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Empowering Patients: The Importance of Finding the Right Medical Cannabis Doctor for You

- Can I pay the visits using my FSA card?

Yes, FSA cards are authorized methods of payment, just like any regular debit or credit card.

- Will I experience side effects? While some patients have reported minimal side effects, each person is different. Common, mild side effects include gastrointestinal issues and mild sedation. Medical cannabis may interfere with other prescriptions, so it is best to speak with your doctor about your medical history to determine if medical cannabis is right for you.

As more states legalize medical cannabis, many patients are turning to this alternative treatment option to address a variety of conditions which sometimes prove to be treatment-resistant or cause undesirable side effects when treated with traditional medication.

Empirical evidence shows medical cannabis can provide relief for a variety of conditions including epilepsy, nausea, chronic pain, anxiety, spasticity and PTSD, as well as autism and neurodegenerative diseases like MS, ALS or dementia (to name just a few.)

However, in Texas, where medical cannabis is legal and highly regulated, some qualified patients are hesitant to try it. What are the reasons for their hesitancy? What do qualified patients need to overcome this indecision and improve their quality of life? How can the right healthcare provider make a difference and how to find the best medical cannabis doctor for you? We’ll address these and other questions below.

Why Do Qualified Patients Hesitate to Start Treatment?

Many qualified patients in Texas may be hesitant to try this treatment alternative due to misconceptions and lack of information. Some may worry about the legality of using cannabis as a treatment option, while others may be concerned about potential side effects or the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Here are some of the most frequent questions that our prospective qualified patients have:

- Does insurance cover medical marijuanas? Likely not. Although 38+ states have medical and recreational marijuana laws in place, cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 substance and therefore it is still illegal at the Federal level. Because of this, most medical insurance companies are unable to include medical cannabis treatments into their plan coverage but check with your insurance company to verify the answer in your particular case.

- Will it show if I get tested for drugs at work? Yes, medical cannabis patients will have positive drug tests, but this is not an unsolvable hurdle. Patients can have an open conversation with their employer’s Human Resources Department about obtaining an exception due to their participation in the Texas’ Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) and show proof of registration under medical supervision in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT) due to a qualifying medical condition.

- What if I encounter law enforcement while having this medication in my possession? Texas utilizes a virtual registry called CURT (Compassionate Use Registry of Texas) instead of a physical medical marijuana card. Access to this registry is granted to three parties: prescribing physicians, dispensaries and law enforcement. As such, law enforcement will be able to verify that you are qualified to have this medication. Additionally, your medication will have your name, prescription, etc on the packaging.

- Can I travel with my prescription? There are no restrictions for qualified patients to carry their prescribed medical

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cannabis while traveling by land within the Texas state borders provided they keep a copy of their prescription. Carrying your prescription while traveling by air or outside of the state of Texas is not permitted since airports are ruled by Federal law and marijuana is still considered an illicit substance under that law; also, your prescription is only authorized for use within the state of Texas.

You can find answers to other frequently asked questions here.

In our experience, what qualified patients need to improve their quality of life by starting a treatment with medical cannabis is to empower themselves by acquiring the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. Additionally, patients need to develop a relationship with a trusted healthcare professional who can provide quality time, advice and support during their healing journey.

How to Find the Best Medical Cannabis Doctor for You? (H2)

Teaming up with an excellent healthcare provider is essential for the success of your medical cannabis treatment. Let us share with you 4 key aspects to consider when choosing your medical cannabis provider:

- Find a provider who is invested in educating their patients: the best healthcare providers are those who prioritize the patient’s well being and go the extra mile to make sure that’s the case. To achieve this, look for a provider who doesn’t rush through your visits. Instead, find one that takes the time to be well informed of your medical history, listens to you, your concerns and your questions, explains how medical cannabis works in your particular health scenario, what side effects are possible and how to address them as well as the initial precautions you should take when getting started with the treatment. Basically you want someone who doesn’t improvise and who is invested in providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and rest assured that you are doing what is best for you or a loved one under your care.

- Find a provider who has a comprehensive approach: for a medical cannabis treatment plan to work, it can’t be a onesize-fits-all approach but rather a customized plan that takes into consideration each patient’s unique medical history, preferences

and abilities. The ideal provider should consider your comprehensive care plan including any forms of therapy as well as other medications and evaluate not only what interactions can be derived from combining current medicines with medical cannabis, but also what the most adequate form and dose of cannabis is for the patient’s abilities (for example: can the patient chew comfortably to take a gummy or is he impaired by his condition to do so?) Many of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis usually require an integrated approach that involves a healthcare team of several professionals. The best medical cannabis doctor for you is one that doesn’t work as a silo but instead is ready to collaborate with other members of your healthcare team to help you achieve your health goals.

- Find a provider that goes beyond just writing a prescription: make sure your medical cannabis doctor goes beyond just doing a quick assessment of whether you qualify for the program or not to immediately send you on your way to pick up a prescription at the nearest dispensary. The best doctor for you is one that spends time explaining not only how medical marijuana can help you but also one who informs you about all the details associated with your prescription. Before you head over to the dispensary, make sure your doctor has explained the different form (tinctures, gummies) and flavor options, the specific dosage you need to take, onset time of each form, intake frequency and intervals and any other details pertaining to your prescription so you know what you are getting and how to adequately execute your treatment plan. This is key because as opposed to a regular pharmacy where the doctor sends in a prescription and at pick-up you just show up and collect a bottle with your name, medicine and even instructions on when and how to take it, the experience at a dispensary is different. Although similar in that the medical cannabis doctor will send a prescription so the dispensary is aware that you are qualified (which they can also verify accessing the CURT), it’s different because there is no bottle waiting for you with the prescription details. Instead, you get to choose among a variety of products that fit the details in your prescription. Having choices sounds great but it might actually be confusing, particularly for patients who are at the beginning of their

journey and might get overwhelmed with the plethora of products available. Knowing which one is best for you is invaluable advice that will save you time and money and give you peace of mind. Unfortunately, not every doctor takes the time to explain all these details to a patient; pick wisely and know what you need to ask before the end of your doctor visit so by the time you show up at the dispensary, you know exactly what works for you.

