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21st Century bright future Part – 2 Second volume of Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya By Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya

Hindi to English translation By: Smt.V.Madhuri, Sri. Rajiv Nadig, Sri. Harikrishna Yadlapally Reviewed by Smt. Praphulla, Sri. Jayanth G , Sri.Saitej K , Smt.Tejasri Katuri


Introduction The natural tendency of time cycle is change for better. When a big positive change takes place in various fields at lightning speed that is the ray of hope. These rays of hope bring the superior rays along with them. They show their effects for longer periods on the minds of the people. This is the juncture between two periods of times – beginning for the ray of great hope. The great hopes establish only through the creativity and balance.

The change for better takes place with lightning speed in a surprising way when Maha Kal shows the desire towards this. The scriptures show the examples such as end of Ravana, establishment of Rama rajya, battle of Maha bharatha. In the history Budhism, Socialism, Democracy and the end of slavery, all these are similar to this, but no one is aware of such change to happen.

In the juncture of change in time, to establish the highest human values and to avoid any inadvertency, the greatest rays of hope are coming as a train running one box after the other. Everyone who has eyes can see the high speed at which the train is coming. The country India has to play an important role in initiating the establishment for bright future.


Table of Contents 1. Rays of light peeping out of the darkness of devastation (vibheeshikaon ke andhakar se jhaanktee prakash kirane)

2. All problems being faced today have originated out of human perversity (manavi durbuddhi se hee upajee hai aaj ki samasyayein)

3. Hopelessness must be dispelled at all costs (nirasha har sthiti mein haTe) 4. The extraordinary revolution of our era (apne yug ki asaadharan mahakranthi)

5. The novel manifestation of a fourth energy (chauthi shakti ka abhinav udbhav)

6. The four stage Yug dharm (chaar charanvaala yug dharm)

7. The deity of the next century – Sun (agli shatabdhi ka adhishtatha – Surya) 8. The determined (sankalpit) possibilities of Mahakal (Time) (Mahakal ki sankalpit sambhavanayein)

9. The summary of the process of transformation (parivartan prakriya ka saar-sankhep)


1. Rays of light peeping out of the darkness of devastation All present-day discussions are about the misfortunate state of affairs prevalent today. It is human tendency to magnify and discuss the appalling and fearsome topics. There is some truth in the view that future of mankind is seen as dark and hopeless. There is no doubt in the fact that man has made tremendous progress in the field of science. The last two decades of 20th century has brought in so many changes, which have transformed the face of the world. There have been increased means of comfort and luxury. Along with it is seen a rise in tension, anxiety and mental stress. Man has lost his inner peace. It appears as though man has lost the discrimination between right and wrong; useful-useless in his blind race to acquire material possessions. He neither does anything that is worth-doing nor thinks about those worth-thinking. As a result, host of difficulties have presented themselves as a challenge in front of him.

Everybody is worried about the future looking at the changes that have come in the recent years. Renowned thinker and futurologist Alvin Toffler wrote in his world-famous book “Future Shock” that, “It is in a way better that man has erred and has invited the calamities. It is man again who is beginning to make amends and look for solutions to fight the burning issues.”

‘Times’, the international magazine chooses one person as the ‘Man of the year’. In year 1988, instead of nominating the ‘man of the year’, it announced Earth to be the ‘Planet of the year’. This was announced on 2nd January 1988, wherein the Earth was presented as an ‘Endangered Earth’ due to the calamities looming large on its face. This incident motivates us to think on those lines. Are we moving towards destruction? This question has been striking like a lightening in every one’s mind. In this regards, all great thinkers of the world have thought about this problem at their level, analyzed the situation and expressed their opinions about the possibilities in the future. It has been clearly expressed that it is not yet too late to avert the danger. If one can transform their line of thinking, then impending calamities can be prevented.

Harman Kahn from Hudson Institute in New York, Lester R.Brown from worldwatch institute in America (who tries to predict the outline of future based on statistics), French physician Nostradamus (who was born in France 400 years ago), Count Louis Heymann from France (who is popularly known as Cheiro), world-renowned crystal ball reader Jean Dixon, revolutionary thinker and sage Sri Aurobindo and many other great people have proclaimed that though world is experiencing crises in all fronts and looks as though the end is near, be sure that noble tendencies will obtain victory over evil and the era of the truth will prevail on Earth. People have expressed hope on the future. The twelve years during the end of 20th century (1988-2000) and the twelve years during the beginning of 21st century (2000-2012) is known as the era of transition. It is advised that everyone should exert their concerted efforts and energies towards building a bright future. The rest of the task will be achieved by the Divinity or destiny or Mahakal – whatever one may call that Force.

Growing industrialization is posing a threat to the planet by polluting the air with its waste gases and polluting the water bodies and rivers with industrial waste. With increase in population, we see increased consumption of fuel. All this has lead to poisoning of the atmosphere, increase in global temperature which can lead to melting of the


snow at the polar region, create tidal imbalance in the oceans because of which several coastal regions might get submerged. In the space, the depletion of the ozone layer can lead to cosmic radiations reaching the planet. The threat imposed by atomic and chemical weapon by war-mongers is not any less. Adverse effects of nuclear radiation on the general health of mankind have been clearly understood during the leakage Chernobyl reactor in Russia few years ago.

We can see the disaster looming large on mankind with trees being continuously chopped off. Massive deforestation is depleting the green blanket from the earth leading to reduced rainfall, soil erosion, increase in the area of deserts, drying up of water resources, lack of fuel and hindrances in cleansing up the atmosphere. The accumulated soil in the lowlands beneath the mountains is leading to tragedies like floods year after year, excessive rainfall and hail storms due to climatic imbalances. These are dangers that have manifested due to deforestation brought about by human beings without foresight.

Population explosion increasing at a fast pace is creating shortage of supplies in all needs of human life. We see an increase in the number of slums in cities and villages are taking the magnitude of towns. The problem of garbage is also increasing at a fast pace in line with increase in population. In the beginning of the Christian era, the entire world population was only 30 crores. Today we have a population that is 17 times of this figure and has reached 500 million. The resources are limited but we have more number of consumers. This situation poses a challenge to progress on one hand and on the other hand is also creating an imbalance that can lead to anarchy.

The increasing promiscuity in sex and increased lust have led to various sexual diseases and has also given the dreaded incurable disease AIDS. More and more people are becoming a victim of these diseases and are strengthening the possibility of destruction. Drug addiction is spreading at an alarming speed so much so that these drugs like smack, heroin and marijuana can take a large population of youth and the unemployed into a lifeless state. Vitality is slowly ebbing away. Even a slight change in climate is making man prone to diseases. The number of hospitals is on the increase but one hardly sees any improvement in the overall physical and mental health of people.

The love for luxury and pleasure is on an all time increase. The dual attack of increased cost of living and unemployment along with population explosion is having a telling effect on mankind today. Expensive weddings are turning ordinary people to paupers. They are making people resort to dishonest means. Many newly wedded girls are getting sacrificed at the altar of extravagant weddings. In addition to dowry, there are innumerable distorted traditions and blind faiths because of which lot of money and resources are getting wasted. There is a deluge of adulterated and fake ware in the market today. Aggression and violence have increased posing a threat to peace and order. The twin concepts of friendliness and cooperation have almost vanished from the society. Man has started to doubt the intentions of his near and dear ones.


Many critics and reviewers are presenting the future scenario in a way which shows the undesirable situations existing now and the fatal possibilities of future. In such conditions, it is natural that an atmosphere of despair and negative thinking prevails. Despondent mental state is such a dangerous situation in which even though a person is capable, he finds himself incapable of working towards a bright future. In such a mental state, enthusiasm and zeal are found lacking there is also a reduction in mental strength.

A small group of confident and courageous people can fight against the challenges and do things that can astound the others. Courage and the capacity to change the future are two boons given to man and if he can place his faith on these abilities, he can definitely create possibilities a bright future amidst despair and hopelessness.

