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Butler Breeders Invitational...20 Years and Counting By Kaso Kety

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48 Nominate deserving TLBAA Members today! An Unexpected Life With Longhorns One man’s 50 passion starts his family on an unplanned journey with Longhorns. TLBAA Special Awards Criteria

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EDITOR’S NOTES WHAT WE ARE ABOUT Social media can be a wonderful thing, especially for Longhorn breeders wanting to connect, build relationships, and promote their cattle. In this month’s issue, we feature a TLBAA member’s journey with Longhorns starting on page 50. The concept of the article came from a Facebook post about something we all think about; how did they come up with their brand? In asking the question, the writer hinted that there was a special story behind their journey with Longhorns, beyond the origin of their brand. I’m so glad I found out more and I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did. Warning, you may experience loud bouts of laughter followed by tears when reading this heartwarming story. Part of what makes fellowship so strong among Longhorn breeders is their emotional connection with these unique animals and the people who own them. That fellowship was seen in abundance at the 30th Annual Texas Longhorn Exposition held in Fort Worth on June 8-11, 2017. Just by walking through the cattle barn, you experience people who are warm, welcoming and eager to talk about their Longhorns! With a record breaking 500 entries, our Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow youth and adults alike enjoyed competition in the show ring and in our Texas Gold Futurity. We closed out the event at the World Show Banquet where we recognized the success of our exhibitors, breeders, and our hardworking youth. Turn to page 18 for full results, event photos and coverage. Another article that displays the ardent desire to preserve what we love is found on pg. 10 in the history of the Butler Breeders Invitational Sale. For 20 years, this sale has not only served to promote and preserve one of the original seven families, it is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and I’ve been told an amazing spread of food second to none. “News on the Trail” highlights several individuals that are helping to promote the breed, from winning awards to a museum whose centerpiece is a herd of Longhorns, even a talking Longhorn painting. Read more starting on pg. 46. And then, yes, we are admittedly about horns. Join us in Lawton, OK, to take part in the TLBAA Horn Showcase & Sale, where size does matter! Don’t be fooled, while folks are certainly proud of the horns these magnificent animals grow, they are equally passionate about the animals themselves. If you’re not quite ready to take one home from the sale, you can participate by entering your cattle in the measuring and futurity classes, forms due 8/21/17. Looking for a deal on semen? Bull Alley is always a favorite with semen specials only available at the 2017 HSC! This weekend event offers Longhorn breeders the opportunity to learn more about the gentle nature, the excellent mothering ability and the longevity that is prized just as much as horn growth. You still have time to participate! Turn to pages 39 & 43 for entry forms. Can’t make it to Lawton? Attend one of our 30 satellite locations, see pg. 40 for details or visit our website for full event information. There is lots to see and do October 5-8 at the TLBAA Horn Showcase. Come be a part of it! Blessings,

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August 24th Herd Health

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BUTLER BREEDER’S 20 Years and Counting…

Labor Day Weekend, 2017, will mark the 20th anniversary for the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale. This historic milestone for one of the industry’s most popular and unique Texas Longhorn Sales provides an excellent opportunity to look back at the sale’s history as well as the state of the Butler bloodline yesterday, today and tomorrow.

bitten” Longhorn cow. This white, speckled cow with red ears, red rings around the eyes and nose, and red specks on her ankles became the first source of the color trait many people refer to as “Butler color.” Henry once described her as a medium-sized cow with a double twist corkscrew horn shape. In his search for outside Longhorn blood, Milby purchased five cows from Esteban Garcia of Encino, Texas. These cattle were not of the East Texas variety, but were true Mexican cattle. They came off of a dry desert and had been living on cactus most of their lives. They had callouses on their knees and hocks from getting up and down on rocks and cactus. Their mouths were BUTLER BLOODLINE HISTORY so full of pear spears that their muzzles looked like the Milby Butler, born in 1889, was a cowman at birth backs of porcupines. When the cattle were shipped to with a Brahma cow registered in his name when he was the Butlers at League City, only two of the five survived. one week old. Initially, Milby’s primary interest was the Although of an entirely different bloodline, these cows family’s excellent Brahman herd. It was his son, Henry, bore the “Butler” trait of who actually started the large, corkscrew horns. Longhorn herd, beginOne of the two, a red ning with cattle he had cow with a white star received for working as on her forehead, was a hand during the cattle among the longhorns roundups on the open loaned to John Wayne rangeland between for use in the film, The Houston and GalvesAlamo. Subsequently ton, Texas. From the christened “Miss John time he was ten-yearsWayne,” this cow lived old, Henry helped with to be 37 years old, giving the roping and brandbirth to 12 bulls and no ing and took his pay in heifers. These sons were heifers. “I always took used as outcross Longthe big-horned ones,” horn blood on the origiHenry said. Their origin nal Butler herd. Milby was “just old, big-horned East Texas cattle.” These Beauty - Milby Butler’s favorite cow and the queen of the Butler bloodline had Miss John Wayne’s head mounted after she died, and it now resides in the became an important part of the Butlers’ foundation Butler Longhorn Museum in League City, Texas. herd. The Butler family also ran an extensive stock The Butlers used many white and roan bulls as herd pen and slaughterhouse business. The best cattle were sires. The main cow herd had been dominated by the sifted out over the years and retained for the growing solid colors common in most herds of the day. By Longhorn herd. breeding white bulls on solid cows, many unusual and In 1923, Milby separated the Longhorns from the rest outstanding colors resulted in the offspring. In conof his cattle. While he was very interested in preserving versations with Sam Partlow, F.M. “Blackie” Graves and the native Longhorns, it was not until Henry was away Dewitt Meshell, they all remember the Milby and Henry in the service during World War II that Milby took an Butler herd as filled with cattle of every color imaginactive interest in raising the cattle. He soon assumed able. responsibility for the ranch’s Longhorn breeding proAlthough he enjoyed the many wonderful colgram. ors that would “pop up” in the herd, Milby’s true pasIn 1931, the Butlers traded Pat Phelps of Newton sion was the horn growth the cattle could produce. No County (Texas) two Brahman cows for a white, “flea10 | August 2017


By Kaso Kety

INVITATIONAL one will argue with the fact that Milby bred for horns. His cows were carefully selected and put with the bull that he thought would produce length, base and corkscrew shape in the horns of their offspring. His herd sires were out of the cows with the best corkscrew horns. “Color,” Milby would say, “is unpredictable. Breed for horns and you’ll get color.” During the mid-1960’s, Garnett Brooks, a registration inspector for the newly-formed Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, visited the Butler herd on two occasions. His comments to the TLBAA indicated, “The Butler cattle are Early Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale mostly light colors of cream, dun, these animals were Blackie Graves, E.B. “Booster” Stegrulla and white speckled. I did not see any black cattle. phenson, Wiley Knight and Edward Faircloth. The pastures were partially chain-linked with excellent gates and working pens. There are many old cattle with the Texas screw-type horns. They are unusual cattle and THE BUTLER INFLUENCE different from other Longhorn herds. They are biggerNearly fifty years after his death, there still survives an framed cattle than most southeast Texas cattle. Many easily identifiable type of Texas Longhorn which bears of the cattle could be considered real outstanding on the Butler name and can be traced in an unbroken line horns.” Of the second inspection, Brooks recalled that to the native big-horned cattle of East Texas and the “again we saw the identical type of twisted, big-horned Gulf Coast. It is only by chance that any survive at all. cattle. The cattle were very uniform. They were selected Through the efforts of a few breeders, a precious numfor a specific type of [Milby’s] own ber of cattle were saved. These small desire. He felt he had a true type of herds were line-bred, with each bethe old blood.” coming a closed genetic pool. Many Milby Butler died on October 16, times where these lines have been 1971, a few months before his 83rd crossed, the resulting offspring have birthday. A year or two prior to his shown size, color and the outstanddeath, some of the Butler cattle had ing horn growth of the original Butalready been sold by private treaty ler herd. Today, there are seven recas part of Milby’s wife’s estate. J.W. ognized subfamilies of Butler cattle: Isaacs of Alvin, Texas, was among Graves, Partlow, Lepper, Meshell, FM Graves 102 - A breed production the private treaty buyers, purchasleader, considered by many to be the Holman, Sanders and Shinn. There ing fourteen two-year-olds. Imwere also a few pure Butler cattle not perfect Texas Longhorn female. mediately following Milby’s death, included in these herds. From these the bulk of his remaining cattle were sold at auction. cattle descend today’s Butler Texas Longhorns offered Approximately eighty percent of the Butler herd was through the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale. slaughtered. The other twenty percent was purchased The Butler family was one of seven families credited by those Longhorn breeders fortunate enough to learn with saving the Texas Longhorn breed from extinction. of the sales. These included Dewitt and Sammy Meshell, It is important to note that five of the other families inRuel Sanders, W.D. and Sam Partlow, Luman Holman troduced Butler breeding into their herds in the ’60s and and J.W. Isaacs. Pauline Russell, Milby’s secretary, kept ’70s. Those included the Phillips, Peeler, Marks, Wright at least twenty of the best Butler cattle which she then and the WR herds. An interesting side note is that founsold in 1977 at Raywood, Texas. Among the buyers of dation animals for the WR came from the same geo-


August 2017 | 11

Cheyenne’s Darling BW 2/2


Dalgood’s Pot of Gold

Henry’s SpeckledBirdRG32

Miss Rocky Denim 541

HR Check Her Out

Westfarms Cherry Pie 6/8

Rita BR3

Dalgood’s Tiger Lilly

SCC Spicy

20th Anniversary 71 Lots – Breds – Pairs – Heifers – Bulls – Trophy Steer

Saturday, September 2, 2017 — 12:00 NOON 12:00 p.m. Pre-Sale Activities Cattle Begin Selling approximately 12:30 p.m.

Lockhart Auction — Hwy. 183 South Lockhart, TX

Sale Headquarters: Lockhart Plum Creek Inn 512.398.4911 Best Western 512.620.0300

Additional lodging conveniently located in Austin & Bastrop, TX

Sale Catalog Requests: Call: 325.942.1198 Email:

For additional information, Contact Our Sale Hosts Kaso Kety 985.796.3918 or Michael McLeod 361.771.5355 Sale Day Phone: 325.473.1373

Happy Day 373

Jackie Lynn 4001

HR Moon Chrome

WF Strawberry Twist 109

Jessie 11/6

Dalgood’s Precious Gem

LAER Georgettes ChocChip

Freeloader MC11

Miss Desperado ML 41

TC Lady Red Darlin B

BPT Hayley’s Comet

BPT Lolly

Little Ace Trinity Belle

Mochi MC13

Carmon Alexa BR3

56 | August 2017


HR Farlap’s Belle

Miss Dixie 14/6

Cheyenne Texie BW 3/7

Dalgood’s Carolina

FA High Flyer

Dark Stars

RVR Sangria Rose

SCC Bold Moves

RVR Penelope Rose

JP Epiphany

ONLINE CATALOG AVAILABLE LIVE WEBCAST and INTERNET BIDDING AVAILABLE Beginnning with Pre-Sale Activities at 12:00 on Saturday WWW.CattleInMotion.COM Sponsored by: Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale Butler Longhorn Museum Falls Creek Ranch Jane’s Land and Cattle Company Rio Vista Ranch/Rocking P Longhorns Online Bidders must be pre-approved by September 1. Follow website instructions. Phone Bids may be placed by calling the Sale Day Phone 325.473.1373 Phone bidding must be pre-approved by August 31, 2017 For Pre-approval: call 325.668.3552 or 325.473.1373

TC Constance B

Princess Denim KMD

TC Bomber Sweet Girl B

LAER Lady Alicia

Dalgood’s Conquest Lady

MS Abigail

Miss Texie BW 45/9

Stella C3

SH Midnight Wings 39/5

Billie Jo 56

Janell BR3

BPT Lola

Desperado Devil MC 53

Midnight Magic MC 56

Little Ace Cisco Kid


August 2017 | 57

Feature nel Eddie remained the auctioneer until his retirement and in fact chose the 2008 Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale as the last sale he would ever auctioneer. Since that time, Joel Lemley has done an excellent job as auctioneer, having already participated in the sale on many different levels. The Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale quickly became one of the highlights on the Longhorn calendar each year. In addition to outstanding Longhorn cattle and the finest genetics offered in a no“They were selected for a specific type of [Milby’s] own games-played atmosphere, breeders enjoy unmatched hospitality includdesire. He felt he had a true type of the old blood.” ing endless food, drinks and desserts semen syndications helped to propel the bloodline to as well as the camaraderie of the Butler Group’s greatest the top of the industry. Cows such as FM Graves 102, asset, our people. Just a short visit with these breeders Rose Red and Maressa along with bulls like Classic, Bold reveals their passion for and commitment to this exRuler and Monarch took horn growth to a whole new traordinary bloodline. While the sale has enjoyed many level. The blend cattle produced using a Butler genetic high-selling, high-dollar animals, the Butler Breeders base in herds such as those of Johnnie Hoffman, Blackie are proudest of the consistency, longevity and honesty Graves and Dickinson Ranch, to name three of the most of the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale. We have surprominent, solidified the Butler bloodlines value to the vived droughts, hurricanes, high fuel prices, politics and other adversities by keeping the focus on the cattle. entire Longhorn industry. Many household names in the Longhorn industry were first made available at the Butler Breeder’s InvitaTHE BUTLER BREEDER’S INVITATIONAL The inspiration for the Butler Breeder’s Invitational tional Sale. Some of the most exceptional must be menSale was born following the dispersal of the FM “Blackie” Graves herd which consisted of straight Butler and blend cattle. The overwhelming support for his straight Butler cattle, including the record setting sale of the mother-daughter combination of Classey BluButler FM386 and Miss Blue Denim FM 102, convinced us the time was right and the market demand strong for pure Butler genetics. In January of 1998, seven Longhorn breeders, known to have been strong lifetime supporters of the Butler bloodline, met to discuss the possibility of having a sale. After watching the other original Longhorn families slowly disappear, a sale seemed the best way to help preserve and promote the bloodFive Star BR3 - Third generation of the Dark Star family and over 80 inches line and give the participants a place to market their cattle. The Butler Breeder’s Invitational tioned – Delta Rockette, Dark Star BR3 and their progSale is unique in that it is the only Texas Longhorn Sale eny. Delta Rockette, with her two daughters, Little Ace dedicated to a single bloodline and hosted by a group Swamp Guinea and Dalgood’s Velvet Lady, as well as a of breeders. (While the Wichita Refuge and Ft. Niobrara great granddaughter, RVR Ashley Rose combined with have had pure bloodline sales, they were held by the ref- Dark Star BR3, Dark Star’s daughter, Evening Star BR3, uges as surplus sales.) and then Evening Star’s daughter, Five Star BR3 repreThe original group joined with other interested sent seven of the high sellers at the Butler Breeder’s Inbreeders and the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale was vitational Sale. born, holding its first sale on Labor Day Weekend, 1998. Help and guidance from legendary auctioneer Colonel BUTLER RESOURCES Today, the Butler Group is also involved in two very Eddie Wood and his wife Joyce proved invaluable and the sale could not have happened without them. Colocontinued on pg. 16 graphic areas where foundation Butler cattle originated. Only the Yates bloodline had no known use of Butler genetics and while Butler supported and bought cattle from other breeders, there is no documented evidence that these cattle were ever used by Milby in his breeding program. All agreed his uneasiness over using outside unproven blood prevented him from doing so. Butler cattle have always had a history of strong market demand and during the 1980s, embryo transfer and

14 | August 2017



WORLD genetics

There has never been a genetic blend of the longest horned animals of the world until now. Presenting Heartbreaker & Happy in a limited offering of semen at $300 a straw with a 5 straw minimum.

Heartbreaker Pictured at 27 months


Pictured at 22 months

BL Rio Catchit

Cowboy Tuff Chex

M Arrow Cha Ching

Top Caliber

One of the Longest TTT Cows in the World TOT 118 ¾ & TTT 96 ½

Longest TTT Horned Bull in the World TOT 116 ¼ & TTT 100 ¼

Longest Total Horn Cow in the World TOT 124 ½ & TTT 92 3/8

Sire of so many great ones TOT 110 1/8 & TTT 87 5/8

Dam of Tuff

Kurt & Glenda Twining Silver T Ranch


Sire of Cha Ching

Two sons from the cross of Cowboy Tuff Chex and M Arrow Cha Ching

Ron & Barbara Marquess M Arrow Ranch



Feature continued from pg. 14 whole has long been established. It is unquestioned that the best blend cattle all have one thing in common: Butler genetics. However, the blend segment of the Longhorn industry finds itself in an interesting predicament. Although blend herds began with an infinite genetic pool, nearly all of today’s blend cattle go back to maybe ten herd sires with most of the ten related to each other in one way or another. New blood will have to be brought in to continue the outcross breeding scheme. The Butler bloodline is perfectly positioned to provide blend programs with top quality, time-proven, market-friendly genetics, just as it did for the foundation breeders in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s and has continued to do ever since. Like many Longhorn cattle, through genetic selection and management practices, multiple Butler animals have eclipsed the 80-inch horn mark with a host of others knocking at the door. Two of the finest examples are Hunter MC Hunter MC 69 - The longest horned Butler bull and over 80 inches 69, the longest horned Butthe HORNS online program. Many breeders have com- ler bull, and his full sister, Jackie Lynn 578. Both over mented that the Butler website is by far one of the most 80 inches, they were bred and are owned by Michael informative and easiest to use websites available. McLeod and show the consistency of this line. AnothThe other resource, the Milby Butler Texas Longhorn er important contribution of the Butler bloodline is to Museum in League City, Texas, is a project begun by the provide the industry with some much needed breed citizens of League City. Originally, the museum focused character. As more and more Longhorns look less and on the Butler family and less like Texas Longhorns, The Butler bloodline is perfectly the salt grass cattlemen of Butler cattle have long the Gulf coast. Through the been used to return the positioned to provide blend prosupport of the Butler Group “Longhorn” look to coarse grams with top quality, time-proven, and their generous donaand unrefined cattle, with market-friendly genetics, just as it did tion of numerous artifacts, rounded polls, heavy in the museum now houses skin and lacking more for the foundation breeders. the world’s largest collecsubtle Longhorn traits. The tion of horns, skulls, shoulder mounts and related long- breed is made up of much more than just pretty colors horn items. It is a fantastic vehicle to educate people and long horns. The Butler cattle can help bring these about the Butler bloodline. There are several specimens valuable phenotypes back to the industry before they that were actually owned or bred by Milby Butler him- are lost for good. self. Anyone interested in Texas Longhorns, the Butler In conclusion, the Butler Breeders’ Group would like family in particular or the salt grass region should visit to invite everyone to join us on Labor Day Weekend for our 20th anniversary sale to enjoy the outstanding cattle this hidden gem just south of Houston. and great times that this sale is known for. If you canTODAY’S BUTLER TEXAS LONGHORNS not be there in person, the sale will be webcast live with In wondering what the future holds for the Butler internet bidding available. We would also like to thank bloodline, the outlook is very positive. In addition to the all those who have participated in the sale in any capacconsistently strong demand for outstanding straight ity over the years because it is YOU that make the Butler Butler cattle by Butler Breeders seeking to keep the fam- Breeder’s Invitational Sale possible and keep the future ily pure, their value to the Texas Longhorn breed as a of the Butler bloodline bright. important related ventures that serve to inform and educate the public about Butler cattle. One is the free online website,, which provides history, articles, photos, past catalogs with buyers and prices, and a pedigree herd book to research Butler pedigrees. It was created under the direction of the same committee of breeders that brought the TLBAA

16 | August 2017



August 2017 | 17

30th Longhorn Expo


saw the birth of today’s Texas Longhorn Exposition. That year introduced the TLBAA World Show circuit, which allow affiliate shows to act as qualifying shows for the national championship to be held in Fort Worth, TX. The groundwork was laid for the first qualifying shows to be held January to June 1988. Saw the debut of a new event, the first TLBAA World Show. Combined with the already established TLBT National Youth Show and Texas Gold futurity, it was a part of the first ever Texas Longhorn Exhibition. (The named changed to Exposition the following year.) The March 1988 Longhorn World reported “The World Show is designed to promote Texas Longhorns and the affiliate shows are keys to that promotion.” It went on to encourage affiliates to take advantage of the local press to promote qualifying shows and expose people to the Longhorn breed. The first Expo was a success, drawing close to 400 entries for the three events and participants from 22 states and Canada. ’s Texas Longhorn Exposition broke records this year and brought back the Texas Gold Futurity as well. The combined event drew more than 500 entries. The event not only included show ring competition, youth participated in Gold Merit, Quiz Bowl, Photography and enjoyed hanging out at the barn party. Adults were also eligible for the photography competition and everyone enjoyed the awards banquet. We look forward to the 2018 Longhorn Expo and hope to see you there!

