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“AffirmMePlease” Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


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Your Voice is Your Ticket A Letter From The Editor

Everything that will come to us in life is connected to our voice. The word of God shares there is power in what we speak. We can speak about things that can change our outlook and circumstances: greatness, healing, abundance, prosperity, deliverance, victory, etc. With the same voice, we have the option to speak of detriment and destruction. I am reminded of what my mother told me as a young boy, “Be careful what you say”. When faced with adversity throughout my life, the outcome has always been connected to what I said. Whatever thought I allowed to reside in my mind about a situation, my actions would align with it. If I believed that I could win, I won; if I thought I couldn’t, I did not. It all came down to what I spoke to myself. Imagine the challenges and adversity Brain Surgeons face within their profession. They are asked to care for patients who have suffered trauma to their head that involves bleeding, swelling, and ultimately life-threatening conditions. The degree of difficulty in their actions within the operating rooms is off the meter; still, they must remain calm and complete their assignment. If the surgeons spoke doubt and were unable to care for their patients, they would fail. They would fail if they allowed fear and disbelief to dictate their actions. Instead, they must speak with assurance, and by doing so, their confidence in their abilities will arise. It all comes down to what they speak to themselves. God speaks to us, and He doesn’t expect us to be quiet. Whatever you want and need, open your mouth and speak. Your body language should speak for you. How we treat others speaks for how we feel about ourselves. You will only go as far in life as your voice will take you. Terry L Watson


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Your voice is your ticket to the greatness that God promises. Speak about what you expect to happen in both moments of gaining and relinquishing and giving and receiving, as the impact effect is the same. We must use the voices God gives us, as it pleases Him when we do.

Terry L. Watson 4

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NOV./DEC. 2023


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Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

“AffirmMePlease” By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Foluke Houston-Gaddis

Saving lives and saving souls. It is often said the power of life and death lies in the tongue, so it’s imperative that one be mindful of what is spoken from one’s mouth. Germantown, TN, resident Foluke Houston Gaddis, along with her husband, Rodney, has launched a new line for verbal fashion designed to empower others through affirmation. “I am a person who has discovered my purpose: to positively impact others with my gift. I can accomplish this while using my skills from my Human Resources background and my business venture, AffirmMePlease,” she says. AffirmMePlease, Foluke says, is a manifestation of her aspirations. She says since she was a little girl, she has always written down her thoughts and spoken about them. “I was raised by two parents who were Christian and Spiritual leaders who raised my siblings and me to believe in God and pray and ask God for His provision and His power. I wrote down so much that my mother told me to stop writing so much and leaving it around my house,” Foluke laughs. Fortyone years of affirming herself and believing in the power of provision that is assigned to her through the word of God has ultimately produced AffirmMePlease.

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


During the pandemic, I, like many other people, felt the psychological and negative impact of Covid. Being isolated really accelerated and amplified solitude and depression. I really used biblical affirmations during that time to encourage myself. ”

Foluke says she has affirmed herself through some very tough situations, illnesses, and difficulties. During the Covid 19 pandemic, she says things really came to a head. “During the pandemic, I, like many other people, felt the psychological and negative impact of Covid. Being isolated really accelerated and amplified solitude and depression. I really used biblical affirmations during that time to encourage myself. I had them everywhere in my house, on my bathroom mirrors, on my workstations, and in other places. I also listened to them at night before going to bed to assist with getting myself out of that season of hopelessness. I also entered a 40-day fast and only digested God’s words, sermons, and affirmations. While I was going through the fast, God put it on my heart to share my affirmations with others. I wasn’t obedient, but God kept pulling at me. When I came out of the fast, I was transformed. I stepped out on faith and began sharing my vision with the world via social media.” She was scared in the beginning, mainly due to the fear of what others would ask her. Still, Foluke pressed on, and as of today, AffirmMePlease enjoys the company of 40,000 social media followers. “Having that level of support confirms that there is definitely a need for this type of content,” Foluke says. She posted her content nonstop for two years, and soon, God shared the next step for AffirmMePlease with Foluke. “I listened to a message shared with a pastor, Dharius Daniels, and he said “You’re asking God for an increase, but He isn’t going to just pop money in your pocket; God is going to give you an idea”. That made my spidey senses go off, and I realized what God was trying to tell me,” she says.


