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Index Introduction 1. Situations placing us in genuine moral dilemma 2. The volatile situations we face 3. Population explosion – increasing problems 4. World-wide tension, diseases and turmoil 5. The reality of today – How do we overcome it? 6. Transformation through appropriateness 7. Choosing the right over wrong 8. The approach towards the right direction 9. More approaches towards positive transformation 10. A ray of hope amidst the despair 11. Change in action, changes reaction 12. The quick rejoinder from the invisible 13. Balance – an integral part of the divine system 14. 21st Century – A Bright Future 15. Impressions of lively transformation from the invisible 16. Extensive transformation precedes period of transition 17. How do we know that this is the era of transformation? 18. Prophecy- An Inspiration 19. Scientific discoveries from inspirations 20. 21st Century – The predictions of great futuroligists. 21. Predictions from religious texts 22. The efforts to create a glorious future 23. A model of thought transformation 24. The unfoldment of Pramanik tantra


Introduction to Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya : A continuous flow of powerful literature dealing with the science of revolutions flowed from the pen of the great revolutionary visionary Pandit . Sriram Sharma Acharya a year before his “Mahaprayaan” (1989 – 1990) which has now become famous as “Kranti dharmi sahitya “. According to our most adorable Master Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya himself told, these 20 books are – “The seeds of my “THOUGHT REVOLUTION” (Vichara Kranthi). If even a few of these seeds are scattered they will shake the people out of their slumber. They will change the map of the world.” If the whole literature of the YugaRishi written in His entire lifetime dealing right from the art of living to very deep philosophical intricacies, social restructuring, scientific religion etc., be placed on one side of the scales and if these 20 books written following the style of aphorisms (heavily condensed Thought - Capsules) of the sages be placed on the other, these will outweigh them – Pt.Sriram Sharma Acharya. Param Pujya Gurudev, the founder of Gayatri parivar has given clear instructions that anyone can print and distribute this priceless literature at cost following the norm “No profit – No loss”. This is the first book from the set of 20 Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya.

Thanks for the volunteers who have contributed for the translation effort: Jagan Katuri, Madhuri Nadig, Nrupali Edited by : Dr.Marell Sri Rama Krishna


Preface Advances in technology over the past few years have provided us various means of comfort. However, this extraordinary progress in the sciences has resulted in abuse of these comforts. If we cannot find a way to detach from growing materialism, we will only lead ourselves to inevitable suffering. There is a higher being, God, who controls the universe. He has placed his utmost talents and imagination in creating the universe—Earth and man to beautify the Earth. God cannot remain silent witnessing his creation being shattered. He will intervene to avoid destruction caused by materialism and to restore harmony. Yuga Sandhi� is the period from 1989 to 2000 AD. All those people who can see the future and are clairvoyant have accepted this as a fact. During this time, all those that are gifted and capable of empathizing with others should render every opportunity to aid others to their utmost ability. In delivering their services with utmost sincerity, they will certainly reap the benefits of their sacrifices.


1. Situations placing us in genuine moral dilemma The doctrine of Materialism and Science have reached their heights during 20th century. This has not only opened the doors for comfort and luxury but also has resulted in understanding physical conditions and the intellectual development to utilize them. However, their abuse has led us to more difficulties, dangers, and crises rather than benefits. The quest for consumption markets for the unbridled production resulted in economic imperialism. To spend and consume excess production, wars are being encouraged. Corporations are slowly taking over small-scale industries, greatly increasing unemployment. Conditions are worsening day by day as the gap between the rich and poor dramatically enlarges as the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Industries and automobiles are poisoning the atmosphere with the gases they emit. Automobiles are depleting our minerals and fuels at such an alarming pace that the question arises—whether or not these resources will last another century? We have begun mining resources even from the heart of the Earth, undermining creatures dependent on such resources. The ever-increasing industries are releasing their waste materials into our water sources, as we live in constant fear of being poisoned by polluted water. Industrial pollution has led to the “Greenhouse Effect,” the cause of global warming. Global warming, in due time, will melt the snow at the poles, causing floods that will easily destroy several parts of the world. The pollution is slowly eating away at the ozone layer, our protection from harmful radiations. If we go on in such a manner, the same sun that has been the reason for life on Earth will be the reason for ruin. Additionally, recent developments in nuclear energy have resulted in the release of harmful waves, as well. The question arises— how should nuclear waste be disposed –as its very presence creates dangerous situations. 2. The volatile situations we face


This is the story of scientific progress and its misuse. It contains more painful situations than happy ones. This routine has not stopped yet. In reality, this is ever growing . As of today, we are perhaps unaware of how to solve or manage the problems that have already risen and the problems that are yet to come.. In future, as these problems multiply, what disastrous situations would arise? But, looking at our past and present, we have only a prognosis of more disasters in the future due to scientific progress gone astray. Scientific thought is based on the Neo-positivism’. This has affected philosophy too. According to this philosophy one believes that which is apparent to the physical senses. As a result, society today gives more importance to the physical world and sanctity of truth lies in immediate physical demonstration. It seems that if science does not extend into the non-physical and include the non-materialistic aspects of life (that which we are unable to see with the physical eyes), our concepts and respect for the value of God, inner duty, morality, and altruism would diminish rapidly. Partisanship to materialistic science has lead to the ridicule to the value of God and virtuous codes of conduct by labeling spirituality as a blind faith. Such labeling has promoted the concept of self -gratification and indulgence where morality and principles are non-existent. Human self-gratification has encouraged the killing of innocent animals and birds and has added to the evil tendencies in our world. If this merciless behavior continues towards other creatures, our courteous and noble behaviors would diminish leaving no basis to ask humanity to respect their fellow human beings. Once we have assumed that animalistic tendencies are normal to humans, unconstrained sexual freedom arises. It seems that this new trend in materialism and progress which provides only short-term benefits has destroyed the concepts of morality and righteous thinking and has transformed humans into frivolous beings. 3.

Population explosion – increasing problems

As the title of this chapter suggests, world populations is on the rise and is due to the notion that sex is a natural form of uninhibited entertainment. Although contraception and abortions are being encouraged, population growth is still rising and seems to be multiplying at a compounded growth rate. One to four, four to sixteen, sixteen to sixty-four; one does not know where this can lead the population count to. 3000 years ago, the population of the earth was about 300 million. Today, it has accelerated to 6000 million and it appears that this number will double within the next 20 years. Apart from the crisis this population explosion would create in housing and food requirements, it might


even create problems in trivial aspects of our lives such as simply walking on a congested road! Our earth has the capacity to support a limited number of people and with the growing population innumerable difficulties have already become apparent. There is insufficient land to grow enough food for everyone. Apart for farming and housing there are many other activities which demand huge tracts of land. Skyscrapers are being built to accommodate the growing number of people and forests are being cut down to create more available land despite the laws against deforestation. Deforestation has contributed to environmental problems where the absence of trees loosens the topsoil and is therefore unable to hold rain water leading to flooding. Soil sediments wash into the river resulting in reduced river-depth limiting the availability of potable water. Further, the demands for wood required for furniture, housing and even fuel is also on the rise. Despite knowing these ill-effects of deforestation, we are still clearing more forests to build and feed this growth. It seems that all these illeffects are a consequence of population explosion. Another disaster joins them in the name of urban growth as crowded cities multiply filled with garbage. 4.

