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Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


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Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

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Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

My Actions Will Make My Dreams A Reality

There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

A From Letter The fromEditor the Editor A Letter A Letter from the Editor Happy New Year! What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if If I was to sit at home and dream about vacationing on a tropical everything that you decided to put off until tomorrow never What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes island, my imagination would be the only island I would visit. In order happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy dreams wouldn’t havetoa street to with parkmy on.imagination, What if for myand physical being to be able catch up I day, and you could spare someone theuntil trouble of making everything that you decided to put off tomorrow never would have to make arrangements for it to do so. Such arrangements promises. What your last opportunity expired happened? Thereifawould be no reason toseemingly save for afor rainy may involve contacting travel agent, purchasing tickets a flight, today? would you do? day, andaWhat you someone the trouble and booking hotelcould roomspare at a resort. In other words,of mymaking reality will promises. Whatisifmade your last opportunity only exist if an action by me to breatheseemingly life into myexpired dreams. I’ve been that I often today? Whattold would you do? seem like I do too much. Honestly, I feeladvice like I am not doing enough I’m aafirm Some of the best ever given to me, cameand during stormy believer in knowing that God wouldn’t put anything on I’ve been told that I often seem like I do too much. season in my life. Though I wasn’t quite aware of what I was me that I couldn’t I not sometimes wonder how life would Honestly, I feelhandle. likewho I amgenuinely doingcared enough and I’m a firm experiencing, someone about my present as well be if I chose tome sitaidle and accept whattold it presented me. I in knowing that God wouldn’t put anything on meclose as mybeliever future threw life preserver. They me to payto very have found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would attention to what was going on around me and that not everyone and is aifblessing that to what everyone. challenge be I Ichose to sitisn’t idle afforded andwas accept it presented toallow me. I everything was connected to purposed for me.A “Don’t to me is an adventure. What is the worst that can happen? have found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity that or them to kill your purpose,” I clearly recall them telling me. I Ifknow nothing, I fail, and if I trybut I don’t, but instead learn aI do blessing isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge didn’tis what that to do with it then the picture would become something new about yourcan pride and in to meme is an What is Relinquish the worst that happen? clearer for at adventure. a later time.myself. return acquire life. If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn It was obviousnew to others I had Relinquish a purpose for mypride life, though something aboutthat myself. your and in The best advice ever given to me happened when someone I wasn’t aware of it. As I tried to get along and fit in, the bottom return acquire life. appeared way. my While the winds of my storm withso told to megive to make tomorrow happen today.raged In doing intensity, I was pulled in one direction and knocked down in another. I I have pressed my way through doors with a key that only The best advice ever given to me happened when someone begantold to seek help from others that only things. hope provided. Imy have alsobut learned thecomplicated difference between me to make tomorrow happen today. In doing so This was totally out of character for me because I was “Mr. Independent” what God blesses me with and what life can burden me with I have pressed my way through doors with a key that only and accustomed to having of the answers handling things as well. I compare it all toalso knowing when to be confident andall by hope provided. I have learned theand difference between myself. whenlife tocan be quiet, what God blesses me with and what burdenbecause me with may get it confused as well. I compare it to knowingsomeone when to be confident and Quite often I look back at that moment and realize it was God with being arrogant. when to be quiet, because working through them to reach me. Those experiences me a someone may gettaught it confused great deal about myself. I learned that Make youarrogant. tomorrow with being it is alright to betoday, trusting and caring, happen but most but to also be aware of those who have importantly make it count. Make you tomorrow been sent enemy to most stunt Lifebyisthe but a whisper and my happen today, but growth.we I also learned if I am running must putmake ourselves in a importantly it count. to something that is running away position what it is from Life is buttoa hear whisper and me, let it go. When I try to force my telling us.put ourselves in a we must way into a situation that has proven position to hear what it is I don’t belong there, I am asking for telling us. trouble. What God has for me is for Terry me, and in order forL. meWatson to obtain it, I Editor/Founder must act upon it to make it a reality. Editor In Chief

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Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

Yolanda Shields By Terry L. Watson Photos by Yolanda Shields

Greatness begins with compassion and genuineness. Those two words can be used to describe Yolanda Shields of Nashville, Tennessee. Shields has deep roots in entrepreneurship, faith, and family. As the mother of one son, Roland Jr., she has also served as a great role model to him. He is also an entrepreneur and started his first business at the age of 11. Now 26, he is still making waves in his respective business circle. Shields grew up listening and watching her grandfather run a businesses he started in Alaska during the 1950’s. “I knew as a child that I would start something. I felt that if my grandfather as a black man could start a successful business in the 50’s, surely I could,” she says. So that is exactly what Yolanda did. Presently, Shields manages YES Builds Coaching and Consulting. She offers highenergy innovative hands-on training seminars and coaching with a dynamic tandem facilitation style, tool-packed to equip you for success. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, YES Builds is a consulting and training firm with a focus on business strategy, sustainability, executive coaching, and training for small and midsize for-profit and nonprofit companies worldwide. “I have a passion for business and empowering others to succeed in all that God has for them,” Shields explains. “As an author, speaker, coach and business strategist, I assist individuals in moving their vision forward with clarity, strategy, and activation. It is one thing to have an idea but the realization of it happens when you are able to put a plan together to move it forward.” Her first book, ‘Letters to Our Sons’ was released in 2011. In 2016, she followed this feat with a second book, ‘Entrepreneurship is a Mindset not a Storefront’ in 2016. She has over 20 years of experience as a business leader as well as international workforce development and social entrepreneurship in the continent of Africa and other third World Countries. She has also traveled extensively throughout the United States, France, and Africa, which has helped her to expand her reach in the area of business. Shields has an MBA (Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship) and has been appointed by Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam to the Labor and Workforce Development Board for the State of Tennessee and Vice Chair of the Oversight Committee.

