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Triad - March/April 2018


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Triad - March/April 2018

Triad - March/April 2018


There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

Better Days Are Corner There Are NoJust If, Around Ands, OrThe Buts About It! A Letter from the Editor

A Letter From The Editor

A Letter from the Editor

There isWhat no greater treasure onearrive? can possess thanplans, the gift of life. if tomorrow didn’t All of your hopes God and selects us allwouldn’t for a particular purpose and promise. gift dreams have a street to park on. What Your if is as everything individual as a blade of grass or a rain drop that falls from that you decided to put off until tomorrow neverthe What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes sky during a shower inwould thehave month of April. What happened? There beano reason to save for ahas rainy and dreams wouldn’t street to park on.God What if for me, day, could spare someone theuntil trouble ofthan making is only forand me,you and ityou is impossible other me to everything that decided tofor putanyone off tomorrow never promises. What your fulfillhappened? His promise forifmy life.last There would be opportunity no reason toseemingly save for aexpired rainy today? wouldspare you do? day, andWhat you could someone the trouble of making promises. if your lastgrandmother, opportunity seemingly expired Though I wasWhat named by my throughout the short that I often seem likeother I do too much. What would you do? yearstoday? ofI’ve mybeen life, Itold have been called many things. Some of Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm them I believe I earned, and others maybe not. However, it wasn’t knowing that God seem wouldn’t put on me I’ve been told that I often like I doaanything too much. until believer I heard ainpastor share something during church service that couldn’t I not sometimes wonder how would I feelhandle. likethe I am doing enough and I’mlife a firm did I Honestly, fullyIunderstand effectiveness and ineffectiveness of be if I chose to sit idle and accept what it presented to I believer in to knowing GodThis wouldn’t anything me words spoken me by that others. pastorput told us thaton “Itme. doesn’t have that to be boring. my opinion, opportunity that I found couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would matter what others say tovery you or aboutIn you. The only thing that is a blessing that isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge be if I chose to sit idle and accept what it presented to me. matters is what you answer to.” That message burrowed itselfI in to meand is an adventure. What is the In worst that can opportunity happen? have found that tothere. be very boring. my opinion, my mind remains If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn is a blessing that isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge something new about myself. Relinquish yourcan pride and in to me in is an adventure. thenot worst that We live a world where,What if weisare careful, our happen? lives can be return acquire life. If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn shaped and torn by what others think of us. It’s important to have something new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in the support and admiration from family and friends, but we can’t The best advice return acquire life.ever given to me happened when someone survive on their opinions alone. We must realize our very own told me to make my tomorrow happen today. In doing so worth. Godpressed makes my no way mistakes anddoors because made each I have through withHe a key that onlyof us, The best advice ever given to me happened when someone it’s impossible to believe that we are anything less than His finest hopeme provided. have also learned the today. difference between told to makeImy tomorrow happen In doing so creation. blesses and what cana burden with Iwhat haveGod pressed my me waywith through doorslife with key thatme only as well. I compare it toalso knowing when be confident and hope provided. I have learned the to difference between Aswhat I watch loss of liveswhat withlife the recent school when tocan be quiet, because Godthe blesses meyoung with and burden me with shootings, backit to I was a young student. Things someone may get it confused as well.I reflect I compare to when knowing when to be confident and have really changed from those times. It is painful to see our with being when to bearrogant. quiet, because future perish. Therefore, I pray andsomeone ask for healing and protection may get it confused in those situations. I also pray for change. The kind of change Make youarrogant. tomorrow with being that starts at home. We happen today, but must most speak life intoimportantly the hearts and ears of those make it count. Make you tomorrow who are impressionable. You Life is but a whisper andcan happen today, but most we must putmake ourselves in a is never understand what someone importantly it count. position what itjust is by going through on the inside Life is butto a hear whisper and telling us.putOften, ourselves in a lookingwe atmust them. one word position to to hear what it is is all that it takes change that telling person’s life. us. Let your words be full L. Watson of kindnessTerry and compassion or don’t say anythingEditor/Founder at all. My mama told me Terry L. Watson that!

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Triad - March/April 2018

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Proud To Be A Dudley Panther

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Triad - March/April 2018

Donate Your Car And Be The Driving Force In Someone Else’s Success

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It has been several years since Huami readers have heard about Wheels4Hope. The car donation program came to the Triad in 2012 after being a huge success in the Triangle. Six years later they are still in the Car Blessing business and growing. Sixty people in the Triad received program cars from the organization in 2017. This year the organization is slated to do 80 vehicle placements. The increased goal is a feat that can be accomplished, but more donations are needed to make it happen. The agency thrives on donations from people in the community who realize that having transportation is key to getting out of poverty. “We would love to be like Oprah-You get a car… You get a car… And you get a car! The need is great!” Their office fields nearly a dozen calls a day from people trying to figure out how they can qualify for a car. Wheels4Hope is a self-sufficiency program that works with other human service agencies that have clients who are on the road to success but don’t have a car to get them there. These partner agencies include: Veteran Affairs, Malachi House II, Greensboro Urban Ministry’s Partnership Village, StepUp Ministry, The Housing Authorities of both Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Family Services of the Piedmont, Guilford Child Development, Rockingham County Partnership for Children and the list goes on. These programs offer family and mental health counseling, financial literacy, and job skill training among other things. Walking through the doors of these agencies is the first step to qualifying for a car from Wheels4Hope. In 2000, Wheels4Hope was established in Raleigh and since then the mission has not changed and neither has the price. The vehicles are sold for $500 and the hope is that the people who receive them will use them to better their lives by going back to school and or find gainful employment. This is something many people take for granted. If you have never taken a city bus in the Piedmont Triad you wouldn’t understand how difficult it is. Think about how you would feel standing at the bus stop early in the morning. This year has been one of the coldest winters seen in years. The next time you are driving take notice when you come to a stop light. Look for the bus stop shelter and most likely you will find a mother with several small children. In most cases she’s trying to get them to daycare and get to work on time. This task may include a 10-minute walk to the bus stop and two buses. A total of an hour and a half for a trip that would take someone with their own transportation just 25 minutes. Wheels4Hope brings relief to people who fight this battle every day. Car donations are so important. The organization takes everything on wheels whether it’s broke, busted, or disgusted. They are also very appreciative of cars that are ready to roll. When the Wheels4Hope crew rolls up to an agency for a Car Blessing they wrap the vehicle in a green bow. The smiles on the participants’ faces are priceless. In those very moments you see tears, prayers, and praise. The organization encourages every house of worship and corporation to let them in. This gives them the ability to let people know what Wheels4Hope is all about, how great of a program it is, and how it is changing lives. The organization is working on making itself more visible and memorable. Look up as you drive down Burlington Road in Greensboro and you will see a huge new sign. Let them be the first place you consider when you are trying to figure out what to do with your used car. You can be the driving force in someone else’s success! h

Let’s Spring Into Action First Time Home Buyers Money Available Call Me For More Details

James Davis

Realtor/Broker Keller Williams Realty North 336 681-8653


Triad - January/February 2018


By Dr. Marrissa Dick Photos by Shaw Photography Group


emocrat Danny H. Rogers officially plans to run for Sheriff of Guilford County in 2018. His motto, “A Positive Change for All Citizens of Guilford County” is a recurring theme. A native son of Guilford County who was born and raised in the City of High Point Danny has spent over 50 years of his life experiencing and witnessing the discrepancies of both previous and current administrations. Rogers ran against the current Sheriff, BJ Barnes in 2014 but was defeated by a small margin. He believes that he can attract those voters and win the seat by going into the areas that he didn’t venture into four years ago. Rogers understands what it means to desire to live in a safe and healthy environment. Raised by a single mother he values the mentors who stepped up to the plate from his community to give him a better perspective of the African Proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ According to Rogers, “I experienced quite a bit growing up. Even though my mom made sure I stayed away from the streets I still saw a lot. You couldn’t help but see and hear it. So, as I grew up I also saw some of my friends go on the wrong side of the track and begin doing drugs, selling drugs, and drinking. I watched many of them go back and forth to juvenile detention. I also had a couple of friends who didn’t make it past their 17th or 18th birthday. That really gave me a reality check. I understood then that none of us are invincible. I was also afraid of what my grandparents or my mom would do to me if I got into trouble. That proverb is so true because it really did take the whole community to help those who wanted to be helped. I know this may sound dated, but when I was growing up if I was doing something wrong it was nothing for a neighbor to correct me and then go and tell my grandparents and my mom. I’m appreciative of that type of upbringing.”

