: the currency of both painters and photographers is light, and under Northern skies the best light is often to be found where land joins water. In addition, coastal locations often give urban artists an opportunity to observe life in the raw. North Sea provides the overarching theme for this showcase of vintage and contemporary photography, accompanied by paintings and songs, poetry and prose by a diverse cast of artists, from Wordsworth and Keats to Bob Dylan and Radiohead. Its pages capture both the sublimity of nature and a cast of human subjects, whose lives are placed in perspective by the vastness of the sea. In spite of the changes wrought by history, the fascination of the frontier between land and water remains timeless, and these images stand as a striking testament to the relationship between the sea and the people who live and work alongside it.



A global showcase of over 250 images by photographers from Dronestagram, the world’s leading online community of drone hobbyists, Dronescapes takes aerial photography to a whole new level. Dronestagram is the world’s leading drone photography website, with nearly 10,000 active members photographing in over 70 countries. Ayperi Karabuda Ecer has been Vice President of Pictures at Reuters, Editor in Chief at Magnum Photos Paris and chair of the World Press Photo Jury.

c. 250 illustrations 21.0 x 25.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544723 April £24.95

Dronescapes The New Aerial Photography from Dronestagram Edited by Ayperi Karabuda Ecer 68

Created in collaboration with Dronestagram, the world-leading drone photography website, and Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, a highly renowned photography editor, Dronescapes is the first book to bring together the very best photographs taken by quadcopters around the globe. It grants us the thrilling opportunity to see our planet from entirely new vantage points, whether this is a bird’s-eye view of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, a photograph taken inches away from an eagle in mid-flight, or a vertiginous shot taken above Mexico’s Tamul Waterfalls. There are extended commentaries on how individual images were created and profiles on notable photographers. An introduction also discusses how the arrival of drone photography signals a major shift in the history of aerial photography. Dronescapes is a landmark publication at the cutting edge of contemporary photography, taking the medium – for once, literally – to newfound, dizzying heights.


Reannounced title

An intimate photographic portrait of Billie Holiday, the epitome of the jazz singer and one of 20th-century music’s most iconic figures, with an introduction by Zadie Smith. Jerry Dantzic was a photojournalist. His work is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney and The Museum of Modern Art. Grayson Dantzic, Jerry’s son, is a photographer and photo archivist. Zadie Smith is a novelist, essayist and short story writer.

100 illustrations 30.5 x 23.0 cm 144pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544655 April £24.95

Billie Holiday at Sugar Hill Photographs by Jerry Dantzic • Text by Grayson Dantzic Introduction by Zadie Smith 70

In 1957, New York photojournalist Jerry Dantzic spent time with the iconic singer Billie Holiday during a two-week run of performances at the Newark, New Jersey, nightclub Sugar Hill. The resulting images offer a rare behind-thescenes glimpse of Billie at work and at play. We see her with her family, friends and her pet chihuahua, Pepe; playing with her godchild (son of her autobiography’s co-author, William Dufty); washing dishes at the Duftys’ home; walking the streets of Newark; in her hotel room; waiting backstage or having a drink in front of the stage; and performing. The years and the struggles seem to vanish when she sings: her face lights up. Later that year, Dantzic photographed her at the second New York Jazz Festival at Randall’s Island, in colour. Only a handful of the photographs in this book have ever been published. The collection is introduced by the celebrated writer Zadie Smith.


A book of great beauty and cult appeal, revealing the visual artistry behind the evolution of sound recording with specially commissioned photography of iconic, rarely-seen artefacts from the collections of the EMI Archive Trust. Terry Burrows is an author, musician and producer. Best known as a cult performer under the alias Yukio Yung, Burrows has recorded with The Chrysanthemums, Asmus Tietchens and the duo Push-Button Pleasure. He is also a prolific author of more than 80 books relating to music history, tuition and technology, popular psychology and history.

850 illustrations 24.5 x 21.0 cm 352pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519288 May £35.00

The Art of Sound A Visual History for Audiophiles Terry Burrows This visual chronology of sound recording showcases specially commissioned photography of the beautiful, iconic and rarely seen objects contained within the diverse collections of the EMI Archive. Recording equipment, playback devices, catalogues, artist files, records, master tapes, radios and televisions are all here, accompanied by detailed specifications and explanatory captions, together with archive photographs from throughout the industry. Each chapter is introduced by an in-depth essay summarizing the advances of that technological age, from the invention of the ‘Gramophone’ method to the development of electronic signal amplifiers, and from the arrival of magnetic tape recording to the advent of CDs and the digital era. Double-page biographies of the great innovators in sound production are spliced between the photographic technology spreads to provide context. Each chapter also features facsimile blueprints of some of the most noteworthy innovations patented throughout the history of sound technology. Sure to prove irresistible to music geeks, audio freaks and design lovers alike, this spectacular volume is a compendium of evolving technologies, beautiful ephemera and creative photography intertwined with an engaging, comprehensive history of sound recording.



The complete catalogue of legendary design collective Hipgnosis, showcasing their groundbreaking cover art for rock and roll’s all-time greats. Aubrey Powell co-founded the design agency Hipgnosis with the late Storm Thorgerson in 1967. In 1989, Po was made creative director for The Paul McCartney World Tour, designing the stage set, video wall and filmed images. He is the author of Hipgnosis | Portraits, and is the creative director for Pink Floyd, with whom he is currently working on the forthcoming V&A exhibition ‘Their Mortal Remains’.

480 illustrations 24.0 x 20.0 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519325 April £24.95

Vinyl • Album • Cover • Art The Complete Hipgnosis Catalogue Aubrey Powell • Foreword by Peter Gabriel 72

Founded in 1967 by Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell and Peter Christopherson, Hipgnosis transformed the look of albums forever. Their revolutionary cover art moved away from the conventional group shots favoured by record companies of the day, resulting in the ground-breaking, often surreal designs which define the albums of many of the biggest names in the history of popular music: 10cc, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Syd Barrett, Throbbing Gristle, T. Rex, Wings, Yes and XTC, to name but a few. Now, at last, the complete, definitive and never-before-published catalogue of Hipgnosis, Vinyl • Album • Cover • Art, does justice to the work of the most important design collective in music history. Arranged chronologically, it features stunning reproductions of every single Hipgnosis cover – 373 in total – coupled with detailed information by Po and Storm Thorgerson on the artworks and the stories behind their creation. Insightful introductory text by Po charts the story of Hipgnosis, while extensive articles by Peter Gabriel, Storm Thorgerson, Marcus Bradbury and Pentagram’s Harry Pearce provide engrossing insights into the way these incredible artworks came into being; place the covers in context; and reflect on their enduring impact on album design.

Also available

9780500517635 £35.00 hb

‘A lavish celebration of the photography that fed into the record-sleeve fantasies of rock ’n’ roll design house Hipgnosis’ Mojo


The first-ever comprehensive history of international animation. Maureen Furniss, PhD, is the program director of Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She is the founding editor of Animation Journal (1992–present) and author of several books on the subject. Furniss received the Variety Creative Impact in Animation Education Award 2016, and also won the Animafest Zagreb 2017 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies.

460 illustrations 27.6 x 21.5 cm 464pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 252178 January £35.00

Animation: The Global History Maureen Furniss


This book provides an essential foundation for the study of animation in its many forms. Maureen Furniss surveys the cultural, political and economic context of how this dynamic industry evolved, emphasizing both artistic and technical achievements from around the world. She introduces readers to industrial productions and arts-based practices related to drawn and painted animation, stop-motion and computer-generated imagery; major studios within the USA and Japan; and animation produced throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the UK, Australia, Latin America, South Africa and elsewhere. The films run the gamut of the major studios – Disney, Fleischer, Warner Bros., Pixar and more – as well as all types of animated production, including: World War II propaganda; short films; experimental and abstract animation; animation on television, in video games and in the art world. The analysis of these works is placed within historical contexts that help readers understand the ‘big picture’ that has influenced the development of animation down the years. To help with the presentation of material and to assist the reader’s understanding, the book’s content is presented in a six-part structure. Each part begins with a timeline that places in historical context the major turning-points in animation. Global Storylines provide an overview of the content in each chapter, and a glossary in the back of the book defines animation-specific terminology.

‘This erudite, marvellous resource gives us the one-volume overview of the field that we have been waiting for’ Dr Kirsten Moana Thompson, Victoria University, New Zealand

‘Animation: The Global History is an important guide to this medium, and highlights the need to complement the “old” with the “new” to enable the story of animation to continue’ Jane Batkin, University of Lincoln, UK

‘Easily one of the best books I have read. If you are involved in the animation industry or educating future animators, this book is a must read and I highly recommend it for your bookshelf and/or classroom’ André Thomas, Texas A&M University



New in paperback

A comprehensive collection of international art deco poster design. William W. Crouse is a long-time collector of 20th-century posters. He is the author of Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco Posters: The Art, The Artists and the Competition 1929–2009. Alastair Duncan is the author of Art Deco Complete, American Art Deco, Art Deco and Art Deco Furniture, all published by Thames & Hudson.

