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Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018




Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018 3

There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

Slow Down And Allow God To Catch Up

There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

A Letter Fromfrom Thethe Editor A Letter Editor

A Letter fromeverything the Editor seems to move at a faster pace when Nowadays, What if tomorrow didn’t All ofcars your plans, hopes compared to years before. Wearrive? eat faster, are sleeker and and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if packed with zoom; even the least expensive ones. The internet that you decided to put off until tomorrow never Whataifsignificant tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, has everything played role in accelerating the way wehopes process, happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy andand dreams wouldn’t have aamongst street toeach park other. on. What share, obtain information Theif time day, and you could spare someone theuntil trouble of making everything that you decided to put off tomorrow never required to construct new homes has been reduced to weeks. promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired happened? There would behigh no reason towithout save for stepping a rainy foot Students are graduating from school, today? wouldspare you do? day, andWhat you could someone the trouble of making into a classroom, or even attending high school. We are truly promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired living in a microwave society. I’ve been that I often today? Whattold would you do? seem like I do too much. Honestly, I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm With all the hustle and bustle, and while we attempton to do believer in knowing that God seem wouldn’t I’ve been told that I often like put I do anything too much. me more with less, wehandle. don’t allow ourselves an opportunity to that I couldn’t sometimes wonder how would Honestly, I feel like I amI not doing enough and I’mlife a firm accommodate this increase. Our hustle many be if I chose to sit idle and accept whatisput itinefficient presented me. believer in knowing that God wouldn’t anythinginto on me I ways, meaning that though our feet is moving, we are not haveI found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity that couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would getting anywhere. more weto fail to acknowledge our is aifblessing that isn’t everyone. A challenge be I chose to sitEven idle afforded and accept what it presented to me. I regressions, both physically and emotionally, and don’t become to mefound is an adventure. What is the In worst that can opportunity happen? have that to be very boring. my opinion, aware of them until ourand systems By then, for some of us it is If aI do nothing, if I tryfail. I don’t, but instead learn is blessing thatI fail, isn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge tooto late. something new about myself. yourcan pride and in me is an adventure. What is Relinquish the worst that happen? return acquire life. If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn We must learn makemyself. time forRelinquish the simple things and something newtoabout your pride and in move our lives into the proper lane on the expressway of life. The best advice return acquire life.ever given to me happened when someone Everything glitters isn’t gold and whattoday. worksIn for others told me that to make my tomorrow happen doing so may have pressed way through doors with a key thatsomeone only not Ialways foradvice you.myMy grandmother is 96 years young and she The best ever given to me happened when hope provided. have also learned the today. difference between didn’t make here Iby running a race that she didn’t suit up told me toit make my tomorrow happen In doing sofor. what God blesses me with and what life can burden me with I have pressed my way through doors with a key that only as well. Ilearn compare it todo knowing when to becatch confident andus. hope provided. have also learned the difference between We must toI slow and allow God to up with when to be quiet, because what that God blesses meto with and me with I believe He wants bless uswhat but iflife wecan areburden outrunning our someone may get it confused as well. I compare it to knowing when to be confident and purpose, it will impossible to answer His calling upon our lives. with being when to bearrogant. quiet, timing, becauseit is If what we do is not done in accordance with God’s someone may get it confused “played out”, meaning that it’s out dated, out of order, and out Make you tomorrow with being of season. Whenarrogant. this happens, we happen today, most subject ourselves tobut unnecessary importantly make it count. Make you tomorrow stress and troubles that will Life issteer but aus whisper and Only happen today, but most ultimately of course. we must putmake ourselves in a importantly it count. by God’s grace and mercy will He position to hear what it is is but and allowLife us to get aa whisper realignment and telling us. ourselves in a rejoinwe themust race.put Seek God first in all position to hear what it is that you do and remember to make telling us. frequent pit stops so that you may Terry L. Watson obtain His instruction for your next journey. Editor/Founder Editor In Chief

Terry L. Watson Alana Allen - Deputy Editor Editor In Chief

TerryWriters L. WatsonPublisher Terry L Watson

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Moms Two Daughters

Carolyn and Shirley


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“N” Demand Nail Studio Katannya Martin

Greenville Notary

Sonita M. Leak



Life of Pearls

Equator Kennedy

Huami Magazine Cutest Baby

Kinsley & Kingston



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WAKE Academy & Consulting Wakesha Fogle of Greenville is leading by example.


Tanya Davis of Nashville From Crack To Christ. She will not allow anything to hold her back.


