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Glengarry's Sunday ramblings of all things vinous, grain and glorious. The Sunday Sediment. Issue Seventy-Two

Sarah, Welcome to the Seventy-Second edition of The Sunday Sediment, a collection of what’s new, what’s on and what’s happening instore at Glengarry and within the world of wine. Sip away.



A glass of champagne, anyone? At times like this, you have to love it. At Glengarry, champagne has long been one of our favourites, and it’s no secret that we have the most wide-ranging and comprehensive selection in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on it. Below is just a small sampler of what we have available going into the Christmas frenzy. And right beside that, you’ll encounter another taste: of festive ideas from our huge collection of gift options. That said, a bottle of French champagne in a groovy giftbox is a pretty fabulous present, all on its own. Choices, choices... Have a safe and fulfilling Christmas. And happy 2019! Read More..



All of the wines below come from a single vineyard; varying in size, but each of them comprised of one continuous stretch of vines. The winemakers are able to blend this fruit into harmonious regional, or broader, blends, but they choose not to, opting instead to focus our attention on what a wine from a precise part of their world tastes like. For whatever reason, whether it’s the proximity to the sea, the rain hole, the wind aspect, the vine age or something no one has quite yet managed to define, these single vineyards produce wines that evoke the singular qualities of their birthplace. They are to be appreciated as an exquisite expression of their place in the world. The French call it terroir. Read More..




The Spanish do a great job of channelling that wonderful European sensibility that says life is all about putting the right wine with the right food, and the right company, and just going for it. In one of the oldest vinous cultures in Europe, food and wine are deeply instilled within the Spanish soul. Having worked out where the local varieties thrive, they are coaxing beautiful, unique styles from the often unforgiving viticultural landscape. These are fragrant, exotic, heady, muscular, succulent, sexy wines that have converted a generation to their fold. Read More..


Our favourite Central Otago Winery has just

At their 21st Birthday recently, I was invited to

turned 21 and what a 21 years it has been.

speak about Rockburn and drew on a


Rockburn started as Hayes Lake, a

conversation I’d had earlier in the day with

winemaking venture that surgeon Dick Brunton

Malcolm. He’d asked what customers were

purchased and fell in love with. It wasn’t the

looking for, what was the latest. I replied,

best vineyard site, nor let’s face it the best

"wines that are authentic, honest and reliable

wine, but it’s what got it all started.

and on trend". He seemed to have hoped for a different answer, something that led to new toys in the winery or experimenting; let’s face it, no winemaker likes to be told, you are doing a bloody good job, keep doing it! Rockburn have recently been awarded a Platinum Award by Decanter, so seems it’s not just me that thinks this. Read More..

From there Dick quickly worked out (he thought) what he had to do and knew he needed cash. Enter two old friends, Paul Halford and Chris James. Three winemakers later (the first Greg Hay, then Rudi Bauer and now Malcolm Rees Francis), Rockburn has turned 21, has a host of beautiful vineyards and a new winery in Cromwell.



ANNUAL TAKAPUNA CHAMPAGNE TASTING - ROSE! | TAKAPUNA The Christmas Champagne tasting has become something of a tradition at our Takapuna store. Hosted by our General Manager Liz Wheadon, and keenly anticipated by the team pouring as it is by the locals sipping and swirling, we have been through a few different themes - from broad discussions of the different Grand Marques and growers to sampling some of the superb 2008 vintage.

WHEN: Wednesday 12th December

This year we will try something different again -

WHERE: Glengarry Takapuna,

with pink as our inspiration. Rose champagne

Cnr Hurstmere & Killarney Takapuna

is often seen as the sweeter, less serious

TIME: 7.00pm

cousin of the methode champenois. In truth these are (mostly) dry wines that can be every bit as special as the finest cuvee. Don't believe us? Book quickly and come in for what is sure to be a memorable evening. Read more....

MALT & CHAMPAGNE - AUCKLAND - SECOND NIGHT | VICTORIA PARK Glengarry Head Honcho Jak Jakicevich and GM Liz Wheadon both have their fixation. Jak is a committed fan of Single Malt whiskies, while Liz is a champagne fiend from way back. They are teaming up to take their respective obsessions on the road, perhaps in an attempt to justify them to the rest of NZ, or maybe they just want to share some gems they know about

WHEN: Thursday 13th December

with those of you who don’t. Anyhow, there

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park,

they both are, out on the road, taking it to the

118 Wellesley St West Auckland

streets. Each of them will be flourishing the

TIME: 7.00pm

attributes of six of their favourites. Is it a duel? A face-off? We don’t know. Will it be entertaining and enlightening? Absolutely.


