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What Happens When The G.O.A.T Loses Editor’s Note - Terry L. Watson While the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are celebrating the teams first Superbowl win, I am left to wonder what the G.O.A.T is doing. I can only imagine that he surely thought that he would be making preparations to be fitted for a sixth ring and joining the ranks of the Pittsburgh Steelers as a member of the most successful franchises in the NFL. Not this time. Instead he has joined the company of the others this season. The ones who didn’t hoist the Lombardi trophy. However, it must taste bitter for him. Fly Eagles Fly. When the G.O.A.T. loses, the whole experience helps to quench the thirst of everyone who couldn’t wait until it happened. The G.O.A.T. is respected and hated just as much. It really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, someone had to win the game and if the winner was the same as last year, I would have waited another year, filled with anxiety and hoping that he wouldn’t win again. I congratulate the winners and losers anyhow. Fly Eagles Fly.


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CHEER Photo by Shaw Photography Group




Taking Cheering To The Extreme

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Shaw Photography Group

Jaelin Williamson is a senior at Walter Hines Page High School in Greensboro, N.C. When she is not making academic noise in the classroom, she is tearing thing up while cheering. At school, she is a member of the student council, National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society, and a member of the Greensboro Junior Guild. Williamson is also a captain of her varsity cheer squad and runs hurdles and relays for the Page Pirates track team. She is also a member of a All Star Cheering squad. One could guess that she is a very busy girl. Williamson has cheered for 11 years. She began All Star Cheer at the agge of eight, after leaving gymnastics she went to the Greensboro Allstars and then moved on to Cheer Extreme after enrolling in high school. All Stars is a combination of acro tumbling, dance, stunting, pyramids and jumps all in a two minunte/30 second routine, where judges score each team on difficulty, skills, creativity and technique. Continued on the next page



She has topped off her brillant career with becoming a all-star cheerleader. She is currently competing in her final year in all-stars on Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Large Level 5 Team. Being a member of this squad doesn’t come without hardwork or dedication. They placed second in the world a couple of years ago and plan on winning it all this year. Williamson was a memnber of the 2014 Senior Elite team that placed 2nd in the Cheer Worlds. That year her team also won the Champions League in Los Angeles where we filmed a movie and donated $10,000 to Brenner Children’s Hospital. She will be heading back to Orlando in April to go for the Gold at the Cheer World’s Championship at Disney’s ESPN World of Sports. Williamson credits her success with being blessed with a great supporting cast. “I have had two coaches who have impacted my life in the areas of teaching me discipline and making me believe that hard work does pay off. Anna Love Logan of the Greensboro Allstars and Courtney Smith-Pope with Cheer Extreme

Kernersville have given so much of their time to me, so that I could be my very best. My mom, Tara McPhail has also impacted my life by always reminding me that anything is possible and to always believe in myself. With this support, I do not know where I would be,” she says. Her biggest inspirations are her teammates. Williamson says watching them push themselves to the limit and struggling with certain skills and never giving up encourages her to do her best by pushing herself to the limit. Moving forward, Williamson has plans to attend college in North Carolina at UNC-Charlotte or UNCChapel Hill and study Exercise Science/Kinesiology and become a Physical Therapist. S




The Greensboro Trojans Stomp-N-Shake Competition Cheer Team

The Greensboro Trojans are a competitive All-Star Stomp-N-Shake Cheerleading Squad representing the city of Greensboro. All of its athletes attend different high schools but come together for one single purpose; to compete collectively, raise awareness, and support the unique and creative style of cheerleading called Stomp-N-Shake. The Greensboro Trojans offer instruction in the foundation and basics of Stomp-N-Shake. This includes voice training, motion technique, dance/choreography, personalized cheerleading camps, stunting, and tumbling. In addition, they offer registration for the junior division ages 9-13, as well as Camp Revamp for young men who wish to cheer in high school or college. The camp teaches them the much soughtafter technique that colleges and universities look for in male athletes, including basic partner stunting.