Transportation Nanny, LLC Ravii Glover of Greenville is providing parents with a safe and reliable source of transportation for their most valued asset.

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“N” Demand Nail Studio By Terry L. Watson Photos by Young Gemini


hough Katannya Martin may wear many hats, none is more important than the one she fulfills as a wife and mother. A mother is nurturing and is equally proficient as a listener and talker. A wife is someone who expresses her love in everything she does, regardless of the situation or setting. These are the attributes that Katannya embodies and share with the staff and clientele of “N” Demand Nail Studio in Greenville. Katannya is a licensed Nail Technician and Educator, and the owner/operator. “I believe that any good salon owner should be able to connect with its staff,” she says. “I have been charged by God to guide the new technicians He sends me. They are often young in age and experience, and I take on the role as mentor and protector to ensure they learn the truths and myths about our industry which will help them not to make the mistakes that I made when I began my career.”


Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018

“N” Demand Nail Studio is a full-service salon that offers premium Nail and Hair services. They use Shan MarCam products, which is a line created by Katannya and Bridgette Campbell, and specialize in unique nail designs from embedding to water nails. Their hair stylist offers a variety of services from blowouts to custom color, and also have a naturalist on sight who specializes in homeopathic pedicures and manicures, providing personal care for natural nails. They also offer eyebrow threading and waxing and will cater spa and private parties.

Katannya says “I didn’t choose nails, they chose me. I wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. My mother was a hair stylist and I was led to style hair. However, I became bored and burned out and soon had no passion for hair. So, I decided to take a nail course and felt right at home. I didn’t think I was any good or able to draw or create some of the awesome nails that I saw others produce, but I worked very hard and paid attention whenever I got my nails done. I remember going to the same nail technician to get services just, so I could watch and learn their techniques. I often share with my students that I stole most of my education.” Katannya’s personal services include nail enhancements, nail art, reconstruction of nails, and tutorial classes. The thing that she loves most about her career is the freedom to express her creativity and bring to life the thoughts and ideas of others. “When people sit in my chair they are free and comfortable to talk about anything going on in their lives. That’s where building a rapport with a client grows from a service relationship into a friendship. “Most of my clients have been with me for 15 plus years, and from the beginning of my career, I’ve valued their friendship as much as their patronage,” she says. Continued on page 9




“N” Demand Nail Studio team member Joyce Furgerson is a profession is nail technician. Her primary objective is to provide professional nail services without compromising a sound customer service experience. She offers a full range of nail services including manicures and pedicures and helps her clients with maintaining healthy nails. What Joyce loves most about her profession is showing others how to express themselves through the art of nail design. Her life and career has been impacted mostly by her mother, who she credits her with being a source of strength and assurance. “I chose this career because it allows me to put dream on nails,” she says.

Juante Russell brings a unique flavor to “N” Demand as a Licensed Cosmetologist. He is known throughout the industry as the “Blowout King” and uses an array of products to assist his clients in achieving their ultimate look. The services Juante provides are Blowouts, Roller and Rod Sets, Color, and Relaxers. “I love being able to make my clients smile after they get a new haircut, color or even a new hair style,” he says. Juante is inspired and encouraged by his family and friends who are constant supporters of him. “One of my many purposes in life was to do hair. In spite of being a dialysis patient, when I am in the salon I am doing something that makes me happy,” he says.

Andrea Permenter is the event coordinator for “N” Demand Nail Studio. She describes herself as an energetic person who loves to interact with new individuals. As the Event Coordinator, she helps with planning and coordinating events for the salon. She also keeps everyone informed with upcoming and new events. One of the services she offers is errand running for the staff. “I like meeting new people who are in the cosmetology industry and willing to take the next step to jump-start their career. She credits Katannya Martin with helping her to put her creative juices into action. “I am inspired by my mother. She taught me the meaning of hard work,” she says.

N Demand Nail Studio 1803 Laurens Road Greenville, SC 29607 864-520-3881

EVENT COORDINATOR Hours of Operation Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat 10am - 10pm



Jamie Miller is a Professional Nail Technician at “N” Demand Nail Studio. She specializes in gel and acrylic enhancements. Jamie chose this career mainly because she loves seeing the confidence boost women get from getting their nails done. “Katannya Martin has impacted my career the most. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she says. Her biggest thrills as a nail technician is seeing and teaching herself techniques that she hasn’t learned just yet. Jamie chose this career field because it allows her to express herself through her work. “Not only that, I can put a smile on someone’s face just by doing their nails,” she says.