In reality, the process of transformation has been going on for a long time now. However a chance to increase the pace was found in these 12 years. This is the opinion of great futurologists. These 12 years are those that stand at the mid point of the last years of the 20th century and the starting years of the 21st century. This period is characterized with contrasting activities. On one hand, we see that the evil tendencies have taken mankind to the pinnacle of troubles while on the other hand; we see the sprouting of a median for new order. This conflicting situation could confuse the mind but this is the characteristic of the transition of an era wherein one type of situations are going away and the other type is coming in. Both the situations are complimentary to one another. During the last days of autumn, spring arrives to give an introduction of its greenery. A happy and joyous atmosphere prevails. The soul feels bad to leave behind the aged body but the joy of a new birth cannot be experienced without leaving the old. This is just akin to a surgeon trying to treat a boil or ulcer, cutting open the same to let the pus come out after which the patient is relieved of his pain.

Futurologists, spiritualists and scientists who can forecast events have all expressed that they can observe a wave of expansive transformation everywhere. Everyone unanimously agrees that the present period is difficult but the creative tendencies of a bright future will become very prominent soon.

Anthropologists and Physiologists have begun to say that the nature of future can be predicted beforehand. It is also possible to align ones actions and activities based on those predictions. The renowned astronomer of NASA who landed on the moon Dr Edgar Mitchell believes that it is possible to support future forecasts with scientific data. It is also possible to say how the coming years would be. He also believes that the future is definitely bright because mankind is sure to turn back from the blind race of modernism and seriously work towards those activities that symbolizes the dawn of the new era. In an interview titled “the man who saw the future” which was later made into a video film, he said that ‘what we contemplate today becomes the future and it is going to be the dawn of a new era in the coming few years. This can be foreseen by witnessing the events’.

There may be people who have doubts on the forecasts of astrologers but great futurologists with extra sensory perceptions have taken birth from time to time and who have predicted events that are to come centuries later


and their predictions have been found to be true. All the predictions that have come forth speak of the possibility of a bright future in the 21st century. This includes opinions of scientists, doctors, occult scientists and spiritualists. This also includes the predictions made by ordinary people who received a surge of inner inspiration and developed the capabilities of foresight which made it possible for them to peep into the future and make predictions that have turned out to be true. There are some groups and organizations working at the international level whose main function is to think about future and make forecasts based on hypothesis, truths and the events and incidents that take place daily. In the field of science, the views expressed by such organizations are taken to be very authentic .Even they have proclaimed that the direction in which mankind is moving is sure to change.

Shantikunj, Hardwar has also thought and researched intensely on this subject and has arrived at the same conclusion. These predictions are no doubt based on expansive studies and understanding the situations but foresight has also played an important part in them. The founder and director of Shantikunj has also been having premonitions that the clouds of undesirability will move out and the dawn of the new era is bound to happen just as other great people have been having such premonitions. At present Millions of people are linked to this mission through the medium of magazine Akhand Jyoti in many languages. All these people are being reassured that 21st century will usher in the possibilities of a bright future. The need of the hour is that all these talented people spread their optimism to the entire world and boost the mental strength of others. To overcome the path of hurdles in the path of future, Shantikunj has initiated a collective Mahapurascharan of meditating on the Sun (Savitha Dhyan) and invoking the intuitive intellect (Sadbudhi) in all .This is an open invitation for all irrespective of religion, caste and creed.


2. All problems being faced today have originated out of human perversity Man is free to do what he wants but the fruits of his actions are controlled by the rules of nature. Other creatures accept this truth as an instinct and act accordingly but it is only man who makes the mistake of doing what he wishes because the results of his actions do not always manifest immediately. This makes him crave for short term benefits and he fails to realize the long term difficulties that his actions will lead him to. It is this tendency that makes him commit more and more mistakes and as a result he is submerged in the mire of difficulties and challenges. There was a time when man experienced his true dignity and excellence, conducted himself as the true heir of the Creator and maintained his thoughts and actions such that there prevailed peace and order. Man did not have to face any adversity.

The universe is full of resources and if they are correctly distributed amongst all, then nobody will have to face a dearth for any thing. In the ancient times, this kind of attitude was in vogue. Before taking any step, a person thoroughly analyzed its consequences in both the near and far future. It was a mere adoption of propriety that made the era renowned as the Satyayug. Those who do not choose the right path and want to take a long jump in haste are sure to land themselves in thorny shrubs and get lost. Self-interests clash with one another and give rise to various problems.

Those who think of only temporary benefits and not give considerations to future consequences fall prey to circumstances just like birds and fish that get entangled in the hunter’s net. This is the vicious circle of perversity and when this wheel rotates at a high speed, difficulties arise at such a pace that such men get submerged in the mire of troubles and they simply cannot overcome them.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction but then this reaction takes time to manifest itself. It is because of this reason that many people begin to believe that their actions do not have the reactions they deserve. Many a time, people who indulge in unfair activities escape punishment; people who lead an honest life do not face peaceful situations. Such situations make people think that there is no principle of retribution in the world and it is full of darkness. In such conditions people cross ethical boundaries and do not wait sufficiently to observe the reactions of their actions, develop atheism and begin to do whatever comes to their mind. People who are unrestrained face the punishment for their improper conduct but even this takes time. A drug addict loses health and longevity but these consequences are not immediately apparent.

If blisters were to develop in the mouth on uttering a lie; if the hands were to be paralyzed while trying to steal; were a person becomes an eunuch on resorting to prostitution; then no one would do wrong. But God has given an opportunity to test their understanding and hence has given a chance to discriminate between right and wrong and decide accordingly by developing his intellect. Hence one should make right use of this opportunity and tread the path of righteousness. Those who fail in this test will definitely be penalized but in due course of time. But because of the conditions they have created, they feel remorse; they also get into the habit of losing the big picture and long-term consequences; hence begin to commit mistakes at each and every step and suffer hardships. People who think the other way and think about the long-term consequences can always organize


their current activities and organize them well. They utilize the resources available and not only get blesses but also set an example for others to follow. Amongst the innumerable specialties and powers that God has given man, one of them is the capability to estimate the time required to get a reaction for an action and to be able to protect oneself from unfavorable situations and lead a life of peace and happiness.

Absence of friendliness, love, cooperation and help has made human behaviour really strange wherein harassment seems to be the primary ingredient. The entire process of mutual well being runs on the basis of cooperation .When self interest is the sole criteria, people become so narrow minded and do not understand that they are curbing the freedom and power of others. The situation is such that one does not even think about the problems and difficulties that they are creating for the others. They think of only their benefits. This is the main attitude behind dishonesty, violence, harassment and oppression. All vile activities undoubtedly are the work of those people who have no sympathy towards their fellow beings .For a small benefit they are ready to put others in deep trouble. This quality is in total contradiction to the humane principle of “Atmavat Saivabhuteshu�-see self in all beings. If you do not like being treated in a certain way do not treat others in the same way. Treat the grief of others as your own and be happy at their happiness. The source of human empathy and emotions are related to this belief and if we imbibe this into our life, then we can never be unfair to others. You will be inclined towards service and help. You will develop the trait of sharing the grief and happiness of others.

The influence of affinity and love when it is contracting gives rise to narrow mindedness whereas on expanding it gives rise to greatness. Great people think about the welfare and progress of others, make plans in this regard and executes them. This is self-development. The love of such a person spreads to other persons and creatures. In such a state, just as one has the desire to earn means of comfort for himself, similarly he will begin to appreciate and enjoy when others are happy. He also wants to share their grief and feels the urgency to hasten and help others. If one begins to follow this human attitude, then nobody can even think of being dishonest.

The main cause for lack of this behaviour is the lack of farsightedness and ignorance. What kind of actions will result in what kind of consequences in future? If one cannot estimate this, then immediate results become the focus of their life even if it involves dishonesty and immoral behavior. Just as a myopic person can only see things that are near and fails to recognize the far off objects, those who do not have foresight look at immediate results and aim to get them at whatever the cost. They have no idea about the consequences of this action. This is a situation when one behaves like a blind person though he has eyes. Those people who sport this attitude might gain some immediate benefits but lose their credibility in the long run. They will neither have well wishers nor have friends. They experience complete loneliness in the absence of cooperation from others and in an atmosphere which betrays lack of trust. This kind of loneliness can be very frightening and those who have experienced it can vouch for this. Because of ignorance, various kinds of traits get assimilated in your personality. You inculcate many bad habits like laziness, building castles in the air, extremism, egoism, desires and other bad qualities. Once a person has lost his credibility, neither the intensity nor the talent is left in his personality. The mind of cheats and thieves is always in a state of fear and they spend their life in doubt and


apprehension. As a result, they always face hatred and non-acceptance in the society. They see an ugly reflection of themselves in the mirror of the world.

