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Nicole Beauty and Wellness Expert St. Louis - May/June 2022


On April 14th, 2022, Lady Vwb Nature was a special guest on Southern Soul Livestream. Calvin Baldwin (host) was very inspired to learn about Vanessa and Varina’s journey to talk about their business and entrepreneurship as new business owners, the lessons learned in small business, and teaching her daughter Vatina ownership at the age of 14 to be transparent, patient and continued education in holistic healing remedies and nutrition. Vanessa has completed workshops, business coaching, marketing classes, and holistic nutrition certification, and her daughter is right by her side, taking notes. Varina is now 15 years old. We are excited about her future endeavors and what’s to come. Lady Vwb Nature has received certification from US Black Chambers. We work three local pop-up shops a Month throughout Ohio. Advice to other business owners and Entrepreneurs Be patient. You can’t please everyone, but know there is someone out there who needs your services! Keep an open mind each day will be different. Hard work never goes unnoticed! Take up workshops and business coaching it will better help you gain capital or your business. Our customers deserve the best! Check out our brand profile and get to know our natural skincare brand.

Did You Know?

In 2021, Lady Vwb Nature LLC was the first small business featured in Huami Magazine, sourced out of Cleveland, Ohio

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A Letter from the Editor

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St. Louis - May/June 2022

Nicole Beauty and Wellness Expert By Terry L. Watson - Photos Provided by Nicole Fulks

When your talent speaks for itself, your presence and participation are all that is required. Nicole Fulks, of St. Louis, MO, keeps those ingredients readily available. She is nationally recognized as the Nicole Beauty and Wellness Expert. Her company provides makeup services that leave women feeling like a glammed-up version of themselves. In her capacity as a beauty educator, she teaches everyday women the skill of makeup and helps other artists enhance their skill sets through instruction and mentorship. Nicole is a wife to an amazing husband, Josh, and mother to her son, Shamir. She’s expecting a daughter soon, and she has two bonus children, Josh Jr. and Caydence). She is also a follower of Christ and says her faith has allowed her to enjoy a career as a makeup artist, spanning 11 years. Choosing a career associated with beauty appears to be purposeful for Nicole. “As a woman, I’ve overcome some serious image issues. I, like many others, was teased in school for having full lips, a wide nose, being too tall, and always being the chunky kid. My insecurities were deeply rooted in me even after becoming a makeup artist and gaining this ‘super power’ to transform myself into what was once the object of ridicule to the object of many’s desires. I wouldn’t go anywhere without makeup, and any confidence I had came from the affirmations of people that admired my beauty but never truly from within. Fast forward to December 2015, I was led to fast and set aside time to communicate with God. My sacrifice was mostly solid foods, which began a life transformation for me, from the inside out,” she says. The year 2016 was a banner year for Nicole’s business. She says not just monetarily but because the spirit of God was actively flowing through her, and her business would become a ministry. “Naturally, I am a woman who empowers and inspires women to show up for life as their authentically beautiful selves, inside and out. As God moved, I became a vessel, and my belief in my inner beauty was birthed. This experience completely changed my self-perspective as I helped women change theirs.” Nicole’s journey began in 2010 after she landed a retail job at Bare Escentuals. There she learned what makeup artistry was all about and quickly fell in love. She did100 wedding parties that same year, and the rest of her story is history. She says what she loves most about her company is her impact on others. “My reviews come from great makeup, undoubtedly, but there’s rarely a review that doesn’t compliment my intentionality in making the whole woman better. This happens through my witnessing God’s love for them, being a safe place for them to process life, my own transparency, or just laughing and having a great time. It’s never forced, and I know I have a special gift. People leave feeling better than they came, and that is a fact,” she says.


