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Repetitive Figures


Emily Wolfe Embroiderer


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Project Statement - Repetitive Figures       Repetitive figures explores repetitive, layered imagery influenced by fashion illustration.

Shadow. Bold. Layers. Linear. The project considers drawing, CAD and embroidery techniques in relation to two simple fashion illustrations explored with a 150 drawing project. By repeating two illustrative figures in different thicknesses of pen and stitch on varied transparency’s of paper and materials each figure takes it’s own identity whether this be bold, linear or in the shadows. Each figure gives impact individually and additional impact as a collective.






Personal Statement

I am a creative and passionate embroider who enjoys exploring with a variety of techniques within textiles. Attention to detail is a vital consideration within my practice and I am constantly trying to challenge myself and my practice. Design and making equally drive my embroidery as both creative processes are important for my practice. Experimenting with materials is a current interest within my practice as I find it fascinating how materials can be manipulated in ways that would not be expected.



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Emily Wolfe



Emily Wolfe  
Emily Wolfe