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RETURNING THEIRUNCONDITIONAL LOVE information about the applicant, such as his or her financial situation, as well as information about the dog?s medical history, cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment recommendation and quoted treatment plan cost. All applications received are reviewed and a determination of funding is made after obtaining all of the aforementioned required information. All photos courtesy of dogslife.

Once we have approved a grant, we try to alleviate additional stress on the part of the applicant by coordinating directly with the board-certified veterinary providers to arrange payment. We also give a small canine care package containing a few goodies to the family with the intention of raising the spirits of both the owner and dog.

In early 2016, Matt and Danielle Stone?s beloved dog, Maverick, was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma at the young age of 6. Maverick?s cancer required surgery to remove the tumor, as well as several weeks of daily radiation treatments, all of which came at a significant financial cost. During Maverick?s treatment and throughout the rest of his happy and adventure-filled life, Matt often reflected on how incredibly blessed his family was to be in a financial position that enabled them to pay for the treatment that ultimately saved Maverick's life. In the course of this reflection, however, Matt also came to understand that many families simply do not have the means to get their precious dog the medical treatment they need due to the expensive nature of canine cancer care.

We have been truly touched by the support that dogslife has received. From our launch event on Oct. 3, 2018, through the end of this past year, we received approximately $140,000 in donations. This amazing generosity has enabled us to begin accepting applications and executing our mission! Below is the story of our first grant recipient, Sir Desmond, as told by his best friend and owner, Caitlyn Schmidt.

SIR DESM OND by Caitlin Schmidt, grant recipient

?Recognizing it?s unfair that any dog should suffer from this terrible disease or that a loving family should have to say goodbye to their loyal companion simply due to monetary constraints, Matt founded an organization to help families in need save their dog?s life. Save a dogslife, Inc. (?dogslife?) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to remove the burden of having to make the impossible determination of the value of a dog's life after being diagnosed with cancer. The organization provides grants to dogs and their families for necessary cancer-specific treatment when they otherwise cannot afford it. dogslife uses donations to pay board-certified veterinary oncologists in North Texas for the cancer treatment of selected beneficiaries. We at dogslife want to ensure that we are awarding grants to individuals or families who are providing their dog a loving home and who truly do not have the financial resources available to afford critical cancer-treatment. Therefore, beneficiaries are selected through an application and interview process, which involves the applicant, the dog?s primary veterinarian and the treating veterinary oncologist. This process helps dogslife gather 16 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

?When my best friend Desmond got his heartbreaking osteosarcoma diagnosis, I honestly wasn?t sure where to start. The X-rays and initial consult for the diagnosis had already set me back $600 and having a mother who has worked in the industry for over 30 years, I knew that was just the beginning. When I got a general estimate over the phone for the amputation, the first step in an osteosarcoma patient?s treatment plan, I was overwhelmed as the cost of that alone

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