You can fool some people for sometime but you cannot fool all the people at all times. The unfair behaviour of some people is as a result of your unfair behaviour to them. If you cheat somebody, some one else will cheat you. We see many such examples in our daily life. A person who does not follow restraint will see the ill effects in a few days if not immediately. The lack of mutual trust and misbehavior of one with the other is visible in all fields of life. When there is no faith, then on what basis can cooperation thrive? How can a person whose mental strength is broken exhibit any degree of courage for a noble cause? How can he rise and move forward in life?

We can see falsehood, lack of faith, non-cooperation, dishonesty, strange types of anxiety, unhappiness and misbehavior in inter human interactions. As a result, everyone be it rich or poor, educated or otherwise have to face their own set of difficulties. The majority of people looks like lifeless corpses and are in a state of anxiety and dissatisfaction. What happens if there are enough resources? It is a different matter to appear as rich and look happy; but internally, even if one is rich and has all comforts, they are not happy and are surrounded by countless troubles and worries.

A majority of mankind is entangled in this state today. Though the comforts that have come about in the name of progress are very much available, debase ness that has crept into the minds, character and behavior of people has taken them to such a low level that they are worse than those who are poor, uneducated and of backward classes. Even though this may look like progress, in reality this is nothing but retrogression.


3. Hopelessness must be dispelled at all costs Persistent abuse of the echo system not only damages the environment but also disturbs the subtle atmosphere which has been polluted in recent times. Earthquakes, cyclones, floods extreme conditions of rainfall, riots, rebellion, crimes, fatal diseases, epidemics etc are growing at such a rapid rate that one is not able to comprehend how they can be brought under control. In such a scenario, a person reaches a state in which he does not have an inkling of what should be done and thus he gradually sinks into a state of hopelessness. More so when he observes the hollowness of the so called progress in various fields, he begins to lose hope that the situation can be remedied.

One also notices that courage and bravery are rarely seen in people who keep their lamp of hope alive even amidst storms and typhoons. People who can work as a one man army even though they are not able to garner support and help of people for creative activities, those who can reverse the prevalent situations and continue to plan activities with unflinching faith; those whose pace is unaffected; such people are called Mahamanav or angels ( Devdoot ). But such people are not born very often. The number of such people is so small that to remove the despair so expansively prevalent in the society, the support they receive is not that much as they deserve. The mind of the common man today is entangled in such mire. It should have been such that the collective human consciousness works towards uprooting the undesirable and to establish goodness but the character of man has stooped to such a low level that such noble enthusiasm is absent. Great people like Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi who reformed the society are not being born today.

So, it is natural that there is a general sense of hopelessness among the masses. One should not treat this despair lightly. In reality “despair� is not an illness that can be put off. Wherever it makes its place, it begins to scrape away hope and courage like a termite that weakens the wood. Lack of hope brings along with it, fretfulness and fatigue. A person thus pressurized not only becomes weak but also breaks others confidence. This causes loss of energy and vitality. Tensions are always on the increase, thus leaving a man strained and restless. In such a case, all possibilities for rescuing the boat, being tossed around by the storm, are completely lost. Even a battle that can be won is lost because of lack of hope. Despair neither allows a person to raise himself nor lets him execute any creative ideas.

Hence, despair should be vehemently avoided in each and every field. This is the best option. Only when zeal and courage are kept alive can one execute progress activities. We should keep in mind the bright future and try to negate despair wherever it is present. Pessimism can only be countered by providing enough bases for the bright future we are envisioning, so that people can continuously think about those encouraging prospects.

It is true that over a period of time, pessimism has become deep rooted in the minds of people but the solution to it lies in encouraging others to think positively and strive relentless to fight against pessimism. We have to strengthen the possibilities of a glorious future and to divert their attention towards them, it is necessary to create such a background. To carry this belief to each and every man, there should be a collective effort everywhere.


Whenever similar situations were prevalent from time to time, great people and forerunners have always strived to remove the clouds of despair which are equivalent to the blowing of conch Panchaajanya; and have transformed disappointment into hope; indifference to sustained effort; and have shown new reasons to come forward and exhibit their enthusiasm and valor. Every intellectual should help in such an endeavor.

History is full of such examples. The army of bears and monkeys under the leadership of Hanuman built the bridge across the ocean and fought with formidable demons to win over Lanka. Only after confidence had permeated; into the depths of their minds did the cowherds of Krishna lift the mount Govardhan – an otherwise impossible task. Lifting of Govardhan with one finger with the help of cowherd is a story that continues to inspire people even today and has evolved into a historical incident that is believed by many.

A young lady “Joan of Arc” of France created such a wave of hope in the entire nation that everyone got up from their dormancy and worked towards breaking the shackles of foreign invasion. Lenis had successfully lighted such a ray of hope among the Russians that gave them the confidence to succeed. There are many revolutions that owe their success to Lenin.

The principle of Dharmachakra propounded by Buddha stated that the people of those times were the only basis to achieve bright future. All those who responded to his call joined him in millions in the form of monks and worked to invert the thinking process prevalent then not only in India and Asia but in the entire world. The Satyagraha movement introduced by Mahatma Gandhi belongs to a more recent past. During the day of freedom struggle, a definite atmosphere was created in which everyone believed that “Freedom” is our birth right and we will definitely achieve it. It is with this faith that innumerable people offered their lives for the country and faced the gunfire of the British.

Arjuna was mentally broken and defeated. He was coming up with various augments for not fighting the war. Shri Krishna said only one thing after listening to Arjuna’s arguments. He said, “I have already killed the Kauravas. Just stand firm on the battle ground and get the credit for defeating them.” Arjuna had complete faith in the words of Krishna, and he left aside all his doubts and got ready to fight.

Even the prophets of various traditions have amassed the support of the people after having convinced them about the principles and obtained their confidence. The great spiritual giants have been able to convince others only after they have emerged successful from the acid test through penance and practice.

In order to transform destruction into creativity today and to make impropriety accept the control of righteousness, we should build the mind of people in such a way that they come out of their mental make up of fear, terrorism, inauspiciousness and destruction; and give them confidence to bring about necessary transformation. Simultaneously, people should shed their doubts on future and inculcate the confidence within them that the good will win over the bad. The time is ripe for it. To strengthen this belief, one should collect all


kinds of arguments, truths, proofs and examples in this regard. In addition to all these, if the desire of the Lord and inspiration of Mahakal also merge, then it will gain redoubled zeal. If the rumors related to the 21st century having a bright future are transformed into firm beliefs, then the undesirable situations prevalent today will be transformed into an auspicious dawn and this will begin to get a root in the minds of people. This will lead to a situation where people will discard all that is improper and adopt righteous means and all will take pride in setting an example to others to follow a similar trend in thought and action.

4. The extraordinary revolution of our era There have been many great revolutions in history that deserve to be remembered forever. These revolutions have explained significant truths to mankind. Small reforms take place from time to time as solutions to the problems plaguing the society. However, evaluation and analysis are done on only those incidents in which, effective transformation happens with all the possible pervasive extensiveness. Such incidents are called great revolutions.

Some incidents dating back to the Puranic age like churning of the ocean, killing of Vritrasur, descent of Ganges, releasing mother earth from the clutches of Hiranyaksh, snatching the power from the unrighteous by Parashuram are considered to be very important in playing the role of changing the direction of the Time Wheel (Kalchakra).We will find similar glorious descriptions from the cultural history of other countries like Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia etc. If one were to believe all these, then it has to be accepted that great revolutions have been taking place since time immemorial.

Even in historical times, many great transformations have taken place amongst which the discourses of Ramayan, Mahabharat and propagation of Dharmachakra by Buddha are most important. After the Mahabharat times, the goal of making the expansive India as great India was accomplished. The initiation of Dharmachakra by Buddha brought about the transformation in those times. The sparks of that movement has energized and illuminated many a discourses pertaining to many fields. Its wildfire has influenced many religious traditions, saints, social reformers and martyrs and has kept its tradition alive in various forms during the previous century. In recent past, the new school of thought in the form of democracy and communism emerged as such a powerful wave that it has revolutionized the entire world. It will be sufficient to comment on the revolutions of the past that whenever people have been injected with the energy of idealism, they have been able to attract many followers and associates and have been able to accomplish tasks that have been termed impossible in normal parlance and have been given the name of Divine Grace. In ancient times, such people who took world by storm were called ‘Avatar’. One can make impossibility into a possibility through one’s own valor and the support of others. This is not acceptable to ordinary men.


