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Set to be the art book of the decade: David Hockney and Martin Gayford discuss the 30,000-year-old history of pictures in one brilliantly original volume. David Hockney is the world’s most popular artist. Martin Gayford’s books include Man with a Blue Scarf, A Bigger Message and Rendez-vous with Art (with Philippe de Montebello), all published by Thames & Hudson.

310 illustrations 27.9 x 21.6 cm 360pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239490 September £29.95

‘The history of pictures begins in the caves and ends, at the moment, with the computer screen. Who knows where it will go next? But one thing is certain, the challenge remains the same: how do you represent the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface?’ David Hockney

A History of Pictures From the Cave to the Computer Screen David Hockney and Martin Gayford 2

A picture, says David Hockney, is the only way that we can give an account of what we see. But all picture-makers face a common problem: how to compress three-dimensional people, things and places onto a flat surface? The results are often pigeonholed as paintings, photographs or films. In fact, Hockney argues, whether they are made by brush, camera or digital program, and no matter if they are on cave walls or computer screens, first and foremost they are all pictures. And for us to understand how we see the world around us – and hence ourselves – what is needed is a history of pictures. This is that book. Informed and energized by a lifetime of painting, drawing and making images with cameras, Hockney, in collaboration once again with the art critic Martin Gayford, explores how and why pictures have been made across the millennia. What makes marks on a flat surface interesting? How do you show movement in a still picture, and how, conversely, do films and television connect with old masters? What are the ways in which time and space can be condensed into a static image on a canvas or screen? What do pictures show – truth or lies? Do photographs present the world as we experience it? Juxtaposing a rich variety of images – a still from a Disney cartoon with a Japanese woodblock print by Hiroshige, a scene from an Eisenstein film with a Velázquez painting – the authors cross the normal boundaries between high culture and popular entertainment, and make unexpected connections across time and media. Building on Hockney’s groundbreaking book Secret Knowledge, they argue that film, photography, painting and drawing are deeply interconnected. Insightful and thought-provoking, A History of Pictures is an important contribution to our appreciation of how we represent our reality.

Also available

978 0 500 292259 £16.95

‘The exchanges with Hockney are enlightening and provocative, and Gayford has framed this dialogue with skilful narrative and art historical context’ Times Literary Supplement


A beautifully illustrated introduction to Katsushika Hokusai. Henri-Alexis Baatsch is the author of several plays and books, including Yukio Mishima: Modernity, Ritual and Death and Henri Michaux: Painter and Poetry.

139 illustrations 23.0 x 16.0 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 094037 October £19.95

Hokusai A Life in Drawing Henri-Alexis Baatsch 4

Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) was the most prolific and diverse artist of Japan’s Edo period, with a body of work reputed to include more than 30,000 drawings, paintings and prints. In an era when Japan had isolated itself from the outside world, its urban centres enjoyed increasing wealth and stability, leading to a flourishing culture of art and pleasure-seeking. Woodblock prints of the genre known as ukiyo-e – ‘images of the floating world’ – became defining images of the age, and from humble beginnings in a working-class district of Tokyo, Hokusai rose to become a master of this style of printmaking. Driven and endlessly inventive, he used many names over the course of his long career, but perhaps the most telling was Gakyojin – ‘the madman of art’. His works range from portraits of popular actors and courtesans to landscapes and seascapes, including his celebrated Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, and from cleverly observed scenes of everyday life to the erotic prints known as shunga. While his prints had a huge influence on the course of Western art, it is equally true that he himself was influenced by European painting, embracing techniques such as perspective and adapting them to suit Japanese tastes. This is a beautifully illustrated introduction to this master artist, who combined great technical prowess with remarkable imagination and a passion for vivid detail.


An important new study of drawings, many of them rarely seen, by one of the most influential French artists of the 20th century. Isabelle Dervaux is the Acquavella Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings at the Morgan Library & Museum. Margaret Holben Ellis is Director of the Thaw Conservation Center at the Morgan. Lindsey Tyne is Assistant Paper Conservator at the Morgan. Alex Potts is the Max Loehr Collegiate Professor in the Department of History of Art at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Cornelia Butler is Chief Curator of the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

150 illustrations 28.0 x 23.0 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519011 October £29.95

Dubuffet Drawings, 1935–1962 Isabelle Dervaux, Margaret Holben Ellis, Lindsey Tyne, Alex Potts and Cornelia Butler Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985) achieved international recognition in the late 1940s for his paintings inspired by children’s drawings, the art of psychiatric patients and graffiti. Drawing played a major role in the development of his art as he explored on paper new subjects and techniques, experimenting with nontraditional tools and modes of application. Despite his essential role in the post-war avant-garde and his continuous influence on the art of the following decades, Dubuffet has received less attention than other artists of his generation, such as Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning. Dubuffet Drawings, 1935–1962 is the first major publication devoted to works on paper by one of the most important French artists of the 20th century. Featuring more than one hundred drawings representing Dubuffet’s development during his most innovative decades – the 1940s and 1950s – the book includes rarely seen works and major pieces from public and private collections in the United States and France. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum, New York, and the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.



The most comprehensive book on the work and life of Louise Bourgeois ever published, by the leading authority on the artist. Robert Storr is among the most esteemed curators and critical writers on art today. He was appointed professor of painting/printmaking and dean of the Yale School of Art in 2006 and is also Consulting Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Over 1,000 illustrations 33.0 x 28.0 cm 828pp Hardback in a carrycase ISBN 978 0 500 093849 September £98.00


Also available

Mumbling Beauty Alex Van Gelder 978 0 500 093917 £35.00

‘An intimate, uncompromising portrait’

Intimate Geometries The Art and Life of Louise Bourgeois Robert Storr Louise Bourgeois was a prolific artist known for her highly personal body of work consisting of sculptures, installations, drawing and prints that deal with themes of memory, trauma, fear and hidden emotion. Bourgeois first received international acclaim in the 1990s, when the artist was in her eighties, for her ambitious series of Cells: small room-like sculptures containing arrangements of symbolic objects intended to elicit emotional and psychological responses in the viewer. Here, for the first time, her vast oeuvre is interwoven with a fascinating discussion of the full range of ideas, emotions and experiences that inspired the creation of her work. Renowned critic and curator Robert Storr, acknowledged as Bourgeois’s leading interpreter, presents a chronological account of the artist’s career, weaving in thematic discussions accompanied by sequential ‘portfolios’ of the artist’s work. An introduction outlining the artist’s career is followed by chapters examining her childhood; Bourgeois’s education, early career and emigration to the US; her mid-career ‘disappearance’ and her gradual return to prominence during the 1980s; and her late career as high-profile celebrity artist, exhibiting across the world until her death in 2011. The final chapter examines Bourgeois’s profound and ongoing artistic legacy.


New compact edition

A genre-defining, classic book that offers unrivalled access to Francis Bacon’s philosophy of life, art and work – reissued in a new compact format. David Sylvester (1924–2001) was a prominent writer, art critic and leading authority on Francis Bacon.

‘A classic’

141 illustrations 22.9 x 15.2 cm 232pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292532 September £16.95


‘The most celebrated documentation of the painter’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Compelling … A profound, lucid text, precisely illustrated’ Sunday Times ‘When it comes to illuminating the work of the artist, this short, nourishing book is hard to beat’ Observer

Interviews with Francis Bacon David Sylvester The extraordinarily revealing interviews with Francis Bacon conducted over a period of 25 years by the distinguished art critic David Sylvester amount to a unique statement by Bacon on his art and on art in general. As a discussion of the problems of making art, the book has been widely influential not only among artists but also among writers and musicians including David Bowie, who named it among his favourite books. With a rare and brilliant use of language, Bacon talks about his aims as a painter and the ways in which he works, responding always with vivacity and candour to Sylvester’s searching questions. Bacon’s obsessive effort to record and re-create the human form, his practice of making variations on old masters’ paintings and on photographs, his dependence upon chance, and his views about the way in which his work has been interpreted are only some of the many subjects discussed and investigated in depth during these historic encounters. Offering unparalleled access to the thought, work and life of one of the creative geniuses of the 20th century, this book – with its subsequent revised and augmented editions – has become a classic.

Other titles on Francis Bacon

978 0 500 291955 £24.95

978 0 500 093443 £39.95

978 0 500 019948 £29.95



The final edition of Tom Phillips’s ‘defining masterpiece of postmodernism’, published to mark 50 years since the artist’s first encounter with the novel A Human Document, which he transformed into A Humument. Tom Phillips CBE RA is a painter, writer, translator and composer. Collaborators include the filmmaker Peter Greenaway (A TV Dante), the novelist Salman Rushdie (Merely Connect) and the composer Tarik O’Regan (Heart of Darkness). Informing Phillips’s work for half a century, A Humument has appeared in many guises beyond book and exhibition form, including operatically in Irma, digitally as an app and aurally, read by the artist himself.

A Humument A Treated Victorian Novel | Final Edition Tom Phillips 8

In 1966 the artist Tom Phillips set himself a task: to find a second-hand book for threepence and alter every page, by painting, collage or cut-up techniques, to create an entirely new version. He found his threepenny novel in a junk shop on Peckham Rye, south London. It was A Human Document (1892), an obscure Victorian romance by W.H. Mallock. Tom Phillips writes: ‘I took a forgotten novel found by chance. I mined, and undermined its text to make it yield alternative stories, erotic incidents and surreal catastrophes, which lurked within its wall of words. I replaced with visual images the text I’d stripped away. A Humument began to tell, amongst other memories, dreams and reflections, the sad story of Bill Toge, one of love’s casualties.’ First published in 1973, A Humument – as Phillips titled his altered book – quickly established itself as a cult classic. Since then, the artist has been working towards a complete revision of his original, adding new pages in successive editions. That process is now finished. This 50th anniversary edition presents, for the first time, an entirely new and complete version of A Humument. It also brings this half-century-long endeavour to a close.

Illustrated throughout 17.5 x 12.5 cm 392pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519035 October £20.00

‘Phillips has decorated, distorted, sampled, remixed and reworked it for 50 years to produce one of the most original, fascinating and lovely books of all time’ Brian Eno ‘Simply astounding … and addictive’ Stephen Fry ‘Utterly original, delightful and idiosyncratic’ David Lodge

‘Astonishes the eye and amazes the mind’ William H. Gass

Also available: Limited Edition

A Special Limited Edition of the 50th anniversary book, presented in a clamshell box and with a limited-edition print signed by the artist. 978 0 500 094044 £175.00


A celebration of the richness of figurative painting over the last 100 years and a passionate critique of the accepted history of art in the 20th century. Timothy Hyman is an art critic and historian, as well as a painter. He was elected a Royal Academician in 2011 and is an honorary research fellow at University College London. He is the author of Bonnard and Sienese Painting, both published by Thames & Hudson.

158 illustrations 26.0 x 19.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239452 October £32.00

The World New Made Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century Timothy Hyman 10

Figurative painting is due a reappraisal. From the early 1950s to the early 1980s, modern art and abstraction were almost synonymous, with figurative painters cast as ‘backward children’, conservative throwbacks and outdated survivors. In The World New Made, Timothy Hyman argues that figuration never went away; abstraction was just one of the ways by which artists renewed pictorial language. The World New Made is structured not as a general survey, but as an in-depth exploration of over 130 specific paintings, and accompanying artists’ writings. Focusing on the work of more than fifty painters, Hyman presents a collective ‘Resistance’ of artists who together offer a human-centred alternative to the dominance of the Abstract or the Conceptual in conventional narratives of modern art. He guides the reader through the art movements of the last century to show the development of a new kind of figuration, with Matisse, Picasso, Rousseau, Bacon, Edward Burra, Anselm Kiefer, Jack Yeats, Paula Rego, Lucian Freud, Red Grooms, Neo Rauch, Howard Hodgkin and others all staking out their separate territories. A celebration of the richness of figurative painting over the last century, Timothy Hyman’s lavishly illustrated new book – distilled from many decades of looking and writing – brings these often-marginalized artists centre stage. Together they offer a counter-argument to Western formalism, and a foundation for the painters of the 21st century.

‘Wonderfully concrete in detail and wide-ranging in scope, Timothy Hyman’s The World New Made constructs a new and convincing scenario for the history of 20th-century painting’ Linda Nochlin ‘A highly original history of 20th-century painting … there are brilliant insights and connections on every page’ David Bindman ‘This magnificent book by a practising painter … will change forever our sense of the “story” of modern art’ Gabriel Josipovici


An accessible guide to 100 masterpieces of Western art. Susie Hodge is an art historian, author, artist and journalist with more than 100 books to her credit, including Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That, also published by Thames & Hudson. She has twice been named The Independent’s No. 1 art writer.

c. 700 illustrations 23.5 x 22.0 cm 432pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239544 October £24.95

Features works by

Art in Detail 100 Masterpieces Susie Hodge 12

Great works of art cannot be fully understood in a single encounter: to revisit and reconsider art again and again throughout one’s life is to be richly rewarded with an ever-deepening appreciation and insight. Similar benefits come from analysing a work of art in detail. Art in Detail spotlights the finer points that even connoisseurs may miss, casting light upon minutiae that a quick glance will almost certainly fail to reveal. These include subtle internal details, such as hidden symbols. Expert commentary reveals the technical tricks employed by the artist to achieve particular effects, such as the placement of the subject, the lighting and the style of brushstrokes. The book also looks at the themes and external factors influencing the creation of an artwork – everything from the broad socio-economic context in which the artist operated to the ambient temperature at the time of the work’s creation, which can be of surprising relevance. The book examines 100 works of art down the ages, from Giotto’s 14th-century fresco Adoration of the Magi, to a 21st-century landscape painting by David Hockney. It approaches each work as part of a tradition that links the oldest work of art to the most recent, as artists pass a metaphorical baton down through the ages.

Giotto Van Eyck Botticelli Leonardo Raphael Titian Caravaggio Gentileschi Hals Rembrandt Vermeer Hogarth Goya Courbet Renoir Van Gogh Matisse Hopper Picasso Kahlo Bacon … and more



A solid introduction to the history of American prints. Judith Brodie is the curator and head of the Department of Modern Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Art. Amy Johnston is the assistant curator of Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Art. Michael J. Lewis is the Faison-Pierson-Stoddard Professor of Art History, Williams College.

206 illustrations 29.0 x 24.5 cm 360pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239520 October ÂŁ40.00

Three Centuries of American Prints Judith Brodie, Amy Johnston and Michael J. Lewis


Nearly 200 American prints, representing more than 100 artists, and dating from the colonial era to the present day, are brought together in this unprecedented volume from the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, to commemorate its collection and recent acquisitions. The artists featured range from Paul Revere through James McNeill Whistler, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Louise Nevelson, Romare Bearden, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Chuck Close and Kara Walker. The works cover the major movements in American art and print history, so major art and historical themes running through the collection are readily visible. Lending context, twelve contributing authors discuss the varied themes in American art. Biographies of the artists and a glossary of printmaking terms are also featured. Published in association with the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.


The first comprehensive Englishlanguage survey of contemporary art in Colombia, showcasing major works as well as artists, galleries, institutions and collectors. Hossein Amirsadeghi is a writer, publisher and editor, and the driving force behind many books, including Sanctuary, Art Studio America, Nordic Contemporary, and Contemporary Art Mexico. Catherine Petitgas was executive editor of Contemporary Art Brazil and Contemporary Art Mexico.

Over 500 illustrations 29.0 x 25.0 cm 272pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 970768 November £55.00

Contemporary Art Colombia Also available

978 0 500 970393 £48.00

978 0 500 970713 £58.00

Edited by Hossein Amirsadeghi Executive editor: Catherine Petitgas Colombia’s contemporary art scene – one of the most vibrant in Latin America – nevertheless remains relatively undocumented outside that country. With profiles of 90 key players and four critical essays, Contemporary Art Colombia captures the renewed dynamism of the Colombian art world. Contemporary Art Colombia features the key figures, museums and spaces so integral to the booming Colombian art scene, including public institutions such as the Museo del Banco de la República in Bogotá and the Medellín Museo de Arte Moderno; private initiatives such as Art Fair ArtBo; private institutions such as Flora and Fundación Misol; commercial galleries such as Bogotá-based Casas Riegner and Instituto de Visión; artists such as Doris Salcedo, Carlos Motta, Edinson Quiñones, and Oscar Muñoz; and well-established figures like Celia de Birbragher, the founder and editor of Latin America’s leading art magazine, ArtNexus.



New in paperback

A unique anthology that presents poignant reimaginings of the still life by over 180 international contemporary artists. Michael Petry is an artist, curator and Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), London. He is the author of Installation Art, Installation in the New Millennium and The Art of Not Making, all published by Thames & Hudson.

391 illustrations 27.5 x 23.0 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292235 July £24.95

Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still-Life Tradition Michael Petry 16

This important, timely book reveals in nearly 400 illustrations how leading artists of the 21st century have reinvigorated a genre previously synonymous with 16th- and 17th-century Old Masters. Whether in painting, photography, sculpture or video, they have drawn on a tradition ripe with metaphorical and moral significance to create works of conceptual vitality and striking beauty. Michael Petry’s careful curation of this exciting revival celebrates works by emerging and established artists alike, from all over the globe, including John Currin, Elmgreen & Dragset, Renata Hegyi, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Beatriz Milhazes, Gabriel Orozco, Elizabeth Peyton, Marc Quinn, Sam TaylorJohnson and Ai Weiwei. Petry has structured his book according to the classic categories of the still-life tradition – Flora, Food, House & Home, Fauna and Death. Each chapter explores how the timeless symbol of the memento mori – a reminder of death, change and the passing of time – has been rediscovered for a new millennium. These audacious new still lifes redefine what it means to be a work of nature morte, or ‘dead nature’.

‘Lively … a cabinet of curiosities, both beautiful and weird’ Peter Conrad, Observer ‘Scratch the surface of any major art show and the still life remains the ultimate way of looking at the world through modern eyes’ Wallpaper*


A landmark publication on Dada by one of its founding members, reissued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the movement’s birth. Hans Richter (1888–1976) started the Dada movement with Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara and others. Michael White is Professor of History of Art at York University.

188 illustrations 21.0 x 15.0 cm 376pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 204313 September £12.95

Dada: Art and Anti-Art Dada Centenary Edition Hans Richter With a new introduction and commentary by Michael White First published in English in 1965, Hans Richter’s Dada completely changed the interpretation of Dada from a literary phenomenon to an artistic one. Ever since, it has been the first port of call for anyone interested in the subject. As a member of the first Dada group in Zurich, Richter was in a unique position to tell its history, and his book draws together not only important historical documents but the testimonies of friends, such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Raoul Hausmann. Michael White provides a new introduction and commentary to a book that has become a legend in its own right, influencing a generation of artists since its first publication – David Bowie even quoted it on his Scary Monsters album. Michael White has unearthed Richter’s private correspondence with his fellow Dada artists to tell the story of how the book came about and, using previously unseen archive sources, enables us to discover the truth behind this most elusive of art movements.

‘One of the best and most consistently interesting documents on this extraordinary movement’ Sunday Times

A World of Art bestseller – the authoritative introduction to ancient Greek art, comprehensively updated for its fifth edition. Sir John Boardman is Lincoln Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology and Art in Oxford, and a Fellow of the British Academy. His other books in the World of Art series include Athenian Black Figure Vases, Athenian Red Figure Vases, and three volumes on Greek Sculpture.

311 illustrations 21.0 x 15.0 cm 320pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 204337 August £12.95

Greek Art Fifth Edition, revised and expanded John Boardman John Boardman has updated his definitive survey of Greek art, the most influential and widely known historic artistic tradition of the Old World. In the 20 years since the last edition, valuable evidence has come to light which has dramatically enhanced our understanding of the arts of ancient Greece and their influence. We now know that Greek artists in fact completed their stone sculptures with realistic colour, as well as working with a wealth of other materials on a major scale. We can identify the work of individual artists, and schools of artists, and have a clearer picture than ever before of how art and artistic traditions travelled throughout the Greek world and beyond it. Boardman encourages the reader to consider the masterpieces that have been preserved in their original context, not just the isolated installations of our modern galleries, weaving into his discussion of the arts insights into the society that produced them. Illustrated in full colour throughout for the first time, this fifth edition demonstrates more vividly than ever the artistic aims and achievements of ancient Greece.