“Naturally, I am a woman who empowers and inspires women to show up for life as their authentically beautiful selves, inside and out. As God moved, I became a vessel, and my belief in my inner beauty was birthed.” Nicole says she is inspired by entrepreneurs who have made adjustments in their careers to improve their lives; she has also made moves. “I reclaimed my freedom and have divorced the grind. During the first three months of this year, a season of rest came upon me and has made a lifelong impact on my career. I am a recovering workaholic, and during the time I rested, God showed me He doesn’t need my help being God. So now I just flow, I tell my business what I have to give it, and at whatever capacity, and I watch God multiply my efforts. I’m not grinding like I don’t trust Him, and now my family sees more of me. I am not worn out, and I enjoy work a whole lot more,” she says. Like most small business owners, Nicole has faced some challenges. One was a lack of business knowledge. She has always given excellent customer service and done good makeup; however, behind the scenes, she says she didn’t know the first thing about owning a business. “Tax filing, grant securing, policies and procedures, even time management; they were all new to me. I hired my first business coach in 2021, and she was a Godsend. She helped me organize my business and gave me great guidance on how to scale. Hiring her was a game-changing investment.” Her advice to others who may follow in her footsteps is simple. “This industry is very competitive. You absolutely must have something that makes your customers always choose you. I put my heart into my connection with clients, and that cannot be duplicated. It gave me a purpose serving women that I can utilize even if I never touch another makeup brush. Find your purpose. Perhaps it could be like mine, hidden in a deep insecurity you’re working to overcome,” she says. In the future, Nicole hopes to develop more opportunities for people to gain access to her training. She also plans to develop a formal coaching program. To learn more about her, please visit her website. 8

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

Providing Noble Ideas To Manifest Success By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Dr. David Banks

He has a genuine and compassionate love for God. It was August 0f 1982, and Dr. David Banks had just given his life to Christ. He shares how he struggled with his Christian walk all throughout high school and even while in college. However, despite his struggles, he always believed that his life served a greater purpose, and soon God would reveal what it was. Born and raised in Covington, GA, Dr. Banks is an International Best Selling Amazon Author, collaborating with Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood. He is also the President of Noble Success Strategic Group, LLC. His company serves various notable clients, including Volkswagen, BB&T, Ace Hardware, Office of Family Empowerment, Family Promise, National League of Cities, Urban League, Academy of Allied Health, BlueCross Blue Shield, Chattanooga State, and the Chattanooga Police and Fire Departments. He is also the President of Noble Marriages and the Founder of Global Alliance for Leadership Development. He is manages the popular Facebook Forum, Dr. David Bank’s Noble Tribe. With all of his personal and professional accomplishments, Dr. Banks shares that none of it would be possible without the love and support of his family, that being his wife of 31 years, Slyvia, and three loving children, Caleb, Maiya, and Benjamin.


10 Books Written By Dr. David Banks

Ebooks “30 Days of Success” “30 Days of Purpose” “30 Days of the Kingdom” “30 Days to a Mountain TOP Mindset” “30 Days to Release your Inner Greatness” Children’s Books “My Daddy’s Coat” “Jada’s Treasure Chest” Marriage Books “Draw Me Close” “30-Day Couple’s Devotional

Today, Dr. Banks is fully walking in his divine purpose and serves as the leader of The Empowerment Embassy. His ministry he says, operates with a mandate to Empower Kings to Flow and Reign in their domain. “I had been in the counseling field for over twenty years. In Sept. 2003, I was called away for a time of fasting and prayer and instructed to plant a church. I was reluctant at first, but I submitted to His will. I started the ministry with my bride and three kids and was also given further instructions. In 2005, after digesting a book written by Dr. Myles Munroe called “Rediscovering the Kingdom”, God revealed to me the purpose of my ministry, which was to empower leaders to flow in their giftedness and reign in eight fields,” he says. These fields are Home, Business, Education, Government, Medical, Ministry, The Arts, and Region. “I realized that I’m a Kingdom citizen made in the image of God, created to function as a king and being given a Kingdom by God to establish in the earth.” In March 2020, Dr. Banks made the decision to convert his ministry to a total virtual platform. He now has partners across the United States, and in Australia, The Netherlands, the Philippines, Zambia, Africa, and Lagos Nigeria. Dr. Banks has worked in the field of personal growth and professional development for over twenty years and specializes in Relationship Development, Success Development, Leadership Development, Kingdom Intelligence, Motivation, and Purpose Discovery. He holds a PhD in Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family. He is a Certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer, Wholeness Coach, and Leadership Strategist. He is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Professional Trainer, Speaker, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. Dr. Banks also serves a the Director of Leadership and Professional Development for the City of Chattanooga, TN. He has expertise in Relationships, Leadership Development, Motivation, and Purpose Discovery. When asked what he loves most about what he does, Dr. Banks says the ability to live out his purpose. “I enjoy empowering people to discover their original design for them to succeed in personal and professional life. I also enjoy being able to shift individuals’ natural intelligence to Kingdom Intelligence and educating them about the Kingdom of God,” he shares. He says that Dr. Myles Munroe impacted his life and ministry more than anything else has. “When I met Dr. Myles Munroe in 2010, we instantly connected in our spirit. He made it clear that he wanted to assist me in fulfilling my Kingdom mandate,” he says. While Dr. Banks’ journey has been enjoyable and fulfilling, he says there are a few things he would change about it if given a chance. “I would focus more on my mandate instead of trying to please people. Instead of going to church in the four walls, I would have focused on being the church and made sure I spent more time with my bride and my family. I would have also read more books and stretched my faith to do more God-sized projects,” he says. His advice for those who may follow a similar path in life as he as is simple. “Discover your purpose and surround yourself with a key team. Also, clarify your mandate, keep pressing beyond your comfort zone, and stay focused.” 12