Nashville, TN (347) 454-2093

“As an author, speaker, coach and business strategist, I assist individuals in moving their vision forward with clarity, strategy, and activation. It is one thing to have an idea but the realization of it happens when you are able to put a plan together to move it forward.”

Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


Throughout her career, Shields has worked with many corporations for-profit and non-profit and currently serves as a mentor at Vanderbilt University’s Wond’ry Innovation Center. She has been privileged to work with various celebrities such as CeCe Winans, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Tony Boselli, and many others. “My work always includes a component that gives back which is a core value for me and has been a part of the work I do in the continent of Africa and the USA. I believe if you are a servant leader and give back you will succeed. I am a passionate leader that believes everyone should have an opportunity to succeed in whatever they are called to do and it is possible with the right training and support,” she says. She launched Yes Builds after holding many senior level positions and running several businesses, including consulting part-time for well over 15 years and decided it was time to do it full time. “I tell many entrepreneurs it’s okay to start small and build something that can be sustainable,” she says. Entrepreneurship is not easy but it is rewarding if you have a plan and resources to sustain the work during hard times. She admits there have been many times she wanted to quit and go back to working for someone, but would tell herself “If I can do it for them I can do it for me”. “When those times come you have to get creative and innovative and I have done just that with great collaborations and partnerships. I know those thoughts will continue to come and that’s when I reevaluate what we are doing and why and make changes where they’re needed. You have to keep it fresh and relevant and not get stuck doing things that are not working or bringing in revenue and great value to your clients and customers,” Shield says. As an entrepreneur, Shield loves the opportunities she has to make an impact on the next generation with her Youth Entrepreneurship Summit. The summit is hosted each summer, along with her Entrepreneurship Power Hour in middle and high schools. “I believe entrepreneurship is about finding solutions to problems and I love that I am able to play a role in helping my clients find solutions,” she said.

“My work always includes a component that gives back which is a core value for me and has been a part of the work I do in the continent of Africa and the USA. I believe if you are a servant leader and give back you will succeed.”


Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

As Shields continues to move forward, her focus remains with faith, family and friends. “Sometimes you don’t see how much you have accomplished until it’s shared by others. My faith in God continues to remind me that I am destined to win as I walk towards all that I was born to accomplish. I am inspired by the many women and men throughout history that have paved the way for me and how hard they pushed without giving up. That is why I don’t give up,” she says. “Never take small beginnings for granted. Every opportunity is leading you to the next open door. Always give 100 percent and remember things happen when you not only talk about your dreams and visions, but when you put action steps and a plan in place. Give more than expected, be a lifelong learner, give back, never stop believing in yourself, work hard, and always have a prayer strategy.”

Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018



Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

Shegog Trainingg

Academy & Consulting By Terry L. Watson Photos by JC Shegog

There is more to self-defense training when someone seeks JC Shegog. The well decorated instructor has traveled the world while teaching others the skill of survival. He has now settled in Nashville, TN and offers his services through Shegog Training Academy and Consulting. JC Shegog is a survivor of the South Side of Chicago, where he was born and raised. A self-described former knucklehead was given all of the right ingredients to be successful as a child. He came from a good family and was given access to sports and a good education. Still, he somehow veered off track and fell into the despair of the streets, a place Shegog thought possessed the answers to life. Because of his strong family ties and athletic abilities (Boxing, Karate, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, and Track) he was able to get back on course. “Good grades came easy to me. Sometimes I found myself getting bored with school unless sports were involved. I later joined the Army to avoid jailtime for fighting. The Army was easy for me because I was already a disciplined and athletically accomplished person. All I had to do was reapply and refocus my energy,” he says. Shegog joined a local church and became the youngest minister on the board. He attended college while still serving in the military and received a Bachelors in Comparative Religious Studies from Georg-August University in Gottingen. He later converted to Islam. During his studies he taught himself to speak German and Arabic, as well as teaching a cultural sensitivity class to his fellow soldiers on the Middle East before being deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm. He also won the Heavyweight division of the European Kickboxing Championship. After the war he was recruited within the Special Operations community and spent the rest of his military time there before leaving. After several years of private bodyguard work Shegog entered into a career of law enforcement. He worked on a Special Operations Response Team in the Warrants and Fugitive division. He also worked with the Gang Unit before being recruited for a SWAT team. Eight years later, he left law enforcement all together and started defense contracting overseas for the US Government. He opened Tactical Professionals training agency in 2004 and Shegog Consulting in 2006. Now, he is training foreign and domestic military units, foreign and domestic police departments, private security companies, and private citizens in a myriad of courses such as firearms, special weapons, special tactics, self-defense, force protection, executive protection, witness security, estate security, etc. He also trains children and women in self-defense and is a motivational and inspirational speaker, and life coach. At his training academy, some of the services offered are Self Defense & Martial Arts Classes, Firearm Safety & Marksmanship, Home Defense Training, Tennessee Handgun Permit Course, Tennessee Security Officer Certification Course, Children Safety & Anti Bullying Seminars, Women Safety Training & Seminars, School Security Training, Church Security Training, and Active Shooter & Workplace Safety Seminars. “I really love when customers, clients, and students get the “I get it” look on their faces or when they call me back and tell me how much better off they are because they took my class or adhered to some advice I gave them,” Shegog says. “My biggest impact thus far has been my travels abroad and my visits to various places around the world where I have witnessed humanity at its best and worst. These experiences taught me that preparation is the key to survival.” h