World-wide tension, diseases and turmoil

Human beings are constantly surrounded by mental chaos, environmental pollution and diseases which all diminish vitality and health. To compensate for this lifelessness we now resort to external beautification which appears to be our only solution. As such, the increasing rise in cosmetic production and use to mask mental and physical illnesses has created a new wave of crisis which is turning him towards opulence, laziness, and false pride. However,, if we look behind the glittering masks, it sadly appears that we have gained far less when compared to what we lost over the centuries. Comforts and luxuries have no doubt increased and will continue to rise but humanity has lost inner vitality, decency and nobility. We appear to be living in a state of loneliness akin to the desolation of a cemetery and we seem to live like ghosts threatening some and fearing others. Many are restless to hoard riches but one need to be eligible, honest and of the Purushartha to achieve it. We expect prosperity at our door step by whatever means and without even earning it. It appears that the desperation to be rich is reaching


its heights and is the reason behind our growing desires. These desires distort human mentality and lead us towards various vices and once people reach this lowest point mutual trust seize to exist. Consequently, it is questionable whether one can lead a life full of joy and happiness and mutual support. The current circumstances can be summarized in two ways: 1. Human progress has become symbolic to the chaotic and aimless outlook towards life. 2. The overzealous craving for material acquisition s in the name of progress has morphed into arrogance and has forsaken eternal human values. It appears, however that whatever may be the reason behind current circumstances, situations are truly worrisome. 5.

The reality of today – How do we overcome it?

Across the world, over half of our youth are working in industries related to warfare without even questioning whether their energy and labor is being used with integrity. Vast Resources are being invested in building military-industry complex. State leaders are spending all their energies in warfare. Huge amounts of man-power, resources, and money are spent on developing war artillery. If the entire infrastructure is used in military warfare, then it is possible that nuclear weapons will one day annihilate our earth, leaving the earth desolate and lifeless. Even if a war does not befall, it seems that our problems would still exist in that all the resources spent in building this military –industrial complex would be wasted. It appears almost impossible that one would find a positive way to channelize all these resources for the welfare of humanity. More dangerous than warfare is convoluted thinking and the self-centered, lethargic and opulent character of man. People appear to be wearing a mask of sainthood to cover up for their depraved nature. Circumstances have left the people physically diseased, intolerant and worried. The questions remain – What will transpire if we continue to live in such circumstances? How do we end this current situation? These questions would certainly leave anyone speechless as we cannot even anticipate what the future holds.



Transformation through appropriateness

Human beings are blessed with immense inner powers but only a infinitesimal amount is utilized in daily actions whilst the remaining powers lay dormant. Just as a sharp metal weapon rusts when left unused, so do human talents wane when not utilized. As soon as the zest to develop our inner powers gets underway then profound dedication, eagerness and inspiration to gauge the depths of our lives surge forth. This can result in miraculous achievements leaving onlookers astounded. Even though the last three centuries have focused on materialistic accomplishments, this period was also an era of self awakening. This force of self-awakening however was directed towards materialistic gains and rebuilt the platform of science based on’ Neo-positivism’. The newfound inspirations lead to extraordinary novel inventions radically expanding human comforts. The surge in scientific progress influenced humans worldwide and in the name of knowledge, information became easily accessible which can make any man egotistical. This information explosion is actually a commendable achievement and therefore those who were responsible for this progress have gained fame and respect. 7.

Choosing the right over wrong

In life, the challenge does not end with the decision to choose the right over the wrong, but rather the challenge to choose the one right among the many available. When selfishness aligns with short-sightedness only one outcome seems possible, that is to hoard as much as possible and crave for instant gratification. The restless and immature are consumed by these. They do not have the courage to utilize their accomplishments for the righteous cause, just like a foolish person who kills the goose that lays the golden eggs. When we use our ability for public welfare something wonderful can be achieved, however misuse of these talents can cause great destruction just as a small matchstick can burn an entire village. Humanity has achieved much during the progressive centuries, but the lack of foresight has prevented the achievements from proper use. As a result, they have been grossly abused and we see the resultant devastation all around us. If scientific achievements were not primarily limited to the rich, the lifestyle of ordinary people would have greatly enhanced. If machineries were made to a


smaller scale they could have been useful in helping people complete with their regular chores in less time thus allowing time for self development and refinement of talents. This could have created employment opportunities for everyone. In addition, people would have more time to work towards their individual personality development and towards the development of society creating a balanced atmosphere all around. Scientific achievements can give commendable endowments to the society but science becomes aggressively dangerous when misused where it can even turn sweet nectar into poison. 8.

The approach towards the right direction

If human intelligence that could create gigantic skyscrapers and enlarge modern cities was directed towards the development of many small villages we would be seeing many self-sufficient and prosperous towns everywhere. However, today we are a witness to the chaos and disorder associated with outsized cities caused by the brain drain leaving behind resource strapped little towns and villages. Be it at the individual level or at the social level, wars would have been treated as crime. Just like town panchayats, panchayats at international level would have been resolving state disputes. A few weapons with the security personnel and with international panchayats would have been more than adequate. If the immense amount of capital and manpower that went to create the modern Industrial-Military complex was put to develop our educational system, industrial resources and our environment we could then have witnessed astounding creative results. Rather than using education as a means only for high paying jobs it could have been used to impart valuable practical solutions to the problems we face in our society. This would have refined the personalities of many who could have used their capabilities in all walks of life. If there was a regulation by which every educated person should educate two uneducated people before being promoted to higher ranks then the problem of illiteracy would have been solved. If we had combined internships with the education system then we would see less unemployment and lower poverty levels. Press and movies as a mass medium play a very vital role in molding public opinion and character. If a law were made that these two media should print or convey only that is helpful in building individual character and society, then we could have achieved all-round training of human personality. The masses could have had adequate scientific know-how and also have imbibed the right code of conduct.



More approaches towards positive transformation

All intelligent people are in a way scientists. Societal mores and Governance are based on their bidding and pressure. If they had risen the social bar to limit vices and shocking mores then people would have spent more energy towards noble actions and thoughts .Crimes and dishonesty would not have existed at all. If we could provide means to live the life of an average citizen, we would then have no poverty at all. All would have led a life of unity and equality. There would not have been any kind of hatred in the society. Each person would have been at the same level and there could have been a possibility for individual development. In this scenario, everybody would have appreciated the intellectual and scientific progress of the century and the bounties from Mother Earth would have been true to one and all. Society is becoming considerably indifferent to drug abuse and this is the reason why these activities are still prevalent. If drug producers and substance abusers were severely punished for partaking in these activities, society today would have become drug free. People who do not succumb to these vices can maintain a healthy mind and body and would save themselves form total ruin. Many such despicable vice have now become the trend and an inseparable part of our daily life. For example, erotic provocation has become an obnoxious part of modern fashion along with various types of trendy clothes and cosmetics as symbols of societal status leading to large amounts of money being wasted in pursuit of these objects. Money is also wasted on lavish weddings and parties. If Intelligentsia Opposed misuse of money and explained its negative effects to society , lavish weddings would not have driven us to poverty and dishonesty. It seems that the climb up is always slow but the fall can happen in a few seconds. This is what we have seen in the past. In the name of ingenuity we act foolish and the proof lies in the events we are witnessing today. Chaos and scary situations are widespread. Nobody is at peace and nobody is content. It seems, the only reason for our restlessness amidst apparent affluence is due to our miserable state of mind. 10.