Futuristically, Dr. Banks plans to expand his business, Noble Success Strategic Group, LLC, to a global level. He also plans to custom design his own bow ties, and create a strategy to impact his city. There are also plans to develop a Humanitarian project in Pakistan. Personally, Dr. Banks is preparing to run a Half Marathon. A self-described avid reader, he has set his goals of reading a book a month and writing an ebook. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also planning to create an online course. To learn more about Dr. David Banks, please visit his website.


St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

SugaRee Cookies By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by SugaRee Cookies Sharita Shortéy of Kansas City, MO, is living the sweet life. The young, talented, and loving woman is the owner of SugaRee Cookies, a customized cookie bakery that specializes in creating personal custom characters in the form of cookies. According to Sharita, her cookies taste amazing, and the word on the street is that the cookies are too cute to eat. SugaRee Cookies features eight different flavors to choose from. Most of their clients are of the African American community, and Sharita says she loves being there for her people. “It’s a feeling of giving back. I provide a place where they can be free to express themselves and share their visions without being judged,” she shares. So, where did the name SugaRee come from? Sharita says, “When I was younger, my uncle gave me a nickname that only he called me. It was Ree, which is short for Sharita. Before launching my business, we lost him to cancer, but I knew when I started, I wanted to use “Ree” in my business’ name to represent his love for me.” It is impossible to measure Sharita’s determination by her outward appearance. She is a self-described family woman, one who has experienced many things in life. She had her first child at age 18 and said she was scared of not knowing what was next. She’s raised five children, ranging from five to nineteen, and has enjoyed seventeen years of marriage with her husband. “I’m corky. I’m awkward, and I have a weird sense of style. I love animals, and one day I will have a great big farm,” she says. Sharita says one of the benefits of having many children allowed her to quickly realize it is easier to do everything for them herself (cooking, grooming, etc.) versus seeking outside assistance. “I literally do everything, from cutting my boy’s hair, doing my daughter’s nails, baking every cake for every birthday, and making every costume for Halloween. I’m a perfectionist, I have a vision, and I desire things to be exact,” she says. St. Louis - May/June 2022


“I literally love everyone. When I create my cookies, I put all of myself into them. When I see the joy on my client’s faces, that does it for me. Knowing that whatever they are going through, at that moment, I was able to give them a piece of joy.”

