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Vitra Design Museum 400 images 18.0 x 24.0 cm 368pp | Hardback 9783945852330 September | £60.00

A comprehensive look at the reciprocal influences of Surrealism and design to the present day

Editors: Mateo Kries, Tanja Cunz

Objects of Desire Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today

Surrealism expanded our reality by drawing upon myths, dreams, and the subconscious as sources of artistic inspiration. Beginning in the 1930s, the movement made a crucial impact on design, and it continues to inspire designers to this day. Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design is the first book to document this fascinating conversation. It includes numerous essays and a comprehensive selection of images which trace these reciprocal exchanges by juxtaposing exemplary artworks and design objects. Among the featured artists and designers are Gae Aulenti, Achille Castiglioni, Giorgio de Chirico, Le Corbusier, Salvador Dalí, Marcel Duchamp, Antoni Gaudí, Frederick Kiesler, René Magritte, Carlo


Mollino, Meret Oppenheim, and many others. The book is rounded off with historical text material as well as short texts and statements by contemporary designers. This in-depth examination makes one thing abundantly clear: form does not always follow function – it can also follow our obsessions, our fantasies, and our hidden desires. Mateo Kries is an art historian, curator, author and has been the director of the Vitra Design Museum since 2011. Tanja Cunz is an Assistant Curator at the Vitra Design Museum.


Fashionary International Ltd Illustrated throughout 19.0cm x 13.5cm 192pp | Hardback 9789887711087 November | £16.95


The Hidden Facts of Fashion The Hidden Facts of Fashion reveals the hidden knowledge of the fashion world, with guides and top tips for the fashion-savvy. Tricks of the trade from the fashion expert and publisher Fashionary are presented in an accessible, fun and easy-to-read guide. Did you know? • Dress lengths are decided by stock market trends • Many shirt collar buttonholes lie horizontally, but other buttonholes are vertical for very practical reasons • White wine can be used to wash away red wine stains


Find fun facts and much more in this fascinating, clever little book for fashion enthusiasts and experts. Fashionary design and produce books and products for professional fashion designers, students and fellow fashionistas!


Fashionary International Ltd Illustrated throughout 21.0 x 14.0cm 240pp | Hardback 9789887711094 November | ÂŁ29.95


The Textile Manual The Textile Manual is the ultimate encyclopaedia of textiles, covering everything from material to yarn, from fabric structure to the finishing process. Encompassing practical tips for a range of textiles and detailed visuals, this ultraaccessible manual is the perfect companion for fashion aficionados and aspiring fashion designers.


Fashionary design and produce books and products for professional fashion designers, students and fellow fashionistas!

Fashionpedia The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design Hardback | 9789881354761 | £36.50

The Fashion Business Manual An Illustrated Guide to Building a Fashion Brand Hardback | 9789887710974 | £31.50

The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends Visual biographies of the world’s greatest designers Hardback | 9789887711025 | £18.50


Poses for Fashion Illustration 100 Essential Figure Template Cards for Designers Cardbox | 9789887711056 £25.50 inc VAT

Fashionary Shoe Design A Handbook for Footwear Designers Hardback | 9789881354716 | £28.50

Fashionary Bag Design A Handbook for Accessories Designers Hardback | 9789887710806 | £28.50


FUEL 220 illustrations 16.0 x 20.0cm 248pp | Hardback 9780995745568 September | £24.95

Also available Soviet Bus Stops: Hardback | 9780993191107 | £19.95 Soviet Bus Stops Volume II: Hardback | 9780993191183 | £19.95

Christopher Herwig; Essay by Owen Hatherley; Editors: Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell

Soviet Metro Stations ‘For us’, said Nikita Khrushchev in his memoirs, ‘there was something supernatural about the Metro’. Visiting any of the dozen or so Metro networks built across the Soviet Union between the 1930s and 1980s, it is easy to see why. Rather than the straightforward systems of London, Paris or New York, these networks were used as a propaganda artwork – a fusion of sculpture, architecture and art, combining Byzantine, medieval, baroque and Constructivist ideas and infusing them with the notion that Communism would mean a ‘communal luxury’ for all. Today these astonishing spaces remain the closest realisation of a Soviet utopia. Following his best-selling quest for Soviet Bus Stops, Christopher Herwig has completed a subterranean expedition – photographing the stations of each Metro network of the former USSR. From extreme marble and chandelier opulence to brutal futuristic minimalist glory, 8

Soviet Metro Stations documents this wealth of diverse architecture. Along the way Herwig captures individual elements that make up this singular Soviet experience: neon, concrete, escalators, signage, mosaics and relief sculptures all combine build an unforgettably vivid map of the Soviet Metro. The photographs are introduced by leading architecture, politics and culture author and journalist Owen Hatherley. Christopher Herwig is a Canadian born photographer and videographer. Currently based in Jordan, his previous homes have included Liberia and Kazakhstan. Owen Hatherley is a British writer and journalist. He is the author of Landscapes of Communism, a history of communism in Europe told through the built environments of former socialist states.


FUEL 200 illustrations 20.0 x 16.0cm 192pp | Hardback 9780995745575 September | £24.95

Roland Elliott Brown; Editors: Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell

Godless Utopia: Soviet Anti-Religious Propaganda Soviet atheism is the great lost subject of the twentieth century. Pope Pius XI led a ‘crusade of prayer’ against it. The Nazis called it a Jewish plot. Franklin D Roosevelt pressured Stalin to abandon it. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn blamed it for Russia’s catastrophes. And yet, because the Soviet Union promoted atheism almost entirely for domestic consumption, decades’ worth of arcane and astonishing anti-religious imagery remains unknown in the West. Drawing on the early Soviet atheist magazines Godless and Godless at the Machine, and post-war posters by Communist Party publishers, Roland Elliott Brown presents an unsettling tour of atheist ideology in the USSR.

Here are uncanny, imaginative and downright blasphemous visions from the very guts of the Soviet atheist apparatus. Godless Utopia is the occult grimoire of a lost socialist anti-theology. Roland Elliott Brown is a London-based journalist and arts writer haunted by echoes of twentieth century ideologies. He has reported from Iran for Foreign Policy and has written extensively about history, politics and human rights struggles in the Islamic Republic. His writings on books and imagery have appeared in the Spectator and the Guardian. Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell have been publishing books on Soviet culture since 2004, from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia to Soviet Bus Stops.

Also available Alcohol Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters Hardback | 9780993191152 | £19.95 10

New updated edition GRAPHIC DESIGN

FUEL 40 illustrations 22.0 x 18.0cm 240pp | Paperback 9780995745582 July | £19.95

Jonny Trunk and Emily King Edited by Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell

Own Label Sainsbury’s Design Studio 1962–1977

In 1962, when Peter Dixon joined the Sainsbury’s Design Studio, a remarkable revolution in packaging design began. The supermarket was developing its distinctive range of Own Label products, and Dixon’s designs for the line were revolutionary: simple, stripped down, creative, and completely different from what had gone before. Their striking modernity pushed the boundaries, reflecting a period full of optimism. They also helped build Sainsbury’s into a brand giant, the first real ‘Super’ market of the time. This book examines and celebrates this paradigm shift that redefined packaging design, and led to the creation of some of the most original packaging ever seen.

Produced in collaboration with the Sainsbury family and The Sainsbury Archive, the book reveals an astonishing and exhaustive body of work. A unique insight into what and how we eat, the packaging is presented using both scanned original flat packets and photographic records made at the time by the design team. An essential book for graphic designers and those interested in the culture of consumerism, these designs remain fresh and relevant today. This feast of nostalgia taps into the fond memories of a generation brought up on these beautifully packaged goods. Jonny Trunk is an English writer, broadcaster and DJ as well as the owner and founder of Trunk Records.



The QB Papers Illustrated throughout 30.5 x 24.0cm 28-36pp | Paperback August/November | £16.95

Quentin Blake was born in Sidcup on the outskirts of London in

Russell Hoban and John Yeoman. He is probably best known for his

1932. He had his first drawing published in the magazine Punch

having illustrated all the books for children by Roald Dahl.

exactly sixty years ago, and he has been drawing ever since.

Don Quixote and Candide. He has also produced many pictures for

He took a degree in English Literature at Cambridge before

He has also illustrated classic works such as A Christmas Carol,

going on to life classes at Chelsea School of Art. He taught at the

hospitals and other public spaces.

Royal College of Art for twenty years and for several years was head

of the Illustration Department. He has written and illustrated books

2014 appointed a Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur. He lives in

of his own, and has collaborated with writers such as Michael Rosen,

London and Hastings.

In 2013 he was knighted for his services to illustrators, and in

August releases

Deliveries from Elsewhere 9781913119164 Elsewhere gives me the opportunity to draw bearded men on the kind of eccentric manywheeled vehicles that I enjoy drawing. The items being delivered are everyday ones such as we might order – slightly changed.


Feet in the Water 9781913119140 My interest in this came originally from doing it myself, whether in Hastings or on the Atlantic Coast of France. But I also like drawing those surroundings and the reflections in the water.

The Mouse on a Tricycle 9781913119027 Heaven knows how I thought of a mouse on a tricycle – it’s just there in one of my notebooks somewhere. Of course the point is not it, but the range of reactions of the onlookers. A bit more theatre.

