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There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

Has Your Purpose Changed Address? There Are No If, Ands, Or Its Buts About It! A Letter from the Editor

A Letter From The Editor

A Letter from the Editor

if tomorrow didn’tcan arrive? All of yourand plans, hopes TheWhat journey of a dreamer be rewarding often and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if as times very exhaustive. There are many ups and downs, everything that decided to slow put off until tomorrow never What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes well as twists and you turns that can you down or speed happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy and dreams have a street it tobeing park on. things up. For wouldn’t myself, and I imagine the What same iffor day, and you could someone theuntil trouble of drive making everything that youspare decided to putwhat off tomorrow never others, is the challenge of knowing street to promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy upon, knowing when to park, and knowing the right time to today? would you do? andWhat you could spare someone the trouble of making getday, things moving again. promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired I’ve been that I often too much. today? What would you do? seem Nothing evertold stays the same in life,like forI do they are always Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm changing, some for good and others for the bad. I think believer in knowing that God aseem wouldn’t on me I’ve been told Iworld often like I change do anything too much. God purposely gavethat the sense ofput so that that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm we would could experience the beauty of his creations, at be if I chose to sit idle and accept whatput it presented believer in knowing that God wouldn’t anything on me different times and from different perspectives, neverto tome. be I haveI found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity that couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would complacent. This principle also applies to our purpose in is aifblessing that to what everyone. A challenge be I chose to sitisn’t idle afforded and accept it presented to me. I life. to mefound is an adventure. What is the In worst that can opportunity happen? have that to be very boring. my opinion, If aI do nothing, if I try to I don’t, but instead learn is blessing thatI fail, isn’tand afforded everyone. A challenge Our destiny has but one final destination, though the route something new about myself. yourcan pride and in to me is an adventure. What is Relinquish the worst that happen? to return get there is never the same and will change. Many acquire life. If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn methods and techniques that worked on yesterday may not something new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in doreturn the trick onadvice today. Resources andhappened connections willsomeone run The best given to me when acquire life.ever drytold andme beto disconnected. What once provided make my tomorrow happen today. nourishment In doing so may possibly sicken you. Instinctively we sometimes panic I have pressed my way through doors with a key thatsomeone only The best advice ever given to me happened when during these situations, but we must not waste away there. hopeme provided. have also learned the today. difference between told to makeImy tomorrow happen In doing so I have learned to realize the reason for my dysfunction isn’t what God blesses me with and what life can burden me with I have pressed my way through doors with a key that only always my but rather it’s evidence that work atand as well. Ifault, compare it toalso knowing when bemy confident hope provided. I have learned the to difference between that moment is complete, and my purpose has changed when tocan be quiet, because what God blesses me with and what life burden me it with address. may get it confused as well. I compare it to knowingsomeone when to be confident and with being when to bearrogant. quiet, because God loves me and this I know. someone If He didn’t, mayI wouldn’t get it confused Make you tomorrow have purpose. His navigational with being arrogant. today, but mostme systemhappen has never misguided importantly make it count. Make you tomorrow into a traffic jam of despair. So, Life is but a whisper andI today, but most when happen my purpose relocates, we must putmake ourselves in ait. importantly it seek God for directions tocount. find position what it is is buttoa hear whisper and If I amLife connected to God, it’s not telling us. we must put ourselves in too hard to locate it. My race a position tome hear what it is can’t be won by constantly telling us. running in the same place, and Terry L. Watson the rewards that life offers can’t be redeemed if I fail to arrive at Editor/Founder Terry L. Watson the next stop for my purpose.



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Nashville - March/April 2019

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Victoria Sparks


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Jamie Batts Jamie’s Kitchen

Elliott C. Washington Jr.



T-N-T BBQ Opens New Location

James and Tem

Huami Magazine Cutest Baby

Anthony Dillard III



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Alisha Danielle She is minding her business all the way from Fayetteville, NC.


Teshira Perkins I am an Artist. I am Different.


Nashville - March/April 2019

MiLinya Alanda and Maxey Javan Posey Learn They are more proving aboutthat this it is dynamic easier to woman do morehas with hastwo. pushed her way through.