Her love for serving others is evident and displayed with SugaRee Cookies. However, her path was paved well before opening up shop. She always had a passion for art, a talent she says God gave her, but never really pursued anything in the art field because nursing came easy, and she took the easy route. “I started my journey in nursing and worked in the nursing field for 18 years, up until December 2021. Taking care of others has always been my passion. I lost my grandparents at a very young age, and caring for the elderly holds an important place in my heart,” she says. The SugaRee journey began in 2019. It was then that Sharita noticed the cookie show Christmas Cookie Challenge on the Food Network. She automatically knew baking cookies was something she wanted to do in her spare time. “I started making customized cookies for my nieces and nephews and my coworkers. It gave me an outlet, and I actually loved doing it. I am not saying I didn’t love nursing, but I feel I was never appreciated for my love for the job. I was also very underpaid. When the Covid 19 pandemic arrived, everything got worse, and I found myself depressed with life. I was losing my passion for something I loved doing and needed a change. So, I finally listened to that voice and took the leap of faith and quit my job, and SugaRee Cookies was born,” she shares. Sharita’s desire to love everyone makes her a perfect fit for her role as a parent, wife, and business owner. “I literally love everyone. When I create my cookies, I put all of myself into them. When I see the joy on my client’s faces, that does it for me. Knowing that whatever they are going through, at that moment, I was able to give them a piece of joy. If smiles are all I will ever get from this business, then I’ve made it,” she says.


St. Louis - May/June 2022

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

St. Louis - May/June 2022


Like most small business owners, Sharita has faced a few challenges. One of them is time. “I’ve found that time is of the essence. It’s losing time. Time with my family, and my friends, talks with God, and keeping myself healthy-minded. There are days where I feel I lose myself because I’m focused on making others happy,” Sharita said. Being a business owner also allows Sharita to be the perfect example of what success looks like for her kids, and show them they can be whatever they dream of being. “You control your own destiny, and being able to teach my kids, especially my boys, how to be strong in such a cruel world brings peace in my heart.” While she gives all glory to God for the success she has enjoyed in business thus far, Sharita admits that having a sound support system and village has played a vital role also. “My husband has been my rock. When I was on the fence and trying to decide if this was something I really wanted to do, he went out and bought everything I needed to get started. He told me to quit my job and promised to have my back through the entire journey. Honestly, if it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be miserable, still working the nursing job,” she says. Sharita’s advice to others who may follow a path similar to hers is always to follow your heart and listen to that voice within you. “If you are unhappy, you should start praying and make changes. Only you can change the way your life is going. Once you take that leap of faith, God will take care of the rest. I stand on that,” she says. h

Sharita Shortey

SugaRee Cookies 20

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

SEMAJE Nobody But You, God

By Dorjea’ McClammey Photos Provided by Semaje Now, reader, you will want to remember this name, Semaje. The 29-year-old breakout singer hails from Detroit, Michigan. As the middle child of three, Semaje’s parents made sure he and his brothers Demarcyon and Noah never missed a day of church. He has carried those values throughout his life, and the only time he did not make it to church was when the Covid 19 pandemic hit. Semaje Collier describes his style as contemporary, pop, urban and funky. “I am bringing a new urban inspirational sound to the music industry,” he says. Growing up in the church helped Semaje develop his talent. First, he started in the church choir and then sang with the praise team. On his own time, he would spend hours listening to and studying the sounds of J.Moss, James Moore, Mary Mary, Usher, Karen Clark, Daryl Coley and Michael Jackson being two of my biggest influences. Daryl Coley’s vocal abilities inspired Semaje, and it’s quite noticeable their voices sound similar. “I was amazed by Coley’s riffs and runs and the amount of conviction and presence he gave when he sang,” he shares. As for Michael Jackson, he was amazed by his ability to take risks and start trends. He shares, “Michael was confident in what he did and kept doing it regardless of what others thought about him. I am moved by Michael’s unadulterated ability to captivate audiences. I am inspired by Michael Jackson vocal ability, his distinctive tone, one of a kind vibrato. The way he layered and stacked his background vocals on his records is completely insane. I see so much of myself in Michael.” His journey as a musician has been nothing short of a blessing. He tried out for the gospel singing contest “Sunday Best,” and although he made it to the judging round, he did not make it all the way. “I got a little discouraged and asked God what He was trying to tell me? I realized it was not in God’s plans for me, but I didn’t allow that experience to discourage me. I kept singing, ministering, and putting out music covers,” he says. St. Louis - May/June 2022