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


Today, AffirmMePlease is transitioning from being a social hub of global followers to being a lifestyle brand. “As a lifestyle brand, we meet our customers where they are. We take a holistic approach to infusing our customers and followers with positivity and inspiration. We are launching our apparel, drinkware, digital, ebooks, journals, affirmation flashcards for kids, and more. We also will continue to post daily content and have created a private playlist for Spotify,” she says. When asked what she loves most about her company, Foluke says she loves to hear feedback from clients who have experienced AffirmMePlease. I consider my brand a haven for hope, and others do as well. So many people have reached out and asked me to continue to post our affirmations. I smile because that’s my “why”. We have a tool to encourage each other, affirm ourselves, and understand that we have an inert ability to bring ourselves from dark places. I suffer from seasonal depression, and during those times when my perception of my self-image is low, being able to create affirmations brings me hope and uplifts my spirits,” Foluke says. Foluke and her team of creatives have created unique and one-of-a-kind designs. Their messages are intentional and often have a ripple effect with their messages. “There are so many apparel brands available, but we wanted to be unique,” she says. Additionally, AffirmMePlease strives to reach others, even those who may not be wearing their brand but simply walking by someone who is. The impact of the message is the same. 10

As a lifestyle brand, we meet our customers where they are. We take a holistic approach to infusing our customers and followers with positivity and inspiration.

Moving forward, Foluke shares she will continue to respond to what God has told her to do with AffirmMePlease. “We will continue to provide products and offer our clients experiences. We are an inclusive brand, and our products are for everybody,” she says. Before AffirmMePlease officially launched, the appetite for their products was apparent. “Before launching, we gave away a free affirmation devotional for those who subscribed to their website. In only a few weeks, over 200 people signed up to receive the journal. If that is any inclination of what we want to experience, who knows what is to come? We are expecting a steady increase in sales and a passionate customer base,” she says. While based in Germantown, TN, AffirmMePlease does ship nationwide. Moving forward, Foluke says one of her goals is to create partnerships with nonprofits that support underrepresented communities so that they can provide sponsorships and products. “That is another way we can stay close to our mission and values,” she says. To learn more about AffimMePlease, please visit their website. h



Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Personal Training Coach Hero Fitness By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Jerome Teasley Jerome Teasley is a household name in the physical fitness community in Greenville, SC. He is a family man with one son, Danzel, and two daughters, Maya and NaAsia. He is also a proud graduate of Southside High School. As a native of Greenville, Jerome has devoted many years of his life to helping others learn and understand the importance and value of living an active and physically fit life. Jerome is the CEO of Hero Fitness and is a Personal Training Coach. He has over two decades of training experience, is also a celebrity trainer, and has coached world-renowned life coach and public speaker Precious Bivings. He offers services to both men and women and is a Personal Trainer for Professional Body Sculpture & Body Builders and a Professional Judge for Bodybuilding Shows under two Organizations. Under his leadership, over 11 personal trainers were able to establish and grow their fitness careers. Jerome also mentors other Personal Trainers, offers Corporate Team Building services and has even found time to manage a Nonprofit Organization called “Hero Wellness for Youth”, as a means to give fitness back to his community. “My mission is to save lives by promoting a healthier lifestyle through transformation of mind, body, and spirit,” he says. Jerome, also known as Coach by many, founded Hero Fitness LLC over 13 years ago. He shares that he wants to help as many people as possible transform their bodies, regain their confidence, and tap into their fountain of youth. Additionally, Jerome is an active member of his community and compassionate about youth’s wellbeing.

“I thought, what if I could have helped her change her diet and given her an exercise regime? She may still be here.”