A ray of hope amidst the despair


So far we have discussed certain situations occurring in today’s society. This discussion however is to emphasize the importance of focusing our efforts in correcting our past mistakes to improve the future of mankind. It is important that we do not become hopeless in such situations as this can easily hinder our enthusiasm and mental strength. Even if there is no tenacity in working towards the transformation of our future or if our creative efforts have become languished, it is important that we maintain our level of enthusiasm to achieve great results amidst opposing situations. History has proved just this where the architectural wonders of the pyramids of Egypt, Panama Canal, Suez Canal and the Great Wall of China were built because of the tremendous courage and enthusiasm of the people. British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, introduced the slogan “V for Victory� to instill confidence in the hearts of the British who were losing the Second World War. This message proclaimed that however strong the enemy may be, victory can be ours! This slogan gained much publicity that it became the symbol of unwavering confidence and assured victory. Europe which was becoming weak and was losing the war began to fight back. On the other hand, Japan which was devastated by the bomb attack on Hiroshima focused its efforts in creative activities without losing its mental strength and as a result this country still flourishes by ruling the world economy today. If we can transform the world today using the same stamina and create an atmosphere in which changes can thrive we can definitely create a bright future. This is a gigantic endeavor in which we will have to move upstream against the flow, but this is not impossible. It is definitely possible! 11.

Change in action, changes reaction

It is an irrevocable truth that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, when the pendulum of a clock reaches one end it turns back towards the other end. Likewise, people who move in one extreme direction later repent and come back to the original state. Eating Poisonous substances result not only in vomiting and dysentery that may even prove fatal. When we get angry we always have to face the antagonism of others as a consequence of our reaction. Irresponsible spending leads to insolvency. All these bad habits lead to loss in health, wealth and respect where all our wrong deeds lead to loss of worldly benefits. On the other hand, those who strive hard and work tirelessly


with discipline and sincerity will definitely achieve their objective and success in life. History has shown that appropriate utilization of resources, people can lead a life of peace and prosperity even under ordinary conditions. This is the era that is known as the Satya Yuga. This is also the period which was referred as ‘The Golden Era’ by historians. The age of Chaotic and undisciplined living where public resort to unfair means the era is known as the Kali Yuga. During this era, people have sufficient means and comforts but they live in constant fear of others, become jealous of others and finally end-up living lives that are devoid of peace. This is what we are witnessing today. Science has enhanced our influence and man has utilized his intelligence to become aware of many inventions. There so no dearth of comforts as we see the extravaganza all around. If we were to assess our situation today based on the above statements we can conclude that we have achieved extraordinary progress in the last few centuries. However, if we were to scratch the surface we would only see the anarchy and madness that is prevailing in our society. This embarrassing situation has become evident because we have strayed from our discipline (shistachar). If science and spirituality were put forth together then the scientific attainments could have laid the foundation for both individual and social prosperity. Conditions better than the Golden Era could have prevailed, but the greatest misfortune is that the parting line of wrong vs. right has faded away. 12.

The quick rejoinder from the invisible

Human beings are capable of anything however; they cannot escape the consequence of their actions. If those actions are unpleasant the costs are usually painful and difficult. Unfortunately, this is what we are witnessing today. There is a cold war between rich and the poor in our society. Tendencies that are indifferent to righteousness is wiping out the feelings of friendship and nobleness and as a result we are losing out on happiness, enthusiasm and a sense of co-operation. Our minds are focused on being offensive to others and on the constant need to express our ego. With our minds in such pathetic depths, it is only natural that society sees its existence plunging towards downfall. How is universal brotherhood and harmony possible under such circumstances? Environmental pollution has further compounded this destruction. Unrestrained mining of natural resources from the Earth and population explosion are creating havoc and chaos in the world. The future looks extremely dark and searching for a solution for a single problem unfolds


ten more problems. All this chaos is resulting in a sense of struggle rather than co-operation. In the midst of these situations, the subtle environment is also becoming toxic. Nature is gearing herself to punish all those who have abused her. Drought, floods, earthquakes and various types of diseases are indicative of this punishment. Nature who is supposed to nourish and protect like a mother is getting prepared to destroy her children. Will the Earth remain undamaged after the assault of nuclear weapons, fatal radiations and poisonous chemicals? It feels as though clouds of destruction are hovering all around and there is a real possibility that our beautiful earth will be reduced into a speck of cosmic dust. As we live our lives daily we are unaware that the earth is constantly moving but rather we feel that the earth is fixed, but those with more subtle vision are constantly aware that the earth is rotating on its axis while circling the Sun even though the experience is beyond the physical senses. Similarly, though ordinary man may feel that today’s world is normal and smooth, perceptive people have realized that the conditions are explosive and we are sitting on a powder keg with destruction waiting to happen . Experts and clairvoyants are sending out clear messages that the end of the 20th century will be wrought with very painful conditions. This situation may appear today or tomorrow and even more importantly within our own lifetime. In the name of progress we are heading towards our destruction and with demands for ‘instant gratification ‘we are pledging our future. Mineral resources are fast depleting on earth. Despite physical comforts lack of physical and mental vitality is leading to innumerable deaths; Lack of self-esteem and mutual cooperation is making people lead an ever increasing life of chaos and stress. All the portents are there for everyone to see and it is only going to get worse from here. 13.

Balance – an integral part of the divine system

Even in the midst of our current situation, we must remember one important fact that there is a higher power that controls this entire creation. Human beings and this entire earth were created through this power and as such it is impossible to think that this power would witness the potential destruction of its creation. Just as parents set boundaries for their children we have to respect our limits and behave responsibly with our world. Common sense tells us to step back and stop contributing to the impending world disasters.


Just as criminals are imprisoned or even sometimes punished with a death sentences for their transgressions and just as our bodies can combat infecting bacteria via the immune system so will the Creator of this world stop this chaos and danger that faces our earth today. It is only natural that the system of creation does not tolerate this darkness for a long time. Dawn always arrives after a dark night and the golden rays of the sun illumine the eastern horizon and fill the world with light. Similarly dawn will arrive in this world and the world will once again be removed from darkness. Fortunately, our Creator has decided to intervene during the penultimate stage before the point of complete destruction. A new atmosphere of transformation is inevitable. This message is being predicted by seers and visionaries. A new school of thought is taking birth and plans are being made to execute the new challenges. Change is already permeating amongst the intellectuals and invisible powers are beginning to channel adverse results into constructive forces. Invisible powers who exercise control over subtle world in their respective fields have decided to uproot the undesirable and establish truthful values in their place. It is interesting how the pace of time has hastened where the many miracles that have not happened since the beginning of creation have strangely manifested in the recent few centuries. People could only walk for 3miles per hour but with the advancement of transportation people can now reach different parts of the world in a matter of a few hours. Everything has gained pace and a sense of acceleration has permeated in the enlargement of all both good and bad. This pace will continue in the future too and the execution of transformation programs needs to keep pace with these. Everything is bound within limits. The speed with which Ravana, Hiranya, Kashyapa, Vritrasura gained power was the same speed with which they were destroyed . Similarly, bubbles are formed on the surface of water but they vanish equally fast. New crops are cultivated after harvesting the mature crop. Our old bodies die to assume new bodies through rebirth and new buildings are constructed in the place of dilapidated ones. Likewise, the negative ambiance will make way for positive mood. 14.

21st Century – A Bright Future

Based on the descriptions above, the 21st century heralds a bright future. The 20th century yielded little boons and more catharsis but these conditions are


going to change in the near future. Just as there is a daily transition of dawn and dusk during the morning and evening hours respectively, the initial part of 21st century from 1989 to 2000 was the period of initiation to the bright future. Many revolutionary changes had been initiated at both the physical and subtle planes during this period. Just before a light bulb blows out, it flickers. The breath becomes faster on the deathbed. The transition times between day and night bring forth many strange scenarios. There is a blend of mutually opposing feelings during labor pains – One being the pain of labor and the other is the happiness on the faces of family members at the birth of the child. The 12 years of Yug Sandhi was a “tug of war” between destructive and constructive activities. Both polarities exerted the maximum power to win the “game”. In this period, we saw creativity in science, finance, politics and many more areas excelling, but at the same time the subtle forces of spirituality had been activated through the penance of great souls such as Bagirath, Dadhichi, Harishchandra, Vishwamitra and many more. As a result, a huge army of selfless workers has plunged into action to build a new era. It is imperative that we understand that these efforts are inspired through the invisible subtle plane. 15.