Things began to change for the better for Semaje. One day, he was blessed with the opportunity to work with Fred Jerkins, who has also worked with Dark Child to produce hits for artists Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Brandy, and more. Fred featured Semaje as the lead vocalist on his song “Reason of Praise” which, of course, landed at the number four position on the Billboard charts. Semaje described the moment as surreal. “Seeing all the different plaques on the wall for songs such as Lose My Breath, Deja VU, the Boy Is Mine, and Michael Jackson’s Rock My World; I couldn’t believe that I was in the studio working with the same legendary producer that worked with Beyonce and Micheal Jackson and Now I am working with him, this is a dream! I grew up saying I wanted to work with the Dark Child squad,” Semaje shares with excitement. After that experience, things kept rolling for Semaje. One day during the pandemic, the accomplished gospel artist, Deitrick Haddon called and told him to get on the social media platform Clubhouse, and play some of his covers. He played his cover of “All I Do” by Stevie Wonder, and everyone went crazy. Semaje says in no time, his inbox became full of messages from producers and artists wanting to work with him. Soon he was speaking with Tyscot Records, known for their artists such as PJ Morton, John P. Kee, and Anthony Brown. After talking for about two to three months, they offered him a partnership deal. They worked together to put out his cover to Bill Withers Lovely Day, which debuted at the number nine position on the Billboard Charts. He has continued to work with Tyscot Records alongside Anesha Birchett, who has experience with artists Beyonce, Justin Bieber, H.E.R., Mary Mary and more, but now she’s stepping into a new role as Executive Producer of his upcoming debut album. “My sound, my creativity, vocal ability and interpretation of music has changed

“I desire to share with the world that no matter what the circumstances are, nobody is exempt from living a good life. We all have gotten it wrong but we serve a God who can make us right.” since working with the gamechanger Anesha, I can’t imagine doing this without her,” says Semaje. Semaje has finally found his distinctive lane and sound with iconic producer Shajuan Andrews from Brooklyn, New York. “He’s the fresh new sound that was missing in music, he’ll be listed as one of the greatest of all times,” says Semaje. The three of them are working together to produce Semaje’s debut album, including his latest single, You written by Jamel Smith which debuted April 22nd and landed in Top 20 Billboard Charts.. Semaje loves being able to change the world through his music. “I desire to tell people that no matter what they have done in life, no matter how many mistakes they have made, we serve a God who makes us right,” he says. “Nobody is exempt from living a good life through God.” Now we know about his musical inspirations, but Semaje says his family is his biggest inspiration. “My father, mother and big brother demarcyon and grandmothers have played a huge part in making me the person I am today, mainly by setting such highexamples to live up to,” he says. Semaje is currently attending Oakland University in Rochester Hills, earning his bachelor’s degree in human resources in public relations. He has recently welcomed his nephew, Denver James, into the world. “ The greatest thing that’s happen in 2022 is my nephew, says Semaje” You can expect a lot from Semaje in the near future. This will include albums, tours, and radio appearances. He is also working on receiving more endorsements, including being featured in commercials, “I want to bring more faith to television and tell the world about Jesus,” he says. His advice to others who may have a passion or a dream such as his is clear and concise. “Never adjust your life to what makes sense to another individual as long as you continue to follow the voice of God. Doing that way, you can’t go wrong.” To learn more about Semaje, check out his Instagram @isemaje and on Facebook and Twitter at Semaje Collier. You can also find his music on all platforms. h


St. Louis - May/June 2022

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

Dr. Shmeka Gibson Innate Success Corp Photos Provided By Jamaal E. Photogrphy and Carolyn Castillo Dr. Shmeka Gibson is an author, international speaker, business owner, and college professor. Shmeka is the founder and CEO of Innate Success Corp. Innate Success Corp. provides various business options, tools, and resources needed to develop business owners, organize business practices, enhance individual leader traits, and promote potential business leaders. Innate Success Core, which is one of our fivesubsidiary businesses, provides contract services to organizations in need of organizational infrastructure development and program management, research, and application to funding opportunities and data analytics. Another popular business under the Innate Success model is I.S. Cares which houses the Mentorship Program. Innate Success Corp. partners with Dress for Success Memphis to implement the “Successful Women in Business” Mentorship Program. The program utilizes the Changing the Mindset Concept© developed by Innate Success that implements a framework to help women in business and entrepreneurship. Innate Success developed and launched the program as a pilot in Fall 2020, and with the help of Dress for Success Memphis, the program flourished and now has an organizational home. The program’s goal is to help small businesses develop or enhance effective and sustainable business practices. The program participants were not required to have an established business, but if they had the time, desire and commitment, the program would help them achieve their goal of entrepreneurship. The 6-month business mentorship program offers intensive business, legal and financial consulting and resources to help businesses upskill and upscale their business. This program is offered to start-up, grassroots, and small business owners with an operating budget of less than $250,000 annually. Presently, this program has helped over 46 African American business leaders and raised over $75,000 in grant funding to support the work. The goal is to help these businesses create an organizational infrastructure and enhance stability to upscale the economy and communities. h


