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05#2012 May 3rd


Mr. Gianluca Cimmino Sales Manager of Stringing Equipment Division, describes the technical features and the advantages of Tesmec An twis ng Steel Braided Rope: “FUX” and “FUH”.

TESMEC ANTI-TWISTING STEEL ROPES: FUX-FUH Tesmec manufacture an -twis ng braided steel ropes taking advantages of its several years experience in the field of stringing equipment. These ropes have been designed and developed expressly to meet workers’ need during stringing opera on. In par cular, Tesmec offer two typologies of ropes: FUX is an an -twis ng galvanized steel rope, made up of braiding strands with several technical advantages (highlighted in the next page). FUH is a rope having the same technological advantages of FUX, but made with high tensile strength steel strands allowing higher working and breaking loads with the same linear mass.

*According to produc on varia ons, the linear mass may change **The rope is also available in longer con nuous sec ons (without connectors) up to 7000 m

IndicaƟve Minimum Standard Nominal lubricated breaking length** diameter linear Model load mass* [mm] [kg/m] [kN] [m] FUX006 6 0.11 21.5 1800-3600 FUX008 8 0.22 42.6 1600 FUX010 10 0.35 68 1200 FUX013 13 0.55 101 800-1600 FUX016 16 0.84 160 900 FUX018 18 1.21 212 800 FUX020 20 1.24 262 1000 FUX022 22 1.52 320 900 FUX024 24 1.76 371 800 FUX026 26 1.98 409 700 FUX028 28 2.33 479 600 IndicaƟve Minimum Standard Nominal lubricated breaking length** Model diameter linear load mass [mm] [kg/m] [kN] [m] FUH009 9 0.25 60 1600 FUH013 13 0.50 121 800-1600 FUH016 16 0.76 183 900 FUH018 18 1.01 243 800 FUH022 22 1.48 358 900 FUH025 25 2.02 480 800 FUH031 31 3.00 713 500

Tesmec esmecMag 05#2012 IT IS NOT JUST A STEEL ROPE! It is not just a steel rope! It’s not easy to do, otherwise why you would have only 1 supplier in Europe? Here below you’ll find the main advantages of the an twis ng rope manufactured by TESMEC in Italy:

life span to our rope. Unfortunately it is not possible to give a parameter which is comparable, like the breaking load for example. The flexibility is something you can check only having the rope on your hands! By doing manually a knot. Not very elegant but you could use it as a e! Or you can check if it is flexible using it on stringing machines for few months. Because the rope works with a typical fa gue stress and par cularly oligo-cyclic fa gue which is fa gue with low number of cycles. Which means that in a very short working period a rigid rope can break easily.

• STEEL QUALITY Tesmec rope is made of top quality steel giving very high breaking load. Which is not very difficult for a steel rope, even easy if the property required is ONLY resistance to trac on! However this rope needs to be very strong but also very flexible. And a normal rope, except Tesmec, the • ELONGATION more it is strong and the more it will be rigid. Tesmec pilot rope even with high breaking load and the • FLEXIBILITY explained flexibility property, has got very low elonga on Tesmec rope is much more flexible than any other rope when pulled, always less than 2,5% which is a must in available in the market, so it can resist much more the stringing, avoiding the dangerous phenomenon of the stress during work and stringing opera ons. The flexibility “spring effect”. With high elonga on it would also be is one of the most important characteris cs giving higher much more difficult to reach the required tension on the bull-wheels of the stringing machines.



3 Photo 1 Manufacturing process of Tesmec rope Photo 2 Tesmec rope foreground Photo 3 Tesmec ropes on reels for shipment Photo 4 Tesmec rope on puller