The great changes in the past have been termed as epoch making (Yugantar) and era transformatory revolutions. The present times are seeing the manifestation of such an intense flow which has within itself the accumulated power of all the previous transformations. How much time did the previous revolutions take? There is no exact data related to this but for the present great revolution, to assume its total form, the first 100 years will play a vital role. This revolution has been in progress for a long time now and will continue for sometime even after it has become successful.

The great change of our times can be called as an epoch making change. The most convincing part of the current process of era transformations was seen when we got rid of foreign invasions. The splendor of the nations was being looted badly. The misfortune had such a strong hold that there was not a trace of courage left to drive the invaders out of the country; but even in those times, great revolution took its form. The two world wars broke the backs of the egoists and proved that those who resort to destruction will never be able to retain power. India got out of its political slavery which was prevalent since a long time. The wild fire did not stop here. Many colonies and countries in the African continent became independent by nominal efforts. In addition to these, some small islands also achieved political independence. In this way, colonialism came to an end.

In the meanwhile, social revolution did not get limited to one region but influenced the entire world. The age old tradition of trading slaves was uprooted so fast as though a typhoon came and left things upturned. The institution of monarchy which had its sway in the world got swept out like a thread-less kite. At one point, 75% of the world population, women and backward castes (Shudras) were dependent on the grace of their masters and led a life without resources or respect. This situation no longer exists. The concept of equality of men and women and human equality has been accepted in many parts of the world. Some people are finding it difficult to incorporate this in their behavior but even this problem will be solved in some time. All these transformations have taken place in the 20th century whereas they had their roots from thousands of years.

It is seen that a lamp burns brighter before it gets extinguished. The last phase of the night is the darkest. A losing gambler bets with renewed vigor. This is one state of affairs today. There is continuous tussle between the good and the bad. In the midst of these riots and chaos, one fails to understand what is happening. Are you able to understand what is happening in this game of hide and seek? Are you able to decipher who is winning or who is losing? Those who can witness the invisible are able to say with confidence that creativity will eventually win. Truth is bound to win. The bright dawn of the glorious future is sure to come and the darkness that is hovering over us is sure to go away.

What is happening in the present phase of the revolution? What is going to happen? What is being built? What is being torn down? An ordinary man cannot get a clear picture of the revolution. When two wrestlers are competing spectators cannot make out who is winning or losing but this confusion does not stay for long. The result does come forth. In the present times, we witness more of destruction than construction. However, looking at the turn


of events, we can definitely say that we are moving forward and not backward. To summarize, this is the end of improper conduct and the beginning of propriety.

We cannot determine the future exactly because man is the creator of his own destiny. He can either make it or break it. Even changing situations can alter their direction. In such a case, if analysis and estimations are precise then one can forecast future more accurately. This is the basis on which various plans and activities are executed. If future is always uncertain, it becomes impossible to think about any topic of importance regarding the future.

This is the time for a great revolution and an era transformation. The journey is from the inauspicious to the auspicious. By looking at the direction of the storm one can understand in which direction things are being pushed. A log of wood that falls into a river just travels along the direction of the water flow. Twigs, leaves and other dust particles are swept in the direction of the storm. Great revolutions always take shape to establish progress and balance. Kusamskari (evil) atmosphere is always working out its own ways to create a feeling of frustration on account of downfall and defeat. The fruit of a tree has to always fall downwards .Water flows from a higher level to a lower level. However, when revolutions come to convert disharmony into harmony, their effects are always in the upward direction because they establish the reign of balance and progress.

That is why these changes are also called the ‘desire of the Lord’ or Avatar. Looking at these manifestations, one can believe that the future is glorious. We are all moving towards peace and progress and we will definitely achieve it.


5. The novel manifestation of a fourth energy The supremacy and greatness of the three energies are very well known

1. The power of intellect (Buddhibal)-This comprises of science, literature and arts. 2. The power of governance (Shasan Shakti)-This comprises of organization, security along with related resources and responsibilities. 3. The power of Wealth (Dhan Shakti)-This comprises of occupations, professions, personal savings and banks.

It is on the basis of the above three that all tasks, be it big or small, good or bad are accomplished. The credit of progress or retrogress is to be given to these powers only. The ambition of people is to obtain these and their efforts are always in this direction .The one who has a larger proportion of these powers gets respect and fame. These three are the only factors which decide a man’s status in society and based on these powers, he can buy whatever he wants and procure all the comforts and resources he needs.

A fourth power will be born at the dawn of the new era. Even today, it has its existence in certain places but is seen only at times and in a few instances. It is this feeble state of this fourth power that has given rise to all the distortions we see today and the entire atmosphere is enveloped with undesirable situations. This fourth power is called ‘intense talent’ (Prakhar Pratibha). Ordinary talent is visible in intellectuals, experts, organizers and courageous people. It is with this talent they amass large wealth, get fame and are surrounded by supporters. It is with the help of such support terror is created. It kicks off a long series of crimes. We see many people possessing ordinary talent who are busy in accumulating things that exhibit their grandeur. However, Prakhar Pratibha is of a complete different level. In this context, we should understand Prakhar as lofty ideals. Great people and dedicated saints fall in this category. They adhere to the discipline of a Soldier while discharging their duties. These people are called Divine personalities (Dev Manav). People at this level are also recognized by various names like Ojasvi, Tejasvi, Manasvi, Varchasvi, Maha Manav and Yug Purush etc. Their thoughts and emotions are at an elevated level. One can see the qualities of unconditional faith (Shradha), supreme wisdom (prajna) and utmost dedication (nishta) in these people. People with ordinary talent are engrossed in procuring wealth, fame and status for themselves. Their greatness is based on their success in such endeavors. Society too is influenced by such talented people. These people are surrounded by flatterers who do so, for the sole purpose of expecting a gain or favor. It should be borne in mind that the converse is also true. When these influential people are displeased with someone, they can resort to harm. It is because of this fear that many people cooperate with them and accept their supremacy. This is the analysis of ordinary talent.

Prakhar Pratibha is above all narrow minded self interests. They give respect to human life and it’s greatness. Such people exhibit immense dedication towards high ideals. They are interested in developing noble tendencies and universal welfare. Prakhar Pratibha (Intense Talent) is considered to be a divine boon. When ordinary people are forever engrossed in bondages of lust and desire, a person resplendent with Prakhara Pratibha is thinking


about problems of people and making plans to address them. When emotions surges ahead, such people are ready to make sacrifice of any magnitude and are ready to put in sustained efforts .Such people when they fail, are treated as martyrs and worshipped as Gods. If these people succeed, they transform the face of humanity. It is such people who stem and reverse the tides. Ordinary men cannot think beyond their own needs but the activities of people who are blessed with Prakhar Pratibha are such that they are passed on and followed for decades to come by innumerable people.

The continuous and regular study of the Vedas (Swadhyay), company of good men (satsang), strong impulse (Prerna), good judgment (Paramarsh) etc guide people on the noble path. However, these principles are acceptable by people only in whom constructive emotions and empathy are already prevalent to certain extent. A small inspiration is sufficient to bring about a revolutionary change in these people but that’s not the same case with the rest of the kind. Just as a drop of water falling into the sack of pearl becomes a pearl but when the water drop falls on sand, it loses its identity. In many cases, even in people who claim to tread this path, we see a huge gap in their words and deeds. When the intensity of constructive emotions exist, a person can take out time from his/her busy schedule, maintain the mental strength and keep it augmenting further by providing the nutrition of noble intentions. Such people not only interact with people who come to them but also induce deep emotions and empathy such that he/she gets ready to accomplish any task without a doubt.

In the medieval times, one member from each Rajput family used to join the Army. One member from each Brahmin family was given for the service of society (parivrajak). One member from each Sikh family would devote his life to social service. It is for this purpose they were made to taste Nectar, as a ritual of initiation (Diksha). This has been our tradition. It is on the same lines that millions of people joined the movement of Buddha and worked as Bhikshu for spreading Buddhism. Now, the clarion call of Mahakal is for doing something of such magnitude. As a first step, there is an urgent need to transform our thinking, character and behaviour in an extraordinary way. It is easier and faster to achieve the goal if there is more involvement from talented people. All those who can donate their time and resources- be it full, half full or quarter full –should do so and understand that the more he/she invests time in such meritorious and creative activities, the more fame and benefits he/she will reap.