‘One of the very best short histories of Greek art’ Financial Times



A ground-breaking encyclopaedic study of Art Deco sculpture by the author of Art Deco Complete. Alastair Duncan was for many years an officer and consultant of Christie’s, New York, and is now an independent consultant on the decorative arts of the 19th and 20th centuries. He is the author of Art Nouveau and Art Deco Lighting, Art Deco Furniture, American Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding and Art Deco Complete, all published by Thames & Hudson.

c. 800 illustrations 30.8 x 24.0 cm 408pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239483 October £75.00

Art Deco Sculpture Alastair Duncan


This book showcases and puts into historical context a host of sculpted works created in the 1920s and 1930s in the vernacular defined loosely today as ‘Art Deco’. From the chevrons, sunbursts, maidens, fountains, floral abstractions and ubiquitous biche (doe) of the Parisian geometric style to the crisp, angular patterns of the zig-zag, jazz-age, streamlined aesthetic of the 1930s, the works shown demonstrate an enormous range of styles and stylistic influences. Alastair Duncan organizes his subject into three main categories: the first features work by avant-garde sculptors (Csáky, Janniot, Pompon and more), often as pièces uniques or small editions; the second shows commercial sculpture, comprising mainly large-edition statuary, commissioned as decorative works for the burgeoning 1920s domestic market; while a final, third category covers architectural and monumental sculpture from Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America and beyond. With extended biographies of the most important artists and concise biographies of all the principal artists as well as a thematic index, this volume is the essential and authoritative guide for all those interested in the Art Deco style, from the amateur collector to professional historians of the period.

Companion volume

ISBN 978 0 500 238554 £60.00

‘Alastair Duncan has put what seems like every art deco object ever made inside this book … A serious A–Z section on 500 designers makes the work definitive’ Sunday Telegraph


Third edition

An updated edition of the most comprehensive critical history of 20thand 21st-century art on the market today. Hal Foster is Townsend Martin, Class of 1917, Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University. Rosalind Krauss is University Professor of Modern Art and Theory at Columbia University. Yve-Alain Bois is Professor in the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Benjamin H. D. Buchloh is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Modern Art at Harvard University. David Joselit is Distinguished Professor of Art History at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. 884 illustrations 27.7 x 21.6 cm 896pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239537 September £48.00


‘The definitive history of 20th-century art … spectacular, and painstakingly conceived’ Gaby Wood, Observer

‘The book is important, not because it gives neat answers but because it raises questions’ Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate

‘Written by the most innovative scholars of modern art history today … a landmark’ Briony Fer, University College London

Art Since 1900 Modernism • Antimodernism • Postmodernism Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh and David Joselit Groundbreaking in both its content and its presentation, Art Since 1900 has been hailed as a landmark study in the history of art. Conceived by some of the most influential art historians of our time, this extraordinary book has now been revised, expanded and brought right up to date to include the latest developments in the study and practice of art. Within a clear, chronological framework, Art Since 1900 presents 130 articles, each focusing on a crucial event – such as the creation of a seminal work, the publication of an important text, or the opening of a major exhibition – to tell the myriad stories of art from 1900 to the present. This third edition includes a new introduction on the impact of globalization, as well as essays on the development of Synthetic Cubism, early avant-garde film, Brazilian modernism, postmodern architecture, Moscow conceptualism, queer art, South African photography, and the rise of the new museum of art. Art Since 1900 is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of art in the modern age.


A gloriously illustrated celebration of biblical manuscripts, representing 1,000 years of history and some of the finest works of art from the medieval Christian world. Scot McKendrick is Head of Western Heritage Collections at the British Library, where Kathleen Doyle is Lead Curator, Illuminated Manuscripts. Together they wrote Bible Manuscripts: 1,400 Years of Scribes and Scripture, and contributed to Sacred: Books of the Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

300 illustrations 31.0 x 25.0 cm 336pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 239476 September £60.00

The Art of the Bible Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval World Scot McKendrick and Kathleen Doyle 22

Illuminated manuscripts of the Bible are some of the finest, most beautiful but least-known works of art to survive from the Middle Ages. This exquisitely illustrated book presents 45 expertly selected treasures that transport us across 1,000 years of history, passing chronologically through some of the major centres of the Christian world. We travel from Constantinople, Lindisfarne and imperial Aachen to Canterbury, Mozarabic Spain, Crusader Jerusalem, northern Iraq, Paris, Bologna, Naples, the Low Countries, Rome and elsewhere, and finish our journey in Gondar, the capital of imperial Ethiopia. Our guides, Scot McKendrick and Kathleen Doyle, are internationally renowned scholars who shed light on each manuscript’s fascinating history and significance. Every manuscript included in this major new study is a glorious masterpiece, and is reproduced on a scale that enables us to marvel at the illuminator’s art. Published in association with The British Library.


‘A comprehensive narrative … [Hickley] meticulously lays out the spidery network of ties, lies and fears that helped Gurlitt save his own skin’ The Economist ‘Hickley tells the story of the Gurlitts, as well as of the efforts made by some of the heirs of the works’ original owners to get them back, with forensic attentiveness to detail’ Art Quarterly ‘A splendid account of skulduggery … a riveting read’ Ronald Harwood, The Oldie

New in paperback

The world’s leading journalist in the field of Nazi-looted art tells the story of Hitler’s art dealer, Hildebrand Gurlitt, and his incredible collection – now available in B format paperback. In a 16-year career at Bloomberg News, Catherine Hickley reported on arts and culture from Berlin for eight years, following stints as a reporter covering German politics, as Berlin bureau chief and as the editor managing European government news.

40 illustrations 19.8 x 12.9 cm 272pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292570 July £9.99

The Munich Art Hoard Hitler’s Dealer and His Secret Legacy Catherine Hickley In February 2012, in a Munich flat belonging to an elderly recluse, German customs authorities seized an astonishing hoard of more than 1,400 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. When Cornelius Gurlitt’s trove became public in November 2013, it caused a worldwide media sensation. Catherine Hickley has delved into archives and conducted dozens of interviews to uncover the story behind the headlines. Her book illuminates a dark period of German history, untangling a web of deceit and silence that has prevented the heirs of Jewish collectors from recovering art stolen from their families more than seven decades ago by the Nazis. Hickley recounts the shady history of the Gurlitt hoard and brings its story right up to date, as 21st-century politicians and lawyers puzzle over the inadequacies of a legal framework that to this day falls short in securing justice for the heirs of those robbed by the Nazis.



Shortlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize

‘A brilliant, beautiful and sensual book’ Sunday Times

‘Gathers all the written English centuries and sets them dancing to the seasons on the head of its pin’ Ali Smith

‘Weatherland is so beautifully written that it transcends even its wealth of information. Alexandra Harris is a poet scholar’ Clive James

‘Splendid … its glory is in the detail, in its recording of facts and lives, atmospheres and words, quirks of feeling and behaviour’ A. S. Byatt

‘Carrying her immense knowledge lightly, never emerging as didactic or pedantic, Harris takes us across sodden fields and frosty meadows, through thick mist – and into the English mind’ Andrea Wulf, New York Times

New in paperback

Weatherland Writers and Artists Under English Skies


One of 2015’s most reviewed and acclaimed non-fiction releases – the first book to consider English literary and artistic responses to the weather. Alexandra Harris is currently Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Liverpool. She is the author of Romantic Moderns and Virginia Woolf, both published by Thames & Hudson.

59 illustrations 19.8 x 12.9 cm 432pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292655 July £9.99

Alexandra Harris Writers and artists across the centuries, from Chaucer to Ian McEwan, and from the creator of the Luttrell Psalter in the 14th century to John Piper in the 20th, looking up at the same skies and walking in the same brisk air, have felt very different things and woven them into their novels, poems and paintings. Alexandra Harris’s subject is not the weather itself, but the weather as it is daily recreated in the human imagination. She builds her remarkable story from small evocative details and catches the distinct voices of compelling individuals: ‘Bloody cold’, says Jonathan Swift in the ‘slobbery’ January of 1713; Percy Shelley wants to become a cloud and John Ruskin wants to bottle one… Weatherland is both a sweeping panorama of cultural climates on the move and a richly illustrated, intimate account – for although weather is vast, it is experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually; as Harris brilliantly reveals, it is at the very heart of English life and culture.


The story of Louise Nevelson’s remarkable life and art, with extensive new detail uncovered by biographer Laurie Wilson. Laurie Wilson is an art historian and practising psychoanalyst on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Institute at NYU Medical School. She has been writing about Nevelson since the late 1970s, including essays for the 1980 retrospective at the Whitney Museum.

c. 100 illustrations 24.0 x 16.5 cm 512pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 094013 October £24.95

Louise Nevelson Art is Life Other artist’s biographies

978 0 500 093986 £24.95

978 0 500 093900 £24.95

Laurie Wilson Louise Nevelson (1899–1988) was, with Calder, Noguchi and David Smith, one of the great American sculptors of the 20th century. She created extraordinary work, from room-size installations composed of boxes to gnarled and majestic steel structures. Her life story is no less interesting. She was born in Tsarist Russia, but her family emigrated to the States and she grew up in Maine. Nevelson endured a repressive marriage to a New York millionaire, whom she escaped to pursue the life of an artist. She gained recognition as an abstract sculptor at the age of 59, and spent the next 30 years taking the art world by storm, becoming a colourful New York personality and minor celebrity. Laurie Wilson, who knew Nevelson personally, draws extensively on her own research in this crisp new biography. She conducted interviews not just with Nevelson but with her siblings, son, and gallery owner Arne Glimcher. Wilson has also had complete access to Glimcher’s archives, Nevelson’s personal assistant, Diana MacKown, and Lippincott studios, where much of Nevelson’s work was cast, among others.



The life story of Eva Neurath, co-founder of Thames & Hudson, in her own words. Eva Neurath co-founded the publishing house Thames & Hudson with her husband Walter Neurath in 1949. After Walter’s death in 1967, she served as the company’s chairman for 32 years, upholding its founding mission to create a ‘museum without walls’ and to share the worlds of art, culture and learning with a broad, non-specialist reading public, at prices it could afford. Eva’s son, Stephan Feuchtwang, is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology in the London School of Economics.

41 illustrations 23.5 x 14.9 cm 84pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519318 November £16.95


‘The elegant joy with which she lived her life came to her so naturally – in the delight she took in the highest forms of culture, especially music, in her house in Italy surrounded even in the hottest summer by its cool green lawn, in her always beautifully styled appearance, but above all in producing at Thames and Hudson books that attested to her great respect for high culture – one might have imagined nothing had happened to her to cause anything but total delight in the world’ From David Plante’s obituary in the Guardian

Recollections Eva Neurath, 1908–1999 Eva Neurath

With an afterword by Stephan Feuchtwang

Eva Neurath, co-founder of Thames & Hudson, wrote this memoir for her granddaughters, and it is a private story of a remarkable 20th-century life. She was born in Berlin and grew up there in the Twenties, in the world of Marlene Dietrich and Leni Riefenstahl, when anything was possible. But this was a world in the grip of traumatic change. Pursued by the Gestapo, Eva, her second husband Wilhelm Feuchtwang and their baby son Stephan left Berlin in 1938, first for Rotterdam, then London. Wilhelm was interned in the Isle of Man, and Eva was at her wits’ end. Then came another change: she was visited with a message from her husband by Walter Neurath, an Austrian art historian and publisher who had come to England earlier and also been interned, but was soon released to continue his publishing of books for Adprint, where he had created the ‘Britain in Pictures’ series. Offered a job by Walter, Eva grasped the opportunity to recreate herself in her own right as picture researcher, layout designer and art director. In 1949 they founded a new publishing house, Thames & Hudson, and married in 1953. Her life with Walter moved in circles of art, archaeology and history, among friends including Henry Moore, Harold Acton, John Julius Norwich and Roy Strong. The memoir ends in 1981, but Eva’s work continued until 1999, the year she died, and the story is filled out by her son, Stephan Feuchtwang.


Tells the story of the famous mistress of British national hero Admiral Nelson, published to accompany a major exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, London. Quintin Colville is Curator of Naval History at the National Maritime Museum. He edited Nelson, Navy & Nation, and is the author of The British Sailor of the First World War. Kate Williams is Professor of History at the University of Reading. Her biography England’s Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton was published in 2006.

225 illustrations 26.5 x 22.1 cm 280pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 252208 November £29.95

Emma Hamilton Seduction and Celebrity Edited by Quintin Colville with Kate Williams With contributions by Vic Gatrell, Hannah Greig, Jason Kelly, Margarette Lincoln, Christine Riding and Gillian Russell Emma Hamilton (1765–1815) is widely known as a temptress who ensnared the naval hero Horatio Nelson, and paid the price by dying in poverty in Calais. But this epic love affair, and the judgments surrounding it, have obscured a spectacular life story. This book, published to coincide with a major exhibition on Emma Hamilton at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, explores her remarkable life – with its ambitions, successes and hardships – and recovers Emma from myth and misrepresentation. Distinguished contributors provide a fresh evaluation of Emma’s artistic undertakings, cultural achievements and legacy, as well as of the momentous years of her association with Nelson and the unravelling of her fortunes after his death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Illustrated throughout with paintings, prints and drawings capturing the beauty that propelled her to celebrity status, Emma Hamilton tells the story of an extraordinary woman who broke through barriers of class and privilege to win her own unique place in British history. Published in association with Royal Museums Greenwich.



In collaboration with

Examines the process and practice of drawing, showcasing over 500 years of work from Michelangelo to the present day. Bridget Riley first came to the British Museum Study Room as a student at Goldsmiths College. The insights that she gained there were fundamental to the development of her pioneering abstract work, and drawing has remained a key tool at every stage of her creative process. Hugo Chapman is Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum. Isabel Seligman is the Bridget Riley Art Foundation Exhibition Curator at the British Museum.


c. 120 illustrations 25.0 x 22.0 cm 128pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292785 September £16.95

Isabel Seligman

Lines of thought

Drawing from Michelangelo to now

Lines of thought Drawing from Michelangelo to now Isabel Seligman Foreword by Bridget Riley • Preface by Hugo Chapman Lines of thought uncovers the process and practice of drawing, illustrated by a selection of work created over 500 years. From Dürer to Degas, Michelangelo to Matisse, Rembrandt to Riley, this publication studies the types of thinking that produced their drawings – brainstorming, enquiry, experiment, association, development and decision – giving us fresh insight into the creative impulse of some of the world’s greatest artists. The accompanying exhibition will tour around the UK and internationally, inspiring and encouraging the practice of drawing. The exhibition and the book feature highlights of the British Museum’s outstanding Prints and Drawings collection. Accompanies a travelling exhibition showing at three venues in the UK: Poole Museum and Art Gallery, The Brynmor Jones Library Art Gallery, University of Hull, and Ulster Museum, Belfast.


In collaboration with

An all-embracing history of art in South Africa, from the iconic artefacts of the country’s first kingdoms to its vibrant contemporary art scene. John Giblin is Head of the African collection at the British Museum. Chris Spring is curator of the contemporary African art and the eastern and southern African collection at the British Museum.

c. 150 illustrations 25.0 x 22.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519066 October £40.00

South Africa Also available in paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292839 £25.00

3 million years of art John Giblin and Chris Spring In recent decades, archaeologists in South Africa have discovered some of the world’s oldest artworks – extraordinary examples of humankind’s first artistic endeavours. Today, South Africa enjoys a vibrant, often politicized contemporary art scene, one that draws on both the recent and the more distant past to comment on the present. Taking as its point of departure the Makapansgat Pebble, thought to be the oldest art object ever to have been found, South Africa: 3 million years of art explores the history of South Africa through a selection of its artworks, paying particular attention not only to their relationship to one another, but also to their connections to key episodes in the nation’s evolution. By setting up a dialogue between past and present, between art objects old and new, the book offers a refreshingly novel way of looking at the history of South Africa, a story that begins many millennia before the creation of the modern republic. Published to accompany a major new exhibition at the British Museum, South Africa: 3 million years of art provides a welcome change of perspective on the story of a once-troubled yet resolutely forward-looking nation – by telling that story through its art. Accompanies the exhibition at the British Museum, London, showing from 27 October 2016 to 26 February 2017.



In collaboration with

Presenting a wealth of new, bespoke imagery and building on the authors’ unrivalled level of expertise, 17th-Century Men’s Dress Patterns is a definitive resource for costume designers, fashion historians, re-enactors and students. Susan North is the Curator of Fashion 1550–1800 at the V&A. Jenny Tiramani was the Director of Theatre Design at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997 and 2005, where she and Melanie Braun, Luca Costigliolo and Claire Thornton led its award-winning experiments in authentic Shakespearean stage costume. In 2009 they founded The School of Historical Dress in London, where they all currently teach.


c. 1,000 illustrations 27.0 x 30.5 cm 176pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519059 November £35.00

17th-Century Men’s Dress Patterns Written and illustrated by Melanie Braun, Luca Costigliolo, Armelle Lucas, Susan North, Claire Thornton and Jenny Tiramani Published in collaboration with the V&A, this book presents full step-by-step instructions for the making of 17th-century men’s clothes and accessories in a technically accurate, visually exciting and easy-to-follow format. The garments featured are all historical pieces from the V&A’s world-class collections. They have been deconstructed so that every aspect of the pattern is authentic. Scale patterns and precise construction diagrams are accompanied by colour photography of the whole garment as well as an abundance of informative details and x-ray photographs that reveal the hidden structure of each piece, showing the precise construction and the types of stitches used inside. The methods and techniques of historical tailoring and dressmaking are shown in detail. The co-authors have the best historical tailoring skills in the world. Their book promises to be a unique resource for costume designers, fashion historians and students.


In collaboration with

Lucy Johnston

Part of the V&A’s bestselling ‘Fashion in Detail’ series, this revised edition showcases the opulence and variety of 19th-century fashion, shown in exquisite colour photography and with line drawings of the complete garments. Lucy Johnston is an expert in historical dress. She was previously Curator of Fashion 1800–1914 at the V&A, and her other publications include Shoes: A Brief History, which she co-authored with Linda Woolley. Helen Persson was formerly Curator of Chinese Textiles and Dress in the V&A’s Asia Department, and curated Shoes: Pleasure and Pain at the Museum in 2015. Marion Kite was Head of the Furniture, Textiles & Fashion Conservation Section at the V&A until 2014.

c. 160 illustrations, c. 300 line drawings 29.0 x 20.5 cm 240pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292648 October £24.95

19th Century Fashion in Detail

19th-Century Fashion in Detail Lucy Johnston with Marion Kite and Helen Persson From Liberty & Co. dresses to Indian-inspired printed cottons, brightly coloured corsets, feathered capes and dramatic sleeves and petticoats, 19th-Century Fashion in Detail reveals the elaborate trimmings, refined embroidery, voluptuous drapery, strict corseting and impeccable tailoring that make up some of the most beautiful garments in the V&A’s 19th-century fashion collection, giving a unique opportunity to examine historical clothing that is often too fragile to be on display. Part of the ‘Fashion in Detail’ series, this substantially revised and updated book explores the opulence and diversity of clothing from the 19th century, with a new, comprehensive introduction illuminating the history of fashion in the period, followed by chapters dedicated to specific techniques and elements – from ‘Tailoring’ to ‘Printed Textiles’, ‘Buttons and Fastenings’, ‘Technical Innovations’ and ‘Accessories’. Each garment is accompanied by an authoritative text, exquisite photography and specially commissioned line drawings, making this one of the most complete and beautiful books dedicated solely to the subject of 19th-century fashion.



In collaboration with

A colouring book of iconic patterns produced by William Morris and his contemporaries at Morris & Co. from the V&A’s outstanding collection. The V&A is the world’s leading museum of art and design and holds an extensive collection of wallpaper, textile and tile designs by William Morris and his contemporaries.

