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Distributed Titles July – December 2018

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Thannhauser Collection French Modernism at the Guggenheim Edited by Megan Fontanella This lavishly illustrated catalogue is the definitive resource on the Guggenheim Museum’s Thannhauser Collection, an astonishing group of over seventy masterworks by Georges Braque, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Édouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Camille Pissarro and Vincent van Gogh, among others, that was bequeathed to the museum by visionary art dealer and collector Justin K. Thannhauser. Representing the collection in full, the volume also includes previously unpublished archival photographs, as well as in-depth analyses of the works based on new research and the latest advances in conservation. Megan Fontanella is Curator, Modern Art and Provenance, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.

£48.00 ISBN 978 0 892 075423 October 320pp 29.2 x 22.2cm 325 illustrations

Guggenheim Museum ‘I hope it will be appreciated. It’s my whole life’ Justin K. Thannhauser (1963)



One Hand Clapping Edited with text by Hou Hanru and Xiaoyu Weng Text by Yuk Hui and Nicholas Wong

£32.00 Paperback ISBN 978 0 892 075409 July 196pp 27.0 x 19.0cm 160 illustrations

Guggenheim Museum

Also available:

£36.00 Paperback 978 0 892 075294


£25.00 Paperback 978 0 892 075164

In One Hand Clapping, five artists from Greater China – Cao Fei, Duan Cao Fei, Duan Jianyu, Lin Yilin, Wong Ping and Samson Young – explore the ways in which globalization affects our understanding of the future. From a film shot at the industrial facilities of mainland China to a virtual-reality intervention into the Guggenheim’s iconic rotunda and musical compositions for imaginary instruments that defy the laws of physics, these works examine our systems of exchange, communication, and production, and engage creatively with the future as a form of poetic revolution. Essays by the exhibition’s organizers, Xiaoyu Weng and Hou Hanru, are joined by a theoretical text on technology and culture by the philosopher Yuk Hui, selected poems by millennial poets, and sections presenting materials related to the commissioning process for each of the artists. Hou Hanru is Consulting Curator, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Xiaoyu Weng is The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Associate Curator of Chinese Art at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.


Hilma af Klint Paintings for the Future Edited with text by Tracey Bashkoff Text by Tessel M. Bauduin, Daniel Birnbaum, Briony Fer, Vivien Greene, David Max Horowitz, Andrea Kollnitz, Helen Molesworth, Julia Voss Accompanying the first major survey exhibition of Hilma af Klint’s work in the United States, this catalogue presents 160 paintings and works on paper, which reveal that af Klint was one of the great early abstract painters of the 20th century. Her boldly colorful works reflect an ambitious, spiritually informed attempt to chart an invisible, totalizing world order through a synthesis of natural and geometric forms, textual elements, and esoteric symbolism. The volume features illuminating new scholarship that explores the Swedish artist’s varied interests, which ranged from the newest scientific discoveries to spiritualism; her artistic development; her experience as a woman artist; and her relevance to artists working today. This publication constitutes the fullest exploration of af Klint’s life and work yet.

£48.00 ISBN 978 0 892 075430 October 244 pp 28.6 x 21.6cm 220 illustrations

Guggenheim Museum

Tracey Bashkoff is Director of Collections and Senior Curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.


Toward a Concrete Utopia Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980 Edited with text by Martino Stierli and Vladimir Kuli

£48.00 ISBN 978 1 633 450516 July 234pp 30.5 x 24.0cm 235 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Squeezed between the two rival Cold War blocs, Yugoslavia merged a variety of local traditions and contemporary international influences to produce a veritable ‘parallel universe’ of modern architecture during the forty-five years of the country’s existence. This remarkable body of work has sparked recurrent international interest, yet a rigorous interpretative study has never materialized – until now. Published in conjunction with a major exhibition on Yugoslav architecture between 1948 and 1980, this is the first scholarly publication to showcase this important body of modernist architecture. Featuring new scholarship and previously unpublished archival materials, this richly illustrated book sheds light on key ideological concepts of Yugoslav architecture, urbanism and society by delving into the exceptional projects and key figures of the era. Martino Stierli is The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Vladimir Kuli is Associate Professor of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University.





Bogdanovi by Bogdanovi Yugoslav Memorials through the Eyes of their Architect Edited by Vladimir Kuli and Wolfgang Thaler With texts by Bogdan Bogdanovi and Martino Stierli

£32.00 ISBN 978 1 633 450523 July 128pp 25.4 x 20.0cm 55 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Bogdan Bogdanovi (1922–2010) was a Yugoslav architect, theorist, professor, and a one-time mayor of Belgrade. His idiosyncratic memorials to the victims and heroes of World War II occupy a unique place in the history of modern architecture, redrawing the boundaries between architecture, landscape and sculpture in varied and unexpected ways. This book presents Bogdanovi ’s built oeuvre through his own eyes, in a selection of nearly fifty colour photographs of his memorials, which the architect took soon after the completion of each project. These photos, many of them previously unpublished, are in themselves works of art that speak to their creator’s surrealist sensibility. The book includes an introduction by Vladimir Kuli , a preface by Martino Stierli, and a selection of Bogdanovi ’s own thoughts on photography, excerpted from an unpublished interview that Kuli conducted in 2005. Vladimir Kuli is an architectural historian and an Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University. Wolfgang Thaler is a Vienna-based photographer specializing in architectural photography. Martino Stierli is the Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Oasis in the City: The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden at The Museum of Modern Art Edited by Peter Reed and Romy Silver-Kohn Essays by Quentin Bajac, Peter Reed and Ann Temkin This lavishly illustrated volume pays tribute to the beauty and remarkable eighty-year history of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden at The Museum of Modern Art in essays and archival images. It features the sculptures that have become synonymous with the Garden, along with the many architects, artists and curators who have worked on and in this remarkable space. It also debuts a portfolio of images of the Garden by some of the world’s most renowned contemporary photographers, demonstrating that while the outdoor gallery is constantly changing with the seasons, new programming and rotations of the art on display, it continues to be an inspiration to artists and the broader public alike.

ÂŁ125.00 ISBN 978 0 870 709074 October 304pp 28.6 x 40.6cm 300 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Quentin Bajac, Peter Reed, Romy Silver-Kohn and Ann Temkin are all curatorial staff at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Judson Dance Theater: The Work is Never Done Ana Janevski and Thomas J. Lax

£28.00 ISBN 978 1 633 450639 September 200pp 26.7 x 22.9cm 220 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done highlights the history and ongoing significance of Judson Dance Theater, a series of open workshops whose participants would go on to profoundly shape all fields of art in the second half of the 20th century. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at MoMA, it charts Judson’s development, beginning with the workshops and classes led by Anna Halprin, Robert Ellis Dunn and James Waring, and exploring the influence of other figures working downtown such as Simone Forti and Andy Warhol, as well as such venues as Judson Gallery and the Living Theatre. Lushly illustrated with film stills, photographic documentation, reproductions of sculptural objects, scores, music, poetry, architectural drawings and archival material, the publication celebrates the group’s multidisciplinary and collaborative ethos as well as the range of its participants. Ana Janevski is Curator and Thomas J. Lax is Associate Curator in the Department of Media and Performance Art at The Museum of Modern Art.

Also available: £19.95 Paperback 978 1 633 450066

£19.95 Paperback 978 1 633 450080

£19.95 Paperback 978 1 633 450073


Peter Moore. Performance view of Trisha Brown and Steve Paxton in Brown’s Lightfall, Concert of Dance #4, January 30, 1963.”

Art history

René d’Harnoncourt and the Art of Installation Michelle Elligott René d’Harnoncourt served as the Director of The Museum of Modern Art from 1949 to 1968, and his interest in non-Western and non-Modern art shaped much of MoMA’s ambitious programming in the mid-20th century. This publication delves deep into the MoMA Archives to reveal d’Harnoncourt’s mastery of installation through an essay by Michelle Elligott and an exploration of twelve of the exhibitions he installed at MoMA, each richly illustrated by d’Harnoncourt’s own sketches – many of them previously unpublished – alongside exhibition photographs. An illustrated chronology of d’Harnoncourt’s life rounds out the volume, detailing his multifaceted journey from birth as a Count into a landowning family in Austria, to his time as a commercial artist in Mexico, to his post working for Nelson A. Rockefeller in the U.S. State Department, which eventually led to his appointment at MoMA.

£35.00 ISBN 978 1 633 450509 September 176pp 27.0 x 23.0cm 204 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Michelle Elligott is the Chief of Archives, Library, and Research Collections at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Art | Photography

Three new titles in MoMA’s One on One series Dorothea Lange: Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California Sarah Hermanson Meister

£10.95 Paperback ISBN 978 1 633 450660 October • 48pp • 22.9 x 18.4cm 35 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

The USA was in the midst of the Depression when photographer Dorothea Lange began documenting its impact through depictions of the rural poor: her images triggered a pivotal public awareness of their plight. One day in Nipomo, California, Lange saw and approached a hungry and desperate mother. The woman’s name was Florence Owens Thompson, and the result of their encounter was seven exposures, including Migrant Mother, which would become a landmark work in the history of documentary photography. Sarah Hermanson Meister is a Curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Modersohn-Becker: Self-Portrait with Two Flowers Diane Radycki

£10.95 Paperback ISBN 978 1 63345 074 5 October • 48pp • 22.9 x 18.4cm 35 illustrations

The Museum of Modern Art

Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876–1907) painted her last self-portrait in 1907, while she was in her third trimester. She would die three weeks after giving birth, at age 31, still to be recognized as the first woman artist to challenge centuries of representations of the female body. An essay by art historian Diane Radycki surveys Modersohn-Becker’s career and her posthumous recognition. Diane Radycki is a Professor of Art History at Moravian College and Director of the Payne Gallery.