There are occurrences of high and low tides from to time in the world. Sometimes the number of selfish, greedy, criminals and bad people increase in the society. They might derive some benefit for themselves but harm many people who are in their range of operations. This can be called as the demonic forces at work. However, when the tide changes its direction, there will be no dearth of highly evolved souls. Similar kinds of thoughts arise in the minds of several people and their collective power can achieve creative tasks with great efficiency and success that people around are left dumbstruck. It will not be an exaggeration if we call it as ‘Divine inspiration’. In the 21st century, we have to achieve the tough task of creating a new world. To be able to do this, we need Prakhar Pratibha’s (Intensified Talent) in large numbers. Huge number of people should work together to achieve the goal. When a storm or a typhoon strikes - leaves, twigs and dust particles reach high to the sky. The invisible


tide of Diviner inspiration will come forth such that a long troop of creative soldiers will come forward and achieve miraculous tasks. In Japan, the ruins left of the atomic bombing have been developed into a place much better than that of the other countries. Some countries like Russia, Germany and a few others have achieved miraculous results in a span of few decades. These achievements can truly be termed wonderful and unique.

The ruin and chaos that perversity has created over the last century is not hidden from anyone. Two World Wars were fought during this century. The pollution level has increased much more in this century than that of a few million years of the past put together. Forests have disappeared. The area of deserts increased. Crimes have been on the rise. The incidence of alcoholism, meat eating and prostitution has broken all previous records. Population has been increasing at an alarming rate. The general behavior of the common man has reached a level of corruption and one can conclude that the so called scientific, intellectual and economic progress has created more difficulties, dangers and terror. It is surprising how all this destruction was brought about in just one century.

It is now time for dawn after the dark night. Different kinds of tides will have their sway. Constructive emotions and empathy will be awakened in innumerable men and they will all think about creativity, service, progress and ideals. One will see a huge group of such people emerging. One cannot see a blade of green grass in summer but the moment rainy season starts, the Earth is covered with a green blanket. The Divine flow of the new era will expand it’s power in the subtle atmosphere. As a result of this, whoever having even a trace of emotion and empathy left in them, will invest a significant amount of their capability in creating the new era. The Divine flow will not let these to quote the excuse of lack of time or resources or convince others based on such excuses. The dawn of the 21st century is round the corner. By then we should develop small and big gardens of Prakhar Prajna and take them to such a level that they can be compared with a Divine garden (Nandavan) and one with lots of wish fulfilling trees.

The abundance of great people is Satyug. This is what is called heaven. Abundance of evil tendencies and its spread is called hell. It is because of such tendencies that hellish situations take birth. The defeat and downfall could be attributed to these situations. Along with transformation, noble intentions will increase. The enthusiasm of a new era will permeate the minds of everyone and the sway of Prakhar Pratibha will create its miraculous achievements everywhere. The power of this 4th talent will be called the supreme controlling principle (Adhishtathri) of the new era.


6. The four stage Yug dharm In the 21st century, there will be harmonious blend of 4 aspects in every person’s life. These 4 aspects are 1. Prudence (common sense) 2. Honesty 3. Responsibility 4. Courage These can be considered as the philosophical essence of the 4 Vedas. These will be the 4 pillars of Dharma. The new society and a refined environment will be created by adopting these 4 principles. The political science and the code of precepts will be founded on these 4 truths. Debased behavior and polluted emotions have flourished today only because we have neglected these principles. These problems can be corrected and the negativity be rejected only by establishing these 4 principles once again.

Prudence: By looking at the immediate gains and going after it, unmindful of its long-term harmful effects is imprudence. This imprudence is the fundamental reason behind many problems, difficulties, disasters and threats. If in the coming days, one can always be mindful of the future impacts of one’s present acts, then no one would have to face any type of difficulties. Also, nothing will happen which would lead into a dark future for all.

When birds see grains thrown around, they fall into the greed of easily gathering large quantities and as a result, will get caught in the net. A fish gets caught when it becomes greedy for the bait and loses its life. Similarly, insects burn their wings when they fly closer to the light without giving it a thought.

Unrestrained, dishonest and addicts look at the immediate benefits and forget that because of this haste, they would have to face the ill-effects the very next day. Those who are short-sighted can see objects in the close range only. They cannot see things afar. Hence, they stumble, bump into obstacles again and again and fall into ditches as they move around.

There are innumerable problems faced by people and the society. There is only one reason behind all of this – imprudence. Unrestrained, impatient, intoxicated people and egoists who give importance to extravagance look at instant gratification and forget how one’s character becomes sullied by losing honesty, by remaining incapable and by becoming slaves to bad habits. By remaining in an uncontrolled, impatient state, they damage themselves so much that it can never be rectified.

These days, imprudence has grown into an epidemic and is affecting one and all. Corrupt thinking and evil actions are a result of this. Thoughts give rise to circumstances. When the circumstances become undesirable, it creates many problems for oneself and others. It is true that man is a God who has lost his way. He is also the creator of his destiny. He has the complete capability to guide the flow of activities in vogue. Proper prudential guidance is the only way to reject all enticements pulling astray. There is need of the


perspective and sustained efforts (purusharth) of all intellectuals to be focused. If a balance can be found between – faith towards ideals, logic, facts and wisdom based on proofs – it should be assumed that not much is needed to navigate the boat out of the rough waters.

Honesty: Behaving with others in the same way as one expects others to behave with him/her – this is the complete definition of the word honesty. We expect affection, cooperation, cordiality and graciousness from others. Our behavior towards others should exactly reflect the same. All the examples of honesty are implied in assimilating this one truth in our behavior. If we dislike an action and yet show it in our actions towards others, it would be called dishonesty. We do not want anyone to deceive us, hurt us, be rude to us, be uncivilized towards us; then why should we show the same behavior towards others? If we were in the other person’s shoes, what behavior would we expect? We should judge all our actions from this perspective at all the times and in all fields and determine correctly if our honesty is indeed true or a farce? Honesty is Dharma. It should be understood that it is the essence of devotion, knowledge, spirituality, practice (Sadhana) and austerity (tapascharya). To understand it, there is no need to read number of books, or seek the guidance of learned ones. One’s conscience is the best judge in this context. We should keep asking ourselves again and again. We should judge ourselves what fraction of our actions are completely righteous. As many times as we pass this test, we are virtuous to that extent only. Even when we see others who are dishonest, we should avoid falling into this vicious cycle. All efforts should be made in convincing the dishonest to change their path, however, one should be aware and not fall down to the level of others who have fallen.

Responsibility: Man moves around in this world freely and as he wishes. But in fact, he is bound by many responsibilities. Many regulations (anushaasan) are imposed on him. Only when one adheres to regulations like – (keeping one’s body clean, following appropriate restrain in eating and indulgence of desires, keeping one’s mind delightful and in balance, having good thoughts, avoiding from getting into financial difficulties, performing his duties as a citizen, putting in continuous efforts to raise his family members to become worthy, self-dependent and cultured) – one can be happy and make progress in life. He can have a happy sphere of influence. On the other hand, those who turn away from these responsibilities get into immorality and suffer many difficulties.

Moving a step ahead from personal responsibilities to social responsibilities will also fall in the field of human dignity. The belief that “The entire world is one family” (Vasudhaika Kutumbakam) is regarded one among the great ideals. To share one’s grief and joy with others, living harmoniously with others, sharing one’s comforts is a way of life that not only brings respect and fame to the follower, but also inspires many others to follow such noble path.


The creator chose his eldest son as the prince of this world. He also gave man the responsibility of keeping the creation well-organized, joyous, progressive and cultured. Man can achieve his life goals only by fully involving himself in fulfilling his responsibilities. Based on this foundation, man can achieve the status of a Divine-man (DevManav). This opportunity is available only to men and not even to the Devatas. If man loses such an opportunity and gets stuck in the vicious cycle of greed, attachment and pride, then it would be a disastrous mistake. Such irresponsible behavior should not be seen in these days.