26 5

Jamie Batts

Has Got Flavor By Terry L. Watson Photos by Jamie Batts Jamie Batts of Nashville, Tennessee is determined to finish the race. The young entrepreneur and owner of Jamie’s Kitchen is a dream chaser, goal setter, mother, wife, and loyal friend. She is also a pretty good cook, and this skill set has come in pretty handy, helping her to satisfy the appetites of others. More than anything, Jamie enjoys putting a smile on her clients faces, after they taste her food creations. “I love being a business owner and having something that I can call my very own. As a business owner I am able to make executive decisions and pretty much do as I see fit,” she shares. Her business, Jamie’s Kitchen offers a versatile array of services and products. Launched in 2015, Jamie’s Kitchen serves soul food, hours d’oeuvres, meals for those on the go, and even a meal prep option. “Four years ago I started selling wing plates. A friend asked me to prepare 100 wings for her sister’s baby shower. They were a hit, and after that, orders just started coming in,” she said. She has continued to receive similar reactions and responses from her growing lists of clients and happy customers. She also has benefited from having a loving support system of family and friends, who always push and encourage Jamie to do more. “My husband and kids are my biggest supporters. When I create a new sauce or dish, they pump me up like I’ve won the lottery. Without them, there would be no business,” Jamie said. This year, Jamie has committed herself and Jamie’s Kitchen to be more actively involved within her community. In July, she plans to conduct a back to school event. She also plans to continue to grow her business and incorporate a few additional services, which will help her to be even more versatile. She also offers some advice to others who may follow in her footsteps. “Make sure you have a passion for what your doing. You can’t worry about what other businesses are doing. Remember there are no limits and all things are possible!” h

Follow Jamie’s Kitchen On Facebook @Jamie Batts



T-N-T BBQ of Nashville Opens New Location

Travis and Tem Davis By Terry L. Watson They are at it again. Travis Davis-Johnson and his wife Tem are the proud owners of T-N-T BBQ in Nashville, Tennessee. For years the couple has owned and managed a fledging food service company from a mobile aspect. They had the key ingredients for success under control; good food, good service, and a sound faith in God. They also had an ever-growing customer base who would follow them to wherever they set up shop. Yet there was something deep down on the inside of them both that nagged at their peace.

Travis enjoys making food that pleases the mouth. He believes that everyone has an appetite for good eats. He is just doing his part by bringing go food to the table. Travis offers some advice to others who may be thinking about starting their own business. “Stay focused and motivated. Even when things don’t look favorable, don’t give up. Always have faith that God is directing your steps and He will never leave you nor forsake you,” he says. h

That nuisance was an actual calling on their lives to expand their business beyond a mobile capacity and open a full-fledged restaurant. When we last spoke with Travis, he said one of the biggest challenges they faced was obtaining a central location that would allow them to serve the masses. Now, they have turned the wheels a little and have opened up shop at 1211 Brick Church Pike in Nashville. There is one prerequisite before sitting down and eating at T-N-T BBQ; you must be able to handle the heat. Like most other restaurants in Nashville that offers hot chicken, they are also famously known for bringing the heat. The Davis’ have challenged many customers to their hot chicken challenge, with few winners. The name of the flavor is intense and just as scary, M22. Try it at your own risk. Travis began his business in June 2017. Both him and his wife had an entrepreneurial spirit. He began by selling food. He was a little hesitant at first, but eventually listened to his wife’s advice to do more.


Nashville - March/April 2019

1211 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN



V ictoria Sparks By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Still Shots Photography

Victoria Sparks is not your average 20-year-old. She’s confident, driven, and intentional about the moves she makes and the example she’s setting. At 14, she began mapping out the path to success, and has not only stuck to the path, but has expanded it during her journey. The Generation Z’er started thinking early about her career and future goals after meeting with a family friend who was a Certified Public Accountant. She offered Victoria the opportunity to shadow her at her firm and Victoria immediately knew this would be her future. Since she already loved numbers and math, accounting and finance corresponded perfectly with her interests. When it was time for Victoria to consider life beyond high school, she became involved with the scholarship ministry at her church as well as sought guidance from her counselor at her school, Greensboro College Middle College. Studying, test-taking, and researching consumed most of her free time but she welcomed it. Although she and the other students learned a few strategies while taking SAT/ACT and scholarship prep programs she realized most weren’t getting the results they desired. “In middle college, I met students enrolled in college who would tell me they were already $30,000 in debt. I realized then that I didn’t want my parents to be stuck with that and neither did I,” says the UNC – Greensboro student. While in middle-college, the ambitious teen completed college-level courses, allowing her to earn college credit which will result in an early graduation. Of course, finishing college in less time will also reduce expenses. When her nose wasn’t in a textbook, Victoria created a scholarship notebook at the recommendation of her mentor, Jacqueline Fortson, and challenged herself to apply for at least 30 scholarships a month, averaging about 1 per day. She was meticulous about keeping an inventory of what she applied for, what the scholarship offered, and each due date. She also kept her resume, multiple headshots, and recommendation letters readily available. Her hard work amounted to thousands of dollars from school and independent funds. To date, she hasn’t had to use any personal money to finance her college education. With all the time and effort spent uncovering the secret of scholarship-hunting, the double major (Accounting and Finance with a minor in Dance) knew she had something to share with the world.