“I’m committed to Guilford County. I plan to implement a proactive, transparent, accountable, and properly accredited Sheriff ’s Office. It will be one that’s stellar and one that restores the checks and balances, so the residents of Guilford County can be better served. I plan to reduce inmate recidivism with a renewed focus to generate a long-lasting impact on the former inmates, as they become productive citizens while also providing for more safety and tax dollar savings for the entire community.”

Danny’s personal experiences as a law enforcement officer and life time resident of Guilford County provides firsthand knowledge of how to bridge the gap between the community and the law enforcement officers who are serving diligently in those communities. These lifelong experiences are what has helped shape Rogers ability to rise above his past and not allow it to define his future. He’s a living testimony that people can learn from their mistakes and change for the better. He shares, “You know I think my life story can help other people move from their past into their future.” Learning from past mistakes is what Rogers believes is the key to changing the recidivism rate in Guilford County. “I’m committed to Guilford County. I plan to implement a proactive, transparent, accountable, and properly accredited Sheriff’s Office. It will be one that’s stellar and one that restores the checks and balances, so the residents of Guilford County can be better served. I plan to reduce inmate recidivism with a renewed focus to generate a long-lasting impact on the former inmates, as they become productive citizens while also providing for more safety and tax dollar savings for the entire community,” Rogers says. He also desires to make changes to the hiring practices and promotional opportunities within the Sheriff’s Office which would result in an overall more inclusive, diverse, and productive team on all levels of the force. According to Danny, “As a proactive Sheriff, I want to implement policies, programs, Continued on page 12


Triad - March/April 2018


and practices before they become legal issues instead of being a reactive Sheriff. I want to be proactive instead of reactionary by making changes before incidents occur that force change within the department. It doesn’t make any sense that it took 20 years for the first African American patrol officer to reach the rank of Sergeant under the administration of Sheriff BJ Barns. There are many qualified minority officers on the force. The officers should also reflect the communities they serve.” Rogers has worked with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention Officer and as a Deputy Sheriff in roles that include both vice and undercover operations. He has also worked as a Police Officer with the High Point Police Department. He says, “I came in as a Detention Officer in Greensboro then I completed the necessary testing and began in High Point as a Patrol Officer. So, as I’m working I noticed that none of the minorities were coming in as sworn officers and they weren’t given the same opportunities to continue their education without penalty. None of these actions were fair but it happened nonetheless.” These are just a couple of administrative practices that Rogers plans to address under his leadership as Sheriff. He explains, “There continues to be many law enforcement challenges for the residents of Guilford County and reducing recidivism is also one of those challenges … It may appear that most criminals prefer the lifestyle they live, but I’ve discovered most kids and young adults want to do and be better people. They want to be productive,” he says. “They simply feel they don’t have any other alternative. Everyone doesn’t want to go to college and everyone doesn’t possess the necessary skills for today’s technologically driven jobs. Regardless, we still need to offer them training so they don’t feel desperate and begin to acquire their basic living needs illegally.”

Pictured with Danny is his wife Ruthie “As the Sheriff of Guilford County, I will work every day, in every community, to serve and protect all residents from the known and unknown, and to create stronger, and safer neighborhoods.” 12

A few of Danny’s strategic plans consist of reducing crime, providing safer streets and neighborhoods, eliminating the flow of illegal drugs and guns entering our communities, and building trust and amicable relationships between citizens and law enforcement officers. “You know in light of our current climate where our children are being gunned down in the school where they should feel safe stricter policy and procedures need to be in place. I will lead the charge for proper police training and stricter school policies.” Rogers promises, “As the Sheriff of Guilford County, I will work every day, in every community, to serve and protect all residents from the known and unknown, and to create stronger, and safer neighborhoods.” Likewise, rehabilitation and repeat offenders is a major issue for Guilford County. It’s a serious problem that affects more than just the incarceration rates and prison overcrowding. While the issue affects more than the youth, the solution lies with them. He says no matter the age the county must develop a passion for its’ youth. We can combat it with quality education,

Danny’s Plan For Guilford County

concerned parents, dedicated teachers and schools, and an involved community. Rogers spends a great deal of time with Guilford County youth. He listens to them and talks to them. It is from those real and honest conversations that he knows what will truly work and be beneficial. Rogers believes that just putting criminals behind bars isn’t enough. Rogers is seeking solutions for Guilford County’s crime issues. He understands that the one major component for being proactive involves crime prevention. For Rogers, becoming Sheriff would mean more than simply fighting crime. He understands that successfully fighting crime means fighting it across the board. He also believes that the agency must be unified and determined not to allow infighting or other internal disruptions to implement a “A Positive Change for All Citizens of Guilford County.”


He shares, “A change from the ground up must occur. My goal is to look at, evaluate and assess the department’s structure ― then restructure as needed. The old regime needs to change.” He adds the agency must take the lead. When the agency changes for the better, the community will see a noted difference. Rogers is adamant about listening to and meeting the needs of the people. He shares, “As I listen to people’s stories and their concerns I realize that many of them want the same basic things in life and that’s for their government to make a difference in their lives. So, then I have to ask myself how I can make a difference. How can I be that change agent? I know that I can help the citizens of Guilford County by making a change in administration. I can make this happen because I understand the internal piece and practices of the system. You must have an administrator who knows how to treat people, first, then you need for that administrator to be accountable to everyone and not just a select few.” As Sheriff, Danny Rogers plans to RESTORE agency accountability and accreditation; CREATE safer outcomes with community policing; REBUILD law enforcement and citizen relationships; SAVE tax dollars through recidivism reduction; REDUCE officer attrition rates; and DEVELOP equitable employment practices. Danny H. Rogers is married to Dr. Ruthie Rogers and the couple has six children. He currently owns a janitorial/landscaping company and a restaurant/food truck business. He is a member of Love and Faith Christian Fellowship and currently resides in Jamestown, NC. Rogers earned his Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management from Walden University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from ECPI University, and an Associate Degree in Theology from Team Works Bible College. h

Welcome A New Voice To Guilford County

Elect Danny H. Rogers 13

Onysti A Goal Setter

A Go-Getter


By Terry L. Watson Photos by J’ness A. O’garro

n less than four years, Onysti Gainey has made a name for herself at James B. Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC. She is the social butterfly that brightens up any room with her vibratious smile. However, this is a minor introduction into who she really is as a person. She has earned the respect of her peers and established her own legacy at a school already deeply enriched in African American success and history. Onysti is a go-getter. She is intelligent, self-driven, confident, ambitious, caring, loving, and independent. She is also very dedicated and focused in regards to reaching a goal that she has set for herself. Yet, she still finds time to laugh and have a great time with family and friends. Onysti has a purpose behind everything she does and is proving that hard work and remaining humble can take you very far in life. During her senior year, she has accomplished a lot both inside and outside of the classroom. With being in the Early College Academy Program at Dudley, she has been given the opportunity to get a head start on college credits at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown. She has been accepted into three colleges thus far, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, and Winston Salem State University. Winston Salem State University has also offered her their Chancellor Scholarship. Additionally, she has made the auxiliary squad for the third year in Dudley’s Marching Band of Thunder, and became the President of the Dudley Ladies. Things don’t always come easy in life, something Onysti has already learned. She campaigned for class president each of her four years at Dudley and was finally elected as a senior. “Senior year is the most important year to be president of your class because you are more involved and hands on with planning events for your class such as the senior cookout, senior breakfast, and my current project that I am working on which is the senior trip. This position means a lot to me because I did not only want to make a change for my class, but for my school as well. I am honored and forever thankful to my class for choosing me for the position,” she says. “Being a Dudley Panther feels as if I’ve been adopted into another family. The pride at my school is so strong and I do believe that no other school can compare. The amount of success and legacies left at Dudley is inexplicable. To know that you attend a high school that breeds nothing but greatness is a wonderful honor to carry,” she says.

