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ZEITGEIST the spirit of the times at texworld usa

JANUARY 22-24, 2018 NEWS FROM THE SHOW FLOOR Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA return to the Javits Center in New York City for winter 2018 We are extremely excited for Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA to return for its winter 2018 edition. The show will open its doors to visitors and exhibitors alike on Monday, January 22th and will continue through Wednesday, January 24th. Over a span of three days, visitors will have the opportunity to network directly with top tier suppliers from across the globe, attend a multitude of free educational sessions - complete with new “Explore the Floor� - all under one roof. In addition to taking advantage of this one-stop-shop business platform, visitors and exhibitors will also have direct access to curated color, fabric and apparel trend areas and new industry resources. Texworld USA Winter 2018 will once again take place alongside Apparel Sourcing USA. A single badge grants attendees access to both shows, complimentary educational seminars and valuable industry resources. We hope to see you in January 2018 in New York City!



Jung An Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd - Booth N07

Jung An Synthetic Fiber was established in 1994 as a corporation based on the extensive and accumulated technological capability and experience of its mother company, Jung An Fiber, which had developed a variety of products with a focus on synthetic fiber for over 30 years. Their product offering includes 100% polyester, wool dobby, charmeuse, yoryu, koshibo and more.

HN Two Inc. - Booth L05

HN Two Inc. originally opened in 2002 by Vincent Sung (D.H. Sung) as a small manufacturer but soon grew to be known for its fancy rayon knit and quality fabrics, with the idea of “better quality, better ideas, and better service”. The company continues to develop items for every season in the European and US markets. HN Two Inc.’s main products include silky polyester, wovens, viscose, modal, cupra, Tencel, acetate, rayon and more.


VISIONLAND is a fabric and garment manufacturing company established in 1995, exporting shirts, blouses, jackets and pants as well as textile piece goods to global markets. The mission of VISIONLAND is to provide satisfaction and sustainable growth to all partners and employees for eventual pursuit of human-beings’ happiness via textiles. Their main products include Tencel, Lyocell, organic cotton, ingeo, sorona and other recycled synthetic fabrics. Their main focus is on preserving the environment and being as “green” as possible when creating their products. Notable customers include GAP, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and more.

TA I WA N Superwill Industry Co., Ltd - Booth L35

Superwill Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1999 and is known for its novelty circular weft knit fabric development. Something special about Superwill, is that they can combine thick-thin, ombre, and jacquard on the same piece of fabric. Thick-thin and ombre are done by a special knitting process.

Jingletex - Booth L34

Jingletex Development Co., Ltd. is devoted to supplying functional and innovative knitting fabrics. The quality item – JD-235D is a new development fabric used in leggings for running and yoga. Often when people exercise, they stretch the solid face, revealing the neon pattern and color from the back side of the fabric. Jingletex Development Co., Ltd’s new JD-235D innovation keeps leggings comfortable and better suited to sports.

Everest Textile Co., Ltd. - Booth M52

Everest Textile Co., Ltd was established in 1988 and is known for its functional fabrics catering to outdoor, sport, and lifestyle apparel collections. They are one of the few textile manufacturers vertically integrated from yarn, fabric weaving, dyeing, printing and garment manufacturing.

HONG KONG Kee Zippers Corporation Ltd. - Booth N47

Kee Zippers Corporation Ltd. specialize in zipper design, development and production. KEE are delighted to offer material analysis, environmental friendly production, module design and development to its customers.

Heng Li String And Braid Ltd. - Booth M53

Heng Li String and Braid Ltd was established in 1993. Its head office is situated in Hong Kong with production facilities in the area of the Guangdong Province. Heng Li String and Braid Ltd specializes in manufacturing various kinds of webbing and trims for garments and sewn goods. Notable cutomers include Nike, The North Face, Columbia and Lululemon

CHINA Zhejian Matsui Textile Co., Ltd. - Booth C10

Established in 2004, Zhejiang Matsui Textile Co., Ltd. is located in one of the largest textile distribution centers in Asia. With their good location, they primarily focus on combining product design and development, process innovation and cost control to their manufacturing and supply chain operation. Their nationwide manufacturing and distribution systems allows them to deliver quality products at the lowest possible price. Focusing on fashionable and casual woven fabrics, they develop 100-200 new items each season which include Tencel, Tencel denim, bamboo, oupro, rayon and synthetics