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


Jerome’s journey as a physical fitness trainer resulted from a life-changing experience he endured. His mom, Lottie C. Teasley, passed away at the age of 56 due to health complications. That experience saddened Jerome but also got his attention, and his response would impact many others. “I thought, what if I could have helped her change her diet and given her an exercise regime? She may still be here,” he said. “I said enough is enough! I made it my life’s mission to learn as much as I could about health and fitness and help live healthier as well.” Jerome launched his personal training career at The Imagine Center in Greenville, an area that is currently known as Relentless (Health & Wellness) Life Center. He grew his brand by training hundreds of people at Planet Fitness and Pro Fitness Gym. There, he also learned the art of running his very own gym. Hero Fitness was opened during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and while much of the world was brought to a screeching halt, Jerome said nothing was going to stop him from helping his community get fit and changing the narrative. “Opening up a gym in the middle of a pandemic was very challenging. So, I focused on one client at a time. A new company with other plans bought out the location of my gym. I was looking to open another spot, but honestly, I stuck to my belief that God always has my back. Soon, a megachurch pastor came and asked me to train him and to be over his gym. Even more, I would still get to train my other clients. I sat still, and God did the rest,” he says. Since opening, Jerome has helped thousands of people, in-person and virtually. He has also partnered with Relentless (Health & Wellness) Life Center to help meet the ongoing demand for his life-changing services. What does Jermome love most about what he does? He says, “I’ve trained people of all walks of life, and I found that everybody wants the same thing: someone to believe in them and give them hope when hope isn’t available. I give them that! When my clients trust the process, they can turn their entire lives around because they see that everything they’ve ever wanted has always been on the inside of them. Sharing their doctor’s report about not being on three or four different medications reminds me of my why.”


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Jerome says God, family, and clients have impacted his life more than anything. “I see some of my clients come in with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and it shows up on their bodies. Yet, they continue to show up and keep showing up, and seemingly, out of nowhere, these same clients have a new walk and new talk. Their pain has turned into their purpose. Some have started businesses, embarked on new careers, and made significant lifestyle changes. Their mentality changes, their circle changes, all because they started believing in themselves. Fitness really does that to people. It’s Freaking Amazing!” Jerome finds inspiration in the challenges he has endured and overcome in life. “When I think about how strong my mom was and how much she overcame, I’m inspired. My father has also been a big inspiration in my life. Every year I present one of my clients with a Lottie C. Teasley award in honor of my mother’s memory,” he says. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Urban League of the Upstate. In addition to Hero Fitness, he established the free Upstate Bootcamp and has served as a launching pad for several young fitness trainers. Jerome advises others who may follow in his footsteps to know that you are your brand. He says, “You have to be the example for your clients to realize they can do it. Also, find your niche and master it. People will remember how you made them feel about themselves, so treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, size, title, or economic status.” Moving ahead, Jerome plans to launch a Mentoring Program for Trainers called “Fit for Business”. He is also launching an online apparel store called “That Hero Drip” and has plans for a workshop resort called “The Hero Ranch.” To learn more about Jerome Teasley and Hero Fitness, please visit their website.




Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Cameron Woodard L ittrell Cammo Cleaning LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Cammo Cleaning LLC Cameron Woodard-Littrell was born in Detroit, MI, but was raised in Atlanta, GA. Today, he resides in Little Rock, AR, along with his wife and daughter, and manages Cammo Cleaning LLC. He graduated from Little Rock Central High School and later attended and graduated from Henderson State University. Cameron founded Cammo Cleaning LLC on the fourth day of January 2021 in an unrehearsed or nontraditional manner. He says, “I did not research about starting a business, specifically a cleaning business. I obtained my business license from the Secretary of State, obtained my EIN, and began inquiring about a business logo. My next move was to set up a website, email address, and social media pages for my new business. Once I obtained the company logo, I started to advertise, and with the film content obtained from the jobs we booked, we produced a professional commercial, and the rest of the story is history,” he says. Cammo Cleaning has been recognized as a Best of Northwest Arkansas award-winning Black-Owned cleaning business. Excellence and exceeding every expectation in business are rooted in Cameron’s DNA. He says, “I come from a family of Black entrepreneurs, and I am here to continue the legacy. My mother was the first entrepreneur that I knew. She owned a daycare in Atlanta, Ga, and I saw the drive and passion from her daily. She bet on herself and it paid off,” he said. While Cameron may have launched his company without any script at his disposal, his intentions have always been clear. “I created this business to provide high-quality residential and commercial cleaning services to Northwest Arkansas. One of my main focuses is to bring clean and positive energy to people’s homes and businesses. I call it “Clean Therapy”. Another focus is to show minorities and children in our community that you can create, own, and accomplish anything you put your mind to.” Furthermore, Cameron’s drive is connected to wanting to provide his daughter and other minority youth with the entrepreneurial mindset that was shown to him.