Onysti excels in goal setting and is destined to leave her mark on the world. However, before it’s all said and done she knows there is more work to do. “If I could change anything in the world, it would be to erase hate and replace it with more love. I feel that hate is the world’s biggest battle and if we all just loved one another we wouldn’t have anything to fight about,” she says.

Moving forward, with their only being a few more months of high school left, Onysti plans to graduate and attend Winston Salem State University in the fall. From there she plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biology and work a part time job as an EMT. She will then apply to Physician’s Assistant school.

Onysti credits her parents, family, and friends for pouring into her life. It is their love that opened the channels for her to succeed. She is merely repaying them by giving it her all. h



Triad - March/April 2018

By Terry L.. Watson Photos by Luguzy Atkins


endra Diggs has made her share of noise in the beauty and make up industry. Better known as Kendra MUA, she is a woman full of love and creativity. Kendra is also someone who loves Jesus, is very dainty, and can be very goofy at times. “I’m a June baby. I’m 28 years old and I love to journal, sing, and act. I’m the youngest of four, an auntie, and a Godmommy,” she says. Quite noticeably, Kendra is a bald beauty who has established her brand, The Kween Experience. The Kween Experience is the extension of Kweenly Beat. It is about empowering women through the art of beauty and self-love. Kendra doesn’t want her brand to represent makeup or fashion alone, but also empower others to acknowledge their beauty, from the inside and out. “Makeup is not just makeup to me, it’s ministry. It’s a movement of beauty. You are God’s Masterpiece so I’m just the artist with the brush in hand that’s bringing out the God given beauty that’s inside of you,” Kendra says. Her mother was a makeup artist when she was a little girl. She would watch her intently, every Sunday morning before church while she did her makeup and fell in love with the artistry. As life happened, Kendra would eventually get her first full start at Bovanti Cosmetics in 2010. She learned a lot while working there. Now with nearly eight years under her belt, she currently works for MAC Cosmetics full time. “Even though I do have some experience, I’m still humble enough to be open to learning new things and embracing change. I must remain humble,” she says.

“If your Dream is big enough, you can live through any nightmare.” Bishop Otis Lockett Sr.

Continued on the next page


Kendra has endured her share of challenges such as getting married at 22. Her marriage turned abusive and toxic and she was divorced by 25. She would learn to grow up really quick. Her chosen career has come with many challenges as well. The beauty industry has evolved and there are so many individuals who are becoming makeup artists and beauty bloggers. The Kween Experience continues to be relevant mainly because Kendra allows herself to be led by God’s direction. “I have learned that I’m one of a kind and there is no one else on Earth that is like me. I have my own strand of DNA that God has given me, and I faithfully believe that what God has for me is for me,” she says. “If I keep marketing my brand correctly and keep grinding, the right clients will continue to come and I will get someone’s attention at the right time. Even Queen Esther had to go through a time of processing. For who knows why God has called her to the kingdom for such a time as this? For who knows why God has called Kendra to the Beauty industry for such a time as this,” she states. Kendra’s life has been impressed upon by many, however her love for the late Bishop Otis Lockett Jr. shines the brightest. “Even in death he still impacts my life every single day. As a child he dedicated me back to God. I continue to listen to his teachings and remember every single thing that he has taught me, from business and even to my career now. I miss him dearly but one thing I’m not missing is God. I know he would be proud of me if he was still alive but I will make sure his Godly impact and legacy will continue,” she says.

“I have learned that I’m one of a kind and there is no one else on Earth that is like me. I have my own strand of DNA that God has given me, and I faithfully believe that what God has for me is for me.”

Moving forward, Kendra will focus on becoming a better “Kendra”. Her plans and goals consist of becoming a published author, becoming healthier, getting into the modeling world, getting a person of affluence in her chair such as Oprah Winfrey or Erykah Badu, and fulfilling God’s will for her life. “Everything I went through was necessary. I don’t accept failure or inconveniences as my final destination. Instead they are only stepping stones to my greatness,” says Kendra.

Kendra Diggs 704-726-5481

18 18

Triad Triad -- March/April March/April 2018 2018

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20 20

Triad - March/April 2018

B Chill Lemonade, LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos by Kinyah Bean

How often do you see a nine year old girl entrpenuer who has started her own business, and authored and published her first book? That is exactly what Kinyah Bean of Flowood, MS has done and she doesn’t appear to be slowiing down for anything. Continued on the next page

Triad - January/February 2018



Triad - March/April 2018

inyah Bean is a youthful, innovative, fearless, resilient, and lovable young lady that desires to be a shining light and example for her generation. Her life is shaped by God, her family, and friends. Though her life and schedule isn’t that of a typical youngster, Kinyah still finds time to enjoy being a kid. Originally she was born in Memphis, TN. Her family later moved to Nashville, TN before relocating to her current home in Flowood, MS. Kinyah runs a full-fledged business, B Chill Lemonade and travels throughout the country sharing her story and promoting her book, Chillin’ My Way To Success. B Chill Lemonade is a gourmet, hand-crafted lemonade beverage infused with fresh fruit and natural flavors to tantalize the taste buds of every consumer. Chillin’ My Way to Success is a book geared to share with the reader information about kid entrepreneurship, and creating the blueprint to inspire her generation to explore entrepreneurship and become entrepreneurs. Both products are for everyone no matter the age. Lemonade is a very refreshing drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. Chillin’ My Way to Success is geared to youth ages 8-18; however, so many adults with children have purchased the book and gained inspiration and motivation as well. “Balancing work and school is a huge challenge for me. Being that I am still in school, I try to make sure that I do my best because I know if I allow my grades to slip then my parents will shut my company down,” she explains. “Another challenge for me is sacrificing pleasure for work. I have to miss family engagements and gathering sometimes, but I understand that with work there are sacrifices that I must make for me to be successful.” “In my book, I share how I made a glass of lemonade. While doing so, my mom called me to complete my chores. While cleaning my room, I sat the lemonade on the counter, my dad drank the lemonade, and I went back for my drink only to see that it was almost gone. Once I saw the glass half empty, I asked my dad what happened to my lemonade and my mom said your dad drunk almost the whole entire thing up. I told my dad, I didn’t make that for you, I made it for me, and that’s when the consideration for a lemonade company began,” Kinyah says. There are many things that Kinyah loves about her business. Some are meeting people and being a part of their celebrations and losses, traveling, working with the family, learning more about being a CEO, and speaking with youth on how they can create generational wealth through entrepreneurship. Most recently she has traveled to San Diego and Los Angeles, California where she signed 1000 copies of her book. She was awarded Youth Entrepreneur of the Year in Jackson, MS in February 2018. She has been featured in over nine magazines, articles, and newspapers, and has traveled to over 10 places selling lemonade. She hopes to travel internationally very soon. Through her own experiences, she pours into other young entrepreneurs and dreamers. Her advice, “I do believe that if I can do it, you can do it too. You must first know that it starts in your mind. There is no limit to what you can do unless your limit is you.”

Moving forward, she plans to continue to travel and promote her book, and change the world through lemonade. She is currently working on mass distribution and shipping. She also plans to work on another venture she has with music, and enjoy the rest of her young life by being a kid. h

B Chill Lemonade

P. O. Box 140516 Memphis, Tennessee 901-871-8782 23

Cossandra Miller Safe Haven Child & Family Counseling Services, LLC



By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Todd Youngblood t’s no secret that many African Americans tend to shy away from any type of mental health assistance. When someone is facing a tough time, they often consult their friends, pastors, or try to remedy the problem themselves. Cossandra Miller, owner/operator of Safe Haven Child & Family Services is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and recommends that people take care of themselves by seeking out a professional who is trained to identify factors that may be contributing to their feelings.