- Find a provider that is knowledgeable and accessible: it sounds simple and obvious, and yet it’s not always the case. Just like with any other new treatment, many questions pop-up along the way on your medical cannabis treatment journey. You want those questions to be addressed, in a timely manner, by someone who is knowledgeable, not only about the specific cannabis products but also, about your health condition and overall medical history. This is where seeking treatment with a medical cannabis doctor as opposed to picking up some over-the-counter CBD oil makes a big difference!

Well, that and the fact that some conditions require the use of a medical cannabis compound that combines CBD with THC in order to effectively provide relief. Although it is possible to find OTC Delta 9 products with very low concentration of THC (no more than 0.3%,) as well as less potent Delta 8 products, in most cases the required concentration of THC for medical cannabis to be effective exceeds the low concentrations available in the OTC market. This is one of many reasons why consulting with a registered medical cannabis doctor and following a supervised treatment is the most effective and adequate choice in such cases.

So there you have it! Although medical cannabis is legal in Texas, many qualified patients still hesitate before choosing that alternative. Hesitancy can be overcome though, if patients find the right doctor for them, one that is not interested in selling a qualification but rather in establishing a relationship with the patient based on trust, transparency, collaboration, education and keeping the patient’s integral well being as the main priority.

This is what Dr. Matthew Brimberry and the whole team at Texas Cannabis Clinic strive for. If you are a qualified patient, but are hesitant to start your medical cannabis journey, we are here to help.

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Pur IsoLabs:

Bringing Balance to Your Life with

High-Quality Hemp Products

The Pur Promise: Welcoming, Growthful, Authentic

Pur IsoLabs extends a warm welcome to everyone, regardless of their reasons for exploring CBD. They are committed to not only providing high-quality products but also educating their customers about CBD. Their genuine passion for wellness and a desire to serve their customers forms the foundation of their work.

By being transparent in their ingredient sourcing and by providing ethically produced products, Pur IsoLabs seeks to provide the purest and most authentic CBD experience possible. They hold space for those who are new to CBD, as well as for experienced customers, always assisting them in finding the perfect solution for their wellness needs.

Pur IsoLabs’ Wholesale and Services

Walking into the domain of wellness with a passion for holistic health, Pur IsoLabs has been setting the industry standard for hemp-based CBD products since its foundation in 2016. The company focuses on crafting and curating the finest hemp products, designed to bring a sense of equilibrium to people’s lives. With a deep-seated understanding of the science behind hemp and a steadfast commitment to quality and transparency, Pur IsoLabs is redefining the CBD landscape.

Their dedication to the highest quality is evident in every step of the production process - from the meticulous selection of the best USA-grown hemp, through the in-house formulation process, right up to the final product. Rigorous third-party testing of both raw materials and finished goods ensures consistency and purity, positioning Pur IsoLabs as a beacon of trust in the bustling hemp CBD industry.

High-Quality Products for a Balanced Life

Pur IsoLabs is delighted to introduce their newest offerings: the Rave Exotics 2g THCa concentrates, available in three variants: Rosin Extract, Diamond & Rosin Extract, and Diamonds & Terps, as well as the delightfully palatable Buddy D9 6.5mg 30ct gummies, and their signature THCa diamonds. Each product can be purchased in retail and bulk quantities, catering to both individuals and businesses.

Equipped with rare yet top-quality ingredients, these new products have been engineered for purity and potency, promising an unparalleled CBD experience for customers. Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your wellness regimen, or a business wanting to provide high-quality CBD products, these offerings will undoubtedly meet your needs.

For retail purchases, customers can visit the company’s official website,

The landing page also includes a bulk registration portal for businesses interested in wholesale pricing. For more detailed inquiries, prospective wholesalers can reach out to our team at

For those operating within the hemp industry, whether as farmers, extractors, manufacturers, or brand owners, Pur IsoLabs offers wholesale and service solutions. Their expertise in Texas hemp farming, custom formulation, and ongoing research is available to help your business thrive in this rapidly growing industry.

For more information about their wholesale and service solutions, they invite you to call them at (830)755-8000, or visit their corporate headquarters at 46 N Fm 3351 Bergheim, Texas 78004.

Join Pur IsoLabs today, and step into a world of wellness balanced by the highest quality hemp CBD products.

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Dabable Concentrate 2g Jars Distributor** Wholesale* MSRP Certification Diamonds & Terps Rosin Extract Size 2g 2g 2g MOQ: 10ct box MOQ: 100x 10ct box Diamonds & Rosin call for pricing call for pricing call for pricing Inquire for strains and pricing $65 $65 $65 PH: 830.431.0430

“The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe: Leading the Green Revolution on Wheels”

In the heart of the Lone Star State, nestled in the vibrant cityscape of San Antonio, Texas, there’s an extraordinary family-owned business making waves in the wellness community. Founded in 2019 by Carolyn and Ben Leeper, The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe is revolutionizing how people access CBD and cannabis products. This dynamic duo launched the business after CBD played a crucial role in alleviating Ben’s back pain. Today, their offerings extend not only to humans but also to pets, through their CBD oils and treats meant specifically for our furry friends.

However, their latest venture is the buzz of San Antonio, and it’s taking the form of a bus. On April 20th, 2023, the Leepers introduced their newest initiative, the Canna-bus, a mobile dispensary that is bringing cannabis products to the people in a unique, innovative, and exciting manner.

The Cann-bus Experience

Taking a step inside the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus, you’re greeted by a chill ambiance, an aesthetically pleasing interior, and a well-stocked, mini-indoor shop. This is not your ordinary bus, but a modern cannabis dispensary on wheels offering a wide selection of products from local Texas cannabis brands.