Ringgold: American People Series #20: Die Anne Monahan

£10.95 Paperback ISBN 978 1 633 450677 October • 48pp • 22.9 x 18.4cm 35 illustrations

Ten adults fight, flee or die over the 12-foot span of American People Series #20: Die, as an interracial pair of children cowers in their midst. While Faith Ringgold was devising this bloody spectacle in the summer of 1967, civil unrest was convulsing black neighbourhoods and protests were escalating against the war in Viet Nam. As she later explained, she developed the work ‘to create an art relevant to black people’, and her apocalyptic vision speaks differently to diverse audiences in and beyond the art world.

The Museum of Modern Art

Anne Monahan is an art historian.



Grandpa and the Library How Charles White Learned to Paint C. Ian White Every day, young Charles White’s mother took him to the Chicago Public Library, where the librarians looked after him until six o’clock. At the library Charles looked carefully at the picture books the librarians give him and also at the people around him, later drawing what he saw on scraps of paper at home. He learned to be patient and observant – and, by watching art students painting in the park, how to mix and use oil paints. As he grew up, he painted the people he saw and admired, and ultimately became a great artist whose works now hang in museums all over the United States. Written and illustrated by his son, C. Ian White, and featuring full-colour reproductions of Charles White’s own artworks, this deeply personal story traces the childhood influences that inspired young Charles to become an artist and a teacher. C. Ian White is an artist and teacher who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his son, Gordon. This is his first children’s book.

£14.95 ISBN 978 1 633 450653 July 40pp 29.9 x 22.9cm Illustrated throughout

The Museum of Modern Art

Also available:

£19.95 ISBN 978 1 633 450271



Bruegel in Detail Manfred Sellink Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525–1569) is among the most popular artists in the history of Netherlandish painting. 2019 is 450 years since the great artist’s death, and will be marked by two important exhibitions at the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna and at the Museums of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Reproducing all of Bruegel’s best-known paintings, drawings and prints, this book reveals them as never before, in stunning large close-up details that showcase his mastery. Organized by his major themes – landscapes, daily life, biblical subjects and festive celebrations – it offers astonishing views of popular works of art such as Hunters in the Snow, Peasant Wedding and The Tower of Babel. The printings and drawings section includes his series on Sins and Virtues. Bruegel expert Manfred Sellink reveals how the painter introduced new subject matter into fine art and examines his use of landscape, perhaps the artist’s greatest innovation.

£34.95 ISBN 978 9 491 819872 September 288pp 33.0 x 26.0cm 200 illustrations


Manfred Sellink, author of Bruegel: The Complete Paintings, Drawings and Prints, is the director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and an international authority on Bruegel and Netherlandish painting. A compact, portable edition is also available

£12.95 ISBN 978 9 491 819827 September 288pp 19.0 x 15.0cm 200 illustrations

Also available:


£34.95 978 9 491 819513

£34.95 978 9 491 819629

£34.95 978 9 491 819711



John Russell Australia’s French Impressionist Edited and written by Wayne Tunnicliffe • With essays by Hilary Spurling, Anne Galbally, Elena Taylor and others

£30.00 ISBN 978 1 741 741384 August 264pp 28.0 x 21.5cm Over 180 illustrations

Art Gallery of New South Wales


Australian artist John Russell (1858–1930) was an active and influential member of the French 19th-century avant-garde: he was a close friend of Tom Roberts, Vincent van Gogh and Auguste Rodin, taught impressionist colour theory to Henri Matisse, and dined with Claude Monet on Belle Isle. While over the years Russell slipped from view, his work deserves serious consideration in the annals of art history. This book includes significant new research and brings Russell to life as both a person and an artist through essays on his life, work and influences and images of works by Russell and other artists, letters between Russell and other artists such as Van Gogh, Rodin, Matisse and Tom Roberts, and supplementary photographs. Wayne Tunnicliffe is head curator of Australian art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Anne Galbally is an Australian art historian and author of A Remarkable Friendship: Vincent van Gogh and John Peter Russell. Hilary Spurling is the author of The Unknown Matisse and Matisse: The Master. Elena Taylor is senior curator of the UNSW art collection.


Sorolla and Fashion Contributions by Eloy Martínez de la Pera, Lorena Delgado and Marie-Sophie Carron de la Carrière The ‘Sorolla and Fashion’ exhibition, organized in collaboration between the Museo Sorolla and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, focuses on the influence of fashion in the work of Joaquín Sorolla. Curated by Eloy Martínez de la Pera, it presents paintings loaned from museums and private collections in Spain and abroad, together with a selection of clothing and accessories of the period. Extremely interested in fashion, Sorolla was the perfect chronicler of the trends and style changes that took place in clothing throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His works offer an evocative catalogue of dresses, jewels and accessories, all emphasized by his loose, dynamic brushstroke. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue places particular emphasis on the magnificent female portraits that the artist executed between 1890 and 1920. Eloy Martínez de la Pera is the exhibition curator and a fashion specialist. Lorena Delgado is a curator at the Museo Sorolla in Madrid. Marie-Sophie Carron de la Carrière is a curator at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

£65.00 ISBN 978 8 417 173128 July 220pp 32.0 x 24.0cm Illustrated throughout

DAP | Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum



c at . 00

vestido negro, 1910 Museo del traje, Madrid

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Bajo el toldo, Zarautz, 1910 Óleo sobre lienzo, 99,1 × 114,3 cm Saint Louis Art Museum, San Luis. Adquisición del museo, n.º 20 :1911




Des Hughes I Want To Be Adored Texts by Stephen Feeke, Bruce Haines and Harry Thorne Contributions by Des Hughes

ÂŁ29.99 ISBN 978 1 908 970435 October 240pp 28.0 x 23.0cm 170 illustrations

Art / Books

A witty, dark and sensitive humour runs through Des Hughes’s work. His practice is an obsessive, physical enquiry into the traditions of sculpture, rethinking conventional methods and materials. Alongside this sculptural work, textiles have also become a particularly potent aspect of his practice. His cross-stitch is self-taught and has a distinctly amateur appearance; raw edges and wonky lines of text give his sewn samplers a homespun quality. In this compelling book, the first comprehensive monograph on the quiet revolutionary at the heart of contemporary sculpture, Hughes leads the reader through the passages of his creative mind, offering a commentary on his most significant works, while texts by Stephen Feeke, Harry Thorne and Bruce Haines respond to particular aspects of the practice. Des Hughes studied at Bath School of Art and Design and Goldsmiths College. He has had multiple solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe. Stephen Feeke is Director of the New Art Centre at Roche Court, Salisbury. Harry Thorne is assistant editor of frieze. Bruce Haines is a curator and gallery owner.



Tim Braden


Looking and Painting


Texts by Jennifer Higgie, Christopher Bedford and Dominic Molon Constantly shifting between representation and abstraction, while referencing art, architecture and design and embracing the decorative, British artist Tim Braden’s work is a celebration of the act of making things. His expressive and lushly seductive painting explores the in-between spaces between categories and states, dissolving and reassembling the world in high-key colour and vivid brushstrokes to re-present reality as something new and newly felt. Assembling a body of work produced over the last decade, Tim Braden is the first monograph on the artist in ten years. It draws together the many themes and styles of his work, and includes many paintings that have never been shown in public previously. The book includes a response to Braden’s work by Jennifer Higgie, and contributions by Christopher Bedford and Dominic Molon. Tim Braden (b. 1975) has exhibited widely, and his work is in many private and public collections internationally. Jennifer Higgie is co-editor of frieze and editor of frieze masters magazine. Christopher Bedford is Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Dominic Molon is Curator of Contemporary Art at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

£24.99 Paperback ISBN 978 1 908 970428 September 160pp 28.0 x 23.0cm 130 illustrations

Art / Books



Beautiful World, Where Are You? Edited by Sinéad McCarthy • Text by Sally Tallant and Kitty Scott Contributions by various

£18.95 ISBN 978 1 908 970442 July 320pp 28.0 x 18.0cm c. 240 illustrations

Art / Books

This book accompanies the 10th edition of Liverpool Biennial 2018. The artistic concept and title for this year’s edition, ‘Beautiful world, where are you?’, derives from a 1788 poem by Friedrich Schiller, later set to music by Franz Schubert in 1819. The years between the composition of Schiller’s poem and Schubert’s song saw great upheaval and profound change in Europe. Today the poem continues to suggest a world gripped by deep uncertainty; a world of social, political and environmental turmoil. It can be seen as a lament, but also as an invitation to reconsider our past, advancing a new sense of beauty that might be shared in a more equitable way. The book includes a selection of texts and creative responses to the Biennial’s title from artists, curators, writers, thinkers, scientists and sociologists. As well as being published in the event of the Biennial, it also functions as a standalone publication giving a snapshot of a particular moment in time. Sinéad McCarthy is a curator at Liverpool Biennial, and Sally Tallant is its Director. Kitty Scott is Carol and Morton Rapp Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Edward Woodman The Artist’s Eye Edited by Gilane Tawadros and Judy Adam • Texts by Gilane Tawadros, Ian Jeffrey and Woodrow Kernohan • Contributions by various artists

£30.00 ISBN 978 1 908 970411 November 168pp 29.0 x 24.5cm c. 150 illustrations

Art / Books

Now seventy-five, Edward Woodman has been photographing pioneering artists and their work for more than four decades, from Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley and Cornelia Parker to Mona Hatoum, Rachel Whiteread and Damien Hirst. He has also mapped the transformation of London itself, acting as a diarist of the city and charting its architectural and cultural evolution since the late 1960s. Coinciding with a touring exhibition beginning at the John Hansard Gallery in Southampton, this book presents work from his entire career, including artists’ portraits, studios, exhibitions, installations and performances, collaborations with artists, social documentation and more recent and personal works. It also features texts on Edward Woodman’s practice, as well contributions from some of the artists with whom he worked most closely. Gilane Tawadros is a curator and writer. Judy Adam is a curator and consultant. Ian Jeffrey is a renowned author of books on photography. Woodrow Kernohan is Director of the John Hansard Gallery in Southampton.