“My mother was the first entrepreneur that I knew. She owned a daycare in Atlanta, Ga, and I saw the drive and passion from her daily. She bet on herself and it paid off.”

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


I can grow this business and take the business as far as I want. There is no limit to our success, and I am always willing to provide opportunities for others and show them anything is possible.”

Pictured with Cameron are his daughter, Amy, and wife, Donna Giving back and networking with the Northwest Arkansas community is very important to Cameron and Cammo Cleaning LLC. He has partnered with Walmart and Sam’s Club to advertise their business and expose HBCU students to entrepreneurial passion and mindset. They are a part of the Black-Owned Northwest Arkansas group that displays Black-Owned Businesses locally and via social media. Additionally, they’ve donated cleaning services to help local elementary schools build new playgrounds. Cameron has also mentored other Black-Owned and minority business owners. What he loves most about being a business owner, Cameron shares, is being in control of his destiny. “I can grow this business and take the business as far as I want. There is no limit to our success, and I am always willing to provide opportunities for others and show them anything is possible.” There is always a challenge when a person starts a business, especially a first-time business owner., and that also applies to Cammo Cleaning LLC. Cameron shares, “I’ve had to continuously learn the ins and outs of how to run a business, including hiring people that will treat business the way I expect them to. Along with managing the company’s finances and advertising, it’s been a hard but enjoyable process. The more you learn, the more you grow, and the more opportunities are presented to you and your company.” Cameron says there’s absolutely nothing he would change about being a business owner. The process and growth have been a blessing, and I have learned there are no shortcuts to success. “I appreciate all the ups and downs. Those things make you and your business stronger,” he says.


Cameron shares that in the future, his company is working towards becoming the #1 residential and commercial cleaning company in Northwest Arkansas. They’ve also started a podcast called “Clean Therapy, A Podcast By Cammo” where he provides information about the daily operations of a business and business owner. He also interviews other entrepreneurs and provides business coaching on the podcast. He is also working on starting an all-purpose cleaning product line, with an expected launch date in 2024. In closing, Cameron shares a message that he hopes will resonate with other entrepreneurs, specifically Black business owners. “The world is fueled by people making a positive impact. Black people have positively impacted the world from the beginning of time and will continue to make a positive impact. Black inventors and entrepreneurs have laid the foundation for today’s world. I want to continue to be a part of that legacy and motivate the next generation.” h 19


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Serenity Smiles Dental Care By Terry L. Watson - Photos Provided by Dr. KL Burns

At Serenity Smiles Dental Care, everyone is treated as family. Led by Dr. KL Burns, Serenity Smiles is quickly becoming one of the top oral care providers in the Murfreesboro, TN, community. Dr. KL Burns is the first dentist in her family. She attended Xavier University of Louisiana and obtained her undergraduate degree there before attending Dental School at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center and acquiring her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2008. She has over 15 years of experience working with adults and children and is focused on providing general and cosmetic dental care with a gentle touch and warm bedside manner. Dr. KL Burns’s journey as a dentist began quite interestingly. She says, “I was the youngest worker in the chemistry lab at a local brewery in Memphis, TN. One night, the chemistry and microbiology lab people were talking, and I realized that all my co-workers had a story about what they wanted to do with their lives but didn’t follow their dreams for whatever reason. I didn’t want to be in my forties, unhappy with my job, ruminating on what I should have done. So, I decided to pursue my dream and apply to dental school.” Dr. KL Burns firmly believes in healthy dental habits, creating healthy teeth and gums, resulting in beautiful smiles. Her practice offers a wide range of general dental care, including restorations, extractions, root canals, partials and dentures, teeth whitening, orthodontic braces, and clear aligners, and we will be offering Botox at our monthly Self-Care Saturdays starting in December. After working for other practices for a period of time, the opportunity for Dr. KL Burns to have her own became a reality. She says, “I had a dream about what I wanted my office to look like and the atmosphere I wanted for anyone who walked in. I dreamt of an office that didn’t look, feel, or smell like your typical dental office. As a result, when patients walk in my office, they’re first greeted by our aromatherapy, embellished in calmness and tranquility. The walls are a relaxing lavender gray, and when you’re in the chair, you are surrounded by either rainfall or ocean sounds and the visuals on the television screen. We also offer noise-canceling headphones for those patients who are more comfortable listening to music from their phones. I also treat patients who suffer from dental anxiety and phobias, as I intend to make everyone’s dental experience as pleasant and relaxing as possible,” she says. What Dr. KL Burns says she loves most about her profession is the opportunities she has to restore smiles and confidence in her patients. She also shares, “People don’t realize how important your oral health is until it’s too late and you find someone who hasn’t smiled or eaten properly in years. I love the looks on their faces after we’ve finished their treatment and given them the mirror to look at. It’s very fulfilling knowing that we have helped change how they feel about their appearance and provided them with what they need to live happier and healthier lives.”