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From the beginning, the Leepers were committed to supporting local brands, and that ethos is reflected in their Canna-bus. Their catalog includes many products made in the San Antonio area, affirming their dedication to the economic and social well-being of their community.

The Canna-bus isn’t just a shopping experience, it’s a relaxing lounge on wheels. Here, pets are welcome too! In this friendly, inviting atmosphere, patrons can learn more about cannabis products, their benefits, and how to use them. The Leepers believe in empowering their customers through knowledge, advocating for a more informed and open conversation about cannabis in our society.

This summer, The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus is set to make an appearance at the San Antonio Reggae Festival, a perfect setting to sample their popular hempbased drinks. These refreshing beverages have become a hit for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake while still enjoying a delightful summer refreshment.

Beyond a Bus

The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus is more than just a mobile dispensary - it’s also a platform for private events, catering, and celebrations. Imagine hosting a party or event with the Canna-bus parked outside, providing your guests with a unique and entertaining experience!

Carolyn and Ben Leeper have transformed their personal experience into a community resource, one that caters to the needs of the individual and supports local businesses. With

the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus, they’re driving a green revolution and redefining the way we think about wellness and cannabis.

A New Way to Shop

One of the unique aspects of The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe is its same-day local delivery service. The Leepers have turned convenience into an art form, offering same-day delivery in San Antonio from Monday through Friday for purchases of $25 or more. They are the only cannabis business in the city to offer this service, setting a new standard for customer service in the industry. Deliveries are made discreetly in an unmarked vehicle, so cus-

tomers don’t have to worry about neighbors knowing their business!

For frequent shoppers, the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe offers product subscriptions, where customers can choose to receive their favorite wellness products on a recurring interval with a 10% discount. The company also honors Military, Veterans, and first responders with a 20% discount.

Shoppers can visit The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s retail store at 20655 Interstate 10 #104, San Antonio, TX 78257 or order on their website for local delivery and nationwide shipping at Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram [@farmacybotanical] [@cannabus_by_farmacybotanical]

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Hempcrete Spray Application (Demonstration & Collaboration)

Acollaboration of multiple hemp builders occurred on Sun July 9th in Manchaca, TX just south of Austin. Phelan Dalton of the Hemp Building Co. of Colorado flew in for the event as General Contractor Paul Carbone’s personal guest and ongoing collaborator.

Phelan and his partner Dan Scowcroft were the first to ever put on a Hempcrete Workshop at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems back in May of 2021. Advertised and reported by the Hemp Reporter at that time. Also present are a number of notable Hemp builders and materials suppliers.

Harry Hemp of who is a builder of current projects pending permitting in Arkansas, Missouri and Washington states. He was accompanied by his friend and crew member Kekaa Nakupendaa from PA who now lives in the Central African Republic. Both of them recently helped Andrew Hancock, who was also collaborating and helping, Andrew is the owner of Lime Life Construction who is finishing his own Hemp Home build on his property in Nemo TX. https://www.facebook. com/profile.php?id=100070681815622 Another builder and entrepreneur who gained new perspective on hemp with all the knowledge and experience was Theo Ross of Dankdog who is looking to build Tiny Hemprecete homes in Central Texas. Also not present, however, contributing was Finally Sabin whose Hemp Eco

Systems/HES mineral binder was used and has been used by all of these builders combined with KANABAT Certified building grade hemp hurd. That has been utilized for decades in Europe after a string of failures when Hemp was reintroduced in the 1990’s by a number of French builders that had the right ideas but trial and error led to a standardization and ultimately a certification of materials in order that the industry can advance and builders can count on materials being uniform and consistent. Here are a few pictures and you can see demonstration video of the spraying of the Hempcrete at the Host’s Paul Carbone’s Instagram page https:// Paul is the owner of Hempknowlogy hemp company. Paul is a creative mentor and collaborator for many of these builders as well as researcher and scientist for the hempcrete chemistry involved as well as a developer of new proprietary mixtures of Geopolymer binders for new products being developed as we speak. Paul is the inventor of the “HempcreteJet”

The Hempcrete industry is going through it’s growing pain phase and has begun to gain much traction in the USA and particularly in Texas with multiple builders available now ready to work on projects and a growing and capable workforce that is becoming ever skilled in this very specialized eco building technique. Hempcrete or Hemp-Lime as some refer to it is known for a number of very attractive benefits to consumers. Hemp, as it grows, sequesters a lot of Carbon so is a green eco-concious material. As it petrifies it becomes hard and basically turns to stone, although you can put nails into

it and other than a render or plaster there is no need for drywall, and the hemp is an insulator and noise deadening material due to it’s dense and oatmeal like consistency when still wet as it’s being applied. Hempcrete is simply hemp hurd or shiv (the tiny woody like pulp pieces) processed to a consistent size and split open to be even more absorbent, this is important and not the case in much of the hemp produced in the USA today.. So the Hemp Hurd is mixed with Lime, Water and sometimes with a binder or clinker. Which is a mineral mix of type of pozzolan or other mineral types that chemically bind all the materials together. The hurd materials were sourced from Chanvra Material also known as American Natural Materials at http:// or and is the only Certified Building Grade Hemp hurd available in the USA. This certification does not exist yet in the USA. We hope collaborations like this will help change that and builders begin to demand a standardization. For Hempcrete builders there are two types of application that are commonly used. This type of spraying of the Hempcrete mix is a newer version of building with Hempcrete. Although not only the word Hempcrete is a misnomer so is building with Hempcrete. I was told once by a prolific American Hempcrete builder that you should look at it as “Hemp Insulation installation” because hemp

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is insulation, it’s not a load bearing material, a concrete wall is, but portland cement or concrete is not Eco-Friendly either.