Anthony Cragg: Sculpture 1969–85 Volume II Edited by the Cragg Foundation Works on Paper documents Anthony Cragg’s sculpture over the last fifty years in four volumes, the second of which is published now. This second volume covers the decade and a half from 1969 to 1985. In a chronological account, the extensive and representative selection of images displays the diversity of sculptural forms and content in Cragg’s work, highlighting key bodies of work and exhibitions, and offering new insights into the developing sculptural imagination at work. Tony Cragg lives and works in Wuppertal. Larger groups of his works on paper have been displayed in the retrospective at the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, and in exhibitions at the State Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, the Academy of Arts in Berlin and the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

£48.00 ISBN 978 3 960 981480 July 448pp 28.5 x 22.0cm 432 illustrations

Walther König

Also available:

£48.00 978 3 960 981169


Art | Children’s

The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen & Marina Abramovi A Fairy Tale of Transformation and Beauty Edited by Lærke Rydal Jørgensen

£22.00 ISBN 978 8 792 877932 July 40pp 31.7 x 24.1cm 24 illustrations

DAP | Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Andersen’s story of the ugly duckling that endures torment and loneliness before becoming a beautiful swan has resonated with readers since it was first published in 1843. Now, in this beautiful new edition of the classic fairy tale, Abramovi reimagines the story by adding new pen and crayon illustrations to the original text. This volume is the second publication in a series of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales illustrated by contemporary artists, following the huge success of 2016’s The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & Yayoi Kusama. Born in Belgrade just after the end of the Second World War, Marina Abramovi left Yugoslavia in 1976, having already established herself as a performance artist. In 2010 she was the subject of an enormously popular retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875) achieved worldwide fame for writing innovative and influential fairy tales.



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Sophie Calle: True Stories Sophie Calle Published for the first time in 1994 and regularly re-edited and enhanced, True Stories returns again this year with four unpublished narratives related in Sophie Calle’s familiar precise sober prose and photography. By turns serious, hilarious, dramatic or cruel, these reallife tales represent a form of work in progress recounting fragments of her life. There are six new stories added to the previous ones. Calle’s projects have frequently drawn on episodes from her own life, but this book – part visual memoir, part meditation on the resonances of photographs and belongings – is as close as she has come to producing an autobiography, albeit a highly poetical and fragmentary one. Calle herself is the author, narrator and protagonist of her stories and photography; her words are sombre, chosen precisely and carefully. One of the 21st century’s foremost artists, Calle here offers up her own story – childhood, marriage, sex, death – with brilliant humour, insight and pleasure. Sophie Calle found fame in the 1990s in France and the United States in the wake of her first film, No Sex Last Night. She has published a number of works with Actes Sud. Today she is a key figure of the 21st-century art scene.

£17.50 ISBN 978 2 330 093037 July 112pp 19.0 x 10.0cm 51 illustrations

Actes Sud

Also available:

£25.00 postcards 9782330053697

£56.00 9782742768936

£19.95 9782330016166

£40.00 9782330000585



Djamel Tatah Texts by Emmanuelle Brugerolles, Éric de Chassey, Danièle Cohn and Éric Mézil

£29.00 ISBN 978 2 330 092818 July 176pp 28.0 x 22.0cm Illustrated throughout

Actes Sud


Published to accompany an exhibition at the Lambert Collection in Avignon, this catalogue creates a dialogue between the Collection’s minimalist artists – Robert Barry, Robert Ryman, Robert Mangold, Richard Serra, Sol LeWitt and Brice Marden, among others – and Djamel Tatah’s work. Tatah paints life-size figures which seem to be suspended in time, set in unspecified places and caught up in a world of silence. His work shows a clear relationship with modernist and contemporary monochrome painting, but it is also part of a more classical tradition; therefore, the Paris School of Fine Art, where Tatah has taught since 2008, has loaned over fifty works from its own collection, including works by Delacroix, Matisse, Corneille de Lyon, Cimabue, Giotto, Piero della Francesca and more, with a view to broadening the dialogue with Djamel Tatah’s work over time. Emanuelle Brugerolles is Curator of Drawings at the École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Éric de Chassey is professor of contemporary art at François Rabelais University in Tours, France. Danièle Cohn is director of the laboratory for Culture, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (CEPA).


Léon Spilliaert From the Depths of the Soul Anne Adriaens-Pannier Léon Spilliaert (1881–1946) was one of the most important Flemish Symbolist painters. Although he was embedded in the Symbolist tradition, he was also drawn to the avant-garde. Spilliaert was also driven by ridicule and irony, non-conformism and the urge to look at the world from a different perspective. He created his own spiritual imagery, experimented with pastel and gouache, and played with purified areas of colour and graceful lines. The sea under a cool moon, lonely figures with a vacant gaze, desolate beaches, empty rooms and stylised silhouettes in backlight: Spilliaert was always able to evoke an atmosphere of mystery, magic and alienation in abstract lines and colours. Anne Adriaens-Pannier is an art historian and honorary curator at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels. She has been working on the catalogue raisonné of Spilliaert’s oeuvre since 1995.

£55.00 ISBN 978 9 491 819902 November 336pp 28.6 x 24.8cm 400 illustrations



Decorative Arts

The Making of The Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World The British Museum

£40.00 ISBN 978 0 714 111919 October 192pp 28.1 x 25.3cm 150 illustrations

The British Museum

Iznik Bowl Silk with cotton lining Turkey, 1850s–1890s Length 58 cm/ Width 66.5 cm British Museum, 2015,6016.9


This highly illustrated publication details the concepts, construction and design of the new Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World at the British Museum. It outlines not only the history of the extremely rich and varied collection of Islamic material culture at the British Museum, but also the challenges of building and designing a new gallery for the 21st century within a historic building. This book highlights not only the work done by British Museum staff, but also details the partnerships with the architects Stanton Williams, the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The result is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated insight into a remarkable new gallery and the British Museum’s unparalleled collection of Islamic material culture.


The 8 Brokens Chinese Bapo Painting Nancy Berliner Developed during the mid-19th century in China, the bapo ‘eight brokens’ painting genre combines ingeniously realistic depictions of antique documents, such as calligraphies, rubbings, paintings and pages from old books, sometimes alongside everyday contemporary ephemera including advertisements, receipts and postmarked envelopes. The resulting seemingly haphazard, overlapping compositions contain coded reflections on the decay of cultural traditions, or wishes for the recipient’s good fortune. This book explores the origins of bapo in Chinese visual culture and traces how it blossomed into an intriguing and inventive tradition in the hands of many artists. Nancy Berliner is Wu Tung Senior Curator of Chinese Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

£40.00 ISBN 978 0 878 468317 November 168pp 25.4 x 20.3cm 75 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Photography | Archaeology

Unearthing Ancient Nubia Photographs from the Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition Lawrence M. Berman

ÂŁ30.00 ISBN 978 0 878 468546 July 144pp 28.9 x 21.5cm 80 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Specially trained Egyptian photographers were an integral part of the pioneering Harvard-Museum of Fine Arts expedition during the first half of the 20th century. Their photographs documented the excavations with thousands of images, as the riches of a great ancient civilization in northern Sudan were uncovered. The best of these photographs, beautifully reproduced here, bring to life the dramatic landscapes of the Nile Valley, the excitement of archaeological discovery, and the artistry of the photographers who recorded it all. Lawrence M. Berman is Norma Jean Calderwood Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Ancient Art

Arts of Ancient Nubia MFA Highlights Denise M. Doxey Ancient Nubia was home to a series of civilizations between the sixth millennium bce and ad 350 that produced towering monuments, including pyramids and artifacts of enduring beauty and significance. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has the largest and most important collection of ancient Nubian art outside of Khartoum, mostly gathered during the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition in the first half of the 20th century. The objects in this volume include refined early ceramics, monumental statues and relief carvings made for royal pyramids, exquisite gold and enamel jewelry, playful decorations for furniture and clothing, and luxury goods traded from around the Mediterranean world. Together they provide a fascinating introduction to a sophisticated cultural tradition and a rich history that are still being revealed today. Denise M. Doxey is Curator, Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

ÂŁ15.00 Paperback ISBN 978 0 878 468539 July 168pp 22.8 x 17.7cm 130 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Decorative Arts

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Parakeets Window MFA Spotlight Nonie Gadsden

£6.50 Paperback ISBN 978 0 878 468560 August 78pp 21.0 x 14.6cm 20 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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£6.50 Paperback 978 0 878 468331

£6.50 Paperback 978 0 878 468379


The story of the Parakeets stained glass window – from national and international recognition to years of obscurity, followed by a return to the limelight – parallels the public reception of the art of its maker, Louis Comfort Tiffany, who had one of the most recognized names in American art at the turn of the 20th century. It is a story of artistic ambition and experimentation, of nationalist pride and promotion, and of the capricious nature of public opinion and the art market. A careful study of the fabrication, imagery, and life of the window offers an intimate look into the legacy of Tiffany, as well as the 19th-century revival of the lesser-known medium of stained glass, which some argue was the United States’ first major contribution to the international art world. Nonie Gadsden is Katharine Lane Weems Senior Curator of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Decorative Arts

Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Boston Frank Gardner Hale and His Circle Nonie Gadsden, Meghan Melvin and Emily Stoehrer Belief in the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement united a vibrant and active community of jewelry makers at the turn of the 20th century in Boston. Frank Gardner Hale became the most prominent and prolific creator of works of wearable art, helping to define the ‘Boston look’ characterized by bold use of coloured stones and brilliant enamels; refined and delicate settings; and exquisite design and craftsmanship, conceived and executed by a single craftsman. This book, the first in-depth study of the subject, reproduces dozens of ornaments in dazzling colour, accompanied by design drawings from the extensive Frank Gardner Hale Archive at MFA Boston. The authoritative text brings together scholars of design history to explore how Hale and his contemporaries expressed Arts and Crafts principles in the creation of jewels of enduring allure. Nonie Gadsden is the Katharine Lane Weems Senior Curator of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture, Meghan Melvin is Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Curator of Design, and Emily Stoehrer is Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry, all at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

£35.00 ISBN 978 0 878 468577 November 224pp 25.4 x 20.3cm 135 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston





Weaving Contemporary Makers on the Loom Katie Treggiden Weaving is an ancient craft with a fascinating history, and one that keeps evolving. Today it is being adopted and reinvented by makers in cities all over the world. From rugs and wall hangings to artistic installations and subversive interventions, contemporary expressions of the craft are as diverse as they are numerous. A feast for the eye, this book celebrates contemporary weaving and its makers, presenting a carefully curated selection of weavers alongside a rare glimpse into their worlds. In six in-depth, thematic essays, design expert and journalist Katie Treggiden explores the craft, its history and the many faces of its current revival. Katie Treggiden is a design writer, editor, curator, lecturer, and consultant. She writes for the Guardian, the Telegraph Magazine, Elle Decoration and Icon, among others. She is the author of Urban Potters, The Makers of East London and of The Residents: Inside the Iconic Barbican Estate.