Impressions of lively transformation from the invisible

All that we see and hear in the physical world have their origins in the subtle planes. Breathe which is the source of our life and is arguably more critical than food and water, is actually to be found in subtle planes. Similarly, activities in the subtle planes are more important than the actions in the physical world. In fact, the incidents and activities seen on the physical plane have their origin in the invisible worlds. Changes in season have an extraordinary effect on the activities of various living beings. Similarly the good and bad deeds of humans have an influence on the environment in the subtle world. The effect of the subtle influences exercise themselves as good and bad on the physical plane. The result of all this is seen in the form of happiness and grief. In addition to external circumstances, the powerful waves from subtle worlds are also the main cause for all that is transpiring today. The solution to these problems has to be in the physical world. Just like the purushaarth that Maharshi Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Pavahari Baba exhibited during the freedom struggle, similar spiritual efforts need to undertaken in the subtle world. Bird flies with the help of two wings. It is not sufficient to formulate creative activities to and overcome the hurdles in the path of progress. It is also necessary to spawn off activities to counter the evil just as Goddess Durga


emerged from the combined power of all devatas and the pot filled with the blood of Rishis took birth as Sita. It is through those powers that the subtle situations are created that are responsible for ending the rule of demonic forces and establishing the righteous rule of Rama are created. 16.

Extensive transformation precedes period of transition

Since beginning of time, there have been periods where evil forces have reined over the world and people have dreaded it as the time for apocalypse. However, before this situation ever materializes the means to overcome it miraculously appears. Many demons such as Ravan, Kamsa and Duryodhan reached heights of their demonic and arrogant supremacy creating the most chaotic conditions for the society but relief was in sight and these demons were destroyed. We can perhaps see this trend throughout history related to the war between the divine and evil forces. Furthermore, throughout history can see that a process of transformation is activated in every era. For example, Only a few decades back there was a time where autocracy was ruling our society and kings had unrestrained authority. However, once people started to understand the downside of this direction, it did not take long for democracy to evolve. In another example, we can look back and remember the time when women were oppressed and were mandated to cover their faces with veils. When her husband died she was forced to offer herself in her husband’s funeral pyre. Fortunately, these practices are no longer in vogue. Similarly, the practices of slavery, child marriages, human sacrifices, untouchability and racism which existed only a couple of centuries ago have now become non-existent in the sands of time . It t is more exciting to know that in the years to come this is going to grow even faster. We have already witnessed this rapid pace in the last few centuries, where Christianity spread rapidly throughout the world. This can be seen in the case of communism also which has influenced two-thirds of the world with its ideology. In the past century one can see the ease with which English culture has spread through many societies whilst other ancient civilizations have been able to spread only at a sluggish pace. These are all examples of the various speeds of accomplishments through time and are indicative of the new phase in which long transformation cycles are shrinking and tasks are being accomplished more quickly. If ancient man would have witnessed today’s world, he would definitely feel confounded at the marvels of science and technology. He would perhaps feel that the present human beings possessed some mystical powers that helped create such technologies! Electricity,


telecommunication, laser, computers etc have brought beneficial changes to the world and it definitely feels that the human intelligence has reached its peak where complicated tasks are accomplished with precision and speed. This pace will only increase in the coming years and will expand to various field so of activities. There will be a revolutionary change in old traditions and customs of our society and the foundation for this transformation is being laid this very day. Great visionaries are able to predict these changes. History has shown that there are many visionaries and clairvoyants that are able to predict the future and warn humanity of the days ahead. Many have now indicated that the coming years will be full of complexity but a possibility for a new era will arise. The “Seven Times” of Christianity and the 14th Century according to Hizari of Islam seem to be similar to the last part of the 20th Century where natural calamities and widespread destruction were predicted. The transition period into the golden era will witness both destruction and creativity and we should not mistake this to be a deception to transformation but to understand that these two processes inevitably coexist in transitional periods. 17.

How do we know that this is the era of transformation?

The Hindi word “Yug” means period and every Yug has a special significance which is unique to that period. The current Yug has been termed the era of Science and Technology. According to the Panchang, every Yug spans over millions of years, implying that human civilization began over a million years ago and there are about hundreds of thousands of years left before the end of the Kali Yuga. According to historians and research scholars’ human civilization has been in existence for 1.9 million years. The Evolution of Time Measurement through the Ages and the different schools of thought is in fact a short coming of the explanation underlying the calculations . In the Srimad Bhagvata, Mahabarata, Linga Purana and Manu Smriti, the complete duration of the sun’s course in our galaxy is divided into four parts and is termed as the Deva Yugas. The duration of one Deva Yuga is 432 000 years. Based on this calculation the present time is the Kali Yuga . It is natural that there are many disputes pertaining to this calculation due to lack of clarity and contradicting methods of calculation. As a result, in this context, the word Yuga is being described as a period with special significance


and not as a Time measure .The “Yug Nirman Yogjna� expresses this very thought and relays a message that the time is about to be transformed. The 12 year period between 1989 to 2000 was the transition period for the end of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Sat Yug (Golden era). This period has seen radical efforts in creativity in all fields of human activities. and destruction due to natural disasters. There is special significance attached for the time period of 12 years in a practical sense too. Interestingly there is a constant change every 12 years in all the species of this universe including species in the animal and plant kingdom. All the cells in the human body are replaced every 12 years. It is hard to believe this process occurs since it is invisible to the physical eye but this is a proven scientific fact. The entire solar system has been divided into 12 zodiac regions. Astrologers predict future activities through these 12 zodiacs. In the Hindu text the pandavas were exiled for 12 years. The precious experimental penances and repentances also follow 12 year cycles. It is not therefore a surprise that the 12 year period from 1989-2000 is an interesting transitional period to the Sat Yuga. The significance of the number 12 is also apparent in the sun. Astro-physicists confirm that the appearance and disappearance of the sunspots follow a 12 year cycle. Every 12th year there is a massive explosion in the sun which intensifies the electro-magnetic currents. Each and every life form on earth is influenced by this explosion in its own way. We see huge tides in rivers and oceans. Internal changes occur in plants and trees. The mental state of human experiences also becomes low. Interestingly, geologists suggest that the world has not witnessed more serious sunspots in the past 250 years than those experienced from 1989-1990. In August 1988, The Hindustan Times printed that the Washington Post published interesting facts about the process of sun spots. They state that such intense energy is released that it can create great imbalances in climatic conditions on earth and mental energies of human beings. According to this statement, we can definitely expect that the coming years will witness a range of extraordinary incidents. 18.