105 illustrations 27.0 × 21.5 cm 96pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420591 September £12.95

William Morris An Arts & Crafts Colouring Book


‘These natural forms which are at once most familiar and most delightful to us, as well from association as from beauty, are the best for our purpose’ William Morris

William Morris’s patterns are enduringly popular for their originality and colour, and have captured the imagination of countless designers and artists. This colouring book explores the intricate work of William Morris, and allows the reader to invent their own colourways to complete Morris’s patterns. • 45 patterns to colour, interspersed by full-colour reproductions of the original designs. • Organized into four sections – ‘Nature’, ‘Colour’, ‘Pattern’ and ‘Craft’ – to highlight different aspects of the designs, and the crafts and skills behind them. • Explores Morris’s love of nature, his artistry, mastery of colour and innovation in pattern design in concise introductory texts.


New in paperback

An essential anthology of must-see photographs from the earliest days of the medium to the present – now in paperback. Roberto Koch is the co-founder and publisher at Contrasto, one of the world’s leading photography publishers.

250 illustrations 22.0 x 17.0 cm 512pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292662 September £14.95

PhotoBox: The Essential Collection ‘A wonderful guide to 250 of the world’s most outstanding photographers and their work … eye-popping, heartbreaking, beautiful, mysterious and strange’ Black & White Photography ‘Beautifully produced and reasonably priced’ Guardian

‘Endearing ... Koch’s snapshots of the snappers are suitably snappy, his prose style brisk but revealing’ Independent on Sunday

250 Images You Need to See Edited by Roberto Koch PhotoBox presents a collection of 250 photographs by 200 of the world’s most prominent photographers, ranging from legendary masters to contemporary stars, in a compact paperback format. Photographers include Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton and many more. Each image is accompanied by an engaging commentary and a brief biography of the photographer. PhotoBox is an irresistible and amazingly affordable anthology of the images you need to see.



A major new retrospective of one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary art photographers. William A. Ewing has been an author, lecturer, curator and museum director for more than forty years. His many books include The Body, Arnold Newman: Masterclass, Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography and Lois Greenfield: Moving Still, all published by Thames & Hudson.

140 photographs 27.6 x 33.0 cm hardback 202pp (inc 7 x 6-page gatefolds) ISBN 978 0 500 544617 October £45.00

Also available: Collector’s and Deluxe editions

Edward Burtynsky: Essential Elements William A. Ewing


Collector’s Edition Includes a print: Silver Lake Operations #16, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, Australia 2007. 11 x 14 inches. Slipcased ISBN 978 0 500 544686 £325.00

Deluxe Edition Includes a print: Morenci Mine #2, Clifton, Arizona, USA 2012. 16 x 20 inches. Boxed ISBN 978 0 500 544693 £1,500.00 Available exclusively via the Thames & Hudson website

Edward Burtynsky has achieved global recognition for his spectacular, large-scale photographs which depict the impact of human activity upon urban and natural environments around the world. They cover such subjects as mines and quarries, the oil industry, ship-building and ship-breaking, water as a resource under threat worldwide, and an emergent China. Curated by William A. Ewing, this volume, the first comprehensive survey of Burtynsky’s multi-faceted work in over a decade, includes both iconic images and previously unpublished photographs. Relinquishing the project-based lens through which the photographer’s work has previously been presented – the major monographs Oil and Water being the most recent examples – it presents Burtynsky’s photographs in five free-flowing sections which combine and contrast work from throughout his career. This original approach provides a sense of both his visual language and his exploration of the dilemmas at the heart of our globalized world. Each section is interspersed with selected texts which work in concert with the images to provide a context and greater understanding of Burtynsky’s view of the world. With an introduction by Ewing and an afterword by academic Joshua Schuster, Essential Elements provides an entirely new way of seeing Burtynsky’s work for those who are already familiar with it, as well as an accessible introduction for those encountering his photographs for the first time.


A groundbreaking, immersive new monograph from Roger Ballen, one of the world’s most original and critically acclaimed art photographers. Roger Ballen is the recipient of numerous awards, including ‘Photographer of the Year’ at Rencontres d’Arles in 2002 and ‘Photography Book of the Year’ for Outland at Photo España in 2001. Thames & Hudson published his monograph Asylum of the Birds in 2014. Colin Rhodes has written and lectured widely contemporary art. He is the author of the influential Outsider Art, also published by Thames & Hudson.

98 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0 cm 192pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544648 September £24.95

The Theatre of Apparitions

Roger Ballen • Introduction by Colin Rhodes


Also available

ISBN 978 0 500 544297 £32.00

Roger Ballen is best known for his psychologically powerful and intricately layered images that exist in a space between painting, drawing, installation and photography. The Theatre of Apparitions is both a departure from his existing oeuvre and the culmination of his unique aesthetic linking imagemaking and theatrical performance. Separated into seven chapters or ‘acts’, with each one introduced by a text written by the photographer, these ‘Ballenesque’ images take readers on a journey deep into their subconscious. Initially inspired by blacked-out windows seen in an abandoned women’s prison, Ballen started to experiment using different spray paints on glass and then ‘drawing on’ or removing the paint with a sharp object to let natural light through. The resulting images are like prehistoric cave-paintings: the black, dimensionless spaces on the glass are canvases onto which Ballen carves his thoughts and emotions. Fossil-like facial forms and dismembered body parts co-exist uncomfortably with vaporous, ghost-like shadows – these images have the capacity to shock, inspire, amuse and even elate viewers. Timeless and innovative, earthly and otherworldly, physical and spiritual, this work transcends all traditional concepts of photography.



John Loengard, the renowned LIFE magazine photographer, sums up his career with this important monograph which includes many of his best and most iconic photographs. John Loengard’s distinguished career in photography has largely been in the context of his long association with LIFE magazine. He is also the founding picture editor of People magazine. His books include Pictures Under Discussion, LIFE Faces, Classic LIFE Photographs, LIFE Photographers: What They Saw, The Great LIFE Photographers and As I See It.

133 illustrations 32.0 x 25.0 cm 152pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 970775 October £35.00

Moment by Moment: Photographs by John Loengard John Loengard 38

As John Loengard writes in the preface to this monograph: ‘The truth is: a good photograph cannot be repeated. This may be why a photograph of a brief moment, an instant in time, can hold our interest forever.’ And this volume, Moment by Moment, is an intriguing selection of many moments in his over half-century long career. His subjects include movie stars, writers, politicians, artists and other photographers, as well as normal people engaged in a host of extraordinary activities – or, rather, typical activities rendered unforgettable, of enduring interest, by the photographer’s vision. Loengard enlarges our understanding and deepens our appreciation of his photographs with insightful commentaries on each of the pictures reproduced in the book. From a shimmering Marilyn Monroe to a brooding T. S. Eliot and an iconic shot of the Beatles, from an Etonian to a boy in the streets of Manchester, as well as ranchers, sweepers, picnickers and other photographers, Loengard’s vision moves and delights us with his humanity and artistry.


A beautifully produced showcase of Bernard Plossu’s inimitable photographs of 1970s and 80s America. Bernard Plossu is a renowned French photographer who has worked all over the world. His many publications include So Long and ¡Vámonos! Bernard Plossu in Mexico. Max Evans is best known for his novel The Rounders, which was made into a film starring Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda in 1965, and The Hi-Lo Country, which also became a film in 1998. Francis Hodgson is a photography critic.

88 photographs 22.0 x 27.0 cm 144pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544679 July £34.95

Bernard Plossu: Western Colors Photographs by Bernard Plossu Texts by Bernard Plossu, Max Evans and Francis Hodgson Bernard Plossu has been called ‘the most American of French photographers’ by his friend and colleague Lewis Baltz. Although he is best known for his work in black and white, often capturing a bohemian world of free-spirited adventure, Plossu has also shot in colour throughout his career. This book showcases 88 bold and cinematic colour photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, dating from the 1970s and early 80s, when Plossu was resident in the US. Strikingly rendered using the Fresson carbon printing process, these images depict an unmistakably American landscape of motels and rodeos, deserts and highways; a realm that is both rugged and dreamlike, haunted by the mythic imagery of the Old West. They combine to form a memorable and atmospheric collection of work by a supremely talented photographer.



An intimate photographic portrait of Billie Holiday, the epitome of the jazz singer and one of 20th-century music’s most iconic figures, with an introduction by Zadie Smith. Jerry Dantzic was a photojournalist. His work is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney and The Museum of Modern Art. Grayson Dantzic, Jerry’s son, is a photographer and photo archivist. Zadie Smith is a novelist, essayist and short story writer.

100 illustrations 30.5 x 23.0 cm 144pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544655 October £24.95

Billie Holiday at Sugar Hill Photographs by Jerry Dantzic • Text by Grayson Dantzic Introduction by Zadie Smith 40

In 1957, New York photojournalist Jerry Dantzic spent time with the iconic singer Billie Holiday during a two-week run of performances at the Newark, New Jersey, nightclub Sugar Hill. The resulting images offer a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of Billie at work and at play. We see her with her family, friends and her pet chiuhuaha, Pepe; playing with her godchild (son of her autobiography’s co-author, William Dufty); washing dishes at the Duftys’ home; walking the streets of Newark; in her hotel room; waiting backstage or having a drink in front of the stage; and performing. The years and the struggles seem to vanish when she sings: her face lights up. Later that year, Dantzic photographed her at the second New York Jazz Festival at Randall’s Island, in colour. Only a handful of the photographs in this book have ever been published.


Analyses the visual approaches and techniques of 100 great photographers, and shows readers how to weave some of this magic into their own photography. Paul Lowe is course director of the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. He is an award-winning photographer, whose work has been published in Time, Life, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Observer and the Independent among others.

135 illustrations 24.2 x 19.9 cm 288pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 544624 September £19.95

Photography Masterclass Creative Techniques of 100 Great Photographers Paul Lowe Why do some photographs stay in the memory forever? It can be down to subject matter alone, but more often than not this timeless quality is due to the photographer’s skill. This book showcases 100 iconic images by the world’s greatest photographers, and analyses how they achieved their mesmerising effects so you can recreate their techniques yourself. Discover how to compose ‘decisive moments’ like Henri Cartier-Bresson, use long exposures for landscapes like Simon Norfolk, and experiment with flash in daylight like Rineke Dijkstra. Arranged thematically to offer fresh insights that transcend traditional genres or chronology, this book reveals the techniques behind perceptive portraits, unusual landscapes, eye-opening reportage and unforgettable fashion shots, to name a few. Perfect for students as well as seasoned pros, and with a broad historical and global reach, it is an indispensable introduction to the rich history and practice of photography.



The essential guide for students and professionals in advertising, communication, marketing and allied fields – now in its third edition to reflect the growing digital landscape. Pete Barry began his career as an art director at Ogilvy, London. A former lecturer in Advertising Design at Syracuse University, he now works as a copywriter in New York City.

500 illustrations 24.0 x 20.0 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518984 August £22.50

The Advertising Concept Book Think Now, Design Later A Complete Guide to Creative Ideas, Strategies and Campaigns Pete Barry 42


Creative Review

‘Hands down the best creative advertising book I have ever read!’ Inspired Magazine ‘Sound advice for advertising creatives’ Communication Arts

In creative advertising, no amount of glossy presentation will improve a bad idea. That’s why this book is dedicated to the first and most important lesson: concept. Structured to provide both a complete course on advertising and a quick reference on particular topics, it covers every aspect of the business, from how to write copy and learn the creative process to how agencies work and the different strategies used for all types of media. This third edition features substantially revised and expanded chapters on interactive advertising and integrated advertising, and an entirely new chapter on branded social media. Pete Barry outlines simple but fundamental rules about how to ‘push’ an ad to turn it into something exceptional, while exercises throughout will help readers assess their own work and that of others. Fifty years’ worth of international, award-winning ad campaigns – in the form of over 500 ‘roughs’ specially produced by the author, fifty of which are new to this edition – also reinforce the book’s core lesson: that a great idea will last forever.


The ultimate guide to creating a successful brand by a world-class master of the art, Michael Johnson. Michael Johnson set up the creative design studio, johnson banks, in 1992. Since then, he has received eight ‘pencil’ awards from D&AD, 13 Design Week awards and four NYADC ‘cube’ awards, among many others. Johnson has been cited as one of the most notable British designers by the Guardian and the Independent, and has been featured in Design Week’s ‘Hot 50’ list of prominent figures in design on three separate occasions. He is also the author of Problem Solved.

c. 1,000 illustrations 24.5 x 21.0 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518960 September £29.95

Branding. In Five and a Half Steps The Definitive Guide to Strategy and Design of Brand Identities Michael Johnson Michael Johnson is one of the world’s leading graphic designers and brand consultants. His studio, johnson banks, is responsible for the rebranding of many notable clients, including Virgin Atlantic, Think London, BFI, Christian Aid and MORE TH>N. He has garnered a plethora of awards in the process. In Branding, Johnson strips the most famous, everyday brands down to their basic components, enabling us to understand why we select one product or service over another and allowing us to comprehend how seemingly subtle influences can affect our key life decisions. The first part of the book shows how the birth of a brand begins not with finding a solution but rather with identifying key questions: what does the brand mean? What does it want to be? The second half focuses on the design and implementation of the brand. Step 2.5, Johnson reveals, is the most important stage of all. It bridges the all-too-neglected gap between research and design, and guides you through the vital moments where the creation of brands can go wrong. With more than 1,000 vibrant illustrations showcasing the world’s most successful corporate identities, Branding is an authoritative guide to creating the simplest and most compelling brands.



The very best in contemporary collage by 50 of the world’s leading creative studios and graphic designers. DR.ME is a creative studio based in Manchester and founded by Ryan Doyle (DR) and Mark Edwards (ME). Specializing in print, digital and retail design, their clients include Sony, Urban Outfitters and Red Bull, and they have collaborated with designers such as James Victore and Anthony Burrill.

318 illustrations 25.0 x 19.5 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292242 August £24.95

Cut That Out Contemporary Collage in Graphic Design DR.ME 44

Curated by Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards, who work together under the name of DR.ME, Cut That Out focuses on the compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 14 different countries for whom collage has been the key to creating vibrant, effective work – among them Hort, Paul Sahre and Atelier Bingo. Each of them uses collage techniques in spectacularly inventive and diverse ways, and materials range from the ‘found’ or rediscovered – old magazines, coloured paper, beads or images from the Internet – to those produced by the artists themselves, such as drawings, photographs or scraps from previously discarded projects. Copiously illustrated throughout, and featuring a quick-fire Q&A with each of the artists, Cut That Out is a rich seam of inspiration to be mined by all students and graphic designers who wish to explore the creative possibilities of collage.


New in paperback

A unique global survey of fresh contemporary illustration talent and a daring experiment in creative collaboration, now available in paperback.

Illustration Next Contemporary Creative Collaboration


Ana Benaroya is a young American illustrator at the heart of an international creative network. She is the creator of 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother (And Influence People), 30 Ways to Annoy Your Friends by Mail and 20 Notecards to Annoy Your Friends (or Make Them Smile).

382 illustrations 24.0 x 18.5 cm 320pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292525 July £16.95

Ana Benaroya Illustration is experiencing a remarkable renaissance. Young illustrators are no longer regarded as the poor relations of artists, photographers and designers, and their work – engagingly human, delightfully witty and intricately hand-rendered – is at the forefront of visual culture. This outstanding global survey brings together the dazzling talent of 50 leading illustrators from over 20 countries, among them Julia Rothman, Whitney Sherman and Mike Perry, and also provides them with the opportunity to indulge in a brilliant creative experiment. The book is curated in two interleaved strands: in the first, each illustrator showcases their own work and is interviewed by the author to shine a light onto what inspires and motivates them. The second strand is a collaborative project, with illustrators working in pairs to create original work to one of 25 briefs from the author across themes ranging from ‘beauty’ to ‘beast’ and ‘speed’ to ‘excess’. Each collaboration is accompanied by a joint interview with the two illustrators.

‘Brilliantly unpredictable’ ‘Weird and wonderful’

Design Week

Artists & Illustrators


An intricate tracing book, source book and colouring book all in one. Eric Broug received his master’s degree in the history of Islamic art and architecture from the London School of Oriental and African Studies. He now runs a design consultancy and the School of Islamic Geometric Design in the north of England.

96 illustrations 29.7 x 21.0 cm 64pp + 48 loose-leaf sheets Paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292426 October £14.95

Islamic Design Workbook By the same author

978 0 500 287217 £14.95

978 0 500 516959 £39.95

Eric Broug In this inventive interpretation of the popular colouring book concept, Islamic design expert Eric Broug helps readers to create their own patterns, based on compositions from across the Islamic world. The book opens up the world of intricate Islamic patterns, allowing artists, designers and doodlers alike to learn about these works of art as they produce their own. With 48 Islamic geometric compositions from around the world to choose from, artists at all skill levels will relish the myriad opportunities to replicate these intricate patterns or create their own. The workbook’s clever design invites the pattern-maker to consider a composition in the book, take a corresponding loose leaf from the back of the book and figure out which sections of lines to trace to make the composition. Readers will have the unique satisfaction of making patterns appear where previously none were visible. Compositions are categorized by region and have various levels of complexity, making it possible for beginners to get started and artists or designers to develop their skills. Compositions are sourced from Samarkand, Delhi, Fes, Isfahan and Cairo, among many other places.



A compact graphic-design resource and an essential survey of an ever popular typographic form, expertly curated by graphic design’s leading historians. Steven Heller is co-chair of the MFA Design: Designer as Author programme at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He is the author of many books, including Stencil Type, Graphic, Typography Sketchbooks, New Ornamental Type and New Vintage Type, all published by Thames & Hudson. Louise Fili is director of Fili Design, and co-author, with Steven Heller, of Scripts, Shadow Type and Stencil Type.

c. 500 illustrations 24.5 x 17.2 cm 352pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 518496 August £22.50

Slab Serif Type

Also available

A Century of Bold Letterforms Steven Heller and Louise Fili Since being introduced in the 19th century, when they were considered the bastard cousins of more refined serif types, slab serif typefaces have become ubiquitous. Prized for their bold visual impact and versatility, they are used on a broad variety of demonstrative communications, from posters and newspapers to product packaging. Slabs come in many iterations and are recognized as a face with many characters – and nationalities. Following the cult typography volumes Scripts, Shadow Type and Stencil Type, this new book artfully selects classic examples to present fresh and unexpected typographic ideas. It brings together material from across Europe and the United States, ranging from vintage hand-lettering to iconic company logos. The authors employ their decades of combined experience as art directors to present hundreds of wonderful examples in a visual resource that will delight and inspire designers in all media.


978 0 500 290392 £19.95

978 0 500 291238 £19.95

978 0 500 241462



New in paperback

‘If you know the difference between a font and a typeface, you need this book; if you don’t, you need it even more’ Erik Spiekermann

‘Takes an appreciation of letterforms to another level’ Creative Review

The Geometry of Type The Anatomy of 100 Essential Typefaces Stephen Coles • Foreword by Erik Spiekermann Stephen Coles is a writer and typographer. After six years as creative director at FontShop in San Francisco, he now runs the websites ‘Typographica’, ‘Fonts In Use’ and ‘The Mid-Century Modernist’. Erik Spiekermann founded MetaDesign in 1979 and FontShop in 1989; he now heads the design agency Edenspiekermann.

Illustrated throughout 24.5 x 19.0 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292457 July £14.95

The Geometry of Type explores 100 traditional and modern typefaces in detail, with a full spread devoted to each entry. Characters from each typeface are enlarged and annotated to reveal key features, anatomical details, and the finer, often-overlooked elements of type design, which shows how these attributes affect mood and readability. Sidebar information lists the designer and foundry, the year of release and the different weights and styles available, while feature boxes explain the origins and best uses for each typeface, such as whether it is suitable for running text or as a display font for headlines. To help the reader spot each typeface in the wider world, the full character set is shown, and the best letters for identification are highlighted. This beautiful and highly practical work of reference for font spotters, designers and users is a close-up celebration of typefaces and great type design.