The most common technique of Hempcrete installation is referred to as “cast in place” where you have horizontal “form-boards” over your typical vertical framing studs and the Hempcrete builder moves up the wall after repeated filling of the airspace between the boards, encasing the wood framing and tamping the materials tight to eliminate air pockets and squeeze the excess water out. Yes, it’s messy, but necessary. The application is repeated to the top of the wall and is finished by hand by skilled and trained hemp builders. Hemp has many attributes and benefits as well as sequestering carbon and the resulting structures are a clean non toxic environment since the house or building is not off gassing any toxic fumes. Hempcrete is fireproof

and will not ignite. You can find dozens of videos on YouTube showing an acetylene torch left to char a wall for hours on end but it never catches fire, even concrete will char but it won’t ignite as expected. Also Hempcrete is termite resistant, mold resistant, the walls are vapor permeable so they breathe and passively regulate humidity which reduces pressure on utilities and helps HVAC system work most efficiently which is important we Texans know well. So the vapor permeable wall does act as a filter and technically sequesters carbon even in its inert state which is unlike any other building material I can think of. People refer to Hemp homes as being cozy, cave like, some just can’t put their finger on it or articulate it but they like it and know it is calming. Hempcrete if thick enough eliminates thermal bridging.

Hempcrete has an R-Value of between 2.1

- 2.5 per inch depend on the density of the application. Making a 12 inch wall potentially an R-Value of 25-30 If 500,000 new homes were built in the US in 1 year with hempcrete (2,000 square feet each), they would absorb nearly 2 million tons of Carbon, if those same homes were insulated using fibreglass, they would emit almost 500,000 tons of carbon so this is a healthy saving for the planet.

I applaud these pioneers in Texas Hempcrete Home building. There is another project going on right now by Tim White and Texas Healthy homes in Wimberley right now is being finished as well as many proposed so we are expecting many new stories of Collaboration, Cooperation and inclusivity to happen in an around the State of Texas. We hope you will support these groups and please tell others about this important eco friendly building material.

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Selective Enforcement against Legal Hemp-Derived THC Isomers in Texas: Examining Sky&Hobbes, Bee Hippy, and Rio CBD Cases


The issue of selective enforcement against legal hemp-derived THC isomers has been a growing concern, particularly in Texas. This article aims to shed light on incidents involving selective enforcement against three well-known businesses in the state: Sky&Hobbes, Bee Hippy, and Rio CBD. By examining these cases, we can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the hemp industry in Texas.

Understanding Legal Hemp-Derived THC Isomers:

Before delving into the selective enforcement cases, it is crucial to grasp the concept of hemp-derived THC isomers. Hemp is defined as cannabis plants containing 0.3% or less delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC isomers are different variations of THC present in cannabis, including delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and other derivatives. Unlike delta-9 THC, hemp-derived THC isomers are non-intoxicating and offer potential health benefits.

The Selective Enforcement on Sky&Hobbes:

Sky&Hobbes, once a reputable hydroponic hemp grower in Corsicana, was subjected to unjust scrutiny by law enforcement agencies in Texas. Raids conducted on their premises have raised concerns about selective enforcement against legal hemp-derived THC isomers. Despite adhering to the 0.3% THC threshold, the company was targeted, resulting in the seizure of their products and disruption of their operations, and felony charges against one of its owners which were later dropped after Texas Hemp Federation counsel David Sergi intervened with the district attorney.

Selective Enforcement against Bee Hippy:

Bee Hippy, another prominent hemp-based business, has also faced selective enforcement actions by law enforcement agencies in Texas. Despite diligently following state and federal regulations, Bee Hippy has been subjected to raids and the confiscation of their hemp-derived products. These actions have caused significant disturbances to the company’s operations.

The Impact on Rio CBD and the Industry:

The case of Rio CBD further illustrates the impact of selective enforcement on businesses operating within the legal boundaries of hemp-derived products in Texas. Rio CBD, known for their high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) offerings, has faced unwarranted attention from law enforcement agencies. Raids and seizures of their legal hemp-derived products have not only affected their operations but also raised concerns about the reliability of regulatory systems. While the owner reported warrants were issued in the last week of June, no action has been taken since THF supplied legal counsel. Regardless the financial stability of its owners is presently at serious risk since Harlingen police seized company’s entire inventory.

Analyzing the Motives Behind Selective Enforcement:

Critics argue that selective enforcement against legal hemp-derived THC isomers might stem from misunderstandings or misinterpretations of legislation. The nuanced differences between hemp-derived THC isomers and other cannabis products with higher THC concentrations may be overlooked, leading to misidentification and unwarranted actions. Additionally, similarities in packaging and

appearance among various hemp products on the market can contribute to confusion.

The Importance of Clarity and Consistency:

To combat selective enforcement, it is crucial for stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, legislators, and the hemp industry, to come together and establish clear guidelines. By ensuring comprehensive training and education for law enforcement officials, misunderstandings and inconsistencies can be minimized. Collaborative efforts are essential to protect legitimate businesses and consumers while preventing the illegal use of cannabis products.


Selective enforcement against legal hemp-derived THC isomers, witnessed in the cases of Sky&Hobbes, Bee Hippy, and Rio CBD, raises concerns about the functioning of the hemp industry in Texas. Achieving clarity in legislation, consistent interpretation, and providing necessary training for law enforcement agencies are vital steps to address this issue. By working together, the industry and regulators can strike a balance between effective regulation and facilitating access to safe and beneficial hemp-derived products, benefitting both businesses and consumers in Texas.

The Texas Hemp Federation, recognizing the need to protect businesses faced with selective enforcement, has taken a significant step forward by establishing a legal defense fund. This fund aims to provide crucial assistance to businesses that have been targeted for selling legal hemp-derived isomers. With the cannabis industry rapidly evolving and hemp gaining legal recognition, the Texas Hemp Federation’s initiative is a timely response to challenges faced by businesses in navigating the complex landscape of hemp regulations. The legal defense fund will undoubtedly prove instrumental in protecting the rights of businesses and ensuring that selective enforcement does not impede the growth and development of the hemp industry in Texas.