JC Shegog 615-669-1558 Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


Chelena Allen Love is Giving


Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Chelena Allen There are many adjectives that could be used to describe Memphis Tennessee resident, Chelena Allen. She might say that she’s dependable and rock solid, where others who are close and dear to her would exceed that accolade with loyalty. She has an unwavering passion to give and help others achieve their goals; a loving duty of a Christian woman who strives for excellence in all she does, whether as a wife, mother or friend. “I love to grind. I am a go-getter and set high goals for myself. Even more, I hope that my actions are a great example for others who are watching me,” she says. Allen holds a bachelors degree from Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University) in Springfield, MO. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and a member of The New Olivet Worship Center at Woodland Hills. She is also a Broker Associate for BenchMark at Southwind Realtors, LLC and specializes in residential sales in Memphis and the surrounding areas. “I have always had an interest in Real Estate. My background is in sales, marketing, and public relations though I have worked in the banking, healthcare, and education industries as well. After several years of corporate America, I decided to take a step away and work for myself. Once my son was born, I knew that going back into the corporate world was not an option for me, so I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my desire of becoming a Real Estate agent,” she says. Her prior experience made the transition into being a full-time entrepreneur very smooth. Now her career provides more flexibility in regards of scheduling for everyone in her family. Chelena plans to eventually obtain her Real Estate Broker’s license. In addition to earning various real estate certifications and credentials, she also plans to expand her services and receive real estate licenses in multiple states. Helping people achieve their goal of home ownership is the primary objective for Allen as an agent. When someone’s face lights up after finding their dream home, or the moments when sellers receive an offer that’s above and beyond their expectations, Allen knows that she has done her job. “I love real estate because it’s never the same. I’m never bored in my career. Every single client and situation is different and it allows me to uniquely adapt to every client,” Allen says. Allen’s life has been impacted mostly by past corporate America experiences. Those jobs gave her invaluable experience, however, she saw a lot of what she did not want to become. “I did not want to be one of those people who woke up dreading going to a job five days a week and living for the weekends. I did not want to become a whiner, a complainer, or miserable,” she says. Those experiences coupled with a belief in herself pushed Allen to make several changes in her life. “When I was younger, I pictured myself in high powered corporate positions. As reality set in, I realized I had less and less in common with most of the people with whom I worked. I faced jealousy, intimidation, and harassment. I heard God telling me, “you don’t belong here”. He had given me everything I needed to create my own success. Obediently, I decided to walk away and haven’t looked back,” she says. Allen offers a bit of sound advice for others who may possibly follow in her footsteps. “If you are considering a career in real estate, I advise you to thoroughly study the industry. There are so many facets to consider and areas you can pursue. Find out what interest you. Is it residential sales, commercial sales, or property management? Don’t be afraid to step out and do something different. Follow where your heart is leading you and don’t ever give up. You can create whatever you want if your desire is in tact. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Be ready to put in the blood and tears to achieve your goals because there will be sleepless nights and self doubt. Yet, remember that there is always something bigger,” she says. h

“I did not want to be one of those people who woke up dreading going to a job five days a week and living for the weekends. I did not want to become a whiner, a complainer, or be miserable.”

Chelena Allen BenchMark at Southwind Realtors, LLC 3350 Players Club Pkwy,. Ste. 230 Memphis,TN 38125 901-338-9608

Nashville - Jan./Feb.- Jan./Feb. 2018 Greenville/Spartanburg



Edwin Covington Who is Edwin Covington? First I am a man created by God, to bring forth praise, honor, and glory to His name and too all that I make contact with. Secondly, I’m a husband, a family man of God, and a minister of the gospel. I am a anointed gospel rapper that has a gift to write words and make music that touches the heart of people in an inspirational way.

What is your ministry? The name of my ministry is the Army of God. My products is first to give freely God’s word to all the nations. I also do evangelism work by going out to minister to the people of all kinds and different situations. I also have a Jesus Got Me Lit apparel clothing line.

When and how did your ministy begin?

My ministry began when I was locked up for multiple crimes. It was during those times that I gave my life to God and allowed Him to come into my heart to teach me ministry. I love the fact that I can laugh, dance, praise and worship God with my family through my music. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to rejoice in Jesus Christ with my own family.

What do you love most about your ministry?

The fact that I am able to inspire others to believe and follow Jesus Christ. I have faced many challenges where people didn’t receive the man of God that I am, and for who God has made me be. But prayer and the power of God always work those situations out for my good.

How has God impacted your family? I put God first and then my wife and kids. The more we grow together, the more love we have for each other and the more God shows us what He wants us to do for His will in our lives. My mother and sister and brother are always in my corner when I need help or advice. I love all my family. Family love is what makes us family.

Edwin “Church Boy” Covington has over 5 Million views to his video “Jesus Got Me Lit”. Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


How did you overcome so many obstacles in your life? The word of God. And the Love of God.

What is your testimony?

I was a drug user. I smoked weed, and I drank beer and liquor. I even sniffed cocaine. I also was robbed and shot at close range. I almost died, lots of times. I dropped out of school and I sold drugs for a living. I’ve been to jail many times and spent time incarcerated in prison twice. But then came Jesus Christ. When I surrendered to Him my life changed for the better. He delivered me from selling and using drugs and forgave me for all of my sins. He gave me a new life and a second chance to be a better man. I give all the glory to God, Hallelujah.

What advice would you give to others that may follow in your footsteps? The advice I always give out is to do it right the first go around because we’ve did the things that you don’t have to. Through all your choices in life include God. Let God direct your path to true greatness and prosperity. My plan is to simply follow Jesus Christ the whole way. He will provide the love and joy and supply all of our needs according to His riches and glory. I hope to eventually pursue my career full time . All glory be to God, Hallelujah! h


Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

Along with his wife Shanice, Edwin released his CD “Team Jesus”.