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They are also a non-discriminatory program that accepts any athlete who would like to experience the excitement that accompanies the Stomp-N-Shake genre. Experience is not necessary; however, the athlete must possess the ability to be taught and conformed into Trojan standards. Founder and coach, Troy Gray started the program in June 2017. “The vision of my program is to allow any athlete who may attend a school with a more traditional style of cheerleading, the opportunity to compete in the Stomp-N-Shake genre. The program is a college preparatory program in which my athletes learn about time value, community service, the importance of academic excellence, and personal development,” he says. Troy is extremely passionate about cheerleading. After several failed attempts to coach his own squad via an educational institution, he decided to venture out and do his own thing. He is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University and a forever member of the Powerhouse of Red and White, the “original” Cheer-Phi Squad. He cheered three years serving as co-captain in his second year, and captain in his third year. He is a 2002 graduate of Ben L. Smith High School. He later joined the United States Marine Corps and instructed Marine Corp wives in several dance classes. He was named assistant coach/choreographer for the Jacksonville Raiderettes Semi Professional Cheer Team. He has also assisted schools and many varsity, junior varsity and recreational teams with choreography for competitions, vigorous cheerleading camps, and physical fitness. This season has been jammed packed with opportunities and accomplishments for the Trojans. They entered their first competition in December 2017 and placed first in the dance division, second in their primary division, and third place in the solo division. Additionally, the Trojans made a splash on the scene, performing for various events around the area including the WSSU Cheer Explosion. They also donated canned goods to the Sleep Out for Homeless sponsored by the Delta Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and participated in the WSSU Powerhouse Block Party Experience. They have also performed at the UNC-Charlotte Spirit Nation’s Spirit Extravaganza, the WSSU RAM MADNESS, and the WSSU Basketball Game against Bowie State. Some upcoming events the Trojans will be performing at are the Four Seasons Town Centre Amphitheater, the UNC-G Women’s Basketball game, and a community fund-raising basketball event in Winston-Salem in March. The Trojans are tentatively competing in five competitions within the next few months. Schedules will be updated in the upcoming events section on their website. They have scheduled a few community service events around the city of Greensboro, which include street clean-up, feeding the homeless, and visiting the local nursing homes. S


Greensboro Trojans 2011-B Binford Street Greensboro, NC 27403 336-340-4608

Troy Gray

Head Coach & Owner



Zachary Gardner

BASKETBALL By Terry L. Watson Photos by Daryl Gardner

It’s never too early to get involved with the game of basketball. For the past five years, Zachary Garner has enjoyed the sport and improved his game throughout. The fourth grader from Alamance Elementary is playing for the Pleasant Garden Basketball League at Bethlehem Methodist Church after being on the Playmakers at Bryan YMCA in Greensboro. Garner, a combo guard, said the transition has been a bit tough, but he’s enjoying it all. “It’s my first year playing with the team and we’re getting better with every game,” Garner said. “It’s different than what I’m used to but the adjustment has been pretty good. I’m learning to dribble, play defense, and shoot better. We’ll get better with more experience playing together.” Garner said he does like playing as a guard. “I like that you can pass the ball a lot and still have a chance to shoot the ball,” Garner said. “I like to bring the ball up the court. I also like to try to get as many assists as I can and drive to the goal a lot.” Some of Garner’s favorite parts of the game are similar to the player he likes the most in the NBA. “My favorite player is (Boston Celtics point guard) Kyrie Irving because he’s good at crossovers, scoring, and helping his team win,” Garner said. Garner has been raised in a military family as the middle child of three. His father, Daryl, spent 22 years in the Army before retiring in 2008 and his mother, Tracy, is still enlisted. Garner’s older brother, Tyler, joined the military in August 2017 as well. Daryl Garner, who grew up in Greensboro, said he felt the city was a great place to raise a family. “I’ve travelled the world, but came home because it felt centralized,” Garner said. “It’s not too big of a city, but not too small of a town. This way, the kids can experience life.” Garner played baseball for Dudley in high school and at North Carolina A&T University. Although Zachary Garner is enjoying a different sport, his father said it’s a helpful tool in his development. “I was a big baseball guy, but we always watched college and NBA games together,” Garner said. “He’s always had an interest in basketball since he was about three and I try to make sure the kids do something other than schoolwork. A kid has to be well-rounded and basketball helps you interact and meet people from all walks of life.” Besides the basketball court, Zachary Garner is an exceptional student, maintaining straight A’s throughout the year. Daryl Garner said it’s not difficult for his son to balance grades with studies. “He loves school,” Garner said. “When he gets home, he tries to get his homework done early so he’ll have a little bit of time to get out and shoot some hoops. He’s also enrolled in Kumon enrichment, which is like an extended math and reading program, and he’s really excelled in it. Right now, he’s two or three grades higher in those subjects than his peers. “Education is very key and important here. My wife and I want our kids to be good students, role models for others, and good people in general. Of course, we still want them to be kids, but have manners.” The character implemented by his parents has definitely been instilled in Zachary Garner, who has other aspirations besides basketball. “Grades are really important to me, because I want to go to college without my parents having to pay for me,” Garner said. “I would like to be an engineer because I’m really good at math.” If Garner is able to carve a path to the NBA, he already has his dream teams mapped out. “I would love to play college basketball for the (North Carolina) Tar Heels and my dream NBA team is the (Cleveland) Cavaliers,” Garner said.