JANUARY 22-24, 2018


Nicole Giordino Founder of StartUp FASHION Tell us a bit about your story and why you started StartUP FASHION. I have a background in textile design—I went to school for weaving. When I graduated, I launched a business making women’s accessories with my handwoven fabric. This was in 2003, and there wasn’t any kind of support for an emerging brand, or any group of other designers who were willing to share, and learn from each other. Over the years, I learned a lot about what goes into building a selffunded business. I also learned the fashion industry needed a new model. The traditional way of doing things, where no one wanted to share information or talk about the struggles was not working anymore. So much was changing in the world because of technology and the industry was stagnant. I wanted to create a place for the next generation of designers; a place for them to find their people, figure out what kind of business was right for them, and learn how to take the steps for building it. So, what began a little-known blog that no one read, has since grown into a respected blog with an audience of hundreds of thousands of fashion designers, a membership community of 500 global brands, and a thriving business. How does StartUP FASHION help independent designers and what resources do you provide? First, we offer our blog, which has a wealth of free information, advice, and tips for running a fashion business as an emerging or independent brand. Beyond that, we offer brands that want more support and more step-by-step information, the ability to become members of StartUp FASHION. Through membership, we are a community and a support system for emerging and independent designers. When a designer becomes a member of StartUp FASHION we provide them with access to an extensive library of business resources. Templates, workbooks, videos, and guides... all focused on various business topics ranging from sourcing and operations to marketing and sales. We compliment the business guidance with peer-to-peer mentorship. We connect independent designers from all over the world to one another so that they can share, compare notes, ask questions, give feedback, and be among others who get exactly what they’re going through, because they’re going through it, too! Information and resources are important. But just as important are encouragement and feeling understood. As business owners, when you’re provided with all of that, you’re one major step closer to reaching your goals. We are providing that. What do you believe makes a successful business in the fashion industry? A business is successful when you’re reaching the goals you’ve put in place for yourself. Success is different for everyone. Some people focus solely on financial success, but I’m a big believer in building a business around the life you want. It’s important to take the time to think about what success means for you, rather than comparing yourself to others. If your business is making it possible for you to live the life you want to live, then you are successful. Where can visitors find out more about StartUP FASHION? Our blog, which is full of helpful fashion business advice can be found at Membership information can be found at and we’re on Instagram everyday @startupfashion

“I wanted to create a place for the next generation of designers; a place for them to find their people, figure out what kind of business was right for them, and learn how to take the steps for building it.”



11:00AM FASHION 101: HOW TO START A FASHION LINE Mercedes Gonzalez, Founder and Director - Global Purchasing Companies Back by popular demand, learn from this practical and insightful crash course on how business is really done. This workshop is geared towards helping the new fashion designer, production person, and even retailer who wants to start their own private label line. Find out how to learn your market, analyze your product, and start your brand the right way.

11:00AM THE KEY TO CONFIDENCE: CONSUMERS AND TEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY Anna Czerwinska, Head of Marketing & Communication - International OEKO-TEX® Association Consumer awareness of and interest in textile sustainability may be on the verge of a tipping point. Consumers are starting to think more about harmful substances, environmental impact, and social responsibility with regard to the clothes and home textiles they buy. OEKO-TEX will review key findings of their recent, leading-edge consumer research study with more than 11,000 consumers around the world. Learn about these growing concerns and proven ways to build trust with consumers.

1:30PM MINTMODA TREND TALES & STREET TRIBES SS19 Sharon Graubard, Founder and Creative Director - MintModa Join MintModa as they dig deep to uncover the drivers — emotional, aesthetic, cultural, and historic — behind the trends. Each trend tale is complete with actionable key items, must-have fabrics/prints and color palettes that will inspire relevant and desirable apparel and accessories for Spring-Summer 19 and beyond. MintModa is an online forecasting and consulting service. Their visually rich content, curated approach and inspiring storytelling enable trend-right product for all fashion and design-related industries. 3:00PM SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY & TRANSPARENCY + EXPLORE THE FLOOR* Moderator: Jeff Wilson, Sr. Business Development Manager – Sustainability NSF International Edward Hertzman, Founder & CEO - Sourcing Journal Dr. Leonardo Bonanni, Founder & CEO - Sourcemap Megan Meiklejohn, Sustainable Materials & Transparency Manager - Eileen Fisher, Inc. Join Sourcing Journal, Sourcemap, Eileen Fisher, Inc. and NSF International for an introduction on the process of chain of custody. Learn how this process works today, why there are challenges, and the cost. What solutions lie ahead for improvements in credibility, integrity and efficiencies?