Read more....

PRESTIGE CHAMPAGNE TASTING | THORNDON For a strictly controlled region such as Champagne it is surprising that there very few regulations regarding Prestige Champagne. However, it is clearly in the best interest of each House to make sure that these wines are the very best that they can produce. A typical Prestige Champagne is made entirely from Grand Cru grapes from the oldest vines. These

WHEN: Wednesday 30th January

wines are also aged a lot longer in the cellars

WHERE: Glengarry Thorndon,

and there are numerous examples of late

53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

disgorged wines. There is also more thought

TIME: 6.00pm

put in to the bottle and the presentation to make it as luxurious and special as possible. We have a stellar line up and look forward to trying them with you. Read more....

BLUSH GIN IN-STORE TASTING | KINGSLAND The vision for Blush is simple - they want to change the perception of gin away from the mother's ruin to something that is lively and pleasant and can be enjoyed over ice. Blush are serious about making a quality Gin, it’s triple distilled and hand crafted. From the flavour to the bottling and labelling every detail WHEN: Thursday 6th December

has had attention paid to it. There is something

WHERE: Glengarry Kingsland,

to be said for being locally made. This is an instore tasting so no need to book, just pop on

420 New North Rd Kingsland

down to the store and try Blush Gin from

TIME: 4.00pm-6.00pm

4.00pm - 6.00pm.


Read more....

THOMSON WHISKY IN-STORE TASTING | VICTORIA PARK Thomson Whisky was started the same way you'd start a band. They got together and just started tinkering. It was never about taking over the world, or playing Wembley, but about giving it a go, creating the best spirit they could afford to and sharing their journey with anyone who liked whisky. They wanted to give New Zealanders a whisky they could be proud of, with a sharp brand on top. Their bottlings

WHEN: Thursday 6th December

reflect who they are, because they are small

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park,

enough to do it how they like it. As they grow

118 Wellesley St West Auckland

these qualities remain. This is an in-store

TIME: 4.00pm-6.00pm

tasting so no need to book, just pop on down to the store and try some whisky from 4.00pm 6.00pm. Read more....

SAWMILL BREWING IN-STORE TASTING | THORNDON Mike and Kirsty work with a small but dedicated group of talented brewers. Loaded down with awards and medals (nine alone at the 2015 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards), this innovative lot were the first in New Zealand to put their crafty product into cans. Beer with roots, is how they put it. This is WHEN: Friday 14th December

an in-store tasting so no need to book, just pop

WHERE: Glengarry Parnell,

on down to the store and try a selection of these beers from 4.00pm - 6.00pm.

164 Parnell Rd Parnell TIME: 4.00pm-6.00pm

Read more....


UNTITLED WINES IN-STORE TASTING | JERVOIS ROAD Untitled Wines wanted to create something unique. But, unfortunately, lacked the bank roll needed to seek out that ideal piece of Terra Sancta that allows bunches of grapes to speak poignantly, through the medium of wine, about the terroir in which their roots are planted. So, Untitled had to come up with a different strategy for being different. Stuck for ideas,

WHEN: Friday 7th December

Untitled drew inspiration from pioneering wines

WHERE: Glengarry Jervois Rd,

such as Krug, Penfolds Grange, The Prisoner,

54 Jervois Rd Ponsonby

and Beaucastel to produce three non-vintage,

TIME: 4.00pm-6.00pm

multi-varietal, multi-regional blends-a red one, a white one, and a pink one. All blends are guaranteed 100% non-single vineyard and 100% non-single variety.This is an in-store tasting so no need to book, just pop on down to the store and try a selection of wines from 4.00pm - 6.00pm. Read more....

JURA MALTS IN-STORE TASTING | DOMINION ROAD The Isle of Jura is nestled off the west coast of Scotland. It's a place rich in legend yet shrouded in mystery. A place where good fortune holds a bewitching grip over the islanders, and the three highly distinctive Paps of Jura cast a long and foreboding shadow over the landscape. It’s a magical haven where a sense of solitude is all-pervading: one road,

WHEN: Friday 7th December

one distillery, one community. There is no

WHERE: Glengarry Dominion Road, 250 Dominion Rd Mount Eden

whisky and no island quite like Jura. It truly is

TIME: 4.00pm-6.00pm

in a world of its own. This is an in-store tasting so no need to book, just pop on down to the


store and try a selection of whiskies from 4.00pm - 6.00pm. Read more....

That's it for this week's Sunday Sediment. Issue Seventy-Three will be winging its way to your inbox next Sunday. Cheers,

Jak Jakicevich


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