“I didn’t want to be in my forties, unhappy with my job, ruminating on what I should have done. So, I decided to pursue my dream and apply to dental school.”


When not helping others in her practice, Dr. KL Burns enjoys spending time with her family, specifically her children. They inspire her, and she hopes they will look at their mama and see that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. “I got a late start for dental school and an even later start opening my dental practice, but it’s never too late to start. I wish I could have done this years ago, but mentally I don’t think I was ready, and that’s ok. There are no time limitations on when you start as long as you do. I always tell my kids that we believe in dreaming big in our house, so exhibiting that is a great feeling.” Teaching yourself how to do things or hiring people who can help you do what you cannot do is a steep learning curve and has been a challenge Dr. KL Burns has faced. She is a first-time business owner, and juggling when to save money and add people to her staff is also challenging. She says, “I’ve had to realize that it’s okay to delegate because I can’t do everything by myself.” Her advice to others who may be faced with similar challenges or follow a journey similar to the one she has is very clear. “Anyone who is willing to be a business owner has a certain amount of bravery already, but I’d advise those who may be on the fence about making that jump into entrepreneurship to just do it. Ensure you’ve got all your pieces in order, but don’t be afraid to bet on yourself. Stay prayerful and grateful every step of the way, and never forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses along the way. Every step of this journey builds you into a stronger, more efficient you. You must embrace that.” h

513 N. Thompson Lane Murfreeboro, TN 37129 615-640-4697 www.


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


Clear My Skin by JChantell


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Jarie Chantell When it comes to maintaining beautiful and healthy skin, Jarie Chantell Ayala knows something about it. The Orlando, FL, resident is an Esthetician licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. Jarie enjoys a balanced and well-rounded lifestyle. She is married with four kids, having one son of her own and two bonus daughters and one bonus son. Besides being a savvy businesswoman, she has accomplished quite a bit professionally and personally in her life. Jarie is an Army Veteran and graduated with honors from American InterContinental University with a degree in Business Administration. She graduated from AVI Career Training as a Master Esthetician in 2013 and obtained her Acne Certification from Face Reality Skincare. Additionally, she has numerous Certificates of Completion for Herbal Medicine, Perfumery/ Artisan Perfumery, Makeup Application, and Makeup Artistry.

I remember smelling my mom’s clothes in her closet. That was my first love of fragrance. I watched her get ready to go out. Washing her face, putting on makeup, etc.”