The Alternative Sports Olympics 9781913119058 I’ve never been any good at sport. I just liked the idea of adapting Olympic events to everyday life – so if you’re throwing something, it’s the luggage.

The New Dress 9781913119188 I had an idea about doing some drawing of costume, called Modest Attire, and then somehow it divided itself into two. One is this - improvised costumes of material of no importance.

‘In recent years I have found myself working increasingly in sequences of drawings which explore subjects and techniques which interest me. These sequences are the origins of the QB Papers; they vary in approach and tone, and between reality and fantasy. But I hope that each of them in its own way will appeal to anyone who likes looking at drawings.’ – Quentin Blake

November releases

A Comfortable Fit 9781913119157 This is the other half of Modest Attire, in which everything got far too large and probably very warm, and I had the pleasure of dealing with gesture and texture.

Constant Readers 9781913119133 This is rather like the conversation pictures in that it shows the positions that people get into when reading – but it’s more specific and ‘observed’ in that it shows different individual reactions.

Scenes at Twilight 9781913119171 It helps to know how to do a soft edge to the sky to suggest the twilight, and I imagine that we are silent observers of participants, unaware of our presence.

Riders by Night 9781913119126 This is fantasy – the opportunity of exploiting the decorative and atmospheric effects of moonlight and some very strange steeds.

The Art Conversation 9781913119003 Some of the things I most enjoy drawing – a gamut of gestures and expressions remembered from everyday life. The spectator is very welcome to imagine what it is they are saying to each other.


Standards Manual Illustrated throughout 27.9 x 17.8cm 384pp | Hardback 9780578469829 September | £39.00

A never-before-seen collection of United States National Park Service maps and brochures

Images by Brian Kelley; Text by Lyz-Nagan Powell; Edited by Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth

Parks United States National Park Service Maps and Brochures from the Collection of Brian Kelley This book brings together a collection of over 400 maps and brochures produced by the United States National Park Service from 1916 to today. Photographer Brian Kelley has impulsively archived the rarely seen treasures over the past three years, uncovering a design portfolio with little to no credit to their respective designers. The growing collection displays a progressive design approach, from more typographic-driven covers, to the proliferation of duotone print production, culminating in the Unigrid system developed by Italian designer Massimo Vignelli in the 1970s.


Brian Kelley received his BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. Kelley’s work resists the hurried march of consumerist modernity, seeking to halt the cyclical emptiness of our material lives to capture a sense of culture at ‘the end of history’. Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth are graphic designers and partners at the design office, Order, in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to Order, they also operate Standards Manual, an independent publishing imprint focused on the preservation of graphic design history.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 130 illustrations 27.9 x 25.4cm 224pp | Hardback 9780878468669 October | £35.00

A beautiful collection of Hokusai’s prints, all from the largest collection of Japanese prints outside Japan

Sarah E. Thompson

Hokusai’s Landscapes The Complete Series

The best known of all Japanese artists, Katsushika Hokusai was active as a painter, book illustrator and print designer throughout his ninety-year lifespan. Yet his most famous works of all – the colour woodblock landscape prints issued in series, beginning with Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji – were produced within a relatively short time, in an amazing burst of creative energy that lasted from about 1830 to 1836. These ingenious designs, combining influences from schools of Japanese and Chinese art as well as European sources, display the artist’s acute powers of observation and trademark humor, often showing ordinary people from all walks of life going about their business in the foreground of famous scenic vistas. Hokusai’s landscapes not only revolutionized Japanese printmaking but within a few decades of his death had become icons of world art as well. With stunning colour reproductions of works from the largest collection of Japanese prints outside Japan, this 16

book examines the magnetic appeal of Hokusai’s designs and the circumstances of their creation. All published prints of his eight major landscape series – on subjects ranging from waterfalls, islands, bodies of water, and bridges, to scenes inspired by classical poetry – are included. Sarah E. Thompson is Curator, Japanese Art, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Also available Hokusai Hardback | 9780878468256 | £20.00


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 125 tritone illustrations 26.7 x 24.1cm 196pp | Hardback 9780878468638 August | £35.00

Kristen Gresh and Anne E. Havinga

Viewpoints Photographs from the Howard Greenberg Collection

Over the course of the twentieth century, photography evolved as an art form while serving as an eyewitness to social, cultural and political change. This book presents some one hundred iconic images that came to define their times, and explores the stories behind the moments they recorded and the photographers who captured them. Among these beautifully reproduced images – many from unique vintage prints – are powerful visual testimonies of Depression-era America, politically engaged street photography, definitive celebrity portraits, celebrations of the performing arts, harrowing visions of war and compelling depictions of the Civil Rights movement.


Drawing on the unparalleled Howard Greenberg Collection, recently acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Viewpoints invites us to take a fresh look at celebrated photographs by such masters of the medium as Berenice Abbott, Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks and Edward Steichen. Kristen Gresh is Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Curator of Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Anne E. Havinga is Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Chair, Department of Photography, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 66 illustrations 29.2 x 21.0cm 112pp | Hardback 9780878468614 July | £30.00

Erica E. Hirshler • Essay by Naomi Slipp

Hyman Bloom Matters of Life and Death

Hyman Bloom (1913–2009) was a key member of the Boston Expressionist school and a contemporary of Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky. This new study focuses on Bloom’s paintings and drawings of human corpses, anatomical studies and archaeological excavations from the 1940s and 1950s. He often returned to these subjects throughout his career, using thickly applied paint in rich colours as he aspired to present both the physical and the spiritual on canvas. Insightful curatorial essays accompanied by beautiful full-colour reproductions explore this difficult but compelling work, considering themes such as the life, death and rebirth of Bloom’s artistic reputation; the growing divide between

figuration and abstraction at this defining moment of American art; earlier artistic traditions of representing mortality; the relationship between these works and Bloom’s Judaism, interest in eastern religions, and belief in reincarnation; and the artist’s desire to find beauty and meaning within death and decay. In these drawings and paintings, as Bloom himself asserted, ‘the paradox of the harrowing and the beautiful [can] be brought into unity.’ Erica E. Hirshler is Croll Senior Curator of American Paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Naomi Slipp is Assistant Professor of Art History, Fine Art Department, Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama.



Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 125 illustrations 22.9 x 17.8cm 192pp | Paperback 9780878468645 October | £15.00

Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch

MFA Highlights: Arts of Africa The African art collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, offers a portal into the life and politics of a large and complex continent with a wealth of history and culture. The highlighted works in this volume have been selected to illuminate different societies and periods, and to offer an introduction to traditions within the wider field of African art. They are presented through the framework of their original contexts: refined bronze sculptures made for royal palaces, spiritual figures powerfully rendered in wood or stone for shrines, vibrant luxury textiles, masks for public celebrations, art made for export, and trenchant

contemporary photography intended for global art markets. By examining the places where these objects were first encountered by viewers – the palaces of Mangbetu kings, the busy streets of Lagos, or a gallery in London – vivid stories emerge about who made, paid for, used and enjoyed these artworks. Taken together, they evoke the brilliance and variety of artistic traditions across a vast continent. Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch is Head of the Arts of Africa and Oceania, and Teel Curator of African and Oceanic Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Also available Arts of the Ancient Americas: Paperback | 9780878467419 | £15.00 Arts of Ancient Nubia: Paperback | 9780878468539 | £15.00 Contemporary Art: Paperback | 9780878468164 | £15.00 European Decorative Arts: Paperback | 9780878468225 | £15.00 European Painting and Sculpture after 1800: Paperback | 9780878468409 | £15.00 20


Museo Nacional del Prado 120 illustrations 30.0 x 24.0cm 248pp | Hardback 9788484805090 July | £26.00

Edited by Joan Molina Figueras; Texts by Carl Brandon Strehlke, Joan Molina Figueras, Javier Ibáñez Fernández and Alberto Velasco Gonzàlez

Bartolomé Bermejo Bartolomé Bermejo (c. 1440–c. 1501) is one of the most surprising and fascinating painters of the fifteenth century in the Iberian Peninsula. A combination of painstaking naturalistic technique and an extraordinary ability to reinterpret traditional themes and compositions are apparent in the nearly thirty works that make up his small but select corpus. These were brought together for the first time in an exceptional exhibition organised by the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. This book, published on the occasion of the exhibition, presents the results of the research carried out over a period of more than three years by a group of specialists. Their work in archives, libraries and restoration

centres and, of course, their first-hand examination of the pictures themselves have enabled them not only to put together a new catalogue raisonné for this Spanish artist but also to reveal new aspects of his personality, painting technique and iconographic contributions. This book is designed to help readers learn about and enjoy the work of a truly brilliant painter who is still little known to the public at large. The authors are all academics, as follows: Joan Molina Figueras, University of Girona; Carl Brandon Strehlke, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Javier Ibáñez Fernández, University of Zaragoza; Alberto Velasco Gonzàlez, Museu de Lleida.