New in Thames & Hudson’s ‘Whole Story’ series, an essential visual guide to the sophisticated attempts of manufacturers to woo us with high functionality, good looks – and that indefinable feeling of the future. Elizabeth Wilhide is the author or co-author of acclaimed books on design and interiors, including William Morris: Décor and Design, Sir Edwin Lutyens: Designing in the English Tradition, The Mackintosh Style and Scandinavian Modern Home. Jonathan Glancey was the architecture and design editor at the Guardian from 1997 to 2012. He now reports on architecture and design for BBC Culture.

c. 1,000 illustrations 24.5 x 17.2 cm 576pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 292280 September £19.95

Also available

Design: The Whole Story General Editor: Elizabeth Wilhide • Foreword by Jonathan Glancey


Design: The Whole Story takes a close look at the key developments, movements and practitioners of design around the world, from the beginnings of industrial manufacturing to the present day. Organized chronologically, it locates design within its technological, cultural, economic, aesthetic and theoretical contexts. From the high-minded moralists of the 19th century to the radical thinkers of modernism – and from the emergence of showmen such as Raymond Loewy in the 1930s to today’s superstars such as Philippe Starck – the book provides in-depth coverage of a subject that touches all our lives. Iconic works that mark significant steps forward or that characterize a particular era or approach – such as Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair of 1925 or Jonathan Ive’s iPhone, which rewrote the rules of the smartphone – are analysed in detail, while the text sets out the framework of ideas, intent and technology within which differing approaches to design have evolved. From the cars we drive and the products we buy to the graphics that surround us, we are all consumers of design. Design: The Whole Story provides all the information you need to decode the material world.

978 0 500 291481 £19.95

978 0 500 288955 £19.95

978 0 500 289471 £19.95

978 0 500 291733 £19.95

978 0 500 291108 £19.95

978 0 500 290453 £19.95


The first visual resource on the rising field of biomimetics targeted at design professionals and students, showing concrete examples of nature’s most fascinating processes and their applications in the real world. Veronika Kapsali is a Reader in Material Technology and Design at University of the Arts, London. She is also the co-director of MMT Textiles Limited, a company that specializes in biomimetic fibre-based textile technology.

c. 440 illustrations 25.5 x 21.0 cm 240pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518489 September £36.00

Biomimetics for Designers Veronika Kapsali


The importance of biomimetics – imitating life’s natural processes – has been known for years. Designers are increasingly looking to the natural world for formal solutions, drawing inspiration from nature’s infinite examples of how to achieve complex behaviours and applications by using simple materials in a clever way. In the popular imagination, the best-known example of biomimetics is the microscopic ‘hook’ on burrs that led to the development of Velcro, but there are many more applications, from kingfisher beaks inspiring the shape of bullet trains to shark skin being used as a model for advanced swimsuits. This book presents more than 80 examples, showing each natural phenomenon alongside its application, with an accessible explanation of the biology and the story of the design. While most are concrete examples that have already been developed, others point the way to what might be possible for an enterprising designer, providing a starting point for creativity. This timely overview is the perfect introduction for designers of all disciplines, and a reminder that inspiration may be just down the garden path.


What is it that distinguishes an architect-designed chair? This book answers this question and many more, and provides an outstanding selection of contemporary chairs by some of the world’s most acclaimed architects. Agata Toromanoff is an art historian. She previously worked for art collectors and galleries, which resulted in curating and managing numerous contemporary art projects. She runs, a site dedicated to books on art.

c. 125 illustrations 26.0 x 21.0 cm 160pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292501 August ÂŁ16.95

Chairs by Architects Agata Toromanoff What is it that distinguishes a chair designed by an architect? Why is it so tempting for an architect to have a chair in his or her portfolio? Is it possible to use creative solutions interchangeably in both domains? Chairs by Architects answers these and many other questions to show how qualities in the buildings by architects are also evident in their chair designs: pieces of furniture, like manifestos, become signatures of architectural style. The 55 architects include early modern architectural pioneers such as Otto Wagner, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Antoni GaudĂ­ and Walter Gropius, together with more recent modern masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind and the late Zaha Hadid. The book contains interviews on Designing (in conversation with David Adjaye), Manufacturing (David E. Bright, Knoll Inc.), Selling (Zeev Aram), Collecting (Richard Wright) and Preserving (Susanne Graner, Vitra Design Museum). This is essential reading for everyone with an interest in design, architecture and the relationship between creators and their creations.



The first major survey on the rich relationship between the imagery and thinking of Surrealist art and the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Neil Spiller is Hawksmoor Chair of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Greenwich, London. He is the author of Visionary Architecture and Digital Architecture Now, both published by Thames & Hudson. His architectural design work and research has been widely published and exhibited worldwide.

c. 200 illustrations 28.0 x 23.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343203 October £38.00

Architecture and Surrealism A Blistering Romance Neil Spiller 54 Features works by:

Bryan Cantley Le Corbusier Salvador Dalí Douglas Darden Max Ernst FleaFollyArchitects Natalie Gall HR Giger Frederick Kiesler Daniel Libeskind Bernard Schumi Diller + Scofidio Mark West Lebbeus Woods

In a world where ‘smart’ objects can talk to each other and a lethal gun can be produced with a desktop 3D printer, the conditions for contemporary design are nothing if not surreal. With technology now setting the protocols and altering our daily lifestyles in profound ways, the concepts and otherworldliness of Surrealism have become more relevant to architects than the dogmas of architectural formalism. Architecture and Surrealism: A Blistering Romance charts the development of the fertile relationship between these two very different ways of seeing the world and reveals how the fusion of these ideas are being put to use by contemporary architects in extraordinary ways. Divided into four thematic chapters, the book explores the connection between architecture and Surrealism through the central concepts of the body, the house, the city and the environment. Each chapter offers a spectrum of images of works by both established and emerging architects, as well as feature pages dedicated to contemporary work, all of which demonstrate the lasting influence of Surrealism on architectural aesthetics. In an era of wearable technology and big data, connecting us everywhere all the time, Architecture and Surrealism unveils fascinating and unexpected forms, buildings and spaces that are creating the most exciting futures for our personal and built worlds.


An alternative history of global architecture, reaching from Ancient Greece to Scandinavian modernism, which demonstrates how the built environment affects our experience of the world. Henry Plummer teaches architectural history and design at the Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois. He received his MArch from MIT, studied light-art with György Kepes and was a photographic apprentice to Minor White. He is the author of Nordic Light, also published by Thames & Hudson.

295 illustrations 25.5 x 18.5 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343210 October £29.95

The Experience of Architecture Henry Plummer


The Experience of Architecture aims to understand how everyday acts in space are influenced by architectural form, a concept that is vital for all architects to grasp if our buildings are to be anything more than a commercial or aesthetic enterprise. It considers how specific built elements and volumes, taken from a wide array of buildings and settings around the world, can sustain or deny our powers of decision. From the hand-carved stairs in Greek villages to freefloating catwalks, the elegant processional steps of Renaissance Italy to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterly manipulation of form, the seemingly random placement of Japanese stepping stones to the staircase in Pierre Chareau’s Maison de Verre, all provide very different experiences of stepping from one level to the next, and all affect our experience of that space. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of our daily interactions with architecture, looking at stairs, floors and paths, moving interior spaces, perception and perspective, transparency and the relationship between a building and its setting. This book will appeal not only to architects and designers engaged in the production of space, but also to all those who seek a richer understanding of their place in the built world.


An outstanding illustrated study of the finest medieval parish church towers and spires in England. Julian Flannery, a qualified architect, worked for two of the best-known architectural practices, Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners and Future Systems, before founding his own practice, Flannery & de la Pole, in 2004. The detailed study of historic buildings, from Hampton Court Palace after the major fire in 1986 to England’s finest medieval parish churches, has been a lifelong passion.

171 line drawings, 76 photographs and 6 maps 29.0 x 22.5 cm 496pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343142 October £50.00

Fifty English Steeples The Finest Medieval Parish Church Towers and Spires in England Julian Flannery This book – an astonishing achievement following five years of detailed and original research – presents the first systematic survey of the fifty most important medieval parish church towers and spires in England, covering a period of some 500 years. The introduction provides an overview of the technological and aesthetic development of towers and spires, and examines the evolution of their major architectural elements. The process of medieval steeple construction is also explored. The main part of the book is devoted to a richly illustrated survey of the fifty most important medieval steeples in England, from renowned Saxon churches such as Earls Barton in Northamptonshire, to those of almost cathedral-like proportions such as Salle in Norfolk or Chipping Campden in the heart of the Cotswolds. With over 75 high-quality photographs and around 175 immaculate explanatory line drawings, this book will appeal to the many thousands who visit England’s parish churches and who find in them some of the greatest pleasures that buildings can offer.

‘The church steeple is the glory of the English landscape. Over a thousand years it has evolved a grandeur and a beauty unrivalled in Europe. It is the icon of every parish. At last it has achieved its biographer.’ Simon Jenkins



A global overview of the most innovative and arresting pavilions, one of the most popular built forms for both architecture practitioners and students. Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard, and edited Connaissance des Arts for over twenty years. He is internationally renowned as one of the most popular writers on architecture. A Knight in the French Order of Arts and Letters, he has also won the Prix de Briey for his publications. His books include The Japanese House Reinvented, published by Thames & Hudson.

328 illustrations 25.0 x 20.0 cm 288pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343227 August £24.95

The New Pavilions Philip Jodidio

Features work by:


Atelier Bow-Wow Bunker Arquitectura Olafur Eliasson Zaha Hadid Heatherwick Studio Herzog & de Meuron MBMO John Pawson Pezo von Ellrichshausen PLY Architecture Snøhetta Sou Fujimoto UNStudio Vector Architects … and many more

Tents, bandstands, displays, places for sitting, listening, seeing and being seen… Pavilions have myriad forms and as many functions. For architects and designers, they offer unique opportunities to experiment with form, construction, material, structure, surface and texture, often as prototypes for larger buildings or as purely artistic pursuits. A pavilion’s particular location also offers rich possibilities for interaction with the landscapes, streetscapes and peoplescapes around it. Pavilions can be temples to digital interaction or provide oases of surreal calm and isolation. The New Pavilions presents a selection of the best and most exciting examples produced in recent years. From the cutting-edge forms of Sou Fujimoto to Zaha Hadid’s Chanel pavilion, from small structures created entirely out of farm waste to a mirrored carapace conceived by Olafur Eliasson, each pavilion featured provides a lesson in the extreme possibilities of built form and demonstrates that many of the biggest ideas in architecture start small.



Surveys 30 of the best and most architecturally interesting homes recently built in the wilds of Australia and New Zealand.

LIVING IN THE LANDSCAPE Extraordinary rural homes in Australia and New Zealand

Anna Johnson is a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University. She has written ten books across such subjects as Australian contemporary residential architecture, southeast Asian architecture and design practice research. Richard Black is head of the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree at RMIT University. He is the co-author of several books and his architectural projects have been extensively published and exhibited. Anna Johnson and Richard Black

Illustrated throughout 29.0 x 23.0 cm 272pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500750 October ÂŁ34.95



Living in the Landscape Extraordinary rural homes in Australia and New Zealand Anna Johnson and Richard Black Living in the Landscape explores 30 homes overlooking remote island clifftops, tucked into escarpments or seemingly dropped into the rainforest in Australia or New Zealand. Rather than romanticizing the bush and shack vernacular, the authors examine how architects use various naunced landscape conditions as inspiration and as sites for creativity. The complexities of the landscape with its beautiful yet often harsh physicality, questions of sustainability and climate change, and an understanding of the indigenous relationship to landscape are all thoughtfully considered. From the archetypal rural farm shed to Glenn Murcutt-inspired buildings designed with the philosophy of touching the earth lightly, to sculptural glass and metal dwellings that dramatically contrast with the landscape, this book celebrates the multitude of ways in which landscape and architecture intersect. In an age where we are increasingly aware of our relationship with the environment, these breathtaking homes exemplify the possibilities of living with the land.


The new monograph on one of Australia’s best and most internationally renowned architectural practices. John Wardle Architects work across all architectural scales, from small domestic dwellings to university buildings and large commercial offices. The distinguished practice has won many awards, including the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Sir Zelman Cowen Award for the most outstanding work of public architecture in Australia and The Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture.

Over 400 illustrations 29.0 x 23.0 cm 440pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500774 November £50.00

This Building Likes Me John Wardle Architects This Building Likes Me offers an engaging account of the recent work of one of Australia’s most significant architectural practices, John Wardle Architects (JWA). They are fascinated by those who experience their buildings and spaces – by those who live or work in them, or simply walk past. These are the people the buildings like! This monograph captures the award-winning practice’s commitment to people, cities and places; the collaborations with makers, builders and artists; and their continual inventive exploration of scale, site, landscape and narratives of memory. It presents 36 recent buildings and projects in pairs, and features photographs, drawings and images of JWA’s distinctive models. Alongside the projects are short critical essays and images of life within the practice. The result is a compelling insight into contemporary architectural processes, preoccupations and projects.



The first monograph to showcase the work of one of Russia’s most influential architectural firms.

Oleg Yawein is a founding partner of Studio 44 Architects. Aaron Betsky is dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Hans Ibelings is a Montreal-based architectural historian and critic, and the editor and publisher of The Architecture Observer.

400 illustrations 27.0 x 25.0 cm 312pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343098 December ÂŁ45.00

Studio 44 Edited by Oleg Yawein and Nikita Yawein With contributions by Aaron Betsky and Hans Ibelings 62

Studio 44 Architects is one of the largest and most influential private architectural firms in Russia. Founded in St Petersburg in 1991 and led by Nikita Yawein, the company now employs over 140 highly qualified specialists, including architects, restoration experts, structural designers and engineers. Studio 44 has won over sixty prestigious awards and implemented over 25 public and residential building projects, including Ladozhsky Railway Station, the new wing at the Hermitage Museum, the Grand Palace shopping gallery, the Novy Peterhof hotel, and the Boris Eifman Dance Academy in St Petersburg, the Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana (Kazakhstan) and the Olympic Park Railway Station in Sochi. Studio 44 provides a detailed look at 35 projects completed from 2000 to the present as well as an overview of the earliest projects and the birth of the firm.



A complete overview of architecture in 54 African cities, recorded by one of the world’s leading architects. David Adjaye has built a stunning array of houses, and his public buildings – including a médiathèque in London, a contemporary art museum in Denver, and the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo – have brought him international critical acclaim. His previous books published by Thames & Hudson are David Adjaye: Houses and David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings. Peter Allison is a London-based exhibition curator and teacher.

700 illustrations 24.0 x 20.0cm 408pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343166 August £29.95

Adjaye • Africa • Architecture Compact Edition David Adjaye • Edited by Peter Allison

‘An arresting visual introduction to cities across the continent, a learned journey into the vibrant beating heart of contemporary African life’ Ellah Wakatama Allfrey, Guardian

‘A unique record of a continent in which compelling architecture is appearing in extraordinary circumstances’ Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times

The African continent contains some of the world’s most vibrant culture and creativity, and yet its buildings – vernacular, colonial or contemporary – have rarely engaged the interest of Western architects. David Adjaye, the first black architect to establish a truly global reputation in his field, has found endless sources of inspiration for his designs in the rich – and chequered – heritage of Africa’s teeming metropolises. His life dream was to return to the continent as an architect to document Africa’s built environment. Over a long decade, he tirelessly documented these dynamic, colourful cities, photographing thousands of buildings, sites and places, and letting each building speak for itself, in telling contrast to a design world obsessed with photorealistic slickness. The result was a stunning seven-volume work that has become an essential resource for all those interested in the burgeoning continent. The new compact edition will make the fruits of this once-in-a-generation record available to a much wider audience. This is one of the most original, ambitious and important architectural publications of our time, now available to everyone wishing to gain an understanding of a unique architectural heritage overlooked for too long.




The most up-to-date complete illustrated account of the work of one of the world’s most influential architects, in his own words. Renzo Piano is a worldrenowned architect, recipient of the RIBA Gold Medal, the AIA Gold Medal, and many other prestigious awards. Kenneth Frampton is a distinguished architectural critic and historian. He is the author of many books, including Le Corbusier and Kengo Kuma, both published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 1,000 illustrations 24.5 x 24.5 cm 432pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 343104 October £45.00

Renzo Piano: The Complete Logbook Renzo Piano • With a foreword by Kenneth Frampton


Renzo Piano has created some of the most emblematic buildings of our age, including the Shard in London, the New York Times Building in New York City, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Parco della Musica in Rome. Here, Renzo Piano himself – whose many international awards include the prestigious Pritzker Prize – presents in his own words the works on which he has built his reputation over a span of fifty years. Over 100 works are featured, accompanied by over 1,000 images of Piano’s work around the world, including new photographs, drawings and sketches, both intimate and authoritative, all with commentaries by the architect that combine personal anecdote and technical description with original insights. No other architect book will appeal to such a broad range of professionals and general readers alike. This is an unmatched introduction to the work of one of the world’s most influential and inspiring architects.


New in paperback

A survey of high-design contemporary houses set in dramatic mountainous locations that fuse style with comfort. Dominic Bradbury is the author of Mid-Century Modern Complete, Waterside Modern, Interior Design Close Up, New Natural Home, The Iconic Interior and Mediterranean Modern, all published by Thames & Hudson. Richard Powers’s previous books include New Paris Style, Living Modern Tropical and The Iconic House, all also published by Thames & Hudson.

450 illustrations 21.5 x 19.7 cm 256pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292563 July £16.95

Mountain Modern Contemporary Homes in High Places Dominic Bradbury • Photographs by Richard Powers High up in the snow-covered alpine regions of the world, the whole idea of mountain living is being refreshed and reinvented. As our cities become more concentrated, there is an increasing desire to experience nature as directly as possible, and architects are making use of new technologies and materials to look again at the tried-and-true methods, with results that range from cosy retreats to glamorous hilltop villas. This visual sourcebook celebrates 25 such interiors in a range of mountain settings. Organized into three sections – ‘Cabin’, ‘Chalet’ and ‘Villa’ – the houses feature indooroutdoor living, beautifully crafted materials and a mastery of natural light. Richard Powers’s photographs reveal each house’s architecture, interior design and surroundings, while plans provide an additional layer of information. Dominic Bradbury tells the story behind each building’s construction – how it was sited to make the most of its location, how design innovations were introduced and how such solutions provide a comfortable space from which families can enjoy the great outdoors. From the Highlands of Scotland to the breathtaking summits of the Alps and the majestic Rockies, Mountain Modern is a journey to the most stunning homes around the world.



‘Indoor Green is the modern-day Bible for plant lovers’ Domain Bree Claffey is the owner of Mr Kitly – an emporium of carefully curated ceramics, homeware and lush indoor plants, frequented by stylists, designers and creative types. Bree regularly curates houseplants for cafes and shops, and holds monthly exhibitions featuring work by various artists and makers from Australia and beyond.

Over 250 illustrations 26.5 x 20.5 cm 208pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 500538 August £19.95

Indoor Green Living with Plants Bree Claffey 66

The Victorians suffered from ‘fern madness’; the 1970s were the age of the macramé plant hanger; the Japanese believe that where there are plants, life energy flows well. For centuries and across cultures, plants have transformed interiors. Today houseplants are once again experiencing a revival. Bree Claffey journeys through the worlds of her plant-loving friends to share their joy-inducing, foliage-filled spaces. This is more than a gardening book: this is an inspirational look at life with plants. From the ever-reliable Peace lily and beguiling Fiddle leaf fig to the elusive Chinese money plant, houseplants are showcased in all their weird and wonderful forms. More than good-looking props, plants are living growing things rooted in community and creativity. As this book celebrates, houseplants are not a passing trend – they are a way of life.


A richly illustrated volume that illuminates Shakespeare’s understanding of the natural world and gardens as he knew them. Sir Roy Strong is an art historian, museum curator, writer, broadcaster and landscape designer. He has served as director of both the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Strong has written many books on garden history, including The Renaissance Garden in England, also published by Thames & Hudson.