For more information, contact Jay Maguire, executive director at

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chief executive officer, had experience with startups and transactional management through private equity from the oil and gas sector.

Sherman, the chief business officer, has a diversified background in family-run farming management and minerals businesses. He is active in the hemp regulatory space that shapes Texas hemp policies and serves on the Industrial Hemp Council for the Texas Department of Agriculture. Sherman is also president of the Texas Hemp Coalition, a nonprofit educational and advocacy group.

Bayou City Hemp Co. has grown to include many bright minds, including Dr. Andrew Pardo, a senior scientist with an extensive background in research and development, quality control, process improvement, method development and

What else sets Bayou City Hemp Co. apart?

Because Bayou City Hemp Co. uses proprietary nano-technology, it is able to break down CBD and other cannabinoid molecules into much smaller molecules. That means the products offer better absorption and bioavailability. They are also better suited for making beverage products, which are gaining in popularity.

The company also differentiates itself by providing full transparency in throughout its process.

“Our supply chain begins at the seed, and we follow those seeds through the growing and curing process, producing the best extractable flower on the market,” Bayou City’s website states. “Not only do we know where our hemp

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by Ilissa Nolan

Fall 2023 Update: A New Chapter for CHIL

Greetings from the Cannabis Hemp Innovation League (CHIL)! As we prepare to embark on our second academic year this Fall 2023, we are thrilled to share our journey and future plans with the greater community.

Founded in January 2022 by the researchers in the Industrial Hemp Breeding Program at Texas A&M University, CHIL has blossomed, fostering a diverse and active community of over 74 dues-paying members and hosting 14 engaging meetings attended by more than 600 students in our inaugural year. We are excited to report that we anticipate even more participation in the upcoming year. Our mission, from inception, has been to advocate for cannabis & hemp education, inspiration, reformation, and opportunities. To that end, we have been fortunate to receive generous support from a myriad

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of entities such as Rare Earth Genomics, PurIso Labs, CBD Pros, Texas Hemp Coalition, Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine, and Orange Photonics. This collaborative effort has allowed us to award over $5,000 in cannabis scholarships and provide rich educational experiences for our members.

One of the unique aspects of CHIL is our commitment to hands-on learning. We owe a debt of gratitude to Texas A&M alumnus and 4KPharm Owner, Taylor Kirk, who has allowed us access to his greenhouse in Giddings, Texas. His support has facilitated hands-on planting and harvesting days for our members, providing invaluable field experience.

The coming year is already shaping up to be another milestone period for CHIL. Texas A&M University’s President, Katherine Banks, has generously created a scholarship pool of $250,000 for all approved student organizations, and we have been allocated $4,250 for an educational trip to Colorado. This trip, open to members aged 21 and over, will provide a unique oppor-

tunity to visit and learn from operational growing facilities, chemical extraction facilities, and business owners in the heart of America’s legal cannabis industry.

As we continue to grow and evolve, CHIL is also excited to venture into collaborative projects. We are partnering with Texas A&M’s Corn Maze to introduce a fiber-type variety of hemp into the maze. Additionally, CHIL is proud to support @CSTATDECRIM, a local movement that seeks to decriminalize cannabis in College Station, Texas.

One of our most exciting developments is the expansion of CHIL to other universities. We are pleased to announce that a CHIL chapter will be launching at Texas State University in Fall 2023, reinforcing our commitment to spreading cannabis education and opportunities across Texas.

Being a part of CHIL offers unparalleled access to the rapidly evolving world of hemp and cannabis. Our members, who hail from a diverse array of disciplines, have had the privilege of learning from industry lead-

ers, including engineers, medical doctors, cultivators, chemical extraction specialists, industrial hemp creators, professors, and researchers from Texas A&M’s graduate and undergraduate programs.

Membership for active students starts at $25 per semester or $40 for the academic year. Non-student members can join our meetings online for an annual fee of $40 at CHILclub. com/memberships. We also offer merchandise at, with proceeds contributing to the continuance of our mission.

For those interested in starting a CHIL chapter at their university, we welcome inquiries at Stay connected with us via our social media handles, @ TAMUCHIL and @CHIL.CLUB, or visit our website at

At CHIL, we’re not just fostering education and innovation; we’re building a community that advocates for change in the hemp and cannabis sector. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to an exciting new academic year!

The Texas THC Challenge: Top 10 THC Beverages in the Lone Star State

In the heart of Texas, a unique challenge took place: an elaborate taste test designed to rank the top ten THC-infused beverages in the Lone Star State. At the helm of this undertaking was an assorted group of Texas A&M seniors. Representing a range of disciplines including Chemistry, Horticulture, Bio-Agricultural Engineering, Genetics, and Agricultural Leadership, these students brought with them a wealth of knowledge and a discerning palate.

To ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation, the tasting was performed blind. Drinks were poured in a separate room and presented to the students without any prior information regarding the THC content, flavor, brand, or other specifics. This ensured that each beverage stood on its own merit, free from the influence of branding or preconceived notions.

This wasn’t a rushed tasting, but an exploration that spanned three hours. The students were provided with cheese, meats, and crackers as palate cleansers, allowing them to expe-

rience the full spectrum of each drink’s profile before moving on to the next one.

Each beverage was rated on four criteria: taste, smell, the presentation of the liquid itself, and the brand’s presentation. Taste and smell are, of course, the primary factors in any beverage’s appeal. But we also recognized that the visual appeal of a beverage - its color, consistency, and even the design of its packaging - can significantly impact a consumer’s overall experience.

Once the blind tasting and scoring were completed, the brands were revealed, and the students could reflect on the impact of branding on their overall perception and experience. Here were the results…

1st Place - THC Lemonade (Blue Raspberry) by DANKK: A non-carbonated liquid sensation bursting with potent lemon aroma and the nostalgic taste of blue raspberry lemonade. The drink’s slight hint of cannabis flavor and a juice-like consistency with lemon pulp made it a favorite, securing a perfect score. A potent concoction containing 50 mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, the THC Lemonade stood proud at the top of the ranking.