The Museum of Modern Art, New York 375 illustrations 30.5 x 24.1cm 424pp | Hardback 9781633451001 October | £58.00

Also available MoMA Highlights: 375 Works from The Museum of Modern Art, New York Paperback | 9781633450776 | £19.95

Introduction by Ann Temkin

MoMA Now 375 Works from The Museum of Modern Art, New York

In October 2019, The Museum of Modern Art will celebrate its ninetieth anniversary with the reopening of its extensively renovated and expanded midtown campus. Published to accompany the reopening, MoMA Now is an enlarged and expanded edition of MoMA Highlights, and presents a rich chronological overview of the art of the past 150 years. Beginning with a photograph made around 1867 and concluding in 2017, with an Oscar-nominated documentary film, the book introduces readers to some of the most beloved artworks in the museum’s collection – iconic works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol, among many others – as well as lesser-known but equally fascinating and significant objects of art, architecture and design from around the world.


MoMA Now celebrates the richness of the Museum’s collection and the diversity of issues and ideas embraced today. The book is designed to explore the complexity and variety of possibilities that exist within the collection, and to suggest new and imaginative ways of understanding the works of art that constitute it. Featuring 170 works not included in earlier editions, including a greater representation of works by women, artists of colour, and artists from around the world, this new iteration is both a record of the Museum’s past and a statement in anticipation of an exciting future. Ann Temkin is the The Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


The Museum of Modern Art, New York 100 illustrations 20.0 x 25.0cm 144pp | Hardback 9781633450868 October | £32.00

Edited with text by Stuart Comer; Text by Naomi Beckwith, Mark H.C. Bessire, C. Carr, Valerie Cassel Oliver, Adrienne Edwards, Malik Gaines, Danielle A. Jackson, Adrian Heathfield, EJ Hill, Thomas J. Lax, André Lepecki, Yvonne Rainer, Martine Syms and Martha Wilson

member: Pope.L, 1978–2001 Pope.L is a consummate thinker and provocateur whose practice across multiple mediums – including painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, theatre and video – utilizes abjection, humour, endurance, language and absurdity to confront and undermine rigid systems of belief. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, Pope.L, 1978–2001 presents a detailed study of thirteen early works that helped define Pope.L’s career. Essays by curators, artists, filmmakers and art historians, plus an interview and artistic interventions by the artist, establish key details for each work and articulate how the artist continues to think about the legacy of these ephemeral projects unfolding in time.


Among the works included are performances rooted in experimental theatre, such as Egg Eating Contest (1990), Aunt Jenny Chronicles (1991) and Eracism (2000), as well as street interventions such as Thunderbird Immolation a.k.a. Meditation Square Piece (1978), ATM Piece (1997) and The Great White Way: 22 miles, 9 years, 1 street (2001–09), among others. Together these works highlight the role of that performance has played within a seditious, emphatically interdisciplinary career that has established Pope.L as an influential force in contemporary art. Stuart Comer is Chief Curator in the Department of Media and Performance at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


The Museum of Modern Art, New York 175 illustrations 26.7 x 23.0cm 240pp | Hardback 9781633450707 October | £48.00

Edited by Inés Katzenstein, María Amalia García, Karen Grimson, Michaëla de Lacaze. Text by Inés Katzenstein, María Amalia García, Mónica Amor, Irene V. Small. Interview with Luis Pérez-Oramas, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Glenn D. Lowry.

Sur Moderno: Journeys of Abstraction The Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Gift

Sur Moderno: Journeys of Abstraction explores the abstract and Concrete art movements that flourished in South America between the mid-1940s and the late 1970s in light of the profound cultural transformations that gave rise to them. Published in conjunction with a major exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Sur Moderno features work by artists from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela – including Lidy Prati, Tomás Maldonado, Rhod Rothfuss, Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, Jesús Rafael Soto and Alejandro Otero – who advanced the achievements of earlytwentieth-century geometric abstraction and built a new modern vision of the region. This richly illustrated volume highlights a selection of works gifted to MoMA by Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

between 1997 and 2016 – a donation that has had a transformative impact on the Museum’s holdings of Latin American art. The Cisneros Modern Collection enables the Museum to represent a more comprehensive, plural and robust narrative of artistic practices and to demonstrate the integral role Latin America played in the development of modern art. Inés Katzenstein is Curator of Latin American Art and Director of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. María Amalia García is a consulting curator and a member of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET)-Universidad Nacional de San Martín.



Stolpe 99 illustrations 27.0 x 36.0cm 220pp | Hardback + 48pp booklet 9789163972027 August | £90.00

Edited by Kurt Almqvist Essays by Kenneth Nyberg, Svante Nordin, Magnus Olausson, Kerstin Barup, Torbjörn Lodén and Jeremy Franks

The Sampans from Canton The Sampans from Canton is a collection of ninety-nine Chinese gouaches from the second half of the eighteenth century that depict in minute detail an entire community afloat on the water, with the various sampan vessels used for everything from the sale of fruit and religious ceremonies to warfare and thievery. For more than 200 years, the gouaches hung in Skärfva Manor House, the home of Vice Admiral Fredric Henric af Chapman, on the outskirts of Karlskrona, Sweden. In 2014, the collection was broken up for auction. Today they can be found at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Engelsberg Ironworks; they are a unique chronicle of the dream of China and contacts between east and west.


This book, the first detailed account of the collection, examines the gouaches from both an art historical and an historical perspective. They serve as an important entry into the eighteenth-century world of ideas and as a way of understanding Fredric Henric af Chapman’s great importance as a collector and visionary. A separate booklet of essays highlights the images in their art and ideahistorical context. Kurt Almqvist is President of The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit.


Stolpe 60 illustrations 28.5 x 22.5cm 180pp | Hardback 9789163972034 September | £25.00

Edited by Kurt Almqvist and Louise Belfrage Text by Daniel Birnbaum, Julia Voss, Tracey Bashkoff, Isaac Lubelsky, Linda Dalrymple Henderson and Marco Pasi

Visionary On Hilma af Klint and the Spirit of Her Time

At the turn of the twentieth century, the spiritual and social movements Theosophy and later Anthroposophy became a strong source of inspiration for the pioneers of modernism and abstract art: Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich – and Hilma af Klint. In 1906 the Swedish artist began painting her first abstract series, Primordial Chaos, featuring blue, green and yellow geometrical shapes and spirals. Her main work, Paintings for the Temple, expresses what she calls the higher truth: unity beyond duality and the material world and mankind’s spiritual evolution. What was the zeitgeist that inspired such an eruption in art? This anthology, based on a seminar held at the

Guggenheim museum at the opening of their acclaimed exhibition Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future in October 2018, elaborates on this cultural phenomenon.

Kurt Almqvist is President of The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit. Louise Belfrage is a project manager at the same institution.



Hansjörg Mayer 90 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0cm 616pp | Hardback 9780500970966 September | £38.00

Edited by Barbara Wien with a text by Tomas Schmit

Dieter Roth Collected Interviews The oeuvre of Dieter Roth (1930–1998) encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, film, video, music, typography, design, architecture and, last but not least, literature. But is there a philosophy that ties it all together? In his interviews, Roth offered many surprising and fascinating clues to his life and thought. Yet the majority of the interviews were in German, some even in Swiss German. With this book, all thirty-eight interviews are available in English, in full, for the first time. Included are the essential conversations with Irmelin Lebeer-Hossmann in 1976 and 1979, the Hamilton interviews, and also the very intimate interview Roth conducted with Patrick Frey just a few days


before his death. For Roth, the interviews were an attempt to depict what happens when speaking – one makes slips of the tongue and loses one’s train of thought, different languages get spoken and misunderstandings arise. He always expressed himself frankly and unguardedly. For anyone who wants to become acquainted with Dieter Roth – the artist and thinker-about-art as well as the human being – there is no better, more amusing and authentic introduction to be found than the richly illustrated collection at hand, which also presents many of his poems and prose texts in English for the first time. Barbara Wien works as a gallerist, editor and publisher in Berlin.


Walther König 540 illustrations 22.9 x 19.8cm 408pp Hardback 9783883756950 September | £48.00

Phillip Spectre

Richard Hamilton: Introspective Richard Hamilton (1922–2011) was an English painter and collage artist whose contribution to art of the last half century is internationally recognised. This book is the companion piece to Retrospective, a catalogue raisonné (1937–2000) published in 2003, in which each image is reproduced to scale without commentary. Hamilton returned to the writing and designing of the second book in 2007, during a period of reduced mobility when he broke his hip. The attribution is to Phillip Spectre. On his return to health the demands of a professional life meant that the work was relegated to evenings and weekends. Content, typography and image evolved together, the Adobe InDesign computer programme a factor in the

development – as copper and acid were to the illustrated books of William Blake. No changes or additions were made to the unfinished book. It is published as Hamilton left it in 2011, with blank pages, pagination, etc. Richard Hamilton, alias Phillip Spectre, was born in London in 1922, where he died in 2011.