“In middle college, I met students enrolled in college who would tell me they were already $30,000 in debt. I realized then that I didn’t want my parents to be stuck with that and neither did I.”

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Nashville - March/April 2019 11

“This step-by-step guide will give you the tools to complete the college preparation and application process and come out debt free. I can’t guarantee full rides, however, if you do the work you will see results.”

One weekend at a friends birthday party, Victoria struck up a conversation with a woman she barely knew. The woman prophesied that Victoria was going to write a book. The irony was, she had already considered the idea. That same week, she put pen to paper and cranked out several pages. As life happened, she got busy with other projects and stepped away from it until the same woman contacted her mother to inquire about her progress. That was just the motivation she needed to get moving again and finish what she started. Last spring, Victoria completed her first selfpublished book, ‘Plan to Prevail; A Resource Guide for College Bound Students’. It essentially helps students and parents locate education funds and is available in paperback and e-book versions. Her principles can also be utilized by those already in college with mounting debt. To test the waters, she provided a promotional copy to those who attended her sold out scholarship and college preparation workshop. This summer, she plans to offer another workshop to help even more attendees conquer their goals of obtaining a free education, or at least one that won’t force them to pay astronomical fees for years after graduation. The book guides you from beginning to end on how to find your passion and your career purpose, then how to apply to colleges, how to select the right scholarships, the importance of developing your vision, and many other topics. “This step-by-step guide will give you the tools to complete the college preparation and application process and come out debt free. I can’t guarantee full rides, however, if you do the work you will see results,” says Victoria. In addition to selling her book, Victoria offers consultations to understand what her clients are looking to achieve.

Get Your Copy Today! 336-365-8118 IG: queenv_492 FB: Victoria Sparks Schedule Your Consultation @ 12

Nashville - March/April 2019

With one business under her belt, the young visionary is already on track to becoming a successful entrepreneur like her mother, who owns a health and wellness company. Victoria’s ultimate goal is to be a CPA & Financial Advisor as well as own her own dance studio. From the looks of things, she is well on her way to conquering any obstacle she chooses. Victoria adds, “I am forever grateful and thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to share my story with others. I want to thank all of my friends and family who assisted me on this journey. But most of all, I want to thank my mother, father, and sister who has supported me during my writing and publishing process.” h “You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 NLT


Cutest Baby

Anthony Dillard III The son of Chandra White and Anthony Dillard Jr.

Triad - Nov./Dec. 2018

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Alisha Danielle Just Minding My Business


Nashville - March/April 2019

By Laci Ollison Photos by Pharenheit Photography Readjusting to life after the military can be difficult for some veterans. Many experience difficulties readjusting to civilian life, finding a community, and coping with experiences from their time in service. For many Veterans, appreciation comes once a year during the national holiday set aside to honor those who have formerly served in any branch of service. But one Army vet has made it her purpose in life to honor veterans every day of the year by giving back through her businesses. Alisha Danielle is the proud owner of both Me Time Day Spa and Alisha Danielle Hair Studio. The veteran said she decided to open a spa to be able to give back to veterans throughout the year. “I wanted to give back beyond Veteran’s Day,” said Alisha. “I wanted to do more to let veterans know that they were appreciated.” Me Time Day spa offers a variety of services such as facials, massages, and waxes. Alisha says her specialties are eyelash extensions and Brazilian waxes. Through both of her businesses Alisha is able to give back to veterans by offering services at a discounted rate on select days. On Thursday’s, veterans receive 10% off. Once a month, a female veteran is selected to receive a “royal treatment” that includes a full makeover. Alisha’s spa, Me Time Day Spa, also volunteers its time and services to active duty soldiers when they return from a tour of duty. While giving back to veterans is important to Alisha, her time serving in the Army gave her experiences and qualities that have assisted her in becoming a successful business owner. The veteran says that serving in the army taught her a lot about entrepreneurship. “The values that were instilled in me while serving helped shaped me to be the entrepreneur that I am today.” Alisha says that the Army’s core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, and personal courage, are all traits that she has been able to use while being an entrepreneur. The army veteran loves being a business owner. “It gives me freedom. It allows me to be a mother and a wife,” she shares. And her entrepreneurial skills are already being picked up by her son. “Whenever he asks for money, he doesn’t just ask. He asks what he can do to earn the money.” Alisha says her son frequently visits her businesses with her and asks questions about being an entrepreneur.

