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his caretaker. As I sat in the lobby at the cancer clinic over the course of 2 months, I saw many families come and go. Many simply couldn?t afford the cost of treatment for their pet. I can?t imagine being put in a position to decide the value of my pet?s life. Others didn?t love their pet any less than I loved Patch, they simply couldn?t afford to provide treatment.

more walk, one more car ride, one more meal of mine to share with him, one more kiss, time for acceptance and most importantly more time to let him know how much he changed my life. Patch taught me the simplicity of happiness; a new toy, a treat, a walk around the duck pond, or a hug ? if only we could be fulfilled by so little. Aside from my parents, he taught me more about life than any human can. Over the past few months, I felt compelled to do my part in honoring his memory. I was introduced to Matt Stone, founder of Save a dogslife (?dogslife?). He too had a similar experience as I and felt moved to do more. dogslife is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. I now sit as a board member of this wonderful organization whose mission is simple; we raise money to help families provide cancer treatment to their pet that otherwise would have to choose a different option due to financial limitations. We help families save their own ?Patch.?

Unfortunately for Patch, there was no cure. The only outcome for Patch and I was more time together. Time for one


A m essage f r om vet er in ar y beh avior con su lt an t Beh avior Vet s: Dog parks are a popular way to exercise and socialize dogs. but not every dog is suited for dog parks. By paying attention and recognizing your dog?s body language, you can be an advocate for your dog while helping to maintain a harmonious dog park environment.


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