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Glengarry's Sunday ramblings of all things vinous, grain and glorious. The Sunday Sediment. Issue Ninety-Three Sarah, Welcome to the Ninety-Third edition of The Sunday Sediment, a collection of what’s new, what’s on and what’s happening instore at Glengarry and within the world of wine. Sip away.



Founded by Sir George Fistonich in 1961, Villa Maria Estate has risen to become New Zealand’s most successful international wine brand. For a number of years New Zealand’s most awarded winery, earlier this year it added another significant feather to its cap: at the Drinks International Awards Ceremony held in Germany, Villa Maria was named the thirdmost-admired wine brand in the world. Closer to home are the 12 gold medals and three trophies from the recent Royal Easter Show Wine Awards. Anyway, you get the picture. What’s impressive is that the horde of medals and awards is not restricted to their top releases, but can be found across the entire Villa Maria portfolio. According to Sir George, the secret of their success doesn’t lie in chasing accolades, but in focusing on making superior quality wines that have instant appeal for the people who drink them. Read More.. 2


From a humble childhood growing up in South Auckland, George Fistonich founded Villa Maria at the age of 21. He had started out as an apprentice carpenter, but his Croatian community drank a lot of wine, and he fell in love with vineyards and wine itself. For most of the first decade it was a one man band, but over almost 60 years he built Villa Maria up to be one of the world's most admired wine brands. He has been instrumental in the global success of New Zealand wine, and in 2009

WHEN: Monday 20 May

received the first knighthood for services to the

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park,

local industry. Last year he finally retired as

118 Wellesley St West Auckland

Chief Executive to focus on his role as brand

TIME: 7.00pm

ambassador. This evening will also celebrate another Croatian wine family, the Jakicevich's, who started and own Glengarry to this day. It


will be a family style dinner with shared plates, and a full selection of some of the finest Villa Maria wines, right up to their icon Cabernet Ngakirikiri 2013. Read more....



Mums. Where would we be without them? We’d be the first to say that showing appreciation for your mother should not be restricted to one day of the year (ditto for the love of your life and Valentine’s Day, but that’s another story). Anyway, regardless of the above, your mum is probably going to be quietly expecting some acknowledgement on the 12th. She just might like a wee tipple, too. Read More...



Jules Taylor rocks as a mum and as a winemaker, so major multi-tasking achievement right there. The singular nature and quality of her boutique expressions has garnered many awards, and a following that spans the globe. Juggling motherhood with winemaking, Jules continues to do things in her own inimitable fashion. So it seemed rather appropriate that we offer you a pair of her star wines, neatly packaged together, ready to present to the deserving recipient of your choice (You can also, naturally, buy either of the wines on their own). Read More...



In the central Iberian plateau, Almansa enjoys hot summers reaching temperatures up to 38 Celsius, down to -6 degrees in winter. This part of Spain is wide and expansive, a sea of flat plains with little rain and copious wind farms and solar panels. Grenache and Tempranillo love the heat and the long growing period found in these harsh conditions. Read More..



One of Spain’s oldest DOs, the rejuvenated Bierzo is home to intense, thrilling reds produced from the local Mencia grape, sourced from its steep vineyards and their old vines. Just along a bit, on Spain’s north-western coast, is Rías Baixis, where the favoured variety is the white Albariño grape and the warm sun and cooling sea breezes deliver wines that are crisp and fresh. Read More..



We are very excited to have David Ornon here from famed Bordeaux Chateau Pontet-Canet. Their sales director is here for just one event, an incredible vertical tasting of 8 vintages, including some of the finest years of the past decade. We will be tasting the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Ranked as a Fifth Growth in the 1855 Classification, Pontet-Canet has seen a meteoric rise in quality in recent years. It is now one of the most popular wines in Bordeaux, and one of the greatest wine estates in the world, selling for $200-$400 a bottle. Over three centuries it has been owned by only three families, the latest being the Tesserons since 1975. Under the guidance of Alfred Tesseron, the quality has risen to the point where they are producing wines often the equal of the First Growths. They are also a pioneer in sustainable, organic and biodynamic winemaking for the region, everything here is done by hand. The vineyards are ploughed 8

traditionally by horses, and a growing proportion of the wine is matured in terra cotta amphoras. This stunning tasting is heavily subsidised by the Chateau, to allow as many of our customers as possible to experience this world-famous wine. Read More..



GLENGARRY WINE ACADEMY STAGE 3 | VICTORIA PARK For only the third time, a third stage of our Wine Academy is being offered. This course has been written recently and follows on from stage 1 and 2. In stage 1 you learn about the varieties; stage 2 you explore their differing personalities around the world. Now in stage 3 you take a major look at key wine making


A four-week course | Wednesday 8th May,

regions in the world. This course dives under

Wednesday 15th May, Wednesday 22nd May,

the cover, you learn all about the great wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and many more.

and Wednesday 29th May WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park,

This particular Wine Academy is a little

118 Wellesley Street Auckland

different as it is the first time this stage is being

TIME: 7.00pm

presented and as such will also be used to train future presenters for this course. With that in mind it will be presented by our General Manager Liz Wheadon, who knows this subject inside out and has written this new stage. So not only will you receive all the training you can expect at a Wine Academy, you’ll have four nights of stories, great wine and a fair amount of good humour from Liz. Read more....