367 illustrations 30.0 x 24.0 cm 312pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293065 February £28.00

The Art Deco Poster William W. Crouse • Introduction by Alastair Duncan


Long-time poster aficionado William Crouse has selected over 300 of the most sought-after examples of poster art created between the wars for this definitive volume. Organized thematically into subject categories (aviation, communication, fashion and more), this book includes over 300 highly rare and even unique examples by masters of the art form, including Nizzoli, Cassandre and Beall. Each poster – digitally photographed under carefully controlled conditions – is accompanied by an expanded caption that addresses the aesthetic, sociological, economic and/or political context of the image. Introduced by Art Deco specialist Alastair Duncan, Art Deco Posters is an essential addition for all interested in graphic design, Art Deco, and life and culture between 1919 and 1939.

‘An enchanting nostalgia-fest’

The Spectator

‘There’s almost an embarrassment of art-deco riches in this captivating book … eye-catching proof that even ephemeral billboards can make great art’ Tatler


New in paperback

An insider’s guide to the fresh, talented graphic designers, illustrators, printmakers and collectives at the heart of a burgeoning and creatively dynamic scene – independent, print-based design. Marcroy Smith is the founder of People of Print and The Creative Universe. Andy Cooke is an independent graphic designer.

452 illustrations 29.7 x 22.0 cm 336pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293140 February £22.50

People of Print Innovative, Independent Design & Illustration Marcroy Smith and Andy Cooke

‘Visually stimulating, this text will make you too want to try your hand at becoming a person of print’ Aesthetica ‘Detailing everything from the papermaking process, to essays on new technology … one thing’s for sure – print is still very much alive and kicking’

In a world in which screen-based graphics and digital design dominate the mainstream, creating design for print continues to thrive among an international community of like-minded individuals. People of Print brings together more than fifty key artists and studios who embrace print’s potential for creative expression and experimentation. Written by Marcroy Smith, founder of the eponymous online resource, and Andy Cooke, his long-time collaborator, People of Print presents a dazzling array of work created for paper and beyond, including posters, flyers, packaging, fanzines, self-published books, textiles and fashion, and exhibition design. Fully illustrated profiles, in-depth interviews and a comprehensive reference section make this book an inspirational resource for all graphic designers and illustrators who appreciate the value and craft of print.



A celebration of the ways in which type and typography express narratives and voice. Steven Heller is co-chair of the MFA Design: Designer as Author programme at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He is the author of many books, including Stencil Type, Graphic and Typography Sketchbooks, all published by Thames & Hudson. Gail Anderson is former creative director of design at SpotCo, New York. With Steven Heller, she is the author of New Ornamental Type and New Vintage Type, both published by Thames & Hudson.

c. 600 illustrations 34.0 x 24.0 cm 224pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420577 April £24.95

Type Tells Tales Steven Heller and Gail Anderson


Typography has traditionally been seen as a ‘crystal goblet’, designed to convey a message neutrally without attracting attention to itself. In Type Tells Tales, Steven Heller and Gail Anderson break down this preconception, uncovering examples of typography that speaks – or shouts – with a voice of its own. Letters take on the form of people or animals, wander off the page, or appear in dramatically varying sizes to create a typographic pantomime. This is type that is integral to the message it is expressing, letterforms that explode the boundaries of printed expression. The designers featured in this eclectic contemporary collection give a new voice to all forms of writing, from fairy tales and children’s books to rap lyrics and literary classics. Experimenting with diverse media, they lift typography away from the printed page and show that everything – from baseball bats and clothing to the human body – can be transformed into typographic art.


A wide-ranging survey of revival typefaces, focusing on digital fonts with roots in the past. Paul Shaw is the award-winning designer or co-designer of 18 typefaces. He also teaches at Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts. Jonathan Hoefler founded The Hoefler Type Foundry in 1989. He has designed original typefaces for Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire and the band They Might Be Giants.

Illustrated throughout 24.6 x 19.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 241516 March £19.95

Revival Type Digital Typefaces Inspired by the Past Paul Shaw • Foreword by Jonathan Hoefler 80

Revival Type is an overview of the various ways in which lettering and typefaces from the past have provided inspiration for contemporary type designers. Some designs are not revivals of typefaces but of letterforms, from inscriptions to calligraphic manuals to lettering in posters, bookjackets and other ephemera. Some revivals are aesthetic extensions or reimaginings of 20th-century typefaces occasioned by the need to update them technically. And others are actually reinterpretations or variations of typefaces from the past, necessitated by having to make types that function in the 21st century and not in the past. Among the fonts are interpretations of classic designs by Nicolas Jenson, Claude Garamont, Robert Granjon, William Caslon, John Baskerville, Giambattista Bodoni, Firmin Didot and other iconic names. Alongside them are typefaces rooted in the work of important, though lesser known, names such as Eudald Pradell, Philippe Grandjean, and Richard Austin. Finally, there are updates and revisions of 20th-century classics like Palatino, Meridien, DIN, Metro, and Neue Haas Grotesk (the original name of Helvetica). Revival Type demonstrates that the best typefaces are as much a part of the 21st century as of the age they were created: they transcend time and place.


An essential book for English speakers on how to design with Arabic.

Mourad Boutros is the founder of Boutros™, which has been at the forefront of Arabic type design for more than 40 years. He is also the author of Talking About Arabic.

250 illustrations 26.2 x 18.2 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519530 March £28.00

Arabic for Designers An Inspirational Guide to Arabic Culture and Creativity Mourad Boutros Extensively illustrated with more than 200 examples of the best in contemporary Arabic typography and graphic design, Arabic for Designers is an authoritative guide for those unfamiliar with Arabic script. Using visual examples and case studies, Mourad Boutros takes the reader through the entire range of graphic design applications – newspaper and television typefaces, book jacket designs, corporate and brand identity, logotype conversions, advertising, design for print and fine art. The author shows how non-Arabic speaking designers can work with the language and understand and respect its cultural nuances, whilst avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes to which many Western designers have fallen victim. Arabic for Designers demonstrates how designing with Arabic can yield incredibly innovative, beautiful and successful results. Based upon over 40 years’ experience of working with an array of corporate and creative clients, Mourad Boutros addresses the rise in global awareness about Arab culture in ways that inform and inspire. This book is an invaluable reference for design students, design professionals, marketeers and anyone interested in Arabic culture and language.



A dazzling celebration of the one of the most admired illustrators working today, with a specially produced print exclusive to this limited, slipcased edition. Noma Bar is an acclaimed illustrator whose work has appeared in many media outlets, including Time Out, the BBC, the New York Times, the Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper*.

Over 400 illustrations 28.8 x 23.0 cm 684pp in 5 volumes: 160pp; 128pp; 112pp + 12pp insert; 144pp; 128pp Slipcased hardbacks ISBN 978 0 500 094006 April £200.00

Bittersweet: Noma Bar Limited Edition Noma Bar 82

Noma Bar’s innovative, playful style has made him one of the most soughtafter illustrators working today, with a broad range of commissions from magazines and newspapers and numerous private and advertising clients. His use of negative space and minimalist forms creates images with multiple readings that can delight and shock in equal measure. Each of Bar’s illustrations tells a story that is hidden in the details, with the message revealing itself as you look more closely. Here, Noma Bar has handpicked his most powerful illustrations and favourite works, each one displaying the distinctive style that has established his reputation. The works are organized into thematic chapters such as ‘Pretty Ugly’ (portraits), ‘In Out’ (sex), ‘Life Death’ (conflict), and ‘Less More’ (daily life). Alongside the images, Bar reveals his working methods and the stories behind his often idiosyncratic inspiration for different illustrations, and reflects on how his life experiences have shaped him as an artist. As a collection, the whole is much greater than the sum of these many, many-layered parts. It is destined to become a must-have reference source for all professionals in the worlds of graphic design and illustration, while also being an enthralling treasury for any follower of visual and popular culture.


New edition

The sixth edition of the market-leading, practical book for both students and small businesses. David Dabner taught at what was the renowned London College of Printing. Sandra Stewart is the Associate Dean for Academics at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. Eric Zempol was an award-winning designer and lecturer in graphic design. Abbie Vickress teaches graphic design at Buckinghamshire New University and to Masters students at the Royal College of Art in London.