Yetta Choice-Ellis is a Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant and Jewelry Stylist for “N” Demand Nail Studio. She specializes in fashion jewelry, hand bags, cross body bags, and travel bags. She started her business as a means, to take care of her daughter and after the dynamics changed in her life. It was during a difficult period when she lost everything. She is inspired by seeing her daughter watch her while she works. “I inspire to do more knowing that she is watching,” she says. “I chose my career because I saw it as an opportunity to impact someone else’s life, as well as inspire and motivate others”.

Continued from page 7

Her mother is the single most influential person in her life and career. “She always believed in me and pushed me to achieve my goals. My mom was very independent and impressed that upon me as a young woman. Additionally, she was a single parent and showed me that strength and endurance would carry far. Her motto is ‘to whom much is given, much is required’. I have adopted that as well,” she says. “I inspire to be like my mother in such a way to impact the lives and careers of up and coming women of color who aspire to be nail technicians.” In the future, Katannya hopes to see more cohesiveness amongst stylist and technicians in her industry. “We have to stick together. My grandmother told me that you don’t have to dim someone else’s light to make yours brighter, and I believe that. I make every effort to learn from others when I can and try to help where help is needed or wanted. This way of thinking is practically unheard of in this industry. It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ industry. I just wish others would realize that what God has ordained for them is only for them, and there is no reason to fear or be threatened by the success of others,” Katannya said.

Carolyn & Shirley

Moms Two Daughters Home Care


Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018

By Terry L. Watson Photos by JLG Photography

For some people, realizing your true calling in life can take a lifetime. The realization may appear in a dream, or surface during a conversation. For sisters Carolyn Black and Shirley McDaniels of Greenville, S.C. they learned of their calling purpose while doing something that came naturally; caring for their mother Kathleen during a moment of her life when she wasn’t able to care for herself. What should have been a routine or normal Gall Bladder surgery turned into something much more. “When she came home, she was never the same. For the next ten years, our family had to adjust to caring for her every need,” she says. Her mother later developed Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia, before finally succumbing to her condition in 2012 at the age of 75. When her mother first became sick, they employed the services of other home care agencies and soon became very unsatisfied with the level of care they received. Instead of settling, they organized their other family members -brother, sister, grand kids and implemented a plan that would ensure their mother would be adequately cared for. Little did they know at the time, but that labor of love would grow into something very special.

Moms Two Daughters began as a result of Carolyn and Shirley caring for their mother Kathleen McDaniel

Moms Tow Daughters Home Care Services, LLC P.O. Box 9731 Greenville, SC 29604 864-678-0352 864-915-3649

Moms Two Daughters became officially licensed in 2015, but Shirley and Carolyn began private care nearly nine years ago. Carolyn had a private case and Shirley assisted and backed her up. Carolyn shared a idea with Shirley to partner with her and launch their own private care business. “I told her that I would give it a try for one year, and if it’s not successful, then I’m out,” Shirley said. From the very beginning the started the business with a realistic and genuine purpose. Carolyn brings a medical aspect to Moms Two Daughters. She is a licensed medical technician and phlebotomist. Shirley brings a business mind. She has an accounting degree and materials degree. Now, the pair is fully committed to building their business to level that will ultimately secure their retirement. Presently, they are full time moms and work their other jobs on a part time basis. Shirley is a Physicians Practice Specialist with a local hospital in Greenville. She is a mother of three and grandmother of two. Carolyn works for the school district in the Greenville area and she is a mother of one and grandmother of one. Before Moms Two Daughters will accept new clients, they will first conduct an in-home assessment to determine what are the specific needs of that specific person. The services offered by them are home health care, medical technician services, medication planning and assistance, blood pressure and oxygen level checks, doctor visit assistance, and meal preparations.

They also counsel families as needed. One new component to their business is home care travel service. They will provide service to families while accompanying their clients on family outings and vacations, accompanying their clients to meet their needs, and relieving their families. Moving forward, Moms Two Daughters will continue to grow their business and eventually hire full-time RN’s and Certified Medical Assistants. To learn more about them, please give them a call today.



Huami Magazine For Greenville/Spartanburg Representative

Sonita M. Leak

By Terry L. Watson Photos by JLG Photography

Huami Magazine is happy to introduce Sonita Leak as a Representative for Greenville/Spartanburg. She brings energy and ambition to the table and is eager to help individuals within Greenville and Spartanburg, and surrounding areas become more involved with our publication. Sonita Leak is a resident of Greenville, SC. She is the kind of person that acts rather than settling. She is a mother of six children, three girls and three boys ranging from 8 to 22 years old. She is also a self-described go getter and entrepreneur that currently owns and manages two separate businesses, and, both of which are internet based.