For Booking Call 843-493-7828 Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


Kimberly Wamble Web Design, Photography & Print Marketing By Terry L. Watson Photos by Go To Girl Tech Solutions Though Kimberly Wamble is a native of Chicago, she has called Memphis, Tennessee home for most of her life. She is a Christian, wife, mother, and the founder of Go to Girl Tech Solutions, a Web Design, Photography and Print Marketing firm. Wamble unofficially started Go to Girl Tech Solutions in December of 2016. During that time she was planning her mother’s wedding and decided to do the invitations and programs herself. Shortly afterwards, she was asked to do some flyers for her church and soon became the go to girl there. She realized her talent for web design when her husband asked her to create a website to market his business. “In my 15 year career of administration I gained a lot of web based and marketing skills and decided to take on the task of designing his website. I enjoyed it so much, I jumped at the opportunity to design a website that a church in our area needed. The website was a hit and Go to Girl Tech Solutions was officially born the following January,” she says. She soon began getting requests to do websites, flyers, business cards, and invitations for other businesses and individuals. Kimberly eventually purchased a camera to take pictures for her web designs. Additionally, she would use her camera for family events, including her cousings bridal shower. The pictures she took were a huge hit and led to Wamble taking more pictures for others. “I love helping people tell their story whether it is through web design, photography or in print. When I design websites or create print items, I get to learn about people and their businesses and get a sense of what they want to convey to their audience,” she says. She now combines all of her skills in design, print, and photography. “As a business owner, I learn so much just by working with other business owners. I love capturing people’s story through photography. I take photos in such a way that the client is brought back to that moment, to that feeling in time. It’s always an honor for someone to let me share in their intimate moments from, weddings, to birthdays to family gatherings. It is gratifying to bring someone’s vision and story to life,” says Wamble. For the past 15 years she has worked in business administration, with the last three years focusing on higher education. She holds a BS in Management and recently received her certification in Computer Coding from HarvardX, an online extension of Harvard University, through Tech901 in Memphis. She also serves alongside her husband with the youth department at their church. “It is my dream to help those looking to break into the tech industry by passing on the knowledge and resources others have been generous enough to pass on to me,” she says. While keeping the things that matter most close to her heart (family and her faith) Wamble is positioning herself for the future. “My belief is that I can do anything through Christ and the motivation and prayers from my biological and spiritual family has carried me a long way. My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I am a strong believer in putting my faith to work,” she says. h

901-308-4622 18 Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

Facebook @gotogirltech

Jessica Just Being

By Jessica Jordan Photos by Donald Wilson

Jessica Jordan is a distinguished healthcare professional with more than 10 years of business experience, including seven years focused in healthcare with Fortune 500 companies and large hospital systems. She recently earned a Master of Health Administration (MHA) from Pfeiffer University. The program combined rigorous business and healthcare administration academics with practical experience for mastering the managerial aspects of healthcare. Jessica also holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is currently a Clinical Coordinator in Charlotte, NC and has ambitions to become a Healthcare Administrator in the future. Jessica attributes her inspiration to achieve both academic and career successes to her mother LaFondra T. Jordan. She was a major influence of which motivated Jessica to obtain her postgraduate degree. Jessica shares, “My mother was a successful, intelligent woman who provided leadership as an IT Administrator. She and I started our post graduate effort together to obtain Masters Degrees. She was enrolled in the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Sadly, in 2014 she had to suspend her studies due to the reoccurrence of breast cancer. However, despite battling with cancer, she always encouraged and motivated me to keep going and finish my graduate program. I will never forget the example she set. For that reason, I dedicate my graduate degree in her memory.” Jessica’s mother passed in March 2016. Currently, Jessica is also deeply committed to community service and giving back. She demonstrates this commitment through serving in several civic organizations. Her contributions include volunteering with Freedom School Partners and Hands-On Charlotte. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. When away from work Jessica enjoys spending time with family and exploring international travel. h

“Despite battling with cancer, she always encouraged and motivated me to keep going and to finish my graduate program. I will never forget the example she set. For that reason, I dedicate my graduate degree in her memory.” Jessica’s mother LaFondra passed in March 2016 after a long and hard fought battle with Breast Cancer. Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


Lucretia 20

Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Lucretia Edens Lucretia Edens is loving, caring, and an overcomer. As a young child, her mother was at a place where she couldn’t care for her, so she left her to be raised by her father, grandmother, and aunt. Now, as an adult Lucretia knows it was all part of God’s plan for her life. “It has always been adversity that has pushed me to the next level and help to eventually reveal a better version of myself,” she says. Lucretia works as a social worker at a dialysis facility in her home town of Greenville, SC., but her passion is to help people and be a voice for the voiceless while being a positive role model within her community. She has an undergraduate degree from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg and a Graduate degree from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, both in the field of Social Work. She is a mentor at Big Brother Big Sister in Greenville and is also a sister to three brothers and one sister of her very own. Yet, in all that she does, she finds her biggest joy in planning and coordinating events for her company, Elegance by Eden. Elegance by Eden is a wedding and event planning business that Lucretia founded in 2013. “I began planning parties in 2007 for coworkers, baby showers, Christmas parties, and birthdays. My coworkers would give me positive feedback of how much they enjoyed the parties and how great my organizational skills were. I soon realized that it was my natural calling in life. I loved it so much I would do it for free,” she says. Her friends began to encourage her to start a business that would assist people with their special events. In 2013, she had the opportunity to attend Buck Mickel Center and obtained certification to effectively and efficiently plan events on a much different scale. That same year, she was asked by a coworker to coordinate their wedding. Lucretia nailed it and the rest is history. “Every event is important; however, I am most fond of coordinating weddings. Preparation for weddings keep me up at night, running every detail over and over in my mind. Because the union between a man and woman is a sacred covenant made with God, I understand the significance of my role and realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this special day,” she says.