Prophecy- An Inspiration

The more we spend time with others, the more we experience the process of knowing and learning. It is in holy pilgrimages and during voyages that we enhance this process to a certain extent. The process of awakening inner power


centers and inspiration surges cannot be undermined, even though there is no direct proof. This truth however, is irrevocable like the sun which rises in the east and sets in the west. Ancient man must have used his inner inspiration to discover fire through friction. Even the art of weaving cloth with threads must have been an intuitive idea. Inventions in language, writing, speech and the various extraordinary scientific discoveries are all possible due to inherent human intuition. Once a principal is established, it is easy to improve and refine it, but where there is no apparent proof, we can only attribute these flashes of ideas to be intuitive nature. In the shrutis of the Hindu scriptures there is an interesting saying – “The manifestation of the Lord’s voice is through people with great minds”. Great people with extrasensory powers fall into this category. They are symbols of tremendous thought-power and such people are found in all religions and communities. Prophecy, clairvoyance, and foresights are important characteristics of people with great minds and extrasensory powers. The Present day science of predicting the future through sufficient studies of the present is now a subject that is widely accepted by scientist and can be considered as a branch of divination. Many world famous authors have written books of this subject such as “Shape of the Things to Come” and “Time Machine by H.G. Wells ,”Walden Two” by B.F.Skinner,“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and “1984” by George Orwell. It seems that these authors had a glimpse of the future and have a narrated it through their books. There was a time when wireless technology, microchips, robotics, computers, and space technology were labeled imaginary concepts but the passage of time has made these concepts a reality. It is therefore not a surprise that predicting the future and then witnessing it in reality is possible. Further, many great authors such as Günter Stent who wrote ‘The coming of the Gold Age’, Fritjof Capra who authored “The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture” and Alvin Toffler who wrote “Future Shock” have delved into the details of the wide range of transformations that will take place in the initial phase of the 21st Century. The intention of discussing these incidents is to instill the faith that the coming years are not of destruction but of prosperity. The 21st Century will not be as we envisioned it based on the terrible conditions we are witnessing today. The


optimism is based on the inner inspiration that humans are bestowed with the ability to foretell the future. All these predictions are directed towards a bright future in the 21st century. Moreover, there is an extensive effort conducted in the subtle planes that may not be apparent to the human eye but will definitely result in happy tidings in the days to come. 19.

Scientific discoveries from inspirations

If we had to take a closer look at the various discoveries made by scientists we would realize that these ideas probably flashed in their antahkarana through which they received some inner guidance. These ideas evolved into erachanging inventions and discoveries. They were further refined and developed in time that led to the present progress in science and technology. Let us take a look at some of these discoveries. It is well known that the discovery of the laws of gravity by Newton brought nothing less than a revolution in the scientific world. One day when Newton was lost in thought sitting beneath an apple tree, an apple fell onto the ground. This initiated a series of thoughts and ideas in Newton’s inner realm. He kept on mulling over why the apple falls towards the ground. Finally, he realizes that the gravitational force of the earth is so strong that it attracts all things onto itself. James Watt was a teenager when he saw the lid of a kettle bouncing up due to the power of steam emanating from boiling water. This incident awakened his latent talent. Eventually he harnessed the power from steam to run trains and laid the foundation for the industrial revolution. In another example, Frederick Kekule fell asleep reflecting about the chemical structure of Benzene. In his dreams he saw a snake circling around and biting its own tail. He immediately awoke and drew the picture that flashed his dream. He realized that the molecular structure was characterized by a ring of six carbon atom and from this the hexagon ring structure of benzene emerged. An American scientist, Benjamin Franklin saw the brilliance of lightening and experimented to fly a kite with an iron key during a rain shower. When he saw sparks emerging from the key, he realized power of lightening and discovered static electricity from which many new inventions were made. It appears these discoveries and inventions by these great people have emerged from the subconscious brain. Some of the ideas and thoughts have


come forth in the form of intuition, whiles others have manifested in the form of dreams. Politicians, social reformers, philosophers, writers, poets, and musicians get inspiration from the divine consciousness which can all lead to future discoveries and activities in their field of work. These inspirations are so strong that even the impossible tasks become possible. For example, the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Panama-Suez Canal, the Taj Mahal, and the successful introduction of farming in the water-logged lands of Holland have all been epoch-changing achievements. Even in our social organization, the postal system, the the currency system or those who introduced various social norms and traditions would have received inner guidance from the sub consciousness. Similarly apostles and messengers of god blessed with extra-sensory inspirations and with their enlightened inner consciousness have been capable of predicting the future. Today, when humanity is in the midst of major problems, we are faced with two kinds of predictions. One says that the initial part of the 21st century is surrounded with dangers and difficulties, whilst the other says that the future is full of bright and divine possibilities. These clairvoyants and visionaries suggest that if we were to focus our efforts to correct our mistakes the possibility to overcome the dangers predicted will be evident and our future will be transformed. The present time is the era of transformation. Such era-changing transformation has also been occurring in the past and is known as the” awakened collective consciousness”. Avatar is the name given to that consciousness and is responsible for restoring order and summoning together talented people who are capable of meeting the need of the hour. Today, there are strong streams of inspiration sent forth by “Mahakal” to create situations favorable for era reconstruction. It is imperative that we understand the need of the hour and recognize the significance of these times to consolidate our efforts in a positive direction. The moment has come where humanity must become co-workers with the consciousness of the avatar and reap the divine benefits. 20.

21st Century – The predictions of great futuroligists.


All the great philosophers, astrologers, prophets and visionaries unanimously agree that the time has come for the transformation of the era. According to them, the years 1989-2000 is the time of the era transition (Yuga Sandhi) There are four underpinnings to all these predictions: 1. They come from clairvoyant people who are bestowed with extrasensory ability. 2. These predictions are also based on astrological calculations. 3. They have been foretold in religious scriptures such as the Gita, Ramayana and the Srimad Bhagvat, the Quran and the Bible. 4. They are also based on the research findings made by modern scientists using sophisticated instruments. The first category confirms its basis since many of the predictions made by futurologists have come true. Their clairvoyant ability has made it possible for them to go beyond the physical world and peek into the invisible worlds. They may not be called yogis or saints but by virtue of their extra sensory faculties they are indeed great beings. Some of the most famous futurologists include French physician Nostradamus, Count Louis who was also known as Cheiro, German philosopher Schopenhauer, Mother Shipton of England, American parapsychologist Jean Dixon, Edgar Cayce, and Professor Harrer of Israel. The head of the” World-wide church of God” and editor of the magazine “Plain Truth” Herbert W. Armstrong also belongs in the class of famous futurologists. Among the great Indian visionaries include Maharshi Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda. The famous Muslim scholar Syed Qutb also belongs to this class of people. Nostradamus On the subject of predictions and prophecies, the first name that is most commonly associated is that of the French physician Nostradamus. He lived from the years 1503 to 1559. Four hundred of his predictions have been compiled in a book called “Centuries” that has been published in various volumes. This book is a compilation of predictions from the 15th century until 2037. All the predictions written in the book have proved to be true in due course of time. Some of the important predictions are the political revolution of France, the prediction about Napoleon and Hitler’s years. He had foretold that a boy born in an ordinary family will become the ruler of the world and the latter half of his life will be spent in Helena Islands as a prisoner and will finally


die there during exile. Historians are well aware that these incidents occurred in the very sequence that Nostradamus predicted. In his book “Centuries”, he described Hitler by the name as Histler and wrote that he will be the most brutal dictator of the age. 350 years before the birth of Hitler, Nostradamus had written the entire story of his rise to power and also his decline. The bomb attacks in Japan and the threatening situations that arose as a result of it were also described by Nostradamus. The Second World War is a witness to that prediction. In addition, his predictions encompass the developments of the last two decades of the 20th century – the scaling of new heights by intellectualism, inventions in the scientific world, natural calamities as a result of interference with ecological balance and finally the emergence of immense power from Asia that will lead to the bright future of mankind. Nostradamus has written that after intellectualism reaches its culminating heights there will be a sway of devotional fervor, development of faith and a big wave of peace and an era transformation that is bound to happen. “Centuries” has been studied and analyzed by more than 50 people worldwide. One of these people is an 18 year old student Erica Cheetham who managed to find the hand written book of Nostradamus from a library. The unanimous declaration of all these scholars is that everything that is written in that book has either happened or will happen in near future. According to them, Nostradamus has mentioned about the emergence of a destructive power called ‘Antichrist’ which can be called as the pinnacle of barbarism in “Kaliyug” and the Golden era or “Satyug” will follow. We are passing through those tough times today. This period of transition will continue till 1999. During this period, a spiritual consciousness will emerge that will synthesize the governing power, beliefs and scientific acumen and vanquish the destructive forces and usher the dawn of the new era, which Nostradamus called ‘Age of Truth’. Nostradamus has predicted that India – the embodiment of culture will rise into a super power. He also said that the heritage of the most ancient culture will emerge a thought-force that will redirect the world from a destructive mind-set and place it on the path to progress. The forecasts of all great people unanimously express the truth of India becoming a world leader. In the coming days, it is the revolution in thought which will form the basis for the new age.