The HEEAT Research Lab 28

St. Louis - May/June 2022

By Ellen Richardson Photos Provided by Still Shots Photography

Over the last few years, there has been a heightened awareness of the health inequities that exist in the African American/Black community as well as the impact that racism has on health outcomes. These inequities and racism, however, are not new and have shown to have a profound and negative impact on Black Americans. A group of advocates throughout the Triad and the Research Triangle areas of North Carolina are addressing health disparities through equity, engagement, advocacy, and trust. Led by Nurse Scientist and researcher Dr. Schenita Randolph, The HEEAT Research Lab is committed to finding solutions and ensuring the improved health of the Black community, specifically in the areas of sexual health and HIV. “The addressing Health Disparities through Engagement, Equity, Advocacy, and Trust Research (HEEAT) Lab was established alongside fellow researchers, nurses and clinicians, entrepreneurs, and community members dedicated to addressing health inequities within the Black community,” said Randolph. “We highlight the significant role of Fathers in promoting adolescent male sexual health, while recognizing the impact that experiences of racism and discrimination have had and continue to have on Black males health and health outcomes.” Randolph also shared that the Centers for Disease Control has identified racism as a serious threat to the public’s health. As a nurse for over 25 years, Randolph has always had a heart for educating young Black males and females, primarily due to the disparities in health, specifically for sexually transmitted infections and HIV. “Before working on the academic side of healthcare, I was a public health nurse. I saw young males and females coming in for HIV and other sexual health screenings. I also understand as a Black woman how race and gender discrimination impacts health care delivery and outcomes,” she said. “Witnessing all of this, I made it my mission to do what I can to address health inequities within our community through education, research, and advocacy.”

“We are partnering with the community to develop and implement culturally and socially relevant interventions that will promote health particularly for Black women and Black male adolescents and young adults.”

Randolph partners with trusted community members, such as barbershop and beauty salon owners, to provide the education and resources necessary to promote health in the community. The HEEAT lab has developed an intervention called UPDOs (Using PrEP, Doing it for Ourselves) Protective Styles. UPDOs Protective Styles is a salon-based intervention developed in partnership with researchers and the St. Louis - May/June 2022


community to promote awareness, knowledge, and uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among Black women living in the United States south. Black women in the US make up 12 percent of the population but account for 60 percent of new HIV cases among women. PrEP is a pill that, if taken daily, reduces the risk of one contracting HIV. It has been proven to be 99% percent effective. However, less than one percent of Black women who are eligible for this preventative measure actually use it. The HEEAT Lab just wants women to be aware and knowledgeable so they can make informed decisions about their own health. UPDOs takes a comprehensive approach and addresses overall health of Black women in the US, including HIV, cardiovascular disease, and intimate partner violence. This salon-based intervention has partnered with salon owner Tamica Campbell Hughes of Kotur Kutz in Greensboro, NC. Hughes offers awareness and education for area African American women about PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Educating trusted partners like Tamica Hughes about these and other women’s health issues such as cardiovascular disease and intimate partner violence, can have a widespread community impact. According to Hughes, her salon’s partnership with Randolph and The HEEAT Research Lab has been life-changing. “Partnership with this social research lab offers knowledge that will help stylists and their clients provide support for improving women’s health. The truth is that by reaching one woman, you can change the world. Getting the knowledge is the first step to protecting you and your body, and this is a great life-altering message for stylists to share with women throughout the community,” Hughes shared. Thanks to other available social, behavioral programs like The Talk, Randolph and her partners are assisting parents in having the necessary tools to support and guide young Black male youth in their sexual health and understand the impacts of racism on health behaviors and outcomes. “This web-based application includes podcasts that feature perspectives from fathers, videos that showcase the importance of seeking racial equality, as well as other valuable content that helps start the conversations between fathers and sons. We also encourage mothers to leverage this information to help them build healthy relationships with their sons and provide resources to help their sons make healthy sexual health decisions,” Randolph says. Partners for The TALK include Gene Blackmon, Barber and Owner of Prestige Barber College in Greensboro, NC, and Akili Hester, Barber and Owner of Black Wall Street Barbershop in Durham, NC.


