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Glengarry's Sunday ramblings of all things vinous, grain and glorious. The Sunday Sediment. Issue Sixty-Six

BrittanyWork, Welcome to the Sixty-Sixth edition of The Sunday Sediment, a collection of what’s new, what’s on and what’s happening instore at Glengarry and within the world of wine. Sip away.



Terra Sancta operates out of Bannockburn and is, to quote them, ‘all about the vineyard.’ The Terra Sancta team are ardent proponents of Pinot Noir wines crafted from ungrafted vines, believing that in their pure state, the vines deliver next-level expressions with enhanced aromatics, greater concentration of flavours and superior length. Their superbly crafted Pinot Noir come from three distinct tiers: the Estate range, the Mysterious Diggings wines and the rare, limited release Single Block expressions. Read more ...



An integral stage of mĂŠthode traditionnelle production is the process of dĂŠgorgement. During fermentation, a deposit of yeasty sediment settles in the bottle, where it provides additional nuances and complexity during the maturation period. The bottles are moved, and gradually upended so that the sediment collects in the neck. The neck is then dipped into a freezing brine solution. The initial closure is removed and pressure within the bottle shoots out the frozen sediment pellet, leaving the wine clear and ready for the final stage of the process. Read More..



Many vignerons in Champagne sell their fruit to the large established houses, but a good number of small, family-run units craft their own champagnes from their vineyards. The wines are often bottled on the premises and come in a diverse range of distinctive styles that are a reflection of the idiosyncrasies of their particular terroir. Grower champagnes are not a new concept, but the diversity, complexity and individuality of these boutique styles sets them apart from the mainstream. With corporatization of the industry so prevalent, many aficionados are developing a taste for these smaller scale, hand-crafted champagne styles. Read More..



Tequila, for many people, has long had a bad rep for inciting cranking hangovers following unruly nights of shots, salt and lemon (if anyone ever, and I mean EVER asks if you’re interested in a “Tequila Hardman Shot” say NO!). But this hazy view of Mexico’s spiritual offering to the world does little to represent the true efforts and passion that goes into producing the top-quality Tequila.

The first hurdle Tequila faces in its quest for

The Agave plant, a succulent well suited to the

quality recognition is the difference between a

Mexican desert environs, grows over 8-12 years

100% de Agave Tequila and its poorer cousin,

before reaching ripe maturity. A spiny bulb,

the Mixto Tequila. They may boast the same

removed of leaves by the Jimador using an

surname and be related through their shared

extremely sharp bladed pole called a coa, is

ties to the Agave plant but the quality and

slowly baked in large ovens before being

character of each are very much individual!

crushed in order to extract the sweet Agave Nectar. Fermented, then distilled in Pot Stills a Mescal is produced, Tequila is in simple terms a Mescal produced with only one variety of thisAgave Plant, namely the Blue Weber Agave.


A Mixto Tequila requires the sugar source for fermentation to be at a minimum 51% Agave,

Blanco (or sometimes Plata) is Spanish for

with the remaining 49% sugarcane or similar.

White (or Silver in the case of Plata) and

These are often the cheapest variety of Tequila

indicates the colour of the Tequila. These are

available on your local’s shelves and the

often unaged but could spend up to 60 days

quality matches the price point. Often the

inside a cask. During this time the whisky will

‘Gold’ examples are simply coloured using

take on a tinged appearance, hinting at a

caramel forsaking the need for oak barrel

slightly tarnished silver. The nose and palate


are often filled with fresh Agave characters, Jalapeno brine, citrus and a grassy herbaceous tone.

100% de Agave on the other hand is exactly

Reposado quite literally translated to “rested”

that, produced solely with the use of Blue

indicates a Tequila which has been homed in oak

Weber Agave and has no other additives. Any

casks for between 1 month and 1 year. The

bottle of Tequila produced in this fashion must

colour is often bright copper and foretells a shift

be labelled with “100% Agave” and seeing this

away from fresh agave characters to a Tequila

is the first indication of quality. Beyond this are

that hints at vanilla, butter and dried fruits.

names detailing the length of maturation the Tequila has received in oak casks. Considering the blistering heat at which Mexico bakes in all year round the speed of maturation in cask is much more rapid than experienced in other climes around the globe, with the angel’s share (evaporation) hitting 10% per year compared with the 1-2% seen for Scotland’s Whiskies. 6

So, if you are willing to look past those repressed memories that “Tequila” brings flooding back to the surface and give a few quality offerings a go you may just be surprised with the stunningly balanced and smooth liquid whether used for sipping or mixing your favourite cocktail. Start with only products that state “100% de Agave” and you’ve made your first step towards discovering a quality option! Anejo, meaning “Aged”, has spent a minimum Read more...

of 1 year in an oak cask and up to 3 years total. This form of Tequila starts to show the poise and balance seen amongst the world’s finest Brandies, Whiskies and Rums. The oak ageing has provided a mellow bed for the palate to rest upon, with more defined vanilla and oak spice than its rested relation with baked fruits, caramel and fresh pear.