Elegance ByEden Wedding and Events Planner 864-616-0805

The services provided by Elegance by Eden are planning and coordination for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, graduation parties, and office socials. Their primary objective is to provide their clients with a peace of mind. They are a one stop shop and have the capabilities to work with various vendors including cake decorators, DJ’s, venues, and photographers, freeing their clients schedule to focus on more important things. Lucretia realizes that she didn’t pull herself from the bowels of trouble alone. Her faith and spirit are fed at Long Branch Baptist Church where Reverend Sean Dogan is Pastor. “My relationship with Christ is what gives me inner peace and helps me to get through trials and distractions that come with life,” she says. “If I had not faced adversity I don’t know how my life would have been. The trials have made me thankful for everything. I never dreamed of being a college graduate or owning a business. This is how I know God has a plan for my life and he continues to amaze me daily.” Moving forward Lucretia hopes to identify more avenues to gain exposure for her business, even outside of Greenville. She would also like to coordinate events for people from different cultures and backgrounds. “I must think outside of the box and not be paralyzed by fear or the challenge of a new experience for me and Elegance by Eden,” she says. h

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Rights of Knowing What To Do Before The Time Arrives Information provided by Carlton L. Gray

2810 Kidd Road - Raleigh, NC 27610 919-231-6120 This rule or law may vary from state to state to some degree, but it is the most universally accepted manner of establishing and defining the responsible party. For our article we will be using the laws set forth in the state of North Carolina General Statute 130420(a). It very important to know that the state of North Carolina does not recognize common law marriage as of this article. So if you have a spouse that has not legally divorced from a prior marriage, it could cause some conflict of interest at the time of death. Here are the Rights of Disposition for the state of North Carolina. G.S. 130A-420(a). If a decedent has left no written authorization for the cremation and disposition of the decedent’s body as permitted under subdivision (1) of this subsection, the following competent persons in the order listed may authorize the type, method, place, cremation, and disposition of the decedent’s body:

A The surviving spouse. of the surviving children who are at least 18 years of age B Aandmajority can be located after reasonable efforts.

C The surviving parents. A majority of the surviving siblings who are at least 18 years of

D age and can be located after reasonable efforts. E

A majority of the persons in the classes of the next degrees of kinship, in descending order, who, under State law, would inherit the decedent’s estate if the decedent died intestate who are at least 18 years of age and can be located after reasonable efforts.


A person who has exhibited special care and concern for the decedent and is willing and able to make decisions about the cremation and disposition.


In the case of indigents or any other individuals whose final disposition is the responsibility of the State or any of its instrumentalities, a public administrator, medical examiner, coroner, State-appointed guardian, or any other public official charged with arranging the final disposition of the decedent may serve as the authorizing agent.


In the case of individuals who have donated their bodies to science or whose death occurred in a nursing home or private institution and in which the institution is charged with making arrangements for the final of the decedent, a representative of such institution a disposition may serve as the authorizing agent in the absence of any of the above.

the absence of any of the above, any person willing to assume b Inresponsibility as authorizing agent, as specified in this act.


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Little Known Black History Facts

Huami Magazine Celebrates Our Nation’s Black History

Information provided by www. (101 Little Known Black History Facts)

Louis Latimer

Ruth Ella Moore

Louis Latimer was the only African American engineer/ scientist member of the elite Edison Pioneers research and development organization. Until Latimer’s process for making carbon filament, Edison’s light bulbs would burn only for a few minutes. Latimer’s filament burned for hours.

Ruth Ella Moore received a Ph.D. in Bacteriology from Ohio State University in 1933 becoming the first black female to do so. Dr. Moore served as the Head of the Department of Bacteriology at Howard University Medical College from 1947 to 1958.

Fanny Jackson Coppin

Frederick McKinley Jones If you enjoy buying fresh food from across the country at your local supermarket, you have an African American inventor named Frederick McKinley Jones to thank. He invented the air-cooling units used in food transporting trucks in the 1930s, and was awarded more than 60 patents over the course of his life, 40 of which involved refrigeration equipment.

Fanny Jackson Coppin, bought into freedom by her aunt, was an educator and missionary. Her innovations as head principle of the Institute of Colored Youth included a practice teaching system and an elaborate industrial training department.

Sarah Boone

Walter S. McAfee

African American Sarah Boone patented an improvement to the ironing board on April 26, 1892. Sarah Boone’s ironing board was designed to be effective in ironing the sleeves and bodies of ladies’ garments.

Walter S. McAfee is the African American mathematician and physicist first calculatedthe speed of the moon. On January 10, 1946 a radar pulse was transmitted towards the moon. Two and a half seconds later, they received a faint signal, proving that transmissions from earth could cross the vast distances of outer space.


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Birthi Na’tosha & Shayla 24

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By Dr. Marrissa Dick Photos by Shaw Photography Group hen most people think about the birthing process they often think of it in the natural. You know carrying a baby for nine months, experiencing labor, then pushing the baby out with mixed emotions and a great deal of travailing pain. Well, Shayla Hilton and Na’tosha Brooks assert that this same process takes place spiritually with women and young girls who are pregnant with promise and purpose.


Shayla and Na’tosha are the Co-Founders of The Birthing Movement whose mission is to assist women and young girls, who are pregnant with purpose, on how to birth out the promises of God. Both Shayla and Na’tosha understand the dilemma women and young girls face when they are trying to find their destiny but have no clue on how to get there. Shayla says, “We both understand the process of pushing toward your destiny. We understand how it feels when you know God has placed a gift inside of you, but you just don’t know how to bring it to pass or who to turn to for help. We firmly believe that God has given us all a destiny -- a purpose. He’s given us all a dream and a vision but working through that process involves pain and struggle. The Birthing Movement helps people push through that pain and struggle, so they can arrive at their destiny. We recognize every woman and young girl isn’t going to get there the same way, so we stand by their side by offering them different types of support systems, so they can produce everything God has placed inside of them.” Both women agree that the birthing process is a journey. Na’tosha shares that, “Planning, Pushing, and Producing Purpose is a journey. Since the Birthing Movement has begun to flourish we have seen so many women and young girls at different stages in developing their gift. Some need to start from scratch while others are midway but have gotten sidetracked along the way and then some may just need a gentle reminder of the gift God has planted inside of them. Then there are those women who have pressed and are almost at the end, but they lack the financial resources or connections to bring it all together. Either way, The Birthing Movement is here to support them wherever they are in their process and for each person what that help looks like is going to be different.”