ÂŁ30.00 ISBN 978 9 491 819896 September 240pp 27.0 x 22.0cm 200 illustrations


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ÂŁ30.00 978 9 491 819704


Popular Culture

Russian Criminal Tattoos and Playing Cards Arkady Bronnikov • Foreword by Varlam Shalamov • Introduction by Raul Kaasik • General Editors: Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell

£22.50 ISBN 978 0 993 191121 September 272pp 20.0 x 12.0cm Over 250 illustrations


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£18.95 postcards 978 0 956 896261


This book explains the importance of playing cards in Russian criminal culture. Prohibited by the prison authorities, the handmade decks are constructed from innocuous materials procured from the everyday routine of prison life. During construction both the cards and their designs are adroitly manipulated so they can be ‘read’. Once complete the ‘virtuoso’ player prowls the prison, searching for a suitable victim. This complete process is described here for the first time. Extensive diagrams show how the cards are made, while decks of actual prison cards are reproduced in facsimile. The book also features a further 160 photographs from the Arkady Bronnikov collection, all accompanied by text that reveals the connection between the criminal hierarchy, tattoos and playing cards. Arkady Bronnikov is Russia’s leading expert on tattoo iconography. Varlam Shalamov is a writer and Gulag survivor, best known for his collection of short stories Kolyma Tales. Raul Kaasik was a prison inmate in the Estonian SSR.

Popular Culture

Brutal Bloc Postcards Soviet Era Postcards from the Eastern Bloc Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell • Foreword by Jonathan Meades Brutal concrete hotels, futurist TV towers, heroic worker statues – this collection of Soviet era postcards documents the uncompromising landscape of the Eastern Bloc through its buildings and monuments. They are interspersed with quotes from prominent figures of the time, that both support and confound the ideologies presented in the images. Dating from the 1960s to the 1980s, these officially sanctioned postcards were intended to publicize communism: from monuments to comradeship to social housing blocks. Instead, they inadvertently communicate other messages: outside the House of Political Enlightenment in Yerevan, the flowerbed reads ‘Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’; at the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute students stroll past a 16-foot-tall concrete hammer and sickle. These postcards are at once sinister, funny, poignant and surreal.

£22.50 ISBN 978 0 995 745520 September 192pp 16.0 x 20.0cm 176 illustrations


Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell have been publishing books on Soviet culture since 2004, from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia to Soviet Bus Stops. Jonathan Meades is a writer, critic and television presenter.





Spomenik Monument Database Donald Niebyl • Editors Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell ‘Spomenik’, the Serbo-Croat/Slovenian word for ‘monument’, refers to a series of memorials built in Tito’s Republic of Yugoslavia from the 1960s–1990s, marking the horror of the occupation and the defeat of Axis forces during World War II. Hundreds were built across the country, from coastal resorts to remote mountains. Through these imaginative forms of concrete and steel, a classless, forward-looking, socialist society, free of ethnic tensions, was envisaged. Today, following the breakup of the country and the subsequent Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, some have been destroyed or abandoned. Many have suffered the consequences of ethnic tensions – once viewed as symbols of hope they are now the focus of resentment and anger. This book brings together the largest collection of spomeniks ever published. Each has been extensively photographed and researched by the author, to make this book the most comprehensive survey of this obscure and fascinating architectural phenomenon.

£22.50 ISBN 978 0 995 745537 September 208pp 20.0 x 16.0cm 200 illustrations


Donald Niebyl is an American writer with a special interest in Balkan history. Over the past three years he’s travelled thousands of miles in his mission to document spomeniks. Also available:

£19.95 978 0 993 191107

£19.95 978 0 993 191183



Identity: Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv Introduction by Alexandra Lange • Interviews by John Maeda and Roman Mars • Contributed text by Milton Glaser

£75.00 ISBN 978 0 692 955239 July 308pp 29.2 x 30.2cm 275 illustrations

Standards Manual


Showcasing a body of work spanning sixty years from the seminal New York design firm founded in 1957 by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar, this book demonstrates how the firm’s contribution to design has shaped the way corporate identity programmes have influenced culture. It features over 100 case studies from the firm’s previous and current clients, including Chase Bank, NBC, PanAm, PBS, and many more. Also included are interviews with Tom Geismar and Sagi Haviv, plus written contributions from Milton Glaser, John Maeda, and others. Alexandra Lange is the architecture critic for Curbed, a digital home and design publication, and the author of Writing About Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities. Her articles have appeared in Architect, Domus, Dwell, Medium, MAS Context, Metropolis, New York Magazine, The New Yorker and The New York Times.

Edited by Mateo Kries, Amelie Klein and Alison J. Clarke The designer, author and design activist Victor J. Papanek (1923– 1998) anticipated an understanding of design as a tool for political change and social good that is more relevant today than ever. Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design gives an encompassing overview of Papanek’s oeuvre, at the heart of which stood his preoccupation with the socially marginalized, his commitment to the interests of areas then called the ‘Third World’, as well as his involvement in the fields of ecology, bionics, sustainability and anti-consumerism. Alongside essays and interviews discussing Papanek’s relevance in his own era, this book also presents current perspectives on his enduring legacy and its influence on design theory. Original family photographs, art and design work, drawings, correspondence and materials from the Victor J. Papanek Foundation archive, University of Applied Arts Vienna, are reproduced here for the first time, alongside work by both Papanek’s contemporaries and designers working today.

Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design

£45.00 Paperback ISBN 978 3 945 852262 October 392pp 26.5 x 19.5cm 500 illustrations

Vitra Design Museum

Mateo Kries is Director of the Vitra Design Museum, where Amelie Klein is a curator. Alison J. Clarke is a professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.



Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design


Freeing Architecture Junya Ishigami

£38.00 Paperback ISBN 978 2 869 251380 July 2018 320pp 36.0 x 26.0cm 150 illustrations

Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris | LIXIL Publishing, Tokyo


Lightness, transparency, simplicity and communion with nature are Japanese architect Junya Ishigami’s watchwords. In his architectural masterworks, which he compares to landscapes, he eliminates the boundaries between exterior and interior space. For the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Junya Ishigami designed an exhibition that reveals, on an unprecedented scale, his latest research into freedom, fluidity and the future of architecture. Published to accompany the exhibition showing at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain from 30 March to 10 June 2018, this book retraces the genesis of the project, including mixed photographs, drawings, models and all the poetry inherent to Ishigami’s work. Junya Ishigami established his own architecture practice junya.ishigami+associates in 2004. His large-scale projects include the Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan; the restoration of Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum and its transformation into a garden-museum; and the design of the House of Peace for the city of Copenhagen, a massive cloud-shaped building located on an island, with a floor made of water, intended as a symbol of peace. In 2010, Junya Ishigami received the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale for his installation Architecture as Air: Study for Château La Coste, an exquisite life-sized maquette.


I Am New York Carlo Stanga Cities have always been important protagonists in our history, but now, more than ever, they are taking the leading role in our developing culture. In this series, I Am the City, the most prominent cities in the world are given a chance to reassert their unique personalities and individuality, showing us, via a pictorial tour and compelling anecdotes, the things that mark them out in the face of the encroaching tide of homogeneity. The third title in the I Am the City series is set in New York. Stunning colour illustrations by Carlo Stanga take the reader on a virtual tour of the city that narrates and reveals landmarks, tales, lifestyle, architecture as well as secrets. From the Chrysler building to the bagel, this is a never-seen-before, fully comprehensive illustrated journey of New York. Carlo Stanga is an Italian architect, illustrator and author based in Berlin. Winner of many international illustration awards, including the American Illustration Annual, Creative Quarterly’s Gold Medal Award and Awards of Excellence from Communication Arts, Carlo works with major newspapers, publishers and firms, including UNESCO, MTA of New York, and The Wall Street Journal.

£19.00 Paperback ISBN 978 8 867 325788 September 124pp inc 2 gatefolds 21.0 x 25.0cm 100 illustrations

Moleskine Books

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£19.00 pb 978 8 867 325733

£19.00 pb 978 8 867 327591



ROBOTS 1:1 The R. F. Collection Edited by Rolf Fehlbaum

£150.00 ISBN 978 3 945 852279 July 276pp 48.0 x 31.2cm 252 illustrations

Vitra Design Museum


ROBOTS 1:1 explores the space-themed toys in the R. F. Robot Collection held by the Vitra Design Museum. Largely produced in Japan between 1937 and 1973, these figures of robots (and the occasional astronaut) have been carefully researched and compiled over the years by Rolf Fehlbaum, who describes them as ‘small kinetic sculptures of great originality’. ROBOTS 1:1 is unique in that it shows the toys and their original packaging (where available) in a scale of 1:1, with the largest robot determining the size of the book. ROBOTS 1:1 is limited to an edition of 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by Rolf Fehlbaum. A USB stick with thirty-four short films demonstrating a selection of robots in action is integrated into the spine of the book, alongside a poster featuring eighty robots in chronological order of their release. Rolf Fehlbaum is the former Chairman of Vitra and founder of the Vitra Design Museum.