1988 1988 TLBAA World Grand Champion Bull Jet Jockey - owned by Dottie Brown

The first Longhorn “Exhibition” was covered in the Longhorn World. Texas Longhorn Trails debuted in December 1988 and features coverage of the 1989 dubbed “Exposition” each year.


1993 World Grand Champion Non-Haltered Female Evan’s Miss Duchess owned by Rocking E Longhorns.

A haltered female class during the 2017 TLBT National Youth Show. Photos by Johnna Williams, Josh Farias and from Trails archives. Open Show Judge Shane Bedwell congratulates Caroline Girard as he places TC3 Girlee Cowtown Coliseum hosted the 2012 Texas Longhorn Girl, owned by Todd Williams, Exposition in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. first in her class.

18 | August 2017


Cade Radenbaugh thanks auctioneer Joel Lemley following the sale of his steer 5R Moonshine in the Senior Sale.

Trophy Steer Judges Trigg Moore, Stephen Head, Joel Lemley; Free Division Judge Lana Hightower

Coming through! Trophy Steers are always entertaining.

Youth Judge Frank Anoil spends a moment with on of more than 80 youth participating.


This show stuff is exhausting!

August 2017 | 19

22 | March 2017



March 2017 | 23


CLASS 1: 1. TC3 MISS FARMER, Caroline Girard, DALLAS, TX 2. LADY GAGA 10/16, The Cattlerack Ranch, BOWIE, TX CLASS 2: 1. HD CHARM CITY CONSPIRACY, Don English, Jr., DALLAS, TX 2. DIAMONDKHEARTOF ETERNITY, Diamond K Livestock, LIPAN, TX CLASS 3: 1. CL PEPPER, George and Cindy Dennis, COUPLAND, TX 2. 5SL MALIBU, 5 Star Livestock, DAYTON, TX CLASS 4: 1. IVANKA 4/12, The Cattlerack Ranch, BOWIE, TX 2. JCG SWEET CAROLINE, Grace Cattle Company, LLC, FORT WORTH, TX CLASS 5: 1. SUNRISE SPECIAL 16, Greg & Kathy Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX 2. CT MARY ANN, Joe Tucker, PARADISE, TX Haltered Female Junior Champion: IVANKA 4/12, The Cattlerack Ranch, BOWIE, TX Haltered Female Junior Champion Reserve: SUNRISE SPECIAL 16, Greg & Kathy Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX CLASS 8: 1. TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX 2. SANDDOLLAR ANGELINA, Greg & Kathy Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX CLASS 9: 1. CHAPARRAL MASQUERADE, Rodney & Patti Mahaffey, DECATUR, TX 2. RHL NANCY JANE, Kenn Harding and Tammy Tiner, COLLEGE STATION, TX CLASS 10: 1. CT SYDNEY, Joe Tucker, PARADISE, TX 2. DIAMOND Q ZOEY, Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary, PRAGUE, OK CLASS 11: 1. CL BELLAMY, B&H Longhorns, ALBANY, TX 2. ANCHOR T PAULA JANE, Diamond K Livestock, LIPAN, TX Haltered Female Senior Champion: TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX Haltered Female Senior Champion Reserve: CL BELLAMY, B&H Longhorns, ALBANY, TX Haltered Female Grand Champion: TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX Haltered Female Grand Champion Reserve: CL BELLAMY, B&H Longhorns, ALBANY, TX CLASS 16: 1. CT SISTER JUDYE, Joe Tucker, PARADISE, TX 2. JP WAR HYMN, Grace Cattle Company, LLC, FORT WORTH, TX CLASS 17: 1. HO HAY YOU REINDEER, Dennis and Judy Urbantke, SAN ANGELO, TX Haltered Mature Female Champion: CT SISTER JUDYE, Joe Tucker, PARADISE, TX Haltered Mature Female Champion Reserve: JP WAR HYMN, Grace Cattle Company, LLC, FORT WORTH, TX

Haltered Female Junior Champion - Ivanka 4/12 Exhibited by Hadley Morgan


CLASS 20: 1. ROYAL DISCOVERY C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. DISCOVERY PROOF C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX CLASS 21: 1. CHAPARRAL J.R., Rodney & Patti Mahaffey, DECATUR, TX CLASS 22: 1. SANTA ANA, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. AJ NIGHTFORCE, The Cattlerack Ranch, BOWIE, TX CLASS 23: 1. HPBT JAMIN BRISKET, Hacienda PBT, LLC, HUMBLE, TX 2. HD SENTINEL, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX CLASS 24: 1. CL VELOCITY, Chris Schaper, BRENHAM, TX 2. OL OUTPLAY, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX Haltered Bull Junior Champion: CL VELOCITY, Chris Schaper, BRENHAM, TX Haltered Bull Junior Champion Reserve: OL OUTPLAY, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX CLASS 27: 1. AWESOME CADDY, John R. Randolph, SMITHVILLE, TX 2. LSL SMOKIN GUN, David & Lynda Bradley, CENTERVILLE, TX CLASS 28: 1. DIAMOND K CHUNK OF COAL, Diamond K Livestock, LIPAN, TX 2. SARCEE RHINESTONE COWBOY, Bruce and Connie Ollive, BIG SANDY, TX CLASS 29: 1. DIAMOND Q TAGGART, Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary, PRAGUE, OK 2. WAR HAWK PLR, Randy & Catherine Morris, TUSCOLA, TX Haltered Bull Senior Champion: DIAMOND K CHUNK OF COAL, Diamond K Livestock, LIPAN, TX Haltered Bull Senior Champion Reserve: DIAMOND Q TAGGART, Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary, PRAGUE, OK Haltered Bull Grand Champion: DIAMOND K CHUNK OF COAL, Diamond K Livestock, LIPAN, TX Haltered Bull Grand Champion Reserve: CL VELOCITY, Chris Schaper, BRENHAM, TX PRODUCE OF DAM: CLASS 34: 1. SANDDOLLAR MISS SOCIETY, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX 2. ANCHOR T MERMAID, Anchor T Ranch, KEMAH, TX GET OF SIRE: CLASS 35: 1. SANDDOLLAR ALPINE, The Cattlerack Ranch, BOWIE, TX 2. ANCHOR T SUNRISE STORM, Anchor T Ranch, KEMAH, TX

Haltered Female Junior Champion Reserve - Sunrise Special Exhibited by Cade Radenbaugh


CLASS 1: 1. OL PLAYLIKE, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX 2. DESTINED TO DISCOVER CP, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX CLASS 2: 1. DISCOVERY DIAMOND C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. DIAMOND Q JULEANN, Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary, PRAGUE, OK CLASS 3: 1. DIAMOND Q SONORA, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX 2. OL FINESSE, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX CLASS 4: 1. SANDDOLLAR HIGHBROW LADY, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. OL LIKELY, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX CLASS 5: 1. CR CUPID’S CANDY HEART, Bronson Baker, BRENHAM, TX 2. RAFTER J2 FE FI FO HANNA, Sylvia Johnson, ANTHONY, TX Free Female Junior Champion: CR CUPID’S CANDY HEART, Bronson Baker, BRENHAM, TX Free Female Junior Champion Reserve: DIAMOND Q SONORA, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX CLASS 8: 1. OL TWISS, John Oliver, MALAKOFF, TX 2. KETTLE’S SMOKIN’ ROSE, John R. Randolph, SMITHVILLE, TX CLASS 9: 1. PREACHER’S KATRINA C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. TC3 DISCO DISCOVERY CP, Todd Williams, DALLAS, TX CLASS 10: 1. BE MELO C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. CS STORMY, Cierra Suire, DALLAS, TX CLASS 11: 1. IRON HOT FIREBALL, Saddle Thorn Enterprises, LLC, DECATUR, TX 2. KETTLE BELLE, Troy Unger, CEDAR PARK, TX Free Female Senior Champion: PREACHER’S KATRINA C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX Free Female Senior Champion Reserve: BE MELO C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX Free Female Grand Champion: PREACHER’S KATRINA C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX Free Female Grand Champion Reserve: BE MELO C P, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX CLASS 16: 1. CT SALTY LILLIE, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. DIAMOND Q SHOSHANA, Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary, PRAGUE, OK CLASS 17: 1. TH MISS CHA-VERRO, Dennis and Judy Urbantke, SAN ANGELO, TX 2. CWR FRENCHIE, Jonell Westerberg & Norman (Roger) Ridgway, ROCKSPRINGS, TX CLASS 18: 1. DIAMOND Q TANITA, Dale & Gina Francisco, MIAMI, OK 2. STAR’S CHARMING APPEAL, Justin & Ronda Sabio, BOYD, TX CLASS 19: 1. TW BOOMERANG’S POLKA DOT, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX 2. CHAPARRAL RUNAWAY BRIDE, Rodney & Patti Mahaffey, DECATUR, TX

22 | August 2017


Haltered Female Grand Champion - TC3 Girlee Girl Exhibited by Sierra Wood

Haltered Female Grand Champion Reserve - CL Bellamy Exhibited by Clara Holson

Free Mature Female Champion: DIAMOND Q TANITA, Dale & Gina Francisco, MIAMI, OK Free Mature Female Champion Reserve: TW BOOMERANG’S POLKA DOT, Carla Payne, SLIDELL, TX


CLASS 1: 1. TC3 MISS FARMER, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. LADY GAGA 10/16, Hadley Morgan, BOWIE, TX CLASS 2: 1. CHAPARRAL ENCHILADA, Madilyn Moreland, DECATUR, TX 2. TH MISS REINDROP, Skylar Vasil, ARLINGTON, TX CLASS 3: 1. GLAMOR GIRL 6/16, Hadley Morgan, BOWIE, TX 2. DIAMONDK PEARL LIGHT, Brenna Casella, SOUTHLAKE, TX CLASS 3.2: 1. MS DUTCHESS SH, Hadley Morgan, BOWIE, TX 2. JP AMIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX CLASS 4: 1. IVANKA 4/12, Hadley Morgan, BOWIE, TX 2. SKH CORDELIA, Kelli Jones, HOUSTON, TX CLASS 4.2: 1. OL LIKELY, Lainey Lampier, MALAKOFF, TX 2. TS X STAR GAZER, Bronson Baker, BRENHAM, TX CLASS 5: 1. JKG LEAP YEAR LADY, Jodie Ging, PALACIOS, TX 2. RB REECIE PIECES, Sierra Wood, LEANDER, TX CLASS 5.2: 1. SUNRISE SPECIAL 16, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX 2. CR CUPID’S CANDY HEART, Bronson Baker, BRENHAM, TX CLASS 5.3: 1. DIAMOND Q KYLEE, Kydie Edwards, COLMESNEIL, TX 2. CT MARY ANN, Sydney Jo Tucker, PARADISE, TX Youth Female Junior Champion: SUNRISE SPECIAL 16, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX Youth Female Junior Champion Reserve: MS DUTCHESS SH, Hadley Morgan, BOWIE, TX CLASS 8: 1. SPECKLED LADY 15/15, Peyton Anderson, HOUSTON, TX 2. SANDDOLLAR ROSELYN, Joseph Faske, BURTON, TX CLASS 8.2: 1. TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. SANDDOLLAR ANGELINA, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX CLASS 9: 1. TC3 DISCO DISCOVERY CP, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. CL GEORGIA RAIN, Caitlyn Holson, ALBANY, TX CLASS 9.2: 1. CHAPARRAL MASQUERADE, Madilyn Moreland, DECATUR, TX 2. DIAMOND Q LILA, Clara Holson, GRANBURY, TX CLASS 10: 1. CT SYDNEY, Sydney Jo Tucker, PARADISE, TX 2. BH CHAPSTICK, Kydie Edwards, COLMESNEIL, TX CLASS 10.2: 1. DIAMOND Q ZOEY, Clara Holson, GRANBURY, TX 2. TTT DIZZY DIVA, Allison D. Lowrie, RHOME, TX CLASS 11: 1. CHAPARRAL SPRINKLES, Cooper Holland, DECATUR, TX 2. TESSA BELLA, Gracyn Morgan, BOWIE, TX CLASS 11.2: 1. ANCHOR T PAULA JANE, Jarrett Kuhn, LIPAN, TX 2. DIAMOND Q CONTESSA, Caitlyn Holson, ALBANY, TX CLASS 11.3: 1. CL BELLAMY, Caitlyn Holson, ALBANY, TX 2. HI 5’S AMARETTO, Cody Mc Donald, OAKHURST, TX Youth Female Senior Champion: TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX Youth Female Senior Champion Reserve: CHAPARRAL SPRINKLES, Cooper Holland, DECATUR, TX Youth Female Grand Champion: TC3 GIRLEE GIRL, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX Youth Female Grand Champion Reserve: SUNRISE SPECIAL 16, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX CLASS 16: 1. ACR GERONIMO, Cody Garcia, HICO, TX CLASS 17: 1. CHAPARRAL J.R., Cooper Holland, DECATUR, TX 2. JKG FLASHPOINT, Jodie Ging, PALACIOS, TX CLASS 18: 1. SANTA ANA, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. DIAMONDKAMERICAN PATRIOT, Jarrett Kuhn, LIPAN, TX CLASS 19: 1. HD SENTINEL, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX 2. HPBT JAMIN BRISKET, Ryan Henderson, HOUSTON, TX CLASS 20: 1. CL VELOCITY, Wyatt Reese Schaper, BRENHAM, TX 2. CVL JSC GEORGE ABBEY, Blake Merriman, HOUSTON, TX CLASS 21: 1. CS CAPTAIN CROWBAR, Conner Scheer, ARLINGTON, NE 2. LSL SMOKIN GUN, Christian Macedo-Nieto, HOUSTON, TX Youth Bull Grand Champion: SANTA ANA, Carter T. Smith, WILLOW PARK, TX Youth Bull Grand Champion Reserve: CL VELOCITY, Wyatt Reese Schaper, BRENHAM, TX CLASS 24: 1. JCG JOEY, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX 2. HI 5’S HILLBILLY, Cody Mc Donald, OAKHURST, TX CLASS 25: 1. JKG MR. AMERICA, Jodie Ging, PALACIOS, TX 2. APPALOOSA FREIGHT DREAM, Sara Jennings, ANGLETON, TX CLASS 26: 1. 5R MOONSHINE, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX 2. DOUBLE LB HIJO, Bronson Baker, BRENHAM, TX CLASS 26.2: 1. CS DIESEL 65, Conner Scheer, ARLINGTON, NE 2. CHAPARRAL TINY, Cooper Holland, DECATUR, TX CLASS 27: 1. TTT SRS COPENHAGEN, Sierra Skidmore, BURLESON, TX 2. TEMPTATIONS TAZO T, Skylar Vasil, ARLINGTON, TX CLASS 27.2: 1. JCG PRISIONER OF WAR, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX 2. STRIKIN’ R WIZARD, Cason Rangel, ALVORD, TX Youth Steer Junior Champion: JCG PRISIONER OF WAR, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX Youth Steer Junior Champion Reserve: 5R MOONSHINE, Cade Radenbaugh, MCKINNEY, TX CLASS 30: 1. JCG G’DAY MATE, Jackson Grace, SUNSET, TX 2. QUICK DRAW MCGRAW, Cody Garcia, HICO, TX CLASS 31: 1. PK’S ROUGH RYDER, Cody Garcia, HICO, TX 2. CL’S BRASS MONKEY, Cody Mc Donald, OAKHURST, TX CLASS 32: 1. REDSTAR MOST IMPRESSIVE, Gabby Curtis, LANCASTER, TX 2. RHL LONE STAR, Joseph Faske, BURTON, TX CLASS 32.2: 1. TA GUNS ‘N ROSES, Cason Rangel, ALVORD, TX 2. HI 5’S POP ROCKS, John Kofnovec, WORTHAM, TX CLASS 33: 1. KDK OOH RAH, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX 2. RHL JUNCTION BOY, Joseph Faske, BURTON, TX Youth Steer Senior Champion: REDSTAR MOST IMPRESSIVE, Gabby Curtis, LANCASTER, TX Youth Steer Senior Champion Reserve: KDK OOH RAH, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX Youth Steer Grand Champion: JCG PRISIONER OF WAR, Matthew Wallace, SUNSET, TX Youth Steer Grand Champion Reserve: REDSTAR MOST IMPRESSIVE, Gabby Curtis, LANCASTER, TX

Haltered Mature Female Champion - CT Sister Judye Exhibited by Sidney Tucker

Haltered Mature Female Champion Reserve - JP War Hymn Exhibited by Grace Cattle Company