Over 500 illustrations 22.2 x 22.2 cm 208pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292853 February £14.95

Graphic Design School A Foundation Course for Graphic Designers Working in Print, Moving Image and Digital Media David Dabner, Sandra Stewart, Eric Zempol and Abbie Vickress 84

This structured self-teaching guide, now in its sixth edition, provides up-to-date information on comptuer-aided design and the use of software applications in all areas of graphic design. Packed with practical guidance on all aspects of the discipline, from understanding the basics to devising an original concept and creating successful finished designs, it is illustrated in full colour throughout with creative exercises and tutorials for students, as well as real-world graphic design briefs. This revised sixth edition contains specific advice on how to adapt designs to suit different projects, including information on digital imaging techniques, motion graphics and designing for the web and small-screen applications.

‘Packed with practical guidance on all areas of graphic design’

New Design


An essential resource that will enable all design professionals to make inspired decisions in a practical and confident manner. Rob Thompson is an award-winning designer and the author of Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals. Martin Thompson has received D&AD, Campaign Press, One Show and British Lion awards for his advertising photography. They previously collaborated on Manufacturing Processes for Textile and Fashion Design Professionals, also published by Thames & Hudson.

573 illustrations 28.0 x 21.5 cm 544pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518540 February £60.00

The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals Rob Thompson and Martin Thompson

Also available

‘The definitive reference for 3D designers, product designers, architects and engineers’ New Design 978 0 500 513750 £58.00 hb

Here is a one-stop resource for all design professionals seeking comprehensive, accurate information about the basic materials with which they work on a daily basis. Written by Rob Thompson, it comprises six main parts on all the major ‘design’ material groups. These parts are then separated further into chapters that examine the properties of individual types of materials, e.g. ‘Iron’, ‘Steel’ and ‘Aluminium’. It features nearly 100 material types in total, each one supported by examples of how it can be used in a variety of industries, an outline of its most desirable properties and details on its form and texture. The book also features a complete breakdown on new and exciting developments in high-tech materials. With nearly 600 vibrant illustrations and a clear layout, the design professional or student is presented with a long-term reference tool that tells them everything they need to know about the materials they use habitually, with information delivered in a wholly unbiased and accessible manner.



New in B-format paperback

A visionary yet practical guide to building a more sustainable future, by one of the ‘great voices’ (Business Week) of the environmental movement today. John Thackara is the founder and Director of The Doors of Perception, an organization that stages festivals in which grassroots innovators work with an international community of design and innovation students and professionals. He was the first Director of the Netherlands Design Institute (1993–99), and Director of Research at the Royal College of Art, London (1998–2002).

19.8 x 12.9 cm 192pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292945 February £9.99

How to Thrive in the Next Economy Designing Tomorrow’s World Today John Thackara 86

‘A thoughtful plan for a better and very different world’ New Scientist

Is there no escape from an economy that devours nature in the name of endless growth? John Thackara’s answer is a rousing ‘yes, there is!’ Drawing on a lifetime of travel in search of real-world alternatives that work, he describes in this book how communities the world over are creating a replacement economy from the ground up. Each chapter is devoted to the creative ways people in diverse contexts tackle timeless needs. From Bali to Brazil, as well as Delhi, London and California, Thackara writes of soil restorers and river keepers, seed savers and de-pavers, cloud commuters and e-bike couriers, care farmers, food system curators, Fibreshed stewards, money designers and more. Read together, these encounters add up to a joyful new story about what an economy is actually for. In place of an obsession with stuff, money and endless growth, this book describes social practices that cherish all-of-life, not just human life.


A jawdropping review of the evolution of dentistry around the world from the Bronze Age to the present day, presented in a beautifully crafted book of certain cult appeal. Richard Barnett studied medicine in London before becoming a historian, and teaches the Pembroke-King’s Programme, University of Cambridge. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow, UCL. He is the author of The Sick Rose and Crucial Interventions.

c. 350 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519110 April £19.95

Other titles in the ‘Illogy’

The Smile Stealers Winner of the 2014 British Book Design and Production Awards

‘Astonishing images of the dissected and diseased … superbly erudite’ Will Self, Guardian 978 0 500 517345 £19.95 hb

‘An extraordinary array of illustrations’ British Journal of Hospital Medicine 978 0 500 518106 £19.95 hb

The Fine and Foul Art of Dentistry Richard Barnett Marking the third and final volume of the bestselling and award-winning series 87 that began with The Sick Rose and Crucial Interventions, The Smile Stealers probes the evolution of dentistry from the excruciating endeavours of crude early practitioners to the swift, painless procedures and cosmetic surgery of today. Gruesome yet captivating medical drawings of techniques and tools are presented alongside pertinent caricatures, paintings and the rarest of books and artefacts from Wellcome’s unique archive. Eloquent and engaging themed articles by medical historian Richard Barnett trace the development of the trade and discipline of the dentist, from fairground entertainer and charlatan to highly skilled professional, and highlight the changing social attitudes towards the purpose and practice of dentistry, from the extraction of rotting teeth to the pursuit of the perfect smile. Extending the cult of the medically macabre begun by its predecessors, The Smile Stealers is guaranteed to appeal to lovers of the horrific and the beautiful alike.

‘Dentist, n. a prestidigitator who, putting metal in one’s mouth, pulls coins out of one’s pockets’ Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1906


A celebration of the bicycle and its wideranging cultural impact worldwide; an insider view into the world of cycling bound to inspire the imagination of professional and amateur cyclists alike. Guy Andrews is the founder and former editor of Rouleur magazine, and author of Magnum Cycling, also published by Thames & Hudson.

c. 125 illustrations 26.5 x 20.0 cm 192pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519608 January £29.95

The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture Riveting Stories and Curiosities from Cosmopolitan Great Britain General Editor: Guy Andrews 88

Saddle manufacturer Brooks England have been a British household name and an international cycling icon for 150 years. What continues to motivate and inspire this classic marque? With the help of a variety of writers, artists, journalists, designers, photographers and illustrators, this eclectic miscellany of cycling’s joys depicts Brooks’s unique and idiosyncratic view of the wide-ranging impact of the bicycle and its place in the world, alongside its dedication to function, quality and style. While Brooks is, at its heart, a British company, the team explores the bicycle as a worldwide phenomenon that has connected people and continues to provide lone travellers with a gateway to all corners of the earth. Alongside these ambitious journeys, the simple joy of cycling to work, the sense of freedom and adventure afforded to all those who cycle for leisure, and the satisfaction gleaned from crafting the bicycle itself are all exalted. The result isn’t a book about a saddle maker, but a collection of fascinating contributions from leading creatives from a broad cultural spectrum who are as passionate about their cycling as they are about their work.


A unique, lavishly presented history of the most iconic item of cycle wear: the jersey. Chris Sidwells is the author of A Race for Madmen: A History of the Tour de France, Tour Climbs: The Complete Guide to Every Mountain Stage on the Tour de France, The Long Race to Glory: How the British Came to Rule the Cycling World and DK’s Complete Bike Manual. He is a keen collector of cycling jerseys. Matt Barbet is a journalist and broadcaster.

200 illustrations 25.5 x 20.0 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518854 March £18.95

Cycling Jerseys Iconic Designs and the Stories that Made Them Chris Sidwells • Foreword by Matt Barbet Cycling jerseys represent many different things. For a cyclist they must be functional. For team sponsors they must stand out, and in doing so they must increase brand awareness. For cycling fans they help pick out their favourites or a race or competition leader. Jerseys show who is a world or a national champion. And in some races, jerseys tell of a competitor’s nationality. But cycling jerseys have evolved into something bigger than all those things. Some jerseys are iconic, others stylish, and some are beautiful. They can evoke good times or bad times, success or failure. Above all, jerseys mark the great occasions of cycling, they speak of its history, its personalities and its style. And all jerseys have an element of art in their design. Cycling Jerseys celebrates the greatest jersey designs in the history of competitive cycling, from the simple garb of the early racers to the high-tech jerseys worn today. Stunning archive photography and specially sourced images accompany the in-depth story of the iconic garments associated with illustrious riders and legendary teams – the jerseys of champions.



Published by Thames & Hudson Australia

An art-lover’s guide to Venice: perfect for visitors to the Biennale. Sophie Ullin is Head of Fine Art at Leonard Joel Auction House, and one of the founders of the Art Consulting Association of Australia.

Illustrated throughout 20.3 x 15.2 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 500972 April £19.95

The Venice Book The Arts and Culture Guide Sophie Ullin 90

‘What’s the biggest trend in hospitality and tourism just now? Let’s ignore all the usual breathless predictions about “connectivity” and “web-based interactions” – there’s something bigger: art’ Independent

Which city is more ideally suited to hosting a major international art show than Venice? Its highways and byways throng with people agog at its artistic and architectural wonders, never more so than during the Biennale, which has an attendance today of over 500,000 visitors. This book is packed with advice on how to make the most of your visit to this important cultural event. It not only captures the spirit of the Biennale, but also points the reader in the direction of the art cognoscenti’s favourite haunts; the best and most interesting museums and galleries; and the most inspirational places, shops and experiences for creatives. Prominent artists and personalities chime in with their tips, and there is also plenty of practical advice on navigating the city’s labyrinthine passages and canals, and finding the best places to stay. The Venice Book will guarantee all art lovers the perfect trip to La Serenissima, Biennale year or not.