2nd Place - Lemonade by Smilyn: This carbonated beverage features a delightful blend of lemon and lime flavors, with a dash of sweetness and a hint of menthol aftertaste. Its cloud-like appearance similar to Smirnoff Ice and a simple can design mirrored its straightforward Californian roots. With 50 mg of Delta 8, it received a well-deserved second place.

3rd Place - Houston Juice: It is a ginger, apple, lemonade, reminiscent of sour skittles. Its sour Skittles taste and peachy aroma, coupled with a lively can design boasting Texas’s biggest city, had the students raving. This carbonated sensation won unanimous acclaim, earning a 5/5.

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4th Place - HoneySuckle’s Nectar Seltzer (Strawberry Lemonade): Scoring a 3/5, this carbonated refresher emanates a berry-like smell, with a sparkling berry water taste and a hint of citrus. Its flavor profile, despite not aligning perfectly with its name, made a positive impression. The Strawberry Lemonade contains 5mg of hemp-derived Delta 9.

5th Place - F8ED’s Cosmic Blast: With a score of 3/5, the non-carbonated drink brings forth an artificial orange flavor and smell. The vibrant orange color of the liquid matches the bottle’s elaborate decoration, housing 25mg of Delta 8 THC within.

6th Place - Third Coast, Beach Break (Watermellow): A 2/5 rating reflected the unexpected blend of cucumber and melon taste and smell. Its beachy summer vibe can design encloses 5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC, making it a carbonated treat for the taste buds.

7th Place – Howdy, Paloma: Sporting a picturesque can featuring a bronco-riding cowboy, this carbonated delight, infused with 2.5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC, offered a genuine orange flavor. One student, hailing from the Valley, Texas, fondly commented that it tasted like home.

8th Place – Howdy, Ranch Water: Another from the Howdy stables, this carbonated drink also featured the cowboy-bronco logo on a green can. Despite its overwhelming smell, the bitter-lemon taste was appreciated by a student from the Valley. However, it gathered a modest rating of 1/5.

9th Place - “Lil Bit” by 8th Wonder (Canna-Berry flavor): The can, although described as bland, contained a carbonated liquid that unleashed an artificial berry aroma and wild berry taste. This Low-Dose THC Seltzer, with 2mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, scored 1/5.

10th Place - Tejas Tonic: This carbonated, lime-centric drink, which garnered a 0/5 rating, stole the show with its can design. The testers agreed that while the beverage wasn’t unpleasant, it would better serve as a mixer. Three students appreciated the distinct taste of cannabis, aligning with the ‘terpene boosted’ advertisement on the can, containing 5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC.

Texas, with its expanding THC-infused beverage industry, is setting trends that other states might soon follow. These beverages, their unique flavors, and vibrant packaging are reflective of Texas’s dynamic culture, leaving consumers eagerly anticipating the next innovation.

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Each beverage was rated on four criteria: taste, smell, the presentation of the liquid itself, and the brand’s presentation. Taste and smell are, of course, the primary factors in any beverage’s appeal. But we also recognized that the visual appeal of a beverage - its color, consistency, and even the design of its packaging - can significantly impact a consumer’s overall experience.

Does The Hangover Blocker by Sweet Sensi actually work?

As the years go by, I find myself drinking less and less because the hangovers keep getting worse and worse. But every once in a while, it would be nice to indulge in a fun night out without having to suffer the brutal consequences.

This is exactly the problem Sweet Sensi’s new product solves. The Hangover Blocker is comprised of prickly pear, CBD and B12. I have heard that prickly pear is a magic hangover cure, but I brushed it off as an old wives’ tale. With Sweet Sensi’s new product hitting the market, I finally had the chance to find out for myself.

It was a typical Saturday night, and I decided I wanted to go out and unwind with some drinks. I took the four capsules that make up The Hangover Blocker with 16 ounces of water as the package directs. The directions also advise taking the pills two hours before drinking, but I only waited one hour.

I wanted to put The Hangover Blocker to a true test, so I didn’t hold back. I had beers. Then, I had shots of tequila and whiskey followed by more beers. I indulged in what would normally result in two days of misery. But not this time.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt hungover at first. But the symptoms quickly faded. The next thing I knew, I was out enjoying brunch and a Bloody Mary at Bouldin Acres In Austin. Based on past experience, I would have without a doubt spent the day in bed if it weren’t for The Hangover Blocker.

Needless to say, Sunday Funday got a little carried away, and the drinks kept flowing. When I got home that night, I took another package of The Hangover Blocker hoping it would save me. On Monday morning, I arrived at my office at 8 a.m. with a smile on my face and no hangover.

I 10/10 recommend this product. Visit to try it for yourself.

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The Rise of Hemp Derived Products

Ifeel like I blinked and hemp derived products have erupted on the scene quite literally everywhere across the United States, from CBD brands evolving their product offering to the THC’s, to adult use brands recognizing the “loop hole” allowing them to go direct to consumer.

Delta 9 THC gummies are being shipped across state lines, and you can walk into a boutique grocery store and grab a low dose THC beverage from Houston to Minneapolis. What was once in the shadows of adult use cannabis, the hemp industry has never been more alive. And in my opinion, taking the lead.

In fact, I would argue the tides are turning and as a hemp business owner and operator, my eyes are wide open and I’m paying attention. You should too.

I’ve been in the industry professionally for going on 5 years. In fact, my hemp brand RESTART, which I own and operate with my sisters in our hometown of Austin is celebrating our 5 year anniversary on August 18th and my podcast, To Be Blunt celebrated 3 years back in June. Things are moving fast.