TUESDAY JANUARY 23 11:00AM SPRING/SUMMER 19 TRENDS FOR WOMEN’S & JUNIOR MARKETS PRESENTED BY TREND COUNCIL Nicole Rodill, Trend Consultant - Trend Council Join Trend Consultanta, Nicole Rodill, for a discussion on the most important colors, patterns and materials of the season for women’s and junior markets.

1:30PM SOCIAL MEDIA & GLOBALIZATION Bogdan Enica, ESQ., Canadian-American Attorney - Fashion Law Boutique Bogdan Enica of Fashion Law Boutique walks us through on working with influencers and celebrities; internet etiquette and how to protect your brand online in the Social Media era. 3:00PM THE IMPORTANCE OF A CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR THE FUTURE OF FASHION + EXPLORE THE FLOOR* Moderator: Arthur Friedman, Senior Editor - Sourcing Journal Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development, Denim - Lenzing Fibers, Inc. Celeste Lilore, Director of Industry Engagement - Textile Exchange Jessica Schreiber, Founder - FabScrap Noor Zakka, Founder - Noorism 80% of the clothing we throw away ends up in landfills. An estimated 50 million tons of apparel are thrown away every year. What are the ways your company can bring value making the transition to circular economy? What are the economic opportunities with less material and energy consumption?

JANUARY 22-24, 2018

1:30PM MICROPLASTICS AND ENVIRONMENT - QUANTIFYING THE IMPACT Ben Mead, Managing Director for Hohenstein Institute Americas Hohenstein Institute Dr. Jan Beringer, Head of R&D Department of Function and Care Hohenstein Institute

As a highly regarded applied research laboratory, Hohenstein engages in many projects to quantify the performance and environmental impact of fabrics. One such project currently underway, evaluates the effect of laundering on the quantity and types of microplastics potentially present in waste streams. Hohenstein is applying proprietary state-of-the-art technology and testing methods to thoroughly analyze microplastics in industrial laundry effluents. In addition to defining the real situation, the test will also explore the washing process for opportunities to minimize microplastics emissions. 3:00PM POSITION SOURCING FOR THE NEXT SUSTAINABILITY SHIFT: THE IMPACT OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGS) ON SOURCING COUNTRIES AND GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS Caterina Conti, Ambassador - Textile Exchange

Leading brands and retailers are adopting the SDGs as a new framework for sustainability and risk management along with the top sourcing countries around the world. Learn about the opportunities and impacts for brands and their suppliers and how this new framework redefines sustainability for the industry. In addition to defining the real situation, the test will also explore the washing process for opportunities to minimize microplastics emissions.

Thank you to Lenzing Fibers, Inc. for organizing our WINTER 2018 Seminar Series

TEXTILE TALKS - HALL 1E MONDAY JANUARY 22 12:00PM HOW TO DESIGN YOUR INCREDIBLY DETAILED CUSTOMER PROFILE TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS + MAKE MORE SALES Nicole Giordano, Founder - StartUp FASHION Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion on how to do market research and get specific about the lifestyle of your customer, discuss what a customer profile looks like, and how to use your customer profile to build customer relationships and how that converts to sales. 2:00PM SUSTAINABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY IN APPAREL WITH MEGAN MEIKLEJOHN OF EILEEN FISHER Megan Meiklejohn, Sustainable Materials & Transparency Manager - Eileen Fisher Meet Megan Meiklejohn, Sustainable Materials and Transparency Manager for Eileen Fisher, and learn more about their goals, steps towards transparency, and important tips for sourcing sustainably.

