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Te l e c o m C o n s u l t a n c y S e r v i c e s

Welcome! We are pleased to offer you an overview of our services that will help you to position your company, product and solutions in the best possible way on the world wide web. Since we successfully launched our first web portal franchise in July 2010 for the TETRA Communications Industry and second web portal in August 2011, we have specialized ourselves in delivering services that help you to position your company, products and services. Currently we operate web portals that are seen as a major source of information for end users and people working in the TETRA and DMR Communications Industry. At our portals you will find news, a comprehensive overview of companies, products, services & applications, events, video’s and job vacancies that are related to the Critical Communications Industry. We are pleased that we have long term agreements with many SME’s and Multinationals from within our Industry. This is the result of our active involvement since 2003. Today, our joint web portals are visited by hundreds of visitors each day and by almost 100.000 visitors annually. We are proud to serve more than 7800 members and followers and more than 90 companies. Besides our Web portal franchise opportunity, we offer additional Sales/Marketing and PR support services as well as TETRA consultancy services. In summer 2012, we introduced a new portfolio of online Business and Market Intelligence solutions, named Buzztalk. Buzztalk can help you to understand your market or your competition even better. This SaaS solution will help you to make well balanced decisions on strategy, market development and new product introductions. We are confident that we can help you expanding your business faster than anyone else!

Gert Jan Wolf founder



Web portal Services for the web portals of and

1. Web Portal Services Membership subscription Our various membership modules offer you the flexibility to position your company in the best possible way and within the best available budget on both our TETRA and DMR web portals. Your membership includes full visibility through our 24/7 Exhibition area and offers you many advantages. From communicating your news messages/press releases, product releases, job vacancies, to prominently positioning of your company, products, solutions and services. A comprehensive overview of our membership levels can be found on the last page of this document. (price per month)

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

FREE € 29 € 49 € 79

Logo Advertisement pricing At our Home page we offer you the possibility to advertise with your company logo or product picture. Your advertisement will also be displayed at our supporting websites, as mentioned below this section. as well as on a number of sub-pages and underneath each news message in the featured news section of our portal. The visitor of our website will constantly be confronted with your logo and your message on our home page(s). (price per month) 1 month 1st line advertising 2nd line advertising 3rd line advertising

€ 290 € 260 € 230

3 months € 260 € 230 € 200

6 months € 230 € 200 € 170

Maximum visibility through our supporting websites Visibility of your company, products and services at our portals through MCCResources immediately means that all your communications messages and advertisements will be displayed at our Home page, many sub pages of our websites and our supporting (see below) websites as well. • • • •

• • •

• • • •

TETRAflash & DMRflash Magazine advertisement/article Presenting your company or/and advertising in both TETRAflash and DMRflash can be crucial for the success of your recently released product or services. Or maybe you just want to position your company more prominently to our 7800 contacts. Please, find below our rates (advertising is included in Gold and Platinum membership). 1/1 Page article including picture 1/2 Page article including picture 1/4 Page article including picture

€ 500 € 275 € 200

Video upload at our home page * included in Platinum membership

One month visibility of your video in our video section as well as at our home page and supporting websites.

€ 500

Featured product area at our Home page Presenting your company or products/services in our FEATURED PRODUCT area at our home page of both our web portal. If you wish to communicate a new product of solutions/services, this is the best way to inform our members directly with great result! Per month € 475 Per 14 days € 225

2. Sales/Marketing & PR Support E-mail shoot to database We offer you a direct way to communicate your special articles to our combined database of more than 7800 TETRA Communications Industry Professionals. €500

Press release service For some companies, the publication of a press release does not belong to their core business. As we understand; the Critical Communications Industry, your company/products, your business relationships and competitive environment and Marketing & PR, we are uniquely positioned to write and publish your press release. (inclusive Publications, SEO optimized & quick turnaround time).

1 professional press release


3 professional press releases


5 professional press releases


3. Online Market & Business Intelligence services In addition to our Web portal Services we oer unique Business and Market Intelligence services for a broad range or Industries. Our advanced business and market intelligence tool is a new, scientifically based solution, that leaves traditional monitoring tools well behind. It is the result of research into data mining, ontology based sentiment and mood state analyses and big data handling. Our system uses the so-called SaaS-model, which only charges you for what you really use. Our rates are determined on the basis of the number of search profiles and the number of documents and tweets that are linked to a particular search profile.

Content discovery Use our tool to discover the latest information about your brand, competitors or industry. Explore results on dierent levels of aggregation and drill down to the original source and have it automatically translated from many foreign languages into English. By using our content discovery module, you’ll know what is going on within your industry!

Social Media Monitoring Find relevant influencers in your field. Follow them and engage them to spread word of mouth. Follow all that's being said that has topical importance and act on it.

Decision Support From finding all relevant content you can zoom out to discover trends and patterns. Use our solution for spike detection and act upon any changes in your field of interest.

Community Building Create thousands of Twitter followers in just a few months and combine this with our online publishing tool. Through these services you will be seen as the main source of information about your specified topic or brand. Once your large group of followers has been created, the second step is to carefully communicate your proposition in this group of followers. In this way you are completely in control!