The Movement, The Mission

To assist women

Pregnant with Purpose

on how to push

through the pain of BIRTHING out the

promises of GOD

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25 25

Any woman who has given birth can describe in detail her experience just as those women who have experienced multiple births will quite possibly tell you that each pregnancy and birth was different. The Birthing Movement understands that difference. They are aware that there are other organizations who aid women and young girls, but the difference with The Birthing Movement is that they stand with their mentees for the long haul. According to Na’tosha, “We acknowledge that we’re not the only organization out here assisting women, but we believe what we’re offering is unique because first, we see what we do as a ministry and second, we commit ourselves to the entire process. We’re not your typical organization inviting women in to hear a great Word and get them on this spiritual high, have lunch, then not hear from the organization until the following year. No, that’s not what we do. Shayla and I don’t leave you. When you leave from one of our conferences you leave with an anointed Word, yes, but you also leave with the necessary tools and connections, so you can produce your purpose. We’re here to stick with you throughout the year or until you don’t need us anymore.” One could look at these two women as “Spiritual Doulas.” The word doula is a Greek word that means woman servant or caregiver. It also means someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman before, during, and after childbirth. In essence, a doula believes in mothering the mother. Do you see the connection? This is exactly what Shayla and Na’tosha do with the women and young girls they connect with - - they mother the person that God has planted a seed in. They are available once the seed has been planted to help you, Plan; they are available during the labor to help you breathe and securely hold your hand while you, Push; and finally, they are there with you when you, Produce your Purpose and cradle it in your hands. Isn’t that what all nurturing mothers do? Mother’s don’t let go until they have seen you through.

“Personally, I believe that God has blessed us with this ability because He wants us to be able to push women into their purpose. I really feel like this is my calling in life. To come along side other women and support them.”


Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

Did you ever wonder how your mother could look at you and tell that you have been up to no good or she always knew when you were telling her an “untruth?” Well, Shayla and Na’tosha are no different. Their spiritual eye is their administrative compass when it comes to working both inside and outside of ministry.

Shayla recalls, “It’s amazing that we both have very strong administrative gifts and we’re both able to look at something and see where things can be improved or done differently. We just have an eye for those types of details. We just know what should have been done or what needs to be done next. So, with that we began thinking we could do this for ourselves. Personally, I believe that God has blessed us with this ability because He wants us to be able to push women into their purpose. I really feel like this is my calling in life. To come alongside other women and support them along the way especially since I didn’t have that when I was trying to discover my purpose. In the early stages, I knew I was pregnant with purpose, but I needed someone to help me birth it, to teach me, and to guide me through the process. I know just how difficult new experiences can be and that’s why The Birthing Movement is here to lend the type of support it does. Na’tosha and I are here to hold that woman or young girl accountable to her destiny.” The Bible tells us in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” And yes, He was there in the midst of it all a few years ago when Shayla and Na’tosha first met at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. It’s very easy to see the spiritual connection God has knitted between these two women. Na’tosha says, “I love the fact that we trust one another and we both hear from the Lord and go with His leading. For me just having Shayla there to have an encouraging word and keep us on target is great. We’re not teaching something that we don’t practice in our own lives daily. The Birthing Movement is here to change that language of doubt. Instead of saying I don’t know if I can do this you say I can definitely do this, I’m going to do this. I’m going to keep going. I’m not going to quit. Truthfully, we can’t quit. You can’t quit because there are others out there waiting on us to share our success stories. The Birthing Movement is for every woman and young girl who believes they are pregnant with promise.” Shayla and Na’tosha would like the community to know that they are extremely tangible. In fact, they are accustomed to being on the ground and serving the needs of the people. It is their desire to make an impact by aiding women and young girls along their spiritual birthing process.

“We acknowledge that we’re not the only organization out here assisting women, but we believe what we’re offering is unique because first, we see what we do as a ministry and second, we commit ourselves to the entire process.”

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According to Shayla and Na’tosha, “We try to be as real and relatable as possible. No one is too big or too small and there is no respect of person. None of us have “arrived” we’re all in this together. We’re traveling this journey together.” What’s wonderfully unique about The Birthing Movement is the accountability piece that’s incorporated into this organization. “We’re going to remain in contact with our women and young girls throughout the year and help them meet their goals. We’re not going to have just this one time together and then we move on. No, we want to really remain connected and build relationship.”

To learn how you can become a part of The Birthing Movement or register for their April 6 – 7, 2018 conference being held at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina please contact Shayla Hilton or Na’tosha Brooks.


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Cutest Baby 30

August Jett


The son of Melody and Rashaan Jett Photo provided by Still Shots Photography

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By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Still Shots Photography he website,, defines the word ‘recipe’ as a set of instructions for making or preparing something. It also explains it as a method to attain a desired end. The selected ingredients, ideas, and concepts are key to creating either a recipe for disaster or a recipe for success. Keijuane Hester, owner and operator of two bakeries, has experience in both. In the spring of 1996, Keijuane was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison for selling and distributing narcotics. While serving time, another inmate, who was a baker in the kitchen, befriended then persuaded him to learn how to bake. Keijuane wasn’t interested at all, but in his stubbornness, he couldn’t help but notice how popular his friend’s cakes were. “The other inmates would line up around the corner just to get a slice of whatever he baked that day. And I realized there might be something to this,” Keijuane remembers. After he took notice, Keijuane asked his friend if he could get him a job in the bakery, and he did, right alongside him. The mentor hoped that Keijuane would have a trade upon his release so he wouldn’t follow in the footsteps of many others and run back to his criminal behavior. According to statistics, more than 50% of offenders return to prison within 5 years of their original release date. It seems that Keijuane’s mentor was trying to be preemptive and discourage that idea. Though baking was the last thing he wanted to do, Keijuane learned how to make everything from cookies, cakes, and pies, to cheesecake and bread, all from scratch. Since selling products is what put him behind bars, it’s not surprising that Keijuane’s main goal was to earn a few dollars, pushing his goods to anyone who would buy them.