TUESDAY JANUARY 23 12:00PM HOW TO SHAPE YOUR FASHION BRAND PERSONALITY TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS + BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Nicole Giordano, Founder - StartUp FASHION Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion on what brand personality really means, how to evaluate and create your brand personality, and how to use it as a tool for creating relationships with customers that eventually translates to sales. 1:00PM PRATT BROOKLYN FASHION + DESIGN ACCELERATOR’S TEK TILES PROJECT + EXPLORE THE FLOOR* Deberah Johnson, Executive Director - Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator The TEK-TILES® project is a two year investigation in advanced apparel manufacturing. Its purpose is to create a taxonomy of manufacturing methods that will speed the cycle of innovation and the development of garments that support health and well being, improve worker safety and performance and examine culture through fashion. Imagine an exercise glove for a stroke survivor that “talks” virtually to his physical therapist, and a shoe insert that predicts a foot ulcer well ahead of time for a woman with diabetes, or a hotel housekeeping uniform that ensures proper rest over the course of a work-shift and prevents back injuries. The BF+DA has begun to explore these potentials for human application and established new production processes to accommodate the constraints of each material. In collaboration with the BF+DA’s s.LAB, the TEKTILES® project will continue to explore the opportunities for social impact as well as the sustainability in the supply chain and design of smart garments and wearable technology. 2:00PM “INFINITE” - SPRING / SUMMER 2019 TREND INSPIRATION PRESENTATION FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON + EXPLORE THE FLOOR* Louis Gerin, Art Director - Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA This unmissable & ultra popular of the show inspirational presentation Seminar will Introduce Creative minds to the Leading trend themes of the season; as well to the upcoming rising Aesthetics. Decrypted by Texworld Trend Team: Moods, Color Alliance, Color Palette, Texture & Specific Aspects of the season, will be decoding for the well-informed audience. Texworld Inspiration book is today one of the leading industry world reference for trend forecasting. Texworld trend table Incept the fashion world with their advanced decryptions of our world. An unmissable of the show.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24 11:00AM SURVEYING TODAY’S FASHION PROFESSIONALS: DESIGN DEVELOPMENT, SAMPLE FITTINGS AND FIT ISSUES IN RETAIL Andrea Kennedy - Fashiondex A presentation and discussion with Andrea Kennedy of Fashiondex on how sample garments are fit before they are cut and sewn for production and how that affects returns and markdowns in retail. Andrea will also discuss the results of an industry survey that was recorded from October 2016, through August 2017, which over 300 designers and fashion professionals took regarding their views on fit. They will display charts of the responses to each survey question and examine the results through the lens of sustainability, as well as discuss how we can use the information gained in the survey to respond and innovate in order to create better-fitting and more responsible garments. 12:00PM HOW TO CREATE YOUR WHOLESALE STRATEGY TO LAND NEW ACCOUNTS AND SURPASS YOUR SALES GOALS Nicole Giordano, Founder – StartUp FASHION Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion on what a wholesale strategy looks like, as well as how to plan outreach accordingly, and the best practices for following up. Lastly, Nicole will discuss how to build relationships with buyers to successfully get designers collections into new stores and foster repeat orders. 1:30PM THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS THAT DRIVE MILLENNIALS TO PURCHASE FAST FASHION LIM College Students: Francesca Crognale, Kristin Gillman, Caroline Giraldo, Aoife Guiteras, Nina Ibarria, Carly Kenney, Mariel Lemair, Pamela Minickene, Jarred Shango A look at the psychological factors that have driven the success of fast fashion and a class-created survey of Millennial students, their shopping habits, and their knowledge of the impacts of fast fashion. The survey results will be presented with proposals for change by students of LIM College and Fashion Merchandising Chair, Terry Burstein, Ph.D.

*NEW! EXPLORE THE FLOOR - GUIDED TOURS Introducing for Winter 2018, our new Explore the Floor series. Join industry experts on an exclusive, guided tour where attendees will have the opportunity to meet new exhibitors and learn about different companies and what they offer – all on the show floor.