Over these years I’ve had numerous conversations with operators from adult use states like California and Colorado, to emerging states like Minnesota and Michigan, to hemp states like North Carolina and Tennessee and it’s been a constant evolution that I think most people in the midst of it (like myself) haven’t fully regognized until it smacked us in the face.

We’re all eager for our state to open up, and we’re even more eager to claim a horse in the race. But what if I told you we are paying attention to the wrong race?

I remember those early days when I would jump on the line with my guests who represented some of the top most

recognizable brands in the adult use cannabis space. I admired what they had accomplished, and still do to this day as it’s no easy feat, but I also remember the feeling I was left with when they learned that I operated in the hemp space.

You could tell they thought less of it, like it was cute and all what I was doing, but it wasn’t true cannabis. And for the most part, they were right. At the time we were really only selling CBD, and Delta 8 THC was just coming up on the horizon. On top of that, we didn’t have a choice, Texas cannabis laws weren’t changing anytime soon, so we learned to play within the confines of the law in which we operate under.

I recall the decision we made to begin to sell Delta 8 THC, I didn’t fully know it then but it’s clear as day now, if we didn’t decide to begin selling that, I don’t think we would still be in business today.

And now there is an onslaught of other cannabinoid products which at times has gotten unruly even for my own taste, especially when it comes to THCP, THCJD, etc.

So I will be the first to say, I get it, from a lawmaker perspective, from an adult use cannabis perspective, and even from a consumer perspective, what’s happening in hemp is a complete 180 from where we started this thing in 2018 with the farm bill passing.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it now, this industry is too new to be set in stone, so instead of getting hung up on processes, we should be paying attention to the reality that is unfolding in front of us because if we don’t evolve, we will die.

This is further emphasized by the very same adult use brands who looked down upon hemp are now beginning to see the opportunity in front of all of us. I point this out because I think the market is going to continue to radically change and how we react is going to be pivotal.

It’s going to be more competitive and it’s going to become more challenging. Especially considering we have a limited window we are operating in federally.

The DEA said they are going to take a stance on synthetic cannabinoids and the 2018 Farm Bill expires at the end of this year which means the next iteration in theory should address some of these concerns.

I think it’s exciting though to see the pendulum swing and reframe what cannabis and access to cannabis can look like, but I also see the wake of devastation as brands stumble to gain footing in this next iteration of the industry.

The reality is we won’t all survive. And the ones who can understand the law while meeting the demands of the consumers are going to win.

So it’s your move! What do you think will happen? Where do you draw the line?

To stay up to date, follow me for more at

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Let's Get 2wisted!

Hemp-Derived Gummies, Chocolates, Liquid Infusions and SLUSHIES!

Unveiling the Nutritional Marvels of Hemp Seeds: Elevating Health and Wellness

As an expert in nutrition, I am thrilled to shed light on the remarkable benefits of hemp seeds—a nutrient-packed gift from the Cannabis Sativa plant. While often mistaken for cannabis, hemp seeds contain minimal levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In this updated article, we will explore the exceptional nutritional composition of hemp seeds, their impact on health and wellness, and why they deserve a place in your daily diet.D and President of the Texas Hemp Coalition

Hemp seeds are a nutritional treasure trove that I eat every morning in my smoothie and in the evening on my salads. They are easily digestible and considered one of nature’s most nourishing foods. They are rich in essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and proteins. For individuals following vegan or raw food diets, hemp seeds provide a valuable source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. These seeds contain all nine essential amino acids, including histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. By incorporating hemp seeds into your existing diet, you can effortlessly meet your dietary needs and elevate your nutritional intake.

Unveiling the Nutritional Facts of Hemp Seeds:

• All 20 amino acids, including the essential ones crucial for our bodies.

• High-quality proteins that strengthen immunity and combat toxins, aiding in the healing process of immune-related diseases.

• Nature’s richest botanical source of essential fatty acids, surpassing flax or any other nut or seed oil.

• An ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 linoleic acid to omega-3 linolenic acid promotes cardiovascular health and bolstering the immune system.

• A superior source of easily digestible protein for vegans, raw food enthusiasts, and vegetarians.

• An abundance of phytonutrients offers disease-protective benefits for multiple aspects of our health, including immunity, blood, tissues, cells, skin, organs, and mitochondria.

• The highest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, which are vital for optimal health.

Heart Health and Cholesterol Management: Hemp seeds play a vital role in supporting heart health due to their composition. They are abundant in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 fats, which help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. By substituting saturated fats with hemp seeds, you can reduce the risk of fatal cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks. Furthermore, hemp seeds produce phytosterols, which aid in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing fat buildup in the arteries.

Amino Acids for Optimal Health:

The perfectly balanced essential amino acid profile of hemp seeds contributes to overall well-being. These seeds contain all nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce naturally. By incorporating hemp seeds into your diet, you can supplement your body with these essential amino acids, which strengthen the immune system, reduce disease occurrences, and assist in detoxification.

Hemp seeds are an exceptional source of nutrition, offering an array of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins. By incorporating hemp seeds into your daily diet, you can harness their incredible health benefits, such as supporting heart health, promoting a balanced cholesterol profile, and strengthening the immune system. Remember, hemp seeds contain negligible levels of THC and are safe for consumption. Embrace the nutritional marvels of hemp seeds and elevate your health and wellness naturally.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources. Please check with your Cannabis Educated Primary Health Care Physician or Cannabis Therapy Consultant before beginning any new diet or lifestyle change.

Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, CTC, CNHP is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Cannabis Therapy Consultant, and the Founder and Education Director of the Cannabis Holistic Institute. To find out more about her private practice, educational programs, videos, and other offerings you can find her on the massive inter-webs, social platforms, or at

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The Lone Star State: Texas and The Untapped Potential of the Green Economy

In the heart of the land of longhorns and bluebonnets, there’s an economic revolution happening. But it’s not in oil, cattle, or tech; it’s in cannabis. The “Green Economy,” as it’s become known, is booming across the United States, with states far and wide reaping the economic rewards of legalized marijuana. Yet, Texas, the Lone Star State, known for its big sky and even bigger potential, is watching from the sidelines.