GingerNutz Takes Paris An Orangutan Conquers Fashion Michael Roberts • Foreword by Grace Coddington She’s back! In this sequel to GingerNutz: The Jungle Memoir of a Model Orangutan, we see the ginger-haired beauty cavorting about the famous landmarks of Paris – Notre Dame Cathedral, Café de Flore – and visiting the ateliers of storied fashion designers including Azzedine Alaïa, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Comme des Garçons and Dries van Noten. Being the hottest model of the moment, GingerNutz will also model the latest haute couture styles, chosen at the Fall 2018 shows in Paris by Grace Coddington. Michael Roberts’ charming text and hand-drawn illustrations capture the wonder and whimsy of a glamorous but still naïve young girl’s adventures in Paris. The story of GingerNutz was inspired by legendary model and fashion editor Grace Coddington, the longtime creative director of American Vogue and a close friend of the author. Michael Roberts (b. 1947) is a British fashion journalist. He was worked as fashion director at Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, Tatler and British Vogue. Ginger-haired extraordinaire Grace Coddington is creative director at large of American Vogue, fan favourite of The September Issue and author of the bestselling memoir Grace.

£22.00 ISBN 978 0 998 701837 September 80pp 23.5 x 16.5cm 65 illustrations

DAP | MW Editions

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£22.00 978 0 998 701806



The Secret Language of Flowers Notes on the Hidden Meanings of Flowers in Art Jean-Michel Othoniel

£29.00 ISBN 978 2 330 048129 July 192pp 21.0 x 13.0cm 160 illustrations

Actes Sud


During his 2012 residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel delved into the archives of the magnificent garden that Isabella Stewart Gardner, the first American woman to graduate with a degree in horticulture, cultivated around her residence. Othoniel examined the museum (where nothing has been moved since its owners died) and photographed the flowers in the tapestries, ironwork, architecture, furnishings and paintings, in such masterpieces as van Dyck’s ‘Portrait of a Woman’ with its innocuous rose, Piermatteo d’Amelia’s ‘Annunciation’ with its majestic lily and Bartolomé Bermejo’s ‘Saint Engracia’ with its enigmatic palm. This giftworthy volume presents his art-historical ABC of these flowers, from Acanthus to Zea Mays. Jean-Michel Othoniel is renowned for his glass sculptures. In 2014, alongside the landscape artist Louis Benech, he presented a new water performance design for the gardens of the Château de Versailles. Actes Sud has published four of his books: Obsidiana, Epiphanie, Un coeur abstrait and Othoniel Crystal Palace.

Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) is a colossus in the history of art. In a career that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Parisborn sculptor rebelled against the idealized forms and practices of traditional art and paved the way for the birth of modern sculpture. This centenary facsimile edition faithfully reproduces the pages of a 1918 volume published immediately in the wake of Rodin’s death, one of the first volumes on the French sculptor in the English language. With an essay by young American artist and critic VINTAGE CLASSICS Louis Weinberg, it presents almost seventy of Rodin’s works in a beautifully designed, high-quality clothbound format that will appeal to a contemporary audience. This is a perfect gift, collectible and keepsake for any Rodin enthusiast or lover of modern sculpture. Louis Weinberg (1885–1964) was an artist, writer and professor emeritus of art at City College in New York. He was the author of The Art of Rodin, Color in Every Day Life, America in the Making and America in the Machine Age.


Introduction by Louis Weinberg • Illustrations by Auguste Rodin Portrait by Edward Steichen


The Art of Rodin THE ART OF RODIN

£19.95 ISBN 978 1 908 970381 July 168pp 16.4 x 10.7cm 67 illustrations

Art / Books

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£19.95 978 1 908 970374



A Book of Elfin Rhymes ‘Norman’ • Drawings by Carton Moore Park

£16.99 ISBN 978 1 908 970398 July 112pp 23.4 x 18.4cm 43 illustrations

Art / Books

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£14.95 978 1 908 970367


This charming children’s book, written by an anonymous author known only as ‘Norman’ and first published in 1900, features eleven rhymes that capture the mysterious and sometimes ridiculous world of goblins, witches and fairies. Children and parents alike will delight at these stories of naughty imps and elves who love to play pranks, tease and make mischief on humans, animals and one another. Each verse is accompanied by several drawings by illustrator Carton Moore Park in either one, two or three simple colours in a style that not only conveys the magic of the fairy-realm, but also is strikingly modern in character. This facsimile edition is bound with a silkscreened cloth cover and printed on high-quality paper to create a collectible object that recipients young and old will treasure long into adulthood. It is the latest volume in a series of special facsimiles of historic illustrated children’s titles produced by Art / Books. Carton Moore Park (1877–1956) was a Scotland-born painter, illustrator and teacher. During the 1890s, he was best known for his illustrations of animals, which appeared in Glasgow Weekly Citizen and Saint Mungo. His illustrated books were Alphabet of Animals, Book of Birds and A Book of Elfin Rhymes.


Little Women Louisa M. Alcott • Abridged by W. Dingwall Fordyce Illustrations by Norman Little Louisa May Alcott’s beloved children’s novel Little Women is one of the classics of American literature. The novel follows the lives of the March sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy and details their passage from childhood to womanhood during the years of the American Civil War. The story was loosely based on Alcott and her sisters’ own experiences of growing up in Concord, Massachusetts. The book became an immediate roaring success when it was published on 30 September 1868. The first 2,000 copies sold out at once and it has never been out of print since. This 150th-anniversary facsimile edition faithfully reproduces an abridged version of the book published in 1910. It presents the story in an easy-to-read format for children, with illustrations by the Australian artist Norman Little. Louisa May Alcott (1832–88) was an American novelist and poet. W. Dingwall Fordyce was the author of several adventure novels for children. Norman Little (1883–1917) was an Australian artist and illustrator.

£16.99 ISBN 978 1 908 970404 September 80pp 25.6 x 19.5cm 8 illustrations

Art / Books



Big Horses, Little Horses

Big Horses, Little Horses A Visual Guide to the World’s Horses and Ponies

es, ts,

Illustrations by Jim Medway

Jim Medway

Horses and ponies of all sorts and types are brought together in this one big, beautiful book for young children. Big Horses, Little Horses, the third title in the Big & Little series, features over 150 horse and pony breeds from around the world, each one illustrated with a colour drawing by Jim Medway. Divided into sections on British and Irish, European, North American, Asian and World horses, it includes every known breed, from the English Thoroughbred racehorse to the tiny Shetland Pony, from the enormous Drum Horse to the elegant Arab. Horses for trotting, horses for climbing mountains, horses for cattle work, horses for pulling carriages – they are all here. A delightful feature at the back of the book is a Foal identifier, while a Horse Index includes interesting facts about each breed. This is a must-have book for all young children and their parents who love horses!

Jim Medway

£12.99 ISBN 978 1 999 858315 October 32pp 35.0 x 28.0cm 150 illustrations

Eight Books

Award-winning artist Jim Medway has illustrated many books, including The Land of the Frontiebacks (winner of the Children’s Book of the Year, 2014, Junior Magazine) and Turvytops: A Really Wild Island. He is also the illustrator of Big Dogs, Little Dogs and Big Cats, Little Cats. Also available: North American Horses

Newfoundland Pony

American Curly

National Show Horse Morab

Mustang Quarter Horse Chincoteague

Lippitt Morgan

£12.99 978 0 957 471764

American Saddlebred Paso Fino

Marsh Tacky Standardbred

British horses Canadian Sport

Exmoor Pony Cleveland Bay

Florida Cracker Connemara

Palomino Clydesdale 6


Highland Pony

£12.99 978 0 957 471795

Shire Horse

Shetland Pony

Welsh Mountain Pony

Eriskay Pony Dartmoor pony

Fell Pony

Soffolk Punch Welsh Cob Pony

Dales Pony


English Thoroughbred 4




Helping Hen Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang Here is the story of a hen who gets lured by a fox, intent on eating her. Can anyone save her? This sturdy board book has a unique format, with pages that change shape as the story progresses and actually take the form of the characters. Its creative and playful design is enhanced by vibrant illustrations that will delight all pre-school children. Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang met at the Royal College of Art in London while studying in 2002, and have been collaborating ever since. They deploy their product design sensibility to great effect when creating their innovative playbooks, which always challenge the traditional format. £7.99 Board ISBN 978 0 993 517457 September Concertina pages Variable size 12 illustrations House and pond etc on the first page of the story becomes the face of the farmer.

Page 1 and 2 of chicken and fox become hair and beard of the farmer.

Owl & Dog Playbooks

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Page 3 and 4 of chicken looking at the river becomes chicken under the farmer’s arm. The river is a part of his work apron.

£11.99 board 978 0 993 517419

£7.99 board 978 0 993 517433

Last line of the story curls to indicate the book needs to be turned.

Last page of the fox being stopped by the farmer. £11.99 board 978 0 993 517440

Please note: this is a dummy illustration



Emmett and Caleb Written by Karen Hottois and illustrated by Delphine Renon

£11.99 ISBN 978 1 911 496106 September 64pp 23.7 x 19.6cm Illustrated throughout

Book Island


Join two friends as they journey through the seasons together, through birthdays and dark patches, daily chores and spontaneous treats. Although they are both quite different, Emmett and Caleb are very close friends – next door neighbours, in fact! Unsurprisingly, they spend most of the year together. Emmett wakes up bright and early, but Caleb likes to watch the stars and sleep all morning. This doesn’t stop them doing plenty together. But when friends are so close, there can often be problems with communication. This beautiful picture book is about the many forms of friendships there are between creatures, and the many ways of expressing this friendship. Delphine Renon is an accomplished French illustrator, with many previous books under her belt. All her books focus on relationships between people (or animals). This is Karen Hottois’ second children’s book.