FESTIVAL ITALIANO | KHYBER PASS IN-STORE TASTING Every year Osbourne and Kent Streets are transformed into a little slice of Italy. What better way to accent a great day out at Newmarket's Festival Italiano than with a taste or two of Italy’s vast array of world-class wines? From the bottom of the heel all the way up to the foothills of the Alps, we'll have a bit of everything vinous that Italy has to offer. Come

WHEN: Sunday 28th October

by Glengarry Khyber Pass anytime between 1-

WHERE: Glengarry Khyber Pass,

6pm on October 28th to taste your choice of

409 Khyber Pass Rd Newmarket

over 20 Italian gems. Tickets are only $10 and

TIME: 1.00pm-6.00pm

any wine you purchase on the day of the event can be shipped to your home! Read more....


ANNUAL NV TASTING | WELLINGTON Even though there is a cold southerly blowing through as we write this, it does cheer us up to know that the warm weather and Christmas is just around the corner. It has become the tradition here that when we do the NV Champagne tasting, we taste them blind and we will continue that tradition this year. This WHEN: Wednesday 31st October

process allows you to taste with no

WHERE: Glengarry Thorndon,

preconceptions, a great way to figure out what

53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

you like. This is always the most relaxed of all

TIME: 6.00pm

the Champagne tastings, so if you are looking for a fun night drinking Champagne this is it! Read more....

A SPIRITED EVENING OF GIN & RUM | DEVONPORT What better day than November 1st--All Souls Day--to get in touch with the spirits...delicious gin and rum, that is! Kit from Neat Spirits will be here to introduce us to Citadelle Gin from France, and a selection of delectable rums by Plantation. Whether you are keen to expand your palate or are looking for unique holiday gift ideas, don't miss this tasting!

WHEN: Thursday 1st November WHERE: Glengarry Devonport,

Read more....

Cnr Clarence & Wynyard Devonport TIME: 7.00pm


"UNDER THE BONNET OF WINEMAKING" WITH BEN GLOVER FROM ZEPHYR WINES | JERVOIS Some call him a ‘Rockstar Winemaker’, some just call him busy. Ben Glover the proprietor and winemaker of Zephyr Wines is also a national & international wine judge, he is the former Chair of Pinot NZ and the Bragato Awards, and has recently been announced the Deputy Chair of our newest wine show - NZ WHEN: Thursday 1st November

Wine of the Year. If you want something done -

WHERE: Glengarry Jervois Rd,

ask a busy person, so we did. Ben is going to

54 Jervois Rd Ponsonby

join us in the cellar to take us ‘under the bonnet

TIME: 7.00pm

of winemaking’, while showcasing his latest releases from Zephyr. Please don’t miss this informative but fun evening. As always the wines will be matched with tapas from Dida’s. Only 12 places - so book now. Read more....

PRESTIGE CHAMPAGNE TASTING | THORNDON The third tasting in our lead up to Christmas Champagne tastings is of course the best of the best. For a strictly controlled region such as Champagne it is surprising that there very few regulations regarding Prestige Champagne. However, it is clearly in the best interest of each house to make sure that these wines are the very best that they can produce. A typical

WHEN: Wednesday 14th November

Prestige Champagne is made entirely from

WHERE: Glengarry Thorndon,

Grand Cru grapes from the oldest vines. These

53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

wines are also aged a lot longer in the cellars

TIME: 6.00pm

and there are numerous examples of late disgorged wines. There is also more thought put in to the bottle and the presentation to make it as luxurious and special as possible. We have a stellar line up and look forward to trying them with you. Read more....


TAKAPUNA MALT CLUB - SPIORAD NA HÉIREANN This tasting explores the wide range of flavours and styles in Irish Whiskey! The spiritual home of Whiskey, it was the Irish monks returning from pilgrimage that first produced what was then called Uisce Beatha or the ‘Water of Life’. Join us at our Takapuna store as we try our way through Blended, Single Malt, Single Pot Still and Peated expressions to see which you

WHEN: Wednesday 14th November

like most!

WHERE: Glengarry Takapuna, Cnr Hurstmere & Killarney Takapuna

Read more....

TIME: 7.00pm

ANNUAL PRESTIGE CUVEE CHAMPAGNE TASTING | VICTORIA PARK This is always our most highly anticipated tasting of the year, the chance to dress up and try the world's greatest Champagnes head to head! Prestige or Luxury Cuvee's are the finest blend a house can make, no expense spared with every aspect tended by hand. We have another spectacular line-up planned this year

WHEN: Wednesday 5th December

with lots of new wines. Hosted by our

WHERE: Glengarry Victoria Park,

Champagne expert and Fine Wine Manager,

118 Wellesley St West Auckland

Regan McCaffery, he will take us through the

TIME: 7.00pm

history and stories of these incredible bottles. This wonderful event sells out every year so don't delay! Read more....


That's it for this week's Sunday Sediment. Issue Sixty-Seven will be winging its way to your inbox next Sunday. Cheers,

Jak Jakicevich


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