Walther König 175 illustrations 30.5 x 23.5cm 160pp | Paperback 9783960980964 Available | £38.00

Kayoko Ota and Hans Ulrich Obrist

2G No. 78: Junya Ishigami In his works, which he compares readily to landscapes, Junya Ishigami removes the boundary between the outside and the inner space. Transparency, lightness, organic forms and vegetation make up his vocabulary. His vision of the future is optimistic, ecological, and the prospects of this young Utopian are not barred by any limit. The first time Junya Ishigami made himself known in Europe, with his proposal for the Japan Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008, he was a young and almost unknown architect who had only founded his studio junya.ishigami+associates in 2004. In the Venice pavilion, Ishigami filled all the interior walls with delicate and somehow naïf drawings of gardens, and decided to build several greenhouses with real gardens in the outdoor gardens of the building. The following year, he

‘To have a vision that is as flexible, as open, as subtle as possible to go beyond conventional wisdom about architecture’ – Ishigami


finished the Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop, and with only two works he was acclaimed as one of the most innovative proponents of new Japanese architecture. Initially forcing the limits of transparency and lightness, his latest works explore in a conceptual way the relationships between the built matter and the nature, in works such as the Botanical Farm Garden in Tochigi, a multi confessional chapel in China, or the house and restaurant for a chef in Japan, where the exploration of the tectonic merges with the earthly and nature. Kayoko Ota is an architectural curator based in Tokyo and a founding partner of PLAT. Hans Ulrich Obrist is an artistic director at the Serpentine Galleries, London.


Walther König 40 illustrations 21.0 x 14.0cm 136pp | Paperback 9783960984870 Available | £25.00

Edited by Moises Puente • Foreword by Patricio Mardones

2G Essays: Smiljan Radic Every So Often a Talking Dog Appears and other essays This compilation of essays by the Chilean architect Smiljan Radic covers twenty years of written production. The texts were written for various reasons: on the occasion of the publication of a book, as lectures or to accompany an exhibition. They are an invaluable aid to reaching a better understanding of the work of this magnificent architect, but they can also be read independently as shrewd personal reflections on architecture and other disciplines. Radic’s texts are almost always assemblages of several pieces or paragraphs that, although written by an architect, do not attempt to refer to a particular project or work.

Moisés Puente is an architect. He also works as editor of 2G magazine, and has edited books on Alejandro de la Sota, Josep Llinàs, Mies van der Rohe, Jørn Utzon and Olafur Eliasson. Patricio Mardones writes widely on architecture.

Also available:

2G No.73

2G No. 74

2G No. 75

Studio Anne Holtrop



Flexibound | 9783863358723 | £38.00

Flexibound | 9783863359348 | £38.00

Flexibound | 9783960980278 | £38.00

2G No. 76

2G No. 77


Arrhov Frick

Flexibound | 9783960981022 | £38.00

Flexibound | 9783960983507 | £38.00 31


Walther König 500 illustrations 28.5 x 22.0cm 568pp | Hardback 9783960981503 Available | £48.00

Edited by Cragg Foundation • Text by Demosthenes Davvetas, Patrick Elliott, Catherine Grenier, Jon Wood

Anthony Cragg Vol. IV Sculpture 2001–2017

This third publication dedicated to the artist’s sculpture follows Sculpture 1969–1985 and Sculpture 1986–2000. It guides the reader chronologically through the genesis of Cragg’s most recent works and traces the relationships between them, revealing the artist’s rigorous studio practice. Cragg built upon his already substantial body of work during this period, and his creative energy and evolution have often been the focus of art criticism. This volume includes essays by Demosthenes Davvetas, Patrick Elliott, Catherine Grenier and Jon Wood that shed new light on the sculptor’s work.

Tony Cragg lives and works in Wuppertal. Larger groups of his works on paper have been displayed in the retrospective at the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, and in exhibitions at the State Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, the Academy of Arts in Berlin and the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

Also available Anthony Cragg: Vol. I Works on Paper: Hardback | 9783960981169 | £48.00 Anthony Cragg: Vol. II Sculpture 1969–1985: Hardback | 9783960981480 | £48.00 Anthony Cragg: Vol. III Sculpture 1986–2000: Hardback | 9783960981497 | £48..00 32


Walther König 237 illustrations 31.0 x 23.0cm 336pp | Hardback 9783960985068 September | £58.00

Edited by Magnus Thore Clausen • Texts by Magnus Thorø Clausen, Wouter Davidts and Per Kirkeby (Museum Jorn / Galleri Susanne Ottesen)

Per Kirkeby: The Complete Bricks Vol. 1 Sculptures

This is the first of three volumes documenting the brick works of the Danish artist Per Kirkeby (1938–2018) in their entirety and diversity. It focuses on Kirkeby’s temporary brick sculptures made for galleries and museums between 1966 and 2017, as well as a series of temporary stage sets created for theatre and film. Together the three volumes will present a complete catalogue and a range of perspectives on Per Kirkeby’s relationship with bricks spanning five decades.

Per Kirkeby was born in 1938 in Copenhagen, where he still lives and works.



Walther König 930 illustrations 21.0 x 21.0cm 424pp | Paperback 9783960985969 September | £20.00

Edited by Pascal Claude;Text by Luciano Caldarelli, Pascal Claude, Christian Hahn and Grahame Waite

Football Disco! The Unbelievable World of Football Record Covers

Dale, Forza, Allez, Hopp!

Pascal Claude published the first edition of his football fanzine

The football record has more to offer than just music: the sleeves outline the history of football in a very special way. They tell of promotions, championship titles, finals and ground inaugurations; they document the evolution of the playing equipment from the heavy brown leather ball to the television-ready black-and-white one, to light and polished ‘Tango’; they show how the typography and imagery changed from one World Cup to another. Each cover is a piece of commercial art and a testament to its time.

started collecting football records. In 2012 he started to file his

Knapp Daneben (Near Miss) in 1997, around the same time he


collection on 45football.com where they are available to the public. Luciano Caldarelli founded the ‘Cancionero Popular Boquense’ in 2013. Grahame Waite, also known as Webbie at footballandmusic.co.uk, founded the ‘Football and Music’ website. Christian Hahn is a designer, and runs the ‘Büro für Erinnerungskultur’ (Office for remembrance culture) in Babenhausen.


Art / Books 131 illustrations 22.0 x 16.5cm 240pp | Hardback 9781908970497 July | ÂŁ19.95

Michael Rakowitz and friends

A House with a Date Palm Will Never Starve Cooking with Date Syrup: Forty-One Chefs and an Artist Create New and Classic Dishes with a Traditional Middle Eastern Ingredient

Date syrup has been central to Iraqi cooking and home life for centuries. In this unique book, a fusion of the worlds of contemporary art and food, an artist and forty-onecelebrated chefs and food writers present delicious dishes using this staple of Middle Eastern cuisine. Rakowitz invited chefs from around the world to create new and classic recipes using date syrup as a way to celebrate this ancient ingredient and symbol of Iraqi culture. Pioneering chefs and food writers including Yotam Ottolenghi, Alice Waters, Claudia Roden, Reem Kassis, Prue Leith, Jason Hammel, Nuno Mendes, Thomasina Miers, Giorgio Locatelli and Marcus Samuelsson responded to his call by creating dozens of dishes. Their recipes range from the traditional to the innovative in a feast for the taste

buds, and include everything from simple brunch dishes, salads and sides to mouth-watering mains, cakes, desserts, drinks and condiments. Easy step-by-step instructions enable the reader to make the recipes at home, and beautiful photographs of the dishes are accompanied by the artist’s drawings. Completing the volume is a foreword by award winning food writer and chef Claudia Roden, and an appreciation of the importance of the date in Iraqi society by IraqiAmerican cultural-studies academic Ella Shohat. Michael Rakowitz is an Iraqi-American artist, and Professor of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University. Claudia Roden is an award-winning Egyptian-British cookbook writer.




New in paperback

93 illustrations 23.0 x 15.2cm 304pp | Paperback 9781908970503 September | £14.95

Michael Craig-Martin

On Being An Artist Few living artists can claim to have had the influence of Michael Craig-Martin. Celebrated around the world for his distinctive work, and with major retrospectives, high-profile commissions and numerous honours to his name, he has also helped nurture generations of younger artists, among them Julian Opie, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Liam Gillick and Gary Hume. Often described as the godfather of the YBAs, he taught by combining personal example and individual guidance. Now Craig-Martin shares the same benefit of his experiences with yet another generation. Part memoir and part instructional guide, On Being An Artist is a remarkable mix of reminiscence, personal philosophy, anecdote, self-

‘One of the best books in years of an artist’s writings: elegant, pithy and full of insights’ – Sir Nicholas Serota


examination, and advice for the budding artist. In a series of short episodes, he reflects with both wit and candour on the many ideas, events and people that have inspired and shaped him throughout his life, from his childhood in the post-war United States, through his time as an art student at Yale in the 1960s and subsequent work as a teacher, to his international success in later years. More than the life of one of the most creative minds of our age, On Being An Artist provides lesson after valuable lesson to anyone wishing to know what it means and what it takes to be an artist today. Michael Craig-Martin CBE, RA, is an artist.


Art/Books 45 illustrations 31.2 x 28.0cm 146pp, including two foldouts | Hardback 9781908970510 October | £30.00

Garry Fabian Miller; Text by Edmund de Waal; Poem by Alice Oswald

Blaze Garry Fabian Miller is one of the most progressive artists working with photography today. Since the mid-1980s, he has exclusively made ‘camera-less’ photographs, to experiment with the nature and possibilities of light as medium and subject. He works in the darkroom, shining light through coloured glass and liquid and over cut paper to create forms that record directly onto photographic paper. In contrast to the norm of exposures, Fabian Miller often uses long exposure times – of up to twenty hours – to create his unique and luminous images. Blaze presents recent work by Fabian Miller made during the anxious period when the materials and chemistry that have sustained his practice for nearly forty years have

been disappearing. The book includes forty-five works made in the last four years that represent what fellow artist Edmund de Waal identifies as an ‘endgame’. De Waal brings the moment of Blaze into focus in an introductory essay and meditation on the word itself and on ideas about ‘late work’ in the life of a maker. A poem by the award-winning poet Alice Oswald, written in response to the works in the book, completes this beautiful volume. Garry Fabian Miller is represented in numerous collections worldwide and is honorary fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Edmund de Waal OBE is author of The Hare with Amber Eyes and The White Road. Alice Oswald is a British poet and trained classicist.