Up the Mountain Written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc Mrs Badger climbs the mountain near her house every Sunday. She knows the name of every animal and every kind of mushroom. One particular Sunday, she meets a young cat called Leo who accompanies her on her walks. But Mrs Badger is getting slower. It is up to Leo to make the trek on his own and pass on the wonder of the mountain. This is a universal story about friendship and the importance of nature for young readers. Marianne Dubuc is an award-winning author and illustrator from Montreal. In 2014, she received a Governor General’s Literary Award in Canada for The Lion and the Bird.

£11.99 ISBN 978 1 911 496090 July 76pp 24.7 x 19.0cm Illustrated throughout

Book Island

Also available:

£11.99 978 0 994 109873

£11.99 978 0 994 128201



Little Wise Wolf Written by Gijs van der Hammen • Illustrated by Hanneke Siemensma

ÂŁ11.99 ISBN 9781 911 496120 October 40pp 29.0 x 24.0cm Illustrated throughout

Book Island

This is a magnificent story about a little wolf, who slowly realises he may not be as wise as he thinks he is, and that the world is much bigger than that contained within his books. Little Wise Wolf has time for only one thing: reading books. All right, two things: at night he studies the stars. When the other animals come to him to get answers to their difficult questions, Little Wise Wolf has no time for that. Until one day, a raven appears. The king turns out to be seriously ill, and Little Wise Wolf is called on to use his knowledge to make him better again. On the way to the palace it turns out that, although Little Wise Wolf may know a lot about the things he has read in his books, and seen in the stars, he has a lot to learn about the outside world. Gijs van der Hammen and Hanneke Siemensma both studied Dutch literature at the University of Amsterdam. They are parents to two daughters.



What Does the Crocodile Say? Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari Here is a colourful picture book about noise and sound, and a poor little crocodile who is really not looking forward to nursery. The first day of nursery is hard for everyone, even for a crocodile. And on top of this, there are just so many sounds and noises to be heard! How does little Crocodile deal with it all? Follow him as he journeys through the sounds he encounters on his first day at nursery, and tries to make it through to the end of the day, when he will be back with his mum again. Eva Montanari lives in Italy and teaches Illustration at the European School of Design in Milan. Her illustrations have been published in Italy, as well as Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and the United States.

ÂŁ11.99 ISBN 978 1 911 496113 August 40pp 29.7 x 20.4cm Illustrated throughout

Book Island


Food & Drink

The Seven Moods of Craft Spirits 350 Great Craft Spirits from Around the World Dominic Roskrow Now is the most exciting time for craft spirits. Craft distilling is riding a perfect wave: gin has become particularly popular in London, tequila is back in fashion, Cuban rum is making a resurgence, and great whiskies are being created everywhere. Brought together in one accessible guide, here are 350 of the world’s most interesting and innovative spirits. Each entry includes a specially commissioned drawing, tasting description, strength, distillery information and spirit type. Each chapter is devoted to seven different moods – Social, Adventurous, Poetic, Bucolic, Contemplative, Gastronomic, Imaginative – and alongside the entries there are numerous features on related subjects, including gin and whisky distilleries, spirit bars, whisky festivals, craft distillers, and mixing spirits and food. The second in the ‘Seven Moods’ series, this little guide will become the pocket bible to craft spirits for years to come.

£14.99 flexibound ISBN 978 1 999 858322 October 224pp 19.8 x 14.0cm 400 illustrations

Eight Books

Dominic Roskrow is an internationally acclaimed spirits writer. His recent book Whisky: Japan was given ‘Best in The World’ status at the Gourmand Culinary Awards in Beijing. Also available: SOCIAL

— Colombian magic —

— Spuds-u-like —



D es tiler i a C o l o m b i a na Co l o m b i a { }

O g i l v y D i sti l l er y A ng us, S co tl a nd { }

RUM, 40.0%

VODKA, 40.0%



£12.99 flexibound 9780957471788


One of the exciting aspects of the micro/craft distillery boom is that it has injected new life into existing businesses. That’s a great thing, especially for rural communities in the United Kingdom, where traditional businesses have struggled. Many of the new distilleries are housed in renovated farm buildings that had lain derelict for decades. And if you’ve got potatoes, why not make white spirit? Ogilvy distillery is a small family distillery situated at the Hatton of Ogilvy Farm in Scotland, and the potatoes used in this beguiling and stylish vodka are grown on the farm. You get the sense the family team behind the vodka live and breathe potatoes, so when they decided to start a distillery potatoes were the obvious choice. Even their specially made dinky vodka still is called “Spud”. Once distilled the vodka is filtered through charcoal for up to a week and the result is a smooth spirit with a fruit and creamy vanilla palate and some late spice. Micro distilling at its finest.



The importance of an age on a bottle of spirits is a constant source of discussion, and there is a lot of confusion over what an age actually means. For whisky it’s pretty straightforward: the age refers to the youngest whisky in the bottle, so if you mix 12-year-old, 15-year-old, and 18-year-old whisky, that whisky is a 12-yearold and it means it has spent at least 12 years in oak. A whisky bottled today after 12 years is exactly the same age as a whisky matured for 12 years in the 1970s. But other spirits producers are less fussy. A Cognac expert recently introduced a Cognac as a 60-year-old because it had been matured for 10 years and then bottled 50 years ago. Rum isn’t fussy how it approaches age either. Some use the Scottish method. This, though, is an average, and this includes rums from eight to 14 years old. This Dictador rum is different for two reasons: firstly, it is produced through a solera system, with younger rums at the top being added to older rums lower down, softening the overall palate feel. Secondly the rum is not made from molasses but from sugar cane honey. This is because in Colombia all cars must run partially on bio-fuel – made from molasses, hence making them in short supply. The resulting rum is complex and excellent, with a delicate smokiness, oaky tannins and some attractive fruity notes.


— Brothers in arms —

TEELING 13 YEAR OLD REVIVAL Te e l i ng W h i s k e y C o D ub l i n , I r e l an d { } SINGLE MALT WHISKEY, 46%




— Delightfully zingy —

— Elite original —



Willia ms Cha se H erefo rd, E ng la nd { }

M ichter ’s L o uisv ille, K Y, USA { }

GIN, 40%

BOURBON, 45.7%

Chase is William Chase, a potato farmer who used some supermarket rejected potatoes to make crisps and ended up with a multimillion pound company called Tyrrells. He turned his hand to potato vodka, and he now has a range of stunning spirits such as this one. Made with botanicals including juniper, orange peel, liquorice, elderflower, and bitter almonds, this gin is given a final infusion with raw peel from Seville oranges to give it a crisp, and zingy citrus, finish. The producers suggest using it for an Orange Blossom Fizz cocktail: mix 20ml Seville Orange Gin, 5ml rose water, and 10ml honey, shake and top with fizz.

US*1 refers to the fact that Michters’ original distillery was the first in the United States, and this bourbon is one of a range that includes, among others, rye whiskey and American whiskey. Each is made in small batches of no more than a dozen barrels, because, says the company, it ensures that no bad barrels can be blended into a big run, so the highest quality is maintained. The original distillery is closed and the operation has moved to Louisville in Kentucky. This is quality bourbon with vanilla, caramel, and fruit jostling for attention. It is very popular with the bar trade because of its mixing qualities.




No one should ever underestimate the contribution the Teeling family has made to the renaissance of Irish whiskey. Before John Teeling launched his company Cooley, Irish whiskey was being kept afloat by Jameson and Bushmills. Teeling resurrected long-forgotten Irish whiskey brands, and defied his critics to launch whiskeys that did not conform to the national style – peated whiskeys, single malts, grains, double distilled whiskeys, and cask strength whiskeys. When he finally sold the company his sons Stephen and Jack left to form The Teeling Whiskey Company. They brought distilling back to Dublin, with a new distillery and visitor centre in the Liberties area of the city. Others have also opened distillery doors in the city, mainly in the Liberties district, and in 2017 the Dublin Whiskey Festival was launched, proving that Ireland’s capital has whiskey flowing through its veins once more. This whiskey is called Revival for obvious reasons, then. It was released to mark the opening of the distillery, and the whiskey has been matured for 12 years in ex bourbon barrels, and then for a year in ex Calvados casks. It’s a limited edition release of just 10,000 bottles. The apple spirit reinforces the classic Irish notes of apple pie and custard, and there is plenty of toffee sweetness here. But it twists unexpectedly late on, when the sweet apple turns a little sharper, and spices come through, enhancing the all round taste of this enchanting whiskey.

Food & Drink

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery The Exemplary Restaurants & Food Experiences British Edition: Edited by Giles Coren World Edition: Edited by Giles Coren, Jill Dupleix, Jules Mercer et al Of all the qualities that distinguish a truly outstanding restaurant or food experience, perhaps truth, love and care are the most important. A passion for creating food that is so good that it will never be forgotten, an environment that makes that extraordinary food taste even better, and a care for the ground or water from which that food is derived and the community in which it is served. Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery identifies truly exemplary restaurants and food experiences, offering a new, kinder way of choosing where to eat that recognizes the enormous efforts our most caring restaurateurs, chefs and cooks are making to reduce carbon emissions, support their communities, and make the world a better place – plate by plate. Restaurants that care about these things aren’t just good… they’re good. Giles Coren is a London-based columnist and award-winning restaurant critic for The Times newspaper. He is author of the best-selling How To Eat Out, presenter of two current hit BBC TV series, Back In Time For Dinner and Amazing Hotels, and is Editor-at-Large of Esquire UK.