MONDAY JANUARY 22 - 4:00PM SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY & TRANSPARENCY Explore the Floor with Jeff Wilson, Sr. Business Development Manager of NSF International, as he highlights exhibitors focusing on sustainability. This tour will occur after the seminar session at 3:00PM. TUESDAY JANUARY 23 - 1:00PM TEK- TILES PRESENTATION Join TEK-Tiles for an exclusive guided tour with Debera Johnson, Executive Director of BF+DA, where attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Tek-Tiles exhibit on the show floor. TUESDAY JANUARY 23 - 3:00PM THE IMPORTANCE OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOR THE FUTURE OF FASHION After this seminar take a guided tour highlighting Elite Exhibitors who have sustainable business practices and products - all on the Texworld USA show floor. WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24 - 11:00AM “INFINITE” - SPRING / SUMMER 2019 TREND INSPIRATION PRESENTATION FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON Join Texworld Art Director, Louis Gerin for an intimate guided tour in the Texworld USA Showcase area in Hall C to learn and discuss the vision for spring/summer 2019 trends.



Tricia Carey - Director of Global Business Development, Denim - Lenzing Fibers, Inc. We know Lenzing Fibers is an industry leader in the sustainably conscious fiber industry, but what else would you like a) buyers and b) end users/consumers to know about Lenzing Fibers? Lenzing does not just make sustainable fibers, but strives to add value right through to the consumer level. Our global Business Development team covers all the major textile sourcing regions so we can be certain there is an understanding of what our fibers are, how they can best be used, where they can be sourced, and more. Additionally we have a Technical Customer Support (TCS) team to work at the mill level for support from spinning through garment making. We take innovation quite seriously and have opened our Hong Kong Innovation Center this year. Our local, direct contact with the supply chain is key to building programs for a complex textile supply chain. We don’t just stop at the supply chain, we bring our message to the end consumer too. In September 2017 we launched an online denim shop to complement our denim blog, Carved in Blue. This is where we can tell the stories about our fibers, customers and brands while providing a platform for consumers to buy products with our fibers. We also started a Gift with Purchase program in Europe with an activewear brand so the customer can experience our fibers. Additionally, we have co-marketing programs with brands to educate the consumer about our fibers because we realize today’s consumer is quite uninformed. We don’t just make fibers, we provide a full service package and consumer connection. What are some industry publications and websites that you personally turn to for insight into the fashion and retail industries? I enjoy reading a variety of websites and publications to keep up-todate on our global business and try to find inspiration. Some of the websites I regularly read include: Sourcing Journal, Rivet, Eco Textile News, Sportswear International, Business of Fashion, and WWD. There is also an excellent weekly newsletter from NCTO (National Council of Textile Organizations) which has insight regarding USA supply chains. I really like the format of “The Spin” from Textile Wirtschaft because it is more conversational and connects the dots. On the old fashion side, I still appreciate a print edition in hand and turning pages with my subscriptions to Fast Company, Monocle and Instyle. I usually only read headlines during the week and then catch up on reading in the evening or weekends!

“Lenzing does not just make sustainable fibers, but strives to add value right through to the consumer level.”

In your opinion what are the biggest trends for spring / summer 19? Pattern is back in a big way due to the influence of couture fashion. There are always some prints in spring, but for Spring/Summer 2019 there will be even more bouquets of flowers and mix of colors. In casualwear I see the influx of more color into bottoms. This was apparent from streets in Europe and I believe the time is right for more colors. Denim will move away from such distressed looks we have been seeing and into more tailored silhouettes with coulottes and dresses in a variety of wash treatments. For activewear, we will continue to see the fusion of fiber blends and fabric mixes for lifestyle dressing. While this category is so broadly defined, I do see more emphasis on comfort and fit. Let’s keep feeding the fashion cycle with new technologies and quality products that excite the consumer more than the latest smart phone! With regards to global sourcing, what is a region that you think buyers / fabric sourcing professionals should pay more attention to? There are two regions I think buyers should pay more attention for sourcing alternatives. The first is Central America due to its speed to market and expanding fabric base. I am going to stretch this region a little further south into Peru. The knit products from Peru are incredible with the quick response and quality needle needed. Time is money in our business with assortments and inventory management. The other region is Vietnam. Even without TPP, this region has a large amount of investment, as well as access to quality fabrics.

JANUARY 22-24, 2018

JANUARY 22-24, 2018


Winter 2018 show visitors will have the opportunity to explore our Resource Row on the show floor, a value-ad for attendees searching for complimentary industry resources, including business development tools, recycling solutions, trend forecasters and textile education materials. Stop by Hall 1D on the lower level to visit our Winter 2018 Resource Partners:



Booth F37 AboutSources provides information for apparel, accessory, and home products designers, manufacturers and buyers who are looking for resources in North America.