126 illustrations 23.0 x 16.0 cm 112pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 252246 October £14.95

The Quest for Shakespeare’s Garden Roy Strong

Here’s flowers for you; Hot lavender, mints, savoury, marjoram; The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ the sun And with him rises weeping: these are flowers Of middle summer, and I think they are given To men of middle age The Winter’s Tale (4.4.122-7)

Shakespeare’s potent use of garden imagery has captivated successive generations of readers and inspired the making of gardens across the globe. Laced with quotations and abounding with illustrations drawn from sources including Elizabethan gardening books, embroidered fabrics and hand-coloured herbals, The Quest for Shakespeare’s Garden reveals the inspiring relationship between Shakespeare and gardens while it tells the story of the Bard’s own garden at New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon, the only home he ever purchased, and where he died in 1616. Sir Roy Strong’s lively account is supplemented by Francis Bacon’s 1625 essay ‘Of Gardens’ extolling the virtues of the ‘purest of human pleasures’. Introduced by Strong, Bacon’s essay delights the senses and provides accessible advice to gardeners from a 17th-century perspective.

Published in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.



The lives of 40 men and women behind some of the world’s most exciting and influential gardens. Stephen Anderton is perhaps best known as The Times’s long-standing writer on gardens and gardening (for which he has won three major awards from the Garden Media Guild). He worked for many years on the care and restoration of historic gardens, latterly as National Gardens Manager for English Heritage. His books include Discovering Welsh Gardens and Christopher Lloyd: His Life at Great Dixter.

247 illustrations 24.6 x 18.6 cm 304pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518564 October £24.95

Lives of the Great Gardeners Stephen Anderton

Also available


9780 500 051818 £24.95

978 0 500 251799 £24.95

978 0 500 251690 £24.95

978 0 500 251393 £24.95

Throughout history great gardeners have risen from all walks of life. Some have been aristocratic amateur gardeners, others professional designers with an international practice. Some have come to garden-making from sister arts such as sculpture or painting; others have been hands-on nurserymen or botanists. What they all have in common is the ability to take an idea and develop it in a new manner relevant to their times. The book contains four sections. ‘Gardens of Ideas’ moves from the politically allusive gardens of 18th-century England made by men such as William Kent, to Charles Jencks’s Scottish garden inspired by 21st-century cosmography. ‘Gardens of Straight Lines’ explores the lives of the great formalist gardeners, from Le Nôtre at Versailles to the rational English minimalism of contemporary designer Christopher Bradley-Hole. ‘Gardens of Curves’ begins with that great exponent of the English landscape garden, ‘Capability’ Brown, and leads to the extraordinary Brazilian designer Roberto Burle Marx. Finally, ‘Gardens of Plantsmanship’ moves from the father of naturalistic planting, William Robinson, to the sweeping prairies of New York’s favourite Dutch designer, Piet Oudolf. With an outstanding text by the award-winning gardens writer Stephen Anderton, this book will appeal to garden lovers everywhere.


A unique tribute to Alexander McQueen’s stunning collections, captured behind the scenes by US Vogue photographer Robert Fairer, who opens up his archives for the first time. Robert Fairer was US Vogue’s exclusive backstage photographer for over a decade, working with such outstanding figures as André Leon Talley, Hamish Bowles and Sarah Mower, and editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Claire Wilcox is Senior Curator, Department of Furniture, Textiles and Fashion at the V&A, where she curated the record-breaking ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ exhibition in 2015. Sally Singer is Creative Director of

Alexander McQueen: Unseen

c. 380 illustrations 33.5 x 24.5 cm 352pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519042 October £48.00

Photographs by Robert Fairer • Introduction and texts by Claire Wilcox Preface by Sally Singer 70

Alexander McQueen has grasped the public’s imagination like few other fashion designers before him, with exhibitions dedicated to his work continuing to attract record visitor numbers. Almost 500,000 people visited the V&A’s 2015 ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ exhibition, making it the most popular in the museum’s history. Opening with a brief essay on the designer’s work, Alexander McQueen: Unseen unfolds chronologically. Each collection is introduced by a concise text by Claire Wilcox, one of the foremost experts on the McQueen’s work, revisiting the designer’s most iconic creations across his entire career and revealing previously unseen behind-the-scenes moments that capture models, hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists and Alexander McQueen himself at their most candid and creative. Robert Fairer’s stunning and high-energy photographs, all previously unpublished, capture the glamour, grit and spirit that made McQueen’s flamboyant shows unique. A treasure-trove of inspiration, they make this publication a must-have reference for fashion and photography lovers alike.

‘Robert’s images capture the raw energy and powerful emotion in those moments leading up to Lee’s incredible shows. The intensity and focus, the stress and excitement are all palpable. They trigger such vivid and fond memories’ Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen


Wise words from the fashionable, from Mae West to Lady Gaga, illustrated by specially commissioned drawings by Christian Lacroix – the perfect book for fashion lovers!

Patrick Mauriès is author of many notable titles on fashion and design. Jean-Christophe Napias is an author, translator and editor of books on dandies, dance music and camp culture. Christian Lacroix is a world-renowned fashion designer known for his colourful and exuberant drawing style.

50 illustrations 21.5 x 14.5 cm 160pp hardback September ISBN 978 0 500 518953 £12.95

Fashion Quotes ‘Jogging pants are a sign of defeat. You’ve lost control of your life, so you go out in jogging pants.’ Karl Lagerfeld 72

‘Well, she wore far too much rouge last night and not quite enough clothes. That is always a sign of despair in a woman.’ Oscar Wilde ‘Good taste is death. Vulgarity is life.’ Mary Quant

Also available

978 0 500 517116 £18.95

978 0 500 517741 £12.95

Stylish Wit and Catwalk Wisdom Patrick Mauriès and Jean-Christophe Napias Illustrations by Christian Lacroix The fashion world has long been celebrated for its scintillating salon wit. The sharpest tongues and quickest repartee have always sprung from the lips of fashion royalty. From Oscar Wilde to Miuccia Prada, fashion’s words of wisdom have become our daily bread. Fashion Quotes presents hundreds of the snappiest quotations from over three centuries, from the society beaux of the 18th century and the literary wits of the 19th century, to the celebrity elite of the 20th century and today’s hippest twitterati. Christian Lacroix has gilded the pages with creative inspiration, his illustrations perfectly expressing the colour and panache that we expect of fashion’s finest. The collection is divided into quotations from different spheres, including: Haute Couture, Shoes, Dogs, The Little Black Dress, The Dandy, Eros & Erotica, Eccentricity, Snobbery, and Shopping and Spending. Fashion Quotes is the must-have gift for every fashionista and aspiring wit, or for anyone looking for the ultimate bon mots, cheeky pick-me-up, whipcrack wisdom or poisonous punchline.


The first-time publication of rediscovered drawings by Andy Warhol, telling the story of a cheeky, stylish snake and the glittering constellation of celebrities that surrounds him.

Andy Warhol remains one of the best-loved artists of all time. Before he found his huge fame, Warhol was a successful fashion illustrator and graphic designer. One of his earliest clients was the leather goods company FlemingJoffe Ltd, owned by Teddy and Arthur Edelman, who in 1963 commissioned the drawings for this book.

Illustrated throughout 21.5 x 25.4 cm 48pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519257 September £14.95

The Autobiography of a Snake Drawings by Andy Warhol Andy Warhol • Afterword by Teddy and Arthur Edelman This is the never-before-published story of a snake trying to make it in the world of high society, strongly suggested to be a stand-in for Warhol himself. The snake’s tongue-in-cheek observations as he slithers from adorning Jackie Kennedy’s boots to embellishing Coco Chanel’s shirt will delight the sophisticated fashion crowd. But the stars of the show are Warhol’s whimsical illustrations, revivified with a colour scheme inspired by his iconic Pop Art. Before he achieved his dream of making it big in New York, Andy Warhol worked in advertising for a leather goods company, Fleming-Joffe, alongside Ogden Nash and Piero Fornasetti. It was for Fleming-Joffe that he created these images, held by the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and rarely seen until this publication. The Autobiography of a Snake is a brilliant portrait of Warhol’s obsessions, his talent, and the world he would one day conquer.



New format | Expanded edition

Surveys the dazzling jewelry collections of some of the 20th century’s most celebrated women, brilliantly evoking a lost world of high society – now available in a compact format and featuring two more icons of style. Stefano Papi has worked as senior European specialist in the jewelry departments of both Sotheby’s and Christie’s. He is the author of The Jewels of the Romanovs, also published by Thames & Hudson. Alexandra Rhodes was Senior Specialist for the international jewelry division of Sotheby’s in London.

475 illustrations 30.0 x 22.5 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519004 August £28.00

20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style Stefano Papi and Alexandra Rhodes


‘The combination of images of beautiful, stylish women of a bygone, glamorous era and sumptuous, close-up shots of the most gorgeous, covetable jewelry, makes for a heady mix’ The Jeweller

For many centuries collecting precious jewels was the preserve of kings and queens, emperors and maharajahs. But in the aftermath of the First World War, with the fall of several European monarchies, royal gems passed into the hands of a different kind of elite that included celebrities from the silver screen and a coterie who revelled in a social whirl of the newly rich. This book profiles thirteen of these rich and glamorous women, all of whom built up astonishing jewelry collections in the early and mid-20th century. The authors, both international jewelry experts, bring to life the worlds in which these women moved, as well as describing the gems in detail and providing a portrait of the work of the leading jewelers of the day. The book is illustrated with close-up shots of the jewels as well as wonderful drawings of the original designs, and includes portraits of the women by Beaton, Horst and other leading photographers of the time.


A luxe survey of exquisitely crafted precious jewelry by the most trendsetting designers from around the globe.

Fine Jewelry Couture Contemporary Heirlooms Olivier Dupon

Olivier Dupon’s books include The New Artisans, The New Jewelers, The New Pâtissiers, Floral Contemporary, Encore! The New Artisans and Shoe.

Over 500 illustrations 32.0 x 23.4 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518601 September £39.95

Design expert Olivier Dupon uses his keen eye for talent and creative flair to select over 35 master jewelry designers from across the globe. They represent a wide variety of approaches, from Aida Bergsen’s flora and fauna-inspired designs, including emerald-studded frogs and diamond-encrusted salamanders; through Katherine Jetter’s bravura use of glowing opals and Autore’s works displaying signature South Sea pearls; to Elie Top’s yellow gold spheres that are a feat of mathematical precision and ingenuity. Each designer is introduced with a biography that highlights their working practices and key sources of inspiration. Illustrations include sketches as well as images of their glorious ‘wearable art’, all of which is unique and much of which is bespoke. Complete with an introduction, a glossary and notes of designers’ websites (some work by appointment only), this is the perfect, curated resource for both aficionados and professionals who want to keep up to date with some of the most visionary practitioners working in the field of fine jewelry today.



The definitive volume on the essence, experience and energy that is hip hop, and its massive and enduring impact over the last 40 years. DJ Semtex hosts the UK’s top hip-hop show on BBC Radio 1Xtra every Friday, and is currently the Director of Artist Development at Sony Music. Founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D is a hip-hop giant and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

c. 1,000 illustrations 30.8 x 24.0 cm 448pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518946 October £40.00

Hip Hop Raised Me.® DJ Semtex • Foreword by Chuck D


Draws extensively from Semtex’s catalogue of interviews with the biggest names in hip hop, including:

Jay-Z Kanye West Eminem Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Drake Nicki Minaj J. Cole Kendrick Lamar Nas The Wu-Tang Clan

In 2008, with help from Jay-Z and Puff, Obama got the hip-hop vote, and became the first African American to be elected president. For a brief moment the ‘Audacity of Hope’ seemed attainable. Yet in 2014 the Ferguson riots brought an abrupt end to that hope, making emerging hip-hop artists, such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, the voice of the voiceless. Spliced between thematic text sections that feature seminal interviews conducted with practically every name in hip hop are photographs, ephemera and infographics that together tell the incredible 40-year visual story of the scene that changed everything. Seminal photography of artists both on and off stage, rare shots and previously unseen contact sheets by key hip-hop photographers are displayed alongside the rarest ephemera and vinyl. Original infographics show the continuing influence and impact of key hip-hop artists, such as Jay-Z, track the ever-evolving fashions, and highlight the key events in hip-hop history to complete the picture. The definitive volume on the essence, experience and energy that is hip hop, Hip Hop Raised Me.® traces the characteristics and influence of hip hop from its origins in the early 1970s with DJ Kool Herc’s block parties in the South Bronx, through its breakthrough to the mainstream and advent of gansta rap in the late 1980s, with artists such as Run D.M.C., Public Enemy and Ice-T, to the impact of contemporary artists and the global industry that is hip hop today.


‘The greatest writer about the big screen has now written a defining book about the small screen’ Geoff Dyer David Thomson is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, the Guardian and more. He is the author of The New Biographical Dictionary of Film and Moments that Made the Movies, also published by Thames & Hudson.

92 illustrations 24.9 x 17.8 cm 416pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519165 October £19.95

Television A Biography David Thomson 78

‘A panoramic history of television that’s full of thoughtfulness, gusto and intelligence. It’s also extremely entertaining. At the moment when screens are finally everywhere, David Thomson is out to decide how we salvage excellence from ubiquity’ David Hare

In Television, David Thomson – whom Michael Ondaatje has called ‘the best writer on film in our time’ – turns his attention to the ubiquitous small screen and delivers a history of its revolutionary transformation. In just a few years, this immobile piece of living room furniture – in front of which viewers had to sit at appointed times in order to watch a finite number of channels – has morphed into a glowing cloud of screens that supply near-endless content as and when we want it. Thomson notes that ‘if you wanted to play everything that has been on all the channels of American television all the hours of every day, that playing would take 5,000 years, give or take a century or so. The stuff is growing at a demented pace, as if the “wasteland”, which was once a lofty put-down of television, is actually a rampant jungle.’ So instead of a strict chronology, Thomson has built 21 thematically organized chapters in which he turns his provocatively insightful and observant gaze to the television era. Television surveys a Boschian landscape, illuminated by that singular glow and peopled by everyone from Lucille Ball to Dennis Potter to Don Draper. It is a rip-roaring, unexpected, and perhaps most of all, deeply thoughtprovoking history of the medium that has defined us.


A comprehensive anthology of vampires in literature, from Dracula to Twilight – published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein. Sir Christopher Frayling is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, and was Rector of the Royal College of Art, London, from 1996 to 2009, where he remains Professor Emeritus of Cultural History. His many public appointments have included Chairman of Arts Council England; Chairman of the Design Council; and the longest-serving Trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He is the author of many books, including The Yellow Peril, Cinema: The Whole Story and Sergio Leone, all published by Thames & Hudson.

c. 62 illustrations 23.4 x 15.3 cm 464pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 252215 August £19.95

‘A very Baedeker of vampirism’

Vampyres Genesis and Resurrection from Count Dracula to Vampirella Christopher Frayling


‘An admirable selection of 19th-century vampire stories in an anthology that shows how blood-soaked and fertile was the soil from which Bram Stoker’s marvellous Dracula sprang in 1897’ Independent ‘A capacious book dripping with suspense and replete with horror’ Financial Times ‘A thorough scholarly survey of the vampiric literature of the 19th-century Gothic Revival … enthralling’ Evening Standard

Christopher Frayling has spent 45 years exploring the history of one of the most enduring figures in the history of mass culture – the vampire. Vampyres is a comprehensive illustrated history and anthology of vampires in literature, from the folklore of Eastern Europe to the Romantics and beyond. Frayling recounts the most significant moments in Gothic history, while extracts from a huge range of sources – including Bram Stoker’s detailed research notes for Dracula, penny-dreadfuls and Angela Carter’s The Lady of the House of Love, new to this edition – are contextualized and analysed. This revised and expanded edition brings Vampyres up to date with 21st-century vampire literature, including new text extracts, commentary and a revised introduction. For the first time, Christopher Frayling also explores the development of the vampire in the visual arts in four colour-plate sections, with illustrations ranging from 17th-century prints to 21st-century film stills, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the vampire from popular press to fine art and, finally, to film.



Part social history and part design catalogue, this innovative book delves into the sinister history of 19th-century wallpaper. Lucinda Hawksley is the author of three biographies of Victorian artists: Lizzie Siddal, Kate Perugini (née Dickens) and Princess Louise. She also writes about art history, social history, literature and the life and works of her great-greatgreat-grandfather Charles Dickens.

Over 400 illustrations 25.0 x 19.5 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518380 October £28.00

‘As to the arsenic scare a greater folly it is hardly possible to imagine: the doctors were bitten as people were bitten by the witch fever’ William Morris, writing to his friend Thomas Wardle in 1885 on the subject of toxic wallpapers

Bitten by Witch Fever Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home Lucinda Hawksley


Beautiful to leaf through and compelling to read, Bitten by Witch Fever is a highly original and captivating volume that interleaves facsimile sections of alluring, arsenic-laden wallpapers, all laboratory-tested for the first time, with thought-provoking narrative, tracing the arresting story of the manufacture, uses and effects of arsenic in the 19th-century home, in particular, the pigments ingrained in popular wallpapers. Lucinda Hawksley reveals how pigments, such as Scheele’s green and Schweinfurt green, were created using arsenic to produce vibrant and durable dyes, which became instant favourites with wallpaper designers and householders alike. Drawing on contemporary case studies and reports in the press, she highlights how, by the middle of the century, manufacturers were producing millions of rolls of arsenical wallpaper, with devastating consequences for those working in their factories and for those living in rooms decorated with the deadly designs. The wallpaper sections display dazzling long-lost work from the great designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser, Corbière, Son & Brindle, Charles Knowles & Co. and Morris & Co. – whose owner was famously dismissive of the fatal effects of living within arsenic-laden walls.


Building upon his much-praised BBC Radio 4 series ‘21st Century Mythologies’, Peter Conrad examines the enduring place of myth in contemporary culture and society. Peter Conrad is a respected academic and author. He has written more than 20 books, including How the World Was Won: The Americanization of Everywhere; Creation: Artists, Gods & Origins; At Home in Australia; and Modern Times, Modern Places: Life and Art in the Twentieth Century, all published by Thames & Hudson.

23.4 x 15.3 cm 248pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 292587 September £18.95

By the same author

Mythomania Tales of Our Times, From Apple to Isis Peter Conrad

978 0 500 290859 £18.95

978 0 500 252086 £19.95

Despite our culture’s proclaimed respect for scientific reason, we are no less bedazzled and bedevilled by myth than our remote ancestors. Roland Barthes first examined the mythical resonances of consumer products in the 1950s. Far from being demystified, consumerism has since morphed into a universal religion, its compulsory ritual of shopping essential to our economic survival. Myth has also invaded the political realm, as terrorists brandish black flags and recite theological mantras as they martyr themselves. Peter Conrad’s exhilarating book exposes the absurdity and occasional insanity of our godforsaken, demon-haunted contemporary culture. Conrad casts his brilliant beam upon subjects from the Queen to the Kardashians, via Banksy, Nando’s, vaping, the vogue of the cronut, the mushroom-like rise of Dubai, the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, the growth of the Pacific garbage patch... In Judge Judy, he shows us a matronly Roman goddess dispensing justice with a fly swatter. In the metamorphosis of Caitlyn Jenner from Olympic athlete and paterfamilias into idealized female form, he sees parallels to the deeds of the residents of Mount Olympus themselves. Finally, after surveying advances in biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence, he asks whether we might be on the brink of a post-human world.



A unique introduction to 1,000 years of Islamic history, featuring the individuals – caliphs, sultans, scholars, mystics, writers and travellers – who shaped the course and reflect the diversity of Islamic civilization. Chase F. Robinson was Lecturer and Professor of Islamic History in the Faculty of Oriental Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, from 1993 until 2008, when he was appointed Distinguished Professor of History and Provost of the Graduate Center of the City of University of New York, where he now serves as President. His books include, Empire and Elites after the Muslim Conquest; Islamic Historiography; and The New Cambridge History of Islam, Vol. 1.