Stump’s Perfect Portions

“Preparing Healthy Meals So You Don’t Have To”

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Stumps Perfect Portions

Lets face it. With the hectic lives that we all live, it’s hard to eat healthy. Not only does it take time and money to shop for quality ingredients, but the cooking process can be time consuming as well. Fortunately, there is someone who has come up with a solution for these challenges. Stump’s Perfect Portions is a small meal prep company that was created to help individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle. Helping people make better choices based on nutritional information and portion sizes is what Knight says they do best. Their goal is to save you time and money while taking away the stress of grocery shopping and cooking. Their meals come freshly prepared and prepackaged. All that they ask you to do is heat and eat! The menu offers a special that is changed weekly along with a variety of proteins, vegetables and carbs. There is definitely something for everyone. Stump’s prices range from $6.50 to $8.00 per meal. Whether you are looking for a healthier option, a home cooked meal, or just looking for convenience, Stump’s will be glad to cook meals for you! When it comes to Stump’s Perfect Portions, they offer much more than meal prep services. They offer full service catering as well. No matter the size of your event or the venue, Stump’s will meet the demand. They are truly about creating memorable experiences for you and your guest. Stump’s catering is known for its tasty menu and trust worthy service. They strive for excellence and going beyond our clients’ expectations. Knight says he believes in fresh, quality ingredients, and use locally sourced meats and vegetables as much as possible. Their attention to detail along with their presentation is backed 100% by the Stump’s brand. We proudly serve Greensboro and the surrounding areas of the Triad. S

Shaun Knight Order Online, Available For Pick Up & Delivery For more information, please call 336-451-9885



By Terry L. Watson Photos by JB Images

Expressions in Rhythm Studio (EIRS) is a technique driven performing arts studio in the heart of Raleigh, NC. They provide a positive atmosphere with instructors that encourage students (affectionately known as “Expressers”) to maximize their talents and have fun with optimism, to celebrate their achievements, and by rewarding efforts, rather than success. Their focus is creating compositions that integrate the elements of music, dance, and theater to students through trend-setting performing arts education. They allow students to learn and express the art of standing out through the performing arts. Their program includes recreational classes and a nationally-award winning competitive dance program reserved for dancers who wish to take their skills to the next level. They are a multi-cultural performing arts studio that speak to the African-American experience. Some of the programs offered include Acro, African, Ballet, Djembe Drumming, Hip Hop, Jazz, Liturgical, Lyrical, and Tap. Expressers discover traditional West African dances in African, play authentic West African rhythms in Djembe, exalt God in Liturgical, and learn about African American culture in Hip Hop. EIRS supports the dance education students receive from Wake County by expanding their performing arts experiences and partnering with these schools through its Express After School Program. This ensures that children in their community expand their dance education by complimenting curriculum that is already in place. They teach Expressers as young as two years old and have classes available for our more seasoned citizens.

Expressions In Rhythm Studio Don’t Fit In. STAND OUT!




Preston Brown, Artistic Director and Belinda Brown, Creative Director are the owners of Expressions in Rhythm Studio. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Preston (affectionately known to Expressers as “Mr. PJ”) is a dedicated intellectual of Djembe as well as West African music. Preston began his tutelage under Bradley Simmons, former Music Director of the African-American Dance Ensemble and current Musical Director at Duke University where he teaches West African Music and History. Preston enjoys teaching traditional Djembe rhythms and has performed at numerous community events where his love for drumming and teaching is appreciated by everyone.