The name of her business is Clear My Skin by JChantell. She shares how her journey in business began as a young girl who was impressed by the presence and sophistication of her mother. “I remember smelling my mom’s clothes in her closet. That was my first love of fragrance. I would watch her get ready to go out with her girlfriends, and she had her skincare and makeup application down to a science. First her skincare routine, followed by her makeup then her clothes selection and last, her perfume scent. As a teenager, I had acne issues, and the first skin care product I used was Noxzema. No moisturizer, exfoliant, mask, or sunscreen - just noxema. It worked okay on my skin, and at the time, I didn’t know or understand I needed a routine rather than one product. It was then I developed my interest in skincare. The more I explored and experimented with different products, the more I wanted to know about skincare and skin health,” she says. Her interest would soon develop into a career involving skin care and Esthetics. Jarie says she is unsure if the vision for her business was developed outside of her mother’s closet and her makeup, but as an adult, she would get compliments on her skin and wondered how she could share her experiences with the products she used to help others. Soon, she started to research skincare products, stumbled on Esthetics training, and continued researching how to get an esthetician license; the rest is history. Clear My Skin offers professional skincare products, as well as Jarie’s personal line of skincare products and accessories. She offers Face Reality Skincare, which is designed to help individuals with acne. There are Clear My Skin by JChantell facial cleansers, facial, lip, and body scrubs, facial masks, and facial oils and moisturizers. She also has a line of Eau de Parfums, including Into Spring Morning, which is a floral spring scent. There is also Midsumor, a citrus blend; Autumn Nights Lead to Winter, which is unisex; and Bergamont, a musk scent. Jarie also offers skincare accessories, such as skincare fridges, ice rollers, and makeup bags, and she has an extensive line of large travel tote bags and personal skincare journals. Jarie says her products are designed for everyone, including kids with sensitive skin or severe acne.


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023



Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

When asked what she loves most about her company, Jarie says, “I love being able to help people with their skin health, and interacting with people and listening to their stories. I am inspired by people and fragrance. I love different scents and putting scents together to create new ones. I also love chatting with people and learning how I can assist with their skincare needs. I love giving advice on skincare and skincare ingredients and helping others who may be struggling with acne or other skin issues.” Jarie also admits that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the love and support of her husband, who gives her the freedom to work her business. She also acknowledges her son, her bonus kids, her mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, close friends, clients, and countless others, which are too many to name. Jarie says she has learned so much from many experiences and relationships. “Each has molded some aspect of how I ended up where I am today.” As a business owner, Jarie has likely been presented with various challenges. What is important is how she has responded and managed her obstacles. She says, “I have been challenged with getting the right manufacturers, quality ingredients, and even packaging can be challenging. I have also been challenged with getting approved to become a vendor at certain events. While I am still managing some of those challenges, I have applications to help manage inventory and now have access to reliable vendors and suppliers. I am building relationships, and fortunately, some of those relationships have opened doors. Another way I have managed some of the challenges with running my business is by putting more effort into advertising, social media, and education.” Jarie offers some wise advice to others who may follow a path similar to the one she has in life. “I encourage others to live life and not be afraid of what it could look like and take each moment as a moment of reflection. Be your authentic self and ask yourself: Have I made a positive impact today? What did I learn today? How can I make someone feel special today? I hope my interaction with a person may make them feel better than before our interaction,” she says. Additionally, she wants others to know there is so much to learn about skincare. “Skincare is constantly evolving; educate yourself and become a subject matter expert in your craft. Continuing education in the skincare field is essential to growth and sustainability. Having a mentor or other skincare professionals at hand is extremely helpful and, above all, stay within the scope of your license.” Jarie says if she could change anything about her journey in business, she would’ve been more confident about what she had to offer in her field and not be afraid to take more risks. I was so cautious and wanted everything to be perfect rather than take chances and fail in order to learn. Moving forward, Jarie plans to continue to learn about skin health, herbalism, and perfumery and hopes to expand on being a Virtual Esthetician and getting her Eau de Parfums in stores. She also wants to donate more of my services to nonprofit organizations. To learn more about Jarie Chantell and her company, Clear My Skin, please visit her website. h 844-711-7546 29

Autumn Thornton The daughter of

Armani Thoirnton and Gregory (Feva) Bonds


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023



Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Hearne Fine Art By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Ebony Blevins

Garbo and Archie Hearne III are leading the arts community for Black Americans in Arkansas. Garbo Watson Hearne is a native Arkansan, born and raised in El Dorado, but currently lives in Little Rock. Her parents were both educators and stressed the value of education and reading. Garbo received a BSN in Nursing from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences in 1983. Her better half is Archie Hearne III, MD, and together they have four children and three grandchildren. Dr. Hearne is a native Californian and has been a family practice physician in Arkansas since 1983. He was the impetus for opening a Black art gallery in Arkansas. He was educated on collecting by Chico State University professor and printmaker Marion Epting. Kenneth Williamson, a Memphis artist, challenged Archie and Garbo to open a gallery in Little Rock to fill a niche. He answered the challenge, and in doing so, Garbo put her aspirations to become a nurse anesthetist on hold to open and manage the gallery’s day-to-day business and provide their children a cultural haven to be exposed and nurtured.

Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023


Hearne Art Consortium is an umbrella for Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing, Hearne Fine Art, and Hearne Fine Art Consulting & Appraisal Services. It provides a platform for local, regional, national, and international Black artists and authors to sell and share their talents. The platform allows all people to explore Black culture using literature and the fine arts. Through each entity, they provide the community, the artists, and the authors with a voice in the arts community on every level. “We provide retail services of books, decorative art, and fine art with a focus on Black culture. We also offer community programming, including book signings, artist talks, and community lectures, as well as decorative and conservation custom picture framing, fine art appraisal, and consulting services,” he shares.

1001 Wright Ave. Ste C - Little Rock, AR 39577 501-372-5824 -

In 1988, the Hearnes’ opened the Pyramid Gallery. Pyramid was a print gallery with a focus on fine art by local artists. “In 1988, there was limited access and opportunities for Black artists to show and sell their works in Arkansas, so we filled a niche in the visual arts and literary community. Frank Frazier, a Dallas-based collage artist, introduced us to many regional and national artists. He also encouraged us to host fine art exhibitions and programming to include artists talks and workshops. Soon, we began offering custom framing, books, fine art, and fine art appraisal and consulting services. In 1998, we moved to our third location and changed our name to Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing and Hearne Fine Art. We created a definitive space for fine art and owned it by adding our surname, Hearne. In 2008, after 20 years of renting, we took a leap of faith and purchased real estate in the historic Dunbar community and built The Hearne Centre,” they shared. The Hearne Centre houses Dr. Hearne’s family practice clinic, the bookstore, the custom frame shop, and the fine art gallery. It is also located across the street from the Dunbar Middle School, which was established in 1929 as a Junior College, High School, and Junior High School for Black students. Even more, the Dunbar community is the oldest Black community in Arkansas.


Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

“In 1988, there was limited access and opportunities for Black artists to show and sell their works in Arkansas, so we filled a niche in the visual arts and literary community.” Garbo Hearne

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Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023

Garbo says what she loves most about owning their gallery is the engagement with artists, authors, and their community. “I love when clients connect with artists and authors, and they become family. Everybody has a story to tell and we provide a platform that allows authors the freedom to be heard on their terms. I love that we are located in the heart of the Black community and the support we have had from local, regional, and national patrons over the last 35 years,” she says. Hearne Fine Art also has an expansive children’s area that houses a Baobab tree created by Atlanta artist Alfred Conteh. To date, they have hosted over 500 exhibitions and book signings. Like any other business, the Hearne’s have faced some challenges in business. The biggest challenge they share is keeping up with technology and making sure they reach all the audiences to grow our business. “It is imperative to keep your brand fresh and innovative. With so many variables, juggling all the communications and social media efforts can be challenging,” they said. They have engaged in continuing education, communicated with peers, and constructed a supportive staff to manage such challenges. Their bookstore/gallery manager, Patrece Brown, has been a part of the business for 34 years, and their custom picture framer, Randy Taylor, has worked for them for 20 years. Their children have also been supportive, with the oldest daughter, Auna, coming on board to manage PR for both companies. To learn more about Hearne Fine Art and Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing, please visit their websites. h