72 illustrations 23.4 x 15.6 cm 272pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 110300 October £24.95


Islamic Civilization in Thirty Lives The First 1,000 Years Chase F. Robinson Religious thinkers, political leaders, law-makers, writers and philosophers have shaped the 1,400-year-long development of the world’s second-largest religion. But who were these people? What do we know of their lives, and the ways in which they influenced their societies? In this book, Chase F. Robinson weaves these ambitious lives together to create a rich narrative of Islamic civilization, from the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century to the era of the worldconqueror Timur and the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II in the 15th. Beginning in Islam’s heartland, Mecca, and ranging from North Africa and Iberia in the west to Central and East Asia, Robinson not only traces the rise and fall of Islamic states through the biographies of political and military leaders, but also discusses those who developed Islamic law, scientific thought and literature. What emerges is a fascinating portrait of rich and diverse Islamic societies. Alongside the famous characters who coloured this landscape are less well-known figures, such as Ibn Fadlan, whose travels in Eurasia brought fascinating first-hand accounts of the Volga Vikings to the Abbasid Caliph, the eleventh-century Karima al-Marwaziyya, a woman scholar of Prophetic traditions, and Abu al-Qasim Ramisht, a 12th-century merchant millionaire. An illuminating read for anyone interested in learning more about this often misunderstood civilization, this book creates a vivid picture of life in all arenas of the pre-modern Islamic world.


New in paperback

A major contribution to cultural history that garnered widespread and enthusiastic reviews on publication in hardback, now available in paperback. Andrew Scull is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Science Studies, University of California, San Diego. He is the author of many books, including Masters of Bedlam; Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine; and Madness: A Very Short Introduction.

128 illustrations 23.4 x 15.6 cm 448pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292549 September £19.95

Madness in Civilization A Cultural History of Insanity

‘A brilliant cultural history … Scull’s book fills a gap in the literature and deserves to be widely read … outstanding’ The Times ‘Perhaps the most comprehensive account of the history of psychiatry that has yet appeared in a single volume’ Times Literary Supplement

‘A milestone text … No other monograph has accomplished such scope, perception and balance in covering madness’s haunting, shifting presence in civilization’s psyche’ BBC History Magazine

Andrew Scull

‘Powerful and disturbing … a panoramic survey’ Sunday Times ‘Learned, liberally humanitarian and wryly witty’ Spectator One of the most reviewed non-fiction books of 2015, this ambitious volume, worldwide in scope and ranging from antiquity to the present, examines the human encounter with Unreason in all its manifestations, the challenges it poses to society and our responses to it. In twelve chapters organized chronologically from the Bible to Freud and beyond, from exorcism to mesmerism, from Bedlam to Victorian asylums, from the theory of humours to modern pharmacology, Andrew Scull writes compellingly about madness, its meanings, its consequences and our attempts to understand and treat it.



A compelling illustrated exploration of the evolution of the asylum and attitudes to the insane from the 17th century to the present day. Mike Jay has written widely on the history of science, medicine and the mind, and has co-curated the exhibition that accompanies this book. He is the author of several books, including High Society: Mind-Altering Drugs in History and Culture, also published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 600 illustrations 28.0 x 18.0 cm 256pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518977 September £24.95

This Way Madness Lies The Asylum and Beyond Mike Jay 84

Is mental illness – or madness – at root an illness of the body, a disease of the mind or a sickness of the soul? This Way Madness Lies is a thought-provoking exploration of the history of madness and its treatment as seen through the lens of its proverbial home: the Royal Bethlem Hospital, London, popularly known as Bedlam. Organized chronologically, the book explores the meaning of mental illness through the successive incarnations of the institution that defined it: the 18th-century madhouse, the 19th-century asylum and the 20th-century mental hospital. Moving and sometimes provocative illustrations sourced from the Wellcome Trust’s exceptional collection and the Royal Bethlem Hospital’s archive highlight the trajectory of each era of institution: founded in the optimistic spirit of humanitarian reform but eventually dismantled amid accusations of cruelty and neglect. Each chapter concludes with a selection of revealing and captivating artwork created by asylum patients and other artists responding to the asylum. Compelling and intriguing, these artworks express the personalities and attitudes of the originators far more powerfully than descriptions of their conditions by doctors. Accompanies the exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London, from 15 September 2016 to 15 January 2017.


New in paperback

A portrait of world civilization told through the fascinating stories of the world’s greatest cities, new in paperback. John Julius Norwich is the author of magisterial histories of Norman Sicily, the Republic of Venice and of the Byzantine Empire. He has also presented some thirty historical documentaries for BBC television.

51 illustrations 19.8 x 12.9 cm 372pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292518 July £9.99

The Great Cities in History Edited by John Julius Norwich From the origins of urbanization in Mesopotamia to the global metropolises off today, great cities have marked the development of human civilization. The Great Cities in History tells their stories, from Uruk and Memphis to Tokyo and São Paulo. A galaxy of distinguished contributors evoke the character of each place – its people, its art and architecture, its government – and explain the reasons for its success. Richly illustrated with photographs, paintings, maps and plans, this book is nothing less than a portrait of world civilization.

‘An extravaganza … a terrific line-up of writers, and some superb illustrations’ Times Literary Supplement ‘One couldn’t really ask for better people to open windows of insight on this fascinating and urgent topic’ Condé Nast Traveller ‘The history of cities is a history of civilization and such histories do not usually come so clear, so concise, so accessible and so entertaining as this’ The Art Book

New in paperback

A fast-moving account of the rise and fall of Roman Britain, told through the lives of governors and generals, emperors and rebels, now available in paperback. Sam Moorhead, voted ‘Archaeologist of the Year 2011’ by readers of Current Archaeology, is the National Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman Coins in the Department of Portable Antiquities and Treasure at the British Museum. David Stuttard is the founder of theatre company ‘Actors of Dionysus’, and is the author of several books on the Classical world, including A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives, also published by Thames & Hudson.

73 illustrations 19.8 x 13.0 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292600 July £9.99

The Romans Who Shaped Britain Sam Moorhead and David Stuttard Roman Britain was created not by impersonal historical forces, but by men and women, each driven by ambition, aspiration and passion. The Romans Who Shaped Britain explores the narrative of Britannia through the lives of its emperors, commanders, governors, officials and rebels. This rich cast of characters includes some, such as Caesar, Agricola and Boudica, who may be familiar; and others, such as Carausius, Magnentius or Valentinus, who deserve to be more so. Their lives and actions are set against the backdrop of an evolving landscape, in which Iron Age shrines were being replaced by marble temples, industrial-scale factories and granaries were springing up across the countryside and a triumphal arch towered into the Kent sky to mark Rome’s domination. Fast-moving, vivid and compelling, The Romans Who Shaped Britain, by setting out the story as a single narrative, above all reminds us of the truly epic nature of the history of Britannia.

‘A lively story … offers a wonderful gallery of later characters’

Mary Beard,

Sunday Times

‘An engaging, thought-provoking and often entertaining read … very compelling … a must for those who are bored by (or feel they know everything about) our Roman heritage’ BBC History Magazine



An ambitious yet accessible account of Britain’s Neolithic Revolution that examines how the early agricultural settlers on our island shaped their landscape – and thus our own. David Miles is former Director of Oxford Archaeology and Chief Archaeologist at English Heritage.

76 illustrations 23.4 x 15.3 cm 432pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 051863 August £19.95

The Tale of the Axe How the Neolithic Revolution Transformed Britain David Miles 86

‘David Miles’s wide-ranging story of how agriculture reached Britain and what happened afterwards is based on his lifetime of archaeological inquiry and what he rightly calls a “tsunami” of new research. The Tale of the Axe is a beautifully written narrative [and] a powerful testimony to the value of archaeology in today’s world’ Brian Fagan, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

We, modern humans, are one of the youngest species on the planet. For our first hundred millennia we survived as hunters and foragers, moving about the land, following seasonal resources. It was only some ten thousand years ago that we domesticated plants and animals, thereby transforming our settlements, social relationships, diet and beliefs. Focusing on the British Isles, David Miles explores this period of societal change – the Neolithic, or ‘New Stone Age’ – using the most iconic artifact of its time, the polished stone axe, as a guide to the revolution that changed the world. Mixing anecdote, ethnography and archaeological analysis, Miles vividly demonstrates how the archaeology on the ground reveals to us the evolving worldview of a species increasingly altering their own landscape; settling down together, investing in agricultural plots, and collectively erecting massive ceremonial monuments to cement new communal identities. As a direct result of the invention, and intensification, of agriculture, the planet has entered the Anthropocene, or the ‘age of humanity’: an era in which we are changing the world around us in significant, accelerating and often unpredictable ways. Our ancestors set us on the path to the modern world we live in; now seven billion humans must face the challenges that presents.


The first-ever translation of this important ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, fully illustrated and explained by a leading Egyptologist. Paul F. O’Rourke is Research Associate in the Department of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum.

61 illustrations 24.6 x 18.6 cm 216pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 051887 September £24.95

An Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead The Papyrus of Sobekmose Translation, Introduction, and Commentary by Paul F. O’Rourke The Book of the Dead of Sobekmose, in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, New York, is one of the most important surviving examples of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead genre. Such ‘books’ – papyrus scrolls – were composed of traditional funerary texts, including magic spells, that were thought to assist dead persons on their journey into the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians believed in an underworld fraught with dangers that needed to be carefully navigated: lakes of fire to pass by, animal-headed demons to pass and, of course, the ritual Weighing of the Heart, whose outcome determined whether or not the deceased would be ‘born again’ into the afterlife for eternity. This publication is the first to offer a continuous English translation of a single, extensive, major text that can speak to us from beginning to end in the order in which it was composed. The papyrus itself is one of the longest of its kind to come down to us from the New Kingdom. This new translation not only represents a great step forward in the study of these texts, but also grants modern readers a direct encounter with what can seem a remote and alien civilization. With language that is unquestionably evocative and very beautiful, it offers a look into the mindset of the ancient Egyptians, highlighting their beliefs and anxieties about this world as well as the next.



A landmark publication – the definitive account of the greatest archaeological monument in the world by the leading authorities on the site, making it the ultimate book on Giza and its pyramids. Mark Lehner has been conducting fieldwork at Giza since the mid-1970s. He is president of Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA), and author of the award-winning The Complete Pyramids, published by Thames & Hudson. Zahi Hawass has been involved with the archaeology of the Giza Plateau since 1974. He has also been both Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and Minister for Antiquities in Egypt. He has written numerous books, including King Tutankhamun and The Lost Tombs of Thebes, and his memoirs, Secrets from the Sand, all published by Thames & Hudson.


450 illustrations 28.0 x 23.0 cm 560pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 051894 October £75.00

Giza and the Pyramids Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass For more than 4,000 years the pyramids of Giza have stood like giant question marks that have intrigued and endlessly fascinated people. Who exactly built them? When? Why? And how did they create these colossal structures? But the pyramids are not a complete mystery – the stones, the hieroglyphs, the landscape and even the layers of sand and debris hold stories for us to read. Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass, with over four decades of involvement with Giza, provide their unique and personal insight into the site, bringing together all the information to create a record unparalleled in its detail and scope. We may think of the pyramids as rising from the desert, isolated and enigmatic, yet they were surrounded by temples, tombs, vast cemeteries and even teeming towns of the living. All are described in detail here and brought back to life, with hundreds of illustrations including detailed photographs of the monuments, excavations and objects, as well as plans, reconstructions and the latest images from remote-controlled cameras and laser scans. Through the ages, Giza and the pyramids have inspired the most extraordinary speculations and wild theories, but here, finally, in this prestigious publication, is the full story as told by the evidence on the ground, by the leading authorities on the site.


A celebration of exploration told through the finest visual journals of some 70 explorers from the 16th century to the present day. Huw Lewis-Jones travels in the Arctic and Antarctica each year as a polar guide. He was formerly Curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, and the National Maritime Museum, London. His books include The Conquest of Everest, which won the History Award at the Banff Mountain Festival, The Crossing of Antarctica and Across the Arctic Ocean. Kari Herbert’s first book, The Explorer’s Daughter, was Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4; her latest books include In Search of the South Pole and Heart of the Hero.

Over 400 illustrations 19.5 x 27.0 cm 320pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 252192 September £29.95


‘Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert have made a rich realm in which to wander, an archive into which to dive, a wunderkammer of wunderkammers – beautifully collected and curated, and magnificently produced’ Robert Macfarlane

Explorers’ Sketchbooks The Art of Discovery & Adventure Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert • Foreword by Robert Macfarlane Despite dramatic advances in technology and equipment over the centuries, there is one vital piece of kit in most explorers’ pockets that hasn’t changed much at all – the journal. The sketchbooks and journals presented here allow us the opportunity to share, through their own eyes and thoughts, the on-the-spot reactions of around 70 intrepid individuals as they journeyed into frozen wastes, high mountains, barren deserts and rich rainforests. Some are well known, such as Captain Scott, Charles Darwin, Thor Heyerdahl and Abel Tasman; others are unfamiliar, including Adela Breton, who braved the jungles of Mexico to make an unparalleled record of Maya monuments, and Alexandrine Tinne, who died in her attempt to be the first woman to cross the Sahara. Here are pioneering explorers and map-makers, botanists and artists, ecologists and anthropologists, eccentrics and visionaries, men and women. A handful of living explorers, including Wade Davis, provide their thoughts on the art of exploration. Often battered and neglected, stored away and perhaps long forgotten, many of these sketchbooks have themselves awaited rediscovery. Now is the chance to open them again…


A fascinating compendium showcasing the wonders of the birds that share our world through exquisite ornithological illustrations, prints and drawings. Mark Avery worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for 25 years and was its Conservation Director for nearly 13 years. His other books include Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation, A Message from Martha: The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and Its Relevance Today and Inglorious: Conflict in the Uplands.

225 illustrations 24.6 x 18.6 cm 240pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518533 September £24.95

Remarkable Birds Mark Avery


Also available

978 0 500 517420 £24.95

We share the Earth with more than 10,000 species of birds and we have always been enchanted by them. Here, over 60 birds – organized thematically into eight sections – cover all aspects of our relationship with them. ‘Songbirds’ celebrates the greatest bird virtuosi, such as the Nightingale, while ‘Birds of Prey’ include majestic hunters such as the Harpy Eagle, which catches prey as large as monkeys and sloths. ‘Feathered Travellers’ describes astounding journeys made by birds – even some tiny Hummingbirds migrate huge distances. ‘The Love Life of Birds’ can rival any soap opera and involves the most brilliant displays. ‘Avian Cities’ explores species such as the Flamingo that live in spectacular large colonies. ‘Useful to Us’ examines the ways we find birds of value, such as the Turkey, but also the Canary. ‘Threatened & Extinct’ describes some no longer living and others that seem on the brink. Birds have also had great mystical significance, both for good and evil, and ‘Revered & Adored’ considers such species as the Sacred Ibis, believed by the ancient Egyptians to represent the god Thoth. For anyone interested in the natural world and the wonderful variety of birds around us, this beautifully illustrated book is a visual treat that will inspire, inform and delight.


Compact edition

A new, compact edition of a publication that challenges the traditional narrative of the history of photography. Sean Sexton is an Irish-born photographic collector and author of The Irish: A Photohistory. Robert Flynn Johnson is Curator Emeritus of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Alice Waters is the author of a bestselling series of books based on the recipes of her restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California.

117 illustrations 23.0 x 16.4 cm 128pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 544631 August £14.95

The Plant Kingdoms of Charles Jones Sean Sexton and Robert Flynn Johnson Preface by Alice Waters 94


Time Out

‘Detailed still-lifes of fruits, vegetables and flower heads, taken with admirable clarity and good composition’ The Art Newspaper ‘A cornucopia of hundreds of ravishing photographs of fruits, flowers and mundane vegetables, magically transformed into art’ New York Times

First published in 1998 and now available for the first time in a compact, accessible format, The Plant Kingdoms of Charles Jones is an exquisite visual feast for anyone who draws delight from the bountiful riches of nature. It presents more than 100 photographs of vegetables, fruits and flowers, all taken by the same photographer at around the turn of the 20th century, and all set against neutral, dark or light backgrounds in the style of formal studio ‘portraits’. The images have a wider significance in the history of photography and of the still-life genre in general, as explained in the book’s introduction by Robert Flynn Johnson. For a contemporary audience, the photographs’ simple and unembellished beauty is the perfect antidote to appetites jaded by processed foods and 21st-century artifice. They communicate and inspire a loving respect for the beauty in nature.


An introductory guide to 100 of the most extraordinary theories and experiments in the history of science. Robert Cave has been a writer and editor for many years. He is author of more than 30 books for adults and children, including the encyclopedia sets International Wildlife, Life Science and Aquatic Life of the World, and is a contributor to the annual Guinness World Records book.

100 illustrations 19.7 x 14.0 cm 224pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 292006 August £9.99

Why It’s Not All Rocket Science Scientific Theories and Experiments Explained

Other titles in the series

Robert Cave

978 0 500 290477 £9.99

978 0 500 290958 £9.99

978 0 500 291498 £9.99

978 0 500 291788 £9.99

In Why It’s Not All Rocket Science, Robert Cave examines 100 extraordinary projects, theories and experiments that have been conducted in the name of science. Some, including various nuclear tests, have attracted controversy and hostility; others, such as Johann Wilhelm Ritter’s erotic self-experiments with a voltaic pile, seem downright weird. But Cave demonstrates, thoroughly and informatively, that it is only by doggedly asking awkward questions, and paying close attention to the answers, that scientists have been able to make progress. From spider monkeys to human cyborgs, and from swimming in syrup to chaos theory, Cave places each experiment and discovery in its scientific context to present an entertaining guide to some of the most jaw-dropping entries in the history of science. Why It’s Not All Rocket Science contains chapters on psychology, the body, society, planet Earth and the universe, and to read it is to gain startling insights into why scientists seem to behave so oddly, and how their brilliant if sometimes bizarre work benefits all of society.



Breathtaking views of high peaks as they’ve never been seen before, using cutting-edge satellite technology. DLR is Germany’s national aeronautics and space research centre. Stefan Dech is director of the Earth Observation Center. Reinhold Messner is one of the world’s most distinguished mountaineers. Nils Sparwasser is Head of the Department of Science Communication and Visualization at the Earth Observation Center.

198 illustrations 31.5 x 26.5 cm 240pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518892 September £39.95

Unseen Extremes Mapping the World’s Greatest Mountains Edited by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Stefan Dech, Reinhold Messner and Nils Sparwasser 96 Features:

Kailash Mont Blanc Matterhorn Ushba Denali Aconcagua Nanda Devi Mount Everest K2 Dhaulagiri Nanga Parbat Annapurna Masherbrum

Mountains have long been viewed as places of beauty and faith, challenge and discovery. Now this unique book presents the earth’s extremes in an entirely new way. Using high-resolution satellite data, scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have created a series of incredibly accurate digital 3D maps of mountain landscapes. These digital terrain models have in turn been used to generate amazing photorealistic images, creating virtual landscapes seen from previously impossible viewpoints in an unprecedented degree of detail. Unseen Extremes features 13 of the world’s greatest mountains, chosen not only for their magnificence but because they also offer a condensed history of mountaineering, packed with tales of historic ascents and new routes, tragic failures and memorable moments. The milestones of mountain exploration are presented alongside maps, infographics and profiles that bring the traits of each mountain to life, while location photographs and first-hand accounts by climbers past and present complete the dazzling picture. Science, technology, history and geography are brought together with an unassailable passion for adventure, opening up a whole new perspective on the planet’s most captivating extremes.


A landscape and photography book of Europe’s most majestic mountains and historic cycling climbs for the growing audience of enthusiasts and participants around the world. Michael Blann is a former professional cyclist turned photographer who works for the world’s leading creative agencies.

c. 190 photographs 25.5 x 30.5 cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518915 September £34.95

Mountains Epic Cycling Climbs Michael Blann With contributions by:


Lizzie Armitstead Romain Bardet Ivan Basso Bernie Eisel Maurizio Fondriest Andy Hampsten Tao Geoghegan Hart Sean Kelly Greg LeMond Robert Millar Allan Peiper Stephen Roche Shane Sutton Geraint Thomas

The mountains of Europe have many different meanings to many different people. For the locals they are a way of life; for visitors they represent breathtaking beauty, active holidays and peaceful moments. For cyclists, however, the dramatic landscapes mean something quite different: suffering, pain, agony – and glory. From the Ardennes to the Alps, for over a century the mountains have provided the setting for the greatest cycling contests, where human determination and willpower can triumph over nature and opposition. In recent years, the mountains of Europe have become the primary destination for urban riders who want to challenge themselves, experience the storied roads and escape their everyday lives. This publication is aimed at all who wish to be inspired by those challenges or celebrate those personal victories. A reference section includes locator maps and climb profiles. With personal recollections from leading road-racing cyclists, photographs and words coalesce into a visual depiction that transcends any single perspective and will evoke awe and wonder in anyone who wishes to confront the power of the mountains.



