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20 Notecards to Annoy Your Friends (or Make Them Smile)

30 Ways to Annoy Your Friends by Mail

Ana Benaroya

Ana Benaroya

ISBN 9780500420140 £9.95 (inc VAT in UK) £8.29 (excl VAT) Greeting cards

ISBN 9780500420157 £7.95 (inc VAT in UK) £6.63 (excl VAT)  Postcards

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson




Postcards U-Dox

The Trump Card Game U-Dox

ISBN 9780500420171 £7.95 (inc VAT in UK) £6.63 (excl VAT) Postcards

ISBN 9780500420188 £8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) Box set

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

Three Chineasy Notebooks

Chineasy Memory Game

Ladies of Letterpress

Analogue vs. Digital Memory Game



Mieke Gerritzen

ISBN 9780500420133 £8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) Notebook

ISBN 9780500420126 £14.95 (inc VAT in UK) £12.46 (excl VAT) Box set

Dedicated to the Proposition That a Woman's Place is in the Printshop Jessica C. White and Kseniya Thomas

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson


ISBN 9781782402299  £24.99  PB

ISBN 9789063693787 £12.95 (inc VAT in UK) £10.79 (excl VAT) Box set

Ivy Press

BIS Publishers

Space Travel Dice

Box of Beetles

Hannah Waldron

100 Beautiful Postcards ISBN 9781782402381 £14.99 (inc VAT in UK) £12.49 (excl VAT) Postcards

ISBN 9781856699495 £9.95 (inc VAT in UK) £8.29 (excl VAT) Box set Laurence King

Ivy Press

Cycling Stars

Cycling Climbs

Paper London

A Trump Card Game Claire Beaumont and Rupert Smissen

20 Removable Prints Claire Beaumont and Nigel Peake

ISBN 9781856699631

£8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) Playing Cards

ISBN 9781856699655 £19.95 (inc VAT in UK) £17.95 (excl VAT) HB

Take a Tour of the City's Iconic Sights, Then Build Your Own Model Metropolis Kell Black

Laurence King

Laurence King

ISBN 9781908005274  £9.99  PB Ivy Press



Fingerprint Art Postcards

Federico Babina

Marion Deuchars

ISBN 9781780674117 £9.95 (inc VAT in UK) £8.29 (excl VAT) PB

ISBN 9781856699617 £8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) PB

Laurence King

Laurence King

Cat Postcards

Beautiful Horses Postcard Book


Polly Horner and Sue Parslow

30 Postcards of Champion Breeds Andrew Perris

Markus Fischer

ISBN 9781856699501 £8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) PB Laurence King

ISBN 9781782402497

£7.99 (inc VAT in UK) £6.66 (excl VAT) PB Ivy Press


ISBN 9781781572146  £9.99  PB ILEX


Querkles Masterpiece

Stickerbomb Skateboard

The Atlas Journal

A Puzzling Colour-by-Numbers Book Thomas Pavitte

Thomas Pavitte

Studio Rarekwai (SRK)

ISBN 9781781572412  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9781780674124  £17.95  PB

A Travel Notebook with Meticulous Maps for the Itinerant Globetrotter Alastair Campbell


Laurence King

ISBN 9781781572405  £9.99  PB ILEX

ISBN 9781781572504 £12.99 (inc VAT in UK) £10.83 (excl VAT) HB ILEX

Another Architecture Notebook

The Great Indoors Notebook

The Art Culture Notebook

Magma Sketchbook: Architecture

ISBN 9789491727573

ISBN 9789491727566

ISBN 9789491727627

Magma and Phineas Harper

£12.00 (inc VAT in UK) £10.00 (exc VAT in UK) Notebook PB

£12.00 (inc VAT in UK) £10.00 (exc VAT in UK) Notebook PB

£12.00 (inc VAT in UK) £10.00 (exc VAT in UK) Notebook PB

FRAME Publishers

FRAME Publishers

FRAME Publishers

ISBN 9781856699648 £12.95 (inc VAT in UK) £10.79 (excl VAT) PB Laurence King





Ponsonby's Curious Compendium

Ponsonby's Curious Compendium

Memento Mori

Insects & Spiders Claire Beverley and David Ponsonby

Sea Creatures Dr Georges Dussart and David Ponsonby

The Dead Among Us Paul Koudounaris

ISBN 9781782402442  £12.99  HB

ISBN 9781782402459  £12.99  HB

ISBN 9780500517789  £36.00  HB

Ivy Press

Ivy Press

Thames & Hudson

This collection of portraits features


Portrait e British th Sitwells d in

cameo appearances by animals, selected from the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, London, by Robin Gibson, a former Chief Curator, who tells the remarkable stories behind them. From the Elizabethan soldier and diplomat Sir Henry Unton to the children

s ing inning round tion.