ONE GLASS FOR EVERY WINE? THE JANCIS ROBINSON TASTING | WELLINGTON Pairing wine expertise and refined design, this special glass is a result of a collaboration between product designer Richard Brendon, and renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson MW. This Wine Glass has been specifically designed to offer the best tasting experience WHEN: Wednesday 8 May

for every wine, whatever its colour, style or strength, including things like Champagne and

WHERE: Glengarry Thorndon,

port. Made from mouth blown crystal the glass

53 Hutt Rd Thorndon

is ultra-fine, but remarkably strong, putting the

TIME: 6.00pm

wine drinker in intimate contact with the wine. We will have David Nash, the New Zealand importer, here to guide us through the glass tasting, while Regan McCaffery presents the wines.This will be unique, in that we have specially selected top wines that vary tremendously in flavour and texture, so we can put this glass through its paces.


Read more....

NEW ZEALAND REGIONAL TASTING - HAWKE'S BAY | JERVOIS Join our sommelier, Grant Dingwall, in the cellar at Jervois Road to discover the Hawke's Bay, New Zealand's oldest continual wine producing region. Come and join us to taste our way around the region top producers such as Black Barn, Te Mata, Pask, Craggy Range, Brookfields, Villa Maria and Vidal Estate. As always, the wines will be accompanied by a

WHEN: Wednesday 8 May

selection of dishes from Dida's Wine Lounge.

WHERE: Glengarry Jervois Rd,

Book now as there are only 12 seats available.

54 Jervois Rd Ponsonby TIME: 7.00pm

Read more....


Kicking off his winemaking career in 2002 as a


cellar hand for Villa Maria, it wasn't long before

WHEN: Wednesday 8 May

Dave was promoted to Assistant Winemaker in

WHERE: Glengarry Mt Eden Village,

2005, and then taking the reigns as the Senior

417 Mount Eden Road Mount Eden

Winemaker in 2015. During Dave's time with

TIME: 7.00pm

Villa Maria, he had exciting opportunities to gain vintage experience in Oregon,



Washington State, and has been a wine judge for the Royal Easter Show as well as the Air


New Zealand Wine Awards. Armed with a

WHEN: Thursday 9 May

degree in Microbiology, and a Certificate in

WHERE: Glengarry Westmere,

Winemaking, Dave is an adamant believer that

164 Garnet Rd Westmere

winemaking is a point where science meets art.

TIME: 6.00pm

We welcome you to join us, as we share a few yarns and taste our way through his more


recent wines.

MALT CLUB - GLENDRONACH | VICTORIA PARK The GlenDronach Distillery has long held fast to its traditions, producing predominantly a classic style of Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged primarily in ex-Sherry casks, resulting in a rich, round and bold house style of robust fruits balanced with drying oak and spice. Join us on the 9th of May as we taste WHEN: Thursday 9 May

our way through the core expressions of The

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park

GlenDronach Distillery’s range featuring: ‘The

118 Wellesley Street, Auckland

Original’ 12-Year-Old, ‘Revival’ 15-Year-Old,

TIME: 7.00pm

the ‘Allardice’ 18-Year-Old, ‘Parliament’ 21Year-Old and maybe we'll throw in a peated one for good balance... Rumour has it that we’ll be tasting two expressions from the most recent GlenDronach release. That's right, the 16th Batch. This release had 7 casks dating from 1990 to 2005. So grab your whisky-loving buddies and join us at the Glengarry Malt Club on the second Thursday of May! Read more....


MUMM & MARTINI NIGHT AT MOUNT EDEN Originally from the Rhine Valley of Germany, three brothers were drawn across the border to Reims, establishing the Champagne Mumm House in 1827. Fast forward to 2019 and Mumm is among the biggest champagne names, enjoyed all across the globe. Tonight, and just in time for mum's day *wink wink*, we will be tasting the range, finishing with an

WHEN: Wednesday 15th May

espresso martini as a night cap. See you there!

WHERE: Mt Eden Village, 417 Mount Eden Road Mount Eden

Read more....

TIME: 7.00pm

CELEBRATE WORLD WHISKY DAY WITH GLENGARRY SPIRITS Join us on Saturday 18th May as we celebrate World Whisky Day at the Glengarry Spirits store! We'll be tasting our way around the world with whisky from New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, America, and India. Pop in from 1pm and enjoy the fun! Read more....

WHEN: Saturday 18 May WHERE: Glengarry Jervois Rd, 54 Jervois Rd Ponsonby TIME: 1.00pm


WORLD WHISKY DAY | VICTORIA PARK One of our favourite days of the year! Join us for our 3rd edition of the massive World Whisky Day tasting. Our aim is to ensure we have as many new releases for you to experience. Single Malt, Bourbon, Irish, Kiwi, Japanese, Wood finishes, Old Malts and young, join us for what will be a fantastic day! Is there something you wish to sample, let us know! Last year

WHEN: Saturday 18 May

there were over 150 Single Malts to try, expect

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park

it to be bigger and better this time round. You'll

118 Wellesley Street, Auckland

even get a Glencairn glass to keep, plus the Jack Daniels grill will be there serving up some awesome BBQ. This event will run from 2-5pm. Read more....

That's it for this week's Sunday Sediment. Issue Ninety-Four will be winging its way to your inbox next Sunday. Cheers,

Jak Jakicevich

TIME: 2.00pm-5.00pm

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