A native of Queens, NY, Belinda (affectionately known to Expressers as “Ms. Bee”) began her dance training at the age of four at Gloria Jackson Dance Studio, where she studied African, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. She is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and continued her love of dance by becoming a dance instructor at Adele’s Creative Dance Centre in 1992. Belinda has performed at New York City’s Theatre in the Park and has appeared on Good Day New York & Spiritual Awakening. In 1993, Belinda expanded her African, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap training to include Liturgical, and became the Dance Ministry Leader at Merrick Park Baptist Church in 1995. After moving to North Carolina, Belinda had an opportunity to continue teaching dance. In 2010, she was appointed the choreographer position of the Redeeming Love Missionary Baptist Church Dance Ministry. With 40 years of dance training and over 20 years of teaching experience, Belinda directs Expressions in Rhythm Studio’s African, Liturgical, Tap, and Tap/Ballet Combination programs. She also teaches Zumba classes and is a certified Zumba fitness instructor. While EIRS seeks to make their brand more prevalent in the Raleigh area, their location has been a bit of a challenge for them. Given the fact they have very little foot traffic and visibility, they have relied on the success of their programs and clients in doing so. As a community-based organization who is intent on maintaining a positive presence in the community, awareness is vital. “We guarantee that once people discover our program and the benefits of it, their excitement will spark interest in our community, and their participation in our program will bear fruit. We’re offering quality instruction, an award winning competitive dance program, and a recital experience that we would like more children in our community to take advantage of,” they say. Preston and Belinda Brown offer three bits of advice for others who may follow in their footsteps. One, keep God first and He will direct your path. This journey hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been worth it. Two, Expressions in Rhythm Studio is known for our amazing customer service and attention to detail. We strive to make things easy on parents and implement feedback that benefits our fresh approach to the performing arts. Keep your customers and clients interest first. Three, keep your community at the forefront of your mission. Chances are if you have attended an event in the Triangle within the past year, Expressions in Rhythm Studio has performed there. We have performed at danceSPARK, Light Up Main, Spiritual Awakening, the African American Dance Ensemble’s Kwanzafest, and local Christmas parades to name a few. Moving forward, Preston and Belinda say they are excited about expanding their program with more classes. There is more in store for Expressions in Rhythm Studio that will include more than dance and music. They are also working on increasing the number of scholarships provided through the James B. Harewood Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship, which is named after Belinda’s father is presented to a High School graduate who is pursuing a post-secondary degree and an Expresser at Expressions in Rhythm Studio. They also receive a monetary award towards their college education during the EIRS annual recital. After their scholarship is presented, they honor them by performing their annual father daughter dance in which their students and the special men in their lives get to shine.

Expressions In Rhythm Studio Owners Belinda Brown (Creative Director) and Preston Brown (Artistic Director)

We guarantee that once people discover our program and the benefits of it, their excitement will spark interest in our community, and their participation in our program will bear fruit.

Expressions In Rhythm Studio 918 Rock Quarry Road - Suite 105 Raleigh, NC 27610 (919) 615-3088

To learn more about EIRS, please visit their studio, or contact them by telephone, e-mail or online. S