Haltered Bull Grand Champion - CL Velocity Exhibited by Chris Schaper


CLASS 1: 1. ROCKY ROAD RZL, Chris and Sarah Zarsky, MARQUEZ, TX 2. D/O TROUBADOUR, Madison Looney, ALVARADO, TX CLASS 2: 1. BUCKLEHEAD BCB, Marceala Gonzales, ROCKSPRINGS, TX 2. DIAMOND Q ZEUS, Kalli Winters, PARADISE, TX Steer Junior Champion: BUCKLEHEAD BCB, Marceala Gonzales, ROCKSPRINGS, TX Steer Junior Champion Reserve: ROCKY ROAD RZL, Chris and Sarah Zarsky, MARQUEZ, TX CLASS 5: 1. MARSHAL DILLON ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX 2. STOCKTON ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX CLASS 6: 1. APOLLO ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX 2. ENAZUMA EZ LIGHTNING, Grace Cattle Company, LLC, FORT WORTH, TX Steer Senior Champion: APOLLO ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX Steer Senior Champion Reserve: MARSHAL DILLON ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX Steer Grand Champion: APOLLO ECR, El Coyote Ranch, KINGSVILLE, TX Steer Reserve Grand Champion: BUCKLEHEAD BCB, Marceala Gonzales, ROCKSPRINGS, TX

Youth Female Grand Champion and Senior Champion Reserve TC3 Girlee Girl shown by Carter T. Smith


August 2017 | 23


MINIATURE HEIFERS: 1. SS MINI TRIPS, Dave & Althea Sullivan, CELINA, TX 2. SS MINI DOMINO, Dave & Althea Sullivan, CELINA, TX MINIATURE COWS: 1. SS MINI PRINCESS PATTI, Dave & Althea Sullivan, CELINA, TX 2. RED VELVET COWGIRL CPL, Mary Mann, DAVIS, OK Miniature Female Grand Champion: SS MINI PRINCESS PATTI, Dave & Althea Sullivan, CELINA, TX Miniature Female Reserve Grand Champion: SS MINI TRIPS, Dave & Althea Sullivan, CELINA, TX MINIATURE BULLS: 1. ALAMITO, L 48 Ranch, HARPER, TX 2. CHIEF GUNNISON, Mary Mann, DAVIS, OK Miniature Bull Grand Champion: ALAMITO, L 48 Ranch, HARPER, TX Miniature Bull Reserve Grand Champion: CHIEF GUNNISON, Mary Mann, DAVIS, OK MINIATURE STEERS: 1. IM LITTLE VALENTINO, L 48 Ranch, HARPER, TX 2. SA DESPERADO’S TORNADO, Smart Acres, MILLSAP, TX Miniature Steer Grand Champion: IM LITTLE VALENTINO, L 48 Ranch, HARPER, TX Miniature Steer Reserve Grand Champion: SA DESPERADO’S TORNADO, Smart Acres, MILLSAP, TX

Youth Female Grand Champion Reserve and Senior Champion Reserve Chaparral Sprinkles Shown by Cooper Holland

Youth Female Junior Champion - Sunrise Special Shown by Cade Radenbaugh

Youth Bull Grand Champion - Santa Ana Shown by Carter T. Smith

Youth Bull Grand Champion Reserve - CL Velocity Shown by Wyatt Reese

Youth Steer Grand Champion - JCG Prisoner of War Shown by Matthew Wallace

Youth Steer Grand Champion Reserve - Redstar Most Impressive Shown by Gabby Curtis

Youth Steer Junior Champion Reserve Shown by Cade Radenbaugh

24 | August 2017


Miniature Bull Grand Champion Alamito, L 48 Ranch

Miniature Steer Grand Champion IM Little Valentino, L 48 Ranch

Miniature Steer Grand Champion Reserve SA Desperado’s Tornado, Smart Acres

Never too young to make new friends!

Breeder Memorial TIM MILLER – TLBAA Board Director – Miller Ranch – Great Bend, KS HC CARTER - Carter Longhorn Ranch - TLBAA Board Director - Dripping Springs, TX

GLEN WEST – Thorndale, TX DR BOOSTER STEPHENSON – Wallsville, TX JOHN MICHAEL MURPHY – Quarter Circle J Ranch, Firth, NE

DON L KING – TLBAA CEO and General Manager JOY CALHOUN – Blossom Ridge Ranch – Athens, TX KIM MacLEOD – Split Rock Cedar Ranch, Santo, TX BILL DAVIDSON – G&G Longhorns – Millennium Futurity, Chandel, OK

LOIS MARIE HUBER – Bent Oak Ranch – Montgomery, TX HENRY L KING – TLBAA Trails Staff – Ft Worth, TX NATHANIEL FASKE – Vida Nueva Ranch – Somerville, TX TOM KING HARMON – Harmon Ranch – Austin, TX

RICHARD YACK – Yack Longhorns – Stratford, OK GENE BARTNICKI – TLBAA Board Director – WR herd Spring Lakes Longhorns - West, TX

AUBREY ZANE BURKHAM – Hat Brand Ranch – Dike, TX

Remembering and honoring those who left us since the last World Show.


August 2017 | 25

22 | March 2017



March 2017 | 23

2017 Longhorn Expo

2017 Texas Gold Futurity Results The Texas Gold Futurity was an exciting new event at the Longhorn Exposition this year. Class structures followed the age divisions of the Longhorn Expo, resulting in 9 Female classes and 8 Bull classes with a 75 percent cash payout. A total of 47 animals entered the ring from youngest to oldest. There was a five judge panel equipped only with the dates of birth. In addition to their checks, class winners received a banner, grand and reserve champions received buckles. Special thanks go to the 5-judge panel of Gwen Damato, Wes Watson, Felix Serna, John T. Baker, & Bob Coffee. Thanks also to our futurity sponsors listed on pg. . FEMALES Animal Owner Place Pts. Entry D.O.B. CLASS 1 - FEMALES BORN SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 1 24 2 10/1/16 Kettle’s Chocolate Chip John Randolph 2 21.75 1 10/5/16 Hi 5’s Trixie Cody Himmelreich 3 18.5 3 9/15/16 Red Diamond Desperado Scott Herring CLASS 2 - FEMALES BORN JULY - AUGUST 2016 1 23.5 6 7/8/16 Bubbas Rebel 54/6 Kourtis Family Farms 2 22.5 4 8/2/16 Helm Jazzee 681 Helm Cattle Co. 3 20.5 5 7/19/16 Ella 5 Jorge Avalos CLASS 3 - FEMALES BORN MAY - JUNE 2016 1 25.25 11 5/9/16 Cherry Mary Kettle John Randolph 2 24.25 8 6/15/16 JCG Charlie 1042 Grace Cattle Co. 3 23.75 7 6/16/16 DG Miss Magnum Dale & Gina Francisco 4 23.25 9 6/4/16 CR Jawgie Girl Jeff & Kristi Ging 5 20.75 10 5/9/16 Hi 5’s Ginger Cody Himmelreich CLASS 4 - FEMALES BORN MARCH - APRIL 2016 1 26.25 12 4/20/16 JCG Sweet Caroline Grace Cattle Company 2 22.5 13 4/19/16 Sanddollar Highbrow Lady Carla Payne 3 22 15 3/17/16 DG Kionita Dale & Gina Francisco 4 20.75 14 3/21/16 Breakin Red Kourtis Family Farm, LLC CLASS 5 - FEMALES BORN JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2016 1 16 2/9/16 WO Annie Dick & Cheryl Curry CLASS 6 - FEMALES BORN SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2015 1 24.375 20 10/6/15 Kettle’s Smokin’ Rose John Randolph 2 23.25 17 12/15/15 PLR Jangle Bella Allen & Suzanne Perry 3 23.25 21 9/19/15 Sangria 4 Jorge Avalos 4 23 19 10/20/15 JKG Regina Jawge Jeff & Kristi Ging 5 20 18 10/31/15 Red Mae She Be Grande Scott Herring CLASS 7 - FEMALES BORN MAY - AUGUST 2015 1 25.375 26 6/6/15 Preacher’s Katrina CP Carla Payne 2 23.75 27 5/28/15 5SL Penelope Swing’N Star Ranch 3 23.25 22 7/30/15 Helm Ariel 574 Helm Cattle Company, LLC 4 21.5 25 6/7/15 DG Glimmer’s Miss Chex Dale & Gina Francisco 5 23 24 6/12/15 G&L Painted Beauty ACR Longhorns CLASS 8 - FEMALES BORN JANUARY - APRIL 2015 1 25.75 29 1/11/15 Sen Sen CP Carla Payne 2 24.75 30 1/11/15 Diamond Q Zoey Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary 3 23.625 28 1/27/15 Helm Miss Impressive 512 Helm Cattle Company, LLC 4 22 31 1/10/15 Red Guns N Roses Scott Herring

Grace Cattle Company won Grand Champion Female, first place Class 4 and second place Class 3. Accepted by Jackson Grace.

Carla Payne won Reserve Grand Champion female as well as firsts in Classes 7, 8 and 18. Accepted by Carter T. Smith.

John Randolph took home first place in Classes 1, 3, 6 and 16.


JCG Sweet Caroline - Grace Cattle Company RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE

Preacher’s Katrina CP - Carla Payne

Kourtis Family Farms, Pete Kourdis won Class 2.

28 | August 2017


Infinity Ranch Land & Cattle, Wendy Burgess, won Grand Champion Bull as well as Class 15.

Who’s judging who? ACR Longhorns, Jesse Rivera, won Class 11.

BULLS Place Pts. Entry D.O.B. Animal Owner CLASS 11 - BULLS BORN SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 1 23.75 33 11/7/16 ACR Geronimo ACR Longhorns 2 22.5 32 11/19/16 Discovery Proof CP Carla Payne CLASS 12 - BULLS BORN JULY - AUGUST 2016 1 22.75 35 7/9/16 JTW Big Country JT Wehring 2 22 34 7/9/16 JTW Rural Warning JT Wehring CLASS 13 - BULLS BORN MAY - JUNE 2016 1 23.25 37 5/24/16 Sarcee Dueces Wild Bruce & Connie Ollive 2 22.25 36 6/5/16 DG Magnum Image Dale & Gina Francisco CLASS 14 - BULLS BORN MARCH - APRIL 2016 1 23.5 39 4/22/16 Big League Helm Cattle Company, LLC 2 23.5 40 4/5/16 MN Cowboy Tuff Bandito Mark & Missy Nowell 3 23 42 3/20/16 HPBT Jamin Brisket Hacienda PBT, LLC. CLASS 15 - BULLS BORN JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2016 1 24.25 44 1/15/16 Hi 5’s Thunderstruck Infinity Ranch Land & Cattle 2 24 43 1/28/16 Diamond Q Longmire Cody Himmelreich CLASS 16 - BULLS BORN SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2015 1 22.5 45 11/25/15 Awesome Caddy John Randolph CLASS 17 - BULLS BORN MAY - AUGUST 2015 1 23.75 47 5/20/15 Sarcee Rhinestone Cowboy Bruce & Connie Ollive CLASS 18 - FEMALES BORN JANUARY - APRIL 2015 1 24 48 4/8/15 Bulluchi Carla Payne 2 23.875 51 3/3/15 Helm Lethal Chrome 532 Helm/Curry Partnership 3 23.5 50 3/25/15 War Hawk PLR Randy & Catherine Morris 4 22.15 52 3/14/15 CR Jawge’s Lil Bro Cactus Rose Longhorns


GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE SPONSOR FMB Land & Cattle, LCC Ron Bailey• Belton, TX GRAND CHAMPION BULL SPONSOR Bull Creek Longhorns Suzanne & William Torkildsen Fayetteville, TX CLASS SPONSORS “ The Joe Chute” - Joe & Stephanie Sedlacek & Lazy J Longhorns Greenleaf, KS

Hi 5’s Thunderstruck - Infinity Ranch Land & Cattle

MB Longhorns - Mike Beijl Denton, TX


Oak Hill Longhorns - Vance Farner Niotaze, KS

Diamond Q Longmire - Cody Himmelreich

Bruce & Connie Ollive won Class 17.


August 2017 | 29

30th Longhorn Expo

Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America

Hall of Fame Points



1 - MS SAUCY LADY SH..................................................346 pts. owned by Chris D. & Brandi Lindsey of LAUREL, MS nd 2 - TC3 GIRLEE GIRL.....................................................337 pts. owned by Todd Williams of DALLAS, TX rd 3 - CHAPARRAL MASQUERADE.......................................286 pts. owned by Rodney & Patti Mahaffey of DECATUR, TX th 4 - SANDDOLLAR ANGELINA..........................................264 pts. owned by Greg & Kathy Radenbaugh of MCKINNEY, TX h 5 - SUNRISE SPECIAL 16................................................250 pts. owned by Greg & Kathy Radenbaugh of MCKINNEY, TX h 6 - SALTILLO COWGAL UP 44..........................................240 pts. owned by Damrow Longhorns of ROCA, NE th 7 - WYO SILVER............................................................236 pts. owned by Toby Johnson of BIG HORN, WY 8th- K-T VANILLA ICE.......................................................230 pts. owned by Rocking K Bar T Ranch of EVANS, WA 9h - DESERT DIAMOND....................................................226 pts. owned by Toby Johnson of BIG HORN, WY 10th - HI 5’S AMARETTO..................................................218 pts. owned by Cody M. Himmelreich of DAYTON, TX

1st - DIAMOND DOLLAR..................................................396 pts. owned by Toby Johnson of BIG HORN, WY nd 2 - KETTLE BELLE..........................................................177 pts. owned by Troy Unger of CEDAR PARK, TX rd 3 - IRON HOT FIREBALL.................................................177 pts. owned by Saddle Thorn Enterprises, LLC of DECATUR, TX th 4 - SWEET PEA’S SHADOW.............................................174 pts. owned by John R. Randolph of SMITHVILLE, TX th 5 - CR CUPID’S CANDY HEART........................................172 pts. owned by Bronson Baker of BRENHAM, TX th 6 - PREACHER’S KATRINA C P........................................164 pts. owned by Carla Payne of SLIDELL, TX th 7 - WINDY POINT PENELOPE..........................................162 pts. owned by Ronald C. or Lana K. Pearson of FOWLER, CO 8th - CHOCOLATE RAIN....................................................155 pts. owned by Ryan Johnson of BIG HORN, WY 9th - THB TEXA’S MERLOT.................................................152 pts. owned by Two Heart Bar Ranch of PLAINS, MT 10th - TTT SOUTHERN DRAWL...........................................136 pts. owned by Chris D. & Brandi Lindsey of LAUREL, MS




1st - JP WAR HYMN........................................................284 pts. owned by Grace Cattle Company, LLC of FORT WORTH, TX 2nd - BLACK CADILLAC....................................................279 pts. owned by Jackson Grace of SUNSET, TX rd 3 - K-T AUTUMN............................................................211 pts. owned by Rocking K Bar T Ranch of EVANS, WA th 4 - BLACK PEARL 82......................................................189 pts. owned by Rocking K Bar T Ranch of EVANS, WA th 5 - ALAMO’S MEMORY..................................................181 pts. owned by Infinity Ranch Land and Cattle of BURLESON, TX th 6 - CT SISTER JUDYE.....................................................172 pts. owned by Joe Tucker of PARADISE, TX th 7 - DIAMOND Q DELILA.................................................167 pts. owned by Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary of PRAGUE, OK th 8 - FCL KEROSENE........................................................143 pts. owned by Fossil Creek Longhorns of GREELEY, CO th 9 - SALTILLO COWGAL IV 031........................................139 pts. owned by Damrow Longhorns of ROCA, NE th 10 - AUNT JEMIMA 012................................................118 pts. owned by Ryan Johnson of BIG HORN, WY

1st - SALTILLO CG 305.....................................................234 pts. owned by Damrow Longhorns of ROCA, NE 2nd - TH MISS CHA-VERRO...............................................197 pts. owned by Dennis and Judy Urbantke of SAN ANGELO, TX 3rd - DIAMOND Q TANITA................................................157 pts. owned by Dale & Gina Francisco of MIAMI, OK 4th - COWGIRL WALK IN THE FIELD...................................141 pts. owned by Two Heart Bar Ranch of PLAINS, MT 5th - TW BOOMERANG’S POLKA DOT.................................131 pts. owned by Carla Payne of SLIDELL, TX 6th - K - T RACHEL............................................................114 pts. owned by Rocking K Bar T Ranch of EVANS, WA 7th - DV RAZ BY TAZ........................................................106 pts. owned by Del Vic Farms of SCRIBNER, NE 8th - CK RUBIES AND PEARLS...........................................102 pts. owned by John Oliver of MALAKOFF, TX 9th - ENR KASHMIR.........................................................102 pts. owned by Ben and Ilse Myren of COLVILLE, WA th 10 - HO HAY YOU REINDEER............................................90 pts. owned by Dennis and Judy Urbantke of SAN ANGELO, TX

HALTERED BULL 1 - CL VELOCITY............................................................555 pts. owned by Chris Schaper of BRENHAM, TX 2nd - SARCEE RHINESTONE COWBOY................................437 pts. owned by Bruce and Connie Ollive of BIG SANDY, TX 3rd - ANDERS RODEO TITAN.............................................321 pts. owned by Art Anders of CRAWFORD, NE 4th - DIAMOND K CHUNK OF COAL...................................318 pts. owned by Diamond K Livestock of LIPAN, TX 5th - SANTA ANA.............................................................304 pts. owned by Carter T. Smith of WILLOW PARK, TX st

30 | August 2017

6th - G&L JOHNNY RINGO................................................239 pts. owned by Kent & Sandy Harrell of TULSA, OK 7th - WYOMING STRONG.................................................233 pts. owned by Toby Johnson of BIG HORN, WY 8th - ANDERS LORD PETE.................................................211 pts. owned by Art Anders of CRAWFORD, NE 9th - K-T TRAIL DUST........................................................206 pts. owned by Rocking K Bar T Ranch of EVANS, WA 10th - HD SENTINEL.........................................................184 pts. owned by Todd Williams of DALLAS, TX



August 2017 | 43

30th Longhorn Expo

2017 TLBT National Youth Show Participants




Junior: 1st Oren Chambliss, 2nd Justin Sabio Jr., 3rd Rhett Cox (not pictured)

Junior: 1st Rhett Cox

Junior: 1st Madie Moreland (far right); 2nd Zoe Madina (far left) ; 3rd Caroline Holson

Intermediate: 1st Jacob Lowrie (center), 2nd Jackson Grace, 3rd Allison Lowrie

Intermediate: 1st Jacob Lowrie (center), 2nd Jackson Grace, 3rd Allison Lowrie

Intermediate: 1st Jacob Lowrie (center); 2nd JW Kofnavik (far right); 3rd Allison Lowrie

Teen: 1st Joseph Gerlach; 2nd Sara Jennings, 3rd Julia Salsbury

Teen: 1st Sarah Jennings; 2nd Kyrah Schanbachler (right), 3rd Jodie Ging

Teen: 1st Gabby Curtis; 2nd Jenna Haney; 3rd Catlyn Gilson

Seniors: 1st Lydia Salsbury (not pictured), 2nd Shelby Rooker, 3rd Peyton Anderson

Senior: 1st Shelby Rooker (center), 2nd Bronson Baker (left), 3rd Matthew Wallace