Moving forward Sonita plans to continue to educate the public on what a Notary Public is. “Most people think we’re just there to stamp stuff. There is so much more to our title than just Notary Public. We hold many hats, and as public servants of our respective states, there are duties other than performing notarial acts that many companies and individuals call on us for. I also plan on educating other notaries nationwide on the effects of social media, blogging, and marketing to their full potential,” she says. Sonita has recently started two podcasts centered around her businesses. One, ‘The Notary Sound Byte’, features an array of articles from The other ‘Adventures in Matrimony’ is a chronicle of some of the many marriage ceremonies she has conducted.

“I saw my first notarial act when I was 18 years old. This happened at a business called Mona Electric in Clinton, MD where at the time I was attending school for Computer Science. I interned at this business for credit and my job was more along the lines of a receptionist and data entry. There was a lady in the office who had a gold embosser and I had no idea of what it was, so I inquired. My inquisition lead to something even greater,” Sonita says. began in April of 2010, a few weeks before she was commissioned by the SC Secretary of State’s Office. Sonita offers a wide range of services including Loan Modifications, Out-of-State Documents (Notary and Oversight), High Equity Line of Credit (Oversight), TILA-RESPA Documents (Oversight), Loan Application (Oversight), Loan Modifications (Courier Witnessing and Notarization), Reverse Mortgages (Courier and Oversight), Short Sales (Oversight), Warranty and Quitclaim Deed Notarization (Witnessing and Notarization). With many people traveling at all points throughout the country, quite often it can be very difficult to reach a notary willing to notarize paperwork for individuals who are not native to South Carolina. Have no fear, is there to assist individuals closing on a property in another state, filling out paperwork for a program out-of-state, or individuals who don’t have a South Carolina Driver’s License or identification. Sonita says she enjoys the flexibility her businesses offer. “I can say ‘yes’ to a signing or ‘no’ to a signing. I can marry a couple one day and assist signers with 100 pages of paperwork on another, or all in the same day. I truly love being able to see my kids off to school in the morning and greet them when they come in the door after school. Family means a lot to me and I am a firm believer that parents are the key to their children’s development. I also love that my business is tailored around my own management. It takes a lot to run a notary business, let alone run a notary and marriage officiant business with two separate websites to manage.” Sonita offers some advice for those who may follow in her footsteps. “Never let anyone tell you that what you do for a living isn’t good enough. I’ve had my share of naysayers, but I haven’t allowed my eyes, ears, and brain to absorb that negativity. I have instead forged a path for myself. I encourage others to do the same,” Sonita states. h

I’m here to answer any questions you may have about Huami Magazine For Greenville/Spartanburg


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Wakesha Fogle By Terry L. Watson Photos by Wakesha Fogle WAKE Academy and Consulting, LLC is a place where all kids excel. The vision of founder Wakesha Fogle is to bridge instructional gaps and circumvent educational pitfalls students sometimes experience. Her desire is to utilize her successes and failures to help students and educators alike, thrive. “All students are extraordinary, each with their own varying extraordinary needs; therefore, necessitating every aspect of their educational experience should be extraordinary as well,” Wakesha explains. WAKE strives to make this a reality through unleashing the potential of its scholars, families, and educators, while serving as their thought provoker, accountability partner, and coach. Their messages of confidence, perseverance, and determination are shared as inspiration to help all encountered reach for their dreams. WAKE Academy and Consulting began July 2016. Wakesha says her first love has always been working with students who appear to not be working to their full potential. She also loves to help those who lack motivation. “I believe that everyone cares about their success. They need and deserve to have someone illuminate their gifts and walk alongside them as they build their confidence and skills. I know personally how hard it can be and what it took for me to climb out of the tomb of academic despair. By starting WAKE Academy and Consulting, I can authentically cater my support and services that will improve the exchange between teachers instructionally and students academically,” she says. Wakesha is a passionate, purpose chaser who loves God her family. She has been married for 21 years to Emanuel L. Fogle, and together they have three daughters Nicaella, a rising Junior at Furman University, Daa’iyah, a rising high school senior, and A’mia, a rising 8th grader. She glean’s from her diverse educational schooling in New York City public schools, as well as private schooling. She also graduated from the Department of Defense Dependent School System in Germany. She is a graduate of Claflin University in South Carolina and holds a Masters Degree from Cambridge College in Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing advanced studies at Lamar University in Texas.