of King Charles I; from the little terrier

our .

of ballet dancer Anna Pavlova and her

that records Lady Caroline Lamb’s first

‘Look at people and their pets today. Pets tell us something about their owners, whether they are bought to make a fashion statement, as child substitutes or as an expression of unconditional love between two sentient beings.’ So remarked Robin Gibson, the author of this book (originally titled The Face in the Corner), on its first publication in 1998. ‘It is about the various animals that appear in portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, but it is also about the owners of the animals who commissioned the portraits. The association of the subject or indeed the artist of a portrait with an identifiable pet immediately adds a further dimension to our understanding of the characterisation.’

extra-marital affair to Queen Victoria’s dogs, photographed with her gillie John Brown; from the extraordinary images pet swan to the poet and critic Dame Edith Sitwell and her favourite cat, this


book charts the British love affair with

with an introduction by C H R I S PA C K H A M

the domestic pet.

Pets in Portraits £10

Amusing and often surprising, this delightful book provides some unusual insights into the special bond between sitters and their faithful companions. And for this new edition the naturalist, photographer and television presenter Chris Packham has contributed an introduction that features additional portraits from the Gallery’s collections.


28/10/2014 13:02

The Domestic Alchemist

Pets in Portraits



501 Herbal Recipes for Home, Health & Happiness Pip Waller

Robin Gibson and Chris Packham

Mavis Pilbeam

Delia Pemberton

ISBN 9781855144989  £10.00  PB

ISBN 9780714151120  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9780714151113  £9.99  PB

National Portrait Gallery

British Museum Press

British Museum Press

Chicken & Egg

London Sketchbook

Royal London Sketchbook

Shuffle & Deal

An Egg-Centric Guide to Raising Poultry Andy Cawthray and James Hermes

Jason Brooks

John Cleave and Roger Williams

Tara Gallagher

ISBN 9781780674100  £19.95  HB

ISBN 9789814385428  £20.00  HB

ISBN 9781781572689  £14.99  HB

Laurence King

Editions Didier Millet


ISBN 9781782401438  £19.99  HB Ivy Press

ISBN 9781782402008  £14.99  PB Ivy Press


Somethink Completely Different

The Wallpaper Colouring Book 1

Cut Out + Keep

Life Drawing in 15 Minutes

100+ Funny, Inspirational and Thought-Provoking One-Liners Mwah

Jessica Stokes and Gemma Latimer

Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects Cat Morley and Tom Waddington

Amaze Your Friends With Your Figure Drawing Skills Jake Spicer

ISBN 9789063693749  £8.95  HB


ISBN 9781780674162  £17.95  PB

ISBN 9781781572634  £9.99  PB

Laurence King


Mindfulness & The Journey of Bereavement

Galileo and the Art of Ageing Mindfully

ISBN 9781781572429  £9.99  PB

BIS Publishers

Draw Horses in 15 Minutes

Moments of Mindfulness

Diana Hand

How to Live a Mindful Life

ISBN 9781781572498  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9781782402510  £5.99  HB

Restoring Hope After a Death Peter Bridgewater

Wisdom of the Night Skies Adam Ford


Ivy Press

ISBN 9781782402060  £8.99  HB

ISBN 9781782402435  £8.99  HB

Ivy Press

Ivy Press



Soil, Soul & Society

The Celtic Myths

Royal Love Stories

A New Trinity for Our Time Satish Kumar

A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends Miranda Aldhouse-Green and

ISBN 9781782402350  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9780500252093  £12.95  HB

The Tales Behind the Real-Life Romances of Europe's Kings & Queens Gill Paul

Ivy Press

Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9781782401506  £12.99  PB Ivy Press

Nautical Chic

Denim Dudes

Menswear Illustration

Icons of Women's Style

Amber Jane Butchart

Street Style Vintage Workwear Obsession Amy Leverton

Richard Kilroy

Josh Sims

ISBN 9780500517796  £19.95  PB

ISBN 9781780672717  £19.95  PB

Thames & Hudson

Laurence King

ISBN 9780500517802   £24.95  HB Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9781780674186  £16.95  PB Laurence King