An engagingly informal insider’s guide to the streets of the East End, from Spitalfields to Stratford. Charles Saumarez Smith CBE has been Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts since 2007, and is also Visiting Professor of Cultural History at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of The Company of Artists: The Origins of the Royal Academy of Arts in London and The National Gallery: A Short History.

c. 500 illustrations (including 20 maps) 22.4 x 14.7 cm 352pp + gatefold map paperback ISBN 978 0 500 519554 April £19.95

East London Charles Saumarez Smith

‘A vigorous, clear-sighted and beautiful book of journeys through the East End. I loved it’ Edmund de Waal

‘Wide-ranging, personal, beautifully observed’ Mark Fisher

‘An informal but informative and interesting study of the most important aspects of East London’ Peter Ackroyd

East London has changed more dramatically than any other part of the city over the last thirty years. From a desolate, and in many places derelict, state after the bombing of the Second World War, it has become one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in the world, with new developments in Canary Wharf and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as well as Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane. Charles Saumarez Smith, who has lived in the area since the early 1980s, invites the reader to join him on his explorations, which are both historical and geographical, describing the unique character of spaces and places new and old. He guides the reader around shops, churchyards, parks, pumping stations and cemeteries, up the Regent’s Canal and across Victoria Park. Each of the old villages and neighbourhoods that make up East London is shown, through photographs taken on his travels, to offer unexpected and fascinating discoveries, from Wapping in the south through Spitalfields and Bethnal Green to Hoxton, Haggerston and Hackney in the north. Detailed maps of each area enable the reader to strike out on their own or follow Saumarez Smith’s routes as they prefer.



A compelling look at the anti-war movement in the UK over the past century. Lyn Smith is the adviser for the related exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. She is also the author of Pacifists in Action, Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust, Voices Against War and the bestselling Young Voices. Sheila Hancock is a distinguished actor, author and Quaker.

197 illustrations 23.0 x 17.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519158 March £24.95

People Power Fighting for Peace from the First World War to the Present Lyn Smith • Foreword by Sheila Hancock 92

People Power charts the history of the anti-war movement in the UK from the outbreak of the First World War to present-day conflicts in the Middle East, telling the story of conscientious objectors and others who have been engaged in protest over the past century. Drawing on testimonies from the Imperial War Museum’s vast collection, and its rich archive of visual material, including photographs, paintings, posters, cartoons and badges, the book explores the wide-ranging reasons for opposing war and examines the changes and continuity in the movement as the nature of conflict has evolved from trench warfare to nuclear stand-off and the ‘endless war’ on terrorism. The role of key organizations and groups within the movement is examined, such as the Peace Pledge Union in the 1930s and the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp in the 1980s, as well as that of high-profile individual campaigners, including Fenner Brockway, Virginia Woolf and Tony Benn. Accompanying a major exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London, People Power is an important and compelling counterpart to the myriad histories of war in the past hundred years.


New in B-format paperback

A unique lens through which to view the modern world: 28 insider accounts of national histories, now available in B-format paperback. Peter Furtado is the former editor of History Today. In 2009 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Oxford Brookes University for his work in promoting interest in history. His publications include 1001 Days That Shaped the World.

28 illustrations 19.8 x 12.9 cm 272pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293003 March £9.99

Histories of Nations How Their Identities Were Forged Edited by Peter Furtado

‘Bold and intriguing … deft and revelatory’ BBC History Magazine

‘If you want to get a sense of what it means to be Greek, French, German, Egyptian or Ghanaian, then make the excellent Histories of Nations your first port of call’ Geographical Magazine

How do writers and citizens in the different countries of the world view their own past? What key events and influences shaped those perspectives? And how accurate are the views of foreign commentators? In this book, leading writers and scholars from twenty-eight countries give thoughtful, engaging accounts of their own nation’s history. Their diverse and wide-ranging narratives offer a unique lens through which to view the modern world. Argentina • Australia • Brazil • Canada • China • Czech Republic • Egypt • Finland France • Germany • Ghana • Great Britain • Greece • Hungary • India • Iran Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Netherlands • Poland • Russia • Spain Sweden • Turkey • United States



Announcing the new ‘Pocket Museum’ series, which collates the best artifacts from ancient civilizations held in museums all over the world.

David Michael Smith has taught widely on Aegean and Greek archaeology and material culture, and has extensive excavation experience on mainland Greece and the Cycladic archipelago. He is a member of the British School at Athens, and a regular contributor to Archaeological Reports.

250 illustrations 18.2 x 14.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519585 May £12.95


Virginia Campbell has taught on Roman culture and worked with the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.

250 illustrations 18.2 x 14.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519592 May £12.95

Pocket Museum: Ancient Greece David Michael Smith Pocket Museum: Greece presents nearly 200 objects currently housed in public collections around the world that offer both context and immediacy to the rich culture of Ancient Greece. From the bifacial hand tools of the Lower Paleolithic (300,000 years ago) to the Hellenistic Great Altar of Pergamon (second century BCE), the artifacts described here reflect the cyclical ups and downs of prosperity and poverty, and changing cultural and social norms from epoch to epoch. Beautifully illustrated with detailed photographs of each featured object, this is an absorbing introduction to a culture that has exerted an unparalleled influence on Western civilization.

Pocket Museum: Ancient Rome Virginia Campbell If all the portable artifacts of Ancient Rome were in a single location, the lives of students, historians, and connoisseurs would be immeasurably simpler. But the masterpieces are in museums all over the world. This book identifies 200 of the most important of these works, and describes them vividly and informatively in ways that reveal how each is a key object in its own right – a creation that commemorates a great event or heralds the start of a new era in creativity or politics. A rich array of photographs provides a close-up look at each piece. From coins of the fifth century BCE to pottery made at the time of the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE, each object reveals an important insight into this ancient civilization.



New in paperback

Two essential surveys on ancient Egypt’s deities and architectural wonders, now available in paperback. Richard H. Wilkinson is an archaeologist in the field of Egyptology. He is Regents Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona and founding director of the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition.

535 illustrations 25.4 x 19.2 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 283967 January £18.95


338 illustrations 25.4 x 19.2 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 284247 January £18.95

The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt Richard H. Wilkinson The temples of ancient Egypt include the largest and some of the most impressive religious monuments the world has ever known. Mansions of the gods, models of Egypt and of the universe, focal points for worship, great treasure houses and islands of order in a cosmic ocean of chaos – the temples were all these things and more. Richard Wilkinson traces their development from the earliest times, looking at every aspect of their construction, decoration, symbolism and function. From the Delta to Nubia, all of Egypt’s surviving temples – ranging from the gargantuan temple of Amun at Karnak, to minuscule shrines such as the oasis Oracle of Siwa, where Alexander went to hear himself proclaimed god – are discussed and illustrated here.

The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt Richard H. Wilkinson The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, worshipped for over half of recorded history, are among the most fascinating and complex of any civilization. Here is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the deities who lay at the heart of Egyptian religion and society. It examines the evolution, worship and eventual decline of the numerous gods and goddesses – from minor household figures such as Bes and Taweret to the all-powerful deities Amun and Re – who made Egypt the most completely theocratic society of the ancient world, and made Egyptians, according to Herodotus, ‘more religious than any other people’.

‘Impressive … truly encyclopaedic’ ‘A standard work of reference’

Times Higher Education Supplement

Egyptian Archaeology

‘Groundbreaking … an excellent survey of ancient Egyptian religion and its associated history as well as a concise and well-organized catalogue of the deities’ Reference Reviews


An informative and beautifully produced guide to the Nimrud ivories, one of the world’s most spectacular collections of ancient ivory, now largely lost as a result of conflict in the Middle East. Georgina Herrmann is Honorary Professor and Emeritus Reader in Near Eastern Studies at University College London. She directed the archaeological excavations at Merv, Turkmenistan, for over a decade.

322 illustrations 28.0 x 21.8 cm 208pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 051917 June £40.00

Ancient Ivory Masterpieces of the Assyrian Empire Georgina Herrmann Ivory is a wonderful material: tactile, beautiful, workable into many different forms and the strongest in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately for the elephant, it has been highly prized from the Palaeolithic to the present day, in part by virtue of its rarity and the difficulty of acquiring it. During the early first millennium BC – the ‘Age of Ivory’ – literally thousands of carved ivories found their way to the Assyrian capital city of Kalhu, or modern Nimrud, in northern Iraq. The majority were not made there, in the heart of ancient Assyria, but arrived as gift, tribute or booty gathered by the Assyrian kings from the small neighbouring states of the ancient Middle Eastern world. The ivories were first unearthed in the mid-19th century by renowned Victorian traveller and adventurer Austen Henry Layard, but it was not until the mid-20th century that the extent of the treasure was realized by Max Mallowan, the archaeologist husband of Agatha Christie. Thousands of extraordinary ivories have since been excavated from the ruins of the ancient city’s extravagant palaces, temples and forts. In recent years, many have been destroyed or remain at risk following the invasion of Iraq and the sacking of the Iraq Museum, as well as in the ongoing conflict and destruction of cultural heritage in the region. As a result, the ivories preserved in these pages form a unique, unparalleled record of the otherwise lost art of the Middle East.