Senior: 1st Matthew Wallace; 2nd Haley Morgan (not pictured); 3rd Carter Smith

32 | August 2017



(Back row, l-r) Matthew Wallace – President, Cason Rangel – Senior Director, Zaida Espinoza – Senior Director, Sierra Wood – Reporter, Kydie Edwards – Teen Director (Middle row, l-r) Shyanne McClendon – Parliamentarian, Gabby Curtis – Vice President, Clara Holson – Secretary, Jacob Lowrie – Treasurer, Jackson Grace – Teen Director, Ashlyn Holson – Intermediate Director (front row, l-r) Zachary Zarsky – Junior Director, Caden Grace – Junior Director, Allison Lowrie – Intermediate Director



Junior: 1st Madilyn Morehead, 2nd Hannah Hays (far right), 3rd Weston Parks

Junior: (back, l-r)Caroline Holson, Oran Chambliss, Savannah Duncan (front, l-r) Wesley Ryan Parks, Justin Sabio, Jr., Madilyn Morehead, Hannah Hays (Not Pictured: Dylaney Georges, Ty Anders, Rhett Cox)

Intermediate: 1st John Kofnovek (center), 2nd Jacob Lowrie, 3rd Shyanne McClendon

Intermediate: Jacob Lowrie, Shyanne McClendon, Ashlyn Holson, Allison Lowrie, Jackson Grace, Evelyn Sabio (Not Pictured: Tyler Lindsey, Chance Kearney, Dali Anders, Wyatt Reese Schaper)

Teen: 1st Jodie Ging, 2nd Sierra Skidmore (not pictured), 3rd Julia Salsbury

Teen: Jodie Ging, Sara Jennings, Clarice Francis, Julia Salsbury, Gabby Curtis, Joseph Gerlach, Caitlyn Holson, Clara Holson (Not Pictured: Cole Sharp, Ryan Johnson)

Senior: 1st Emory Piper Smith, 2nd Conner Scheer (far right) , 3rd Kelli Jones

Senior: (back, l-r) Cody McDonald, Bronson Baker, Matthew Wallace, Carter Smith (front, l-r) Shelby Rooker, Zaida Espinoza, Josh Vinson, Joseph Faske, Cody Garcia (Not Pictured: Madison Looney)


August 2017 | 33

30th Longhorn Expo


Shelby Rooker had the High Selling Lot Bronson Baker, Emily Piper Smith, Cade Radenbaugh, Shelby Rooker, Cody Garcia

TLBT SENIOR SALE SHELBY ROOKER LW Amarillo’s On My Mind Buyer: Brooke Cartwright for $5,000


CODY GARCIA TTT Memphis Bell Buyer: Tom Bush for $2,500

CADE RADENBAUGH 5 R Moonshine Buyer: John Randolph for $1,000

KORTNI THROCKMORTON Pee Wee: 1st Kaycee Cooper (right) , 2nd Jocelyn Cox (not pictured) 3rd Mason Smith

Teen: 1st Jodie Ging (right) , 2nd Clarice Francis, 3rd Sierra Skidmore (not pictured)

Sanddollar Butterfly 2 Buyer: Stephen Head for $1,000

JOSH VINSON FV Irish Fire Buyer: Doug Stanford for $750

HERDSMANSHIP Intermediate: 1st Allison Lowrie (middle), 2nd JW Kofnovek, 3rd Ashlyn Holson

Seniors: 1st Conner Scheer, 2nd Ryan Yeatts

ADULT 1. Soft, the Morning Breaks Jovelyn Roden 2. New Roads – Jovelyn Roden 3. Lounge Lizard – Daniel Harabis

INTERMEDIATE 1. Red, White and Green – Allison Lowrie 2. Shades of Green – JW Kofnovec 3. Texas Flower – Ashlyn Holson

SENIOR 1. Big Nebraska Sunset – Conner Scheer 2. Yellowstone River – Ryan Yeatts 3. Fishing Rock – Ryan Yeatts

JUNIOR 1. What’s Up? – Rhett Cox

TEEN 1. Mr. America – Jodie Ging 2. Bear Paradise – Clarice Francis 3. Rushing – Sierra Skidmore 34 | August 2017

PeeWee 1. Raz – Kaycee Cooper 2. Where’s Wrangler? – Jocelyn Cox 3. Turtle – Mason Smith


Herdsmanship Award: Grace Cattle Company pictured Matthew Wallace, Jackson Grace, Caden Grace



JR Richardson Ranch, accepted by Kristi Chambliss

Sanddollar Ranch, accepted by Sabrina Throckmorton


Cody Himmelreich



The Sabio Family - Justin, Rhonda, Evelyn & Justin, Jr.


Garrett Ybarra, Felicia McLendon Mindy Ybarra, Gwen Damato


Receiving special recognition for their years of active support of the Longhorn Expo: Gail & Bob Coffee, Steve & Bodie Quary, John T. & Betty Baker, Tina & Keith DuBose


August 2017 | 35

30th Longhorn Expo

Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow - Hall of Fame Points JUNIOR

1st - Madilyn Moreland of Decatur, TX............. 4565 2nd - Justin Sabio, Jr. of Boyd, TX........................ 2630 3rd - Ty Anders of Crawford, NE..............................2070 4th - Hannah Hays of Dallas, TX............................. 1710 5th - Dylaney Rose Georges of Roca, NE.................... 1645 6th - Weston Riley Parks of Hico, TX..................1530 7th - Oran Chambliss of Crowley, TX..................1080 8th - Caroline Holson of Granbury, TX.................850 9th - Rhett Cox of Winnsboro, TX............................. 790 10th - Savannah Duncan of Arlignton, TX ...............740

Madilyn Moreland - 4,565


1st- Jacob Daniel Lowrie of Rhome, TX....... 6450 2nd - Jackson Grace of Sunset, TX...................... 5225 3rd - Allison D. Lowrie of Rhome, TX................4075 4th - Evelyn Sabio of Boyd, TX...............................3465 5th - Tyler Lindsey of Laurel, MS..........................2995 6th - Chance Kearney of Evans, WA ...............2440 7th - Dalli Anders of Crawford, NE.......................2375 8th - Ashlyn Holson of Albany, TX.......................1945 9th - Shyanne McClendon of Marshall, TX.....1805 10th - Wyatt Reese Schaper of Brenham, TX............. 1570

Jacob Lowrie - 6,450


1st- Jodie Ging of Palacios, TX.............................7250 2nd - Joseph Gerlach of Decatur, TX..................3995 3rd - Sara Jennings of Angleton, TX...................3585 4th - Clarice Francis of Angleton, TX................. 3025 5th - Gabby Curtis of Lancaster, TX.................... 2850 6th - Caitlyn Holson of Albany, TX..................... 2425 7th - Clara Holson of Granbury, TX......................2235 8th - Julia Salsbury of League City, TX..............1820 9th - Cole Sharp of San Angelo, TX...................... 1765 10th - Ryan Johnson of Big Horn, WY..................1655

Jodie Ging - 7,250


1st- Cody Garcia of Hico, TX...............................10115 2nd - Cody Mc Donald of Oakhurst, TX.............5975 3rd - Matthew Wallace of Sunset, TX................ 4455 4th - Shelby A. Rooker of Poolville, TX............. 4045 5th - Carter T. Smith of Willow Park, TX........... 3135 6th - Madison Looney of Alvarado, TX............. 2825 7th - Joseph Faske of Burton, TX..........................2810 8th - J.F. (Josh) Vinson of Hico, TX................... 2445 9th - Bronson Baker of Brenham, TX................. 2440 10th - Zaida Espinosa of Houston, TX..................2435 36 | August 2017

Cody Garcia - 10,115


Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow Dear TLBT Members, I hope you all have had a wonderful summer, full of fun activities! I am excited to say that the new TLBT officer team is in the process of deciding on a time and place for our annual officer camp and leadership workshop. During this retreat, we will be working on our leadership skills, as well as our ability to work as a team. Additionally, we will be discussing and voting on fundraising activities, our annual service project, and several other items of business. Many members have already expressed to me several great new ideas that I am excited about – I hope you all are as well! I believe this time together will help us become a successful leadership team that will serve the TLBT to the best of our abilities. Best wishes to everyone for a happy end of summer and a successful start to the new school year!

President’s Message

30th Longhorn Expo

Matthew Wallace

THANK YOU LONGHORN EXPO SPONSORS! The event would not be possible without you.

TOP HAND SPONSOR Lonesome Pine Ranch - John & Christy Randolph Nowell’s Hickory Creek Ranch Longhorns - Mark & Missy Nowell Texas Longhorn Breeders Gulf Coast Association BANQUET CHAIRMAN SPONSOR Metroplex Welding Supply - Tom & Tamra Bush CHAIRMAN SPONSOR North Texas Longhorn Association BREEDER SPONSOR West Texas Longhorn Association 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL The Source Sugar Hill Ranch - Chris & Brandi Lindsey; East Texas Longhorn Association Hi 5 Longhorns - Cody & Taylor Himmelreich Putt Putt Fun Center Double H Longhorns - Stephen & Kim Head Chaparral Cattle Co. - Rodney & Patti Mahaffey Grace Cattle Company - Justin & Carrie Grace Rafter M Ranch - Rick, Cori & Cody Garcia - D.L. & Mary McCoy Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Association Diamond Q Longhorns - Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary The Fort Worth Herd EXHIBITOR SPONSOR Sunrise Ranch - John T. & Betty Baker DuBose Bar-D Ranch - Keith & Tina DuBose The Longhorn Project at Johnson Space Center Hacienda PBT, LLC. - Phil & Brenda Tudyk Rockin’ Z Longhorns OVERALL CHAMPION DRIVE L48 Ranch - Bill & Kimberly Long; El Coyote Ranch; JKG Longhorns - Jeff & Kristi Ging; Astera Meadows Ranch - Wilton & Carolyn Wilton; Lucas Ranch - Michael & Cattrina Lucas; Commanders Place Longhorns - Nik, Kim, Cheyenne, & Wyatt Nikodym; McGuire Land & Cattle; DK Longhorn Ranch; Randall Alvarez; Robert & Lisa Van Liew; Ross Ranch Horns

DIVISION CHAMPION DRIVE JKG Longhorns - Jeff & Kristi Ging ; Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation; and Cattle Raisers Museum; HD Cattle Company; Harris Longhorns; Heaven on Earth; Diamond G Longhorns; Double A Ranch; Ross Ranch Horns; Suzanne & William Torkildsen, M.D.; John & Kelly Yeates CLASS SPONSORS JKG Longhorns - Jeff & Kristi Ging; David & Mary Mann; Newcastle Ranch; Yeates Cattle Company - John & Kelly Yeates; Jersey Girl Plantation - Jeff Robinson & Katie Rabolli; Fossil Creek Longhorns - Kenny & Karen Richardson; Unger Longhorns; Harris Longhorns; AK Cattle; Windy Oaks Ranch; Patrick & America Dudley Rafter M Ranch; Jackson Grace; Caden Grace HERC Rentals - Jacob Weatherholtz; Anonymous; Briarwood Longhorns; Robert & Cindy Schnuriger; Jacob Lowrie; L 48 Ranch; B&H Longhorns Scotty & Alessa O’Bryan; Red Circle Ranch - Mark Christenson; Joe & Cheri Baker; Linda McKay; Van Liew Ranch; Jamie Wood; Double K Longhorns - Kathy Palladini; Rockin’ S Longhorns; Haltom Hollar Ranch James & Lynette Haltom; The Hoyle Family; Sunset Ridge Ranch; Randy & Catherine Morris; Justin & Ronda Sabio; Heaven on Earth; Rockn’ T Longhorns; Ross Ranch Horns SHOWMANSHIP SPONSORS PEEWEE: Cooper Longhorns - Billy & Kim Cooper JUNIOR: L48 Ranch INTERMEDIATE: Anchor T Ranch TEEN: Rafter M Ranch SENIOR: HERC Rentals SENIOR HEIFER SALE Resolute Cattle Company - David & Jana Edwards


August 2017 | 37



Class 1 Females October 2016 (TTT only) Class 2 Females September 2016 (TTT only) Class 3 Females August 2016 (TTT only) Class 4 Females July 2016 (TTT only) Class 5 Females June 2016 (TTT only) Class 6 Females May 2016 (TTT only) Class 7 Females April 2016 Class 8 Females March 2016 Class 9 Females February 2016 Class 10 Females January 2016 Class 11 Females December 2015 Class 12 Females November 2015 Class 13 Females September-October 2015 Class 14 Females July-August 2015 Class 15 Females May-June 2015 Class 16 Females March-April 2015 Class 17 Females January-February 2015 Class 18 Females October-December 2014 Class 19 Females July-September 2014 Class 20 Females April-June 2014 Class 21 Females January-March 2014 Class 22 Females September-December 2013 Class 23 Females May-August 2013 Class 24 Females January-April 2013 Class 25 Females July-December 2012 Class 26 Females January-June 2012 Class 27 Females 2011 Class 28 Females 2010-2009 Class 29 Females 2008-2006 Class 30 Females 2005-2002 Class 31 Females 2001 and older

Class 32 Bulls October 2016 (TTT only) Class 33 Bulls September 2016 (TTT only) Class 34 Bulls August 2016 (TTT only) Class 35 Bulls July 2016 (TTT only) Class 36 Bulls June 2016 (TTT only) Class 37 Bulls May 2016 (TTT only) Class 38 Bulls April 2016 Class 39 Bulls March 2016 Class 40 Bulls February 2016 Class 41 Bulls January 2016 Class 42 Bulls December 2015 Class 43 Bulls November 2015 Class 44 Bulls September-October 2015 Class 45 Bulls July-August 2015 Class 46 Bulls May-June 2015 Class 47 Bulls March-April 2015 Class 48 Bulls January-February 2015 Class 49 Bulls October-December 2014 Class 50 Bulls July-September 2014 Class 51 Bulls April-June 2014 Class 52 Bulls January-March 2014 Class 53 Bulls July-December 2013 Class 54 Bulls January-June 2013 Class 55 Bulls 2012 Class 56 Bulls 2011-2010 Class 57 Bulls 2009-2007 Class 58 Bulls 2006 and older


Send your entries in today!

Class 62 Steers Oct. 2015-Jan. 2013 Class 63 Steers 2012-2010 Class 64 Steers 2009 and older


Class 59 Females Twisty Horn Oct. 2015-Jan. 2013 Class 60 Females Twisty Horn 2012-2010 Class 61 Females Twisty Horn 2009 and older

MINIATURE CLASSES FEMALES Class 1 1 year and 1 day to 18 months old (TTT only) Class 2 18 months and 1 day to 2 years old Class 3 2 years old and 1 day to 30 mos .old Class 4 30 mos. and 1 day to 3 years old Class 5 3 years old and 1 day and older

BULLS Class 1 1 year and 1 day to 18 months old (TTT only) Class 2 18 months and 1 day to 27 mos.old Class 3 27 mos. old and 1 day to 36 mos .old Class 4 36 mos. and older

STEERS Class 1 1 year and 1 day to 24 months old (TTT only) Class 2 24 months and 1 day to 36 mos.old Class 3 36 mos. old and 1 day and older No Composite Measuring for Miniature Classes

FUTURITY CLASSES FEMALES Class 1 September - October 2016 Class 2 July - August 2016 Class 3 May - June 2016 Class 4 March - April 2016 Class 5 January - February 2016 Class 6 September - December 2015 Class 7 May - August 2015 Class 8 January - April 2015 Class 9 Born 2014 - 2013 Class 10 Born 2012 & Before

BULLS Class 1 September - October 2016 Class 2 July - August 2016 Class 3 May - June 2016 Class 4 March - April 2016 Class 5 January - February 2016 Class 6 September - December 2015 Class 7 May - August 2015 Class 8 January - April 2015

For More Information: Contact the TLBAA office 817-625-6241

www 56 | May 2017



Animal’s TLBAA NO. ____________________________________________ Animal’s TLBAA NO. ______________________________________________ Animal’s Name: ________________________________________________ Animal’s Name: ________________________________________________ Animal’s Date of Birth: __________________________________________ Animal’s Date of Birth: __________________________________________ Exhibitor’s Name: ______________________________________________ Exhibitor’s Name: ______________________________________________ Exhibitor’s TLBAA N0. ____________________________________________ Exhibitor’s TLBAA N0. ____________________________________________ Exhibitor’s Phone NO: __________________________________________ Exhibitor’s Phone NO: ____________________________________________ Exhibitor’s E-Mail Address:________________________________________ Exhibitor’s E-Mail Address: ________________________________________


Measuring Class Entered_____________________ Twisty Horn Class Entered______________

q Animal will be in Lawton, OK




$100 Tip-to-Tip



$100 Total Horn OR

$300 Composite (TTT & TH included.)

$100 Twisty Horn (Measuring along horn lines wrapping around horn; required to submit photo.)

q 10’X10’ stall included q 20’x 10’ additional $100


SATELLITE LOCATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Futurity Class Entered

___________________ q $125 Futurity (75% payback) {Animal must be in Lawton.}

GET OF SIRE OR PRODUCE OF DAM (See rules published in Trails or on – Only breeding animals (bulls or cows) can compete as




q $100 Senior Division Get of Sire q $100 Junior Division Get of Sire q $100 Senior Division Produce of Dam q $100 Junior Division Produce of Dam Offspring Competing for Sire or Dam with TLBAA Nos. (limited to breeding animals – bulls or cows) 1. ______________________________________________________________ Animal’s TLBAA NO.


2. ______________________________________________________________ Animal’s TLBAA NO.