Keijuane Hester

“Out of all the things I learned how to make, I only wrote the recipe down for one thing, and that was carrot cake. It was so good that I said I was going to make it for my family when I got home.” Keijuane spent almost four years away from his loved ones and the life he knew prior to his conviction. As soon as he returned home, a friend helped him land a job as a lab technician and he hit the ground running. He would occasionally pull the popular recipe out for company potlucks and special occasions, and noticed that every crumb would be gone within a few minutes of the first bite. His co-workers were amazed at his skills and began making requests. A relative took notice and urged him to consider it as a ‘side hustle.’

“Before, I was hustling cocaine in the street but had converted to selling cakes. I felt like it was corny. So I shrugged it off and didn’t consider it.” Soon, Keijuane fell back into old habits and resumed his life of crime when he reunited with some old friends from prison. On June 5, 2001, the former drug dealer was spared during an operation that could’ve cost him more years behind bars. His best friend was busted by federal agents, during a drug deal, with Keijuane sitting in a car one block away awaiting his return. His friend was sentenced to 22 ½ years in prison – more than five times the amount Keijuane was sentenced just a few years prior. He knows that could’ve easily been him. It didn’t take long for the street hustler to hang up his illegal desires and commit to a more stable lifestyle. Unfortunately, a job lay-off followed, as did a rejection from a potential employer. “After I didn’t get the job I was hoping for, something on the inside of me said step out and use your gift.” That gift was baking. The self-taught business man found himself staring at the carrot cake recipe once again. With $30 in his pocket and a small kitchen to utilize, Keijuane started visiting every open-door establishment he could find. He was nervous and still unsure, but forged ahead. Barbershops, beauty salons, and nail salons were his first stops. With each slice he sold, he would reinvest the money to purchase new ingredients, pots, pans, and eventually a business license. His new product created a buzz around town and in 2012, he opened Favor Desserts in Durham, NC. “I really believe that I had to go to prison to find the gift of baking and be that beacon of hope. I feel like I’m just an instrument God used to show other black males that they can turn their lives around and be something positive,” Keijuane explains. This past spring, Favor Desserts 2 had its grand opening in Greensboro and Keijuane is currently perusing property in the Charlotte area to bring his mouthwatering sweets to the Queen City in the fall of 2018. His red velvet, five flavor pound, and carrot cakes are his specialties. Customers line up outside the door and around the corner for a taste. Although this seems very familiar, his clientele is much different and needless to say, so is he. Currently, Keijuane not only has his hands in cake batter and icing, but he’s attending school at NC Central University, he volunteers his time and his previous misfortune to encourage those who are on the brink of giving up, and a host of other charitable efforts. While he was traveling this road to redemption God, his parents and a special best friend helped guide him and see him through. His four children are his ultimate motivation. He’s unsure of their interest in the family business just yet, but he plans on creating an empire for them just in case they are. h

2 Locations 5607 HW 55 - Suite 105 - Durham, NC 27713

2804 Randleman Road - Ste P - Greensboro, NC 27405

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By Terry L. Watson Photos by Still Shots Photography Edgrick Holland of Salisbury N.C. was raised in New York City, NY. He has seen the tougher side of things and still manages to maintain a calm and sensible demeanor. He is a former high school basketball star who also played at the collegiate level. He retired from the New York Police Department as a detective. After retiring, Holland decided to relocate to the slower ways of the south where most of his family resides and where there are fewer traffic jams and parking struggles. He refers to New York as Gotham City. That is also the namesake for a line of products he has created for men, Gotham City Beard Balm and Oil. He launched his business online in April 2017. “I hand craft beard balm and beard oils to moisturize the skin beneath your beard and tame and style large beards. Short or not so thick beards can benefit from my products because the focus is to stimulate the hair follicles and help with hair growth,” he says. The balm and oils are made with organic ingredients such as Almond Oils, Argan Oils, Beeswax, and Essential Oil including Tea Tree to help fight skin irritations beneath beards.

32 32

“Ever since I was a young teenager I dealt with facial hair and actually had a fully connected beard by the time I was 17 years old. I would shave my facial hair off at times. I was rushing nature’s natural process. This mistake caused rashes, in grown hairs, and irritations. Having to take public transportation to school, I usually rushed out the door and didn’t have time to groom my beard so I just decided to let it grow. From that early experience I started using home remedies such as olive oil and baking soda to help remove irritations and bumps from shaving. This method often caused more irritation and discomfort,” he says. Holland’s adult son has dealt with Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema since he was a toddler. He would use natural oils to help with his son’s condition and started mixing up oils to help with his own skin. He applied the mixture to his beard to help hydrate and remove beard dandruff (beardruff) and itchiness with good expectations. “As men, we shampoo our hair and suds run down to our face which eventually dries out our beards. Shampoo for our scalp hair is not formulated for sensitive facial area. I’ve

Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

recently added a natural organic unscented beard shampoo to restore and help keep natural oils and moisture and replace nutrients removed from harsh scalp shampoo,” he says. Beard care is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. There are several platforms established to help men become educated on how to care for theirs. “I love to help educate anyone who wants to grow and keep a beard and also teach them the importance of not neglecting their facial hair. A well-groomed maintained beard says a lot about a man,” he says. Holland named his business and product line Gotham City from New York. Two of his signature scents are named Gotham and Crusader. His cherry tobacco scented formula is very popular. There is also a peppermint scented product which helps stimulate hair follicles for beard growth. “If you’re going to wear it, be about it, groom it, baby it, and be about it,” he says. h