Fashion Visionaries

Fashion China

Girly Style Wardrobe

Print, Make, Wear

Linda Watson

Gemma A. Williams

Yoshiko Tsukiori

ISBN 9781780675787  £24.95  PB

ISBN 9780500291641  £18.95  PB

ISBN 9781780674094  £14.95  PB

Creative Projects for Digital Textile Design Melanie Bowles and The People's Print

Laurence King

Thames & Hudson

Laurence King

ISBN 9781780674704  £19.95  PB Laurence King



Björk: Archives

Blue Note

Klaus Biesenbach

Francis Wolff and Michael Cuscuna

ISBN 9780500291948  £40.00  PB

ISBN 9782080202208  £29.95  HB

Thames & Hudson



How to Make Coffee

10,000 Salads

10,000 Pasta

The Science Behind the Bean Lani Kingston

Combinations to Create 10,000 Meals Susanna Tee

ISBN 9781782402015  £12.99  HB

ISBN 9781782402022  £9.99  HB

Includes Sauces & Toppings to Create 10,000 meals Susanna Tee

Ivy Press

Ivy Press

ISBN 9781782402039  £9.99  HB Ivy Press


Baklava to Tarte Tatin

Improbable Libraries

The Scottish Country House

A World Tour in 110 Dessert Recipes Bernard Laurance

Alex Johnson

James Knox and James Fennell

ISBN 9780500517772  £14.95  HB

ISBN 9780500291726  £18.95  PB

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9782080202154  £19.95  HB Flammarion


© Ulf Andersen / Gamma

An Illustrated Miscellany

FRANCE Denis Tillinac

An Illustrated Miscellany Plon Flammarion

Plon Flammarion 14-X

ir faire tes the scintilette, or ed glass ng hisersonal s handundless




Parisian-born Denis Tillinac is a renowned and prolific French writer. He is the author of Remembering Paris (Flammarion, 1997) and has published more than thirty-five books, including novels, essays, short stories, and poetry, many of which have received literary awards, such as the 1987 Kléber-Haedens prize for Maisons de Famille and the 1983 Roger-Nimier prize for L’Été Anglais. He was president of La Table Ronde publishing house from 1992 to 2007.

Front cover and spine: © Elliot Erwitt / Magnum Photos Back cover, from top left: © Paul Palau; © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Philippe Migeat (and spine); © Christian Sarramon; © Mondadori Portfolio / Rue des Archives; © Water Lilies, 1916–19 (oil on canvas), Claude Monet (1840–1926) / Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris, France / Giraudon /Bridgeman Images; © Salvator Barki / Getty Images

15/09/14 15:45



Bed & Borders

An Illustrated Miscellany Denis Tillinac and Jean-Claude Simoën

An Illustrated Miscellany Philippe Sollers and Jean-Claude Simoën

The Mix-&-Match Guide Simon Maughan and Jane Courtier

ISBN 9782080202093  £22.50  HB

ISBN 9782080202130  £22.50  HB

ISBN 9781782401537  £9.99  HB



Ivy Press

Greetings from Retro Design

Encore! The New Artisans

100 Great Children's Picturebooks

The Pattern Base

Vintage Graphics Decade by Decade Tony Seddon

Olivier Dupon

Martin Salisbury

ISBN 9780500517758  £24.95  HB

ISBN 9781780674087  £24.95  HB

Over 550 Contemporary Textile and Surface Designs Kristi O'Meara

Thames & Hudson

Laurence King

ISBN 9780500241479  £18.95  HB Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9780500291795  £19.95  PB Thames & Hudson


Pattern Sourcebook

Print & Pattern

Alan Kitching's A-Z of Letterpress

Street Craft

A Century of Surface Design Drusilla Cole

Geometric Bowie Style and Marie Perkins

Founts from The Typography Workshop Alan Kitching

ISBN 9781780674711  £12.95  PB

ISBN 9781780674148  £19.95  PB

ISBN 9781780674810  £14.95  HB

Yarnbombing, Guerrilla Gardening, Light Tagging, Lace Graffiti and More Riikka Kuittinen