______________________________________________________________Animal’s TLBAA NO.

FEMALES/MALES ($100 - Tip-to-Tip) q Juvenile (12 to 18 months) FEMALES/MALES ($100 - Total Horn) q Juvenile (12 to 18 months)

Total Payment $___________



q q


Juniors (18 months to 3 years) Juniors (18 months to 3 years) CREDIT CARD

q q

Mature (3 years +) Mature (3 years +)


Credit Card # ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NAME ON CARD ________________________________



Exp. Date ______________ CID #_____________

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT CHAD SMITH at • (701) 590-9073 OR TLBAA OFFICE at • (817) 625-6241 • 817-625-1388 (FAX) ALL FORMS MUST BE IN THE TLBAA OFFICE BY MON.,AUGUST 21, 5:00 P.M.WITH PAYMENT IN FULL – NO PAYMENT ACCEPTED AFTER DUE DATE! TLBAA OFFICE • PO BOX 4430 FORT WORTH,TX 76164 PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED - SEND TO LINDSAY@TLBAA.ORG. No refunds after entry deadline. *Awards will be presented at the event.Winners not LONGHORN in attendanceTRAILS will be responsible for actual award shipping cost. TEXAS August 2017 | 43

TLBAA 2017 Horn Showcase

2017 Horn Showcase Satellite Measuring Locations Satellites will be held on September 30 & October 1. Check our website for updates or contact hosts for more details. ALABAMA Vinemount, AL – Tammy Jones – 256-739-2582

CALIFORNIA Bakersfield, CA – Lucas Ranch – Mike Lucas – - 661-805-3074

Perris, CA – Bar-H-Ranch – Chris Herron – - 951-738-0692 FLORIDA Westville, FL – Terry King – tklonghorns@centurylink. net - 850-956-4154 Ocala, FL – Emily Ingram - - 352-280-0602, September 30 11am lunch to follow. INDIANA Corydon, IN – Hudson Longhorns – Bill Hudson – - 502-379-1049, September 30th 9am IOWA Rock Rapids, IA – DK Longhorn Ranch – Darwyn Klarenbeek – 605-201-5422, Home 712-473-2217 September 30 12pm with lunch and tour. KANSAS Greenleaf, KS – Lazy J Longhorns – Joe Sedlacek - 785-447-9132 Pittsburg, KS – Cedar View Ranch – Todd McKnight – - 620-704-3493, September 30th 1pm lunch provided. St. John, KS- Big Valley Longhorns- Janet - 620-804-0324 MICHIGAN Lowell, MI – Widespread Ranch – Tom Smith - 616-293-0977 MISSOURI Crocker, MO – Luebbering Farms, LLC – Lisa Luebbering – - 573-286-0509, October 1st 10am-2pm- light lunch and tour Weatherby, MO – Heaven on Earth – Jonathan Bentz - - 816-632-8685 MONTANA Big Timber, MT – Dave Hodges – - 406-932-6181

Overbrook, OK – Bob Loomis – - 580-276-7498 OHIO Barnesville, OH – Dickinson Cattle Co. – Darol Dickinson - - 740-758-5050, September 30th 1pm, reservations required for Customer Appreciation Day lunch. OREGON Dundee, OR – A&S Land and Cattle – Scott Picker – - 503-572-5656, September 30th 11am- breakfast/coffee Harper, OR – CR Ranches, LLC – Alex Dees – - 805-300-4617 PENNSYLVANIA Wellsville, PA – Crazy Cattle Company – Shawn Pequignot – 717-577-3347, September 30th 9am ranch tours, measuring at 1pm TEXAS Fredricksburg, TX – River Ranch Longhorns – Rick Friedrich – 713-305-0259, September 30th, 8am-2pm Kingsville, TX – El Coyote Ranch – Felix Serna – - 361-294-5317 Lamesa, TX – TS Adcock Longhorns – Terry Adcock – - 806-489-7906 Red Oak, TX – Diamond D Ranch – Dawn Divinia – - 972-890-8891 Somerville, TX – Star Creek Ranch – Darlene Aldridge – - 281-541-1200 UTAH Saint George, UT – Doug Hunt – doughuny@gmail. com - 435-680-0891 WASHINGTON Kettle Falls, WA – Coady Cattle Company, LLC – Annette Coady - 509-607-4948 INTERNATIONAL

NORTH CAROLINA Rutherfordton, NC – White Pine Ranch – Scott Hughes – 828-287-7406 NORTH DAKOTA Killdeer, ND – Smith Longhorns – Chad Smith – - 701-764-6277

40 | August 2017

OKLAHOMA Burns Flat, OK – Sand Creek Longhorn Ranch – Neil Glasgow – 580-821-0541

BELGIUM Sint-Laureins – Netherlands – Dirk Vogelaere – - 0032-937-90472 CANADA Brantford ON Canada – Matthew Scott – - 519-758-0584 Spruce Grove AB Canada – Meridian Longhorns – Jeff Jespersen – - 780-966-3320



August 2017 | 43

56 | August 2017


ase c w o h S n r o 17 H

20 Y E L L A L L U B LEY L A o y r b & Em

1. Each Bull/Cow receives spotlighted arena time. 2. All bulls must be TLBAA AI Certified to enter. 3. Each owner may bring semen tank with semen for sale or have semen sent to Champion Genetics. Must have 100 straws minimum available. 4. All Living Bulls/Cows must be present at the HSC. Deceased Bulls/Cows may be entered, but must be represented by a direct descendant. 5. Bulls and Cows will be measured onsite. 6. No minimum straw purchases allowed. 7. PHoTo rEquIrED. Submit to

Exhibitor’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exhibitor’s Phone: _______________________________________Exhibitor’s TLBAA N0.:_______________________________________________ Animal’s Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Animal’s Date of Birth:____________ Animal’s TLBAA No. ____________________AI CErTIFICATIoN No. ________________________________


Not currently TLBAA AI Certified - please send a kit - $150. Might take up to 3 months, please contact rick Fritsche at the TLBAA office for more details.

q BuLL ALLEY ($250 includes one measurement.) ADDITIoNAL MEASurEMENT $100 each. Composite is an additional $200. q EMBrYo ALLEY ($250 includes one measurement.) ADDITIoNAL MEASurEMENT $100 each. Composite is an additional $200. Please indicate your included measurement. If no measurement is chosen, the default measurement will be tip-to-tip.








CoMPoSITE (Additional $200.)

NorMAL PrICE oF SEMEN/EMBrYo ___________________________ HorN SHoWCASE PrICE oF SEMEN/EMBrYo _______________________ Please include a brief summary for read-out during the spotlight arena time: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Song Clip of Choice for Entrance (25 seconds): ________________________________________________________________________________ Total Payment $___________






Credit Card # ___________________________________________________________________________________________ NAME oN CArD ________________________________



Exp. Date ______________ CID #_____________

For MorE INForMATIoN CoNTACT MIKEAL BECK at • (817) 905-7994 or TLBAA oFFICE at • (817) 625-6241• (817) 625-1388 FAX



*Awards will be presented at the event.Winners not in attendance will be responsible for actual award shipping cost.


August 2017 | 43

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Moores Named County Farm Family of the Year By Taniah Tudor, Press Argus-Courier Staff, reprinted with permission One Crawford County couple are trying to offer something different to area beef eaters. Tom and Sue Moore, owners of M&M Farms and the 2017 Crawford County Farm Family of the Year, are raising certified grass-fed Texas Longhorn cattle - something new to the area and the entire state. The couple bought their 60-acre farm just north of Rudy in 2004, but only began raising cattle about six years ago. “We bought the place, then decided to raise cattle. We weren’t looking to raise cattle initially,” Tom Moore said. ”(But) it gave us a chance to offer something that wasn’t Sue Moore (center left) and Tom Moore (center right) on their Rudy being offered. We can have 20 to 30 cattle and it’s a pretfarm with their family. From left are Jake Moore, Tracy Hudson, ty big herd.” Georgia Faldon, Gayle Weisenbach, Callie Faldon, Jack Weisenbach In 2015, the Moores had the first farm in Arkansas to and Fritzie Vammen. Photo by Taniah Tudor, Press Argus-Courier be certified grass fed. M&M Farms is certified by Animal Welfare Approved for the humane treatment of their er, roasts, rib-eye steaks, stew meat and minute steaks. cattle and certified grass fed by A Greener World stan- They also sell eggs from their free range chickens and ducks. dards under the AWA. Both Tom and Sue Moore have additional businesses AWA certifies and promotes independent family farmers and ranchers raising livestock outdoors on pasture and are involved in a number of civic groups and activities in Van Buren. or range using sustainable agriculture methods. They were recognized March 30 as the 2017 recipients Longhorns are the base breed of the Moore’s herd and were chosen because they naturally produce a leaner, of the Crawford County Friend of 4-H Award during the healthier meat, are not prone to disease, not picky eat- 72nd annual Crawford County Arkansas 4-H Achievement Banquet for their support of local 4-H programs. ers, and are less hands-on, Sue Moore said. They also take part in the Arkansas It’s evident the couple’s cattle have Agriculture Department’s Arkansas been handled with care - they are so Grown program, are members of the docile, they will eat alfalfa treats out of Texas Longhorn Breeders Association the palm of strangers’ hands. of America and International Texas To be certified, the Moores must be Longhorn Association. able to provide verification that the A committee made up of representaanimals only have been grass fed or tives of Crawford County Farm Bureau eaten certified grass fed products. Soil and the Cooperative Extension Service testing has helped them improve the selected the Moores as this year’s farm quality of the grass the animals eat. family. The two organizations are chief Their beef cattle are born and raised sponsors of the program in Crawford on their farm to ensure quality and Sue Moore shows farm family judges County. that they meet the certified standards, Donette Spann and Eric Brnscum how grass-fed beef is packaged. Farm family judges Donette Spann Sue Moore said. Medications are administered only when needed as a treatment, not for with the Arkansas Beef Council and Eric Branscum with Farm Credit visited the Moore’s on June 13 as part preventative methods, she said. At about 30 months old the cattle are adequate for of their efforts to determine a district winner, which will processing, Sue said. The Moores provide a no stress be announced June 19. Crawford County is in the Northwest District along transport to B&R Meat Processing in Winslow, which practices humane processing methods and also is cer- with Benton, Boone, Carroll, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Sebastian and Washington counties. tified by the AWA. District winners will be judged in July to determine Tom and Sue Moore go through these efforts to provide a product that people can feed good about, they a state winner, which will be announced Dec. 7 at the farm family of the year luncheon at the Wyndham Rivsaid. “The Internet and access to information about where erfront in North Little Rock. The Arkansas farm family of the year will represent our food comes from - I feel like that has been a benefit to use because more people are concerned about what the state at the Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year. they’re eating,” Sue Moore said. Beef products sold by the Moores include hamburg44 | August 2017


21st Annual Sunrise Showmanship Camp Submitted by Betty Baker Sunrise Showmanship Camp had its 21st successful year with 40 campers, 4 counselors, and 4 helpers assembling at the ranch during the week of June 25th to July 1st.Even though the majority of campers come to learn how to halter break a calf and perfect their showing abilities, the skills learned reach far beyond any written agenda. They learn the value of team work, problem solving, responsibility, respect, confidence, manners, leadership, public speaking and positive thinking. On a lighter side, some even learn the Texas Two Step during the evening dance! Outside motivational leaders were brought in during the week to reinforce the theme Bent, but not Broken. In addition, the counselors each spoke to the theme during the week. The camp is under the leadership of John T. & Betty Baker. Their assistants were Bob Schnuriger from Kemah, TX, and Chris Lindsey from Laural, MS. Senior counselors were Dalton Deckert &, Karsen Morgan. Junior counselors were Shelby Rooker & Koy Warner. The helpers were Gus Kash, Luke Bogar, Ashylnn Reed and Jimmie Gee. Top honors went to Mr. Sunrise, Owen Merriman; Ms. Sunrise, Clara Holson; and overall top camper, Livie Sassenberg. Call Betty Baker for any questions concerning Sunrise Showmanship Camp.512-762-7408


Scheer competes at World Show in Texas

The Longhorn Project at Johnson Space Center

Reprinted from Washington County Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise

Submitted by Andrea Wilson Trails Magazine would like to apologize for two errors in the layout of the article in the July issue. The corrected caption and paragraph are as follows:

Conner Scheer of rural Arlington competed in the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) World Show on June 7-11 in Fort Worth. The teen qualified his animals for the competition during different shows throughout the last year. He qualified nine head of Longhorn to compete at the World Show for the 2016-17 season. Scheer participated with four of the nine — two younger heifers, a steer and a bull. The show included 530 head of cattle from more than 200 exhibitors. The World Show featured exhibitors from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Scheer was the only representative from the Cornhusker state. Scheer finished first with his junior steer and senior bull in the halter division. He also won champion senior bull. Scheer finished third and fifth with the two heifers and fourth with the bull in the open show. Scheer was the reserve champion senior showman in a showmanship contest with 47 competitors. Scheer also won the champion senior photo in the TBLAA photo contest with a photo titled “Nebraska Sunset.”

Chairman, Andrea Wilson, presents, Betty and John T. Baker with an appreciation gift; Black and white steer was won and raised by former LHP Show Team member, Andrew Wilson.

Founded in 1996 by George Abbey, former director of NASA Johnson Space Center, The Longhorn Project is an educational partnership among The Longhorn Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NASA Johnson Space Center, the Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM and the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA).


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Longhorns, Ocean Breezes and A Big Crowd Balmy ocean breezes with temperatures in the 70’s and Texas Longhorns in a covered arena – sounds like a good place to be. That place would be the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, CA. While Longhorns have not been a part of the livestock shows since 2004, Livestock Coordinator Jaime

Mendoza says he tries to get an exhibition pen of Longhorns each year that he can. This year he reached out to TLBAA Board Member Chris Herron of Bar-H-Ranch. “Chris has the largest herd available in So. California,” said Mendoza. Herron was happy to supply the fair with 10 head of Longhorn to display, including several with calves at side. He also set up a table with Trails Magazines, lean beef brochures and TLBAA membership applications

and hung a TLBAA banner by the large pen. Nearly 1.6 million visitors attend the fair from June 2 - July 4 with more than half of those going through the livestock barns. Mendoza adds that a large volume of FFA groups and school children tour the barns as well. According to the survey conducted by the fair, the livestock exhibits received compliments from 75% of people who responded. “The first day, when the Longhorns arrived,” said Mendoza, “more than 300 people stopped what they were doing and filled the stands just to watch them be unloaded.” Mendoza would love to see a Longhorn show return to the fair, but at the time there are not enough people showing at halter to host a show in the current facility. He is working on getting pens and runways that would accommodate showing them loose as most Longhorn owners in the area prefer to do. Herron was excited with the exposure given to the breed and the TLBAA. He also had high praise for Mendoza and the San Diego County Fair for the outstanding conditions they provided for the Longhorns. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a comfy covered pavilion with deep shavings, and an ocean breeze?

Cattle Raisers Museum Hosts Grand Opening Event The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America was honored to contribute to the newly re-designed Cattle Raisers Museum in Fort Worth, TX. Rick Fritsche, TLBAA Office Manager & Registrar and Lindsay Maher, TLBAA Sales & Event Manager attended the event on May 31st, 2017. The Cattle Raisers Museum is located within the Fort Worth Museum of Science and includes beautiful Texas Longhorns as the museum’s focal point along with the “Great Hall of Cattle” featuring paintings of several breeds which literally speak and stare right back at you. The cleverly designed artwork is triggered by a sensor The easy way to work Longhorn cattle! when one walks by. No doubt the • Can be shipped by common carrier anywhere in over 800,000 visitors each year the U.S. will enjoy learning more about the • Galvanized pipe and steel sheeting importance and historical signifi• Grease inserts for easy maintenance & operation • Vaccinate or deworm cattle cance of this amazing breed.


• Palpation gates • Measure horns • A.I. cows

The Official Chute of the TLBAA Horn Showcase

W e’ve got dw!hat you nee

li ne v ideo of the n o r u o t u o k ec h C n our websi te! chute in action o END OF TRAIL RANCH •

Wichita Fence Co., Inc. • 1-800-626-3752 • 46 | August 2017




PEN We thank these folks for kindly droppin’ in at the TLBAA office.

1. Elissa Malone, Wayne & Andrea Rumley Tri-W Longhorn Cattle Co. 2. Yddo Ortiz, Cleburne, TX 3. Scott, Jade, Kobe & Jett McInerney Sutton, NSW, Austrailia




4. Chrys Bailey, Circle 30 Ranch Abilene, TX

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n All





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Calling for Nominations for the TLBAA Special Awards The TLBAA special year end awards will be presented during the annual meeting held during Texas Longhorn Weekend in January 2018. All TLBAA active members are encouraged to nominate fellow breeders for these special honors. Nominees will each be verified as active TLBAA members in good standing. Nominations must be in a written format and will include why/how the individual nominated fulfills the criteria of the award. An individual can only be nominated for one award each year. All nominees received and verified will be listed in the November TRAILS, and you the members, will be selecting the overall award winners. Deadline for nomination submissions is September 15, 2017, 5 pm CST. Nominations should be emailed to If unable to email, you may fax or mail to the TLBAA office. Think about who you know that deserves to be recognized for a year end award. Remember the deadline for nominations for these awards is September 15, 2017, 5 pm CST. For further information or additional questions please contact Tina DuBose, Affiliate Chairperson. Continue reading for criteria and past winners of these prestigious awards.

The Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award

A native Texan, Dave Evans entered the Texas Longhorn industry in 1977, establishing the Yellow Pine Ranch at Cuchara, CO. He and his wife, Billicarole, quickly became enthusiastic about the breed and additional ranches were purchased to supplement the original ranch. Evans served on the Board of Directors of both the TLBAA and the Mountain & Plains Texas Longhorn Association. He also served terms as TLBAA Vice-President. He was a founding partner and host of the Colorado National Texas Longhorn Sale, a record-breaking event when it started in 1981, which continued to be one of the industry’s major events for many years. From the start, Evans realized the necessity of using the best bulls available in the breed in order to develop a top herd. His goal was to breed for consistent size as well as correctness and outstanding horns. He purchased Texas Ranger JP in 1980, and then Dixie Rebel and Major Investment. In 1986, Evans acquired CT Spoty Ruler, the bull he considered to be the best he’d ever owned. Before his untimely death, Evans had succeeded in breeding a herd of Texas Longhorns that were well recognized in the breed. It is therefore a significant honor to be a recipient of this award, named in honor of this dedicated Longhorn breeder. This award is given to individuals who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Texas Longhorn cattle through their breeding program.

Past Recipients of the Dave Evans Award 1982 – Babs & Chico Wright 1983 – Jack Montgomery 1984 – Red McCombs 1985 – Ray Moore 1986 – Al Micallef 1987 – Glen W. Lewis 1988 – Dave Evans 1989 – Jerry & Martha Gillespie 1990 – Bob & Linda Moore 1991 – Dr. Joseph Graham 1992 – Dr. L.V. Baker 1993 – Johnnie Hoffman 1994 – Wayne Rumley, Wes & Carrie Hill 1995 – W.O. & Patti Marquess 1996 – El Coyote Ranch 1997 – John T. Baker 1998 – Shady W Ranch 1999 – Bob Coffee 14 | December 2016

2000 – John & Christy Randolph 2001 – Ben Gravett 2002 – Bob Loomis 2003 – John & Diann Chase 2004 – Mike Bowman 2005 – Johnnie Robinson 2006 – Robert and Kim Richey 2007 – Doug Hunt 2008 – Kaso Kety 2009 – Jimmy Jones Dora Thompson 2010 – Brent & Cindy Bolen 2011 – Darlene Aldridge, DVM 2012 – El Coyote Ranch 2013 – Bob Loomis 2015 – Brett & Darcy De Lapp 2016 – Nancy Dunn


Jack Phillips Award The Jack Phillips Award is named after former TLBAA President Jack Phillips who was a quiet, yet forceful presence in the TLBAA. The awards honors individuals who have worked selflessly for the Longhorn and breeders alike, without recognition. It is hoped that Affiliate Presidents will encourage members to nominate individuals who have fulfilled this criteria but all members of the TLBAA are encouraged to makes nominations.