An exhilarating introduction to the vivid, violent, boisterous world of the Norse myths, and their cultural legacy, in an attractive and handy format. Carolyne Larrington is Professor of Medieval European Literature, University of Oxford, and Official Fellow and Tutor, St John’s College. Her previous books include The Poetic Edda; Magical Tales: Myth, Legend and Enchantment in Children’s Books and Winter is Coming: The Medieval World of Game of Thrones. She also presented BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Lore of the Land’, exploring the enduring relevance of the creatures of British folklore.

102 illustrations 19.6 x 12.9 cm 208pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 251966 February £12.95

The Norse Myths

Other titles in the series

A Guide to the Gods and Heroes Carolyne Larrington 98

978 0 500 252093 £12.95 hb

978 0 500 251737 £12.95 hb

978 0 500 251980 £12.95 hb

Gods and goddesses; mighty heroes and indomitable women; dragons, serpents and cosmic wolves; the great World-Tree, inhabited by magical and monstrous creatures… Through Carolyne Larrington’s vivid new translations from the Old Norse, we meet the inhabitants of a rich mythological cosmos face to face. Beginning with an account of the Norse myths’ origins and survival, the book continues by introducing the principal gods and goddesses – Óðinn (Odin), Loki, Þórr (Thor), Freyja, Heimdallr and the rest – before examining the gods’ powerful adversaries, the giants of ice and fire. According to the Norse creation myths, the world was born, and continued, in violence; two chapters are devoted to the (mis)adventures of the men and women of heroic legend and their sometimes unsettling conceptions of heroism and sacrifice. The last chapter is, fittingly, dedicated to ragnarök – the final conflict in which most of the gods will die and the world come to an end, with a hint at the possibility of rebirth. The Norse Myths offers fresh retellings of the vivid, often funny, almost always bloodthirsty tales of the Norse gods and heroes, and a satisfying exploration of their meaning and significance. The old stories have found new life in the work of Wagner, William Morris and J. R. R. Tolkien, and even in the reimagining of the fimbulvetr, or ‘Mighty Winter’, in Game of Thrones.


Two of the greatest living authorities on Ice Age art take the reader on a journey across the globe and hundreds of thousands of years into the past to discover the deepest origins of art. Michel Lorblanchet is a leading specialist in the field of Palaeolithic art. His Art pariétal: Grottes ornées du Quercy, the sum of 45 years of research, is considered the definitive work on the art of France’s Quercy region. Paul Bahn is co-author of Thames & Hudson’s bestselling Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice, and sole author of Images of the Ice Age, widely regarded as the standard introduction to cave art.

c. 80 illustrations 23.4 x 15.3 cm 296pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 051870 May £19.95

The First Artists In Search of the World’s Oldest Art Michel Lorblanchet and Paul Bahn • Foreword by Pierre Soulages Where do we find the world’s very first art? When, and why, did people begin experimenting with different materials, forms and colours? Were our once-cousins, the Neanderthals, also capable of creating art? Prehistorians have been asking these questions of our ancestors for decades, but only very recently, with the development of cutting-edge scientific and archaeological techniques, have we been able to piece together the first chapter in the story of art. Overturning the traditional Eurocentric vision of our artistic origins, which has focused almost exclusively on the Franco-Spanish cave art, Michel Lorblanchet and Paul Bahn take the reader on a search for the earliest art across the whole world. They show that our earliest ancestors were far from being the creatively impoverished primitives of past accounts, and Europe was by no means the only ‘cradle’ of art; the artistic impulse developed in the human mind wherever it travelled. The long universal history of art mirrors the development of humanity.



An exquisite visual compendium of botanical sketches, many specially photographed, providing a revealing insight into the fresh, immediate responses of artists encountering the glories of the plant world. Helen and William Bynum are historians of science and medicine and also have a particular interest in gardening and plants and their importance in human culture and society. They have written or edited numerous books, including Great Discoveries in Medicine and Remarkable Plants, both published by Thames & Hudson.

275 illustrations 26.6 x 20.6 cm 296pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518816 March £29.95

Botanical Sketchbooks Helen and William Bynum


While highly finished drawings and paintings frequently feature in histories of botanical art, the preparatory sketches, first impressions and creative thoughts on paper behind them are rarely seen and have often remained hidden and locked away. Filled with remarkable images from the unparalleled collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, many of them rarely reproduced before, Botanical Sketchbooks brings these personal and vividly spontaneous records gloriously back into the light. A series of biographical portraits offers a captivating glimpse into the firsthand experiences and adventures of around eighty artists – professional, amateur and accidental – from the 15th century to the 20th century and from around the world, including Leonardo da Vinci, Georg Dionysius Ehret, Carl Linnaeus, Maria Sibylla Merian, Hellen and Margaret Shelley and John James. Sketchbooks proper are joined by notebooks, journals, albums, loose pieces of paper, works on vellum, manuscripts, letters, herbarium sheets and marginalia – even one drawing on the back of an envelope. This book is an invitation to relive extraordinary experiences, imagine lost worlds, and become immersed in the endeavours, observations and motivations of the makers of beautiful and enchanting art.

Also available

978 0 500 517420 £24.95 hb

978 0 500 252192 £29.95 hb


A fun, interactive guide for creatives looking for inspiration and anyone who loves to sketch or doodle. Helen Cann has illustrated over 30 books and exhibited around the world. Her work is entirely hand produced, mainly in watercolour, colour pencil, graphite and collage, but she sometimes ventures into acrylic and inks. She has won the following awards: Fall 2012 Selection, Junior Library Guild (US) for The Raiders and 2010 Gold Medal, Nautilus Book Awards (US) for Little Leap Forward.

Illustrated throughout 23.5 x 23.5 cm 192pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293157 May £16.95

Hand-Drawn Maps A Guide for Creatives Helen Cann 102

Sketch, draw and illustrate your own maps using this uniquely creative guide. From transit maps to mind maps, and from maps of journeys to maps of the human body, Hand-Drawn Maps is packed with ideas for depicting a wide range of places, spaces, objects and concepts in a host of different styles. It includes sections on map anatomy, maps of places and maps of ideas. As well as instructions for creating your own maps and 32 pages of useful templates printed on perforated paper, Hand-Drawn Maps provides insights into the history of map-making and profiles of five leading contemporary artists. Award-winning illustrator Helen Cann provides beautiful artwork and 35 step-by-step creative prompts, making this a stylish and informative guide to depicting the world around – and inside – you.


New in paperback

A comprehensive and contemporary reference covering an extensive range of painting and drawing styles, now available in paperback. Kate Wilson studied at Winchester School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. She is a winner of several awards, and received an André de Segonzac scholarship. Her work has been exhibited throughout the UK, including at the National Portrait Gallery.

Illustrated throughout 26.0 x 22.8 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293164 April £19.95

Drawing and Painting Materials and Techniques for Contemporary Artists Kate Wilson

‘A brilliantly unconventional guidebook that is perfect for artists in search of something a little bit different’ Artists and Illustrators

Bursting with practical techniques, engaging artist profiles and inspirational galleries, Drawing and Painting combines an authoritative ‘category killer’ approach with a contemporary aesthetic guaranteed to appeal to all artists. The book’s up-to-date style is a far cry from the dry instructions and dated artwork that feature in more traditional art books. In contrast to other, largely project-orientated titles, Drawing and Painting places the emphasis on the techniques themselves, encompassing drawing, sketching and a range of painting styles. Covering everything from pen and ink to oils and acrylics, specially commissioned photography and artwork accompanies step-by-step techniques, while profiles of contemporary artists provide insight into various working methods, materials and techniques. Acknowledging the growing interest in digital tools as a medium, information is provided throughout the book on how effects can be created using digital styluses, tablets and apps.



The most beautiful and inspirational colouring book available on the exquisite patterns found in Indian architecture and interiors. Henry Wilson’s photographs of India have appeared in Floral Patterns of India, Pattern and Ornament in the Arts of India and India Contemporary.