Cossandra didn’t set out to become a social worker. As an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina, she originally majored in Criminal Justice and had planned to become an attorney. While in school, she needed an elective so she enrolled in a social work class and immediately fell in love. After she graduated with her Master of Social Work degree, she fervently began her quest to become a licensed social worker. In 2000 she began working at a local hospital. After a few years she realized that while she enjoyed it, it didn’t pay enough. That caused her to venture out in search of part-time employment. She made a few phone calls to different counseling facilities and received affirmation from someone on the other end of the line. Those conversations resulted in Cossandra counseling patients at his facility and eventually renting a space there. The determined future counselor worked both jobs for about a year until she felt comfortable stepping out on faith. She moved her practice into a small space within Hattie’s office but eventually outgrew it. This left her with no choice but to step out on faith once again and open her own office, where she’s still located today. Over the last 12 years, Safe Haven has serviced hundreds of clients between her three locations: Charlotte, Lancaster, SC, and a Charlotte charter school. The majority of clients that visit her practice are struggling with a mood disorder, such as depression, anger management, PTSD, and many other things. With the child and adolescent population, trauma, ADHD, and conduct are the most common. Safe Haven uses the Cognitive Behavioral Thinking approach partnered with other theories, when needed. ‘Psychology Today’ explains this approach as a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. “The idea is to retrain your brain to think different when there is faulty thinking. We want to redirect the thought so it can evoke a more positive emotion, therefore provoking a more positive behavior.” When a loved one’s behavior is out of the ordinary, start paying more attention to them. If you notice their behavior is starting to impact home, work, school or community environment it is time to consult a primary care doctor to rule out medical concerns. If there is no medical issue contact a mental health provider for assistance. “People often recognize they have mental health issues so they’ll call me directly and self-refer,” says Cossandra. It’s apparent that the Kershaw, SC native positively impacts the community as an advocate for mental health. Her greatest honor was when her oldest child followed in her footsteps and aspired to be like her.

“My son is also a therapist and works at my practice. He currently has a LCSW-A and is working on his LCSW,” she explains. An LCSW-A means that he is an associate working towards his full licensure. Being a therapist can be a stressful job, but when you love what you do, the trying days are worth it. Seeing patients succeed and manage their concerns can be the most rewarding. Cossandra admits that she loves to receive phone calls from former patients who have implemented her strategies and have changed for the better. For more information about Safe Haven Child & Famly Counseling Services, please contact them directly. They are currently accepting new clients. h

Safe Haven Child & Family Counseling Services, LLC 4822 Albemarle Rd - Ste 202 Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 (704) 537-9551


Crystalyn Roberts 26

Triad - March/April 2018


By Dr. Marrissa Dick Photos by Jerry Barbry

o you ever have those days when you’re not as productive as you intended even though you’ve created a to do list for the day? Well, you’re not alone. Many others just like you have good intentions of completing every task on that list, but somehow everything and everybody else’s needs get accomplished by you and at the end of the day you feel emotionally drained, mentally challenged, and selfdefeated because you don’t have the creative or physical energy to accomplish what you need to do for you. If you see yourself anywhere in this scenario, then you should consider investing in a life coach. A life coach is a person who helps others maintain balance, identify blocks, challenges, and discover opportunities for their personal lives as well as for their business. Additionally, many life coaches are very accomplished in their own lives and are good at asking key questions to unlocking other’s potential. This is what Crystalyn Roberts, owner and operator of Star Unlimited Coaching Solutions does successfully for her clientele. Crystalyn is a certified life coach, business strategist, and registered dental consultant. One may ask, “what can a life coach do for me that I can’t do for myself?” How about hold you accountable to your short and longterm goals and even hold you accountable to your dreams. Crystalyn is passionate about teaching other professional women how to balance and live their best lives on purpose and that includes learning how to balance yourself, first. Ideally this also means optimizing her clients’ overall wellness by reducing stress and stressors, redeeming lost time, balancing emotions, and maintaining physical health. The main reason life coaching works is because you’re hiring someone with greater experience than you in a certain area. A personal life coach can quickly identify patterns that may not be clear to you then they can help you devise and implement solutions. When this works well, it’s a very high-leverage relationship. Having a life coach is one of the fastest ways of solving challenging problems in your life and remaining focused. Crystalyn doesn’t merely coach the professional woman and mom on living a balanced life, but she is living the life she tells others they can have. She shares, “In my personal and professional development side I do focus on women because I understand the balance of having a family. I have five sons, I’m married, I’ve had a 20 year career in dentistry and 14 of those years I was a practicing dental hygienist ... and I also have my own business, so I can definitely relate to a woman trying to balance everything.” Admittingly, Crystalyn says that she fell victim to trying to do it all for everybody else and found herself omitting her own wellness and dreams. She says, “You have a dream. You have a vision. You know what you’re called to do but at the same time everything around you seems to be opposed to you stepping out and taking care of it. So, I really had to focus on finding a balance in my own life and focusing more on time management. I had to encourage myself to put me first.” Crystalyn is adamant in reminding her clients that you must take care of you, first, to be proactive for others. “That’s one of the things I keep in the forefront of my client’s mind. I create a time management plan that works well for them and I hold them to it. I encourage women to put themselves on the list because a lot of times we’re so busy caring for everybody else that we don’t make the list ourselves,” she shares. Continued on page 28

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who helps others maintain balance, identify blocks, challenges, and discover opportunities for their personal lives as well as for their business. Additionally, many life coaches are very accomplished in their own lives and are good at asking key questions to unlocking other’s potential. 27

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It’s important for Crystalyn that her clients recognize that it’s okay to put themselves first even though they have many others pulling on them for support. She also encourages them to get a sufficient amount of rest. Crystalyn explains, “I’m huge on rest because I know for myself if I don’t get enough of it I’m not as creative or productive and I know I won’t be able to take care of the people I love if I’m not well rested. I make sure I get eight hours of sleep every night. I get up at 4:15 a.m. every morning and work out for an hour and fifteen minutes. I try to eat clean because I know that’s just something important for my body and again I have a coaching business which I also consider a life style business. So even though my passion is to serve others my first ministry is to serve my own house hold. I want to make sure that they are well taken care of and to do that I have to take care of me. It’s hard for people to get used to taking care of themselves. I would be going against what I coach my clients to do if it wasn’t something I practiced myself.”

industry. A lot of business coaches are not coming from a life coaching standpoint they’re coming from the business perspective. They are more focused on what the numbers look like and all of that is great of course but my specific goal is for the client’s business to be productive from the human side. I’m looking at the individuals. I’m looking at implementing the plan or vision the owner has in his or her head and bringing that to life. I coach the owner and the staff so that everyone coming to the table understands why they are operating in those specific areas. Yes, I want to see the business be as productive as possible but first someone must come in and break it down so that when it’s built back up it’s balanced with purpose which means that everyone is working cohesively as a team in an environment void of conflict and stress. When that happens and all of it comes together, you’ll see greater results in your numbers across the board. This is what my business is designed to do and that’s why we’re different.”

Star Unlimited Coaching Solutions does more than just offer life coaching. This company also offers a strategic business component. Crystalyn believes that one of the reasons her business is successful is because she offers her clients a complementary one-on-one strategy session where she listens to their goals, discovers their passions, and suggests creative ways of reconceptualizing a wheel that isn’t necessarily broken. She shares, “I always provide a complementary strategy session and spend one-on-one time with clients, so I can find out exactly what they want from the business strategy side. Even if they are establishing a new business or desiring a fresh perspective with an existing business I create a strategy for the entire team.” She reminds us that Less Brown, a motivational speaker, once said, “It’s kind of hard to take a picture when you’re in the frame.”

Crystalyn believes that if you live a purposeful and balanced life “in the end you win.” She also believes that everyone is created on purpose and with a purpose and that life is to short not to walk in the gift that the Lord has given to you.