Past recipients of the Jack Phillips Award 1994 – John & Silvia Gams 1995 – Kenneth Archer 1996 – Maudeen Marks & Eileen Day 1997 – Noah & Melba Oliver 1998 – R.L. Slater 1999 – Glen Lewis 2000 – Dorie Damuth 2001 – Charley & Doris Snyder 2002 – David Hartshorn 2003 – Ray Moore 2004 – Morgan Cook, Jr. 2005 – Ronnie Cruce 2006 – Albert G. “Pete” Boyce, Jr. 2007 – Trigg & Traci Moore 2008 – Steve & Bodie Quary 2009 – Steven Zunker 2010 – Donnie Taylor 2011 – Elmer Rosenberger 2012 – Kim & Robert Richey 2013 – Dale Hunt & Sherrill Caddel 2014 – Geoff Dawson, Tina Stewart & Charlene Musgrove 2015 – Rodger & Bonnie Damrow 2016 – Joe Sedlacek

Elmer Parker Lifetime Award

Lifetime Devotion to the Texas Longhorn Breed and Its Breeders

Elmer Parker was a longtime employee and manager of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge Longhorn herd. Parker joined the staff at the Refuge in 1946, learning from the previous Longhorn managers: Earl Drummond, Heck Schrader and Joe Bill Lee. In 1968, he took over the responsibilities of the Longhorns at the Refuge and continued until his retirement in 1981. Thus, the continuity of Longhorn expertise at the Refuge continued for more than half a century. The Parker Brown color designation on Longhorn registrations was named after Elmer Parker – the dark brown, almost black color, with lighter dorsal stripe, was one of his favorite colors. This award honors those members, who have been dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Longhorn breed, qualities that Parker was known for.

Past Recipients of the Elmer Parker Award 1987 – J.G. “Jack” Phillips 1988 – Dave Evans 1989 – J.W. Isaacs 1990 – Charles Schreiner III 1991 – Eddie Wood 1992 – F.M. “Blackie” Graves 1993 – Dan. O. Coates 1994 – Leonard Stiles 1995 – Johnnie Hoffman 1996 – Walter B. Scott 1997 – Col. Fraser West 1998 – Linda Moore/ Harvey Rasmussen 1999 – Owen McGill 2000 – Charlene Semkin

2001 – Dan W. Coates 2002 – Bob Moore 2003 – Tim Miller 2004 – T.M. Smith 2005 – H.C. Carter 2006 – Sherman Boyles 2007 – Harvey Rassmussen 2008 – Dr. Bob Kropp 2009 – Michael McLeod 2010 – Joe & Lorinda Valentine 2011 – Maurice Ladnier 2012 – Dr. Joyce Kimble 2013 – Kaso Kety 2015 – John Allen 2016 – Wes Watson

Mel Raley Rising Star Mel Raley will always be remembered as a shining star for the TLBAA because of his ability to share his vast knowledge of the Longhorn breed with new members. This special recognition is awarded to those who have been an active member of the TLBAA for less than five years and through involvement and sustained enthusiasm have made a positive impact on their peers and on the Longhorn breed.

Past Recipients of the Mel Raley Rising Star Award 1999 – Barry & Jeanne Carter Gray 2000 – Gary “Cowboy” & Kendra Kelley 2001 – Joel & Shirley Lemley 2002 – Zech Dameron, III 2003 – Glen & Larry Smith 2004 – Danny & Carole Phillips 2005 – Rebecca Rhodes 2006 – John & Brenda Oliver 2007 – Bruce & Susan Easterly 2008 – Randy Briscoe 2009 – Matt Westmoreland 2010 – Jay & Suzanne Faske 2011 – Danny & Merrilou Russell 2012 – Greg Franks 2013 – Kyle & Whitney Mayden 2016 – James & Paula Wilkins

TLBAA Year-End Awards Nomination Form TLBAA is now accepting nominations to four important annual awards. Each award encompasses different characteristics, values and contributions to the Texas Longhorn industry. Nominations must describe in detail how the nominee fulfills the criteria of the award. Name-only nominations will not be accepted. Nominees must be active TLBAA members in good standing.

THE DEADLINE TO RECEIVE NOMINATIONS IS SEPTEMBER 15, 2017, 5 p.m. CST. The recipients of these awards will be honored as part of the Texas Longhorn Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. Contact TLBAA at 817-625-6241 for more information.

Your Name: _________________________________________________________TLBAA Number__________________ Your Contact Number: ________________________________________________________________________________ Nominee’s Name: ____________________________________________________TLBAA Number__________________ Nominee Contact Number: ___________________________________________________________________________ Which award are they being nominated for? _____________________________________________________________ How and why does the nominee fulfill the described criteria of the award? (Please limit comments to 450 wods) __________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Use Additional Paper if Needed – If multiple nominations are received for an individual, the comments will be combined into one set of criteria. Please submit photo(s) of nominee with this nomination.

Return completed form to If you are unable to email, you may fax or mail to the TLBAA office. P.O. Box 4430, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 817.625.6241 • 817.625.1388 Fax


An Unexpected Life With Longhorns When we bought our house on 16 were SO CUTE! Time went on and his acres, David’s Dad, Bumpy (a childcuriosity of Longhorns turned into hood nickname), asked us if we rea harmless obsession. We all joked ally knew what we were getting with him about it, and even bought ourselves into. There were no out him a couple of those toy Longhorns buildings except for a couple small you find at a farm supply store. coup-style buildings, and nothFast forward to Christmas time. ing had been mowed or taken care David is from a family with six kids. of except for about an acre around Being from a big family, Christmas the house. The answer was,, can get expensive. His family started we didn’t know what we had gotten doing a drawing to buy a gift for one ourselves into. Bumpy had retired person. That Christmas, I happened early because of a heart condition. to draw Bumpy’s name. Ironically, on He would get bored pretty easy. He the way home from Kansas to visit also took mowing seriously – he had David’s sister, I told him, “I should the time to go slow and make sure buy a Longhorn for your Dad for every line was perfectly straight. He Christmas”. finally got tired of watching all that David gave me a grin and said, Charlotte's ear tag is the number 4 – unmowed grass and came out and “That is going to be a little bit over the and now she lives at 4 Oaks Farm! started mowing...and mowing...and spending limit.” mowing... Bumpy’ health had started to decline more and it At some point during his interest in getting our had turned into almost a joke amongst the family as to place perfectly manicured, he also took a trip to Kansas how much he loved and obsessed over these silly Longto visit his daughter. In one of their many trips drivhorns... On that trip home, I Googled a couple of Longing around just to see the countryside, they (David’s horn ranches and eventually came back to Semkin mom and dad), came across a pasture of Longhorns. Longhorns, because she was the one who really took Their beauty piqued his interest and he started to rethe time with him and educated him a little about these search them. In his research, he came across Charlene animals. He really found The Shadow really amazSemkin’s information and contacted her a couple difing and talked about how he was an icon and almost a ferent times. He came to David one day and asked him, “founding father” of the breed and where it was at that “You know what WE need to get to help eat all this grass time. When I called Charlene I told her how much I had down?” David thought it was funny that this was now a to spend and asked if she had anything that had The “we” endeavor. “We need a Longhorn.” Shadow in the pedigree. She sent me 3 options. As in... like, a TEXAS LONGHORN? Why would someI simply picked the cutest one. one want a Longhorn? Aren’t they dangerous? Aren’t The day before Christmas Eve, David and his sisthey ferocious? What are they good for? He didn’t give ter loaded up and drove to Oklahoma. They made up up easily. I remember laughing off the notion to begin some story that he had a construction job up in Iowa with…until Charlene sent him her video of all her calves that he was helping a buddy finish up and would be she had for sale. One day when we were over at their back sometime later Christmas Eve. I went to Hobby house, we put the video in and watch it. Those babies Lobby and found a cow skin wrapped box (seriously...

About the Author

David, Angie, Archie and Auggie Wulf

50 | August 2017

We have a small herd of 12 longhorns (including our calves). We are currently working with two different individuals to rent more pasture space. Pasture land is very hard to come by here in Illinois because the soil is so rich and mostly flat and tillable farmland. To buy it just to turn it into pasture would be a very expensive endeavor. We own 16 acres and have about 9 acres pastured. Since we are running a small herd, we have taken steps towards breeding better pedigreed animals and selectively buying, selling and breeding to get our small herd to more of an elite group of animals. We breed for confirmation, color and horn and are trying to be as active as we can in the Futurity world so our little farm can get some exposure in this huge longhorn community. We are currently working to get at least one of our bulls AI Certified and collected. We are really hoping to start raising animals that will be worth more money but aside from that, animals that will be a great example of this magnificent breed, represented way up here in Illinois!


By Angie Wulf lucky find), printed off a certificate of ownership, her picture, and her pedigree and wrapped it all up. David and his sister got back on Christmas Eve and put her in a make-shift pen we had build in our new barn – which wasn’t even finished! There was half of a roof on it. We didn’t have a pasture – just a round pen to put the new cow and the horse in. The whole family knew she was in the barn and anticipated him opening his gift. He didn’t even believe it. He thought we were playing a joke on him, “Thanks for the fake Longhorn, guys...” “NO! There is really, for real, a real Texas Longhorn in our barn right now!” He closed the box, stood up, got in his truck and drove out to our house. He was SO excited to meet her! We spent much of Christmas Eve in our barn that night. It was so awesome. We lost Bumpy that following March. He got very sick, very Auggie and CJ fast and before we could comprehend anything, he was gone. Even while he was on the vent, he was trying to ask me what the plan was for Charlotte. He really wanted us to breed her. I promised him that we would make sure she got bred. I had been in contact with Charlene’s ranch manager and he had helped me with some questions. I actually had no idea what we were going to do with her and how we were going to get her bred, but I promised him and I would make sure it happened, one way or another. After his passing, we found a piece of scrap paper in his old, black truck where he had drawn what he thought would be a good brand for us. It was a 4 with is

circle around it to stand for “4 Oaks Farm”. We found out later that we couldn’t put the circle around the 4 because it would never heal right. We ended up doing the 4 but used the silhouette of Charlotte’s face and horns to create the horns off of the 4. I called the vet that we were using at that time and asked him about AI’ing if we got a couple straws of semen from Charlene (she offered with the purchase of a heifer). He had no interest in AI’ing for us. We decided we would just take Charlotte back to OK to be with one of Charlene’s bulls (she agreed to do that for us). As fate would have it, that vet called me a couple weeks later and told that that I wasn’t going to believe him, but there was actually a registered Longhorn bull just 10 minutes down the road from us at a farm in Heyworth, IL. He was the same age as Charlotte. I got the number of the person who owned the bull... Jonathan Bentz of Heaven on Earth. Johnathan let us use him to breed a couple of our cows. Another funny story: David traded an old grain wagon to John’s Dad for our pick of three heifers. David picked Perry (Perfect Storm), we used John’s bull to breed her (seriously, these people are awesome), and got our second ever calf. He’s been to our local zoo and we’ve had him to a couple futurities. We call him CJ (Camo Joe). Johnathan and the Bentz family helped us so much – we wouldn’t be where we are and as involved as we are without them! We love them very much! Oh, and the toy Longhorns are still used in the nativity scene at Christmas time.


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Sale Results


Great Northern Longhorn Classic Sale Hosts and Hired Hand customers L-R: Dave Belgrien, Belgrien Ranch; Dan Huntington, 5D Ranch; and Mike Thiel, Church View Cattle Co.



Wisconsin breeders Tom Mehlberg and his son AJ Mehlberg.

Sale Gross: $60,500 Sale Average: $1833 on 33 head Volume Buyer: Hudson Longhorns


$5500 LL Rio Xcitement Buyer: MonMel Longhorns Consignor: Lazy J Longhorns

Joe Sedlacek, Lazy J Longhorns; Ethan Loos, Wolf Creek Ranch; Mike Willinger, Hudson Longhorns.


$8000 5D Lincoln’s Moore Buyer: Hudson Longhorns Consignor: 5D Ranch

Dick Lowe, Triple R Ranch; Tom Smith, Widespread Ranch

GNTLA Board Members had a meeting at the event.

52 | August 2017

Jim O’Connor, Hope Creek Cattle.

Dave Belgrien, Belgrien Ranch; Mike Willinger, Hudson Longhorns; and Ray Bear Davidson, G&G Longhorns and Eastwind Stock Co.


Tom & Diane Mehlberg, Gresham, WI


August 2017 | 53

Sale Results


HIGHLIGHTS 44/47 lots sold for $103,550 or an average of $2,353 Top 5 lots average: $5,980 Top 10 lots average: $4,670 15 lots sold on-line via Hired Hand Live Volume Buyers: Lynn Struthoff & Josie Becker/Struthoff Ranch, San Antonio TX Sondra West – Moore/Westhaven Ranch, Ione CA


Daniel & Angelina Fey, Fey Longhorns

Just a few of the folks that enjoyed a wine tasting and vineyard tour.

Burt Tucker, HG Tucker Farms; Bob Larson, RC Larson Longhorns




Kathy & Warren Dorathy, Caballo Bravo Longhorns

Scott & Amelia Picker, A & S Land and Cattle

Consignor: Warren & Cathy Dorathy, Sanger CA Buyer: Alexandra Dees, Harper OR Mike & Dr. Katrina Lucas, Lucas Ranch; Renee & Mark Sr. Scott, SR Longhorns

OTHER HIGH SELLING LOTS: $6,000 - Lot 2: ST Concealed Surprise Consignor: Tom & Molly St. Hilaire, Yamhill OR Buyer: Daniel & Angelina Fey, Yamhill OR $6,000 – Lot 8: Shamrock Texas Star

Consignor: Warren & Cathy Dorathy, Sanger CA Buyer: Josh & Kaitlyn Moss, Hico TX $5,600 – Lot 31: Third Alarm Fire

Consignor: Daniel & Angelina Fey, Yamhill OR Buyer: Lynn Struthoff & Josie Becker, San Antonio TX

Molly St Hilaire, St Hilaire Longhorns; Barb & Bill McKinney, WB Longhorns

$5,300 – Lot 41: Atlas’ Ace

Consignor: Daniel & Angelina Fey, Yamhill OR Buyer: Warren & Cathy Dorathy, Sanger CA



Alex Dees, CR Ranches; Lynn Struthoff & Josie Becker, Struthoff Ranch


Rhonda Reed Stanfield

Elsie Rose Jan. 31, 1939 – June 26, 2017

October 26, 1960 – June 20, 2017 STEPHENVILLE – Rhonda Reed Stanville was born in Gorman to Troy “Rocky” Reed and Elda Everett Reed. She married the love of her life, Clayton Stanfield, on June 9, 1979 in De Leon and together they raised two children. Rhonda was a graduate of Dublin High School living most of her life in Erath County. Rhonda was a charter member and officer in the Major George B. Erath 2679 chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was a lifetime member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. Rhonda worked for the U.S. Postal Service for many years as a rural letter carrier and served on the State Board of the Texas Rural Letter Carriers Association. She attended the Palo Pinto Cowboy Church. Rhonda’s love and strength will live on through her loving family and friends. Left to cherish her memory are her husband of 38 years, Clayton Stanfield of Stephenville; son, Justin Lance Stanfield and wife Amanda of Stephenville; daughter, Stacey Leigh Ringo and husband Bryan of Mineral Wells; grandchildren, Jay Gilbert Velasquez Stanfield, Sawyer Lee Ringo, and Madison Leigh Ringo; parents, Troy “Rocky Reed, and Elda Faye Reed; siblings, David Reed and wife Kathleen, Tony Reed and Wife Carol, Judy Gromatzky and husband Rodney; and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and loving family. She was preceded in death by a grandson, Slayton Lee Ringo; and grandparents, Clarence Andrew Reed, Clara Mae Dixon Reed, J.B. Everett, and Pearl Olene Gilbreath Everett. Online condolences may be made at

TORRINGTON – Elsie Rose died June 26, 2017, at her daughter’s home in Sutherland, Neb. Memorials may be given to either the Goshen County 4-H for the poultry and rabbit barns or the Senior Friendship Center. Condolences may be sent to Elsie was born Jan. 31, 1939, in Torrington, the daughter of Carl and Katie (Hill) Hansen. She grew up on the T Kettle Ranch north of Torrington and received her education in Torrington. She married Cecil Rose on Sept 9, 1955, in Lusk. They owned and operated the Empire Ranch north of Henry, Neb., all their lives. They raised and trained Morgan horses and Hereford cattle, later switching to Texas Longhorns. Elsie remained on the ranch after Cecil died in 2009, continuing the Longhorn breeding program. She also worked at the Torrington Livestock Auction and in later years at Wheelers (Country General), McNamee Auctions, Food Pride, DSI, and was a para at Chalk Butte School. She judged (chickens, rabbits, and other small animals) at county fairs in Nebraska and Wyoming. Elsie was a 4-H leader for 54 years and was named outstanding leader several times. She was affiliated with the Wyoming Morgan Horse Association, Wyoming Texas Longhorn Association, Sheep Creek Women’s Club and Farm Bureau. She also helped with the senior center garage sales, among her many volunteer endeavors. Elsie is survived by daughters Sena (Russ) Pearson of Lusk, and Janet (Marvin) Mueller of Sutherland, Neb.; sons John (Kerri) Rose of Lingle, Bruce (Debbie) Rose and Gary (Christie) Rose all of Gordon, Neb.; an “adopted son” Mark (Mashelle) Barlow of Eden, Idaho; 11 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband Cecil; brothers Carl, Glen, Dewey, Lyle, Elmer, and Gerald Hansen; sisters Louella Jackson, Phyllis Havely, Shirley Buskohl and Velva Ruth Hansen; and two granddaughters Jenna Rose and Brittany Mueller. SEE MORE ON PAGE 57


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Sale Results

TEXAS MID-YEAR BLOWOUT SALE RESULTS June 17, 2017 • West, TX Sale Hosts: Mike & Theresa MacLeod & Zech Dameron, M.D. Auctioneer: Joel Lemley Sale Coordinator: Russell Fairchild Results submitted by Lemley Auction Services Photos by Hired Hand Software & Rick Fritsche


Sale Hosts Mike & Theresa MacLeod, Split Rock Cedar Ranch

90 Lots sold for an average of $2,335.56 Volume Buyer: Schumacher Cattle Company


Greta & Kyle Drennan, Run Wild Ranch; Hired Hands’ Kelley Galyen




OTHER HIGH SELLING LOTS: 8,500 - Lot 47 - Shamrock Eternal Liberty $7,250 – Lot 16 - Sheza Sittin’ Pretty SRC $6,500 – Lot 40 - BL Lexi $5,000 – Lot 88 - ZD Dream A Little Dream $5,000 – Lot 55 - ZD Jamadans Lucky Lucy

Front row: Jim & JoEda Freeman, Bar F Longhorns; Back row (l-r) Darin & Dawn Divinia, Diamond D Longhorns; Cindy Bolen, Bolen Longhorns

Dr. Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen, Bull Creek Ranch

Toni & Larry Stegemoller, TL Longhorns

Lemley Auctions Service with pedigree reader and sale coordinator Russell Fairchild present one of the lots to the crowd. Andy Martinez, MMR Longhorns and Ron Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch were part of the good crowd attending.