79 illustrations 27.0 x 21.5 cm 96pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420744 March £12.95

Patterns of India A Colouring Book Henry Wilson 104

Also available (see p.31)

978 0 500 292419 £19.95 hb

The variety of patterns in the exquisitely wrought details of India’s architecture and interiors is boundless, and one can only marvel at the ways in which materials such as wood, stone and plaster have been transformed into masterworks of decorative art. Photographer and illustrator Henry Wilson has spent decades recording the pictorial imagination of the many thousands of craftsmen who have rendered abstract and representative patterns with such extraordinary patience and skill. This beautiful new colouring book presents a range of patterns and decorative motifs from across India, all based on actual examples found in Indian architecture and interiors, and including a wide range of patterns and motifs, from abstract to floral. It also features full-page photographs of patterns in situ. This book will allow the reader to explore designs from one of the world’s greatest and most creative cultures while rendering them in colourways that are entirely their own.


An invitation to explore Svenskt Tenn’s world of magical interiors. Janet Colletti has been writing for the Swedish furniture and design industry for 20 years and has developed expertise in the people, objects and history that make it unique. Helene Boström has worked as an editor, concept developer and book consultant on numerous visual books and catalogues.

45 illustrations 35.5 x 28.0 cm 56pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 293294 February £12.95

Swedish Modern Estrid Ericson, Josef Frank & Svenskt Tenn A Colouring Book of Magical Interiors Janet Colletti • Edited by Helene Boström Swedish Modern is a playful introduction to the philosophy and heritage of the Swedish interior design and furniture company Svenskt Tenn, founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson and joined ten years later by designer and architect Josef Frank. Contrary to the rigid modernism that dominated in their day, theirs was a soft and tolerant style, full of variety, fantasy, humour – and elegance. Line drawings to be coloured in by the reader are integrated with fullpage colour reproductions of Josef Frank’s fantastical prints and furniture pieces, the designer’s own sketches, archival photographs and Estrid Ericson’s imaginative room and table settings. Through a creative and engaging series of compositions and short texts, the reader will not only get an insight into the creative process and design philosophy of Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank, but will also see how their legacy is still at the heart of Svenskt Tenn today. Swedish Modern will delight design enthusiasts, designers, colouring-book fans and everyone else with an interest in the history of design, modern Swedish design, Svenskt Tenn, patterns, Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank.



Showcases the work of over fifty of the world’s most creative ceramicists and offers insights into their working methods. Amber Creswell Bell is an arts, design and lifestyle writer and creative curator. She writes for Australia’s most popular design blog, The Design Files. Keith Brymer Jones is a British potter and ceramic designer, known for his homeware Word Range with retro lettering and punk motifs. In 2015, he debuted as an expert judge on BBC2’s The Great Pottery Throw Down.

231 illustrations 25.5 x 19.5 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500729 February £24.95

Clay Contemporary Ceramic Artisans Amber Creswell Bell • Foreword by Keith Brymer Jones 106

One of the oldest human crafts, pottery is experiencing a renaissance, with a renewed desire for unique pieces and a respect for the imperfections associated with the marks of the maker. From the functional to decorative and sculptural works pushing the boundaries of the craft, Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans offers a glimpse into the lives and practices of over 50 studio potters from around the world. It is a celebration of the new pottery artisans and a behind-the-scenes look at their inspirations and working methods.


Mexico A Culinary Quest

Hossein Amirsadeghi Executive Editor Ana Paula Gerard

A culinary odyssey through Mexico’s food traditions and the epicurean tastes of its people. Hossein Amirsadeghi is a writer as well as the editor of numerous books, including Contemporary Art Mexico and London Burning: Portraits from a Creative City, both published by Thames & Hudson. Ana Paula Gerard is the co-founder of Ayúdate, a Mexican non-profit microcredit organization.

Hossein Amirsadeghi Executive Editor Ana Paula Gerard

TransGlobe Publishing

Mexico: A Culinary Quest Hossein Amirsadeghi • Executive Editor: Ana Paula Gerard


Chronicling a quest for the soul of Mexico through the medium of its food, this book captures the essence and spirit of Mexican food history as well as a wide range of contemporary cooking styles in more than 100 entertaining, informative profiles. They represent a cross-section of walks of life and social classes: nuns; grandes dames; campesinos; barrio residents; creatives in the arts, architecture, music, film and media; businesspeople – and, of course, great chefs. The lively profiles are accompanied by specially commissioned photographs of both people and places, focusing the aesthetic interplay of visual and textual narratives. While food is at its heart, the lure of Mexico: A Culinary Quest is not just the featured personalities – their tables, their menus, their local specialities, their kitchens – but the country’s magnificent settings and landscape. From Yucatán to Tabasco, from Nuevo León to Chiapas, from famous watering holes to local holes in the wall, Mexico: A Culinary Quest is a feast for both the eyes and the intellect.

Over 1,000 illustrations 32.0 x 25.0 cm 544pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 970829 June £45.00


English Steeples: 16 Notecards Sixteen notecards (with envelopes), each featuring one of Julian Flannery’s immaculate line drawings of the finest medieval parish church towers and spires in England. 16 illustrations Box: 16.4 x 11.9 x 4.5 cm Cards: 14.5 x 10.3 cm ISBN 978 0 500 420638 January £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT


2072&#'0%',Å‹6$-0"Å‹6$-0"1&'0#ij2'!&#*Å‹-4#,207Å‹05'!)1&'0# 3"*-5Å‹&0-.1&'0#ij-32&5-*"Å‹3$$-*)ij&'..',%+."#,Å‹ *-3!#12#01&'0# 4#,&+Å‹3$$-*)ij-12-,Å‹',!-*,1&'0#ij207#"!*'$$#Å‹0'12-* 232& #02Å‹#**1Å‹-+#01#2ij -2&#0',%&7Å‹-02&+.2-,1&'0# 207%"*#,#Å‹3,2-,Å‹-+#01#2ij2'!&-*1Å‹#5!12*#Åž3.-,Åž7,# -32&Å‹',!-*,1&'0#ij 0,2&+Å‹',!-*,1&'0#ij5#0 7Å‹',!-*,1&'0# #12*2-,Å‹-0$-*) 109

Illustrations taken from

Fifty English Steeples Julian Flannery

Å’&#!&30!&12##.*#'12&#%*-07-$2&#,%*'1&*,"1!.#ÅŠ 4#02&-31,"7#01'2&1#4-*4#"%0,"#30 ," #3273,0'4**#"',30-.#ÅŠ 2'12&#'!-, -$#4#07.0'1&ÅŠ2*12'2&1!&'#4#"'21 '-%0.&#0Å“ Simon Jenkins

Œ,12-,'1&',%,"&,"1-+# --)œ RIBA Journal 978 0 500 343142 £50.00 hb


Magnum Photos Two boxed sets of postcards featuring iconic images of the Big Apple and the City of Light from the world’s most famous photographic agency.

,!*3"#1.&-2-%0.&1 7#,j300'Å‹#0,#0 '1!&-$Å‹4#0,-*"Å‹ #,0'02'#0Åž0#11-,Å‹ -0,#**.Å‹03,-0 #7,"+-0#ÅŠ

Magnum Photos: Paris 36 Postcards Magnum

Illustrated throughout 15.5 x 10.1 cm 36 postcards ISBN 978 0 500 420683 February £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT


Magnum Photos: New York 36 Postcards Magnum

Illustrated throughout 15.5 x 10.1 cm 36 postcards ISBN 978 0 500 420676 February £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT


David Hockney Dog Days: A Sketchbook This versatile sketchbook features Hockney’s own words and delightful drawings of his two beloved dogs, Stanley and Boodgie, to inspire your own notes, scribbles or sketches. c. 30 illustrations 23.8 x 17.7 cm 128pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420768 February £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

David Hockney Dog Days: 16 Notecards Sixteen notecards (with envelopes) featuring four of Hockney’s paintings of his beloved dachshunds. 4 illustrations Box: 15.8 x 11.8 x cm tbc 16 notecards + 16 envelopes ISBN 978 0 500 420751 February £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT

Illustrations taken from

David Hockney’s Dog Days David Hockney

Œ&#1#25-"#0*'22*#!0#230#10#+7$0'#,"1Ŋ&#70#',2#**'%#,2ŋ*-4',%ŋ!-+'!* ,"-$2#, -0#"Ŋ&#752!&+#5-0)ō ,-2'!#2&#50+1&.#12&#7+)#2-%#2&#0ŋ 2&#'01",#11,"2&#'0"#*'%&21Ŋ,"ŋ #',% -**75--""-%1ŋ2&#71-+#&-51##+2- ),-52&2.'!230#'1 #',%+"#œ David Hockney ISBN 978 0 500 286272 £8.95 pb



Herbarium Three exquisitely designed gift products inspired by Caz Hildebrand’s bestselling and brilliantly illustrated compendium of herbs.

Herbarium: 16 Notecards Sixteen individual notecards (with envelopes) featuring Caz Hildebrand’s vibrant illustrations.