“The values that were instilled in me while serving helped shaped me to be the entrepreneur that I am today.”

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Nashville - March/April 2019 15

According to Alisha, one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is having unlimited freedom. The business owner says that being your own boss gives you freedom from restrictions that employers sometimes try to place on you. “I don’t have to ask permission to take a break,” she says. “I can come and go as I please and do what I need to do.” Although entrepreneurship gives Alisha freedom, establishing a business still came with sacrifice. In the beginning, Alisha remembers when she had to manage her business on her own, learning different aspects of how to successfully run a business. “I depend a lot my former assistant/turned partner Zay Williams,” said Alisha. “I started with one dollar and a dream. I manifested 30k in 3o days without going to the bank. It was a hard road, but I made it work. I pushed out my businesses.” She also says that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of drive and determination. “Find your passion,” she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs. “You’re going to have to work to fuel the fire.” She also encourages others to not ask for too much advice. “You shouldn’t ask people for their advice. Everyone is going to have their opinion of what you should do and how you should do it. Furthermore, it is imperative not to let fear slow you down or prevent you from achieving your dreams.” Alisha says that during her entrepreneurial journey, her resources became available to her at each step of the way. “You may not have everything right now. But start focusing and the resources will come.” She remembers how when she first started her business, she lacked some of the resources that she needed. But as she began to focus on making her dreams her reality, she networked, and found resources to help her get her businesses off the ground. “I remember not knowing how I was going to get some things done, but then as I began to work and focus on my businesses, I would meet people who could help me in those areas that I was unsure of.” Now she owns two businesses. Alisha Danielle Hair Studio grew out of Alisha’s passion for hair. “I always got compliments on my hair. People wanted to know where did I purchase my hair from,” said Alisha in excitement. “So, I decided to start my own line, and that’s how I was able to grow my hair line.” Hair Growth Oil

Moisturizing Shampoo

The licensed esthetician first began providing hair extensions at Me Time Day Spa. After several trials she finally got it right. She then opened her first hair studio and hired a team of experts to manage the installs and run day to day operations. Alisha’s hair studio provides hair extension services, eye lash extensions, and waxing. Hair extensions are also available for purchase through the studio’s website. Alisha is married and has h two children.

Me Time Day Spa 7711 S Raeford Road - Suite 108 Fayetteville, NC 28304 910-487-3002 Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment


Alisha Danielle Hair Studio 6900 Cliffdale Road Fayetteville, NC 28304 910-491-3426

Beauty Line 1-888-749-5233 IG: iam_alishdanielle Nashville - March/April 2019

Nashville - March/April 2019


Teshira Perkins By Terry L. Watson Photos by Teshira Perkins

Teshira Perkins describes herself as an artistic, open minded, knowledge seeking individual, with some room for growth. She is also kind, goofy, and has a great sense of humor. Originally from Chicago Illinois, the current Memphis Tennessee resident is always seeking challenges because according to her, they help her grow as a person. Teshira says that when she entered high school, she was a bit shy and nervous. She had trouble understanding and focusing on the lessons, so her mom decided to place her in a classroom setting with a more focused environment. From that moment she worked hard and stayed on pace with the other students. She shares, “I realized I was smart and blessed. I was also wise beyond my years and saw the world differently.” It was during those moments that Teshira realized her gifts as an artist. Her gifts in regard to art encompass visual arts, singing, culinary, writing, and creativity. She states that anyone who knows her, also knows that she can talk about everything. After high school, life began to move along for her. She got pregnant during her second year of college. After giving birth to her son Avery, she had to find a way to support him. “I used my love for food to connect me with a job as a cake decorator at Sam’s Club. I stopped going to a four-year college and enrolled in culinary school. In the beginning, Teshira struggled with being a mother. She shares the loss of her father while she was only four years old, impacted her life tremendously. “I didn’t really know what stress was, but I can remember my mom telling me not to stress over her responsibilities when I was a child. I got connected with Tom Shadyac, one of my professors in college. He taught a film class about life lessons. These experiences impacted me as well and helped to point me in the right direction as a person and mother,” she says. Now as a single mother, her focus is on working to provide a better future for herself and her child. She plans to continue on honing her creative skills and inspire others. She also hopes to return back to college and obtain her four-year degree in art and mass communications. h