Lisa & Gary Rossow, Grow Em Long Ranch

56 | August 2017



Barbara LaDow Atwell June 2, 1941 – June 30, 2017 Mrs. Barbara K. LaDow Atwell, 76, went to be with her Lord Jesus on Friday, June 30, 2017. Barbara, daughter of the late Earl J. and Edna Lathrop LaDow of Gerry, NY, was born in Jamestown, NY on June 2, 1941. She was educated at Cassadaga Valley Central High School and The University of Virginia. Barbara had made her home in the Pitt County area for the past 27 years and was a member of Faith Assembly of God. She was a partner with her husband in 11 different businesses, retiring as Vice President of Atwell Industries, Inc. and Tuffliner Distributing Co. in Ayden, in 1999. Barbara is survived by her: husband of 59 years, James R. Atwell, Sr.; son, James R. Atwell, Jr. and wife, Unita, of Greenville; daughters, Deborah A. Woolard and husband, Hal, of Virginia Beach, VA; Shelley A. Vasko and husband, John, of Birmingham, AL and Ashley Faith Atwell of the home; sister, Helen Runge of NY; brother, Dale LaDow of Texas; 9 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren. Memorials may be sent to Faith Assembly of God, 5005 Corey Road, Winterville, NC 28590 or American Cancer Society, 930-A Wellness Drive, Greenville, NC 27834. Online condolences at


If yo your electric brand w not stay hot in will cold or windy weather, get a Husky.

We Guarantee Ours O Will Stay Hot

1 Letter/Figure_____120.00 2 Letter/Figure_____130.00 3 Letter/Figure_____140.00 Plus shipping * All Electric Brands Shipped in 24 Hours.

P.O. Box 460 • Knoxville, AR 72845 800/222-9628 • Fax 800/267-4055 • Text# 479/647-0381


August 2017 | 57

Dams Of Merit

Three Females Join Dams of Excellence Roll Nutmeg 7/4, owned by Double D Arena, SK, Canada , has now taken her place among the Dams of Excellence after already enjoying a spot on the Dams of Distinctinction list. She is joined by two females new to the Dams of Merit roll, 4-Ever and Hopes Secret, owned by David & Jo Anne Norwood. Both are now members of the Dams of Excellence roll. The Dam of Merit Program has been available for TLBAA members for many years as a tool to recognize those Texas Longhorn females that stand out in the area of production among Texas Longhorn breeders. Often overlooked as an effective marketing tool, this list is an official record of the positive reproductive record of Longhorn females. How can it benefit in your program? First, among fellow breeders, it shows your dedication to building a herd on a foundation of solid, reproduceable genetics. No one can afford females that do not produce offspring regularly and this record shows off those dependable genetics in your herd. Second, among other cattle breeders, it promotes the cost effectiveness of the Texas Longhorn breed. Dependably producing a calf every year is a trait every breed hopes for in a female. Such evidence of productivity can sway other cattle owners to consider bringing Longhorns into a crossbred program or starting a secondary herd of Longhorns. You may even turn them into 100% Longhorn owners!

Third, among those who have never owned livestock or own other types of livestock, the thought of generating a little regular income from that beautiful, unique piece of history is always a plus. If you’re a hobbyist or simply an animal lover, you still want to know that when you’re ready to see calves on the ground, it will be high odds that the process will go smoothly. What’s the cost to you to get your female on the list? Only $25 plus a little time investment. You will need to make sure that as your females calve, you have updated their progeny records in H.O.R.N.S. If you have a female that qualifies, simply call the TLBAA office and speak to registrar Rick Fritsche, or drop him an email at and he will provide you with the necessary form to fill out to submit your dam for verification. Rick will also help with any questions you may have about “calf at side” information in H.O.R.N.S. Once the progeny have been verified, your dam will be added to the list which appears in TRAILS magazine, and you will receive a Dam of Merit certificate for your records. This is an affordable and easy benefit for members to promote a very important positive trait of Texas Longhorns that make owning them that much more satisfying. **NOTE: This is not a record TLBAA tracks for you. It is up to you, as a owner/breeder, to notify us when your cow has achieved this goal. We look forward to your participation.

Dam of Merit Roll of Honor Dams of Excellence

Dam must have had 10 consecutive calves, with the first being before her third birthday

4-Ever David & Jo Anne Norwood, Waco, TX

Bell La Squaw Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

CO Barbwire David M. Hillis, Austin, Texas

Cross M Cherokee Miss Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico

Dewlap Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico

F 3F Bevo’s T J Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico

G&L Enchantment Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas

G&L True Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas

High Hope, FD Bo & Dorie Damuth, Magnolia, Texas

Hope’s Secret David & Jo Anne Norwood, Waco, TX

Miss CP Ruler 562 T.M. & Jean Smith, Bar S Ranch, Boyd, Texas

Miss Peppermint Ed & Sheryl Johnson, Molalla, Oregon

Nutmeg 7/4

Picabo Phantom Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Rawhide Lady Pebbles Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

SP Hija Ben Tanksley, Alpine, Texas

US 89076 Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico

Westhaven Ranger Reddy Fraser West, Ione, California

WT Miss Mona’s Liberator Pearl Longhorn Ranch, Allen & Suzanne Perry, Evant, Texas

Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Dams of Distinction

Dam must have had 5 consecutive calves, with the first being before her third birthday Almendra Dixie Tierra

Joel & Tamara Kuntz, Bend, OR

Bayou Daisy

Dr. Eugene & Jolie Berry, Baton Rouge, LA

58 | August 2017

Bayou Princess

Dr. Eugene & Jolie Berry, Baton Rouge, LA

BH Mahogany May

Joel & Tamara Kuntz, Bend, OR


Cross M Blue Velvet

Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM

Cross M Delta Becca

Jim & Wanda Taylor, Truth or Consequences, NM

Cross M Delta Charisma

Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM

Cross M Salsa

Jim & Wanda Taylor,Truth or Consequences, NM

Fandangos Husker

Lizzy’s Splash

Barnard Longhorns, Richard & Janice Barnard, Tekamah, NE

Eagles Nest Ranch, Ben & Ilse Myren, Colville, WA

FCF Honeymoon

Debra Lesyk & Dwight Overlid, Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada


Cross M Star Spangled

Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, TX

Cross M Texas Ruby Red

Mitch Bryant, Katy, TX

Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, OK

FCF Too Sexy For My Sox

Meadowwood’s Clementine

Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM

FCF 16th Avenue

Meadowwood’s Carmen

Cross M Whelming Matrix

Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, TX

Cross M Whelming Sandy

Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Delta Amber

Folsom Falls Ranch, Fred & Marijo Balmer,Folsom, NM

Diamond Q Roselyn

Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM

Diamond W 952

Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, TX

Dillons Fancy

Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, TX

Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Dixie Heather

Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Granite Daisy

3W Legends Country Erin


Hayfork Barts BB

Frank & Teresa Locatelli, Santa Cruz, California

3W Pot of Independence

Double L’s Miss Elegant

Indian Girl 636

Carla Jo Payne, Slidell, TX


Emperor’s Lucy Creek

Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada

Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM Phillip Bell, Arlington, TX John & Rebecca McCammon, Ponder, TX Meadowwood, Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, OK Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, NM 3G Ranch, Loyd &Bettie Gibbs, Gainesville, TX Joel & Shirley Lemley, Blackwell, TX Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, TX Gary Kudrna, Ennis, TX

Fiona Moonshine

Folsom Falls Posh GC Little Star

G&L Silver Sage

G&L Star Spangled

JRJ WR 978

Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, OK

Meadowwood’s Tango

Brink Longhorns, Frederick, OK

Molly Hunts Best 01

Chris Bandley, St. George, UT

Rusty Zipper

Frank & Barbara Renfro, Clinton, MO

S-D Sparkle Plenty

Rudy & Marilyn Bowling, Kaufman, TX

Silver Sage

Lazy JP Ranch, Dublin, TX

Dale & Bev Sorem, Nevada, IA

Broadhorn Ranch, Douglas & Katie McDonald, Fernley, NE

Ksanka Lily Belle

Robert & Sheryl Greene, Eureka, MO


If you would like to nominate your female for the Dam of Merit Program, please call the TLBAA office for a nomination form. 817-625-6241 Rick Fritsche-


August 2017 | 59


Texas Longhorn Breeders Foundation Meeting The Texas Longhorn Foundation Board met June 20th in Fort Worth, TX. This Board is committed to breaking ground on the long awaited Texas longhorn Museum and offices. They continue to be focused on the logistics and feel that we are making progress that will pave the way for this dream of 35 years to become a reality in the near future.

The TLB Foundation Board Members include Bill Hudson, Richard Filip, Lorinda Valentine, Rick Friedrich, Don Jury and Steve Murrin.

TLBAA Registrations Continue At A Strong Pace The Distribution Map shown below shows TLBAA Registered Longhorns and Active Members as of May 11, 2017. On June 17, 2017 registrar Rick Fritsche registered Cow number 305,000. With all the calves hitting the ground, we look forward to serving you. If you have any questions concerning membership or registrations and transfers, call the TLBAA office at (817) 625-6241.

New Hampshire 0

Washington 195


Montana 991

North Dakota





Idaho 746


Wyoming 3262





Oklahoma 9236

New Mexico 1556










North Carolina


Alabama 845


Mississippi 1142

Texas 1882




New Jersey 6



Maryland 172


Washington, D.C. 0


West Virginia 10



Georgia 826



South Carolina







Connecticut 24

Kentucky 498

Rhode Island








Tennessee 1017









Indiana 688










Colorado 1379


New York







Utah 857










Nevada 127



South Dakota






Oregon 882





Louisiana 2134


Alaska 0


Florida 452


Hawaii 0


Other Countries

Registered Cattle & Membership Distribution 60 | August 2017




112 39 9 18 25 1 125 11 4 6

9 4 2 3 3 1 10 2 1 1


Canada AB BC ON SK

1583 31 41 283

38 3 6 11

# of TLBAA Members # of Longhorn Cattle Note: Member Data as of 6/3/2017 Herd Size Data as of 6/3/2017

Affiliates send us your news! Let people know what’s going on in your area and encourage others to join in the fun.

The HOTTLA is in full swing planning for the 2017 Heart of Texas Longhorn show. The show is held at the ExtraCo Event Center in Waco, Texas, October 12th-14th. Entries are online only and the deadline is September 15th. This year, thanks to many generous sponsors, there will be “Grand Champion” buckles for all four shows. We will have Youth, Open Haltered, RUSSELL HOOKS Mini Haltered, and s Haltered Trophy Steer show. There are also buckles for PRESIDENT RUSSELLH@LONGHORNROUNDUP.COM every showmanship division, cash premiums, and cash scholarships. We hope that you will make plans to join us for a fun weekend. You may contact the show chairs, Rick & Cori Garcia at for further show information or available sponsorship opportunities. We will be going through a few growing pains with the increase in entries and the addition of two new shows this year, but the fair is doing their very best to accommodate our needs for the shows. Cooperation and positive attitudes will help make for a fun and memorable weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Thank you!


Hooked On Texas Longhorns: As Canada celebrates 150 years this year, [2017], the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association celebrates 35 years. The following highlights thru the years will update readers on the progress of the A.T.L.A. DEREK OVERLID 1982: After a visit at the Yeast Ranch in the Cypress Hills, the first meeting PRESIDENT was held in Medicine Hat to form an organization as an affiliate. 1983: 306-821-1800 Certificate of Incorporation was issued Jan 11th, 1983. One of the goals of the A.T.L.A was to establish the value of the Longhorn crossbred as a feeder animal. 1984: The first A.T.L.A. sale was held at the High River fair grounds with 12 head sold. 1985; The first A.T.L.A. select bull and female sale was held at Burnt Lake Auction, Red Deer Alberta with 38 lots on offer. 1987: Nov. 29th the first Texas Longhorn show in Canada held at Agribition, Regina Saskatchewan. 1989: A.T.L.A. held a very productive spring sale and in Oct. A crossbred calf sale was held at Innisfail Auction Mart . 1990: A.T.L.A.s first directory was published. 1993: Breeder of the year was formed and the recipients are Jack and Elaine Johnson. The first Texas Longhorn show at the Calgary Stampede was held with Bobby Garrett of Nevada as judge. In Nov. A new Texas Longhorn show was held at the Loydminster Stockade Roundup. 1994: Joe and Dolly Stannard export the first Canadian Texas Longhorn to Germany. 1998: Bill Dunn was presented with a plaque recognizing him as A.T.L.A. historian. 1999: The Majestic Mamma Award was introduced to encourage breeders to evaluate their mature cows in terms of hardiness, fertility, and uniqueness. First recipients were Joe and Dolly Stannard of Jesyl Ranch. 2000: Ron Walker receives the Breeder of The Year award. 2004:The Steer-A-Year program started Ron Walker donating five steers to Olds College. One Longhorn x Angus graded AAA, One Longhorn x Angus 2005: Member Profile create – featuring Bill and Pat Dunn, Leslie and Lorretta Dahl, Robert Owen, Lee and Bonnie Stringer, Jerry and Rebecca Mackay. A new website was launched. 2006: Steer a Year returns to Olds College with Ron Walker donating 5 steers . The Robert Owen Memorial Award was commissioned to be awarded to a person or business who promote and support the Texas Longhorn breed. 2008: Started a new section labeled Herd Profile, beginning with Ken and Charlotte Belers herd. 2009: Buck Miller founding member of A.T.L.A. passed away. 2010: A new membership directory was published. 2011: Mark and Tina Stewart ship 9 heifers, 11 heifer calves and 4 bull calves to Luxemburg Germany. 2012: Gerald Fry from Rosebud , Arkansas makes a presentation on Selection, Breeding and Management - getting the most return out of grass fed cattle. 2013; A.T.L.A held the 6th annual Select Sale in Ponoka in April. Average sale price for classes was $1010.00 with mature females average of $1530.00. Alberta Dam of the Year program started for members wishing to showcase their animals on pasture. 2014: Long time member Leonard Boyd passes away May 16th A.T.L.A. loses a long time educator and friend . KC Rusty Quillas- a 16 year old steer owned by Ken and Charlotte Beler was trained to drive in harness. Alberta Princess Affiliate winner for 2014 was a heifer owned by Ron Walker. U7 Rangers Odessa owned by Ron Walker won Dam of the Year 2015: Chips owned by Ron Walker celebrates her 19th year with calf #17 at side , in calf with #18. Princess Affiliate winner for 2015 is a heifer owned by Ron Walker. Long time member Charles Gordon passes away Nov 15. 2016: Princess Affiliate winner owned by Ron Walker. Prince Affiliate owned by Ron Walker. Dam of the Year for 2016 awarded to Deb Lesyk



August 2017 | 61

and Dwight Overlid for their cow Good Knight Plum Coco. 2017: A.T.L.A. celebrates 35 years as a T.L.B.A.A. Affiliate. Celebration to be held at Ron Walker U7 Ranch at Redcliff Alberta. Events include cattle show, B.B.Q ., displays , donation auction and heifer raffle. The Robert Owen Memorial Award Due to the sudden passing of long time dedicated member , consistent donor, supporter of the Texas Longhorn breed and inspiration to Texas Longhorn breeders, the Robert Owen Memorial Award was struck in 2006 to recognize a person or business who helps promote and support the Texas Longhorn. Following is a list of recipients: 2006: United Farmers of Alberta. 2007: Ron Walker. 2008: Chris Hepfner. 2009: Lee Stringer. 2010: Ken and Charlotte Beler. 2011: Charles and Valerie Gordon. 2012: Leonard and Doris Boyd. 2013: Dean Marte, 2014: Jack and Phyllis Shier. 2015: Mike and Joan Donnelly. 2016: Jack Johnson. 2017: Deb Lesyk / Dwight Overlid. As the A.T.L.A. celebrates 35 years the future of the breed is becoming apparent amongst consumers as well as breeders. Their evolved immunity reducing the need for drugs and chemicals . Their heritable traits provide a significant gene pool for cross breeding. Speaking with Ron Walker, current President of A.T.L.A. he tells us he started with 15 Longhorns, now has 50 Longhorn and 35 angus x longhorn. When asked what he sees going forward his reply was ‘more field days and promotional start up shows’. Additional information about the 35th celebration may be obtained by calling Ron Walker at 403-548-6684 or 403-528-0200. Submitted by Vivian Letkeman Leaning Tree Ranch , Leader Saskatchewan 4 n

NWLA came together for a meeting on May 13 after a very long cold rainy snowy extended winter. The meeting was hosted by Scott and Amelia Picker ( A&S Land and Cattle ) at their RENEE SCOTT home in Dundee OR. We talked about the up541-589-1712 and-coming show schedule, adding a show in October for our junior members after the satellite horn measuring. We also toured A&S heifers Then Summer was upon us. The Fey Longhorn Consignment Sale on June 10th was fabulous located in beautiful wine country in Yamhill, OR. Thank you Daniel & Angelina Fey and Scott & Amelia Picker for a fun filled weekend of wine tours, social hour, heifer seminar, and great food. Some of Longhorns sold went to their new homes in CA and TX. Scott Amelia Picker of A&S Land and Cattle welcomed twins heifers in June. Stay cool be safe


SR Longhorns


SPRING Calving:

Twin heifers, A&S Land and Cattle

TLBAA Breed Advisory Committee’s

Herd Management Guide

1. Continue fly and tick control programs. Anaplasmosis problems can continue until frost, so observe cow herd closely for animals losing body condition and appearing anemic. Commercial supplements containing 150 grams of chlortetracycline per 50 lbs. of salt are available. Continuous feeding of the tetracycline medication during the fly season should provide adequate protection against the disease. 2. As grass matures, realize that the protein value decreases. Feeding of 2-3 lbs. of a high protein supplement (30-40 percent crude protein content) will stimulate the digestion of the mature forage; therefore, the cattle will consume more forage and maintain their body condition as winter approaches. 62 | August 2017

Fey Ranch Sale Social

FALL Calving:

1. Prepare for the start of calving season and separate cow herd into management groups (first-calf heifers, second-calf cows, mature cows, and open heifers). Watch body condition of the groups closely. Young females entering their first calving season require special nutritional assistance to insure they maintain a reasonable body condition after calving, produce adequate levels for milk for their offspring and rebreed for the coming year. 2. Prepare for herd bull selection and procurement. Conduct breeding soundness exams and fertility checks on all bulls prior to the breeding season.