1001 Wright Ave. Ste C - Little Rock, AR 39577 501-372-6822 - Memphis - Nov./Dec. 2023



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Tracie Lee

Dreadloc Divas Loc Studio LLC

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Carlotta Coco Smith In the community of Jacksonville, FL, Tracie Lee has firmly planted herself as the face and founder of Dreadloc Divas Loc Studio LLC. Her company specializes in professional styling services for locs, natural, and more. She also offers and sells products to assist her clients in maintaining their healthy hair. Tracie’s journey in business began quite remarkably. She shares, “From my early days in hair school in December 1998 to finishing my education in September 1999, my commitment to my craft has been constant and unwavering. I have worked in various hair salons in areas such as Macon, Georgia. I also worked in my parent’s business, “Ed and Gloria’s Boutique”. Throughout her life, Tracie has been blessed with the support and guidance of her parents, Gloria and Edward Fuller, who instilled in her the values of education and entrepreneurship. Opening her own salon marked a significant milestone in her career. While she worked in other places, and those opportunities helped to shape her, returning to the beautiful city of Jacksonville in 2014 was a culminating moment for her. Tracie hails from Jacksonville, the city in which she was born and raised. She graduated from Terry Parker High School. Next, she attended FCCJ (FSCJ), honing her business administration skills, a field that would serve her well in her future endeavors. Tracie also embarked on a 20-year journey in the retail industry, gaining valuable experience and expertise. Yet, her heart longed for her true calling, which was cosmetology. With unwavering determination, Tracie obtained her cosmetology license at Macon School of Beauty in Macon, Georgia. This was a pivotal moment in her life, as it marked the realization of her first love and set her on a path of passion and creativity.

“My journey as a salon owner is both insightful and admirable, and learning from past experiences, including failures and mistakes, is a valuable approach to personal and professional growth.”

Beyond her successful career, Tracie finds immense joy and fulfillment in being a mother to two incredible children, Malcolm and Morgan. “The joys of grandmotherhood have also graced my life with the presence of Mason,” she says. “My journey is further enriched by my partnership with her amazing husband, Tommie Lee.”

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Some of the products offered by Tracie at Dreadloc Divas Loc Studio are T.Necole’s Key to Your Loc, which is a revelation in the world of hair care, offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to cater to her client’s unique needs. There is Foam Control:, one of T.Necole’s signature products that allows her clients to re-twist, coil, create curls, and maintain their locs with ease. It’s also perfect for refreshing lock styles. There is also Scalp Juice, a refreshing elixir that soothes and revitalizes the scalp and provides relief from itching and discomfort. Scalp Juice is also a true healer, addressing various scalp issues, including eczema, with care and precision. Her Diva Butta is for those in need of deep moisturization. This shea butter-based product is a luxurious treat for excessively dry skin and scalps. “It hydrates, nourishes, and rejuvenates, leaving your hair, scalp, and skin feeling silky-smooth and radiant. Bid farewell to eczema and dryness; Diva Butta has got you covered,” Tracie says. And finally, there is the Loc Refresher, which revives locs from the scalp to the core, making it an ideal companion for those post-gym refreshers. Plus, the refreshing lemongrass scent energizes one’s senses, leaving locs smelling divine. All of T. Necole Key to Your Loc products are infused with the invigorating scent of lemongrass.

Tracie Lee

Dreadloc Divas Loc Studio LLC 478-284-4055 9951 Atlantic Blvd - Suite 410 Jacksonville, FL 32225


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Tracie says she was inspired by her auntie, Evelyn Fuller, who also introduced her to the world of hair at a young age. From learning to do soft curl perms to assisting her auntie with clients and eventually styling her hair. Tracie has taken every inspiration and uses them to help make people happy. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, achievements, or simply enhancing their beauty, her role as a LocHealthtian and stylist goes far beyond the physical transformation. “I become a friend, a confidant, a source of comfort, and a pillar of support during those crucial moments in my client’s lives.” Tracie says that Betty Jackson, her godparent, also impacted her life, both personally and professionally. Like most business owners, Tracie has been faced with a few challenges along the way. Building a team that aligns with her goals is often a long and challenging process for Tracie. Still, she says the rewards of having a dedicated and dependable team are immeasurable. “I have overcome this challenge and now have a strong team in place,” she says. “My journey as a salon owner is both insightful and admirable, and learning from past experiences, including failures and mistakes, is a valuable approach to personal and professional growth. I have used those lessons as stepping stones to create a more prosperous and fulfilling experience for myself,” she shared. h

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The mission of the Sheriff’s & Police Activities League of Memphis and Shelby County, TN (MSPAL) is to prevent juvenile crime and violence through positive relationship building amongst kids, cops, and communities that promotes excellence in both sportsmanship and mentoring.

To give, scan code or visit: 96285-pal-charles-greenhill-field-of-dreams-ydp Make checks payable to: Memphis PAL 2893 North Watkins Memphis, TN 38127

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