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Top Challenges Your Mobile App Testing Will Face With Android

When it comes to apps download, Android and iPhone users are the main players. The rise in the range of Android app development, however, declares the power of Android.

Furthermore, only those applications which are attractive, creative, easy to use and engaging will only survive and to make sure the best quality app with the above abilities, the dedicated quality check is necessary. Make a test plan that would describe all crucial elements involved in the mobile testing services. Analyze and segregate the application usability in end-user view and hardware perspective. This will help you out to analyze the salient application problems without much time-consumption. In-depth study about the application, its usage, and key features are necessary to leverage an advanced level of testing.

Inexperienced Testers Mostly a company's QA team doesn't have the experience or knowledge to test their application. Also, an organization might have their own testing team.

The product will lose quality because the developer is not trained properly to look at an app in the same process testers are. Testers are ready to "break" an application in order to ensure that the developed application is of the excellent quality.

There are some key challenges that the testing teams face when testing for the app: 1. Device Variation Mobile application testing is challenging because of compatibility problems as a mobile application can be deployed across devices which have different:

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Keypad type such as the virtual keypad, hard keypad, etc. Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Nokia, etc. Versions of an operating system such as iOS 5.x, iOS 4.x, BB4.x, 5.x, 6.x, etc. Operating systems like android, iOS, Windows, BB, etc.

Further, the quality team cannot ensure that if a tested application works properly on a given project, it will work 100% on another device even if it is from the same product family because the CPU, screen resolution, Memory, OS optimization, and hardware could be different.

2. Need for Experienced QA professional in Automation Testing The quality team requires a skilled QA expert not only to assess the automation tools available in the market for mobile testing services but also to quickly identify user interface glitches as UI is important in mobility. A well-tested and fully functional mobile application could be rejected by end users only due to UI look and feel.

3. Cloud Computing Following are the very basic problems faced by testers in the cloud environment.

• Automation cannot be used outside the framework • Automation is image-based and time-consuming • Internet connectivity issues • Lock-in • High cost • Subscription model

4. Functionality across multiple OS platforms In an age of cross-platform mobile technology, it is essential for an app to run accurately across all main operating systems. Only an app which satisfies this requirement is termed as a well-functioning software. A mobile application which works only on one particular OS platform is one which will record low user experience levels; its download rate will also be low. But research reveals that more the number of platforms given to mobile app testers, more the chances of bugs increase.

Orientation devices




Flip capability is a feature that is part of all mobile application. Developers have to set up different modules for software testing this characteristic for the 2 types of landscape, orientation, and portrait. Though the operations and functions of an app will be the same for all kinds of mobile devices, page layouts have to be checked individually. This not only takes more time but also results in higher costs for the app tester.

Networking Issues: This is possibly the very important point to be analysed, as almost every app requires Internet connectivity to keep functioning. Hence, it is very important to see the app's reactions when there is no Internet connection. Whether the app displays "network error" message or just stops working without any notification is something to keep an eye on.

Top Challenges your Mobile App Testing will Face with Android  

Mobile app testing is increasing day by day as mobile devices is increasing. Learn more about mobile app testing challenges and the things...

Top Challenges your Mobile App Testing will Face with Android  

Mobile app testing is increasing day by day as mobile devices is increasing. Learn more about mobile app testing challenges and the things...