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04#2012 March 06th


Mr. Flavio Villa Technical director of Trenchers Division, describes the technical features and the advantages of new Tesmec Trenchtronic 3.0

NEW ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM: TRENCHTRONIC 3.0 2.Reliability: The choice of components was made with the priority to have the highest reliability in very tough condi ons of use in trenchers (vibra on, shock, dust, temperature). The system Experience has shown that with the uses Sauer Plus+1 hardware, while the former control system, the performance so ware is internally developed. of the machines were too influenced by the ability of operators, and cannot 3.Modularity: the new TrenchTronic be very sa sfactory if the machines are control panel will be used for 885, 975, operated by low skilled / trained people. 1150, 1475, 1675 machines, in their various versions. We will produce a single panel base, The development of TRENCHTRONIC began in 2005 following these principles: installable on all the range of machines, to which addi onal controls may be 1.Ease of use: The main objec ve of the added depending on the type of machine, new load control is to increase the ease digging a achment, and op onal of use of the trenchers, allowing even equipment. The new electronic control system TRENCHTRONIC 3.0 comes mainly with the need to improve ease of use of the trencher, increase produc vity and make it less dependent on operator skills.

inexperienced operators to exploit their full poten al and achieve maximum produc vity.

Tesmec esmecNews 04#2012 TECHNICAL FEATURES - Comparison with Analog control FuncƟon

Old Control System



Yes. In the event of total failure of electronics an emergency control panel allows to operate the following func ons: • engine control (start/stop, set rpm) • digging boom control (up / down) • direc on control (forward / reverse and steering)

The system monitors the excava on pressure. The operator con nuously adjusts the pressure set point (PSP), through a poten ometer, depending on pressure gauge readings. The speed of the tracks changes according with soil condi ons. Requires experienced operators.

The operator sets the digging pressure set point (PSP) at the beginning of trenching opera on; no more adjustments are necessary. During excavaƟon, the control system automaƟcally compares actual digging pressure and PSP, conƟnuously adjusƟng the tracks speed to keep digging pressure as closest as possible to PSP value. Does not require highly skilled operators.

Not available.

The control system monitors both the excava on pressure and the engine rpm. No setup is required by the operator. The machine automaƟcally operates in the “opƟmal” working condiƟons (digging pressure and engine RPM) set by Tesmec. Does not require highly skilled operators.

Not available.

When selected, this func on allows the engine to run at a low speed un l op mal engine temperature is reached, and then permits full engine speed for digging. This reduces engine wear associated with high engine speed when cold.

Not available.

Support staff can draw operator a en on through a radio remote control. When ac vated the radio remote control turns cab buzzer on.


Available only for the engine.

The control system monitors most of the electrical and electronic components (sensors, joys cks, keypads, etc…). In case a fault occurs, the control system alerts the operator, by indica ng the suspect components [SPN] and the failure mode [FMI] (i.e open circuit, communica on erra c, etc…). The engine diagnos c informa on is also included.

ExcavaƟon Depth Control

Available as OPTIONAL. Requires Laser transmi er, receiver, and electronic control box.

Manual OperaƟon

AutomaƟc ExcavaƟon (A)

AutomaƟc ExcavaƟon plus (A+)

Engine HeaƟng Cycle

Remote Operator Alert

Available as OPTIONAL Requires only Laser transmi er and receiver. Manual and automa c opera on mode are available. Visual indica on is provided through the display.

Tesmec esmecNews 04#2012 FuncƟon

Old Control System


AutomaƟc Digging Start

Not available. Excava on depth is manually achieved by the operator.

The desired excava on depth is automa cally reached maintaining a constant digging pressure (value set by Tesmec). Especially useful in long boom applica on, this feature saves me, reaching desired excava on depths faster than in manual opera on.

AutomaƟc Chain Release

Not available. In the event of a deadlock in the chain, all the opera ons to resume excava on (li ing arm, chain start, descent al tude and restart) must be performed manually by the operator.

In the event of a deadlock in the chain, the system will automa cally resume digging, maintaining the previous se ngs (pressure of excava on, depth, etc..).

Remote Maintenance Control Panel

VibraƟon Control


Not available.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT A remote control panel will permit to operate digging a achment during service opera ons (i.e greasing and teeth inspec on/replacement). Available func on will be: • digging a achment movement (up / down) • digging chain rota on (fwd/rev, speed limited) • emergency stop switch

Not available.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT The control system will monitor machine vibra ons through a 3-axis accelerometer. In case of vibra on level exceeds factory set threshold, the system will adjust automa cally the opera ng parameters.

Tesmec esmecNews 04#2012 FIELD TEST RESULTS - Trenchtronic Vs Analog Control Several Trenchtronic prototype units have been tested for thousands hours in the hardest working condi ons, before the system was finally introduced as a standard in the Tesmec trenchers range. Benefits demostrated are: • • •

Ease of use Performance increase Reliability

These benefits of the new TrenchTronic control will now be available across the enƟre Tesmec trencher range.


With the powerful “Automa c Excava on plus (A+)” feature the system will automa cally set itself to its’ best opera ng ability, le ng each trencher deploy its full digging capability with almost no operator influence. In this way, even not highly skilled operators can now fully exploit the poten al of the machine in a very short me, drama cally increasing jobsite produc vity and decreasing excava on cost. TrenchTronic: power is useless without control.


4 Photo 1 Trenchtronic keypad and engine controls Photo 2 Old analog control (on 1150 machine) Photo 3 Trenchtronic control Photo 4 Trenchtronic screen when powered on

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NEW ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM: TRENCHTRONIC 3.0 Mr. Flavio Villa, Technical Director of Trenchers Division, describes the technical features...

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