Maharshi Aurobindo If there is a single message that we can take from all futurologists, prophets and great men, it is that we should not lose hope looking at the present conditions of today. When situations are completely uncontrolled and chaotic, super-consciousness descends into the consciousness of those people who have the strength of spiritual power. This descent of super consciousness is what is known as the process of “avatar”. The descent of an avatar for era transformation will not come in the form of one individual, instead it will manifest as the power of thought. This is what is called ‘Niskalank Prajnavatar’. This avatar has already been born in the form of transformation of people’s thoughts and has been active since the last century and is also termed as the latter part of Buddhavatar. Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda delivered a lecture in Madras around the year 1897. This lecture has been published under the title ‘The future of India’ in his literature. He says – “temples will evolve into centers that impart practical and spiritual principles to help humanity in their daily life. Many centers will emerge that will train people in samskaras. Sanskrit will become the world language. The coming age is the era of equality and unity and many youth will play a significant role to give shape to this spiritual communism”. Professor Herrer Professor Harrer is considered to be one of the world’s famous futurologists. He was born in a religious Israeli family. Speaking about the coming changes, he has proclaimed thus – “It is extremely clear that India will emerge as a great super-power. In this country a spiritual organization based on thought revolution will spread in all parts of the world. By 2000 AD, all big and small power centers will merge. Then there will be no differences based on language, traditions, region etc. Everyone will live together and share what they have.” Jean Dixon Jean Dixon who authored the books “My life and prophecies”, “A gift of prophecies,” and “The call to glory” became a renowned futurologist at the age


of 14. All her predictions given with the help of a crystal ball have been found to be accurate. She predicted the assassination of the American President Franklin Roosevelt years before the actual incident happened in 1945. Similarly, she predicted the death of Stalin in 1953 and his successors many years before the incident. She has correctly predicted the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, the General Secretary of United Nations in a fatal airplane crash. She predicted that John F. Kennedy after winning elections in 1960 will meet his end in the second week of 1963 in Texas. By then, she had become famous world-wide. Even before the assassination, she sent messages to She also predicted about the untimely death of Jawaharlal Nehru and decline of Russian leader Khrushchev. Her Predictions about the last 12 years of the 20th century say that US of A apart from internal discord will also be embroiled in a Mid-East conflict. Europeans will give up extravagance and War mongering and adopt the ways of life based on Indian culture .According to Jean, scientists of the 20th century will come together onto a single platform and make new discoveries for the welfare of humanity. Extensive alternatives for the present power crisis will be found. There will be many changes in the education system. Children will be tutored in places similar to the ancient Gurukuls and will be taught about samskaras in a very cultured environment. Jean also predicts that the mental faculties of man will be so highly developed that they will be able to transmit each other’s thoughts. The entire world will be bound by a set of common principles. The 21st century is full of glorious predictions by Jean Dixon. Until 2000 AD, there will be a clash of titans between ethics and immorality but victory will be to the noble ideals. By 2020 AD, descent of heaven on Earth will become a reality. By then, there will be no pollution, no diseases, and no hunger deaths. There will emerge a wonderful revolution in the field of health sciences. There will be interplanetary travels in space-crafts that travel faster than the speed of light. By 2020, we will see all human activities being governed by a single world-power. In the 8th chapter of her book “My life and prophecies”, Jean Dixon has written that 21st century will be dominated by women. They will take leadership roles in various fields. She also spoke at length about India’s role as a peace


ambassador to the world. India will spread equality in the world through the medium of her spiritual values and thought-transformation. According to her, an office of the United Nations will be established in India. 21.

Predictions from religious texts

In Sanskrit, religious texts are called “Apaurusheyas” . They are worshipped as messages from the Lord. Similar to prophets and futurologists, these texts contain many predictions about the coming age. According to them, the last few years of the 20th century and the beginning of the years of the 21st century will be a period of Yug Sandhi and will pave the way for a bright future for mankind. Let us discuss the various religious texts in this context:

The Srimad Bhagavat The end of the Kali Yuga (Dark Era) is very near. Very vivid descriptions of the conditions before, during and after the Kailyuga are given in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the 12th canto of the Bhagvat. In the 2nd chapter Maharishi Shuka describes the following characteristic features of the Kali Yuga – “emergence of new diseases, rise in fundamentalism, and intolerance amongst people”. We are witnessing all these in today’s society. He also describes the coming of a “Nishkalank avatar” towards the end of the 20th century who will tell people about the Satyug and work towards spreading noble and ideal thoughts. The Valmiki Ramayana The slokas 95-165 in ‘Yuddhakaand’ discuss the arrival of the Satyug and detailed description about how the situations and people that will prevail during that period. The Harivamsh Puran The “Bhavishya Parva” describes the transitional period for the coming era. The Mahabharata


The Vana Parva of Mahabharata clearly describes the chaos that will prevail during the transition between two era periods. The alignment of the sun, the moon, Jupiter, and star in the same zodiac will mark the beginning of the Golden era and is indicative of a glorious future. The Old Testament On page 44 in the chapter “Daniel and Revelations” describes the end of the 20th century which will mark the coming of a new age. It describes the prevalence of natural disasters and the extreme lack of co-operation and coordination among people. The predictions under the name “Seven times” have been analyzed by great Hebrew scriptural experts Dr. William Albright and James Grant. They also describe the transition period is from 1980-2000 and the Golden age will follow towards the end of the 21st century. The prediction of Nostradamus aligns corroborates the same Quran In the Islamic text, the 20th century has been described as extremely difficult times. In the book ‘Khuran Saram’, Binova writes that after the deluge, there will be light throughout the day and night. He writes that there will be no darkness during the night. Peace will prevail throughout the world. Syed Kul writes in his book “Islam Bhavishya ki asha” that the beginning of 21st century will be witness a harmony between science and spirituality. Dr. Carol writes in his book “Agnaat Manav” that the education system will undergo a sea change and will be based on the sensitive emotions and values. As a result the atmosphere will permeate spirituality which will lead to the emergence of super humanity and finally establish an age of unity and equality. As we see from the aforementioned discussions, all renowned futurologist and religious texts are speaking the same truth across various religions. The truth is that the time has come for the dawn of the new era and we should change our thinking patterns in tune with the changing times. If we do not heed the call of changing times and change our thought process voluntarily, the all powerful super consciousness will enforce this discipline to conform his behavior leading to the right path and will certainly do it.