St. Louis - May/June 2022

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

The HEEAT Research Lab: UPDOs Program Development Team Pictured from left to right are Dr. Ragan Johnson, Co-Investigator, Dr. Schenita Randolph, Director and Principal Investigator, Allison Johnson, Clinical Research Coordinator, Crystal Taylor, Executive Producer for UPDOs, Tamica Campbell Hughes, Community Partner and Stylists, and Corrina Dunn, Community Partner and Stylists. Other members of the HEEAT Lab not pictured include Gene Blackmon, Barber and Owner Prestige Barber College, Akili Hester, Barber and Owner of Black Wall Street Barbershop, Aaron Lyle Jr., CEO Black Fly on the Wall, Dr. Harvey Hinton, Terrance Pleasants, Davon Washington, Dr. Cherie Conley, Dr. Selena Monk, Candice Lewis, and Kelvis Tann.

Randolph describes herself as a “Nurse Scientist who genuinely cares about her work having a real-world impact in the community.” When asked what lies in the future for the HEEAT, Randolph has a clear response. “As a researcher in academia, it is important for us to test our interventions to evaluate if they have the intended outcomes for which they were created, so we are now recruiting women to test the UPDOs intervention site.” Without any question, Randolph and The HEEAT Lab are doing their part to improve the health of Black Americans. Please visit their website for more information. h

The HEEAT Research Lab St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

The Wealthy Child “I am a Change Agent on the path to create a culture of wealth for the next generation”

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Ronald Pollard

Delvin Sullivan is a Dave Ramsey-certified Financial Coach who believes that “The earlier money can make sense to a child, the better chance they have at being financially responsible adults.” A native of Huntsville, AL, Delvin is the author of The Wealthy Child, a book designed to teach youth about money and the world’s economic process. As someone who grew up in public housing, Delvin’s passion always led him to mentoring youth and posing as a positive role model for kids, particularly young men. Using the basic principles of wealth, he published his book to level the playing field and offer all children the opportunity to become wealthy through knowledge. Some of the topics discussed in the Wealthy Child production are budgeting, banking, investing, credit, income, and assets. “I am introducing children to the basics of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way and teaching kids about the importance of earning, saving, and spending responsibly. My goal is to ensure they understand the importance of earning, saving, and spending responsibly,” Delvin says. In addition to being an author, personal finance coach, and entrepreneur, Delvin is also a US Army veteran and recipient of the Unsung Hero Award. He holds degrees from Alabama A&M University and Murray State University. He is married to Felichia, and they have two children, Tierra and Jordan, along with three grandchildren. Delvin shares, “I began teaching at the Sparkman Homes Boys and Girls Club in 2017, and decided to develop a book and workbook that would give the students something they could take home with them.” The vision for The Wealthy Child is connected to Delvins awareness of the many challenges that youth face, especially within his community. “Studies show 80% of crimes that send people to prison have something to do with money. I want to change that narrative by teaching children how to earn, save, grow, and respect the dollar at an early age,” he says.