Laurence King

Laurence King

Laurence King

ISBN 9780500517840  £14.95  HB Thames & Hudson

Painting Now

This is Cézanne

This is Matisse

This is Van Gogh

Suzanne Hudson

Jorella Andrews and Patrick Vale

Catherine Ingram and Agnès Decourchelle

George Roddam and Slawa Harasymowicz

ISBN 9780500239261  £29.95  HB

ISBN 9781780674780  £9.95  HB

ISBN 9781780674797  £9.95  HB

ISBN 9781780674803  £9.95  HB

Thames & Hudson

Laurence King

Laurence King

Laurence King


Romantic Moderns

Making Sense of Buddhist Art and Architecture

Making Sense of Christian Art and Architecture

Making Sense of Islamic Art and Architecture

Patricia Karetzky

Heather Thornton McRae

Adam Barkman

ISBN 9780500291696  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9780500291702  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9780500291719  £9.95  PB

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

Athanasius Kircher's Theatre of the World

Tokyo Camera Style

The Best of Doisneau: Paris

John Sypal

Robert Doisneau

Joscelyn Godwin

ISBN 9780500291672  £14.95  PB

ISBN 9782080202178  £7.95  PB

Thames & Hudson


English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper Alexandra Harris ISBN 9780500289723  £16.95  PB Thames & Hudson


ISBN 9780500291740  £29.95  PB Thames & Hudson


Photography Visionaries

British Life Photography Awards Portfolio 1

World Press Photo 15

Beyond Auto

Kari Lundelin

ISBN 9781780674759  £24.95  PB

Images Selected by the Judging Panel of the Inaugural British Life Photography Awards

ISBN 9780500970669  £16.95  PB

What Auto Does & Why You're Better Chris Gatcum

Laurence King

ISBN 9781781572641  £20.00  HB

Thames & Hudson

Mary Warner Marien

ISBN 9781781572665  £9.99  PB ILEX


What They Didn't Teach You in Photo School

The Photographer's iPad

Demetrius Fordham

ISBN 9781781572269  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9781781572696  £14.99  PB

Frank Gallaugher





Enchanted Forest

At the Animal Ball

I've an Uncle Ivan

Johanna Basford

Ella Bailey

Ben Sanders

ISBN 9781780674872  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9781782402305  £12.99  HB

ISBN 9780500500361  £9.95  HB

Laurence King

Ivy Press

Thames & Hudson Australia

Stickyscapes London

Stickyscapes Paris

Robert Samuel Hanson

Malika Favre

ISBN 9781856699549  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9781856699563  £9.95  PB

Laurence King

Laurence King


It Might Be An Apple

Stripe Island

How Things Work

On The Train

Shinsuke Yoshitake

Tupera Tupera

Carron Brown and Bee Jonsson

ISBN 9780500650486  £7.95  HB

ISBN 9780500650479  £8.95  HB

Facts and Fun • Questions and answers • Things to make and do OKIDO

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9780500650448  £12.95  HB

Ivy Press

ISBN 9781782402428  £10.99  HB

Thames & Hudson

Best-Dressed Pets

Doodleflip Dress-Up

Sew Fab

Woodland Friends

A Fashion Sticker Book Nicole Jarecz and Lisa Regan

Hennie Haworth

Sewing and Style for Young Fashionistas Lesley Ware

Pull-out Prints Bowie Style and Marie Perkins

ISBN 9781780674049  £12.95  HB

ISBN 9781856699600 £17.95 (inc VAT in UK) £14.96 (excl VAT) PB

ISBN 9781780674742  £7.95  PB Laurence King

ISBN 9781780674179  £7.95  HB Laurence King

Laurence King

Laurence King


3D Bubble Writer

This is Not a Maths Book



A Crazy Craft Book Linda Scott

A Graphic Activity Book Anna Weltman

My Beastly Activity Book Victor Escandell

The most astonishing inventions of all time Deborah Kespert

ISBN 9781780674865  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9781782402053  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9780500650462  £9.95  PB

ISBN 9780500650431  £12.95  HB

Laurence King

Ivy Press

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson

Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds

Oceans in 30 Seconds

Secrets of the Rainforest

Secrets of the Seashore

30 Awesome Topics for Pharaoh Fanatics Explained in Half a Minute Cath Senker

30 Cool Topics for Junior Marine Explorers Explained in Half a Minute Jen Green

Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner

Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner

ISBN 9781782401834  £7.99  PB

ISBN 9781782402367  £7.99  PB

ISBN 9781782402374  £9.99  PB

ISBN 9781782402398  £9.99  PB

Ivy Press

Ivy Press

Ivy Press

Ivy Press




Make a Face Memory Game Anja Brunt ISBN 9789063693480 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