Courage: There was a time where defeating others or pushing them down were considered as acts of bravery. The strong would attack the weak and claim that they were competent and brave. These days, such activities are considered as acts that fall below the dignity of men. Tiger attacks and kills deers and rabbits. Big fish swallows smaller fish. Tyrants exploit the weak. A hawk keeps eating the eggs and little ones of birds. Why doesn’t anyone call it a hero? Dacoits, murderers and butchers are involved in killing and looting on a daily basis. Yet, have they ever been called brave by anyone?

The oldest and beyond words definition of bravery is ‘an act of courage where one’s greatness is exhibited and the image of the time, society and culture is forever refined’. This is the time for acts of such sustained efforts (Purusharth). There has never been a need as it is today to eradicate the non-righteousness and strengthen righteousness in the society. It is to be understood that whoever shows the courage and fights this war on the dual front of eradicating non-righteousness and strengthening righteousness, is the one who has understood the right act of this era (Yug Dharma) and has risen to the next level.

We can always see innumerable people involved in vice acts. There is no dearth of superstition and wickedness. Water flows down the slope and a stone when dropped falls down. The bad karma carried from the previous births always keeps pulling the person down into decadence. The present actions in vogue (Pravah Prachalan) are filled with wickedness. The influences of bad company and detrimental environment are not any less. The confluence of all these sway people to just live for satisfying one’s hunger and to lead a life of debauchery. The person who confronts all these and is eager to cloak himself in ideals of the highest order should be considered as a brave person in the truest sense.

Wicked people easily form gangs and co operate amongst themselves but the so called virtuous people are interested in only their work. They hesitate to come together and dedicate themselves for the benefit of the society. This one weakness in them nullifies all the other abilities and strengths. The lack of controlled and sensible anger is the basic reason for all this. It is courage which was shown by people who carried the Buddha’s message of transformation and those who participated in the Satyagraha movement of M.KGandhi and it is the work of courage that collected a vast number of people under its wings. Only those acts of courage that are similar to those shown by Hanuman and Angad are acclaimed. Great men belong to this echelon. By the virtue of their superiority and focus on the ideal (Paramarth Parayanata) they do such acts which appear as if they were assisted by some higher Divine power.


There are principles and rules of Theology, Spirituality and Philosophy that are laid clearly for the people to grasp. But people will remember only the differences and variations amongst these and fail to grasp the actual principles that are laid forth. However, in the coming days, all of these principles will change. In the four principles of Prudence, Honesty, Responsibility and Courage one can find the union of all principles of human excellence. By such a small set of principles too, it is possible to solve the problems of the era.

In the coming days, every intellectual person will have to participate in the process of self analysis one way or another. It should be analyzed and judged that amongst the 4 principles enunciated above, how much one has been able to assimilate it on one’s nature, inner self, in one’s thought and action. The analysis should also see how much effort is needed to achieve the assimilation? Whatever the deficiency and need are, every sensible person should work in the coming days on transforming and perfecting himself.


7. The deity of the next century – Sun In the entire universe we cannot find another planet which is as beautiful, organized and endowed with innumerable specialties as ours. One can visualize how heaven looks, but even there you cannot claim to have as many specialties and peculiarities as can be found on earth. That is why earth is called better than heaven (‘swargadapi gareeyasi’). Among the discovered planets and satellites of our solar system, there are many that are bigger than earth, but the harmony of natural beauty, flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere. A similar change of seasons is not possible anywhere else. And to top it all, can you find humans who are endowed with innumerable capabilities, specialties and powers.

When we try to understand the physical reasons as to why a small planet like earth has been endowed with life and such beauty, one of the primary reasons that emerges is the perfect distance between the earth and Sun. If this distance was lesser, then the planet would have been nothing but a fireball. If the distance was greater, then the planet would have frozen. This delicate balance in the distance between the Sun and earth is what has enabled such extraordinary happenings on this planet which is not seen anywhere else in the universe.

From theologians to scientists, everyone wholeheartedly accepts the truth in the statement ‘Sun is the soul of the world’ (Surya atma jagatah tasthushaca). Sun has been described as the master of earth and the relation between the Sun and earth is metaphorically compared to those of husband wife or that between lovers.

When sunlight pours on earth, vigor and valor runs through the land. Activity springs-forth in plants and animals. When the Sun sets, most activity comes to a halt and slowly tiredness, lethargy, sleep and idleness surround us. Wherever the rays of the Sun do not reach, dampness, decomposition, dullness and numbness make their way in. Germs start attacking such places. Wherever solar energy reaches, we can see that the place is strong and tough.

Sound, light and heat are considered the important elements of this world. Objects appear in a multitude of colors. Where does this color originate from? The answer is clear. The color of the object or plant depends on the waves that are absorbed and reflected back. Sun is the painter. He has created this riot of colors on this earth according to his plan and colored various parts of this planet in different colors.

Many minerals and chemicals are found on earth. These are used to build the body of plants and animals. These chemicals are created by the interaction between Sun and earth. These are also used as food. They are grown in the fields and are deployed according to their nature. Scientists claim that the root of all life force on earth can be traced back to the power of Sun. Scientists Angstrom and Huygens have proved that the Sun’s energy has the capability to produce elements like Sodium, Calcium, Barium, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Cobalt and Cadmium. The vital force that keeps a man healthy comes from the Sun. In the absence of this force, man becomes diseased soon.


In the human body, one can find many types of organisms, tissues, alkali, proteins, hormones, vitamins etc. When considered on a big scale, these are considered to be the gifts of nature. But only when we look into them in great detail, do we understand that this variety has been created so as to send definite amount of solar energy to specific parts of the body. What reactions are created when these interact with various units of the body? Only the reactions between chemicals are usually observed. In reality, the chemicals are also created out of solar energy itself.

When we search for the important reason for all the remarkable changes that have happened in animals, objects and weather in earth’s environment from the beginning of creation, we see that this is because of the interaction between the earth and the Sun and the differences in the reaction that arise out of this interaction. When the cause of change in the natural history of nature is looked into, it again boils down to the fine balance in the distance between Earth and Sun.

Even when we peer into the future, we again set our sights on the question how would the solar energy be used in the future? All major needs of man are dependent on energy. Energy is needed to cook; to bake bricks; manufacture cement, chemicals; to melt elements; for all means of transport based on water, land and air; to keep industries active; to pump water out of earth etc. The only possible option of supplying this energy need comes from the Sun.

One obvious facet of the Sun is his physical aspect which supplies light and heat. The other aspect of the Sun is his spiritual face. This face is capable of providing inspiration, light, courage, valor, enthusiasm to our inner world (Antahkaran). This aspect of Sun is called ‘Savita’ in spiritual terms. This Sun is not a lifeless ball of fire –instead –it is filled with active life force (Prana Shakti). When invoked it is capable of bestowing brilliance and splendor (Ojas, Tejas and Varchas) to the spiritual seeker (Sadhak). In Mahabharat, Kunti had invoked this power of Sun and had given birth to Karna. This power had manifested in Karna as his armor (kavach) and earrings (kundal) ( Kavach Kundal ). There are many other situations when miraculous capabilities have been acquired through the medium of Sun. The deity of Raghuvanshis was also Sun.

To refine the mind of the people, a need to foster intense talent (Prakhar Pratibha) is needed. In the creation of super-men, the power of consciousness (chetana shakti) of the Sun will be of great use. For this purpose, many souls of the highest order are conducting special experiments in their subtle bodies even now.

In the public domain, a similar experiment is being conducted at Shantikunj in this period of era transition (Yug Sandhi). This is the Mahapurascharan activity. This was started during the Sharad Navaratri of 1988 and continued till December 2000. Its Purnahuti (culmination of one Sadhana) was vast and unique in its own respect. Those who have faith in the science of Sadhana, came to Shantikunj to participate in the one month long or nine day long programs and became a part of this great experiment of Yuga sandhi purascharan.


The famous philosopher Arthur Kosler has talked about taking refuge in spiritual practices to protect one from radioactive radiations caused by nuclear weapons. He spoke about this in his discussions with the editor of the newspaper Blitz – Sri Russi Karanjia. This discussion was published in the famous magazine Navanit (March 1983). Speaking out his thoughts, he said that Gayatri Mantra, which is the mantra of Savitri and Sun, is more powerful than the nuclear weapons. He says that when the crores of Indians in the world chant Gayatri mantra in the same manner, the energy produced by this Anushthan ( collective Sadhana) would become a missile that would pierce the Sun and destroy the nuclear radiation.