Leading By Example “My husband has always been my biggest fan and cheerleader. His belief in me, encouragement, love, and support are what propels me to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to. From the moment I decided to resign from my job, to listening to my dreams and embracing them as his own. He done this while delaying his own professional ambitions in support of mine,” she says. WAKE Academy’s mission is to improve academic success through immersing students in a dynamic and engaging multi-sensory out of school educational setting that is strategically designed to nurture their emerging autonomy. Wakesha says this will help them develop and manage their executive function skills and cultivate their selfefficacy and confidence. Some of the programs offered include virtual and in-person mathematics tutoring for students in grades 5-9, virtual and in-person academic coaching for students of all ages, training, professional development, motivational speaking, and keynotes, for schools, districts, and the community, and Summer and Afterschool programming. For those, who may follow in her footsteps, Wakesha offers a bit of advice. “Walk in faith over tradition and follow that which lights you up, and you will light up the world,” she says. “From the moment I decided to resign from my position as a district level academic specialist, and two years later, every move I make has been made by faith. Honestly, if I based my actions from what was evident or others’ opinions, I would still be where I was,” she says. To learn more about the WAKE Accademy, please give them a call or visit them online. h

(864) 729-2532

Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018

From Crack To Christ

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Johnathan Snorton

Tanya Davis of Detroit, MI is a perfect example of how God’s grace and mercy works. It is impossible to understand her pains and pitfalls just by looking at her outward exterior. You would have to pierce quite a bit more and listen to her soul sing the praises of God and how He saved her from a life of despair and hopelessness. Tanya is a mother, wife, grandmother, and friend to many. She is also a overcomer, motivator, faith walker, and mentor. Though what she is most proud of is her 28 years of being sober. Tanya’s life took a dark turn while she lived dangerously on the streets of Detroit. She was a drug addict, plagued with drug use, prostitution, domestic violence, and homelessness. Her habits led to crime and eventually incarceration. Her life changed when she opened her eyes to God. She confesses that He met her in her jail cell and began to change her life, freeing her from addiction, crime and the binds of wickedness. Today, she is an entrepreneur, consultant, producer, professional hair stylist, writer, and is a witness to the love and redemption of God. Though she isn’t an ordained minister, she does her share of ministry work. Lives have been saved through her testimony and she has shown many how to overcome obstacles merely by living as an example. “I often tell others that I know a man and He’s not from Detroit or Nashville – but He’s from Galilee,” she says. “I love to show others who are suffering with addiction how to succeed in recovery. When asked, “What’s next?”, her answer is always, “Wherever God leads me because I know it is His purpose. Tanya has a long list of accomplishments. She is the 2006 Recipient of the Phenomenal Woman Distinguished Award and the 2009 Who’s Who Award. Additionally, she is founder of Ice Media Group, and publisher of Ice Magazine – a cross-cultural lifestyle magazine and Focus On This International Hair Magazine. She is also the owner of Salon ICE in Nashville, TN and directs From Crack to Christ Ministries. She is the Executive Producer of “I Just Got My Hair Did” talk show on 92Q cumulus station, and a National Spokesperson for Beauty Behind Bars. Tanya is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through hair. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and her signature techniques in blending traditional methods as well as modern techniques especially when it comes to hair care. She has also served as a Glam Professional working with many celebrities during Stellar Awards of gospel music. She has helped to produce hair shows in Detroit, Dallas, and Chicago, with audiences of over 10,000 people. In 2010, at The Hutton, one of the most prestigious hotels in Nashville, TN she produced and created “Rip the Runway Awards,” a show highlighting Nashville’s best in the Hair and beauty Industry.

Tanya has also developed a passion for helping new and transitioning salons through her consulting business. Her experiences, vibrant personality and strong strength of faith has secured her for a wide range of projects and purposes. Presently she is the Founder of ABA American Beauty Awards, and Co-Founder of I Love To Battle Hair Competition. Tanya credits her mother’s constant prayers for keeping her sane through everything she has faced. She also credits her mentor, Jacqueline Kelly, who has opened many salons and also has a commercial real estate firm in Nashville for providing her with insight and direction. Her number greatest supporters are her husband Kenneth, daughter, and granddaughter. h



Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018

Huami Magazine For Greenville/Spartanburg Representative

Equator Kennedy Styled by EK, Life of Pearls By Terry L. Watson Photos by JLG Photography