Can You See What I See Memory Game It's Just More Fun When You Take a Closer Look Tineke Meirink ISBN 9789063692995 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT)

London Memory Game Find Matching Pairs of Typical London Sights Patrick Gleeson and Nick Dixon ISBN 9789063692339 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

Street Art Memory Game

Street Style Memory Game 3

Street Style Memory Game 2

Street Style Memory Game

Janne Ettwig and Lilian Van Dongen Torman

Barbara Iweins and Lilian Van Dongen Torman

Barbara Iweins and Lilian Van Dongen Torman

Barbara Iweins and Lilian Van Dongen Torman

ISBN 9789063693220 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063693367 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063692704 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063692315 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT)

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers


You Are What You Eat Memory Game

Twins Memory Game

Van Gogh Memory Game

Dutch Design Memory Game

Match the Twins! Maaike Strengholt and Dim Balsem

Find Matching Pairs of Typical Works by Van Gogh Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Premsela and Thonik

ISBN 9789063693015 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063692452 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT)

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

Fake for Real

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Numbers Game


Paul M. Baars and Lilian Van Dongen Torman

Renske Solkesz

Typeface Memory Game ps.2 arquitetura + design

ISBN 9789063693701 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063692964 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) Box set

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

A Memory Game About Reality Hendrik-Jan Grievink and Koert van Mensvoort ISBN 9789063691776 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

ISBN 9789063692216 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers


ISBN 9789063692940 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

Marije Vogelzang and Agnes Kappert ISBN 9789063692728 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

The Stewardess Game

Dice for Change

Play Van Abbe

A Family Card Game Jessica Bouvy and Lydia de Koning

For Your Daily Random Acts of Goodness Creative Heroes

ISBN 9789063692957 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT)

ISBN 9789063692780 £10.95 (inc VAT in UK) £9.13 (excl VAT) Box set

Memory by Intuition: 60 Artworks from the Van Abbemuseum Collection Van Abbemuseum

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

ISBN 9789063692414 £13.95 (inc VAT in UK) £11.63 (excl VAT) BIS Publishers

Once upon a time I was..

Dear Fashion Diary

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

The autobiography of:

Discover Your Taste - Become Your Own Style Guru Emmi Ojala and Laura de Jong

Pop Music Wisdom Marcus Kraft

ISBN 9789063693107  £11.95  PB

ISBN 9789063692889  £14.95  HB

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

Lavinia Bakker ISBN 9789063693466  £14.95  HB BIS Publishers

Always be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Unicorn, Then Always Be a Unicorn A Snapshot of the Weird and Wonderful World of the Tumblr Generation. Pernille Kok-Jensen and Els Dragt ISBN 9789063693503  £11.95  HB BIS Publishers

Get off the Internet 20 Pop Song Advice Postcards Marcus Kraft ISBN 9789063693282 £8.95 (inc VAT in UK) £7.46 (excl VAT) Postcards BIS Publishers


Never Touch a Painting When It's Wet And 50 Other Ridiculous Art Rules Anneloes van Gaalen ISBN 9789063692803  £12.95  HB

Never Leave the House Naked

Never Photograph People Eating

Never Sleep With The Director

And 50 Other Ridiculous Fashion Rules Anneloes van Gaalen

And 50 Other Ridiculous Photography Rules Anneloes van Gaalen

And 50 Other Ridiculous Film Rules Anneloes van Gaalen

ISBN 9789063692148  £12.95  HB

ISBN 9789063692773  £12.95  HB

ISBN 9789063692766  £12.95  HB

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers

Never Use Pop Up Windows

Never Use White Type on a Black Background

The Medium is the Message

BIS Publishers

Never Use More Than Two Different Typefaces And 50 Other Ridiculous Typography Rules Anneloes van Gaalen ISBN 9789063692162  £12.95  HB BIS Publishers


And 50 Other Ridiculous Web Rules Anneloes van Gaalen ISBN 9789063692179  £12.95  HB BIS Publishers

And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules Anneloes van Gaalen ISBN 9789063692179  £12.95  HB BIS Publishers

And 50 Other Ridiculous Advertising Rules Anneloes van Gaalen ISBN 9789063692155  £12.95  HB BIS Publishers



Karim White



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