16 illustrations Box: 16.4 x 12.3 x 4.5 cm Cards: 14.5 x 10.5 cm 16 notecards + 16 envelopes ISBN 978 0 500 420669 February £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT


Herbarium: 100 Cards One Hundred Herbs to Grow, Cook & Heal A collection of 100 cards featuring herb facts, practical tips and stylish illustrations from Herbarium. 100 illustrations Box: 17.4 x 11.2 x 5.6 cm Cards: 15.5 x 10.0 cm Dividers: 16.0 x 10.0 cm 100 cards + 6 dividers ISBN 978 0 500 420645 February £14.95 inc VAT | £12.46 exc VAT


Herbarium: Gift Wrap Ten sheets of wrapping paper featuring herb patterns inspired by Herbarium. Ten designs Case: 34.2 x 25.0 cm Sheet laid flat: 50.0 x 68.4 cm 10 sheets of giftwrap + 12 gift tags ISBN 978 0 500 420652 February £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Illustrations taken from

Herbarium Caz Hildebrand

Œ&'1'1 --)5&'!&'1',$-0+#"ŋ31#$3*,"!-+.*#2#*7"'4',#Ŋ 2œ1+312$-0 ,7-,#5'2&,',2#0#12',2&# #327-$&#0 1-02&# -*",#11-$%0#2"#1'%,œ Yotam Ottolenghi

Œ,#6/3'1'2#,"',1.'02'-,* --)œ Nigella Lawson ISBN 978 0 500 518939 £16.95 hb



Patterns of India: 16 Notecards

Patterns of India: Set of 3 Notebooks

ISBN 978 0 500 420553 £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT boxed

ISBN 978 0 500 420546 £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT pb

Decorated Papers: Journal

Decorated Papers: Set of 3 Notebooks

ISBN 978 0 500 420539 £8.95 inc VAT | £7.46 exc VAT hb

ISBN 978 0 500 420515 £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT pb

The Book of Kells – Animals: Box of 16 Notecards

The Book of Kells: Journal

Shakespeare Cats: Poster Book

ISBN 978 0 500 420492 £8.95 inc VAT | £7.46 exc VAT hb

ISBN 978 0 500 420584 £17.95 inc VAT | £14.96 exc VAT pb

Patterns of India: Gift Wrapping Paper Book ISBN 978 0 500 420560 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Decorated Papers: Gift Wrapping Paper Book ISBN 978 0 500 420522 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT


ISBN 978 0 500 420485 £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT boxed



The Way Out is In: Box of 16 Notecards

The Way Out Is In: Deluxe Journal

Hokusai Pop-ups

ISBN 978 0 500 420447 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT boxed

ISBN 978 0 500 420423 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT hb

ISBN 978 0 500 518847 £19.95 hb

#!#,2 '%&*'%&21


A History of Pictures From the Cave to the Computer Screen David Hockney and Martin Gayford 310 illustrations 27.8 x 21.5 cm 360pp ISBN 978 0 500 239490 £29.95 hb

Œ+%'!$*'%&2-$ --)ŝ  3*-31œ Clive James, Guardian Œ,#*-/3#,2!-,4#012'-,*2#12'+-,72-2&#4'4'",#11-$*'$# *'4#"2&0-3%&',2#**'%#,2*--)',%œ Daily Telegraph Œ,-0+-31*7%--"&3+-30#","#,2#02',',%œ


Andrew Marr, New Statesman


Art Since 1900 3RD EDITION

Art Deco Sculpture

Dubuffet Drawings

Modernism · Antimodernism · Postmodernism Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H.D. Buchloh and David Joselit 884 illustrations 27.7 x 21.6 cm 896pp ISBN 978 0 500 239537 £48.00 hb

Alastair Duncan Over 800 illustrations 23.5 x 17.5cm 400pp ISBN 978 0 500 239483 £75.00 hb

1935–1962 Isabelle Dervaux 181 illustrations 27.9 x 23.0 cm 216pp ISBN 978 0 500 519011 £29.95 hb

Interviews with Francis Bacon

A Humument

A Life in Drawing Henri-Alexis Baatsch Illustrated throghout 22.6 x 16.0cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 094037 £19.95 hb

David Sylvester 141 illustrations 22.9 x 15.3cm 224pp ISBN 978 0 500 292532 £16.95 pb

A Treated Victorian Novel Tom Phillips Illustrated throughout 17.5 x 12.5 cm 392pp ISBN 978 0 500 519035 £20.00 hb

Art in Detail

The Art of the Bible

Edward Burtynsky: Essential Elements

100 Masterpieces Susie Hodge 700 illustrations 23.4 x 21.9 cm 432pp ISBN 978 0 500 239544 £24.95 hb

Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval World Scot McKendrick and Kathleen Doyle Illustrated throughout 31.0 x 25.0 cm 336pp ISBN 978 0 500 239476 £60.00 hb

Introduction by William A. Ewing 148 illustrations 27.5 x 33.0 cm 202pp ISBN 978 0 500 544617 £45.00 hb

The Theatre of Apparitions

Photobox: The Essential Collection

Photography Masterclass

Roger Ballen 98 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0 cm 192pp ISBN 978 0 500 544648 £24.95 hb

250 Images You Need To See Edited by Roberto Koch Illustrated throughout 22.0 x 17.0 cm 512pp ISBN 978 0 500 292662 £14.95 pb

Creative Techniques of 100 Great Photographers Paul Lowe • Foreword by Simon Norfolk Illustrated throughout 24.2 x 19.9 cm 288pp ISBN 978 0 500 544624 £19.95 flexi





Alexander McQueen Unseen


Robert Fairer • Introduction and collection texts Claire Wilcox 1,200 illustrations 27.6 x 19.0cm 632pp ISBN 978 0 500 519042 £48.00 hb

Œ,'++#,1#,"',2#,1#+-,-%0.&-$3,.0**#*#" #327œ I-D Magazine

Œ #&',"Ş2&#Ş1!#,#1(-30,#7$3**-$130.0'1#1,"+-+#,21-$ %0!#2&0-3%&,#4#0Ş #$-0#Ş.3 *'1&#"'+%#1Ŋ0#2&2)',%Ŏœ Vogue France


The Experience of Architecture

The New Pavilions

Architecture and Surrealism

Henry Plummer 300 illustrations 25.5 x 18.5 cm 288pp ISBN 978 0 500 343210 £29.95 hb

Philip Jodidio 328 illustrations 25.0 x 19.7 cm 288pp ISBN 978 0 500 343227 £24.95 hb

A Blistering Romance Neil Spiller 199 illustrations 27.9 x 22.9 cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 343203 £38.00 hb

The Advertising Concept Book

Design: The Whole Story

In Five and a Half Steps Michael Johnson Over 900 illustrations 24.5 x 21.0 cm 320pp ISBN 978 0 500 518960 £29.95 hb

Think Now, Design Later Pete Barry Over 500 illustrations 23.8 x 20.0 cm 320pp ISBN 978 0 500 518984 £22.50 hb

General Editor: Elizabeth White Over 1,000 illustrations 24.3 x 17.2 cm 576pp ISBN 978 0 500 292280 £19.95 pb

Chairs by Architects

Cut That Out

Islamic Design Workbook

Agata Toromanoff Over 150 illustrations 26.0 x 21.0 cm 160pp ISBN 978 0 500 292501 £16.95 pb

Contemporary Collage in Graphic Design DR.ME 350 illustrations 25.0 x 19.5 cm 288pp ISBN 978 0 500 292242 £24.95 pb

Eric Broug Illustrated throughout 29.7 x 21.0 cm 64pp ISBN 978 0 500 292426 £14.95 pb

Indoor Green

Lives of the Great Gardeners

The Quest for Shakespeare’s Garden

Living with Plants Bree Claffey Illustrated throughout 24.0 x 17.0 cm 192pp ISBN 978 0 500 500538 £19.95 hb

Stephen Anderton 247 illustrations 24.5 x 18.5 cm 304pp ISBN 978 0 500 518564 £24.95 hb

Roy Strong Illustrated throughout 23.0 x 16.0 cm 112pp ISBN 978 0 500 252246 £14.95 hb





Hip Hop Raised Me


DJ Semtex Over 1,000 illustrations 30.7 x 23.9 cm 448pp ISBN 978 0 500 518946 £40.00 hb

Œ #32'$3*"#"'!2'-,2-2&# #32'$3*!3*230# 1.,,',%$'4#"#!"#1,"5#*2&-$2-.'!1œ i-D


Remarkable Birds

Explorers’ Sketchbooks

The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic

Mark Avery 225 illustrations 24.6 x 18.6 cm 240pp ISBN 978 0 500 518533 £24.95 hb

The Art of Discovery & Adventure Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert Over 400 illustrations 19.5 x 27.0cm 320pp ISBN 978 0 500 252192 £29.95 hb

An Illustrated History Christopher Dell Over 400 illustrations 25.4 x 20.2 cm 400pp ISBN 978 0 500 518885 £24.95 hb