Huami Magazine is very happy to introduce Equator Kennedy as a Representative for Huami Magazine for Greenville/Spartanburg. In her role, Equator will share the awesome benefits that Huami Magazine provides to business ownwers and individuals. Equator Kennedy is the owner and founder of Styled by EK, Life of Pearls, an empowerment movement that starts with image. They provide unique, hand selected jewelry and accessories, consisting primarily of pearls. They also strive to add to their clients’ image and style by finding fashionable pieces that will compliment any outfit or setting. Equator is also a community leader and a champion of women’s issues. Many know her as a loyal friend and family woman. Her passion for fashion and consulting started at a young age. “I take pride in motivating others to leap and conquer every dream that God blessed them with. I love helping in the community and enjoying life through laughter and positive environments. My motto in life is, one person can change the world by affecting one person at a time. Together, we shall all overcome,” she says. Growing up as a child, she was always obsessed with her mother’s jewelry. In her teenage years, she loved shopping with her and helped accessorize her outfits. “I’ve always loved fashion and jewelry and had a love for pearls. I knew I wanted to do something in the fashion industry so I started to educate myself on how to run a successful business. I attended numerous workshops and seminars and often networked while building a following. One thing led to another and in December of 2016 I launched Life of Pearls online,” she says. Their products are hand selected pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They also have purses, shoes, accessories, and more. In addition to providing products that are geared to women and children, plans are in the work to add men’s fashionable wear. Moving forward, Equator hopes to impact more women and help change their mindset and approach to life. “Sometimes our success is hindered by negativity or the hurt we harbor. When this happens, we are not always able to see the good in the world, or receive the blessings that are headed our way,” says Kennedy. h

I’m here to answer any questions you may have about Huami Magazine For Greenville/Spartanburg

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Ravii Glover

Transportation Nanny, LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos by Ravii Glover Ravii Glover of Greenville, South Carolina is a God fearing and God loving woman. She is the mother of two vivacious young men, Ashton and Miles, both who feed her ambitions and inspire her to be her very best. As a woman of faith, Ravii clings to her trust in God and believes that He will work things out for her good, even when it doesn’t look favorable. Still, God continues to show Ravii favor by blessing her with a business, Transportation Nanny, LLC., which provides reliable, door to door, transportation in a safe nurturing environment for children. The business was incorporated in 2006, but the concept and name were born 25 years ago while Ravii was a college student in Atlanta, GA. A family needed assistance with after school transportation to avoid paying late fees and Ravii had a solution for their problem by utilizing her vehicle to transport them. This act of service morphed into a thriving business where she provided childcare transportation for several families. The goal of Transportation Nanny, LLC is to provide parents with a safe, reliable source of transportation for their most valued asset, and giving their children a vehicle of opportunity to actively participate in the world around them. “I love providing a valuable service that parents need. As a single parent, I had to rely on other people to make life more manageable. I am a problem solver by nature and my service allows me to do both,” she says.

Ravii GLover is the CEO and founder of Transportation Nanny LLC.

Like any other small business owner, Ravii has faced her share of challenges. Some of them have been finding quality employees who espouse the same principles. Others have been learning to say no and not discount or undervalue her services. On the other hand, she has been blessed with individuals who have been committed to making Transportation Nanny, LLC one of the best transportation providers in Greenville. Her first driver, Mr. Nick afforded her the opportunity to expand her customer base. Ravii understand that by providing excellent customer service which is solely focused on the customer will allow her to retain her customer base. Her goal is to develop a strong business model that can be duplicated nationwide and eventually franchised. To accomplish this, Ravii approaches every opportunity with professionalism and dignity, ensuring that each client is satisfied with the experience that her company provides. For those who may follow in her footsteps, Ravii offers a few words. “Trust God first and stay the course. Believe in your dreams and your God given purpose.”

(864) 901-7689

Moving forward, Ravii’s goal is to empower other single mothers and encourage them to dare to dream a different dream. “I also want to leave a legacy for my kids and equip them with all the life tools that were missing from my toolbox as a child and young adult,” she says. h


Cutest Baby


Kinsley & Kingston Jones-Brown

The children of Lakisha Jones and Kendrick Brown Photo provided by Michael Garris

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Greenville/Spartanburg - May/June 2018

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Huami Magazine Greenville/Spartanburg May/June 2018  

Mykel Media Company, LLC

Huami Magazine Greenville/Spartanburg May/June 2018  

Mykel Media Company, LLC