Tesmec esmecMag 05#2012 • GALVANISING Tesmec pilot rope is subject to special galvanizing process, which ensures very high resistance to corrosion. Also here there is nothing revolu onary, but the process is done on the basic wire, not on the strand like for other ropes available on the market. For that reason the protec on will last much more here so rust will be prevented and again life span will be longer. • GREASING The strands forming the rope are greased individually, one by one. Result is less fric on between the strands and again extension of life of the rope. The majority of the grease stays inside the rope so the original lubrica on will last much more than a rope greased only a er the braiding process. • SPECIAL LENGTH Thanks to a par cular process of splicing, ropes with special length without connectors are available. The presence of the connectors can be cri cal or not


acceptable in some jobsites and for certain stringing opera ons. Tesmec has then studied and developed a process of “in line” splicing, invisible, that can provide this configura on. We are the only company in the market that can do this, we believe that innova on and improvements are key points in a successful strategy. CONCLUSIONS All these reasons ensure a very high safe working load, and a long life span. Safety being the main aspect on site, it is very clear that a be er quality rope will be safer. A stronger rope will be safer. A more flexible rope will be safer. A low-elonga on rope will be safer. A be er greased rope will be safer. And an unrusted rope will be safer. All this was technical, quite complicated with many different aspects. Let’s go economical! Tesmec rope has got a price of approx +30% more than other ropes, but life span is minimum 3 mes more which means +300%, so which is really the economical choice?

Tesmec esmecMag 05#2012 FUX - DETAILED TECHNICAL FEATURES Technical and technological characteris cs of 8 or 12 strand FUX ropes are:

• •

• • •

• • • • • •

• •

High flexibility Complete stability to rota on Homogeneous distribu on of pressure between the elementary wires Increased efficiency during stringing opera ons Galvaniza on process on each single elementary wires 8 or 12 strand forma on (with difference in mass and breaking load) Also available in longer con nuous sec on without fixed connectors Elonga on at breaking point: < 2,5 % Manufactured on special machines designed by Tesmec that allow the complete stability of the rope when first usage with no “bedding effect under load” with elonga on and consequent opera ng problems on stringing machines capstan Individually greased strands Long life service, up to 10-15 years with no reduc on of technical characteris cs and performance

Strands purchased through Italian qualified suppliers Raw material for strands produc on is 100% European produc on with origin and manufacturing cer ficate (no material from far-east) 100% Tesmec Italy produc on (no final splicing opera on made in Europe on far-east rope to declare Made in EU) The strands are comply to the: • EN 10264-2:2002 - Steel wire and wire products Steel wire for ropes - Part 2: Cold drawn non alloy steel wire for ropes for general applica ons • ISO 2232 – 1990 - Round drawn wire for general purpose non-alloy steel wire ropes and for large diameter steel wire ropes - Specifica ons • ISO 3108 - Steel wire ropes for general purposes Determina on of actual breaking load The whole process of purchasing, manufacturing and tes ng of the rope is fully covered and assured by the Tesmec Quality Department procedure Manufacturing cer ficate available on demand

FUH - DETAILED TECHNICAL FEATURES The FUH ropes maintain all the features of FUX and allow further technical benefits as: • •

considering 40 kN as a max working load for each conductor: • 1 conductor – max pulling rope working load 40 No reduc on of flexibility for the higher strength due kN – breaking load = 120 kN to the complex strand forma on • 2 conductor – max pulling rope working load 80 Homogeneous mass and breaking load for 8 or 12 kN – breaking load = 240 kN strand forma on due to an op miza on of strand and • 3 conductor – max pulling rope working load 120 elementary wires forma on kN – breaking load = 360 kN Increasing breaking load and/or reducing mass • 4 conductor – max pulling rope working load 160 compared to equivalent actual FUX rope with average kN – breaking load = 480 kN values as: • 6 conductor – max pulling rope working load 240 • 10-15% increase of breaking load with 0-10% kN – breaking load = 720 kN decrease of mass • 5-10% decrease of breaking load with 15-30% • Homogeneous distribu on of breaking load vs diameter decrease of mass Breaking load related to expected working load for • Sa sfactory price ra o compared to technical benefit different numbers of bundle conductors respec ng the safety ra o 1:3 as per the standard IEC TR 61328,

TESMEC S.p.A - Headquarters via Zanica, 17/O - 24050 Grassobbio (BG) - Italy Tel. +39.035.423 2911 - Fax +39.035.4522444 Management and Administra on Fax +39.035.4522445 Stringing Equipment Division - Fax +39.035.335664 Trencher Division -

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TESMEC ANTI-TWISTING STEEL ROPES: FUX-FUH Mr. Gianluca Cimmino, Sales Manager of Stringing Equipment Division, describes the technical featu...

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