Booth K36 Bright Label is a platform that leverages mobile technology and digital labeling to help brands dramatically increase transparency, enhance customer engagement and tell the stories behind their products.


Booth F22 The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA), a Pratt Institute initiative, is a hub for ethical fashion and design that provides design entrepreneurs, creative technologists and industry professionals with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful, triple bottom line businesses.


Booth K34 FABSCRAP provides convenient pickup of textile waste from commercial businesses in NYC, including: fashion brands, interior designers, tailors, cutting rooms, and the entertainment industry. FABSCRAP is building an engaged network of students, artists, crafters, emerging designers, and industrial processors to reuse and recycle fabric scraps and utilizes new technologies to maximize diversion from landfill.


Booth F31 Fashiondex is an apparel industry publisher and consultant specializing in up-to-date, on-line, in-person and in-print sourcing, design, production, and sustainable fashion information since 1992.


Booth F33 Fashion Mingle is a fashion tech startup that is pioneering a powerful networking platform for fashion industry professionals. They believe that growing a successful fashion business begins with a strong local fashion community. Currently active in 33 cities, and with over 70 categories, their network connects fashion entrepreneurs in every major city with the professionals needed to grow everyone’s business.


Booth I22 FIT Bookstore is the go-to destination for informative and educational books, guides and workbooks for designers, textile artists, fashion industry professionals and more.


Booth F27 Heisel is a lifestyle/streetwear/fashion brand and design lab for 3D printed wearables. Heisel uses new technology-based materials and manufacturing methods to make sustainable clothes, accessories, and wearables.


Booth K32 The design industry has a supply/demand problem. Designers struggle to find high end raw materials.  And factories and brands around the world struggle to sell the quality excess stock that currently sits in a warehouse and eventually makes its way to a landfill.  Queen of Raw and its online marketplace provides the bridge.


Booth K40 THR3EFOLD is an ethical fashion brokerage connecting brands to ethical factories around the world making it easier to find a quality factory with a trusted supply chain.


Booth K28 Trend Council is an affordable subscription based online trend tool for busy designers and fashion professionals delivering expert analysis and design inspiration.

A true style icon. Stop by the returning SPOTLIGHT display area in Hall D, where we’ve highlighted the best in denim textiles and manufacturing from our wide list of exhibitors.

FEATURED DENIM EXHIBITORS: HEBEI XINDADONG TEXTILE CO. LTD. Booth S58 Hebei Xindadong Textile Co. Ltd offers customers an assortment of cost-effective denim in a variety of styles as well as providing each customer with the upmost quality service and products. They supply 10 series of more than 2,000 varieties of OZ pure cotton denim to its customers, including denim made of organic cotton, bamboo fiber, Tencel and Model. M AND I GUANGZHOU IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE CO. LTD. Booth S52 M and I Guangzhou Import and Export Trade Co. Ltd is a large-scale private manufacturing enterprise, owning 3 yarn mills and 1 denim mill with over 3000 employees. Annual output in the coming 5 years will increase to 60 million yards of denim. We are excited to welcome such expertise to our show floor. GUANGZHOU ZHONGYUAN TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Booth I27 Guangzhou Zhongyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a fashion fabrics supplier, founded in 2004, located in the International Textile City, Haizhu district, Guangzhou. As a well-known technology fabric enterprise in China, they have the cooperation with the world’s leading textile science and technology enterprises. Their product offering includes denim, cotton, knits, prints, and linens.



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JANUARY 22-24, 2018



Register now at:



Register now at:

Texworld USA | 3200 Windy Hill Rd | Suite 500 West | Atlanta, GA, 30339 | USA


ABOUT TEXWORLD USA Over the past decade, Texworld USA has become the premier sourcing event on the East Coast for apparel fabric buyers, research and product development specialists, designers, merchandisers and overseas sourcing professionals. This international business platform offers a wide product range covering the entire fabric spectrum. From casual cotton to functional fabrics and sophisticated knits to intricate laces, each season attendees discover textiles of innovative structures, material mixes and color palettes.


MON - TUES 10AM – 6PM WED 10AM – 4PM


Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Winter 2018  
Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Winter 2018