To Crystalyn that simply means that it takes somebody from the outside to see the potential for where the business is trying to go. “Sometimes people become very complacent in what they do daily, so I come in and give that business a fresh perspective. I especially enjoy team building. I have an extensive history in dentistry and I love it. I love to see patients well taken care of from the time they enter the practice until they leave. For that to happen team work must take place. I have worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and I understand that the dentists don’t really want to be bothered with the daily operations of the practice. That’s why they hire office managers. So, I come in and focus on the owners and find out how they are interpreting the environment and often it’s different than what’s actually going on. I have individual consultations with every team member because that’s how I can assess if everyone is working in their strengths as opposed to working in an area because there was a need and now the practice isn’t being productive internally. The whole point of having a team is getting everybody in the right position so that everyone is more productive together and on top of that the people that are coming to the practice can feel the cohesiveness. They feel the team effort and that just makes for a better business.” It is Crystalyn clear that Star Unlimited Coaching Solutions takes life coaching to the next level. Crystalyn shares, “I honestly believe my business differentiates itself from the rest because Star Unlimited Coaching Solutions is in the human potential


Triad - March/April 2018

Crystalyn earned a Bachelor of Science degree from UNCChapel Hill in dental hygiene and she is a registered hygienist. She has certifications in life coaching, high management coaching, and business coaching. h

Crystalyn Roberts Star Unlimited Coaching Solutions 2530 Meridian Parkway #300 Durham, NC 27655 919-355-6445


Pastor Vander Purcell Jr.

The African American Male Leadership Academy Inspiring African American Males To Fulfill Roles That Produce Leaders In Families And Communities Information and Photos Provided by AAMLA Pastor Vander Purcell Jr. and Sanctuary Deliverance Church of the Living Word in Greensboro, N.C. has created a program tailored made for young African American males. The African American Male Leadership Academy seeks to provide a program that effectively serves African American males. Effective mentoring, character development, and leadership are relevant tools that contribute to positive outcomes. They have organized this information around core principles relevant to the design and implementation of mentoring initiatives for African American males. Proven statistics have revealed that youth

participating in mentor programs do better and as a result the following occurs: they are less likely to affiliate themselves in gangs, they stay in school and attain high levels of education, morals are developed that create responsibility, accountability and durability, and they are less likely to be involved in substance abuse or in the delinquency and juvenile justice system. The AAMLA ensures to all parents and candidates that mentoring makes sense. It is a strength based approach that directs African American males in the direction of a positive future. It is critical that The African American Male Leadership Academy create ways to make programs available on a larger scale.

The AAMLA is built upon perspectives that were demonstrated by honorable men who left a strong legacy of integrity, perseverance, and selfdiscipline! The Honorable Frederick Douglas stated “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.� In May, the AAMLA will host the 2nd Annual Mother Son Dance Gala at the Khalif Event Center in Greensboro. The cost is $20 per couple, and $7 for each additional son. For more information about the academy, please visit their website at h

Viticus Thomas is Blessed and Bearded

Viticus has faced many challenges with establishing the Blessed and Bearded line. Getting the brand to be recognized on a larger scale and placing them in large retail chains such as Wal-Mart or Target are just a few. He also hopes to land a well-known public figure such as James Harden of the NBA to use his products. In order to reach those levels, he understands that he must remain consistent. Viticus credits the lady in his life for encouraging him to push his Blessed and Bearded brand to new limits. “I have been able to take this to another level since I have been with her,” he says, “I am very fortunate to have friends that have supported me from the very beginning.”

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Todd Youngblood Viticus Thomas has launched his own line of beard care products, Blessed and Bearded LLC. The Johnson C. Smith University graduate and Columbia, South Carolina native often reflects on how good God has been to him. He also has an eye for detail and passion for serving others. He’s enthusiastic and loves to put a smile on people’s faces with his personal arsenal of jokes. Now, he would like to add his beard balm to those same faces.

Moving forward, Viticus says he can see Blessed and Bearded becoming a house hold name. He has visualized bearded athletes, bearded actors, and bearded broadcasters wearing the Blessed and Bearded gear. “I see women who love beards wearing my clothing as well. I see this business not only for clothes but for men across the world to make this a lifestyle,” he says. The future looks bright for Viticus. For more information about the Blessed and Bearded line of products follow them on Facebook. To book Viticus Thomas for an event, please contact him by telephone or email. There are plans to soon launch a website. h

“Being Blessed and Bearded is not just a company, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone loves a good beard and since I have one, I love promoting it,” he says. “My beard balm makes those who have beards look and feel good.” His products also include a line of Blessed and Bearded shirts, sweatshirts, hats, Have A Beardiful Day shirts and hats, and Beard Power t-shirts. The designs are geared for both men and women, with a ladies favorite shirt, “Beards Give Me Wild Thoughts”. With the growing popularity of bearded men, it leaves many to wonder what impact the trend has on those who may be seeking a different look. Thomas says, “I think with all the new groups on social media, beards have made it good to be a man again. More women are attracted to men with facial hair, more now than ever. If you have a beard and take care of it, your chances of getting the interest of a beautiful woman are increased by 50 percent. If a man keeps himself groomed, it shows women that he takes pride in himself. The beard resembles patience and strength. I reflect to the story of Sampson in the bible. If a man can show patience and strength with his beard, he can definitely show patience with a woman and have the strength to protect her.” Having and maintaining a healthy landscape of facial hair is very important as well. Many people aren’t aware that beards can often house several forms of bacteria. That is why it’s very important to have a proper cleaning regimen for them such as regular shampooing. It is equally important to use the proper cleaning tools such as that offered by Viticus.

Viticus Thomas 803-862-8160


Free Yourself From Mental Incarceration and Self Imprisonment Tiffany began outreach ministry as an adolescent and her unique illustrative teachings bring a riveting effect to situations, circumstances, and problems people are facing. Tiffany is chosen to help others break free from life’s choices and decisions that create bondage. She is also a Prophetic Evangelist that travels the world speaking life into those who have lost hope with the Beauty Behind Bars message.


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Tiffany Love Harden iffany Love Harden is an innovative Inspirational Speaker with a tenacious heart for God. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker, Author, Film Producer, Model, Actress, Spiritual Inspirational Speaker, Visionary, and Movement Personality Host. She has appeared in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, Second Generation Wayans sitcom on BET, Glamour Belles on Lifetime Television, and currently hosts the Once in a Wifetime movement.

Growing up in a less than desirable environment, she experienced the pain of how alcohol and drugs affected her family. In spite of living in a negative environment, she excelled on the track and in the classroom. Often times she regretted coming home to face the challenges of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and many family disappointments. In 2000, Tiffany received a full athletic Track & Field scholarship to East Tennessee State University. She graduated with a Master of Science in Social Work with a concentration in Behavioral Health, and a Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in Child and Family Studies.


Triad - March/April 2018

Beauty Behind Bars is a life changing ministry that teaches others how to be free from mental incarceration and self-imprisonment through a myriad of transparent testimonies that give hope. Their services are geared towards individuals who are suffering from self-imprisonment, judgement, mental incarceration, past issues, strongholds, and spiritual weaknesses. The ministry consist of seeing others break free from the bondage that kept them from reaching their full potential that God has planned for their lives. Beauty Behind Bars began in 2012 when Tiffany was Mrs. Tennessee US. She experienced an unfortunate divorce, which created selfimprisonment and self-esteem issues. Beauty Behind Bars provides a life changing seminar, conference, and course that teaches the importance of forgiveness, how to free yourself from mental incarceration and self-imprisonment, how to love yourself from the inside out, taking ownership of mistakes made, how to take the steps necessary to pursue goals and dreams, and how to teach others in the community by being an example. Each conference participant receives a t-shirt, wristband, and self-esteem planner or journal. Tiffany says that a persons’ true calling in life can’t be about money. “Your gifts will make room for you. Ministry is truly about helping people. The gift is for others to experience so that they may find the gift God has for their own life. Don’t let your current circumstances change your destined position in life. Throughout my years of running track, I have realized life is a marathon and not a sprint.” h

Willliam Winters & Gary Hooker Mr. GroomRoom Barbershop

By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Jerry Barbry

conversation he had with his father. It involved needing guidance on whether or not to trust William and partner up. “My father told me it was time. He felt like William was ready and that I should give him a chance.” Gary did just that. Almost one year to the day, Mr. Groom Room was open for business. Gary self-financed William’s dream of a relaxing atmosphere, complete with jazz music, beverages, and a mature environment, and they are still debt free.