He shares that he loves being able to change the course of a child’s life by ensuring he or she is financially literate. He is also inspired by youth development and making a difference in his community. Growing up in similar situations that many of the young individuals he’s helping are, Delving feels that he has a sincere responsibility to create realistic opportunities for them. “I made it to where I am because of the men placed in my life at the Boys and Girls Club. It was Ugene Phillips, Cedric Wherry, and Tyrone Langford. They would preach, “if you want to be an eagle, don’t hang around turkey’s”. That kept me from becoming a product of my environment,” Delvin says. Delvin’s future goal is to continue to change the lives of millions of children by introducing them to the world’s economic process. To learn more about The Wealthy Child, please visit their website. h

Delvin Sullivan The Wealthy Child 256-468-3227


Cutest Baby

Marrel Gravely Foushee The son Sunny Gravely Foushee and Marrel Foushee

St. Louis - May/June 2022

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St. Louis - May/June 2022

Whitney Morgan M-Powerment Solutions LLC

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Whitney Morgan He is young, black, and making moves in the Kansas City, MO, business district. He is the owner and founder of M-Powerment Solutions LLC, an experienced financial literacy company that focuses on credit restoration and helping individuals become debt-free. They also help businesses establish business credit and funding options. Their award-winning services have assisted in removing all types of derogatory items such as bankruptcies and medical bills from their client’s credit files. To be clear, M-Powement Solutions LLC gets the job done. At just 34 years old, Whitney Morgan has seen a lot. While he presently resides in Kansas City, he has also lived in Atlanta, GA, Port Townsend, WA, and his native home of Minneapolis, MN. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a masters degree in Urban Planning from the University of Kansas. His background involves Transportation Planning, City Development, and Small Business Advocacy, and he’s held many leadership positions and volunteered just as well. His volunteering efforts include Kappa Alpha Psi, Freedom Schools, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, Finance and College Ministry Leader with Faith City Christian Center, and Black Student Union. What separates M-Powement Solutions LLC from other companies that provide similar services? Whitney says it’s their commitment to providing quality service at a very affordable cost. “We also have various products to help our clients build positive credit in their name, such as our secure credit card with cashback rewards. We also have the Credit My Rent program that adds all positive rent payments to their credit report, and we partner with various credit builder companies like Self, Credit Strong, Grow Credit, and more. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent solutions to address their financial struggles,” he says.


Some of the additional tools offered by Whitney and his team are Credit Restoration Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney, and Budgeting/Debt Payoff Education. There is also a Smart Credit Monitoring App that allows users to view all three credit scores, and Merchant Services that offer payment processing systems for businesses. Additionally, they offer a Youth Financial Literacy Scholarship and Educational Program, Rocket Lawyer Services, Student Loan Assistance, Mobile Telehealth Services, and Business Credit Business Funding.

“Experience is the best teacher. Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is. If knowledge by itself were power, most librarians would be millionaires.”

The decision to launch M-Powement Solutions LLC happened in June 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, Whitney shares. “My wife and I struggled with bad credit caused by debt consolidation. That debt was built because my wife was laid off multiple times, and I was repeatedly passed up for promotions I qualified for. This caused a lot of stress in our marriage and ironically served as a learning experience. We decided to educate other families about the importance of having good credit and the opportunities that come with it.” Whitney says what he loves most about his business is being able to help people buy brand new houses and new cars, find funding for their business, and increase their financial literacy. “We are breaking generational curses,” he says. Waking up every day knowing that he has a gift that can help a lot of people and then putting his gift into action is what pushes him. He also credits his father and grandfather for being great examples of what a man should be. “I was raised by a single father. He has instilled loving and caring principles in me and showed me how to work hard and provide for my family. He told me ever since I could remember that I could be anything I wanted to be and often called me Mr. President as a child. My grandfather taught me how to fish. He also showed me what a consummate professional and respectable Christian man looks like. He has been married to my grandmother for over 50 years. He has held multiple civic positions and joined a fraternity. My grandfather is an architect and has designed buildings all across the country. He’s been retired for over 20 years and wakes up every day and does what he wants,” Whitney says. Whitney offers the following advice for those who may follow in his footsteps. “Experience is the best teacher. Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is. If knowledge by itself were power, most librarians would be millionaires.”

Whitney Morgan M-Powerment Solutions LLC (816) 348-3223


As life continues to happen for Whitney, he plans to use his products and services to help people across the country. There are also plans to expand. To learn more about Whitney Morgan and M-Powerment Solutions LLC, please contact them directly or visit their website. h

St. Louis - May/June 2022



St. Louis - May/June 2022

St. Louis - May/June 2022





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St. Louis - May/June 2022