Gotham Beard Balm and Oil


Justin Rhedrick

BitcoinVegan Consulting By Terry L. Watson Photos by Justin Rhedrick What is a Bitcoin? This question is being asked by many individuals lately. Yet, there aren’t many resources available to answer it. However, there is someone who has focused their attention on doing just that, answering the mystique about Bitcoin. Justin Rhedrick is a 28-year-old single father of a bright and brilliant young lady. He is also dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so much so that he transitioned from a vegetarian to vegan diet. Rhedrick is an avid reader of information on Cryptocurrency, having a keen focus on Bitcoin. With the knowledge obtained on Bitcoin, he has launched a company, BitcoinVegan which offers a very diverse line of products. One of the services he offers is Bitcoin Consultation. Rhedrick says this level is ideal for beginners who have never heard of Bitcoin but may have questions about it. These questions may include how to set up a Bitcoin wallet, where to buy Bitcoins, and who accepts them. For individuals already familiar with Bitcoin but may want to know more, Rhedrick provides guidance and directions to sources where they can learn more about the Bitcoin and Crypto currency space outside of just watching price swings, updates, news feeds, and business applications. Additional products include teaching Bitcoin Technology. This allows him to share resources with clients to help them learn how to run a full Bitcoin node, and direct them through the steps to implement the new updates for personal or business use. There are programming services available as well. “I’m currently increasing my skills as I increase my Bitcoin toolkit with different coding languages so I can design and create apps for my clients using apps for general use or apps for Bitcoin blockchain,” he says. His business started early in 2017 by first explaining Bitcoin to his family and friends. Due to the constant information and updates that was happening in Bitcoin, he started realizing the need for expert advice to spread the truth about it. “Our society is overloaded with fear or false evidence appearing real. This includes fake news or alternative facts which makes it difficult for new opportunities to prevail that could change someone’s life. Some choose to go with what they know even if the results or outcomes never change. I remain encouraged when I am able to meet new people and share this great opportunity. At the end of the day, when one more person is enthusiastic about exploring Bitcoin, it is a win,” says Rhedrick. There are many advantages to Bitcoin. Decentralization has kept Bitcoin safe for ten years and has the largest global network effect besides religion and social media. “All other altcoins or digital currencies are testnets for Bitcoin. Anything they think they can do, Bitcoin can adopt it or already has,” he says.

Understanding that African Americans are some of the greatest consumers and spend over a trillion dollars a year, Rhedrick wanted to know what it would look like if they invested those dollars in Bitcoin. “For us as black people to capture one third of the Trillion USD spending power into Bitcoin, or what we may call the #Blexit. We could then give back to our community to help eliminate poverty which is the greatest contributor to most of our societal ills such as poor education, homelessness, and more,” he says. The healthy side of Rhedrick’s business involves Vegan Coaching. With his first business, Vegan on the Go, Rhedrick is able to provide consultation and food service for his Vegan clientele. “Healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “As a vegan, process chemicals are stripped from ones’ diet thus allowing clearer thinking and an overall better health. I am committed to working with individuals or families and assisting them with transitioning to a vegan diet”. I am very aware of the food deserts our communities are affected by. I believe resolutions to these issues can be found with organic farmers and natural health remedies,” he says. “Family is important to me and I want to see families thrive holistically”. Rhedrick says his family started the fire in him from birth to be an entrepreneur and a self-starter. “Two brothers, Darrin Miller El (Sr. Consultant Moab Bit Association) and Isaiah Jackson (Vice President of KRBE), encouraged me to start consulting. My daughter is my greatest inspiration. Just looking at her huge smile and hearing her call me daddy makes getting up every morning worth it,” he says. h

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Justin Rhedrick 980-729-4228


James Harris

Giving Back To Richmond


Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Jesse Humphrey James Harris of Richmond, VA is a follower of Christ. He is a also a father who believes generational wealth is important, not just from a monetary view but from a principle of sound leadership. He is a graduate student at South University where he is seeking a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He also has aspirations to become licensed, start a private practice and open a veteran home that will assist the inner-city community with combating mental illnesses and misdiagnosis. Harris is also a multi- business owner, multi property owner and a co-founder of United Black Business Group, a non-profit organization and hub where local entrepreneurs and patrons can find local black businesses with quality services. He is a community activist who believes in being a voice for people who have been silenced. Additionally, he is a military veteran with eight years of service served in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an entrepreneur, Harris operates Royalty Carpet Care LLC and Royalty Elite Transportation. Royalty Carpet Care LLC is a local carpet cleaning company with an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). His services include carpet cleaning, stain removal and upholstery cleaning. Royalty Elite Trans is a party bus and transportation company with services for wedding parties, Christmas Light Tours, teen parties, wine tours, casino trips, and more. His investments include Brewer’s Café and Roney and Son Towing, and a few others. “I had my first house built at age 22 while on leave from my Iraq deployment. While my fellow soldiers were buying things that would depreciate, like jewelry, bikes, clothes and cars, I had a bigger goal to start my road to financial freedom. From there, I had a plan to buy a property every five years, invest or start a business,” he says. He has done all of the above. Royalty Carpet Care was started for his brother, who is a felon and couldn’t obtain stable employment. “I had this theory to start a business for him. Little did I know that my insurance and bond wouldn’t allow him to work in the company I started,” he says. Royalty Elite Trans was started out of luck. He was test driving a Porsche Panamera and was set on this being his next vehicle purchase. “After my test drive was complete, I look over and see this old, rusted bus with potential to transport people in the inner side to the outside part of town and more. I asked to test drive it but to my surprise it was just a shell. I thought about the deprecation that would come with the purchase of the Porsche and saw the potential of the bus purchase. I bought the bus and the rest is history,” he says. As a child, Harris was a ward of the state and raised in a foster homes. He emancipated himself at the age of 16. “I recall sitting on the edge of the bed in the group home saying one day I am going to own 100 houses and 100 business and employ my friends and people who can’t get a job. That’s still my goal,” he says. It is clear that Harris is hard at work to make that goal a reality. h

Royalty Carpet Care Royalty Elite Trans 804-229-4883 Nashville - Jan./Feb. 2018


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