Like the sages of the past, the present day philosophers will also realize that based on this immense power of Gayatri, it is possible to bring about purification, refinement and transformation in human nature. Surya Puran, Akshunyopanishad, Aditya hriday and others explain the various capabilities of Sun and specific practices are hinted which can bestow upon the body, mind and emotions such benefits from this power of Sun. There will be more research on this proposition that cannot be disputed will be validated with proofs. In the coming days, solar science will gain importance and it won’t be seen as just a physical energy source, but also will be used in psychological treatments. Already, the irrefutable proofs of the efficacy of practices like Surya Namaskar, Surya bhedan Pranayama, Suryopasthan are in front of everyone. This increases the belief in the power of Sun.

To those who have a strong faith in these theories, a universal Upasana has been described and is prescribed below – Early in the morning (Brahmi muhurt), cleanse your mind and body and meditate upon the rising golden Sun with your eyes closed. Visualize that the golden rays of the Sun are entering your body and your body is rising to the state of the moon. The moon receives Sunlight and showers us with the cool nectar like light. It should be understood that the rays of the Sun enter the sadhak and he is being filled with nectarine light (Amrit Jyothi). This light is spreading throughout the world and the entire environment is being filled with nectar like light inspiring matter and life. A beneficial environment is forming and all detrimental influences are vanishing.

Gayatri mantra is the mantra of Sun. Those who have faith on Gayatri can do a mental Japa of Gayatri mantra in addition to the above meditation. Those who cannot accept the usefulness of Gayatri, can continue the meditation without the mantra and just visualize the rays entering their bodies and the nectar like light spreading around.

The meditation can be practiced for just 15 minutes. It is easy for everyone to follow. It is hoped that if lakhs and crores of people meditate as given above with one emotion at the same time, then by the combined energy, the energizing aspect of the Sun (chetana paksh) would be showered on human society.


8. The determined (sankalpit) possibilities of Mahakal (Time) The importance of man’s reasoning, capabilities, determination, courage, exultation and the ability to exert sustained efforts (purushartha parayanata) is not any less. When a man is connected with these assets, even his ordinary looking activities rise to extraordinary level and the man begins to equal divine personalities. Yet, even these have their limits and their success is still measurable. When the will power icchashakti of the invisible current of progress links up with him, then transformation happens at such a rapid pace that one cannot help being surprised. The work that would not have been accomplished in thousands of years will be completed in decades, years and months. Not only is this invisible achievement accomplished easily, it is done under a special plan or inspiration. The goal of removing disorder and setting up order is closely connected with it.

When storms and whirlwinds pass through, along with dust, they also take away dirt that has been lying around for ages and deposits it elsewhere. Ditches get filled up and earth shows such zeal to become flat that it achieves what it wants in minutes. Hills in the deserts move from one place to another daily creating an impression that they fly! When the dense clouds rain, a large area of land becomes waterlogged. Haphazard huts are washed away and old trees fall down to the earth. Many such miracles occur which could not have been imagined a little while ago.

If you look at the recent past, it appears that circumstances are changing the traditions that have been prevalent since centuries. India threw away its slavery of thousands of years in a small time through small agitations. Landlords lost their lands and the masses became masters of the land. Looting, kidnapping and sale of people as slaves which was once a legal profession, is not seen anywhere now. In the olden days, there were practices like Sati, where wives and mistresses of a dead man were burnt or buried alive with the dead man. Now, not only are these practices not in vogue but also people have been banned to even speak in favor of these practices. The practice of untouchability does not exist in its old form anymore.

With the progress of science, railways; land, water and air transport; electricity etc have established themselves in all the corners of earth. Satellites have begun revolving around the earth. Radio and television are miracles in their own right. Rocket development has grown so much that now they can go from any part of the world to another. Robots have announced the displacement of human labor. Computers have started to challenge the intelligence of the human mind. The nuclear weapons are so powerful that they can annihilate this beautiful and bountiful earth in a matter of seconds. One is at the end of one’s wits looking at the terrific pace of progress.

This is the discussion of the past. If we look at the present, it becomes evident that as the tender blades of green grass emerge, the auspicious possibilities of the 21st century are peeping out. The need of the hour is voluntary refinement of personality. Miserliness and greed have become a part of the world, but it is becoming evident that someone is applying a control on them just as a mahout takes an agitated elephant under his control. This seems to be true even though we may not have people like the seven Rishis of Bhagirath,


Buddha, Shankaracharya, Dayanand Saraswati, Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi or Vinoba Bhave. In the present times there appears that there is an increasing loss of hope amongst people. It should be very well understood that destiny has not lost its abilities for transformation and transmutation. How can you ignore the roar of time (Mahakal) reverberating in all directions? At the onset of the dawn of Yug chetana how can you ignore the resplendence of the Sun? The possibility of the dawn of the new era is as wonderful as the descent of Ganga (Gangavataran). This time of era transition (Yug sandhi) is filled with upheavals.

In May 1989, the Panchayats of villages in India suddenly got special powers. The concept of rural independence (grameen swarajya) was a concept dear to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart right from the beginning. Many debates followed on this topic, many plans were also made, but no one believed that within the first few months of 1989, this revolutionary change would occur in such a simple fashion. Where does a transfer of power happen without bloodshed and rebellions? It was not acceptable to human minds as to how power can leave the rich and powerful and align itself with the downtrodden and backward people. But now that this change has come in, how could it be ignored? Times are changing and we can envisage great things lying ahead of us.

Do you think that after this event, the march of transformation would stop? No one should think otherwise. Farsighted people are already able to see the impact of this transformation. This transformation would nourish the co-operative movement and the contract of corruption would be on its way out.

It is said that middlemen swallow up 94% and the end consumer gets only 6%. On what basis is it possible to escape from this situation? How do you convince those who have tasted blood to desist from such activities? The only answer to this is to run the economy based on co-operation. When this happens, it would act as control like the reins of a horse, halter in a camel, the goad (ankush) of an elephant. When this happens, the lawlessness that has swallowed the plans of progress like an ever fattening crocodile cannot remain.

Looking at the far reaching effects of Panchayat raj on the governmental system can be called unprecedented. The co-operative movement is walking behind this revolution and once this becomes successful, the practice of middlemen embezzling money meant for people would be crippled even though it might take some more time to completely destroy corruption.

In the field of education, higher education has been stuck like a bone in the throat. Those who have the responsibility of running the society have remained uneducated and remained unrefined. This is a sad state of affairs. One cannot expect such a big system to work from just government money, particularly when those who want to read do not have an interest in gaining an education. This problem will be resolved in the coming days in the following way where every educated person would be made to educate one or two people around them.


When those who live off money earned by dishonest means are treated as criminals and rejected from the society and those who are honest are considered noble and given respect, in that environment, the society will also be cleansed. Hypocrites, dishonest and indolent probably save their skins by covering them in these cloaks.

Only the money received from honest means would be considered honorable and this would see the end of many practices like dowry, vulgar show of wealth, extravagance, pride etc. Those who otherwise find dignity in social prestige position would find dignity in manual labor. The elderly would also in their own way achieve so much that they would not have to face any disgrace but would employ themselves into something useful and remain healthier, calmer and feel more respected. Thieves and shirkers would be considered among the dregs in such a society.

The revolutions are dawning upon us one after another like the bogies of a train. Their fast pace is visible for everyone. Those people who give up their unwanted greed would have so much strength, time, thoughts and grandeur left over which they can employ it in the construction of the new era. They can see with their own eyes in this birth the dawn of the new era. The wish of destiny is that many among humans emerge talented. By the virtue of their character and action, they provide great inspiration to others.

These are few signs that will be seen that will lead to great progress like that of a seed growing to a tree to provides shade to many. These are the initial and necessary signs. Based on these, the load of problems besetting us today would become lighter. Even with these achievements, it would give an opportunity for the garden to grow where Divine flowers (Brahama Kamal) would bloom and Divine fruits (like Amar phal) would be found.

Every one of us should always remember that the mansion of the new era is being built and it will be completed. It should always be borne in mind that the coming time is entwined with the glorious future and those who come in the way of this glorious future would suffer.

The Divine Masters have taken a resolve to create the new era. There should not be any doubt in the completion of this task. “21st century – Glorious Future” is not just a slogan – behind it lies the intense resolve of the time (Mahakal). Its fulfillment will be seen in the form of refinement in talent. In the coming days, precious gems would be discovered in this coal-mine.