Nashville - March/April 2019 1919



Nashville - March/April 2019

Home of the 500 Credit Score No Money Down VA Loan Program By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Apollo Wonex


of those others.

or some people, helping others is an occasional, unintentional act that tends to just happen if they’re in the right place at the right time. There are others that have made it their life’s mission to leave their fellow man better than they were prior to encountering them. Elliott C. Washington is one

As co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of Pretty Credit Consulting, Elliott aids his wife, Pretty, in growing their company and handling the commercial side of things. “I deal with business credit education, business credit establishment, and consulting business owners. I specialize in getting our footprint out there with banks, realtors, dealerships, and anyone that needs credit to make a sale. I also go to a lot of networking events to market and promote the business,” explains Elliott. His ultimate goal for the consumer side of the business is to heavily represent the middle class who don’t have as much access as the elite 1%. To service the business owners he counsels, Elliott has recently established First Merchants Financial Services, partially thanks to Huami Magazine. “The owner of the parent company read our cover story and reached out to us with this opportunity.” This branch of the Washington trilogy provides commercial lending and can accommodate all levels of loans, but specializes in six-figures and above. “There is little room to maneuver to get that kind of capital to do commercial projects. So, we’re the people who provide funding for those who have been turned down by the banks or those who have a challenge with their credit, if they pass a feasibility study,” says Elliott. According to Investopedia, this type of study measures the ability and likelihood to complete a project successfully including all relevant factors such as economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors. It determines potential positive and negative outcomes of a project prior to investing. And because enormous amounts of money will be on the line, the studies are reviewed with a fine-toothed comb.

Elliott C. Washington Jr. Pretty Credit Counseling, LLC

“I deal with business credit education, business credit establishment, and consulting business owners. I specialize in getting our footprint out there with banks, realtors, dealerships, and anyone that needs credit to make a sale. I also go to a lot of networking events to market and promote the business.”

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Nashville - March/April 2019 21

Recently, Elliott added another branch to his business tree and it’s already taking off. He became licensed to complete mortgages in December but was so busy with his other two that he sat on this one for over a month. In February, was born and it has been rapidly growing. “When I was studying the lending program, I realized, that across the board, I could offer every form of lending, like, conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, and even manufactured homes, with a minimum 500 credit score. That’s almost unheard of. And because I’m a veteran, retired Navy and disabled, I thought, why don’t I target my own and help them get into a house? Most of us don’t even know our own benefit rights. This is something you should be able to use because you’ve already paid the price. This is close to my heart because I’m one of them. There are too many active duty, retired, and disabled veterans that don’t know what all we’re entitled to.” Elliott says.

Sylvester Golden Xtreme Lil Boyz Toyz

Xtreme Lil Boyz Toyz 609 Laurens Road Greenville, SC 29607 (864) 520-8436


Nashville - March/April 2019

The majority of veterans know they are allowed to use their benefits to purchase a home with no money down, but they don’t always know what the benefit entails. PatriotOwners. com aims to demystify the rules, clarify the process, and help those who served, obtain what is rightfully theirs. Homeownership is one of the most powerful benefits while it is the crux of the American dream. Rules allow for different counties across the country to offer varying maximum limits, providing the applicant has income to qualify. For example, South Carolina offers a maximum home purchase price of $484,250.00 (if their income qualifies) without spending a dime on a down payment. What also makes special, they reduce the pre-qualification time by several weeks so their client can purchase a home much faster. “I can prequalify them in three to five business days, then submit their information to the lender, and if fully approved, hand them house keys the same month. The reason why my process is different is because most mortgage companies add on more layers of benefits for the company to profit because of the risk they’re taking,” Elliott confirms. Allstate Insurance is willing to take that risk, as they just signed on to be the home and auto provider for