UK edition: £19.99 Paperback ISBN 978 0 473 432256 November 320pp 19.5 x 13.5cm c. 250 illustrations

Blackwell & Ruth

World edition: £24.99 Paperback ISBN 978 0 473 432263 November 740pp 19.5 x 13.5cm c. 450 illustrations

Blackwell & Ruth 55

Sports | Lifestyle

Equine Journeys The British Horse World Hossein Amirsadeghi

ÂŁ35.00 ISBN 978 0 993 595103 November 320pp 30.0 x 25.0cm c. 700 illustrations


Equine Journeys casts an unprecedented eye on Britain’s horse world. More than eighty up-close-and-personal profiles provide unequalled access to leading owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys, work riders, stable lasses and polo fanatics. Enriched by a wealth of exclusively commissioned photographs, the book reflects both the fantasy and the reality of breeding and racing in Britain today. An essay by leading equine expert Christopher Joll elaborates on the history of the horse and its place in British history, while the author looks inside the fiercely competitive breeding and racing scene, providing an invaluable survey of current trends and key players across Britain. The book also shines a light on the exotic and the extraordinary in the realm of horse people, racehorses and gymkhana ponies, Shetlands and Clydesdales, gypsy cobs and champion thoroughbreds, polo clubs and the London and Counties social scene. Hossein Amirsadeghi is a writer as well as the editor and publisher of numerous books, including The Arabian Horse and Sky Hunters, as well as a highly regarded series on global contemporary art.




Postcards from Africa Photographers of the Colonial Era Christraud M. Geary

£35.00 ISBN 978 0 878 468553 September 114pp 24.8 x 19.0cm c. 110 illustrations

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Photographers in Africa grasped the opportunity to serve a lucrative market for images of the continent, both locally and worldwide, during the global postcard craze that peaked around 1900 and continued for several decades. Their picture postcards now contribute to understanding political, social and cultural changes in Africa at the time, as the rise of the new medium coincided with the expansion and consolidation of colonial rule. They also provide a way to reconstruct the life and work of the photographers of European, African and other backgrounds who created and in some cases published these images – which often survive only in postcard form. Postcards from Africa reproduces a significant selection of these complex cards – the majority drawn from the extensive Leonard A. Lauder Postcard Archive at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – accompanied by a leading scholar’s exploration of the stories they tell. Christraud M. Geary is Teel Senior Curator Emerita of African and Oceanic Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.



May 68 At the Heart of the Student Revolt in France Photographs by Bruno Barbey • Text by Philippe Tesson The media played a major role in the events of May 1968. While the popular posters of the times depicted the French riot police manning the microphones at the ORTF (French broadcasting service), the papers and the radio stations took up the defence of the students. Bruno Barbey photographed the daily life of the protesters, students and factory workers, immortalizing key moments. He recorded nights full of violence and confrontation over the course of these months whose events reverberated to the very heart of State power. Combat was the only newspaper on the side of the young. Philippe Tesson, its editor-in-chief, relates his memories of the time in a never-beforepublished account. May 68 brings together the contemporary eye of Barbey and the pen of Tesson who, fifty years later, reflect upon those few weeks that shook France to its core. Bruno Barbey has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1968. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the French National Order of Merit, and became a member of the French Academie des Beaux-Arts in 2016. Philippe Tesson (b. 1928) is a French journalist. In 1968, he was the editorin-chief of Combat, the only newspaper in France that supported the student movement from its inception.

ÂŁ30.00 ISBN 978 9 814 610681 July 124pp 21.0 x 16.7cm 98 illustrations

Editions Didier Millet




IN MEMORIAM Vilniaus ir Kauno geto kaliniams To Vilnius and Kaunas Ghetto Prisoners

23 September - 22 October 2016

£10.00 Paperback ISBN 978 0 955 739491 July 112pp 21.0 x 14.5cm Illustrated throughout

White Space Gallery

Antanas Sutkus: In Memoriam To Kaunas and Vilnius Jewish Ghetto Survivors Antanas Sutkus Published to accompany the exhibition ‘Antanas Sutkus: In Memoriam’, this is one of the artist’s last significant works dedicated to the Lithuanian people and the culmination of his life-long survey, ‘People of Lithuania’, which began in 1976. Rooted in the classical European documentary tradition of humanist photography, that project’s black-and-white portraits of ordinary people in their everyday life stood in opposition to the model citizens and workers imagery then promoted by Soviet propaganda. In 1988 the artist began to photograph the Kaunas and Vilnius Jewish Ghetto prisoners who had escaped death in concentration camps, and the results of that project are reproduced here. The book includes essays by philosopher Leonidas Donskis and Kamile Rupeikaite, as well as interviews with the last living survivors of the Kaunas and Vilnius Ghetto. Antanas Sutkus (b.1939) is an acclaimed Lithuanian photographer, noted for his unique series of photographs taken between 1988 and 1997 depicting the survivors of Jewish ghettos in Kaunas and Vilnius.

Grigoriy Yaroshenko: Norilsk Photographs by Grigoriy Yaroshenko • Essay by Andreas Petrossiants Translated into Russian by Natalia Rubinstein

£12.50 Paperback ISBN 978 1 999 944209 July 70pp 20.0 x 15.0cm Illustrated throughout

White Space Gallery


This book reproduces Russian photographer Yaroshenko’s series on the world’s most northernmost city, Norilsk, which was founded as a site for forced labour and was the centre of the Norillag system of GULAG labour camps, with 72,500 inmates at its peak in 1951. The city’s collective memory includes traumas that are inscribed into its ruins: composed of massive and expansive housing blocks, seemingly infinite mines, quarries, and factories, and a permafrost extending towards the horizon in every direction. Its operating factories and plants are as much a fabric of the city as its natural geography. Looking to Yaroshenko’s series of pictures, it is clear that the past and present can not be separated from one another. Yaroshenko’s wandering eye has captured how a city can emerge from darkness in more ways than one, and can carve out a present without forsaking its history in the process. Grigoriy Yaroshenko (b. 1971) has received several awards for his photography, including the Black & White Photography Award, The Spider (2012), 1st Prize at the Museum of Photography and Modern Art, Tampa, Florida (2016).


Zhang Hai’er – Les Filles Karen Smith Chinese photographer Zhang Hai’er has been photographing women throughout his career. He loves looking at the female form and is frank about indulging in the electric eroticism that the privileged relationship between photographer and subject permits. His earliest photographs are of two contrasting women – his grandmother and his wife, whom he gazes at with love suffused with lust. His major oeuvre, presented here, offers a wider group of women who might be friends, or just total strangers, and who he gazes at with undisguised sexual fascination. But the gazing is not all one-way. Zhang’s female subjects are demonstrably complicit in the process, fearless before his gaze, and as fully in command of their libido as any man can be. The women belong to their era in China, one in which they struggle to find their own way and counter the force of society’s moralizing gaze. ‘These girls are defined as “bad”’, he says, ‘but why should they be? I love their nature, the energy they exude. To me they are beautiful, real woman.’

£34.95 ISBN 978 9 491 819858 October 160pp 32.0 x 24.5cm 100 illustrations


Karen Smith is a curator and critic specializing in contemporary Chinese art.



Robert Nettarp 1970–2002 Livraison Books

£75.00 ISBN 978 9 198 022568 July 208pp 29.0 x 24.0cm 148 illustrations

Livraison Books

Robert Nettarp’s work reflects the transition towards a more subjective and equivocal fashion photography in the 1990s. At his sudden death at age 32, the Swedish fashion photographer was celebrated as a truly creative influence in the industry. Using digital means to distort, twist and subvert reality, Nettarp challenged ideas about perfection, as in ‘Åse Beautiful Pain’, probably his most renowned picture, where the model’s face is covered by fake bruises. He also raised questions about sexuality, violence and gender with imagery fuelled by a disturbing, dark energy, or a camp, wicked attitude: heads wrapped in transparent plastic or balaclavas, a model sticking her tongue out to the camera, naked or semi-naked bodies in surreal settings, often processed in the computer studio. This book showcases the work of this tour de force of Swedish fashion photography. It is available as a limited and numbered edition of 666 copies. Livraison Books is an independent publisher operating from the offices of art direction agency Sandberg&Timonen in Stockholm, Sweden.



Lars Tunbjörk – retrospective Text by Kathy Ryan, Göran Odbratt and Maud Nycander Lars Tunbjörk was inspired by the Swedish masters such as Christer Strömholm, but soon discovered his own style by taking a cue from the American photographers of the 1970s like Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. Tunbjörk’s images amplified the most mundane and absurd aspects of modern life in a surreal way, using the hard light of flash photography, which became his signature style and influenced a generation of photographers after him. Whatever subject he was documenting, suburbia or offices spaces, he did it in such a revealing way with a stark, clear-eyed honesty layered with a sense of humour. Martin Parr and Gerry Badger describing him as ‘an acute observer of modern life.’ More than 250 of Tunbjörk’s best and most well-known photographs are presented in this oversized retrospective, which has been completed posthumously by his wife Maud.

£50.00 ISBN 978 9 171 264442 September 336pp 28.0 x 29.2cm Illustrated throughout

Max Ström

Maud Nycander is an award-winning Swedish filmmaker. Kathy Ryan is the legendary picture editor of the New York Times Magazine. Göran Odbratt is an author who worked closely with Lars Tunbjörk.



So Present, So Invisible Conversations on Photography David Campany

£21.90 ISBN 978 8 869 657412 October 256pp 21.0 x 15.0cm c. 50 illustrations


There is a lot of casual chat about photography, just as there is a lot of casual photography. But there have always been articulate voices, able to see past the obvious, around the distracting, and through the trivial to say something about the more profound aspects of the medium. Many of those voices have belonged to image makers. The critic and curator David Campany talked with fourteen world-class artists – Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Daniel Blaufuks, Robert Cumming, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Lewis Baltz, John Stezaker, Paul Graham, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Jeff Wall, Lucas Blalock, Susan Meiselas, Victor Burgin, William Klein, Stephen Shore – to interrogate them about their past, the various creative phases they crossed over, and above all their rapport with photographic medium and reality. These conversations transcend the simple interview to reveal the close connection between art and author photography, between photography and the world, between thought and speech. David Campany is a writer, curator and artist, and author of many books on photography, including A Handful of Dust, The Open Road and Walker Evans: the magazine work. He also teaches at the University of Westminster, London.