Content discovery standard search

Content is king! You need great content to fill your magazine in order for it to be relevant and fresh. With our standard

€ 540

search this is a piece of cake. Using our content discovery capabilities you can update your own digital magazine every morning when you drink your coffee or once a week according to your wishes. This way you can deliver the latest news about your company and/or industry as soon as it arrives, keeping your clients updated and engaged. Position yourself as the go-to source for industry news and you'll reap the benefits of your thought leadership position. Receive search results on the topic you are interested in. You will be able to monitor the news delivered via the internet (Blogs, Journals, etc) on this topic, analyze the news, view the mood and sentiment status of these messages included with integration of automatic translation service from various languages into English. (price per month)

Option: Twitter

the possibility to monitor all Twitter messages about your defined topic, to engage the

standard search

important Twitter accounts, to publish Twitter messages and to improve your

€ 71

Kloutscore (the importance of your Twitter account. (price per month) Option: Discover and Trending topics standard search

Through the discover and trending topics you will be able to understand what has

€ 90

been communicated the most on Twitter and the internet related to your search. It gives you immediately a clear overview of all that is important within your industry in a schematic way. (price per month)

Option: Community Through our community building tool you are able to build a large Twitter community Building within months that gives you direct access to all of those people that are interested in standard search

€ 360

your topic. Within months you will be able to create thousands of true followers that are genuinely interested in what you have to say. (price per month)

Total Package

All of the intelligence tools mentioned above. (price per month)

To find our more about Buzztalk, please visit:


Web portal Services for the web portals of and

4. Telecom Consultancy Services We oer a wide range of consultancy services related to the Telecommunications Industry with the focus on the TETRA and Critical Communications market. We also serve other markets. Please contact us to find out more.

5. Delivery specifications advertisements Articles & pictures for TETRAflash

All articles can be delivered in Pdf, Word, Text Editor or Pages. Pictures for publication in DMRflash or

News messages and press releases

For online publications, we accept news messages and press releases in Pdf, Word, Text Editor or Pages

DMRflash need to be delivered in high resolution, preferably more than 2mb.

via e-mail. Please, note that we only accept pictures in Jpg and TIFF format.

Please note!

We do not accept Quark Xpress documents.


Without any problem we can accept files smaller than 15MB. If you would like to sent us files larger than 15MB, we prefer you to use the services of / dropbox or alternatively sending us your data by using a CD-Rom.

6. Website data Who visits our website and reads our publications?

The visitors of our our TETRA and DMR web portals, our social media sites and our TETRA and

Returning visitors

Approximately 39% of our visitors re-visit our web portals in order to browse our database and to read our

Average time on website

On average, our visitors stay more than 3,2 minutes at our websites.

Number of visits

On average we attract almost 100.000 visits for both web portals annually.

Website geographic

Many thousands of Communications professionals from more than 166 countries have visited our web

DMRflash magazines are in general visited by international communications professionals from all levels who are interested in (Critical) Communications technology.

news/events and job section.

portals. The majority of our visitors originating from Western Europe, Northern Europe, USA, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia.

Circulation TETRAflash & DMRflash

The combined TETRAflash and DMRflash publications will be distributed to more than 7500 contacts Both newsletters also be visible at its own web portal. In addition, TETRAflash will also be published on the website of the TETRA + Critical Communications Association.


MCCResources Dragonweg 57 2215 BN Voorhout The Netherlands Gert Jan Wolf Tel: +31642108561 E-mail: Skype: gertjanwolf

Member of the marketing board of the TETRA and Critical Communications Association

Copyright Š 2013 MCCResources. All rights reserved

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Company contact details

Visibility of your company logo, name, address, city, country, telephone number & website address.

Basic company profile

Enter a short description of your company in 300 characters.

Your company to be found via our search engine

Visitors of our portal can instantly find your company via our search engine, by selecting the right labels and/or keywords.

Support desk

Online help-desk on weekdays between 9AM - 17PM CET.

Company profile visibility on all our supporting web sites

Visibility of your company and solutions (if applicable) on all our web portal domains that are related to the TETRA/DMR communications technology.

Sales lead generator

Contact area for visitors. Via our online e-mail form, requests will immediately be directed to you.

Upload company solutions

Number of uploads of your TETRA/DMR solutions, applications, services, etc, to be displayed at your Microsite. Enter your Basic description as well as the extended description.

Upload supporting documents

Upload the following documents; PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. to enhance your company and/or solutions profile.

Advertising discount

Discount on standard rates on logo banner-advertisements that are shown on the home page, below each featured news item and some sub pages.

Your press news in our FEATURED news section

We will upload your news, press releases, etc, in our FEATURED news area located at our home page and share the news with our followers in Social Media.

Buzztalk Publication Industry Report

Receive every half year an industry report on online publications and the mood status of your industry covering the last 36 weeks.

Promotion article in TETRAflash or DMRflash Magazine

The online publication will be distributed to more than 7800 contacts globally and will be promoted via our own website as well as through Social Media.

Featured product area

FREE promotion of your latest product/solutions or service prominently at the home page of our web portal.


FREE Advertising

Your logo advertisement visible on the home page of all our web portals, some of our sub pages and underneath each featured news publication.

1 month

Upload business cases/news letters

Upload your business cases and or newsletters to the company profile tab.

Publication of your company video’s

We actively promote your company/product videos on our home page and our special video page.

Job vacancies

Profile your jobs related to the TETRA/DMR communications Industry at our Job section.



€ 29

€ 49

€ 79

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