You can tell Elliott only wants the best for his clients. Minimizing their out of pocket expenses as well as their wait time is what is most important to him. “ is one of the only programs that actually adheres to what the program rules call for. We follow the guidelines of the FHA, the VA, the USDA, and don’t really add anything extra. If the guidelines say this is what you need, and you have it, we can move on to the next level.” For regular active duty, they must serve at least 180 days before becoming eligible for the benefit. For reservists and members of the Coast Guard you’re required to serve at least six years to qualify. To advertise these amazing opportunities, Elliott utilized his connections with local radio stations. He previously heavily promoted his first business, Pretty Credit Consultants, and developed trusting partnerships with the management, personalities, and staff. “I call myself the Jay-Z of this business. My partner and I wrote two spots to do. Once the spots were typed and timed, they saw they were 60-seconds exactly. They fit perfectly. We recorded them and three days later, they were on the air during the Steve Harvey Morning Show,” Elliott laughs. He has also formed lasting relationships with others who value the work he’s doing. Pastor Emanuel Flemming of Royal Baptist Church believes in Elliott’s mission. As a military chaplain with the SC Army National Guard, he understands the meaning of a blessing. He disseminates information about within his church community and to others via social media. He even created a short infomercial on Facebook for the worthy initiative. Pastor Fleming commits his life to counseling and offering spiritually uplifting messages to his brothers and sisters in arms, so this is one more way to serves his God and his country. Two additional entrepreneurs Elliott partners with are Jessie Canty of Chef J Edwards Smoking Wings and Sylvester Golden of Xtreme Lil Boyz Toyz (an auto dealership). They’ve collaborated with Elliott on a monthly event he penned, ‘Wings with Warriors’, dedicated to connecting veterans to services and discounts that can help enhance their lives. The event is catered by Chef J and hosted at the auto dealership. The point is to show unity in the movement and appreciation for veterans who are often forgotten.

Jesse E. Canty Chef J Edwards Smoking Wings

Chef J. Edwards Smoking Wings Spartanburg: 864-707-5454

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Nashville - March/April 2019 23

Elliott and his partners set realistic goals for the first month. If they could help 15 veterans a month, they would be happy. Within the first 13 days, they were already assisting over 25 veterans. Because of the rapid growth, he plans to hire more help to ensure all clients’ needs are met. “One client in particular is a disabled vet and a single father with three daughters. Within seven days we were able to get him qualified and now he’s in the process of looking for a home to purchase. He is renting an apartment now, and was so happy when he found out he was approved that he told his mother. Now we’re working on getting her a house too,” Elliott beams. It’s evident that Elliott and his band of brothers are determined to make an impact on those who keep us free and they’re always seeking out more opportunities to offer them. If you have a service to offer or are a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to contact Elliott. He’ll welcome you with open arms.


Our in-house Realtor and Preferred Lender have more than 40 years of experience combined. We have the necessary credibility to push your loan from contract to closing.

Pastor Emanuel Fleming Royal Baptist Church

Some of the services offered are:

Royal Baptist Church

407 East Hampton Street Anderson, SC 29624 (864) 964 - 9006


Mortgage Credit Restoration Business Credit Development

Nashville - March/April 2019

“One client in particular is a disabled vet and a single father with three daughters. Within seven days we were able to get him qualified and now he’s in the process of looking for a home to purchase. He is renting an apartment now, and was so happy when he found out he was approved that he told his mother. Now we’re working on getting her a house too.”