Over the phone, I can hear lots of hustle and bustle in the background of Mr. Groom Room Barbershop. Customers are talking and laughing and clippers are buzzing. I’m imagining the barbers leaning in to make the perfect edge up before sending their client out the door. The upscale men’s barbershop is a popular gathering spot in the black community in Raleigh. It’s the vision of William Winters and his younger brother Gary Hooker who were both born and raised in the city. Gary is already an entrepreneur, owning an entertainment company, a real estate company, and runs a nonprofit with his wife. In 2016, he committed to helping his brother after he successfully bounced back from years of hardships. As a college student at North Carolina Central University, William would cut hair for the other students. Even during his three-year career in the Navy, he found himself earning a few extra bucks by flipping on his clippers then too. Between short-lived stints of sensibility, William worked in various barbershops around the city of Raleigh for 20 years until a friend mentioned he should actually become licensed. He eventually attended Park West Barber School in Raleigh and was official shortly thereafter. But he will be the first to tell you, the road wasn’t easy. William isn’t shy about his past lifestyle. He openly talks about it with conviction and honesty. “I’m a recovering addict and was homeless. I fractured a few laws and ended up in the state penitentiary.” He was also stealing from and lying to family members to feed his habit - a far stretch from what you see today. Now he’s a bowtie-wearing, hair-cutting, business-owning, man of faith with endless possibilities.

In addition to Gary’s assistance, William cherish’s the hard work of all the barbers and stylists who make up his amazing team – Keyshawn Robinson, Tanya Thompson, and Nasif Ervin, help make it what it is today.

“I didn’t let those decisions stop me. What I did doesn’t define who I am, “says William. Being from the Raleigh area and connected to N.C. State University, the barber who reclaimed his life, uses the late Jim Valvano’s motto, ‘Never give up’, as a motivator. He persevered through those moments of defeat and despair and uckily, his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Among those paying attention was his brother, who always wanted to see William succeed. “There was a time when my wife and I wouldn’t even let him into our home. We would speak to him at the door. For over 25 years, he was lost. But now we have a great relationship. I finally have my brother back,” Gary says proudly. Initially when his big brother approached him about the idea of investing in a shop, Gary was hesitant. He wanted William to show him he was ready instead of just telling him. During this same time, the men’s father fell ill and was getting worse daily. Gary vividly remembers the last meaningful

He has come a long way, but William doesn’t forget the struggles he faced and likes to extend a helping hand to those who are still fighting their way back. When most shops are closed on Sunday, Mr. Groom Room is open and busy providing free haircuts to the homeless twice a month. In February, William was honored by WRALSports with the Sports Shop Salute to Champions Award and in March will receive Greensboro’s Celebrating Life Award – ‘Honoring those who have overcome life’s tremendous struggles’. Within the next 10 years William and Gary would like to expand Mr. Groom Room to several other locations as a franchise. “We’re offering services of uptown Raleigh and bringing it to the southside at reasonable prices,” says William. When asked about what he would change about his path, he affirms that he wouldn’t change a thing, as it led him to where he is now. h

Mr. GroomRoom Barbershop 2 N Pettigrew St. Raleigh, NC (919) 410-0114


The Mompreneur Inspirista


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Desmona Jenise Allison er aim is to help women create successful businesses and empower themselves and others by achieving and completing their goals and sharing their experiences.

Desmona J. Allison, the “Mompreneur Inspirista” is a Human Resources professional, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, blogger, aspiring author and mother, or as she describes herself, a “Mompreneur”. The “Momprenuer Life” is one of many responsibilities, roles, passions, challenges, accomplishments, and purpose. While wearing those many titles, she has also found the time to maintain a personal blog, Desmona Jenise Inspires. Desmona Jenise Inspires mission is to inspire women to pursue their passions, dreams, and goals without fear of failure. “In spite of whatever obstacles we may face, we must push pass them,” she says. “As a single mom I was told that I was unable to chase my dreams because I had more serious responsibilities. What’s more serious than providing the life your family deserves. I was told I would never be able to graduate from college. I was also told that my goals were way too big. I didn’t allow that to deter me.” “Living your dreams and pushing pass stereotypes, obstacles, and triumphs is never perfect and pretty. “You are stronger than others want you to believe. My life has never been perfect, but I was created by a perfect God that made me perfectly capable of achieving much more than I can even imagine,” she says. On March 10th, Desmona hosted a Branding and Brunch event, along with other Momprenuers and business professionals at Ellandale’s in Nashville, TN. The purpose of the event was to educate others on how to take their business to the next level. Other participants included De’Andria Anderson, Jennifer Olis, Shaterrial Starnes, Deondria Moore, and Thaisa Bell. Desmona got started on her journey by establishing the consulting, event planning, and coaching segments nearly three years ago. She has always been a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey and envisioned herself following in her footsteps. After enrolling in college her career goals changed. Soon life happened with work and kids, and she eventually graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management, with an emphasis in Human Resources. She has operated two home-based businesses and also dabbled in network marketing and event planning. Yet, she always felt there was more she could do. With the encouragement of friends, her interest of being a life coach was sparked. Now for the last couple of years Desmona has been working with others to create networking events geared towards building strong successful business people. She credits her mother with being one of her biggest inspirations. She didn’t get to go to college, but instead waited until her children were older to pursue her own passions and college career. She was a seamstress who learned how to sew at a young age. She even made clothes for Desmona and her siblings, along with making handmade gifts, wedding dresses, home decor, knitting, and more. “I get

my creative side from my mom most definitely,” Desmona says. Her father obtained a degree in technical school and worked as a computer consult for many years. His impression on Desmona helped to lay a foundation that still exists with her today. “Always dress the part for the career you hope to have, and always follow through with anything you start, no matter how minor or major,” Desmona says were bits of advice her father shared. One of her favorite quotes of her father was “Don’t talk about it, be about it!” “Whenever I felt down or disappointed, he would remind me that I was capable of so much more. He saw the fight in me when I thought I had no more strength to keep going,” she says. Moving forward, Desmona hopes to create a non-profit organization to help young girls reach beyond their limits and change the world around them. She plans to continue building the network of women entrepreneurs and leaders. Also, be on the lookout for her first self-published book. h

Desmona Jenise Inspires (615) 589-2099

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Photos and Information provided by Phyllis Bridges

hyllis Bridges of High Point, NC continues to bring African American interests and issues to the forefront.

Her latest production, The March on an All-American City is a documentary film which gives a chronological timeline of how an African American community and an All-American City survived the racial tension of the 1960’s. This film gives you a glimpse into the history of High Point’s African American community when it was fighting for integration and equality during the Civil Rights Movement. Prominent citizens of High Point will share their stories, experiences, and knowledge about a critical time in the city’s history. (Provided by The March On An All-American City,” which focused on this city’s civil rights struggle and the men and women who were involved in it, won three awards from the N.C. Society of Historians for High Point filmmaker Phyllis Bridges — the Paul Green Multimedia Award, an Award of Excellence, and the President’s Award. (Provided by Bridges attended High Point University majoring in interior design. Not only did it provide for her education, but it also spawned her love and appreciation for art; black art in particular. Eventually Bridges began experimenting as a freelance interior designer.