Strandberg Publishing 315 illustrations 30.6 x 20.4cm 272pp | Hardback 9788793604674 November | £50.00

Malene Lytken

Danish Lights 1920 to Now

Lamp design is a field that continues to attract great attention, from both designers and design aficionados. This is the first book to focus exclusively on Danish lamps. With Poul Henningsen’s iconic PH-lamp as its point of departure, this book tells the stories behind 100 Danish lamp designs through text and images. Danish Lights – 1920 to Now introduces the reader to the inventions that enabled the first revolutionizing light sources: from the development of oil and gas lamps to the culmination in the late 19th century with the advent of incandescent light bulbs and Scandinavian functionalism. Lighting is a key element in ‘hygge’ – a warm, cosy ambience – and although Henningsen was a functionalist to the core, he still found the concept of hygge important.


Hygge is a hot topic today, both in Denmark and abroad. Danish lamp design is not only about form. Although hardcore functionalists called for form to follow function, and function alone, real-life factors required them to compromise, and this compromise came to define Danish lamp design: hygge is a crucial quality that has to be included in the design. Thus, the purpose of the modern Danish lamp was – and is – not only to provide light but also to act as a decorative element and to spread a cosy ambience in Danish homes. Malene Lytken holds a PhD in Design and teaches design at both the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and People’s University of Copenhagen.


Paul Stolper 100 illustrations 27.5 x 21.0cm Vol I: 112pp; Vol II: 44pp | slipcased paperbacks 9781916023307 November | £35.00

Peter Saville and Anna Blessmann

Peter Saville: Editions Vol I – Peter Saville: Paul Stolper Gallery Editions 2002 - 2018 Vol II – Anna Blessmann / Peter Saville: Sign Editions

Brought together for the first time are all of Peter Saville’s limited edition artworks produced between 2002 and 2018 with the Paul Stolper Gallery in London. As the art director and co-founder of Factory Records, Saville accessed a mass audience through the sub-cultures of pop music, best exemplified by the series of record sleeve artworks he created for Joy Division and New Order between 1979 and 1993. He cites Factory’s idealism, rather than any commercial objective that allowed him and other influential Factory artists to communicate ideas, aesthetics and ultimately values to a formative audience. For the last 16 years he has collaborated with Paul Stolper Gallery in London to produce a significant body of work including both works on paper and sculpture. Using

a large variety of techniques and materials, including silkscreen printing, inkjet printing, tapestry, perspex, neon and resin, his work draws on much of his existing seminal graphic work to create variations on themes and works. This publication, produced in both limited edition and collector’s edition formats, includes two volumes, one of his solo work and one of his collaborative works with Anna Blessmann. The two books had been designed by Saville himself and are presented in a slipcase. Peter Saville is perhaps the most influential graphic designer and art director of his generation. Anna Blessmann is an artist and the designer of the fashion brand A_PLAN_APPLICATION.



Ludion 200 illustrations 19.0 x 15.0cm 320pp | Hardback 9789491819810 September | £14.95

Till Holger-Borchert

Bosch in Detail The Portable Edition

Hieronymus Bosch (1450–1516) is one of the most famous artists in the history of Netherlandish painting, if not the world. This book explores his best-known paintings and drawings, revealing them as never before in amazing fullpage close-up details. Organized by characteristic themes in Bosch’s work, such as faces, heaven and hell, the four elements, landscapes, and creatures both fantastic and monstrous, it offers exceptional views of masterpieces like The Garden of Earthly Delights, The Haywain Triptych, The Temptation of St. Anthony and The Seven Deadly Sins. Till-Holger Borchert, an expert on Netherlandish art, guides readers through the painter’s work in clear and accessible language, and from less-familiar and surprising angles.

Till-Holger Borchert is the director of Musea Brugge, which comprises the museums and historic sites of Bruges, Belgium. He is a German art historian and author specializing in Netherlandish art of the fourtheenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. He has curated a number of major exhibitions, including Memling’s Portraits, which showed in Bruges, at the Frick Collection in New York and at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

Also available Bruegel in Detail Hardback | 9789491819827 | £14.95 Leonardo in Detail Hardback | 9789493039070 | £14.95 40


Ludion 400 illustrations 27.5 x 20.3cm 240pp | Paperback 9789493039155 September | £34.95

Texts by Dieter Roelstraete, Kersten Geers and François Piron; Edited by Moritz Küng

Pieter Vermeersch: 17 Signatures Pieter Vermeersch (Belgium, 1973) is well-known for his gradient wall paintings that create powerful visual experiences. Since his solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium, almost fifteen years ago, his work has been featured in thirty solo exhibitions around the world. Vermeersch combines painting and architecture, and explores the relationships between representation, time, space and colour. Beyond the borders of the canvas, his investigations result in large-scale spatial interventions that manipulate the space. This book, 17 Signatures, presents a survey of Vermeersch’s work, with a broad selection of painterly works (canvases, stones, photographs, walls and sketches) and installations. The book

is organized by theme, not chronologically, and is beautifully designed by the Dutch design studio Mevis & Van Deursen. Every copy will be unique as each cover will be printed in a different colour variation. Dieter Roelstraete is curator at the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society in Chicago. Previously he was a curator for the important contemporary art exhibition documenta 14 and a senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago from 2012 and 2015. François Piron is an independent exhibitions curator, art critic and editor. Kersten Geers is a renowned architect and part of the OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen. Moritz Küng is an independent curator and editor.



New edition

Actes Sud 100 illustrations 24.0 x 21.0cm 152pp | Paperback 9782330120375 July | £30.00

Text by Louisa Jones • Photography by Clive Nichols

Nicole de Vésian – Gardens Modern Design in Provence

After a career as a designer working for the great design houses, especially Hermès, Nicole de Vésian (1916–1996) moved to Provence and created her first garden. Her green and grey tapestry-gardens soon inspired gardeners and landscapers around the world. Today, few gardens have been imitated as readily as those of Nicole de Vésian, because, writes Louisa Jones, ‘she has a feeling for space like musicians have a feeling for music.’ Her finest work was La Louve, her own garden in Bonnieux, a hilltop village in the Luberon area of Provence. On the narrow terraces around her Bonnieux home, Nicole de Vésian created her own very personal garden in a minimal but far from austere style, composed mainly of heath-land plants (varieties of thyme, lavender, rosemary,


rockrose and box tree), in which she pruned all her plants to cushion shapes of varying, yet superbly proportioned sizes. Her close friend, Louisa Jones, shares her own thoughts on the work of this atypical creator, accompanied by accounts from her friends and pupils: Christian Lacroix, the nursery owner Jean-Marie Rey, the landscape artists Arnaud Maurières, Éric Ossart and Marc Nucera, as well as the garden historians Roy Strong and John Brookes. Louisa Jones has written a number of works about contemporary and Mediterranean gardens, including The French Country Garden and Mediterranean Landscape Design, both published by Thames & Hudson. Clive Nichols is an internationally acclaimed garden photographer whose work has received a number of awards.


Actes Sud 162 illustrations 21.0 x 13.0cm 208pp | Hardback 9782330120160 July | £29.00

Jean-Michel Othoniel

The Secret Language of Flowers Notes on the hidden meanings of the Louvre’s flowers

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Louvre pyramid, Jean-Michel Othoniel was invited to create a work relating the importance of flowers in the Museum’s eight art departments. The artist photographed the floral wealth concealed in the masterpieces of the Museum’s painting, drawing, sculpture, embroidery and enamel collections. Using this, Othoniel composes his own original herbarium, accompanied with notes on the secret language of flowers and their symbolism in the history of art. Among the seventy details of flowers, you will find the thistle in Dürer’s self-portrait, the poppy in the Paros funerary stele, the apple sitting on a stool in The Lock by Fragonard, or the peony attached to the unfastened blouse of the young woman in Greuze’s Broken Pitcher. The work also introduces

us to lesser-known details in works, offering a magnificent treasure hunt for visitors of the museum. Amid this vast prairie spangled with symbolic flowers, the artist asks this question: If there could be only one, which would be the Louvre’s flower? A question to which the artist himself offers his own response. Jean-Michel Othoniel lives and works in Paris. His works have an architectural dimension and are frequently commissioned for exhibitions in public or private gardens around the world.