2007 Woodruff Road Greenville, SC 29607 864-580-6402 25


Nashville - March/April 2019

MiLinya Maxey Serenity Richmond

By Terry L. Watson Photos by MiLinya Maxey

MiLinya Maxey is a certified and licensed massage therapist in Richmond, VA. She holds an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy, and has over six years of working experience as a Bodymind Coach, Intuitive Healer, and Reiki Master. Her geniune passion for helping other women live stress free lives helped to inspire to start her very business, Serenity Richmond. Serenity Richmond is a holistic wellness studio that provides Massage Therpay, Energy Healing, Skin Care, and Herbal and Nutritional Health. They will begin offering Yoga in July. At Serenity Richmond, MiLinya combines an intuitive healing and bodywork approach to help break through the physical and emotional aspects of stress. “Creating balance reconnects the mind and the body in a way that helps you tune into the body’s wisdom, so you can live more connected, focused and a fulfilled life,” she shares. Licensed as a massage therapist for the previous seven years, MiLinya has helped countless women access their inner power and develop their strong will through self care techniques. Her practice encourages a more balanced life and assists in achieving great results from set goals and vision. The Richmond native is a mother of three, grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, entrepreneur, intuitive healer, a lover of love, life, and music. “I’m very down to earth, and a fun to be around kind of girl. I’m a introvert, but that doesn’t stop me. I love being comfortable and family means everything to me. I am also a seeker of knowledge, and my head is always in a book,” she says. Life has thrown its share of curves for MiLinya. She experienced teen pregnancy, giving birth to her son at the age of 15. Many counted her out and believed that she would succumb to the stereotypes of young black girls with babies, she shares. “It was tough. I had to work, go to school, and be a mother.” Still there were more challenges that awaited MiLinya. Her youngest daughter was was diagnosed with an abdominal issue causing her to have surgery immediately after birth. The doctors advised her she would be in the hospital for three months. This was shocking news that literally broke MiLinya’s heart. She recalls how she stayed by her daughter’s side, just as any loving mother would do for their child. Amazingly, her daugther recovered very fast of which the doctors credit with her touching and being by her daughters side. She went from a possible three month stay to only two weeks in the NICU. MiLinya knew then she wanted to help others using touch. Nothing about life appeared to be normal for MiLinya. She didn’t fit into the usual crowds and was named “Mimi with the baby”. “I believe that’s what hurt the most. I was so much more than just the girl with the baby. I was labeled and hated it,” she shares. She didn’t allow those words to stop her. With the love and support of her parents, she was able to graduate high school with an advanced diploma.

As life began to settle, she was able to focus on making life better for herself and her new family. In 2011, she took a huge leap to become a massage therapist. She shares that watching how hard her parents worked inspired her to be more. “I’ve watched them work extremely hard for other companies and never pursue their dreams. I often wonder what if they had? What would have been different? I knew nothing about business and still decided to step out there because I saw them overlook their dreams. I wanted to change that,” she said. MiLinya also finds inspiration in seeing other black women crush their goals and be successful. “Seeing them succeed encourages me to keep pushing and become innovative within my career. I’m constantly thinking of new ways on how massage therapy can be approached differently. She shares that her motivation comes from seeing her children grow and tackle daily stressors with compassion and tact. During the hustle and bustle of running a business, she even found time to enjoy some of the things that life also has to offer; love. “Experiencing my true first love at 30 was absolutely amazing. There were some ups and down, but through it all I was able to mature. I reached a point in the relationship where I realized I wasn’t loving myself fully. I began to love myself more. Loving myself fully made me take a deeper look at self and the things that make me happy; music, yoga, journaling, therapy, family, meditation, and friends,” she shares. h

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Tony Humbert 28

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Who is Tony Humbert? I’m a man of God. I’m 27, a father og two beautiful children; a boy and a girl. I love to motivate and inspire others. I also love taking people to the next level. My mission is to get the world fit ,one person at a time.

What is Hercules Fitness? Hercules Hip Hop Fitness is an organization that specializes in overall body health and wellness. The organization consists of exercise classes which incorporate Hip Hop Dance moves, One-On-One Personal Training Sessions, Group Training Sessions, Traveling Training Session, and Organizational Fitness Classes. Each program offered, includes a well-rounded fitness routine which incorporates cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.

When and how did you begin? Hiphop Fitness began in 2016. I had been praying to God, asking Him “What is my purpose on this earth?”. And He began to show me signs. One of the signs was the gym, and another sign was me scrolling down Facebook one day and I seen this guy who does similar classes. I was hooked the moment I saw it.

Please describe your products and services? The services I offer are my HiphopFitness and FITCAMP toning classes. They are available Monday-Thursday (8:00am and 6:30pm) and Saturday (10:00am). I also offer one-on-one training classes for clients who would seek more work in achieving their personal fitness goals.

What do you love most about your fitness program? What I love most about my fitness program is the fact that we are training in a way that doesn’t, feel like training. Sometimes going to the gym and seeing all the equipment, and not knowing what to do can be overwhelming at times. I wanted to provide a service where you can have a fun time while getting fit also.

Hercules HipHop Fitness 107 Miller Road Mauldin SC.

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