A workbook to practise writing Chinese characters based on the bestselling Chineasy method. ShaoLan is the creator of Chineasy. She is an entrepreneur, writer, traveller and dreamer. Her aim is to allow the east and west to communicate freely. Noma Bar is an illustrator whose work has appeared in many media outlets, including Time Out London, the BBC, the Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper*.

c. 50 illustrations 24.5 x 18.4 cm 120pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420607 September £9.95


Chineasy Workbook ShaoLan • With illustrations by Noma Bar • Practise writing over 100 of the most commonly occurring Chinese characters and phrases, covering the essential building blocks on which the language is based. • Guides show the correct stroke order for each character and grids help you space elements correctly. • Perfect for both beginner students and intermediate learners who need to improve their writing. ShaoLan Hsueh developed the Chineasy method as a fun and easy way of teaching her children Chinese. Building on characters published in the internationally bestselling books Chineasy and Chineasy Everyday, this workbook is the perfect practical companion to entering the rich world of Chinese.


Other products in the Chineasy range 5

3 2 1




1 100 Postcards

100 postcards 13.5 x 9.7cm ISBN 978 0 500 952030 £14.95 inc VAT £12.46 exc VAT

4 Memory Game

60 cards 6.6 x 6.0cm ISBN 978 0 500 420126 £14.95 inc VAT £12.46 exc VAT

2 Notebooks

3 Notebooks, each 48pp 21.0 x 14.8cm ISBN 978 0 500 420133 £7.95 inc VAT £6.62 exc VAT

5 Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese

Illustrated throughout 24.0 x 18.0cm 192pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 650288 £14.95

3 Chineasy Everyday: The World of Chinese Characters Illustrated throughout 24.0 x 18.0cm 256pp flexibound ISBN 978 0 500 292266 £19.95

6 60 Flashcards

60 flashcards + 1 instruction card 13.5 x 9.7cm ISBN 978 0 500 952047 £12.95 inc VAT £10.79 exc VAT


A spellbinding history of esoteric knowledge, from Stone Age shamans to Mesopotamian astrology to Freemasonry and magic in the modern world, by the author of the bestselling Monsters.

Christopher Dell has written and edited many bestselling titles on art and visual culture, including Monsters (opposite), Freemasonry, Mythology and What Makes a Masterpiece?, all published by Thames & Hudson.

The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic An Illustrated History Christopher Dell


400 illustrations 25.4 x 20.3 cm 400pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518885 September £24.95

By the same author

Our belief in some form of magic runs throughout human history. In fact, in an increasingly rational and scientific world, the idea that occult or arcane knowledge can give us access to another, hidden reality is as strong and widespread as ever. The Occult, Witchcraft and Magic is a lively and fascinating history of all things cryptic, mystic and other-worldly, beginning with the earliest evidence of magical thinking amid the gloom of a Palaeolithic cave, and ending in the bright light of our digital age and its newfound interest in paganism. With hundreds of images drawn from rare and unusual sources, in-depth explorations of crosscultural themes and profiles of key figures from the history of magic, this is a bewitching and irresistible treasury of esoteric thought that will appeal to believers and sceptics alike. Topics include:

ISBN 978 0 500 291511 £18.95

Alchemy Astrology Chaos magic Divination Folk Magic Grimoires

Kabbalah Love Magic Necromancy Phantasmagoria Runes Shamanism

Talismans Tarot Voodoo Wicca … and more


Compact edition

A dark yet engrossing visual history of fearsome beasts from every age and culture in art, mythology and legend – now available in a compact edition.

161 illustrations 17.0 x 12.0 cm 216pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 292556 August £9.95

Monsters A Bestiary of the Bizarre Christopher Dell

‘A mis-matched zoo of mind-boggling creations from minotaurs through golems to mermaids, from sphinxes to sirens and shapeshifting nightmares … takes us to the edge of the cultural map’ The Times ‘A colourful and hideous collection of arty monsters of all kinds … this nightmarish bestiary is sure to stir the bloodthirsty imaginations of nice boys and girls everywhere’ V&A Magazine

Monsters have preoccupied mankind from the earliest times: even cave art includes animal–human monsters. Certainly monsters were present in the ancient religions of Egypt and Mesopotamia; the Old Testament describes the giant land and sea monsters Behemoth and Leviathan, while in the world of Classical mythology, monsters embody the fantasies of the gods and the cruellest punishments of human beings. While we may no longer worry about being eaten by trolls on the way home, there remains a fascination with these creatures who have shadowed us throughout history. This book explores monsters down the ages and throughout the world. It provides a dark yet engrossing visual history of the human mind, lit up by flashes of wild and unearthly inspiration.



An intimate look at the unsung lives of Asia’s people, from an awardwinning film director and protégé of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Ishu Patel is an acclaimed animation film director/ producer whose films have received distribution worldwide. His many international awards include two Oscar nominations, the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, the BAFTA award, the Grand Prix at both Annecy and the Montreal World Film Festival.

158 illustrations 29.4 x 27.0 cm 192pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 519240 September £29.95

Asian Lives A Closer Look Ishu Patel 104

In 2011, adhering to his mentor Henri Cartier-Bresson’s mantra to ‘photograph the truth’, animation filmmaker Ishu Patel embarked on a photographic journey in southeast Asia. Abandoning moving images to secure a series of still images that capture a uniquely human gesture or powerful thought-provoking story, he prowled both urban and rural areas armed only with a Leica M9 with 35 and 50mm fast lenses. The result is a collection of elusive still images – photographs, mainly in black and white, that tell a story, seize a moment in life or are a witness to joy, struggle or human dignity. Patel also contributes thoughtful essays on the various countries and peoples he has so powerfully photographed. Never political or judgmental, this anthology comprises Patel’s homage to the unsung lives of ordinary Asians, many of whom are increasingly overlooked in today’s fast-changing world.


New in paperback

Awe-inspiring recipes from the world’s best pâtissiers – now in paperback. Olivier Dupon is a 21st-century tastemaker and author of Shoe, Floral Contemporary, The New Artisans, Encore! and The New Jewelers, all published by Thames & Hudson.

335 illustrations 30.0 x 23.4 cm 288pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292594 July £24.95

The New Pâtissiers Olivier Dupon

‘A treat’

Elle Decoration

‘These mouthwatering 89 recipes from cakes to petits fours, created by 38 of the world’s best patissiers, are for dessert lovers who take their sweet treats seriously’ Independent ‘Drool inducing’

Irish Tatler

This mouthwatering book presents 38 of the finest pastry chefs working worldwide today, together with samples of their glorious, highly sophisticated confections. Some of the chefs are up-and-coming, others are well established; all are innovative pioneers in a uniquely appealing creative field. They include Rosio Sanchez, former pastry chef at Noma; Bonnae Gokson, crowned Queen of Confectionery in Asia by America’s wedding-event guru Colin Cowie; Nathaniel Reid, one of Dessert Professional magazine’s Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America; and World Chocolate Master, Carmelo Sciampagna. Each profile has a biography giving a sense of their individual style. Also included are scores of recipes for world-class cakes, tarts, biscuits, petits fours, plated desserts, pastries, confectionery, chocolate, ice creams and sorbets, with a final chapter focusing on the lavish sugar-paste world of celebratory cakes. Offering a wealth of inspiring and delicious material, this book is a must for professional pastry chefs, keen amateurs and anyone interested in the gourmet lifestyle.



A stylishly illustrated compendium of 100 herbs, designed to enrich our understanding of all their uses, by the team behind the bestselling The Geometry of Pasta. Caz Hildebrand is one of the Creative Partners at Here Design. She is the designer of bestselling cookbooks by Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sam Clark of Moro. In 2010 she wrote The Geometry of Pasta with Bocca di Lupo chef Jacob Kenedy.

100 illustrations 24.6 x 17.5cm 224pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518939 August £16.95

Herbarium Caz Hildebrand Herbarium (plural: herbaria): a collection of preserved plant specimens stored, catalogued, and arranged systematically; the building or room where the specimens are housed.


‘I need three copies of this book: one to reach for in the kitchen, one to read in bed and one (if it’s not sacrilege?) to cut up to decorate my walls with. This is a book which is informed, useful and completely divine. It’s a must for anyone with an interest in the beauty of herbs or the boldness of great design’ Yotam Ottolenghi

‘An exquisite and inspirational book’ Nigella Lawson

Award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand’s Herbarium is a 21st-century reboot of the traditional herbal compendium. The visual genius behind the international bestseller The Geometry of Pasta, she has created abstract forms and vibrant colours to illustrate 100 essential herbs and to reveal their hidden properties. From bergamot, comfrey and dill to sassafras, vervain and wasabi, all types of herbs are covered; each is explained through the fascinating history of their uses and symbolism. There are tips on how to use them as seasonings and how to create healing potions, as well as advice on when and how to grow them. This isn’t just a book for the kitchen – it’s for the greenhouse, the medicine cabinet, the coffee table... Where The Geometry of Pasta deepened our understanding of the way Italians eat pasta, Herbarium celebrates all facets of herbs and all their lifeenhancing poperties.


The complete guide to craft: 33 techniques, from embroidery and clay to collage and baskets, more than 150 contemporary artists and inspirational project ideas. Ramona Barry is the former Chair of Craft Victoria, Australia’s leading contemporary craft organization. Rebecca Jobson is a textile designer, artist, writer and curator with 20 years’ experience in the craft and design industry. Together, Barry and Jobson co-write their blog handmadelife and present a specialist craft programme on Australian radio station Triple R.

700 illustrations 27.5 x 22.0 cm 408pp hardback ISBN 978 0 500 518922 August £24.95

The Craft Companion Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson


Once the domain of the domestic, craft has now infiltrated every creative sphere – including food, fashion, fine art and architecture. If this craft renaissance is indicative of a new wave of keen creatives, then The Craft Companion is the ultimate guide to navigating the new craft frontiers. From appliqué and baskets to weaving and zakka, The Craft Companion features over 30 new and old crafting techniques. Each chapter includes a historical overview of the craft, with design notes and explanations of key techniques to help beginners to get started. Tools and methods are explored through a combination of hand-drawn illustrations and photography. A range of project ideas, including one basic project for each craft and a further Top 5 selection, will kickstart the reader’s creativity, while examples of inspirational work from contemporary artisans display the possibilities of each medium. With over 20 years in the craft and design industries, Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson are bona fide craft gurus. Everyone from beginners to experienced crafters will love Ramona and Rebecca’s witty voice, and will be inspired to experiment and dip their toes into new crafts.

Fibre: felt; knit; crochet; weave; tapestry; macramé; yarn; baskets; leather; rugs Stitch: embroidery; cross stitch; needlepoint; sew; appliqué; quilt and patch; haberdashery Surface: marble; indigo; print; dye; collage; gild Form: clay; beads; books; jewelry; origami; paper; mobiles; upcycle; veneer/wood; zakka


This colouring book takes its inspiration from the most creative images imaginable – the world’s greatest paintings. Over 90 illustrations 21.6 x 30.0 cm 96pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292686 September £9.95

Highlights include:

Primavera, Botticelli Bacchus and Ariadne, Titian The Night Watch, Rembrandt The Art of Painting, Vermeer The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Canaletto Under the Wave off Kanagawa, Hokusai Ophelia, Millais Luncheon on the Grass, Manet The Scream, Munch The Kiss, Klimt Whaam!, Lichtenstein … and more

Art Studio Great Paintings to Colour In Using carefully drawn line illustrations of famous masterpieces, Art Studio takes aspiring artists on an inspiring world tour. Along the way they can try their hand at replicating the originals or applying different palettes. In the process they will also learn to appreciate the complexity and composition of these great works. Avid colouring fans will relish not only the bold, bright lines of works such as Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, but also mastering the intricacy of some of the world’s most renowned paintings. Among the 46 masterpieces featured are such celebrated Western works as Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam and Renoir’s Moulin de la Galette as well as a Mughal hunting scene of the 16th century and some stunningly complex Aboriginal art. Each entry explains how the artist achieved his or her effects, and offers suggestions on how the reader might try to reproduce them. Art Studio is simultaneously relaxing, challenging and informative: an exquisite combination that will appeal to anyone who’s caught the colouring bug – or to anyone on the verge of catching it.



Inspired by

Create your very own bespoke brooches, from the classically chic to the stylishly offbeat. Corinne Alagille is the author of several other arts and crafts books, and a practising craftsperson herself.

Illustrated throughout 18.2 x 11.6 cm 64pp pb + brooch materials Boxed ISBN 978 0 500 420621 September £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

978 0 500 518441 £9.95

Create Your Own Brooches Corinne Alagille • 15 DIY projects and plenty of tips to create something beautiful with everyday materials – a scrap of fabric, a few coloured pencils, or even spare pieces of paper. • Includes everything needed to get started: 1 book featuring 15 creative projects + 10 brooch pins + 2 large brooch fasteners + 4 wooden brooch bases to customize

Create your own tote bags – the chic and eco-friendly alternative to throwaway plastic bags.


Inspired by

Sonia Lucano is the author of Interior Inspiration Scandinavia, also published by Thames & Hudson.

Illustrated throughout 18.2 x 11.6 cm 64pp pb + 2 tote bags Boxed ISBN 978 0 500 420614 September £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Also available in the Craft Studio series

Decorating with Pompoms & Tassels 20 Creative Projects Émilie Greenberg and Karine Thiboult-Demessence ISBN 978 0 500 518908 £9.95

Stamping & Printing 20 Creative Projects Émilie Greenberg and Karine Thiboult-Demessence ISBN 978 0 500 518458 £9.95

978 0 500 518434 £9.95

Create Your Own Tote Bags Sonia Lucano • 16 projects cover different techniques to create the bag of your choice: embroidery, painting, dyeing, transfers, stamping and more. • Includes two plain tote bags plus an easy pattern for making a simple bag, which you can then customize. • A range of difficulty levels, all well within reach of even the absolute beginner.


Hirameki: a fabulous art form for everybody – even the most inexperienced doodler can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles. Hirameki masters Peng + Hu are today’s leading pioneers of blot-collecting. The smallest blots in their great collection are tinier than the freckles on a Nepalese dwarf squirrel’s nose – the biggest are as huge as the mini-golf course on the island of Plong Plong in the High Seas.

Illustrated throughout 21.0 x 16.0 cm 64pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 292846 September £5.95

Hirameki: Cats & Dogs Draw What You See Peng & Hu Draw funny dogs and get into a sunny mood Draw comical cats and give your day a boost If you feel like fun and have a pen It’s time to follow your imagination! • An ingenious take on the Rorschach inkblot test – a book packed full of blots that readers can transform into whatever they like. • Artists Peng & Hu guide the reader with prompts and hints. • Highly creative and a little bit anarchic, this is the perfect outlet for all those who are bored by drawing inside the lines. Also available

‘The ink blotty watercolour-esque patterns are beautiful, but should you feel inspired you can also pick up a pen and transform the ink blots into your own doodle. Such a cool idea’ Abigail Ahern 978 0 500 292488 £9.95

‘Put the felt-tips down – the next phase of the adult colouring craze is upon us, and it’s the art of Hirameki’ The Sun on Sunday



Magnum Photos Gift Range Three new products in Thames & Hudson’s Magnum Photos gift range, produced in anticipation of Magnum’s 70th anniversary in 2017.

Magnum Photos: Poster Book Icons Twenty iconic Magnum photographs to hang on your wall – at an affordable price. Features photographs by: Ian Berry • Dennis Stock • Chris Steele-Perkins • Eve Arnold • Werner Bischof Jonas Bendiksen • Henri Cartier-Bresson • Elliott Erwitt • Martine Franck • Harry Gruyaert Burt Glinn • Guy Le Querrec • Martin Parr • Trent Parke • René Burri • Bruce Davidson Herbert List • George Rodger • Alec Soth • Inge Morath


35.4 x 27.6 cm 20 posters paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420461 September £19.95 inc VAT | £16.63 exc VAT

Magnum Photos: Travel Journal A notebook for planning and recording notes and memories from your travels. Features inspirational quotes and over 70 Magnum photographs. 24.4 x 17.1 cm 144pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420454 September £14.95 inc VAT | £12.46 exc VAT


Magnum Photos: Street Photography Notecards Sixteen notecards and envelopes, each featuring a street scene from a Magnum photographer. Each card: 15.8 x 11.3 cm 16 notecards, 16 envelopes Boxed ISBN 978 0 500 420478 September £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Other products in the Magnum Photos gift range

113 Magnum Photos: 100 Postcards 978 0 500 420362 £16.95 inc VAT | £14.13 exc VAT

Magnum Photos: 3 Sketchbooks 978 0 500 420348 £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT

Also available

978 0 500 288306 £24.95

978 0 500 544310 £45.00

Magnum Photos: Field Notebook 978 0 500 420355 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT


Patterns of India Henry Wilson A new gift range inspired by Henry Wilson’s Pattern and Ornament in the Arts of India, an outstanding sourcebook of photographs and drawings for lovers of design and India.

Patterns of India: 16 Notecards Four designs featuring artworks derived from the decorative genius of India, presented in an elegant gift box. 16 notecards + 16 envelopes 14.5 x 10.5 cm Boxed ISBN 978 0 500 420553 August £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT


Patterns of India: 3 Notebooks Three notebooks – two blank and one ruled – featuring vibrant artworks by Henry Wilson. 48pp x 3 20.0 x 14.0 cm Paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420546 August £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT


Patterns of India: Gift Wrapping Paper Book 10 Sheets of Wrapping Paper with 12 Gift Tags Gorgeous gift-wrap featuring imaginative designs. 10 sheets of wrapping paper + 12 gift tags 35.0 x 25.0 cm Shrinkwrapped ISBN 978 0 500 420560 August £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Sample selection


All illustrations drawn from

Pattern and Ornament in the Arts of India Henry Wilson

‘Masterful … the colour combinations are a delight’ The World of Interiors ISBN 978 0 500 515822 £32.00


Decorated Papers A beautifully presented stationery range for bibliophiles and anyone with a love of pattern and decoration. Drawing on the Olga Hirsch collection at the British Library, one of the largest and most diverse collections of decorated papers in the world, all products in the range are illustrated with images taken from the book An Anthology of Decorated Papers.

Decorated Papers: 3 Notebooks Three notebooks, two measuring 20.0 x 14.0 cm and one 14.0 x 10.0 cm, each with a different cover. 20.0 x 14.0 cm x 2 | 14.0 x 10.0 cm x 1 48pp x 3 | paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420515 £9.95 inc VAT | £8.29 exc VAT


Decorated Papers: Journal A ruled journal that provides an elegant way to record experiences and thoughts. 15.2 x 11.5 cm | 128pp | paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420539 £8.95 inc VAT | £7.46 exc VAT


Decorated Papers: Gift Wrapping Paper Book 10 Sheets of Wrapping Paper with 12 Gift Tags Ten sheets of luxury wrapping paper, each measuring 34.2 x 25.0 cm, with matching gift tags. 34.2 x 25.0 cm | 10 sheets + 12 tags ISBN 978 0 500 420522 £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

Sample selection


All illustrations drawn from

An Anthology of Decorated Papers A Sourcebook for Designers P.J.M. Marks

‘A useful and inspiring visual reference book’ Creative Review ‘Marks writes with erudition and passion. An inspiring book for creative types’ The Lady ISBN 978 0 500 518120 £38.00


The Book of Kells Two exquisitely designed gift products inspired by the beauty of the Book of Kells, Ireland’s finest national treasure, in the collection of Trinity College Library Dublin.