So present, so invisible

in creating a sense of here, also helps create a feeling of depth – of there. Certainly, the use of two images is about creating a “before” and a “behind”. I think this applies both to my intercut film stills, where you see an image behind, through an aperture in an image on top, as well as with the postcard Inserts and Masks. In the context of filmic material in front and behind inevitably become metaphors for temporal succession or perhaps they satisfy a demand denied by cinema of simultaneity. Over the years, I have been drawn to cinematic images, mostly from the 1940s and 1950s, and to postcards from the interwar period, so there is also an historical regression in the spatial unfolding of depth. Let’s go back to the question of fascination, with which we began. Is there something about fascination that is beyond the temporal? Although your work has changed across the decades, your central fascinations have remained remarkably consistent, unwavering. It probably looks more unwavering from the outside. I sometimes feel defeated by the sheer scale of my collection and the multiplicity of my image fascinations. I feel pulled in too many directions at once. But, once I overcome this, usually by picking up on one of the many loose ends left in the processes of sorting and cutting, I find the sifting process a way of overcoming these pressures. Usually, through a couple of digressions and diversions from the first point of entry into the work, I am lost in it. Everyone who has been lost in their work knows that its pleasure is an escape from the usual order of time. It is different from the arrest that occurs in finding and this is where, for me, the time of fascination takes over, perhaps when just momentarily we are robbed of the power to make sense of what we are looking at. Blanchot believes that the promise of the image is in making contact with the eternal: in the image “we find, as pure pleasure, and superb satisfaction, the transparent eternity of the unreal”. I am open to all these suggestions.



So present, so invisible

Jeff Wall

Levitt, Weegee, Winogrand, Shore, Gursky’s early work. A few operate in a more constructed, allegorical way (the still lifes of Wols, Christopher Williams and James Welling). But are there photographs made in your “cinematographic” mode that you admire? I think they all were motivated by the avant-garde sentiment against “Art”, maybe in a somewhat less overt or direct way, but the view is still there. And, right, the documentary project was a very fitting form for that opposition to take, since it had many social, even radical virtues that John Stezaker, Marriage LXXVI, 2012. one could claim that “Art” didn’t have, or have any more. But you could Collage 10 5/8 x 9in3/8 also say that everything interesting theinarts between around 1860 and 1960 was motivated by the avant-garde position, because that was the most interesting, compelling and productive one for that long time. Even people who opposed it in some way or other were inspired by it, even if negatively. The whole reduction, or reductive process isn’t comprehensible otherwise – and within that process is the project of reducing “Art” to something lighter, quicker, richer, more open to the everyday, not so big and heavy and slow, and grand. When I moved toward photography, though, I had the strong feeling that that process had run its course and that all the virtues of “weak”, “small” claim-making had become truisms, not that alive any more. I always loved Robert Frank and the others and they were an inspiration and model for me since my teenage years, but I just felt that there was nowhere to go with the breaking down and further miniaturizing the notion of art in that avant-garde or neo-avant-garde way. It wasn’t about a return to some condition before the reduction – and I’ve said this many times – I feel it was an authentic reaction or response to the artistic circumstances of that moment somewhere in the early 70s. “Art” was so “out” by then that it just couldn’t not become interesting in a new way. My take on the tableau was shaped by my earlier connection to painting and the model of painting as tableau played an important role for me. But I was not attempting to “make paintings by means of photography” or some such cliché of the 80s or 90s. I was making photographs in a way that had existed since the beginnings of photography but that had been eclipsed by the great tide of discovery of the virtues of the documentary mode. That shadow-space was the open space for me. So, for me it’s not about some divide between the documentary mode or documentary style and cinematography – photography lives, I think, by means of the infinitely nuanced interplay between those modes. So I don’t think its curious that the photographers that interest

me most and to whom I feel closest are those that usually aren’t thought of as cinematographic – like Evans or Atget or Zille. And this is not to say I “find traces of the cinematographic within their documentary practice” – that’s another cliché by now. I don’t find that or need to find it. The inspiration for me is the absence of cinematography in their work.


Jeff Wall, Mimic, 1982. Transparency in lightbox 198 x 228.6 cm



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Picture credits Front cover image Monument to the Battle of the Sutjeska, Tjentište, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1965–71. Architect: Đorđe Zlokovi (1927– 2017). Sculptor: Miodrag Živkovi (b. 1928). Photo: Valentin Jeck ©Valentin Jeck P2 (top) Pablo Picasso, Le Moulin de la Galette, Paris, ca. November 1900. Oil on canvas, 88.2 × 115.5 cm. Thannhauser Collection, Gift, Justin K. Thannhauser 78.2514.34 © 2018 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Page 2: (bottom): Paul Gauguin, Haere Mai, 1891. Oil on jute canvas, 72.4 × 91.4 cm. Thannhauser Collection, Gift, Justin K. Thannhauser 78.2514.16 P3 (left) Edgar Degas, Spanish Dance (Danse espagnole), ca. 1896–1911 (cast ca. 1919–26). Bronze, 40.3 × 16.5 × 17.8 cm. Thannhauser Collection, Gift, Justin K. Thannhauser 78.2514.9 Page 3: (right) Vincent van Gogh, Head of a Girl, Arles, ca. June 17, 1888. Pen and brown ink on wove paper, 18 × 19 cm. Thannhauser Collection, Gift, Justin K. Thannhauser 78.2514.20 P4 Duan Jianyu, Garden of Secrets No. 2, 2017. Pen, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, and collage on paper, 24.5 x 25 cm. Courtesy the artist © Duan Jianyu

P27 Horizontal painting with colored depiction of book pages, paintings, and calligraphy, 1900 Unidentified artist Ink and color on paper 68.6 x 132.1 cm (27 x 52 in.) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Anonymous gift in memory of William W. Mellins, 2017.27 P28: Gebel Barkal: Pyramid 3, February 19, 1916 Mohammedani Ibrahim Ibrahim Glass plate photographic negative, 5 × 7 in. B2664_NS Museum of Fine Arts, Boston P19: Shawabties of King Senkamanisken Napatan Period, reign of Senkamanisken, 643–623 B.C. Faience and serpentinite Nuri, Sudan, pyramid 3 H. 16–26.5 cm (6 1/4–10 1/2 in.) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition, 21.11705, 21.2728, 21.2726, 21.2715, 21.3040, 21.11832, 21.2651, 21.3039, 21.2719, 21.3038

P30 (left) Carolina Parrot, plate 26 in John James Audubon’s The Birds of America, 1824– 38 Engraved by Robert Havell Jr. (American, P5 born in England, 1793– 1878), after John Hilma af Klint, Group VI, Evolution, No. 9 James Audubon (American, 1785– 1851) (Grupp VI, Evolutionen, nr 9), 1908. Oil on Etching and aquatint, hand colored canvas, 101 x 131.5 cm. The Hilma af Klint 101.6 x 71.1 cm (40 x 28 in.) Foundation, Stockholm. Photo: Albin DahlMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston ström, the Moderna Museet, Stockholm Gift of William Hooper, 21.11772.26 (right) Parakeets window, 1889 P7 Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany Top: Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Skopje, (American, 1848– 1933) and made by the Macedonia. 1968–81. Biro 71 (est. 1971; Tiffany Glass Company (American, active Štefan Kacin [ b. 1939 ], Jurij Princes [ b. 1933 1885– 1892) ], Bogdan Spindler [ b. 1940 ], and Marjan Glass, lead, copper, and bronze chain Uršič [ b. 1934 ] ). View of the foyer. Photo: 195.6 x 97.8 cm (77 x 38 1/2 in.) Valentin Jeck ©Valentin Jeck Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Gift of Barbara L. and Theodore B. Alfond in Bottom: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Wing honor of Malcolm Rogers, 2008.1415 of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 1967–76. Stanko Kristl ( b. 1922). Interior view of the entrance hall. Photo: Valentin Jeck ©Valentin Jeck P10 Peter Moore. Performance view of Trisha Brown and Steve Paxton in Brown’s Lightfall, Concert of Dance #4, January 30, 1963. © Barbara Moore/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Courtesy Paula Cooper, New York.

P31 Cover image: Frank Gardner Hale Necklace Gold, green garnet, sapphire, and opal 36 cm (14 1/8 in.) The Susan Donald Collection (left) The New Necklace, 1910 William McGregor Paxton (American, 1869–1941) Oil on canvas 91.76 x 73.02 cm (36 1/8 x 28 3/4 in.) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Zoe Oliver Sherman Collection, 22.644 (top right) Edward Everett Oakes Brooch Gold, diamond, and pearl 4 cm (1 5/8 in.) The Susan Donald Collection (bottom right) Edward Everett Oakes Brooch Gold, pearls, and yellow beryl 2.2 cm (7/8 in.) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Gift of Daniel and Jessie Lie Farber, 1986.764 P39 Vitra Design Museum, photograph by André Giese and Moritz Herzog P40 © JUNYA.ISHIGAMI+ASSOCIATES P58 (left) Congolese landscape On verso: Paysage Congolais (Congolese landscape) Belgian Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), about 1929 to mid-1930s Casimir d’Ostoya Zagourski (Polish, 1883–1944) Published by Casimir d’Ostoya Zagourski, L’Afrique qui disparaît! series 1, no. 216 Gelatin silver print on postcard stock Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Gift of Leonard A. Lauder, 2012.3469 (right) Native wedding dress Abonnema, Southern Nigeria Protectorate (Nigeria), 1898 Jonathan Adagogo Green (Nigerian, 1873–1905) Published about 1908 Collotype on card stock Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Gift of Leonard A. Lauder, 2012.9936 P62 Untitled (2001) © Robert Nettarp P65 (top) Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, Nov. 17, 1977. From the series ‘Uncommon Places’ Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Spruêth Mager (bottom) Daniel Blaufuks Collected Short Stories 02

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Thames & Hudson Distributed Publishers Autumn 2018 Catalogue