Also available The Secret Language of Flowers Notes on the Hidden Meanings of Flowers in Art Hardback | 9782330048129 | £29.00 43


Actes Sud 200 illustrations 32.0 x 24.0cm 288pp | Hardback 9782330113889 July | £39.00

Photographs by Koto Bolofo • Texts by Bartabas

L’Académie Équestre de Versailles In a similar fashion to his Hermès project, renowned fashion photographer Koto Bolofo (born 1959) moved in backstage at the Versailles Equestrian Academy where the legendary horse trainer, film producer and impresario Bartabas introduced him to the exceptional riders of the royal stables. This opportunity to witness at close quarters the teaching of unique riding techniques allowed the photographer to capture some extraordinary images of the equestrian arts. His black and white prints, his focus on surface and on the architectural qualities of the majestic setting, on costumes and the special attention


paid to portraiture, create timeless images of an abiding quest for perfection. Koto Bolofo has shot for many prestigious international magazines and journals. His film work has garnered several awards and featured at festivals, including the BBC British Short Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival and Venice International Film Festival. Bartabas is the performing name of the French horse trainer, film producer and impresario Clément Marty. In 2002, he founded the Académie du Spectacle Équestre (Academy of Equestrian Arts) in the Grande Ecurie of the Palace of Versailles.


Actes Sud 400 illustrations 34.0 x 22.0cm 176pp | Hardback 9782330093693 July | £40.00

Texts by Thierry Consigny • Interviews with JR, Jean de Loisy, Vik Muniz and Thomas Bach

JR Giants The photocollages of French artist JR (born 1983) have populated streets and skylines all over the world. But he decided to outdo himself at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio by creating what he called ‘his craziest work ever’: the Giants series. Perched on scaffolding, gigantic athletes leaped over abandoned buildings and swan-dived into the ocean. And, while his Giants were on show, the ‘Inside/ Out’ photo booth was zapping out supersized prints of enthusiastic games-goers. This volume explores the history of JR’s work in Brazil, beginning in 2008 with his work in Rio’s favelas and continuing today at the Casa Amarela, a culture and

education centre for kids. Focusing particularly on the Giants series, the book offers insights into how the artist transforms places and spaces by focusing on the daily lives of their inhabitants. JR is a contemporary French artist. Using his photo collage technique, he has managed to cover the walls of the world with his art, appealing to people who would never usually go to art galleries.



Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris 20.5 x 15.0cm 450pp | Paperback 9782869251489 October | £20 .00

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Infinite Conversations In 2014, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondation Cartier, Hans Ulrich Obrist imagined ‘The Infinite Conversation’ – a title borrowed from Maurice Blanchot – a series of conversations with artists, scientists and thinkers close to the Fondation Cartier and its exhibition programme. Since then, Hans Ulrich Obrist and the Fondation Cartier have renewed their collaboration. After Vivid Memories (2014), the exhibitions The Great Animal Orchestra (2016), Junya Ishigami, Freeing Architecture (2018) and Southern Geometries, from

Mexico to Patagonia (2018) were the occasion of new ‘marathon dialogues’ with other artists and contributors. The book, Infinite Conversations, gathers together all these thirty-one conversations in an invitation to transcend the borders between art disciplines. Hans Ulrich Obrist has been Co-Director of International Exhibitions and Programs and Direction of International Projects at the Serpentine Gallery since 2006. His Interview project so far comprises nearly 2,000 hours of conversations.




Vinciane Despret

Etel Adnan

Ticio Escobar

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer Philippe Parreno

Fernando Allen


César Paternosto

Solano Benítez and Gloria Cabral

Élisabeth de Fontenay

Paul B. Preciado

Ioana Botezatu

Junya Ishigami

Eliane Radigue

Fredi Casco

Guillermo Kuitca

Patti Smith

Michel Cassé and Cédric Villani

François-Bernard Mâche

Huang Yong Ping

Matthew Clark

Freddy Mamani

Agnès Varda

Raymond Depardon

Benjamin Millepied

Luiz Zerbini


Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris 400 illustrations 31.5 x 24.0cm 376pp | Hardback 9782869251458 July | £42.00

Bruce Albert, Emanuele Coccia, Francis Hallé, Stefano Mancuso et al

Trees Omnipresent and essential to life, trees have been underestimated by biologists. But in recent years, they have been the subject of scientific discoveries that have allowed us to see these oldest and largest members of the community of living beings in a new light. Capable of sensory perception, showing complex communication skills, living in symbiosis with many other species and influencing the climate, trees are equipped with unexpected faculties whose discovery confirms what indigenous, traditional and local communities had long acknowledged. Featuring works by contemporary artists including forest people, scientific imagery, films, photographs and sound installations, the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier

pour l’art contemporain, Paris, strives to highlight the beauty, ingenuity and biological richness of trees. Through paintings, drawings, photographs and texts by specialists, the catalogue published to accompany the exhibition invites the reader to dive into the fascinating and beautiful world of trees. Bruce Albert is an anthropologist and committed advocate of the Brazilian Yanomami, with whom he has been working since 1975. Emanuele Coccia is Associate Professor at the École des Hautes Études en sciences sociales, Paris, and author of The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture. Francis Hallé is Botany Professor at Montpellier. Stefano Mancuso is Professor at Florence University, member of the Accademia dei Georgofili.



Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris 50 illustrations 21.0 x 16.0cm 104pp | Hardback 9782869251434 July | £16.95

Paul Virilio, Diller Scofidio + Renfro and François Gemenne

Diller Scofidio + Renfro, EXIT Based on an idea by Paul Virilio Based on an idea by French philosopher and urbanist, Paul Virilio, the 360° video installation EXIT was created in 2008 by the New York-based studio of artists and architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro for the exhibition spaces of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. Composed of a series of animated maps generated by data, this immersive installation investigates human migrations today and their leading causes, including the impact of climate change. EXIT provides the rare opportunity to understand visually the complex relationships between the various economic, political and environmental factors underpinning contemporary human migrations.

Paul Virilio was a French philosopher and urbanist. Diller Scofidio + Renfro is a New York-based studio of artists and architects. François Gemenne is Executive Director of the interdisciplinary research program Politics of the Earth at Sciences Po (Médialab) in Paris, FNRS senior research associate at the University of Liège (CEDEM) and at the University of Versailles (CEARC).

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris 50 illustrations 21.0 x 16.0cm 104pp | Hardback 9782869251502 July | £16.95

Bernie Krause, Matthew Clark (United Visual Artists), Gilles Boeuf, Michel André and Hans Ulrich Obrist

The Great Animal Orchestra Bernie Krause and United Visual Artists This book presents The Great Animal Orchestra, a work created in 2016 by Bernie Krause and United Visual Artists for the exhibition spaces of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. It tells the story of the development of this unprecedented immersive installation, from the recordings of the sounds of nature realized by Bernie Krause to their visual translation into a three dimensional video installation by United Visual Artists. Combining aesthetics and technology, the book offers a sound and visual meditation on preserving the beauty of the natural world. 48

Bernie Krause is an American musician and bio-acoustician. United Visual Artists is a studio founded by Matthew Clark in London in 2003. Gilles Boeuf is a Professor of Biology at the Sorbonne. Hans Ulrich Obrist is a Curator and Artistic Director of the Serpentine Gallery, London. Michel André is a biotechnologies engineer and Director of the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics.


Fontanka 100 illustrations 26.0 x 21.0cm 176pp | Paperback 9781906257323 September | £24.95

Georges Sebbag, Julia Drost and Anastasia Chaladze; edited by Dimitri Ozerkov

Max Ernst The Paris Years

One of the leading Surrealists, Max Ernst created fantastical, apparently inconceivable images that hark back to our inner world, to the childish reminiscences that feed the subconscious. This book accompanies an exhibition at the Hermitage Museum of some twenty paintings and works on paper from the 1920s, Ernst’s first French period, as well as his Histoire Naturelle series of lithographs. Many come from a private collection that has its roots in that of noted Paris dealer Aram Mouradian. The early 1920s were an important period that marked the transition from Dada to Surrealism not only for Ernst, but in European art as a whole. In the first half of the decade Ernst produced his

so-called proto-Surrealist pictures, in which the artist moved away from avant-garde experimentation towards a more poetic and integral artistic image, starting to experiment with the painting technique itself. Never before shown in Russia, these works represent an important stage in the development of Ernst’s output. Georges Sebbag is co-editor of The International Encyclopaedia of Surrealism. Julia Drost is research director at the German Centre for History of Art in Paris. Dimitri Ozerkov is director of the Department of Contemporary Art at the State Hermitage Museum. Anastasia Chaladze is a curator in the Museum’s Department of Contemporary Art.



Fontanka with Ginzburg Design 130 illustrations 28.5 x 21.3cm 88pp | Hardback 9781906257309 September | £29.95

Moisei Ginzburg

Architecture of the NKTP Sanatorium in Kislovodsk The NKTP (People’s Commissariat for Heavy Industry) Sanatorium was commissioned in 1934 by Grigory Ordzhonikidze, one of Stalin’s closest allies and head of the Commissariat for Heavy Industry (he committed suicide after falling out with Stalin in 1937, the year of the sanatorium’s completion). Despite the prevailing ideology that sought to outlaw modernism in favour of Stalinist neoclassicism, architect Moisei Ginzburg, with a team that included Ivan Leonidov, Evgeny Popov and Nikolai Paliudov, succeeded in creating an architectural ensemble that essentially retained its modernist integrity – and today remains a masterpiece of 1930s modernism – while making only minor concessions to the new

Stalinist orthodoxy. In the early Soviet period, Kislovodsk in the northern Caucasus became known as a centre for health spas and sanatoria – ‘palaces of health for the workers’. Ginzburg’s sanatorium still functions as a therapy centre, and retains many of its original features, including windows, light fixtures and some of the furniture. Moisei Ginzburg (1892–1946) was an architect, theorist, teacher and a leader of the Constructivist group in Soviet avant-garde architecture. His magnum opus, Style and Epoch (1924), was essentially a manifesto of Constructivism as the architectural style of the new Soviet era.