Wayne Mckoy TRMTraining


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Wayne Mckoy TRM, or The Real Mckoy, is a personal training and sports performance company. Its mission is to provide affordable options for their clients that will help in taking back their health through physical fitness and innovative avenues, all while providing a different take on working out. Their products and services include personal training with individually designed plans to fit each client’s training level and needs. They also provide group sessions and boot camps for those that want to push themselves to the next level of health and fitness. In addition, TRM offers sport specific and performance training. Coach Wayne Mckoy is the face and force of TRM. He is a passionate individual that is dedicated to his craft. “I feel that it is my purpose and calling to reach today’s youth in a way that will strengthen their ability to make good decisions and understand that there is no substitute for hard work. I believe there is no obstacle too high that can’t be overcome. I strive to not only be the best at what I do, but to also give 100 percent of myself, all of the time,” he says. TRM was started mainly because of his background in coaching. He would often times work with youth athletes in the offseason to help them get better. After years of doing this, and constantly researching to find a better way to teach them, Mckoy decided to start the program in order to reach more athletes. Their services are geared towards the individual looking to improve their overall health and personal fitness, whether it’s weight loss, toning, injury prevention, or rehab. They also strive to provide an avenue for all athletes to train to get better and be successful at their particular sport. “We cater to athletes from the recreational leagues to college and beyond,” says Mckoy. There is a reason why Mckoy pushes himself so hard. “My two-yearold son Wayne III is my ‘why’. His smile and his energy keep me going. I work hard so that when he is older, he will understand it is great to have a dream, but the feeling of reaching that dream and beyond is so much greater. He keeps me on my toes with his questions and his answers. Our favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13 which says ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’. He says it every night,” says Mckoy. His parents Bishop Wayne Mckoy Sr. and Arlesia Mckoy are his biggest inspirations. They taught Mckoy along with his three other siblings the value of hard work, and that through prayer and faith in GOD, all things are possible. “My father retired from the military and worked for Duke Energy for almost forty years before retiring from there. He often had to be away from home due to storms and/or his obligation to the military. We never heard him complain. We never went without because while my father was working, my mother took care of the home. It helped me learn in my own way, and my own time that hard work is its own reward. I’m forever grateful for all of their lessons and generosity, both now and then,” he says. Moving forward Mckoy plans to continue to coach, train, and mentor youth. He is looking to bring a customized facility that will enhance TRM’s current and future clientele’s training experience to the Wake County area. He hopes to provide programs and opportunities for youth in and around his surrounding community. “I feel with so many negative things going on in today’s society, it is up to us to help provide our youth with positive experiences and examples that will enhance their view of what they can accomplish,” he says. S

Phone: 919-355-8317 Facebook: TRM We Train Instagram: trmtraining





From Panama To Virginia, Running Is A Way of Life By Junious Smith III Photos by Marioky Scott

Sometimes, one conversation is all it takes to change everything. Marioky Scott could attest, carving out a great career in track and field throughout the years. Born on February 28, 1969, Scott lived in Panama until she was 14. While she was brought into the sport early, it wasn’t in a conventional way — and it wasn’t her first choice in athletics. “My first love when it came to sports was swimming,” Scott said. “When I was seven years old in Panama, I was part of a swim club and it introduced us to running because it went hand and hand, as running increased speed in the pool.” Scott continued swimming competitively until she moved to Fort Monroe, VA., which brought another change to her life — and the conversation which brought her to track and field. “When I moved to Virginia, I attempted swimming here, but Panama has tropical weather, which isn’t as cold as it is here,” Scott said. “As a result, I had illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia which forced me to give up swimming. I also attempted basketball for a little while. One day after practice, the track coach at the school, Albert Marrow, said I looked like a track runner, and asked me to come to practice. The next day I went and never looked back.” “Coach Albert and (his wife) Lavon were a saving grace. They nurtured me in ways unimaginable. Not only were they my track coaches, but they were my parents away from home. They became mentors and guided me through some difficult times during my high school years. Without their support, participating in track and field would not have been possible.” Scott quickly adapted to the sport at Kecoughtan High School in Hampton, participating in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles, along with the 4x100 and 4x400 relay races. Scott’s performances helped her receive a track scholarship at Virginia State University, but after redshirting her freshman year to focus more on academics, she decided to move closer to her family.

“Coach Albert and (his wife) Lavon were a saving grace. They nurtured me in ways unimaginable. Not only were they my track coaches, but they were my parents away from home. They became mentors and guided me through some difficult times during my high school years. Without their support, participating in track and field would not have been possible.” 18

Scott would go to Christopher Newport University in Newport News, participating in numerous events and excelling throughout. In Scott’s senior year in 1995, she was named conference champion in the 100 meter hurdle, was on champion teams in the 4x100 and 4x400 meter relays, and was second in the 400 meter hurdle. Scott was also secondteam all-conference in the 55 and 400 meter hurdles, 4x800 meter relay, shot put, and cross country. She also finished second in the heptathlon, consisting of the 100 meter hurdle, 200 and 800 meter races, long jump, high jump, shot put, and javelin. Scott said she focused more toward running while maintaining her versatility in the field portions. “I primarily did the field events once or twice a week, at the beginning of practice or the end,” Scott said. “For me, the 400 meter hurdles was the toughest — it’s a combination of speed and maintaining stamina in between each hurdle. By the time you hit the 300-meter mark, your legs are heavy and your arms aren’t as fast. The hurdles appear taller toward the end of the race, but you have to stay mentally tough to finish strong.”