The efforts to create a glorious future

To establish a golden era, all political, economic and social institutions should work towards replacing all that is redundant and strive towards achieving the desired progress. Another important aspect we should not forget is the significant role of the invisible subtle worlds in creating a glorious future. It is said that those who walk downstream with the flow of the wind can walk with ease at accelerated pace. Similarly, important tasks are always preceded by the invocation of the divine energies which are ever present in the invisible worlds. The time has come where there is a dire need to put a stop to all alarming behavior conducted in the name of progress. We also have to establish noble ideals to replace the slide. In order to achieve this arduous dual-edged transformation human strength, courage, foresight and will of the invisible should all work in synergy. This is the need of the hour. It seems that time has assumed a tremendous pace where things that could not be accomplished in thousands of years are now getting completed in just a few decades. If a person living 100 years ago were to witness the present state of the world it would appear no less than a miracle. This is indicative of the amazing speed of the current process of era transformation. In the coming years we will see an even greater pace in the 21st century and we will witness more miraculous changes than previous centuries put together. The slide towards destruction will stop and constructive activities to build a bright future (Yugadharma) will assume great momentum. This is the wish of the Lord Mahakal. People will direct their entire efforts to accomplish the plan sketched out by the divine. This can be called as blowing of Panchajanya conch announcing the beginning of Yugadharma. People will put in their entire efforts in this direction and all this will be directed towards accomplishing the plan sketched out by the divine. Man by himself has very limited and trivial capacity but one can see him donning the roles of Hanuman, Angad, Nala, Neel, Bhim and Arjun and attaining astonishing success. Krishna said to Arjuna that the Lord has killed the Kauravas long ago. Then why are you hesitating to get name and fame by standing firm in the battle field? Why are you not utilizing this good opportunity? Many people will get such opportunity and inspiration. Based on your inner strength, you will be able to perform astonishing tasks which you would otherwise have never dared to take up. By the end of these 12 years, clouds will shower favorable situations and resources needed for establishing the glorious era. If each talented person responds to this clarion


call and works towards the ideal, then one can easily imagine the fulfillment of the goal. In this context, we can see the emergence of creative thought waves from different parts of the world in their own distinct style. The role of Shantikunj is important for the era transformation. The unique experiment called “Yuga Sandhi Mahapuruscharan” started in the recent years is worth noticing. This is a collective sadhna never undertaken before in the past. As a result of this intense penance, a specific energy is generated which can create many unbelievable promises. The foremost example in spirituality is the Mahapurascharana being conducted in Shantikunj. During the 12 years of Yuga Sandhi (1989-2000), more than 240000 people have done Mahapurascharanas either in Shantikunj or in their respective places after having taken sankalpa in Shantikunj. The “pragya mandals” and collective satsangs being organized now are part of yuga sadhana. Shantikunj can be recognized as the Gangotri of the Yug Chetna (consciousness of the era). Just as the streams that start from Gangotri become thousand-fold by the time they reach Bengal so will the auspicious beginning of Yuga Sadhana being conducted from Shantikunj will spread all over the country and then to the entire world. This is envisioned to play a very significant role in preparing the foundation for the transformation of the era. Shantikunj has been chosen to be the most suitable for carrying out these creative activities due to the divine ambience created by the presence of the river Ganges and the Himalayas. Its divine atmosphere has been created due to the penance of the Saptarishis , the presence of the divine consciousness and Akhanda Deep, and finally due to the continuous yagna being performed continuously throughout the year. Such a combination cannot be found elsewhere. It appears that the combination of time and location plays a crucial role. For example, the bananas of Busawal, the guavas of Lucknow, the oranges of Nagpur and sandalwood of Mysore are all famous due to their high quality. One cannot grow these in other regions and get the similar quality products. Time is also an important factor in that certain experiences can only befit specific times. For example, the monsoon and the spring seasons are known for exhibiting wonderful landscapes. The specialties of these seasons cannot be viewed or experienced during any other times. In the same way, specific places have significance too. For example, the sun temple in Konark has been chosen carefully for studying the cosmos. Scientists and researchers from all over the world perform their studies and experiments related to sun rays at this temple. Many places in the world are renowned for their own reasons. Himalayas has


been considered the most effective place for doing penance. The location of Shantikunj has been chosen after very careful and subtle evaluation. All those who come here receive energy, light and inspiration based on their worth and need. It is based on an invisible inspiration that Shantikunj has been tailored to serve as the center for consciousness. This has been recognized as the Gangotri of “Yuga Chetana” and the process of its expansion world-wide was launched. When divine consciousness comes down to earth to perform welfare activities, we observe normal men achieving extra-ordinary tasks. Those of us that work with the flow of “Yuga Chetana” will merge with the invisible streams of energy. This principle is applicable to ‘praivrajakas’ of Buddha and ‘satyagrahis’ of Gandhi. Their capability is ordinary but their faith is extra-ordinary. It is based on their faith that divine consciousness accomplishes great tasks using them as the mediums. This is the fortune of Shantikunj. 23.

A model of thought transformation

Any ordinary work conducted in conjunction with faith and a yearning for higher ideals yields extraordinary success. Shantikunj is utilizing this principle where all those talented people who agree with this truth are coming forth and joining hands for the construction of the new order. These people are able to witness the divine grace at work. The founder of Shantikunj acted as the representative of the subtle powers and gathered resources based on the directions received from them. Whenever grand constructions are planned, small models are prepared. Large construction projects like bridges, dams or skyscrapers require the architect to prepare blueprint and a model. Similarly, Shantikunj presents itself to the world as a model for the glorious future of the 21st century. This model of thought transformation has been for contemporary needs and emulates three important and necessary steps required for era transformation: 1. Instill the principle of divine consciousness (Yug Chetna) in the minds of people by spreading Mahaprajna. 2. Use the influence of parimarjita vani to overturn the convoluted present-day thinking to provide a more truthful course. 3. Build a community which is ready to offer their flair, sincerity, and enterprise at each step towards the transformation of the era.


The above always play an important role during the transformation of every era. The body rejuvenating transformation of the corrupt and the distasteful into right conduct is only possible through these three streams of activities. It is tough to believe this happening even in normal conditions. Is it then possible under these calamitous conditions? Today, idealism is something to be spoken and written about. There is lack of belief to practice and incorporate this in our daily lives. To fulfill this need, Shantikunj has been molded as the practical and functional model of ‘Pragya Abhiyan’. This model should provide an insight into the future that can be and also provide an understanding of the era to come. In general, people find it easy to practice the known and resist the unknown. Outdated and Illogical things might be continued to be accepted while some other seemingly new trends that are essential are opposed. A bitter medicine fights disease, although we are none too happy taking it. Hand woven clothes remained in vogue as long as people could connect to the underlying philosophy .Present day indifference towards it is understandable. Thought revolution is the process of shedding outdated thinking style and adopting fresh practical thought processes. Manifold illogical explanations are being advanced to follow the past and defend outdated belief systems. In order for these efforts to be appreciated by everybody some very vital and timely efforts need to be taken to influence people towards this new way of thinking. Apart from Literature, speeches, training camps the practice of these principles in our daily life play an important role in its spread. Also it is to be ensured that those who live their lives following these principles are only preaching them. The integrity and commitment of such people should be unquestionable. Once these arrangements are in place, thought revolution can gain momentum though slow to start. To bring about the revolution in the era, it is essential that we present all those things that attack status-quo practices from all sides and establish logic and reasoning in their place. For this to happen, we have to provide literature that present verified arguments with examples along with emotional fervor. An Organization structure that facilitates the printing would be highly desirable. In