She commuted from North Carolina to the Maryland/Washington DC area bringing style and beauty to private citizens’ homes as well as government facilities. Bridges noticed that many of the homes were big and glorious, but the art wasn’t comparable. “The houses were way too gorgeous not to have nice art to go with them,” she says. “You don’t have a half a million dollar home and decorate it with Dollar General art.” Her observations gave her the idea to open an art gallery and become an art dealer. For one solid year Bridges learned the business. In 2008 she opened her own gallery. It was such a success that she outgrew three facilities. However, due to unforeseen circumstances Bridges eventually had to close her beloved gallery. But her love for art never waned, rather it intensified. Along the way she discovered what she believes to be the separating factor between black art and all other artwork; something most people don’t realize. Unbeknownst to many people, even current High Point citizens, High Point was largely a black city due in large part to the expansive opportunities in the upholstery and furniture industries, the railroad and paving of city streets. It was also a hot spot during the Civil Rights Movement. High Point had the first sit-in with high school students only 10 days after the Woolworths sit-in in Greensboro. It was led by Ben Elton Cox, at the time the city’s civil rights leader as well as an original Freedom Rider.

Bridges has been fortunate enough to capture the essence of black life from the great grandchildren of slaves as well as the children and grandchildren of those living during the Jim Crow era. Due to High Point’s Quaker roots and the group’s staunch aversion to slavery, there was not a great deal of slavery in High Point, but there were certainly some instances. Many of the interviewees recanted things they experienced themselves as well as stories they were told filled with sadness as well as cheerful moments. In addition to oral histories many photos are also a part of the documentary to bring to life a long-forgotten and buried past. (Provided by Tonya Dixon) h

Phyllis Bridges Yaliks Modern Art (336) 989-0047

Stump’s Perfect Portions

“Preparing Healthy Meals So You Don’t Have To”

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Stumps Perfect Portions

Lets face it. With the hectic lives that we all live, it’s hard to eat healthy. Not only does it take time and money to shop for quality ingredients, but the cooking process can be time consuming as well. Fortunately, there is someone who has come up with a solution for these challenges. Stump’s Perfect Portions is a small meal prep company that was created to help individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle. Helping people make better choices based on nutritional information and portion sizes is what Knight says they do best. Their goal is to save you time and money while taking away the stress of grocery shopping and cooking. Their meals come freshly prepared and prepackaged. All that they ask you to do is heat and eat! The menu offers a special that is changed weekly along with a variety of proteins, vegetables and carbs. There is definitely something for everyone. Stump’s prices range from $6.50 to $8.00 per meal. Whether you are looking for a healthier option, a home cooked meal, or just looking for convenience, Stump’s will be glad to cook meals for you! When it comes to Stump’s Perfect Portions, they offer much more than meal prep services. They offer full service catering as well. No matter the size of your event or the venue, Stump’s will meet the demand. They are truly about creating memorable experiences for you and your guest. Stump’s catering is known for its tasty menu and trust worthy service. They strive for excellence and going beyond our clients’ expectations. Knight says he believes in fresh, quality ingredients, and use locally sourced meats and vegetables as much as possible. Their attention to detail along with their presentation is backed 100% by the Stump’s brand. We proudly serve Greensboro and the surrounding areas of the Triad. h

Shaun Knight Order Online, Available For Pick Up & Delivery For more information, please call 336-451-9885

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Cutest Baby 38


Kyrie Pointzes The son of Steve Pointzes Jr. and Monae Cozart Photo provided by Nataisha Pointzes

To submit photographs to be placed in the Huami Magazine Cutest Baby feature, please send a detailed email to

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Pastor Vanessa C. Thomas

Presents The

April 5th-7th, 2018 Fort Magruder Hotel & Conference Center Williamsburg, VA

I believe God is birthing new things and whatever the Lord chooses to birth through the lives of the individuals we minister to, whether it’s a song, a book, or an entire ministry, we endeavor to remind each person that it’s not about us or them, but it’s about the people who need what they are carrying.

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Alores Norris

Pastor V Ministries was birthed in August 2017. This ministry is designed to help encourage, strengthen, speak life, and break every stronghold of the enemy over the lives the enemy has held in captivity, releasing them into their destiny. “Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God. (Isaiah 66:9) God plans, He prepares, and He will deliver says ministry founder Pastor Vanessa C. Thomas. “We all must trust God to bring forth the vision He has given each of us. He will not position us for greatness without preparing us for destiny, but He will put us in position to fulfill His vision. We will walk in our destiny,” she says. “I believe God is birthing new things and whatever the Lord chooses to birth through the lives of the individuals we minister to, whether it’s a song, a book, or an entire ministry, we endeavor to remind each person that it’s not about us or them, but it’s about the people who need what they are carrying.”


Pastor V Ministries is in the first phase of ministry. Pastor Thomas says they are still in the process of development and seeking direction on how to connect further in the community. They are committed to supporting Yeshua’s House, an 18-month transitional home for women and children in Petersburg, VA. The home is designed to help women achieve financial stability after suffering domestic abuse or financial hardship. On April 5-7, the ministry will host the Daughters of Destiny women’s conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. The conference theme is “Pregnant with Purpose: There Shall Be a Performance.” Others involved include Pastor Melissa Engman, Minister Elfreda TylerAnderson, and Sister Stephanie Flowers. The vision of the conference is to empower every woman in attendance to know that they are worthy to produce and to see them give birth to their God-given destiny. “Our desire is to also give them the tools to walk it out when they return home, not to life as usual, but to a purpose-filled life. We will do this through the worship experience, daytime workshops, nightly services and times of fellowship over

the course of the conference,” says Pastor Thomas. “Many women have remained bound, walking in the wilderness for years like the Israelites. They’ve traveled in circles, going around and around, not knowing how to break the cycle. Many have carried their God-given vision, wondering if it would ever come to fruition. But our faith is that those who attend Daughters of Destiny will be in the right place at the right time to spiritually give birth. It’s their time!” The conference seeks to attract women from Virginia and areas around. With such a powerful line up, souls are sure to be fed and lives changed. Pastor Thomas says “We are believing for souls to be saved, ministries to be established, businesses to be started, visions to be restored, and for fire to be ignited in each woman’s heart to do something that will bring glory to God. Intercessors have been given the task of aiding in the “birthing” process. By praying for the perfect alignment of power, passenger, passage and position in each “birth,” they will act as spiritual midwives to bring about His purposes in the earth. We are coming together in the “delivery room” to hold the hands of these women who have been given a mandate by God to give birth in this season.” h

The House of

Flawless Makeup & Beauty Lounge 119C SE Main Street Simpsonville, South Carolina (864) 962-3423

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Alores Norris The House of Flawless Makeup and Beauty Lounge offers the latest and trending cosmetic brands including foundations, powders, makeup brushes, lip glosses, and their famous Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Located in Simpsonville, South Carolina it is a fully equipped makeup studio capable of providing services including brow waxing, mini facials, and more. They also offer services for different types of makeup applications such as Bridal, Glamour & Beauty, Pageant, Runway, Film, Fashion Media, and Photography. For the individual who is getting prepared for a night on the town, prom night, wedding day, or a birthday dinner and is in need of makeup services, this is the place to go. The studio was opened by Alores Norris. She is a mother, wife, and an accomplished business owner. She is also a friend, dreamer, and go-getter. She has always had a passion for makeup artistry, but it took discipline and order for her to get to where she is now. House of Flawless didn’t open until February 10, 2017, but the journey began in 2004 while Alores was living in Germany. As a stay at home wife, she started studying traditional makeup applications and eventually got her certification. From Germany she moved to Lawton, Oklahoma where she picked up a little clientele. However, her makeup skills wasn’t exactly where she wanted them to be on the artistry side. Additionally she didn’t possess the business knowledge, so she decided to go back to school at Cameron University to study Studio Arts. That is when her makeup turned into art and her art turned into her vision. She started to understand the true meaning of color and theory, hue difference, warm verses cool, and the behavior of color mixtures. “Studying Studio Arts is where I fell in love with the Renaissance Art. I gazed into the eyes of Rococo Art for hours from my art books and daydreamed about being Leonid Afremov. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that talented at painting. I was nowhere near that good and I would never be