17 13 18

2 3

















TLBAA Regions


Chairman of the Board: Tom Matott • (303) 500-9465

Secretary/Parliamentarian: Alex Dees • (805) 300-4617

Executive Vice Chairman: Ken Morris • (704) 361-6035

Treasurer: Mark Hubbell • (269) 838-3083

1st Vice Chairman: Jim Rombeck • (785) 562-6665

Director: Todd McKnight • (620) 704-3493

2nd Vice Chairman: David “Nik” Nikodym • (405) 227-7127

Director: Tony Mangold • (830) 237-5024



At-Large Director

At-Large Director

At-Large Director

Mark Hubbell

Keith DuBose

Jim Rombeck

(269) 838-3083

(979) 277-2161

(785) 562-6665

At-Large Director

At-Large Director

At-Large Director

Ken Morris

John Parmley

David “Nik” Nikodym Region 13 - Director

(704) 361-6035

(281) 541-1201

(405) 227-7127

Region 1 - Director

Region 7 - Director

Jeff Jespersen

Cody Himmelreich

Region 2 - Director

Region 8 - Director

Region 14 - Director

Nelson Hearn

Kevin Rooker

Todd McKnight

(780) 966-3320

(484) 638-0228

(303) 775-2034

(817) 692-7843

L.D. McIntyre

(308) 750-8384 or (308) 246-5600

(620) 704-3493

Region 3 - Director

Region9 - Director

Region 15 Director

Tom Smith

Russell Fairchild

David Edwards

(616) 293-0977

(254) 485-3434

(918) 557-0364

Region 4 - Director

Region 10 - Director

Region 16 - Director

Aaron Adkins

Sandi Nordhausen

Tom Matott

(704) 490-9208

(512) 750-1350

(303) 500-9465

Region 5 - Director

Region 11 - Director

Region 17 - Director

Terry King

Stephen Head

Alex Dees

(850) 299-6875

(979) 549-5270

(805) 300-4617

Region 6 - Director

Region 12 - Director

Region 18 - Director

Kathy Kittler

Tony Mangold

Chris Herron

(501) 690-0771 Charles Schreiner III* 1964-1967 Walter G. Riedel, Jr.* 1967-1969 J.G. Phillips, Jr.* 1969-1971 Walter B. Scott* 1971-1973 James Warren 1973-1975 J.W. Isaacs* 1975-1977 J.T. “Happy” Shahan* 1977-1978 John R. Ball* 1979-1980



Canada, New Zealand, Australia

Bill Anthony* 1981-1982 Dr. L.V. Baker 1982-1984 Dr. W.D. “Bill” Clark 1984-1986 Richard D. Carlson 1986-1988 John T. Baker 1988-1990 Riemer Calhoun, Jr. 1990-1992

(830) 237-5024

Glen W. Lewis 1992-1995 Tim Miller* 1995-1998 Sherman Boyles 1998-2003 Bob Moore* 2003-2005 Joel Lemley 2006-2007 Ben Gravett* 2007

Dr. Fritz Moeller 2007-2009 Maurice Ladnier 2009-2010 Robert Richey 2010 Steven Zunker 2010-2011 Brent Bolen 2011-2012 Bernard Lankford 2012-2013 Todd McKnight 2013-2016


(909) 721-7577

TLBAA EDUCATIONAL/RESEARCH ADVISORY COMMITTEE Matt McGuire - (405) 742-4351 Mark Hubbell – (269) 838-3083 Dr. David Hillis – (512) 789-6659 Felix Serna – (361) 294-5331 John T. Baker – (512) 515-6730 Russell Hooks – (409) 381-0616

August 2017 | 63










Call in, ask for your H.O.R.N.S. password and take control of your herd inventory and membership information. 817-625-6241

64 | August 2017












August 2017 | 65

Classifieds Cattle For Sale


Bruce E. McCarty Auctioneer Weatherford, TX 817-991-9979


THATE Cattle Company

Your source for big-horned cattle in the North— utilizing the right bloodlines to produce the horn. Fairmont, Minnesota


Cattle For Sale Diamond A – registered Texas Longhorns-cows and heifers for sale. 830-992-9155 dewarner@


Cattle for Sale “To God Be The Glory”



Beaver creek longhorns - Check our new website with “Super Sales” and herd-reduction prices. Tazman (Gunman) genetics. Carole Muchmore, Ponca City, OK 580-765-9961,

BUTLER HEIFERS A select few yearlings and bred two year olds FOR SALE NOW! Our herd has been closed to outside genetics for over a decade. The very best Butler quality available in the breed.

Robert King at 210-827-6700 or

Small Registered Longhorn Herd For Sale 1 Bull, 6 Cows, 1 Bull Calf, 1 Heifer Calf Call 409-382-3096 for more information.

RUIDOSO, NM - EAGLE CREEK RANCH – 3-in-1 package with heifer calf by Victory Lap cow bred back to Jet Black Chex; yearling herd sire prospect by Clear Point; yearling heifer by Over Kill. (806) 797-6358

LONE WOLF RANCH Dr. Lee and Linda Ragains

918-855-0704 • Sallisaw, OK

Bob King Ranches

This Fall Will Be Filled With Excitement at Both Flying D Locations!

WANTED – Black Longhorn bull calves 12-15 mos. call 580-335-4126. Quality HEIFERS & HERD SIRE PROSPECTS FOR SALE- I have a LARGE herd, so you have lots of variety to pick from! Located approx. 20 mi. off the EAST TEXAS line in Louisiana just below Shreveport. Lots of Hunts Command Respect, McGill Breeding, some ZD Kelly and Grand Slam, etc. Good cows, good babies. I specialize in bulls and am a partner in RIP SAW who now measures 83 1/2” TTT and is a gorgeous color. Several of his heifers and sons for sale.

Dora Thompson Tel 318-872-6329• Great genetics. I enjoy meeting and working with new breeders. Also have a large STRAIGHT BUTLER herd.

Realestate 2,200 Acre Improved Ranch Tillman County, Oklahoma Irrigation & Pivot Excellent Fences Coastal & Midland & Bluestem Grasses Borders North Fork of Red River 400 Commercial Home-Raised Black Angus Cows Now Calving, with Approximately 325 Babies Presently on the Ground 25 Registered Black Angus Bulls Commercial Watering Areas with Concrete Slabs & Freeze-Proof Water Systems Ranch May be Purchased Separately or With Cattle Shown by Appointment Only; Owner Retiring Contact: Brink Auction & Realty 580-335-4126 P O Box 928 Frederick, OK 73542

At the ranch, excellent show prospects are ready to begin prepping for the new show season.Great selection! Meanwhile, be assured the same big, gentle trophy steers, bulls, cows and heifers will be available at both ranches.

Trade & Barter TRADE YOUR LONGHORNS – We’ll take your bulls and steers in trade for cows, heifers, pairs, herd sires or semen from breed’s top quality bulls. Stonewall Valley Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX. Days 512-454-0476 / Weekends 830-644-2380.

The Longhorn life just gets better!! Call or visit…we have outstanding bulls, cows, heifers and steers for sale at reasonable prices. Please call any of us to schedule a visit to each ranch. We love to talk Longhorns! Cattle always available at all times. Reasonable prices. For information or to schedule a tour at either of our ranch locations, please call: Dorie Damuth - Flying D Longhorn Ranch 40206 Community Rd. • Magnolia, TX 77354 281-356-8167 • fax: 281-356-2751 •


FMB Land & Cattle LLC Custom Hauling...Shows....Sales 8ft wide Trailer for Longhorn Care Ron Bailey 254.534.1886 Rodney Brown 682.220.8501

Scott Damuth, Legal Counsel • Shery Damuth, Vineyard Consultant • Gun Barrel City, TX Law office: 903-887-0088 • Fax: 903-887-2925 Scott Cell: 214-546-3681 • Shery Cell: 940-393-0991

66 |August 2017

Cattle For Sale


Advertising Index —A— Anderson, Frank Jr. and III...........................8 Arch Acres.................................................... 64 Astera Meadows..........................................65 —B— Bar H Ranch................................................. 64 Beadle Land & Cattle....................................8 Bentwood Ranch...........................................5 Big Valley Longhorns................................. 64 BPT Longhorns..............................................8 Buckhorn Cattle Co....................................65 Bull Creek Ranch.................................. 26, 27 Butler Listings............................................ 8, 9 Butler Sale...............................................12, 13 —C— Caballo Bravo Longhorns......................... 64 Callicrate Bander.........................................47 Champion Genetics....................................57 Christa Cattle Co...........................................8 —D— Dalgood Longhorns......................................8 DCCI Equipment.........................................55 Diamond Q Longhorns..............................65 Dickinson Cattle Co...................................BC DK Longhorn Ranch.................................. 64 Double A Longhorns..................................65 —E— El Coyote Ranch............................................ 1 End of Trail Ranch...................................... 64 —F— Falls Creek Longhorns..................................9 Four Color Press..........................................59 Flying Diamond Ranch.............................. 64 Fort Worth Stockyards Longhorn Auction....2,3 —G— Grace Cattle Company..............................45 —H— Helm Cattle Co............................................65 Hickman Longhorns...................................65 Hill Country Sale........................................IBC Home Branch Ranch.................................. 17 Hudson Longhorns......................2, 3, 20, 21 Hudson/Valentine Auctions.....................2,3 Husky Branding Irons.................................57 —J— J.T. Wehring Family Ranch........................65 Jack Mountain Ranch............................ 8, 65 Jane’s Land & Cattle..............................8, 64 —K— King, Terry & Tammy...................................64 Kittler Land & Cattle....................................64

—L— Lightning Longhorns..................................65 Little Ace Cattle Co....................................... 9 LL Longhorns................................................. 9 Lone Wolf Ranch.........................................65 Longhorn Sale Pen......................................59 Lucas Ranch.................................................64 — M— Marquess Arrow Ranch......................IFC, 15 McGuire Land & Cattle...............................65 McLeod Ranch............................................... 9 Moriah Farms...............................................65


Send us your photo with a funny caption included! Send your photo with caption to: Texas Longhorn Trails, Attn. Myra, • P.O. Box 4430 • Fort Worth, Texas 74564 or (Email entries should include address.) Photo may be used in a future issue due to number of responses

—N — Northbrook Cattle Company....................65 —O — Oak Hill Farms.............................................. 51 —P— P & C Cattle Pens........................................ 57 Panther Creek Ranch...............................2, 3 —R— RC Larson Longhorns................................. 31 Rio Vista Ranch..............................................9 Rockin Hil Longhorns................................ 64 Rockin I Longhorns.....................................65 Rocking P Longhorns.............................. 8, 9 Rocky Mountain Longhorns.................... 64 Rolling D Ranch.......................................... 64 Ross Ranch Horns................................ 47, 65 Running Arrow Longhorns........................57 —S— Safari B Ranch..............................................65 Sand Hills Ranch..................................... 7, 64 Silver T Ranch............................................... 15 Singing Coyote Ranch...............................65 SS Longhorns...............................................65 Star Creek Ranch.........................................65 Stotts Hideaway Ranch..............................65 Struthoff Ranch............................................65 —T— Thate Cattle Co.............................................9 TLBAA Horn Showcase.......................38-43 Triple R Ranch (TX)........................................9 TS Adcock Longhorns................................65

Lazy summer afternoon! Thanks to Shay Wright, Clahoun, GA, for the submission

UPCOMING ISSUES: September: Longhorn Ladies October: Herd Health November: Equipment & Facilities Gift Guide

—U — Underwood Longhorns............................ 64 —W — Walker, Ron...................................................65 Westfarms Inc................................................9 Wichita Fence Company.......................... 46


August 2017 | 67

SAVE THE DATE AUGUST 2017 AUGUST 5 • Deschutes County Fair, Deschutes County Expo Center, Redmond, OR. Entry Deadline June 14th. Tamara Kuntz 541-280-1645 or Qualifying Free, Youth AUGUST 12-13 • Alberta Texas Longhorn Association 35th Anniversary Celebration Field Day & Show to be held at Ron Walkers Ranch, Redcliff AB 403-528-0200. AUGUST 19 • Marquess Arrow Ranch Elite Heifer Sale, Ben Wheeler, TX. Ron Marquess (903) 570-5199 or AUGUST 19 • The Source - Showmanship Clinic & Show Calf Sale, Ellis Co Expo Center, Waxahachie, TX. Contact Chris Lindsey (601) 319-8296 or Ryan Culpepper (940) 577-1753. AUGUST 26 • Western Idaho State Fair, Western Idaho Fairgrounds, Boise, ID. Entry Deadline August 4th. Dan Erskine, www. or 208-407-3800. Qualifying Haltered & Free, Trophy Steers. AUGUST 26-27 • Ray Bohy Longhorn Show, Nebraska State Fairgrounds, Grand Island, NB. Entry Deadline Aug 11. Contact Delwin & Vicki Smeal 402-568-2353

68 | August 2017

Coming Events

Washington Fairgrounds, Yakima, WA. Entry Deadline Sept. 1st. Shannon Kearney, or 509-684-2963. Qualifying Haltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 28-30 • Tulsa State Fair, OK Ford Dealers Arena - Tulsa Fairgrounds, Tulsa, OK. Entry deadline 9/1/17. David Edwards (918) 5570364 or Qualifying Free, Haltered and Youth. SEPTEMBER 29-OCT 1 • East Texas State Fair, East Texas State Fair, Tyler, TX. Entry Deadline Aug. 28th. John & Brenda Oliver, joliver210@ or 972-268-0083. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPTEMBER 29-OCT 1 • TLBAA Horn Showcase Satellite Measurings, Locations will be announced as they are confirmed. SEPTEMBER 30 • Central Washington Fair Longhorn Show, Central Washington Fairgrounds, Yakima, WA. Entry Deadline Sept. 1st. Shannon Kearney, or 509-684-2963. Qualifying Haltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 30 • B&C 39th Fall Longhorn Sale, Grand River Livestock Market, Tina, MO. Contact Shawn Sayre or Bill Sayre 660-734-8782, 660-734-0827 or visit


SEPTEMBER 2 • Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale, Lockhart, TX. Kaso Kety 985-674-6492 or Michael McLeod 361-771-5355. SEPTEMBER 2-3 • Sanders County Fair Longhorn Show, Sander County Fairground, Plains, MT. Entry Deadline Aug. 10th. Shannon Kearney, or 509-684-2963. Qualifying Haltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 3 • Colorado State Fair, State Fair Grounds, Pueblo, CO. Entry Deadline Aug. 1st. Lana Pearson, or 719-740-0741. Qualify Haltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 4 • Colorado State Fair, State Fair Grounds, Pueblo, CO. Entry Deadline Aug. 1st. Kenny Richardson, or 970-352-3054. Qualify Haltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 8-9 • Hill Country Heritage Longhorn Sale, River Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX. Rick Friedrich 713-305-0259 or Joel Lemley 325-668-3552 or SEPT 8-10 West Texas Fair & Rodeo, West Texas Longhorn Association, Taylor County Expo Center, Abilene, TX. Entry Deadline August 22nd. Catherine Morris, or 325-829-9219. Qualified Haltered, Free, Trophy Steers, Points Only, Miniatures, & Youth. Please send online entries to SEPTEMBER 9 • 19th Annual World Qualifying Texas Longhorn Show, Expo New Mexico (Albuquerque State Fair Grounds), Albuquerque, NM. Entry Deadline Aug. 1st. Clay Bailey/ Terry Whalen, tjs.longhorns@, 505-220-2217 or 505-238-8166. Qualify Haltered & Free. SEPTEMBER 10 • Spokane NWLA Interstate Fair Show, Spokane, WA. Contact Sheryl Johnson 503-349-4985 or Qualify Free, Haltered, and Youth. SEPTEMBER 9 • Spokane Interstate Fair Longhorn Show, Spokane Fairground, Spokane Valley, WA. Entry Deadline Aug. 15th. Shannon Kearney, or 509-684-2963. QualifyingHaltered, Free, & Youth. SEPTEMBER 15-16 • Elite Futurity, Enid, OK. L.D. McIntyre 308-750-8384, Kevin Bryant (580) 254-1864, Joe Dowling 979-271-0277, SEPTEMBER 22-23 • Fort Worth Stockyards Sale, Fort Worth, TX. Contact Lorinda Valentine, or 270-996-7046. SEPTEMBER 25 • Central Washington Fair Longhorn Show, Central


OCTOBER 2017 OCTOBER 5-8 • TLBAA Horn Showcase, Lawton, OK. Amy Weatherholtz (817) 625-6241 or October 6 - Horn Showcase Heifer Sale October 7 - Horn Showcase Sale OCTOBER 6-8 • State Fair of Texas Longhorn Show, State Fair of Texas, Dallas, TX. Entry Deadline Sept. 1st. Trigg & Traci Moore, & or 817-832-8742 & 254-396-5592. Qualify Youth & Open Haltered, Nonqualifying Haltered Trophy Steers. OCTOBER 11 • Nile Livestock Longhorn Show, Metra Park, Billings, MT. Entry Deadline Sept. 1st online through the Nile. Toby Johnson, 307-674-4691. Qualifying Haltered, Free, & Youth. OCTOBER 12-14 • Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo, Extract Event Center, Waco, TX. Entry Deadline September 15th. Enter online at www.hotfair. com. Rick & Cori Garcia, or (479) 381-8331. Qualifying Haltered, Youth, Trophy Steers and Miniatures OCTOBER 27-29 • Ark-La-Tex Longhorn Breeders Annual Fall Show, George Henderson Expo Center, Lufkin, TX. Jessica Wade, 903-9485194. Qualifying Haltered, Free &Youth, Trophy Steers, Miniatures.

NOVEMBER 2017 NOVEMBER 9-12 • State Fair of Louisiana, Fair Grounds, Shreveport, LA. Peggy Swindle, or 318-635-1361. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth, Trophy Steers. NOVEMBER 17-19 Kaufman Police Association Longhorn Show, Henderson County Fairgrounds, Athens, TX. Entry Deadline Nov. 1st. Joel Norris, or 972-533-4945. Qualify Haltered, Free, Free, & Miniatures. NOVEMBER 18 • Texas Longhorn Production, Consignment & Ranch Horse Fall Select Sale. Crossroads Centre, Oyen AB. Ron Walker 403548-6684 or cell 403-528-0200 NOVEMBER 19 • Tri-State Longhorn Sale. Crawford, NE. Art or Haley Anders 308-665-2457

MARCH 2018

MAR 30 • B&C 40th Spring Longhorn Sale, Grand River Livestock Market, Tina, MO. Contact Shawn Sayre or Bill Sayre 660-734-8782, 660-734-0827 or visit



March 2017 | 23

Congratulations – Clear Win Is now owned by Diamond P Ranch, Danny & Carole Phillips – Lindale, Texas

Clear Win, a leading sire of over 90" and 80" sons is now

at home in Texas. We wish Danny and Carole the best in their big decision of a senior herd sire to replace Jamakizm. What great hooves to fill and what a great packaging of genetics will explode as a result.

Clear Win with 87 3/8" T2T is the sire of sons

weighing over a ton plus great style, conformation and spreads. Watch his sons Winning Honor (soon to be 90"), Clear Point (2245 lbs and 90 1/8" T2T) plus Clear Chrome, also well into the eighties. The sky isn't the limit for this family. Contact DCC for your next herd sire.

D ICKINSON CATTLE CO LLC 35000 Muskrat tt Barnesville, Ohio 43713 740 758 5050  

"Raising registered Texas Longhorns since 1967 - it's our 50th anniversary year." TEXAS LONGHORN TRAILS

24 | July 2017

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