general, people prefer books that are easy to understand and enjoyable and publishers print such books. In additional to following the above they need to be in-expensive so it can reach all and everybody should be encouraged to read this. In situations where resources are scarce, it is tough to arrange things on a grand scale. Instead of seeking help and collecting money, a better method that is recommended is to make these books as popular as possible. This will also ensure a critical study of the material presented in the book. ‘Akhand Jyoti’ the magazine, has started publishing 50 years ago to precisely address these objectives. The strength and inspiration for this magazine is not only derived from the mighty Himalayas but this magazine also is the medium for presenting my core thoughts and consciousness. Initially, 500 copies were printed. The arrangement was for volunteers to undertake door-to-door distribution of the magazine. As a result, the magazine circulation has increased 500 times and is currently read by more than 2.5 lakh subscribers. Gradually, it further increased and by April 1989, the number of subscribers reached 3 lakhs. Essays expounding spiritual truths in the light of new technologies, compilation of articles that present science in a new light, writings that unraveled the latent possibilities hidden in human beings and methods and means of developing those talents were the subject matter of the magazine. It was written and edited in Hardwar and printed in Mathura. Readers have not only been impressed by the writing style but have also derived new inspiration from the exposition of issues that are relevant to the current times. The second magazine by name ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ was started 27 years ago. Subject matter already covered in ‘Akhand Jyoti’ was not included here. Promotion and planning for Community building and the role of family therein is the theme of this magazine. In due course, the publication reached 70,000 per month. Translations in Guajarati, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, and Telugu also began to reach many readers. Among them, the Guajarati magazine printed in the name of ‘Yug Shakti’ has more than 1.5 lakh subscribers. Translations in Gurumukhi, Bengali and English also commenced, but since these lacked distribution network, it was decided to print the material in the form of books. In this way, the cumulative count of magazines printed reached


between four to five lakhs. Each magazine is read by at least 10 people. This resulted in at least 50 lakhs of people being influenced by the thought consciousness through these magazines. The number of subscribers has reached its present count without any sponsorship and without seeking donations. The goodwill and support of the subscriber base assiduously built over the years provides the necessary finances for these publications. Akhand Jyoti is being printed on a no-profit noloss basis and the subscription fee of Rs 60/- per year for a 64 page booklet only goes to meet paper, printing and postal expenses. Annual subscription fee for ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ in Guajarati is 40/- for a 52 page booklet and for ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ in Hindi it is Rs 30/ for 36 pages. All these publications continue to reach millions of readers without having to compromise on the ‘NoSponsors’ principle. This is one example to show that resourceful people with a greater reach working together can replicate this process in a grander setting to realize the first stage of thought revolution. If a single individual can achieve all this with his dedication and total submission, the manifold effect of collective efforts of likeminded people could only be imagined. Literary works that expound value systems are an essential pre-requisite. Shantikunj and Yug Nirman Yojana are instrumental in publishing more than 1500 books of era-transforming literature. These books are focused on the present day problems faced by individual, family and society. They have been translated into several Indian languages. The pricing strategy remains to be noprofit no-loss. In a nation rooted in villages, expensive books are a luxury that most can ill-afford. The spread of this literature was a result of inspiring writings that has resulted in word of mouth publicity and readers themselves becoming the messengers for the mission in their respective places. The system also allowed people to borrow books and buy them only if they wanted to contribute. A sense of public service was driving the individuals involved keeping the whole exercise low-cost and inexpensive. In the past, Christian missionaries and communists used to spread their writings using this method. The revolutionary change that these books and magazines can bring about has been personally experienced by the writer of this book. Inspiring a huge


number of people across families spread in several states and regions could become possible through the medium of print media. In this way they can become the basis for expansive transformation. Another instrument for the changing era is the power of the spoken word and speech. Satsang, discourses, meetings, discussions, camps etc fall in this category. For the past many years, Shantikunj has been conducting 30-day Yug Shilpi camps and 9-day Sanjeevani vidya camps as training and talent development camps. More than 5 lakh people have attended such camps. In the month-long Yug Shilpi camps, ordinary volunteers are trained to become evangelists for the mission. Training in Light music, simple musical instruments, use of presentations, projectors, videos etc for effective communications is also imparted. Trainees are also educated in the camp about the effectiveness of thought provoking graffiti, sticker campaigns, and mass mobilization through Deepa Yagnas etc. Once on the field they put to use the training imparted and their skills to bring about public awareness and to render community service. Massed are engaged through folk music and interlaced messages are delivered . Thousands attend such meetings and at least 3500 missionaries are trained through in the camps on a regular basis. People with busier schedules attend 9-day camps that deal with the art and science of living and about tapping their mental energies. These camps are different from yug shilpi camps and typically have about 500-1000 participants. These volunteers also take up roles of missionaries in their own regions. 24.

The unfoldment of Pramanik tantra

Extraordinary individuals in an inspiring ambiance only can train the teachers. A unique blend of these is provided by Shantikunj. Among the 500 permanently resident in Shantikunj majority are either bachelor college graduates or post- bachelor. All these people have left their high-paying jobs and have come voluntarily to offer services for reconstructing the era inspired by Gurudev. They cater to the basic needs of the body and live a true life of Brahmin and happily work for 12 hours a day. There are many people who live out of their own savings and do not take anything from the ashram. This is in itself a unique example.


There is always dearth of workers are also inspired from within. But Shantikunj has always been blessed with such workers. Among them are those who hold degrees like M.D., M.S., M.Tech, M.Sc., Ph.D., L.L.M., etc. All those who have seen the founder of Shantikunj at close quarters and analyzed him in all situations have felt that they need to live there and adopt his style of working and feel contented. It is because of such motivated people that all those who attend camps here get transformed when then leave. The talent, intensity and practical standards of all those dedicated here form the backbone of the organization. To take the message of new era to each and every village, they form a group of five with 4 musicians and a speaker and in these groups they move from place to place spreading the message. There are arrangements for their transport and there are at least 1500 meetings that take place wherein Deep Yagna and anniversaries are celebrated. For these activities, there are ‘Prajna Samsthan’ built in 3000 places country-wide. There are other places in which there are branches founded by active members of the mission. The only prerequisite needed to attend these programs is to relinquish one bad habit and inculcate one good habit. This is the only payment received as dakshina. In this process, millions of people have renounced their bad habits and accepted good qualities. All the people influenced by the mission give one hour time donation and a rupee per day. They vow to contribute their time and money for the working of local centers and help for propagation of noble qualities. There are many people who spend half their time for personal work and remaining half for the mission. There are many such ‘Vanaprasthis’ in the mission. More than 50% of them are women working for the awakening of women. It is expected that this procedure will give active, unpaid and experienced workers in all fields of activity. There were times when great people of India were capable of offering guidance to the entire world. These people were created out of the tradition of vanaprastha. They used to either limit or complete their responsibilities and offer their complete time for the welfare of society. This procedure of preparing divine men has to be resurrected. There are special arrangements for training people in small-scale industries to achieve self-employment.


Because of these, women are able to provide so much financial support that one person in the family can easily be doing social-welfare activities full-time. The above lines give a brief sketch of all the possibilities that many people can derive inspiration from them. Saint Vinoba used to say that an organization should be kept alive as long as public evaluate its worth and offer their co-operation. If the co-operation stops, it should be understood that there is something lacking in the feelings or efforts of welfare-workers. Then it is better to close the organization. Shantikunj has always presented itself for evaluation based on these lines. After evaluating the activities that are in progress here, one feels like contributing voluntarily. This is the foundation for the progress till today and will also form the cornerstone of the progress in the future. We have described about the small model of Shantikunj here so that all those who are gifted in their respective field of work may identify programs in which they can contribute and work for the dawn of the new era and take steps for laying the foundation of New World Order.

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21st Century Bright Future  
21st Century Bright Future  

Kranthi Dharmiya Sahitya