Scott graduated with a criminal justice degree from Christopher Newport University and later received her Master’s in forensic psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Currently, Scott works in the victims’ service unit of the Newport News Commonwealth’s attorney office, serving as a bilingual victim court advocate for those affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, robberies, assault, and human trafficking. Scott also continued her work in track and field, this time teaching at several schools in the Newport News and Williamsburg area, teaching at Peninsula Catholic, Warwick, Bruton and Denbigh High School. She also currently works with an AAU Summer Track Club — the East End Flyers. “I became interested in coaching in hopes of giving back to my community and our youth in order to offer them opportunities that were once offered to me,” Scott said. “I wanted to inspire, motivate and teach youth the importance of discipline and hard work. I wanted to provide a safe haven for youth to thrive in, to grow and learn without barriers.” Scott would also participate in workouts with those she coached to keep them motivated, but also to prepare for a second chance at track and field herself — this time in the U.S.A. Track and Field Masters division for participants 40 and older. “After leaving college, I felt like I had unresolved business in track and field,” Scott said. “I was told I couldn’t run until I was 40, so I waited to get into the Master’s division. During that time, I would work out with the students to keep them dedicated and help them maintain a level of focus, along with expectations. “In 2013, I embarked on the journey to participate in USATF track completion. I solicited the assistance of my former college sprint coach Louis Johnson. I am certain that without his guidance, these achievements would not have been possible.”

Scott said it takes a lot of practice, but encourages others looking to get into track and field. “You definitely have to be dedicated and a student of the sport,” Scott said. “Do your research, work hard and know that repetition is very important. It doesn’t happen overnight, but continue to push yourself to get better and faster. As long as you’re consistent, it will all pay off.” Scott is looking to compete in the world championships in Malaga, Spain in September, and is looking for sponsors to assist in the process. Her PayPal account is under Marioky E. Scott and her email address is S

In 2015, Scott participated in the USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field national championships in Jacksonville, FL., winning the 80-meter hurdle race, finishing second in the high jump, and third in the long jump. The next year in Grand Rapids, MI., Scott took first in the shuttle hurdle relay and 4x100 meter relay and second in the 80-meter hurdles and high jump. Last year in Baton Rouge, LA., Scott won the high jump and shuttle hurdle relay events, placed second in the long jump, and third in the 80-meter hurdles. This year, Scott will participate in the indoor nationals — which will take place in Landover, MD. Scott is looking to participate in the 60-meter hurdles, long and high jump with possibilities of the 60 and 200-meter races. Scott said she’s not only thankful for her mentors throughout the years, but her family as well. “By far, my mother, Luisa L. Scott, has been my greatest inspiration,” Scott said. “She was a distance runner in Colon, Panama and I believe my talents and work ethics were inherited from her. My mother is a single parent of four and I watched her sacrifice to ensure we did not go without. I like to call her our ‘Miracle Mom’ because during times of adversity, she always came through for us.” “My grandmother, Braulia Galvan de Feurtado, influenced me greatly. She was a distance runner and swimmer in Panama and she taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and support. I admire her because she was such a giving person. She taught me the importance of self-pride and self-worth. My younger siblings, Edilberto Galvan, Braulia and Florentino Charris are my biggest motivation and number one cheerleaders. Throughout my years of high school and college, they motivated me to remain focused and I wanted to be an inspiration to them and a positive role model. We are each other’s supporters — though they view me as their superhero, to be honest they’re my heroes.”



