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NOV 2013


Your New 2S-4 Newsletter Magazine Welcome to the 2S-4 District magazine informing you of what's happening in the 2S-4 of Texas

Contents P2. Introduction P3. Just a Thought August

To submit your stories and pictures please submit by the 20th of the month for the following months edition.

P4. Mitch’s Memo/ A Balence

Submit your Pictures story formatted in Microsoft word. And attach original photos so that they maintain quality in reproduction.

P6. Colorado Relief

Your story will be put into the newsletter as you write it The editorial staff will do minimum editing and only to fit for space etc. We recommend you appoint someone in your club to write and submit your photos to the District Governor Ron Martin at

MD-2 Newsletter Chairman Lion Tracy A. Hanes 281-910-8728

P5. Texas Hall of Fame P7. Welcome To District P8. Charter West Bay P9. 3rd Cabinet Meeting P10. Places to stay P11. Picture 1000 Words P12. Picture 1000 Words P13. International Conv 2014 P14. MD-2 Cruise P15. MD-2 Cruise Form P16. Kemah Lions Club

2-S4 Newsletter Editor Lion Jeff Rae Freeport Lions Club Pg. 2


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Just a Thought Nov 2013

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Mitch’s Memo, A Balance

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Texas Hall of Fame


Colorado Relief Fund


Welcome To The District

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Charter Night West Bay Lions Club

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Third Cabinet Meeting 2-S4

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Places To Stay Seadrift

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

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97th Annual Lions Club International Convention

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Lions Club MD-2 State Convention

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Lions Club MD-2 State Convention Form

Kemah Lions Club Inducts New Member Kemah Lions club held their first November meeting in Kemah at the Red Sushi on the Kemah Boardwalk. The noon meeting will be held there every 1st Wednesday of the month.

Kemah Lions club President inducts our newest member Jim Whitecottan .Congratulations! And Thank you for your support of the Kemah Lions Club!

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Kemah Lions Club Inducts New Member

Texas lions 2S-4 Nov 2013  
Texas lions 2S-4 Nov 2013  

Texas Lions District 2-S4 Nov Newsletter.