The Book of Kells: 16 Notecards: Animals Four designs, each with an animal theme and featuring a detail from the Book of Kells. 16 cards + 16 envelopes 14.5 x 10.5 cm Boxed cards ISBN 978 0 500 420485 September £10.95 inc VAT | £9.13 exc VAT

The Book of Kells: Small Journal A paperback journal – lined throughout – with a smart linen finish and elastic closure.


128pp + back pocket 15.2 x 11.5 cm Paperback + elastic closure ISBN 978 0 500 420492 September £8.95 inc VAT | £7.46 exc VAT

All based on

The Book of Kells Bernard Meehan Already available: The Book of Kells: Set of 3 A5 Notebooks The Book of Kells: Set of 3 A6 Notebooks The Book of Kells: Five Year Journal The Book of Kells: Box of 20 Notecards The Book of Kells: Box of 30 Postcards

978 0 500 420225 978 0 500 420232 978 0 500 420218 978 0 500 420249 978 0 500 420256

‘Sumptuous … a triumph of scholarly investigation and interpretation’ Financial Times ISBN 978 0 500 238943 £60.00


The Way Out Is In Two products in a new gift line celebrating the fine penmanship and inspirational teachings of Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Way Out Is In: Notecards Thich Nhat Hanh Sixteen notecards featuring Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful and inspirational calligraphies. 20.0 x 14.0cm 16 cards (4 designs) Boxed cards ISBN 978 0 500 420447 August £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

The Way Out Is In: Deluxe Journal Thich Nhat Hanh An exquisitely crafted journal, with lined and patterned pages, which contains over a dozen calligraphies and quotations from Thich Nhat Hanh. THE ZEN CALLIGRAPHY OF


21.0 x 14.6cm 144pp ISBN 978 0 500 420423 August £12.95 inc VAT | £10.79 exc VAT

All based on

The Way Out is In The Zen Calligraphy of Thich Nhat Hanh Thich Nhat Hanh

‘Truly elevates Hanh’s work and the reader’s experience of his art’ Natural Health ISBN 978 0 500 110287 £9.95



Susan Herbert was one of the most distinctive of contemporary cat artists, who produced beautifully crafted watercolours that respond with wit and affection to the imagery of Western culture.

20 illustrations 35.4 x 27.6 cm 42pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 420584 July £17.95 inc VAT | £14.96 exc VAT

Sample selection

All based on

Shakespeare Cats Susan Herbert

‘Captures the mood of each of the original works so eloquently that we can’t help but be enamoured’

Shakespeare Cats: 20 Posters

ISBN 978 0 500 284292 £7.95

Susan Herbert


The newest addition to the popular Cats in Art gift range features 20 detachable posters of Susan Herbert’s celebrated feline reimaginings of scenes from some of the greatest plays in English literature. Published to coincide with a surge of cultural activity marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, these funny, clever, sometimes moving vignettes of cats on stage bring to life the Bard’s best-loved plays, including Hamlet, Macbeth, Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew and more.

Also available

Cats Galore 978 0 500 239360 £14.95

Cats in Art: Set of 3 A6 Notebooks 978 0 500 420263 £6.95 inc VAT

Cats in Art: Box of 20 Notecards 978 0 500 420270 £9.95 inc VAT

Pre-Raphaelite Cats 978 0 500 291382 £6.95


A one-of-a-kind book of pop-ups based on the works of the Japanese artist Hokusai. Courtney Watson McCarthy is a noted paper engineer, and the author of several other pop-up books published by Thames & Hudson.

Illustrated throughout 33 x 30.4 cm 16pp including 6 pop-ups ISBN 978 0 500 518847 October £19.95

Hokusai Pop-Ups Courtney Watson McCarthy Hokusai (1760–1849) was an extraordinarily prolific Japanese master artist and printmaker of the ukiyo-e (‘pictures of the floating world’) genre. More than 150 years after his death, his legacy remains as important as any Western painter’s. Hokusai’s work inspired a roll-call of great artists including Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Gauguin, Manet, Degas and Klimt as well as craftsmen and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright. This book features six meticulously crafted pop-ups of some of his most famous works: The Great Wave; Chrysanthemums and Horsefly; The Poem of Ariwara no Narihira or Autumn Leaves; Kirituri Waterfall; Phoenix; and A Sudden Gust of Wind.

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Mid-Century Modern: Icons of Design

Mid-Century Modern: 3 Notebooks

15.5 x 10.0 cm 100 cards 978 0 500 420409 £14.95 inc VAT/£12.46 exc VAT

Illustrated throughout 16.0 x 11.0 cm 4 books: 2 x 46pp; 1 x 62pp; 1 x 34pp ISBN 978 0 500 420393 £14.95 slipcased

20.0 x 14.0 cm 3 x 48pp ISBN 978 0 500 420386 £8.95 inc VAT/£7.46 exc VAT

Remarkable Plants: Five-Year Journal

Remarkable Plants: 3 A6 Notebooks

Remarkable Plants: 3 A5 Notebooks

Illustrated throughout 18.0 x 14.0 cm 384pp ISBN 978 0 500 420287 £14.95 inc VAT/£12.46 exc VAT

14.8 x 10.5 cm 3 x 64pp ISBN 978 0 500 420300 £6.95 inc VAT/£5.79 exc VAT

21.0 x 14.8 cm 3 x 64pp ISBN 978 0 500 420294 £8.95 inc VAT/£7.46 exc VAT

Remarkable Plants: Box of 20 Notecards

Remarkable Plants: Box of 30 Postcards

Illustrated throughout 15.8 x 11.3 cm 20 cards ISBN 978 0 500 420317 £12.95 inc VAT/£10.79 exc VAT

14.8 x 10.5 cm 30 postcards ISBN 978 0 500 420324 £7.95 inc VAT/£6.63 exc VAT

Cyclepedia: 100 Postcards of Iconic Bicycles 15.0 x 10.5 cm 100 postcards


London A to Z

The Pocket Square

Corina Fletcher 15.0 x 21.0 cm 6 notecards ISBN 978 0 500 420164 £16.95 inc VAT/£14.13 exc VAT

John Metcalf • Decorations by Edward Bawden Illustrated throughout 17.9 x 11.0 cm 152pp ISBN 978 0 500 292471 £6.95 pb

A. C. Phillips Illustrated throughout 21.0 x 14.8 cm 160pp ISBN 978 0 500 518861 £9.95 hb


Mid-Century Modern: 100 Postcards of Iconic Designs


ISBN 978 0 500 420331 £14.95 inc VAT/£12.46 exc VAT

Recent Highlights



Unspoken Spaces Studio Olafur Eliasson Introduction by Olafur Eliasson Illustrated throughout 28.0 x 22.0cm 416pp ISBN 978 0 500 343135 £60.00 hb

‘An exquisite monograph’ AnOther Magazine ‘Both thorough and highly accessible’ Aesthetica




The Prado Masterpieces

The Elements of Art Philippe Sers 335 illustrations 31.0 x 28.0cm 336pp ISBN 978 0 500 093979 £60.00 hb

The Story of the BritArt Revolution Elizabeth Fullerton 176 illustrations 23.5 x 17.5cm 288pp ISBN 978 0 500 239445 £24.95 hb

Museo Nacional del Prado Edited by Erica Witschey Illustrated throughout 32.0 x 28.0cm 494pp ISBN 978 0 500 970744 £75.00 hb



Make Your Mark The New Urban Artists Tristan Manco 540 illustrations 31.0 x 26.0cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 292181 £24.95 pb

Presents 45 diverse artists united by one basic principle: their art is completely fresh, original and the epitome of creativity.



Family Photography Now

Magnum Cycling


Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren 320 illustrations 240pp ISBN 978 0 500 544532 £29.95 hb

Guy Andrews Over 200 illustrations 26.0 x 25.8cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 544570 £32.00 hb

Island of Monsters Charles Fréger 200 illustrations 23.0 x 18.0cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 544594 £24.95 hb



Chanel Catwalk The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections Introduction by Patrick Mauriès 1,200 illustrations 27.6 x 19.0cm 632pp ISBN 978 0 500 518366 £48.00 hb

‘Your new fashion bible’ I-D Magazine ‘Definitive … a must-have for the fashion fanatic’ Daily Mail



Decorative Arts

Interior Inspiration: Scandinavia

New Rings

Art Deco Collectibles

Includes 30 DIY Projects Sonia Lucano Illustrated throughout 28.5 x 22.0cm 192pp ISBN 978 0 500 292396 £16.95 pb

500+ Designs Nicolas Estrada 600 illustrations 24.0 x 19.0cm 272pp ISBN 978 0 500 292402 £19.95 flexi

Fashionable Objets from the Jazz Age Rodney and Diana Capstick-Dale 400 illustrations 26.0 x 24.0cm 272pp ISBN 978 0 500 420324 £24.95 hb



Sunken cities Egypt’s lost worlds Edited by Franck Goddio and Aurélia Masson-Berghoff 272 illustrations 28.8 x 25.4cm 272pp ISBN 978 0 500 051856 £40.00 hb ISBN 978 0 500 292372 £25.00 pb

‘Spectacular … a show to move you to tears of wonder’ The Times ‘Magnificent… a superb exhibition’ Telegraph



Greek Mythology

Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook

Theories, Methods, and Practice Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn 800 illustrations 22.9 x 18.7cm 672pp ISBN 978 0 500 292105 £32.00 pb

A Traveller’s Guide from Mount Olympus to Troy David Stuttard Drawings by Lis Watkins 71 illustrations 21.5 x 13.5cm 272pp ISBN 978 0 500 518328 £14.95 hb

Paul Smith with Richard Williams 553 illustrations 34.0 x 24.0cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 292365 £29.95 pb




Motown The Sound of Young America Adam White with Barney Ales 1,000 illustrations 27.7 x 21.6cm 400pp ISBN 978 0 500 518298 £39.95 hb

‘Delves deep into the secret life of Detroit’s revered home of soul ... An illuminating path into a familiar story … an essential Motown work’ MOJO ‘The definitive history of the Detroit-based record company … this is a riotous and political celebration of a great American brand’ Tatler


Popular Culture


The Anatomical Venus

The Course of Landscape Architecture

Morbid Anatomy Museum/Joanna Ebenstein 366 illustrations 24.0 x 17.0cm 224pp ISBN 978 0 500 252185 £19.95 hb

A History of our Designs on the Natural World, from Prehistory to the Present Christophe Girot Foreword by Philip Ursprung Over 670 illustrations 30.0 x 25.0cm 352pp ISBN 978 0 500 342978 £45.00 hb

Lumitecture Illuminating Interiors for Designers & Architects Anna Yudina Illustrated throughout 23.4 x 21.7 cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 518342 £32.00 hb

Picture Credits


On the cover: Front: from Hip Hop Raised Me.®, p76 Questlove © Phil Knott Back: from Alexander McQueen: Unseen, p70

Adjaye • Africa • Architecture 63 The Advertising Concept Book 42 Alagille, Corinne 110 Alexander McQueen: Unseen 70 Amirsadeghi, Hossein 15 An Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead 87 Anderton, Stephen 68 Architecture and Surrealism 54 Art Deco Sculpture 18 Art in Detail 12 The Art of the Bible 22 Art Since 1900 20 Art Studio 109 Asian Lives 104 The Autobiography of a Snake 73 Avery, Mark 92 Baatsch, Henri-Alexis 4 Ballen, Roger 36 Bar, Noma 100 Barry, Pete 42 Barry, Romana 108 Benaroya, Ana 46 Betsky, Aaron 62 Biomimetics for Designers 52 Bitten by Witch Fever 80 Black, Richard 60 Blann, Michael 98 Boardman, John 17 Bois, Yve-Alain 20 The Book of Kells Gift Range 118 The Book of Kells: 16 Notecards – Animals 118 The Book of Kells: Small Journal 118 Bradbury, Dominic 65 Branding. In Five and a Half Steps 43 Braun, Melanie 30 The British Museum 28–29 Brodie, Judith 14 Broug, Eric 47 Buchloh, Benjamin H. D. 20 Edward Burtynsky: Essential Elements 34 Butler, Cornelia 5 Cave, Robert 95 Chairs by Architects 53 Chapman, Hugo 28 Chineasy Workbook 100 Chuck D 76 Claffey, Bree 66 Coles, Stephen 49 Colville, Quintin 27 Conrad, Peter 81 Contemporary Art Colombia 15

p18, Art Deco Sculpture p19tl: Pierre Le Faguays, Danseuse au Baton Fleuri, patinated and cold-painted bronze, 1920s. Credit: Photo Pascal Faligot p19tr: François Pompon, Grue Couronnée en Marche, patinated bronze, c. 1926. Credit: Photo courtesy Galerie Vallois, Paris. p19b: Samuel Maw, two sections of the limestone frieze depicting ‘industrial activity’, carved by Charles Comfort, Toronto Stock Exchange, Bay Street, Toronto (George & Moorhouse, architects), 1937. Credit: Photo © Bruno Perousse p68, Lives of the Great Gardeners Above: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Below: © Buro Mien Ruys, Amsterdam. p66, Renzo Piano The Shard – London Bridge Tower © Chris Martin p76, Hip Hop Raised Me.® Column 1: Top: © Eddie Otchere; Centre: © Normski; Bottom: © Eddie Otchere Column 2: Row 1: Clare Muller / PYMCA; Row 2 L: © Eddie Otchere; Row 2 R: Mick Hutson / Redferns / Getty Images; Row 3: © Eddie Otchere; Row 4: © Normski p90, Explorers Sketchbooks Above: Photography Martin Hartley/Art Direction Huw Lewis-Jones: Prance Collection. Below left: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Below right: Royal Library, National Library of Denmark, Copenhagen. p92, Remarkable Birds Illustrations © 2016 The British Library Board. p99, Unseen Extremes Kailash © DLR, includes copyrighted material of CNES/Airbus Defence & Space

Costigliolo, Luca 30 The Craft Companion 108 Create Your Own Brooches 110 Create Your Own Tote Bags 110 Cut That Out 44 Dada: Art and Anti-Art 17 Dantzic, Grayson 40 Dantzic, Jerry 40 Dech, Stefan 96 Decorated Papers Gift Range 116 Decorated Papers: 3 Notebooks 116 Decorated Papers: Gift Wrapping Paper Book 116 Decorated Papers: Journal 116 Dell, Christopher 102, 103 Dervaux, Isabelle 5 Design: The Whole Story 50 DJ Semtex 76 Doyle, Kathleen 22 DR.ME 44 Dubuffet Drawings, 1935–1962 5 Duncan, Alastair 18 Dupon, Olivier 75, 105 Edelman, Arthur 73 Edelman, Teddy 73 Emma Hamilton 27 Evans, Max 39 Ewing, William A. 34 The Experience of Architecture 56 Explorers’ Sketchbooks 90 Fairer, Robert 70 Fashion Quotes 72 Feuchtwang, Stephan 26 Fifty English Steeples 57 Fili, Louise 48 Fine Jewelry Couture 75 Flannery, Julian 57 Foster, Hal 20 Frampton, Kenneth 64 Frayling, Christopher 79 Gatrell, Vic 27 Gayford, Martin 2 The Geometry of Type 49 Giblin, John 29 Giza and the Pyramids 88 Glancey, Jonathan 50 The Great Cities in History 85 Greek Art 17 Greig, Hannah 27 Harris, Alexandra 24 Hawass, Zahi 88 Hawksley, Lucinda 80



Heller, Steven 48 Herbarium 106 Herbert, Kari 90 Herbert, Susan 120 Hickley, Catherine 23 Hildebrand, Caz 106 Hip Hop Raised Me.® 76 Hirameki Cats and Dogs 111 A History of Pictures 2 Hockney, David 2 Hodge, Susie 12 Hodgson, Francis 39 Hokusai 4 Hokusai Pop-Ups 121 Holben Ellis, Margaret 5 Billie Holiday at Sugar Hill 40 A Humument 8 Hyman, Timothy 10 Ibelings, Hans 62 Illustration Next 46 Indoor Green 66 Interviews with Francis Bacon 7 Intimate Geometries 6 Islamic Civilization in Thirty Lives 82 Islamic Design Workbook 47 Jay, Mike 84 Jobson, Rebecca 108 Jodidio, Philip 58 Johnson, Anna 60 Johnson, Michael 43 Johnson, Robert Flynn 94 Johnston, Amy 14 Johnston, Lucy 31 Joselit, David 20 Kapsali, Veronika 52 Kelly, Jason 27 Kite, Marion 31 Koch, Roberto 33 Krauss, Rosalind 20 Lacroix, Christian 72 Lehner, Mark 88 Lewis-Jones, Huw 90 Lewis, Michael J. 14 Lincoln, Margarette 27 Lines of thought 28 Lives of the Great Gardeners 68 Living in the Landscape 60 Loengard, John 38 Louise Nevelson 25 Lowe, Paul 41 Lucano, Sonia 110 Lucas, Armelle 30 Madness in Civilization 83 Magnum Photos 112–113 Magnum Photos: Poster Book 112

Magnum Photos: Street Photography Notecards 112 Magnum Photos: Travel Journal 112 Mauriès, Patrick 72 McKendrick, Scot 22 Messner, Reinhold 96 Miles, David 86 Moment by Moment: Photographs by John Loengard 38 Monsters 103 Moorhead, Sam 85 Mountain Modern 65 Mountains 98 The Munich Art Hoard 23 Mythomania 81 Napias, Jean-Christophe 72 Nature Morte 16 Neurath, Eva 26 The New Pâtissiers 105 The New Pavilions 58 19th-Century Fashion in Detail 31 North, Susan 30 Norwich, John Julius 85 O’Rourke, Paul F. 87 Occult, Witchcraft and Magic 102 Papi, Stefano 74 Patel, Ishu 104 Patterns of India Gift Range 114–115 Patterns of India: 16 Notecards 114 Patterns of India: 3 Notebooks 114 Patterns of India: Gift Wrapping Paper Book 114 Peng & Hu 111 Persson, Helen 31 Petitgas, Catherine 15 Petry, Michael 16 Phillips, Tom 8 Photobox: The Essential Collection 33 Photography Masterclass 41 Piano, Renzo 64 The Plant Kingdoms of Charles Jones 94 Bernard Plossu: Western Colors 39 Plossu, Bernard 39 Plummer, Henry 56 Potts, Alex 5 Powers, Richard 65 The Quest for Shakespeare’s Garden 67 Recollections 26 Remarkable Birds 92 Renzo Piano: The Complete Logbook 64 Rhodes, Alexandra 74 Rhodes, Colin 36 Richter, Hans 17 Riding, Christine 27 Riley, Bridget 28 Robinson, Chase F. 82

The Romans Who Shaped Britain 85 Russell, Gillian 27 Scull, Andrew 83 Seligman, Isabel 28 17th-Century Men’s Dress Patterns 30 Sexton, Sean 94 Shakespeare Cats: 20 Posters 120 ShaoLan 100 Singer, Sally 70 Slab Serif Type 48 Smith, Zadie 40 South Africa 29 Sparwasser, Nils 96 Spiekermann, Eric 49 Spiller, Neil 54 Spring, Chris 29 Storr, Robert 6 Strong, Roy 67 Studio 44 62 Stuttard, David 85 Sylvester, David 7 The Tale of the Axe 86 Television 78 The Way Out In In: Deluxe Journal 119 The Way Out Is In: Notecards 119 Theatre of Apparitions 36 This Building Likes Me 61 This Way Madness Lies 84 Thomson, David 78 Thornton, Claire 30 Three Centuries of American Prints 14 Tiramani, Jenny 30 Toromanoff, Agata 53 20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style 74 Tyne, Lindsey 5 Unseen Extremes 96 Vampyres 79 The Victoria and Albert Museum 30–32 John Wardle Architects 61 Warhol, Andy 73 Waters, Alice 94 Watson McCarthy, Courtney 121 Weatherland 24 White, Michael 17 Why It’s Not All Rocket Science 95 Wilcox, Claire 70 Wilhide, Elizabeth 50 William Morris 32 Williams, Kate 27 Wilson, Laurie 25 The World New Made 10 Yawein, Nikita 62 Yawein, Oleg 62

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