Just over yonder in Missouri, they’ve amassed a striking $592.3 million in recreational and medical cannabis product sales since February. Oklahoma, our neighbor to the north, is on track to pile up a staggering $821 million in taxes over the next four years from an estimated $4.3 billion in combined recreational and medical marijuana sales if state question 820 passes. Even Arkansas, a relative newcomer to the medical marijuana scene, has reported sales of over $276.3 million in just 2022.

And let’s not forget Colorado, the Rocky Mountain State that’s been riding high on legalized recreational marijuana since 2012. They’re set to haul in a record $400 million in 2023. In fact, they raked in $131.6 million in total marijuana sales in April alone, with a whopping $32 million in March from recreational sales.

These states, each with a fraction of the population of our own Texas, are proving that the Green Economy is more than just a passing fad—it’s a gold rush, and Texas has yet to stake its claim.

Here in Texas, we’ve got a medical cannabis program, but let’s be honest: it’s got

more restrictions than a dry county on Sunday. Currently, the only products on the market are 1% THC tinctures, gummies, and pills. This red tape isn’t just hamstringing the growth of the medical cannabis sector—it’s costing Texas a Texas-sized chunk of potential economic growth and revenue.

Now, imagine if we opened up a legal recreational cannabis market in Texas. With our population of nearly 30 million, we have the potential to outsell Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Colorado combined. That’s not just a boost to our state coffers; it’s job growth, entrepreneurship, and an opportunity for much-needed criminal justice reform.

Our great state, home to mavericks, innovators, and go-getters, is lagging behind in

this modern-day gold rush. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Green Economy is here, and it’s as ripe for the picking as a Hill Country peach in July. It’s time for Texas to saddle up and seize the opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer.

This ain’t just about the economy; it’s about progress, about opportunity, about what it means to be a Texan in the 21st century. The clock’s ticking, and the benefits— economic, social, and cultural—are too big to pass up. It’s high time Texas staked its claim in the Green Economy. Y’all ready?

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5. How does Hometown Hero CBD stand out from other hemp and CBD companies in Texas?

A few reasons we think make Hometown Hero CBD standout as a leader is

1) Our commitment to quality. We are hyper-focused on developing great-tasting, superior hemp products from organically grown hemp with the highest-quality ingredients. The extensive testing we do and our small batch production are further evidence of why consumers love our product so much.

2) Our commitment to advocacy. We are also super focused on ensuring the availability of all hemp-derived cannabinoids both at the federal and state levels. Many here in the Lone Star state know we led the fight in 2021 with the Third Court of Appeals of Texas, granting a temporary injunction stopping the prohibition of Delta-8 products, and continue the fight in appeals court. In addition to our focus at the national level, we deploy lobbying teams in many other states via the state legislatures to ensure the continued availability of all hemp-derived products against any bans and/or excessive legislation/taxation.

3) Our commitment to veterans. We know how important hemp-derived cannabinoids are to our military heroes. In addition to making sure these products are readily available to vets, we donate to various veterans groups here in Texas and across the country.

6. Can you share any stories of how your products have positively impacted your customers?

We already have amassed nearly 3,500 five-star reviews. Feel free to visit our website and check out what customers are saying

about our products. Moreover, we recently donated to a local Texas VFW and here are two stories of local vets using hemp-derived cannabinoids in replace of opioids.

Dave Walden, a veteran injured in combat who served two tours in Iraq, was addicted to opioids to help ease back pain and PTSD, until he came across hemp-derived Delta-8 products.

“For the last few years, I’ve been using hemp-derived cannabinoids exclusively, which have become safe replacements for narcotic pain killers, migraine meds, sleeping pills, PTSD meds, anxiety meds and various other medications that I was on,” said Walden. “These products have been a life saver for me, taking me out of the drug haze that I was in for many years and making me a more productive member of society.”

Angel Ramirez, a retired combat veteran who served 16 years as a medic and four years as a field artillery man, was diagnosed with PTSD in 2018.

“About a year ago, I wanted to get off my PTSD medications. I was on Zoloft, another medication that I take three times a day for panic and anxiety attacks, and one at night to

help me sleep,” said Ramirez. “Then I started taking CBD and it helped me not only with my pain but with my panic and my anxiety attacks. About six months ago, I approached my psychiatrist and told her I would like to get off my meds. She agreed, and with her help, I’ve been off my meds now for three months.”

7. As veterans of the CBD industry, what are some trends you anticipate seeing in the next few years?

We see three key trends that are likely to emerge:

Diverse product offerings: Companies will continue to expand and develop an even wider range of applications for hemp-derived cannabis around edibles and beverages and other form factors. This trend is driven by consumer demand for alternatives to smoking and the desire for CBD-infused products in different areas of daily life.

Expanded legalization and regulation: While legal at the federal level due to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, individual states have been moving toward the regulation of hemp-derived cannabis, primarily due to its non-intoxicating properties and potential health benefits. This trend has allowed for a more robust market, which is likely to continue expanding as more jurisdictions recognize the economic and social potential of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

More research and education: As research continues on the effects of hemp-derived cannabis and CBD, there will an increased emphasis on education and consumer awareness. This trend is likely to continue, with efforts to disseminate accurate information about hemp’s properties and usage.

8. Can you tell us about your vision for the future of Hometown Heroes CBD and how you plan to achieve it?

Our vision for Hometown Hero CBD is to build upon our leadership position, well known for our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and veterans focused advocacy. To do this, we will continue to emphasize transparency, authenticity, and ethical practices in all our products that has fostered trust among our customers and stakeholders. By showcasing the quality and safety of our products, we solidify our reputation as a reliable hemp brand. Last but not least, we will remain dedicated to our primary mission of supporting veterans through our valuable nonprofit partnerships, as we have for the past nine years.

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