Also available Dwelling Hardback | 9781906257255 | £29.95 Style and Epoch Paperback | 9781906257293 | £19.95 50


Eight Books 150 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0cm 192pp | Clothbound 9781999858377 September | £25.00

Philip Gumuchdjian. Foreword by Niall McLaughlin

Sensing Place What Is the Point of Architecture?

Sensing Place is a reflection on twenty years of Gumuchdjian Architects in practice. The principal architect, Philip Gumuchdjian, sets out the thinking behind his projects with a view to restating the relevance of architecture in an increasingly virtual, image-driven world. The book is thus a manual designed to guide the general public through the many concurrent and competing ideas that underpin a typical body of architectural work. Gumuchdjian exposes the observations and emotional responses that fuel his design intuition and pairs this with a fundamental belief in the necessity of respecting our shared human past. Like a writer or a painter he is seen to observe the world, and brings those

observations to bear on his projects. In asking ‘what is the point of architecture?’ and airing the span of sensitivities, hopes and ambitions that form the foundation of his architectural projects, Gumuchdjian aims to reveal the little understood motivations behind every architect’s work. Divided into five chapters that describe his approach to landscape, heritage, the home and the public realm, Sensing Place concludes by reinforcing the need for architects to continue their advocacy of visionary change. Philip Gumuchdjian worked for the Richard Rogers Partnership for twenty years before founding his own practice Gumuchdjian Architects in 1998.



Max Ström 302 illustrations 368pp | Hardback 9789171264862 September | £55.00

Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen: Stockholm Photographer Anders Petersen has spent four years documenting the people and urban spaces of Stockholm. The work is a unique document of our time, its hustle and bustle and tranquil spaces, its joy, sorrow and love. Following in a tradition of Stockholm photographers, this, however, is the first time Anders Petersen has chronicled his own city. Anders’ new book is filled with hundreds of photographs depicting life in Stockholm from 2015 to 2018. These are images of a rapidly expanding city, of everyday life and celebration, of young and old, snow falling on Katarinavägen, a parade of dachshunds in Gärdet, an operating theatre in Danderyd, and New Year’s Eve celebrations at Skeppsbron’s giant Christmas tree…

‘Anders Petersen is at his best when he freezes a lowkey moment,’ Liljevalchs’ director Mårten Castenfors writes. ‘A snowy and desolate winter street, a glimpse of wonder. Images that reveal his incredible sensitivity – his presence and his love of what he sees, be it a person or an object that leads us to an unexpected association.’ Born in 1944 in Stockholm, Anders Petersen received his artistic training at Christer Strömholms Fotoskolan academy in 1966–68 and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1973–74. Petersen has exhibited his work frequently in Sweden and throughout Europe, in Tokyo, New York, Istanbul and Moscow. In 2003, he was awarded the distinction ‘The Photographer of the Year’ at the major photography festival Rencontres d’Arles in Arles, France.



Max Ström Illustrated throughout 33.0 x 29.0cm 104pp | Hardback 9789171264794 July | £35.00

Lovisa Ringborg

Lovisa Ringborg: Phantom Limbs In her latest series of works, Ringborg continues to create dreamy scenarios and situations capturing an inner world, highlighting the power of the subconscious and leaving the viewer with a feeling of uncertainty and wonder. Guided by intuition, the post-production phase is essential to achieve the expression she strives for. Ringborg’s photographs are brought together by a sense of the unknown hiding beneath the surface or being camouflaged; her protagonists descend in muddy waters merging with the dark landscape, or disappear under layers of blankets and sheets. Ringborg challenges our preconceptions of the world, while dark, subconscious forces are luring in the background. With references to art history, in particular the Renaissance and Baroque era,

Lovisa Ringborg threads a narrow path between beauty and repulsion. In recent years Ringborg has included sculpture in her practice, both serving as objects in her photographic works, but also as physical objects in the exhibition space. The sculptures, conveying a sense of metamorphose, extend the immersive state of uncertainty and wonder outside the picture frame. Lovisa Ringborg (b 1979) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and holds an MFA from the School of Photography at Gothenburg University.






Mercis 36 illustrations 18.5 x 18.5cm 40 pp | Hardback 9789056477974 July | £10.00

In collaboration with the Rijksmuseum

Miffy x Rembrandt Rembrandt and Dick Bruna are both Dutch and both worldfamous. In this book you will find lots of the wonderful works they created. Although their pictures may look very different, lots of things are the same. They both painted people, animals and landscapes, but each did so in their own way. Join Miffy as she takes a look at Rembrandt’s art and discovers similarities and differences.

Miffy x Rembrandt is a beautiful book to introduce little ones into the art world! The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of Rembrandts in the world, among which is his best-known creation: Night Watch. Additionally, it displays other great Dutch Masters from the Golden Age: Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and Frans Hals.



Agnes & Aubrey Illustrated throughout 20.3 x 15.8cm 96pp | Paperback 9781916474529 August | £8.95

Also available Take Me On Holiday Paperback | 9781916474512 | £8.95 Take Me To Museums Paperback | 9781916474505 | £8.95

Mary Richards

Take Me To School A School Journal for Young Explorers

Take Me To School is the third book in an exciting new series of guided journals for young explorers. With its stylish design, zingy illustrations and handy size to pop in a schoolbag, it’s a fun, lively way to record time at school, engage with friends and remember favourite moments forever! This innovative, interactive book is divided into five ‘adventure’ chapters. Children can start the book at any point in the school term. Each chapter is divided into themes that encourage them to explore their surroundings, record their thoughts and draw what they see. As they complete lists, create pictures and answer questions they are prompted to think carefully about their surroundings, engage with their friends and look at their everyday school environment with fresh eyes. With a ‘thoughts and feelings’ section in every chapter, the book encourages positive thinking and a growth mindset. 56

Quirky, easy to navigate and brimming with interesting facts about schools throughout history and around the world, this book is a must-have for every primary school age student – don’t leave home without it! Mary Richards is the author of The Modern Art Journal (Tate Publishing), Splat: The Most Exciting Artists of All Time (Thames & Hudson) and co-author of ArtSongs, a set of songs about art and artists (with David Schweitzer) for Tate. Mary was Art Publisher at the Hayward Gallery and a Project Editor at Tate Publishing. She lives in London with four children, two cats and a large collection of Lego.


Eight Books Illustrated throughout 35.0 x 28.0cm 32pp | Hardback 9781999858346 October | £12.99

Jim Medway

Big Farms, Little Farms A Visual Guide to Farm Animals and Machinery

Every child wants to learn about farms and farm animals. Big Farms, Little Farms is the latest in the Big & Little series. It takes children on a journey through all aspects of farming, from the smallest of chickens to the largest machines. It tells interesting facts about animal breeds and tractors as well as explaining about different types of farming – sheep, pig and dairy – and what makes a farm organic. Each breed is illustrated in colour and includes famous examples such as the Hereford bull, the Shetland sheep and Tamworth pig, alongside more unusual breeds. Alongside drawings of different types of tractor, we also have huge vegetable and crop harvesters. And of course no farm can do without a dog, so all the famous farming

dog breeds are included, from the English sheepdog to the Jack Russell Terrier. Aimed at young children (3–11), this is the ideal gift for the curious child. Award-winning artist and illustrator Jim Medway was born in Wakefield, studied in Manchester, and now lives in Furness Vale, High Peak, Derybshire. He has illustrated fiction – Shorty Loves Wing Wong (Faber & Faber) – comic books – Playing Out (Blank Slate Books) – and children’s books – The Land of the Frontiebacks: A Curious Alphabet of Confused Creatures (winner of the Children’s Book of the Year, 2014). This is his fourth title in the Big & Little series, following on from Big Dogs, Little Dogs; Big Cats, Little Cats and Big Horses, Little Horses (all published by Eight Books).

Also available Big Cats, Little Cats Hardback | 9780957471795 | £12.99 Big Dogs, Little Dogs Hardback | 9780957471764 | £12.99 Big Horses, Little Horses Hardback | 9781999858315 | £12.99 58


Fontanka 25.0 x 19.0 cm 11 illustrations 56pp | Hardback 9781906257262 October | £12.00

Elena Polenova, translated by Dr Louise Hardiman

The Story of SynkoFilipko and other Russian folk tales Russian folk tales have a timeless, slightly unworldly quality that children, and those who read to them, find particularly appealing. This is Fontanka’s second book of folk tales with illustrations by the artist Elena Polenova, with stories that are possibly even more beguiling than those in Why the Bear. The same team that produced the first book is responsible for Synko-Filipko too: the translator Dr Louise Hardiman, the granddaughter of the artist, Natalia Polenova, and the designer Christoph Stolberg. The book is designed to be a companion to the first, with the same quarter binding, and individually coloured chapters.