Leonid Afremov and create his type of master pieces. I knew I could study his style of painting and transform his style of art into my style of art and make my own masterpieces. Years later I toyed with the idea of having my own boutique but never believed that it was in the cards for me. I kind of pushed it in the back of my mind,” she says. Once she moved to South Carolina she applied for jobs at different makeup counters and after finally being hired at one she quickly realized the artistry wasn’t the main goal at a makeup counter. She eventually quit that job and did freelance here and there. Her clientele grew tremendously and she got another makeup counter job at Ulta. She worked there for a while before opening and renting a small studio space on the second floor of a hair salon. Things were going well and she had an increase in clientele, but all of a sudden it stopped. That door was closed. Once again the thought of having her own studio crossed her mind, but how in God’s name could she do that. “I can’t continue to keep quitting jobs and put all of this burden on my husband. So I had a long talk with God. I was so distracted by the failures and letdowns that I couldn’t see that he was preparing me for my own, but even bigger,” she says. After her temper tantrum with God, she began to listen and move only when He told her to. “I started meditating and working on the life I wanted for myself and my family. I started to work on my relationship with God and the more I trusted in him the more I realized that the closed door was not only for my protection, but it was never simply my door to begin with. Nine months later I signed the lease to my cosmetic store with God on one side and my incredible, supportive husband on the other. On February 10, 2017, House of Flawless was born, and we have been making history ever since,” she says. If you are ever in Simpsonville, SC stop by House of Flawless and allow Alores and her team to treat you to their type of beauty. h


Suprena Hickman “A lot of the women that I’m called to help are caregivers who have neglected themselves because they’re taking care of their husband, kids, a sick relative, or their jobs. When you’re pleasing everybody else you forget about yourself. As women and caregivers, we must learn to set boundaries and we must also learn how to say, no.”

By Dr. Marrissa Dick Photos by Suprena Hickman

If you’ve lived long enough you have certainly experienced some emotional and psychological hurt in your life. Depending upon the person, conquering these traumatic experiences is easier for some than for others. Finding a way to heal and press pass the pain can be a great challenge- especially if you don’t know how to let go of that past pain. This is where having a coach can assist you in escaping your past, so you can have a healthier future. Meet Suprena
L. Hickman, Nurse Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Certified Integrative Health Coach. Suprena likes to think of herself as the Harriet Tubman for the Heart because she assists women in Escaping from their pasts into freedom; however, most people simply know her as - - The Escape Coach. An Escape Coach? Sounds different doesn’t it? Yes, it does, and it is different. According to Suprena, “An Escape Coach helps others get away from their past hurts. I do a lot of work on the heart. Instead of trying to only forgive somebody else who hurt you, you also have to learn to forgive and be kind to yourself and a lot of people don’t know how to do that.” Though she can coach all clients, her passion is with helping women who are caregivers. She shares, “A lot of the women that I’m called to help are caregivers or service-industry professionals who have neglected themselves because they’re taking care of their husband, kids, a sick relative, or overworked on their job. When you’re pleasing everybody else you forget about yourself. As women and caregivers, we must learn to set boundaries and we must also learn how to say, no. As odd as that sounds, many people don’t know how to say no. At the end of the day, they have accomplished everything for everybody else and haven’t done anything
for themselves because now they’re too exhausted. That’s why it’s important to have some escape time everyday- even throughout the day. People who are caregivers often give off vibes that they are always available when they actually are not. But then what happens if the person you’re providing that care for dies or you divorce? For some, a divorce is like a death. Or, what if you lose that job


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that consumed all of your time? Then, these individuals would become lost. I see this happening a lot especially after a divorce. All the woman’s energy was spent focusing on that man or husband and now that he’s gone the woman doesn’t know how to get herself back. Often, he’s moved on maybe even in another relationship, but she’s stuck harboring resentment. Also, as an Escape Coach I help people escape from toxic relationships. You know some people have become so use to verbal, physical or emotional abuse that they don’t know or even remember what it feels like to be treated genuinely. I coach women on how to release that anger and bitterness, so they don’t pass it down to the next generation. You know it’s like they’re spoiled fruit and don’t realize that they’re planting those same spoiled seeds in other people sometimes maybe even inside of their own children or they take it to other relationships. I help them escape from that toxic past, so they can stop attracting other toxic folks.” Suprena literally focuses on helping women remove the steal wall that’s surrounding them keeping them from moving forward with life. She understands that people can’t be fully present in life if they’re holding onto past hurts and it causes you to not be as creative or as effective as you can be. Now that we have clarity of what an Escape Coach does how does she do it? How can you escape when you’re still being that “caregiver or still carrying that resentment?” According to Suprena, “I just want to utilize as much of my skills to help Inspire, Impact, and Empower women one escape at a time.
I do private retreats, transformational workshops, or it might be an outing maybe even a movie or having a dance. I also teach women how to escape even if they don’t
have funds. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you still can’t
do stuff at home. I teach my clients how they can create some space- even with a house full of kids. There’s a bathroom or a balcony or a laundry room. Hardly anybody is going to bother you in your own bathroom.” Suprena
also believes that it’s possible to learn other crafts to help you escape. She says, “When I was in high school I learned how to bake and decorate cakes and as I got older I turned that into a pro table business. Baking and decorating helped me to relieve stress and it also made others happy. Now, I combine my signature treats with some of my sessions. I call them my “A Sweet Escape” and “Conversations and Chewies”. That really goes over well. When you let go of those toxic emotions then you can feel your purpose come back alive.” Knowing how to help others has always been a part of Suprena’s life. From observing her mother caring for family members and others in her community as she grew up, she believes that’s where her foundation began. She also understands that she’s spiritually sensitive. Suprena shares, “I know I’m spiritually sensitive and it took me a long time to understand that. God has gifted me with the ability to feel and see a lot. I can’t fix everything, but what I can do is give inspiration, empower you, and impact women in bad times- and that’s just something I innately do. You know seeing people heal is priceless to me. A lot of times I don’t get to see that but through Escaping I get to see that transformation. You know as women we often fake it until we make it and that’s not always good because you’re covering something up. I’ll always be a nurse, but I’ve learned to just use my stethoscope differently now as an Escape Coach. I’m not pushing needles and inserting catheters and weaning people off the ventilator; instead, I’m pushing Inspiration; I’m Impacting lives; and I’m Empowering women by helping them uncover and recover so they can let go of their past and enter into a successful future one Escape at a time.” Suprena offers her Escape services in a variety of ways. She is also the co-founder of a teen empowerment organization called Girls Rocking In The South, LLC (GRITS). This is an Escape 2 Sisterhood teen mentoring group. She believes that by helping young teenage girls take care of and respect themselves now when they become older women, these practices will already be incorporated into their daily lives. She also designs Corporate Escapes, which offer sessions for burnout prevention and relief. Suprena understands that happy employees bring happy customers. She believes that Investing in your employees will yield a great return and create a healthier working environment. Suprena also offers Escape Boot Camps which is a weekend program held in Wilmington or surrounding areas. This Escape is designed to lead you into focusing on mental, physical,

and spiritual balance. The Escape Boot Camp also affords you the opportunity to experience what a personal escape looks and feels like. With Suprena as your Escape Coach for the weekend, you are sure to leave the weekend feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more goaloriented. This program includes a couple of interactive workshops, a personal session with Suprena, healthy snacks, meals, and an official Escape Guide to provide you with the tools needed to assist you during h your Escape and help you move to the next level in your life.

Suprena L. Hickman 910-352-1033


Jazzy Friday, April 6- Saturday, April 7, 2018 Is there a goal that you would like to see accomplished? Are you waiting on a promise from God? The Birthing Movement, Inc. exists to assist women and young girls who are 'pregnant with purpose' on how to push through the pain of birthing out the promises of God. Join Co-Founders, Na'tosha Brooks and Shayla Hilton, at their first annual gathering this April in Greensboro, North Carolina! To learn more, visit The Birthing Movement




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