Scientific Theories and Experiments Explained Robert Cave 100 illustrations 19.8 x 14.0 cm 224pp ISBN 978 0 500 292006 £9.99 pb

A Biography David Thomson 92 illustrations 24.7 x 17.8 cm 416pp ISBN 978 0 500 519165 £19.95 hb

Tales of Our Times, From Apple to Isis Peter Conrad 23.4 x 15.3 cm 248pp ISBN 978 0 500 292587 £18.95 hb

Bitten By Witch Fever

This Way Madness Lies


Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home Lucinda Hawksley Illustrated throughout 25.0 x 19.5 cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 518380 £28.00 hb

The Asylum and Beyond Mike Jay Over 600 illustrations 27.9 x 17.9 cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 518977 £24.95 hb

Epic Cycling Climbs Michael Blann 173 illustrations 25.5 x 30.5 cm 224pp ISBN 978 0 500 518915 £34.95 hb


The Craft Companion

William Morris

One Hundred Herbs: Grow · Cook · Heal Caz Hildebrand Illustrated throughout 24.6 x 16.5 cm 224pp ISBN 978 0 500 518939 £16.95 hb

Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson Illustrated throughout 27.5 x 22.0 cm 408pp ISBN 978 0 500 518922 £24.95 hb

An Arts & Crafts Colouring Book Illustrated throughout 26.9 x 21.5 cm 96pp ISBN 978 0 500 420591 £12.95 pb


Why It’s Not All Rocket Science


Picture Credits


On the cover Front: from Erik Madigan Heck. See p58. Back: from Swedish Modern. See p105.

Aga Khan, Princess Catherine 30 The Age of Glamour 24 Alice’s Adventures 56 The American Dream 22 Amirsadeghi, Hossein 108 An, Kyung 9 The Anatomy of Colour 46 Ancient Ivory 97 Anderson, Gail 78 Andrews, Guy 88 Animation: The Global History 74 Arabic for Designers 81 Architecture Matters 33 Art & Religion in the 21st Century 14 Art Deco Poster 76 The Art of Sound 71 Arthus-Bertrand, Yann 66 Arts of the Hellenized East 29 Attlee, James 67 Bags 26 Bahn, Paul 99 Bahrani, Zainab 17 Bar, Noma 82 Barbet, Matt 89 Barnett, Richard 87 Baty, Patrick 46 Bawa 39 Betsky, Aaron 33, 40 Bittersweet: Noma Bar 82 Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks 62 Bolt, Barbara 6 Bonanos, Christopher 64 Bosch 15 Boström, Helene 105 Botanical Sketchbooks 100 Boutros, Mourad 81 Bouveresse, Clara 2 Bowen, Li 6 Bowlt, John E. 8 Bradbury, Dominic 44 Bright, Susan 58 The British Museum 20–23 The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture 88 Brymer Jones, Keith 106 Building Community 36 Burrows, Terry 71 Buse, Peter 64 Bush, Sophie 42 Bynum, Helen 100 Bynum, William 100 Cann, Helen 102 Carey, Francis 23 Carter, Martha L. 29 Caujolle, Christian 60

p2, Magnum Manifesto p2, Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photo p3, Leonard Freed/Magnum Photos p6, David Hockney Current David Hockney, English 1937– The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) – 2 January (1147). iPad drawing printed on 6 sheets of paper, mounted on Dibond 290.8 x 218.4cm (overall). Collection of the artist © David Hockney. Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt pp62–63, Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks p65, Polystichum munitum, western swordfern, young furled frond. Photograph by Karl Blossfeldt © Ann and Jürgen Wilde, Zülpich pp64–65, The Polaroid Project p64, Ellen Carey, Pulls (CMY), 1997 © Ellen Carey, Jayne H. Baum Gallery, NYC, NY and M+B Gallery, LA, CA p65, James Nitsch, Razor blade. 1976. © James Nitsch p66, The Earth From The Air Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Heart in Voh, New Caledonia.


p101, Botanical Sketchbooks Top left and bottom right images © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Below left: Courtesy of Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, P.A.

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Grand, Katie 56 Graphic Design School 84 Grimshaw, Chloe 49 Gruetzner Robins, Anna 23 Hancock, Sheila 92 Hand-Drawn Maps 102 Harper, Prudence O. 29 Harriston, Stephen 30 Hawkins, Alice 56 Haywood, Mark 56 Heller, Steven 78 Herbarium: 100 Cards 112 Herbarium: 16 Notecards 112 Herbarium: Gift Wrap 113 Herrmann, Georgina 97 Hicks, David 45 Histories of Nations 93 Hitchcock, Barbara P. 64 David Hockney: Current 6 David Hockney Dog Days: 16 Notecards 111 David Hockney Dog Days: A Sketchbook 111 Hoefler, Jonathan 80 Hoffmann, Jens 13 Hokusai 20 Billie Holiday at Sugar Hill 70 How to Thrive in the Next Economy 86 Ibelings, Hans 40 Intimate 45 Japanese House Reinvented 34 Jay, John C. 56 Jelonnek, Dennis 64 Jeweled Splendours of the Art Deco Era 30 Jodidio, Philip 34 Johnston, Lucy 26 Kaoukji, Salam 29 Karabuda Ecer, Ayperi 68 Kerr, Frith 56 King, Natalie 12 William Klein 60 Klougart, Josefine 10 Knight, Nick 56 Küster, Hansjorg 62 Lane, Hannah 52 Sergio Larrain: Valparaiso 61 Larrington, Carolyne 98 Lorblanche, Michel 99 Lubben, Kirsten 3 Lynn, Greg 35 Mackrell, Judith 19 Magnum Contact Sheets 3 Magnum Gifts 4 Magnum Manifesto 2

Magnum Photos: New York 110 Magnum Photos: Paris 110 Maidment, Simon 6 Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals 85 Maticevski 53 Mauriès, Patrick 28 McCarter, Robert 38 McGrath, Shannon 45 Mesopotamia: Ancient Art and Architecture 17 Mexico: A Culinary Quest 108 Meyers, Pieter 29 Tracey Moffatt: My Horizon 12 Morris, William 25 Moss, Eric Owen 35 Murphy-Smith, Helen 94 Neruda, Pablo 61 New Nordic Gardens 50 News from Nowhere 25 Norse Myths 98 North Sea 67 Oakley Smith, Mitchell 53 Ornament and Decoration in the Arts of India 32 Pallasmaa, Juhani 38 Pattern and Ornament in the Arts of India 31 Patterns of India 104 Peill, James 48 People of Print 77 People Power 92 Renzo Piano 41 Picardie, Justine 58 Places of the Mind 23 Pocket Museum: Ancient Greece 94 Pocket Museum: Ancient Rome 94 The Polaroid Project 64 Possémé, Évelyne 28, 30 Powell, Aubrey 72 Powers, Alan 18 Powers, Richard 44 Precious Indian Weapons 29 Rainero, Pierre 30 Ramkalawon, Jennifer 22 Ravilious & Co 18 Redress 52 Reuter, Rebekka 64 Revival Type 80 Robot House 35 Robson, David 39 Rohrbach, John 64 Rosen, Aaron 14 Russian Art of the Avant-Garde 8 Sansoni, Dominic 39 Saumarez Smith, Charles 91 Seligman, Isabel 22 Shaw, Paul 80 Shoes 26

Show Time 13 Sidwells, Chris 89 Silva Maroto, Pilar 15 Sire, Agnès 61 Sloan, Kim 23 The Smile Stealers 87 Smiles, Sam 23 Smith, David Michael 94 Smith, Lyn 92 Smith, Marcroy 77 Smith, Zadie 70 Soulages, Pierre 99 Stanishev, Georgi 40 Stewart, Sandra 84 Studio 44 40 Swedish Modern 105 Tallman, Susan 22 Tärneberg, Sofia 52 Terestchenko, Ivan 45 Testa, Peter 35 Thackara, John 86 Thompson, Martin 85 Thompson, Rob 85 Type Tells Tales 78 Ullin, Sophie 90 The Unfinished Palazzo 19 Van Zante, Gary 64 The Venice Book 90 Vickress, Abbie 84 Victoria and Albert Museum 24–27 Vinyl • Album • Cover • Art 72 Vogt, Günther 10 Warehouse Home 42 Waterside Modern 44 Webb, Michael 36 Whitaker, Neale 45 White, Luke 49 Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art 9 Wilcox, Claire 26 Wilde, Ann 62 Wilde, Jürgen 62 Wilkinson, Richard H. 96 Williams, Rowan 25 Wilson, Henry 31, 104 Wilson, Kate 103 Woolley, Linda 26 The Work of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects 38 World Press Foundation 60 World Press Photo 17 60 Your Glacial Expectations 10 Zempol, Eric 84 Zetterman, Annika 50


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