Winston Wildcats


Information and Photos by The Winston Wildcats

The Winston Wildcats are a professional indoor football team that began as an idea in 2015 from team owner Barry Marrow of the Carolina Aviators which is based in Concord, N.C. The guidance from Marrow and his fantastic staff made the first season possible for team owner Roderick Hinton. Through their efforts they were able to bring a fan loving product to the Triad. Barry Marrow gives his time along with Coach Malichi King and Anthony Blenman to teach the skills of arena football to those who have only played outdoor traditional football. They have encountered many obstacles along the way, but those obstacles have become learning lessons for future years of play. In the team’s first year of play they had a successful season of three wins and five losses to build upon while playing in the American Indoor Football League (AIF). The members of the team travel to various counties around the state. Some players travel as far as Roxboro and Charlotte, NC to practice and play with the team. As the Wildcats begin the 2018 season they will be adding Sammy Henderson as an additional coach. Henderson has a reputation of being one of the premier players of the arena football game. His knowledge and coaching style brings a new-found confidence to the team. This season will be played at the Winston Salem Fairground Annex. The team for the 2018 season is primarily from the Triad area, however there are some players signed to play from as far as Florida. As time progresses the Wildcats anticipate becoming a travel team. It is the Wildcats mission to serve the community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field or within the community by consistently meeting fans expectations. “We want the fan base to enjoy seeing us play with a winning record and a product that is enjoyable on the field.” S

Winston Wildcats 336-772-4354

HerbalAlpha’s 10 Tips to a Successful Springtime Fitness I hope you don’t mind me, but in fairness to you, and in respect of your time, I am going to be as straightforward and honest as possible. I value time because it’s a commodity that we can never get back. It’s the one investment that can always pay dividends if we use it wisely. This investment of time, in reading these steps, will help you see success in your health and fitness journey.

Jay Williamson Wellness Coach

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Have A Strong Why: If you are going to have a goal, you must have a strong reason that will keep you going when you want to quit. Wanting to “look like a snack” or “gain some extra muscle” or “just lose this stomach” aren’t good enough. To be honest, if it was, most of America would be healthy because we “want” to be healthy. But our goals have to be in alignment with our VALUES. If you value health, then your work ethic in the kitchen, gym, etc, will follow. To create a strong WHY, think about something that you love dearly: spouse, children, etc. Now, imagine that their life was dependent on you attaining your goal. That day that you want to quit, imagine looking at that loved one and saying to them “I’m too tired, or I don’t have the energy, or I just don’t want to do it today, and you’re not worth it”. Set A Goal: Now that you know why, you have to figure out what. Structure it like this: Make it Specific (what), Measurable (how will you know you reached it; tangible evidence), Achievable (makes you work but you have the knowledge/skill to attain it), Results focused (measured by outcomes, not activities) and Time-bound (achieved in a timeframe that creates urgency)

Get A Partner: Have someone with you that can hold you accountable to your goals! I suggest aligning with someone that has similar goals, strong work ethic or someone that will push you. This is where a coach comes in handy, but a great friend helps. Enroll Your Family/Friends: This should be one of your biggest support systems. Let them know what you are doing, why you are doing it and that you need help! Now, if for what ever reason they don’t support you, guess what? Now you have even more of a reason to achieve those goals. Haters are going to hate…it’s what they do! Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition: This is major. If you miss this one, I can almost guarantee that your plan will fail. Most people skip this one detail, put far too much emphasis on activity, and then quit because the results don’t match the work ethic. Let me ask you this: if you got a 20 out of 20 on a test, that would be a 100% right? Now, what if you got a perfect 20…out of 100? That’s an F. All that hard work was misplaced! Make Healthy Choices: lean proteins, veggies, a few fruits, whole grains, plenty of water and good quality supplements.

WORK OUT! You won’t build a body, without building the body. Get out and do some exercise. Go to the gym, lift some weights, do resistance training, get your cardio in. If you don’t have a gym membership, go for a walk/run, do some push-ups, pullups, squats, etc. Get those muscles moving. If you’re clueless, consult with an experienced fitness trainer. Get Some Sleep: In order to build, you have to exert force, work the muscles with resistance, and then rest. Results happen when you are getting quality rest. I suggest to get at least six hours, eight is optimal. Have Fun: This is a journey. It’s not a sprint; this is a marathon. Enjoy the ride. It’s like a rollercoaster: there will be highs and lows but if you learn to enjoy the ride, it’ll be an amazing experience! Don’t Quit: You owe it to yourself, and those counting on you to be successful. If nothing else in these steps touched you, I hope this resonates with you: you owe YOU the best life ever. Don’t you ever settle for less than the best life, health and strength that God has for you! You are here for purpose, on purpose and S you have a responsibility to get there! Make it happen!


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SPUNQ SPORTS Magazine February/March 2018  

Mykel Media Company, LLC

SPUNQ SPORTS Magazine February/March 2018  

Mykel Media Company, LLC