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JAN 2014


Your New 2S-4 Newsletter Magazine Welcome to the 2S-4 District magazine informing you of what's happening in the 2S-4 of Texas To submit your stories and pictures please submit by the 20th of the month for the following months edition.

Contents P2. Introduction P3. Just a Thought August P4. Mitch’s Memo P5. Welcome To District P6. Clute Safari

Submit your Pictures story formatted in Microsoft word. And attach original photos so that they maintain quality in reproduction.

P7. Lions Eye Bank

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P8. Rosenburg Dance P9. Harry Wickersham Golf P10. Lions Camp P11. Seadrift Cook Off

We recommend you appoint someone in your club to write and submit your photos to the District Governor Ron Martin at

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2-S4 Newsletter Editor Lion Jeff Rae Freeport Lions Club Pg. 2

P12. Club Delegates P13. Fishing for Sargent P14. 3rd Cabinet Meeting P15. 3rd Cabinet Meeting

P16. 2-S4 Convention Credential P17. Hospitality Book Order P18. Ad Form Convention P19. Governor Reception P20. P23. MD-2 State Convention P21. State Convention Form P25. League City Evening Lions


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Just a Thought JAN 2014

Pg. 4

Mitch’s Memo

Pg. 5

Welcome to the District


Clute Lions Safari


Lions Eye Bank 60th Anniversary

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Sweet Heart Dinner and Dance Rosenburg Lions

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Harry Wickersham Golf Tournament

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21st Annual Texas Lions Camp

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Seadrift Lions Crock pot Cook Off

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Club Delegates

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Fishing for Sargent’s Future

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3rd Cabinet Meeting Seadrift

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3rd Cabinet Meeting Seadrift

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Lions District 2-S4 Convention 2014 Credential Committee

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Hospitality Book Order Form

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2-S4 Convention 2014 Ad Form

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2-S4 Convention 2014 Governors Reception

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Lions Club MD-2 State Convention

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Lions Club MD-2 State Convention Form


Lion Stephanie Maguire chairperson for Leader Dog West was this evening’s guest speaker. She came with great information on how a dog becomes a Leader Dog for some deserving person. There are many steps and training that they have to go through from puppy to adult dog. The recipient also has to go through some training before and after they receive their dog. A Leader Dogs life with a recipient lasts about 8 to 9 years and then they can retire. The recipient will then be able to get a new dog. Most dogs used are Labs, Golden Retrievers and German Shepard’s. If you would like more information on the Leader Dog Program then we can contact Lion Stephanie to come back to visit us again.

3RD CABINET METTING IN SEADRIFT, TX Lion Denny and Lion Barbara attended the 3rd Cabinet meeting hosted by the Seadrift Lions. As District Chairperson Lion Denny gave a report on the activities of the 6 clubs.

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League City Evening Lions

Texas Lions 2S-4 JAN 2014 Newsletter  

See how the Lions of Texas 2S-4 are helping and serving others. To find out how you can get involved contact a Club near you!

Texas Lions 2S-4 JAN 2014 Newsletter  

See how the Lions of Texas 2S-4 are helping and serving others. To find out how you can get involved contact a Club near you!