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It's not my career, it's my lifestyle There are several reasons as to why I love dog training, but the most rewarding reason has always been to keep pets in a happy home with their fur-ever-family. I am happy to help bridge the gap of misunderstanding between pet and pet parent while simultaneously introducing boundaries and a fun outlook on training. My goal has always been to use a balanced method of training, with a focus on positive reinforcement and leadership skills that leave fur-babies without chance of being re-homed or put back into a shelter. Training for me is not just a job, or even a career, it is my lifestyle. I continuously advocate for the need of every dog to be trained, even if they are at-home companion animals. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exertion. I tell all my clients that their fur-babies need a balanced dose of ?Chuck-E-Cheese time? which is outside play, and inside zoomies, as well as ?piano lessons?, which come in the form of walks and structured drilling sequences.

with Border Collie, and the first dog I had as my own responsibility. She is the inspiration for wanting to branch off from PetCo last year, and has played the vital role of assistant with socialization classes, and as an aid for reactive dogs. I believe it is vital for all pet parents to have a deep, positive connection with all handlers in home, and especially so for families with younger children. I gear all my training sessions to each specific dog and their family?s needs. By coming into the clients? home and getting a clear-cut look into the dog?s day-to-day routine, I can more quickly help establish order and ween out any unwanted behaviors. Subtle behavior modification, aggression rehabilitation, and basic obedience are just a few of the areas of focus that I specialize in. My business aims to help those who might not have access to in facility training and need a schedule that is a little more flexible.

In 2015, I was blessed with Cheyenne, my Great Pyrenees mixed

Liv Off Leash prides itself in superior customer service and quick,

noticeable results. My service area revolves around Nevada, Farmersville, Wylie, Murphy, and Sachse. After training in a corporate setting for one year and owning my own business for a year come Feb. 1, 2019, I could never imagine another path for my life to take. From puppies, to seniors, to one dog households, to full pack households, no situation is too far out of my comfort zone. In the next several years I do have several plans for pet-friendly venues, resembling those of Mutts Cantina and K9 Cinema. My dream is to live in a world where socially behaved dogs will be more widely accepted into places that their pet parents like to frequent. My main focus is to show people how much of a difference training and socialization can make in a dogs? health and overall happiness, and by allowing ourselves to fulfill their needs, they will fulfill ours.

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