Elena Polenova, sister of the landscape artist Vasily Polenov, was a leading figure in the Russian craft revival, which began at the estate of Abramtsevo, just north of Moscow, in the 1890s. She took traditional folk patterns and developed them into fashionable designs for handmade wooden furniture which was produced by rural people and sold in Moscow boutiques. She was also a talented watercolourist, textile designer and illustrator of children’s fairy-tales. She died in 1898 aged 48 of a brain tumour. Dr Louise Hardiman is an art historian and specialist in Russian art, design and culture, as well as the international Arts and Crafts movement.

Also available Why the Bear Has No Tail And other Russian Folk Tales Hardback | 9781906257149 | £12.00 59


Book Island Illustrated throughout 28.0 x 21.0 cm 32pp | Hardback 9781911496137 August | £12.99

Written and illustrated by Jayde Perkin

Mum’s Jumper If Mum has gone, how do you carry on? Missing her feels like a dark cloud that follows you around, or like swimming to a shore that never comes any nearer. But memories are like a jumper that you can cuddle and wear. And Mum’s jumper might be a way to keep her close. This is a simple, heartfelt and ultimately uplifting book for anyone coping with loss.


Jayde Perkin is an author and illustrator based in Bristol. In 2018 she received both the ELCAF x WeTransfer Award and the Broken Frontier ‘Breakout Talent’ Award. Jayde is well-known around the world for her comics, all dealing with loss. https://jaydeperkin.com


Book Island Illustrated throughout 34.0 x 26.0 cm 56pp | Hardback 9781911496144 September | £19.99

Written by Anna Castagnoli, illustrated by Carll Cneut

The Golden Cage Valentina the emperor’s daughter is an obsessive collector of exotic birds. Her servants track down every bird she desires – just one remains unfound: a bird that talks. Servants search far and wide to fulfil her impossible quest – and she beheads those who fail. In Valentina’s palace, heads roll every day! Will the golden cage ever be filled? A deliciously dark European fairy tale with words as rich as its bold and luxurious illustrations. Carll Cneut is one of Flanders’ most celebrated illustrators. His books are available in 35 countries. Italian author Anna Castagnoli writes for children of all ages.

Also available Witchfairy Hardback | 9781911496076 | £12.99




Hermès Pop Up


Design is Storytelling

Actes Sud

Collaborations in Design

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

26 illustrations 20.0 x 20.0cm 26pp | Hardback 9782330106485 £22.50

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

250 illustrations 18.0 x 15.3cm 160pp | Paperback 9781942303190 £14.95

Paula Rego

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery

Obedience and Defiance

A guide to the truly good restaurants and food experiences of the United Kingdom

A guide to the truly good restaurants and food experiences of the world

150 illustrations 28.0 x 22.5cm 176pp | Hardback 9781908970480 £29.99

Blackwell & Ruth

Blackwell & Ruth

250 illustrations 19.5 x 13.5cm 320pp | Paperback 9780473432256 £19.99

450 illustrations 19.5 x 13.5cm 740pp | Paperback 9780473432263 £24.99

Mexico Masks | Rituals

The Moon

Eyewitness 1917

DAP/Radius Books

From Inner Worlds to Outer Space

The Russian Revolution As it Happened

120 illustrations 27.3 x 24.8cm 196pp | Hardback 9781942185574 £35.00

DAP/Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


200 illustrations 26.0 x 21.6cm 128pp | Hardback 9788793659087 £28.00

150 illustrations 29.0 x 22.0cm 304pp | Hardback 9781906257279 £25.00


300 illustrations 29.0 x 22.0cm 240pp | Hardback 9781942303237 £28.00



Soviet Asia

Spomenik Monument Database

Soviet Bus Stops Volume II

Soviet Modernist Architecture in Central Asia




200 illustrations 20.0 x 16.0cm 208pp | Hardback 9780995745537 £22.50

160 illustrations 16.0 x 20.0 cm 192pp | Hardback 9780993191183 £19.95

Basquiat’s Defacement

Leonardo in Detail

Omega’s Eyes

The Untold Story

The Portable Edition

Marlene Dumas on Edvard Munch

Guggenheim Museum


Munch Museum

70 illustrations 28.0 x 20.5cm 168pp | Paperback 9780892075485 £24.95

150 illustrations 19.0 x 15.0cm 224pp | Hardback 9789493039070 £12.95

112 illustrations 24.5 x 18.0cm 192pp | Hardback 9788293560227 £40.00

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris

Sargent’s Daughters

Among Others

The Biography of a Painting

Blackness at MoMA

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

85 illustrations 24.8 x 21.6cm 112pp | Hardback 9780878468591 £20.00

65 illustrations 19.0 x 13.9cm 262pp | Paperback 9780878468607 £13.50

300 illustrations 26.7 x 23.0cm 488pp | Hardback 9781633450349 £52.00

140 illustrations 16.0 x 20.0cm 192pp | Hardback 9780995745551 £22.50



Furniture Boom

The Danish Chair

The Archisutra

Mid-Century Modern Danish Furniture 1945–1975

An International Affair

The Handbook’s Final Chapter

Strandberg Publishing

Strandberg Publishing

Walther König

300 illustrations 26.5 x 14.5cm 336pp | Hardback 9788793604315 £45.00

54 illustrations 19.8 x 13.1cm 128pp | Hardback 9783960984306 £9.95

Take Me To Museums

Take Me On Holiday

We All Have Feelings

The Young Explorer’s Guide to Every Museum in the World

The Young Explorer’s Guide to Every Holiday in the World

Owl & Dog Playbooks

Agnes & Aubrey

Agnes & Aubrey

Illustrated throughout 20.3 x 15.8cm 96pp | Paperback 9781916474505 £8.95

Illustrated throughout 20.3 x 15.8cm 96pp | Paperback 9781916474512 £8.95

Up the Mountain

What Does the Crocodile Say?

Yayoi Kusama :From Here to Infinity

Book Island

Book Island


Illustrated throughout 24.0 x 19.0cm 68pp | Hardback 9781911496090 £11.99

Illustrated throughout 29.7 x 20.4cm 40pp | Hardback 9781911496113 £10.99

Illustrated throughout 30.0 x 23.0cm 40pp | Hardback 9781633450394 £14.95

260 illustrations 27.0 x 21.5cm 384pp | Hardback 9788793604124 £60.00

Illustrated throughout 16.0 x 15.0cm 22pp | Boardbook 9780993517464 £10.99


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Picture credits Front cover image © Lovisa Ringborg The Mirage (2017) From Lovisa Ringborg: Phantom Limbs, page 53

p24 Pope.L, Times Square Crawl a.k.a. Meditation Square Piece, Times Square, New York, 1978

p2 (top left) Front, Horse Lamp, 2006 © Vitra Design Museum, photo: Andreas Sütterlin (top right) Peggy Guggenheim in her Art of This Century gallery seated on the Correalistic Rocker by Frederick Kiesler, October 1942 © picture alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS, photo: Tom Fitzsimmons (bottom) Man Ray, Le Témoin, 1970 © Vitra Design Museum, photo: Andreas Sütterlin Copyright for the works of Man Ray: © Man Ray Trust, Paris/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

p39 (top) Peter Saville FAC1 2003. Courtesy the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery (left) Peter Saville Unknown Pleasures (White) 2002. Courtesy the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery (right) Peter Saville MULTICOLOUR TM 2016. Courtesy the artist and Paul Stolper Gallery

p17 (top left) Hokusai, Ariwara Narihira, from the series A True Mirror of Chinese and Japanese Poetry (Shika shashin kyō), about 1833–34. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. William S. and John T. Spaulding Collection, 21.6665 (top right) Hokusai, Traveler in Snow, from the series A True Mirror of Chinese and Japanese Poetry (Shika shashin kyō), about 1833–34. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Nellie Parney Carter Collection—Bequest of Nellie Parney Carter 34.322 (bottom) Hokusai, Poem by Sarumaru Dayū, from the series One Hundred Poems Explained by the Nurse, about 1835–36. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. William Sturgis Bigelow Collection, 11.30181

p51 © Museum Ludwig, Cologne

p19 (left) Hyman Bloom, The Hull, 1952. Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts. Gift of the William H. Lane Foundation, 1977.145. Photograph courtesy Bridgeman Images. (right) Hyman Bloom, Chandelier No. 2, 1945. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Gift of The Bloom Family in memory of Joan and Barry Bloom, 2018.2759 p20 Rooftop finial, Democratic Republic of the Congo, mid-20th century. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Arthur Tracy Cabot Fund and Hy and Shirley Zaret Acquisition Fund for African Art, 2015.2235.


p41 Courtesy Studio Pieter Vermeersch / Ludion Publishers

p54-55 Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2019. P62 © Phyllis Galembo From Mexico Masks | Rituals, page 63

Actes Sud | Agnes & Aubrey | Art/Books | Book Island | Eight Books Fashionary International Ltd | Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris Fontanka | FUEL | Walther König | Ludion | Hansjörg Mayer | Mercis Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | The Museum of Modern Art, New York Museo Nacional del Prado | The QB Papers | Standards Manual | Max Ström Stolpe | Paul Stolper | Strandberg Publishing | Vitra Design Museum

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Distributed Publishers Autumn 2019 Catalogue  

Distributed Publishers Autumn 2019 Catalogue