The summary of the process of transformation 

The wheel of time has moved at a rapid pace from the beginning of 19th century to the end of 20th century. The benefits and sufferings seen in these two centuries have been more than the thousands of years preceding them.

Inventions of extra ordinary importance have been discovered in the name of progress. Expounding of theories in support of intense intelligence, new decisions in the field of education and medicine, establishment of huge factories have happened in this time. Weapon making has emerged as a new industry. Space exploration is an achievement of this time. Many political revolutions occurred in this period. Many countries including India attained freedom. Many such achievements can be included in this list.

In the twentieth century, sadly, in the name of awareness and knowledge (avagati) much destruction has occurred. Two world wars happened in this time, Japan was destroyed by an atom bomb. Close to 100 wars have been fought on a small scale all over the world. Addiction has reached the depths, prostitution has ceased to be a sin and has become a part of daily life and these have damaged the family life. Population increased in an unprecedented manner, lack of control and immorality has become a fashion. A record number of natural calamities occurred in this period. Evil practices and superstitions have affected the civilized and uncivilized people.

There have been efforts to counter the unfavorable and hasten the progress, but there has been little success in this direction. The national reforms, efforts of the government and other organizations to better the society have not been successful enough to find a place in the history of time. On the whole, 20th century has been a bad deal which showed more destruction than construction. Futurologists have warned about this possibility long before. If one was to synthesize and analyze the ‘Seven Times’ of Christianity, ‘14th century’ of Islam, Bhavishya Puran etc, one is sure to see the impending destruction and danger.

The path of the cycle of time is such that it forms a circle by ascending from bottom to top. The destruction in 20th century will be compensated by 21st century in which creativity and progress will be seen while destruction will take a backseat. That is why the slogan ‘21st century – the glorious future’ is said to be indicative of those changes. It is true that this thought has been supported unanimously by several seers, futurologists, analysts and western talent. We definitely have to harbor the hope that the coming century will bring positive changes in the situations.

The transition between the day and night is said to be the time of ‘sandhi’ which corresponds to dawn and dusk. The early hours of morning is called ‘Brahma Muhurt’. It is believed that the last 12 years of 20th century (1989-2000) belong to this category. This period can be compared to the spring season that comes between winter and summer or the monsoon that comes in between summer and winter. In this period, one witnesses contradictory activities. One will see the ousting of evil forces and interest in developing creative activities.


The period of era-transition is believed to be extremely important. Sprouts grow from the central portion of the grain. The axle between the two wheels is what plays an important role in making the wheels move. At this time of boredom people start to get hungry and that’s how the stoves are lit. These days, during the middle of the yuga sandhi period, we will see new zeal emerging.

For fighting on these two fronts, people with intense talent will come forth and show a courage which will definitely be of extraordinary type. In normal times, activity is at a moderate pace, but during special times directed efforts must be exerted. It is very pleasant during the time of Sunrise. During this time, one can hear chirping of birds, blossoming of flowers, blowing of conches in the temple etc. Similar way, one can see new kind of activity in all fields.

People brimming with vitality will see new enthusiasm surging within them. Such people will be able to show their prowess in both fields of creativity and struggle. They will prove themselves to be as strong as Hanuman and Angad who had contributed significantly both in burning of Lanka and in the construction of Ramarajya. Innumerable people with such zeal will be seen. Creatures with little capabilities like monkeys, bears, squirrels, Shabari etc will also play a pivotal role. These talented people will play historical role of builders of the era. During these years of Yuga Sandhi, this enthusiasm will be seen surging forth. There will be decline in striving towards selfish desires and more interest in working for collective welfare.

We will see the signs of decline of inauspiciousness and the emergence of auspiciousness during this yugasandhi. New era will develop like a Banyan tree in the 21st century and will become so prominent and strong in a few years that it will surely be extolled as the ‘Golden Era’

The dawn of the new era will be like the churning of the ocean. Fourteen types of precious stones will emerge out of it in appropriate time. The demonic aspect of science and the divine aspect of spirituality take part in this churning. Nature will act as the Mount Mandara and human enthusiasm will work as the Vasuki. The invisible co-operation of the Divine inspiration will bear the weight of all this like the Kurmavatar.

Everyone is aware of the wonders that can take place with the three powers political, intellectual and money. The fourth power immense intellect will be born for the descent of new era. We can treat it as the emotions of idealistic nature. This will align with men and women who want to sanctify and change for the betterment of era.

The features of human that are real knowledge, truthfulness, responsibility, bravery gets the recognition as highest laws. The fundamentals of this will become the science of new era and will be brought into the day-to-day activities.


The flow of transformation will lower the destructive nature and supports the nature of friendship and peace. The countries like Iran, Iraq, Kampuchea, Namibia, Angola, Panama, and Nicaragua are freezing due to cold and the actions of ill minded areas changing.

The science will not be used for making of the battle equipment. We identify that there is no use of big cities and massive industries. The initiation of cottage industries in villages will set the new style and illuminates its future. Then the main focus will be on right knowledge, investment and analysis which will give solution to the important problems like pollution, congested cities, disorganization and unemployment.

The humans will acquire the needs of their progress through self motivation, without expecting the grace and donation they attain development in all fields with their involvement of time and money at no difficulties.

The transformations of sea water into drinking water, the utilisation of solar power are the main anticipations of the 21st century and the deserts will be turned into cultivated fields.

The unprecedented child births will be controlled by explaining the ramifications of overpopulation, the human power will be multiplied with the equalities between men and women in the forth coming centuries.

The importance of friendship and equality is understood and followed, the inequalities on the names of culture, place, language, nationality are going vanish, the mottos of one law, one world, one language are recognised and popularised with due respect.

Experts in the fields of poetry, arts and culture will make plans to enlighten and transform the feeling and thought process, the most important of all is the change in thoughtfulness, history, and nature of humans, in that the main focus will be towards the divine nature of human, and everyone shows their attention towards progress, denial nature towards the selfish attitudes, and the importance will be given to the achieving success of society and eternal bliss.

Only the few of the future possibilities have been express here. Based on the situations and beliefs the required transformation is seen, but who will achieve this? The answer to this is, by diverting the immense desire of awakened humans into this direction, they will hold their interest in transforming era at fore front, and will take the pride and appreciation as the historical creators of era.

Interest towards service and creativity will speed up in a stormy way, the activities of correction and the need of situations will be in accordance with required accomplishments, a group of ideal divine humans formed and will be role models to every humans those are dedicated and industrious, the end goal of this transformation will be achieved by the controller of this task, not only that and whoever did penance at each level will be benefited, and political, social, spiritual, finance institutions are not left out in receiving the benefits, everyone will achieve their fame as per their involvement.


There are very few that are without any activity and ridicule the possibilities of new era as an illusion. It is not new that some groups of people always resist and reluctant about the change but finally the creativeness succeeds and accolades goes to vision. The changes for re-entrant of new era will take place in the following days.

Their highness that will make this impossible as possible with the extent of their intellect shows the potential and vastness of the new era.

Introduction to Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya : A continuous flow of powerful literature dealing with the science of revolutions flowed from the pen of the great revolutionary visionary Pandit . Shriram Sharma Acharya a year before his “Mahaprayaan” (1989 – 1990) which has now become famous as “Kranti dharmi sahitya “.

According to our most adorable Master Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya himself told, these 20 books are – “The seeds of my “THOUGHT REVOLUTION” (Vichara Kranthi). If even a few of these seeds are scattered they will shake the people out of their slumber. They will change the map of the world.”

If the whole literature of the YugaRishi written in His entire lifetime dealing right from the art of living to very deep philosophical intricacies, social restructuring, scientific religion etc., be placed on one side of the scales and if these 20 books written following the style of aphorisms (heavily condensed Thought - Capsules) of the sages be placed on the other, these will outweigh them – Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Param Pujya Gurudev, the founder of Gayatri parivar has given clear instructions that anyone can print and distribute this priceless literature at cost following the norm “No profit – No loss”. This is the second book from the set of 20 Kranthi Dharmi Sahitya


KDS2 - 21st Century Bright Future  

KDS 2 - 21st Century Bright Future

KDS2 - 21st Century Bright Future  

KDS 2 - 21st Century Bright Future