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Charlotte - March/April 2018

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Better Days Are Just Around The Corner There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

A Letter From The Editor

There is no greater treasure one can possess than the gift of life. A Letterus from God selects all the for Editor a particular purpose and promise. Your gift is as individual as a blade of grass or a rain drop that falls from the sky during a shower in the month of April. What God has for me, tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of other your plans, hopes is only forWhat me, ifand it is impossible for anyone than me to and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if fulfill His promise for my life. everything that you decided to put off until tomorrow never happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy Though I was named by my grandmother, throughout the short day, and you could spare someone the trouble of making years of my life, I have been called many other things. Some of promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired them I believe I earned, and others maybe not. However, it wasn’t today? What would you do? until I heard a pastor share something during a church service did I fullyI’ve understand been toldthe thateffectiveness I often seem and like Iineffectiveness do too much. of wordsHonestly, spoken to me by others. This pastor told us that doesn’t I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a“It firm matter what others say tothat youGod or about you.put The only thing that believer in knowing wouldn’t anything on me matters is what you answer to.” That message burrowed itself that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would in my mind remains be ifand I chose to sitthere. idle and accept what it presented to me. I have found that to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity Weislive in a world if we aretonot careful, our lives can be a blessing thatwhere, isn’t afforded everyone. A challenge shaped torn by what others us. It’s important to have toand me is an adventure. Whatthink is theofworst that can happen? the support and admiration from family and friends, but we If I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn can’t survive on their opinions alone. WeRelinquish must realize our veryand own something new about myself. your pride in worth.return God acquire makes no life.mistakes and because He made each of us, it’s impossible to believe that we are anything less than His finest The best advice ever given to me happened when someone creation. told me to make my tomorrow happen today. In doing so have pressed through doorsthe with a keyschool that only As I watch the lossmy ofway young lives with recent hope provided. I have also learned the difference between shootings, I reflect back to when I was a young student. Things what God blesses methose with and what can burden with have really changed from times. It life is painful to seeme our as well. I compare it to knowing when to be confident and future perish. Therefore, I pray and ask for healing and protection when to bekind quiet, in those situations. I also pray for change. The ofbecause change someone may get it confused that starts at home. We must speak with being arrogant. life into the hearts and ears of those who are impressionable. You can Make youwhat tomorrow never understand someone is happen today, most going through on thebut inside just by importantly make it count. looking at them. Often, one word Life is but a whisper and is all that it takes to change that we must put ourselves in a person’s life. Let your words be full position to hear what it is of kindness and compassion or don’t telling us. say anything at all. My mama told me that!

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Applause Hair Design of Huntersville

Blessed and Bearded

Viticus Thomas

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Charlotte - March/April 2018

Paint and Praise, LLC Jamie and Nicole Pittman are created to be creative. 5


Charlotte - March/April 2018

Applause HD You Deserve It By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Todd Youngblood

Applause Hair Design is a small but quaint hair salon in the heart of a shopping and residential village in Huntersville, NC, a few miles north of Charlotte. Sisters-in-Christ, Katossa Glover and Safiyah Nelson have recently partnered up and plan to take their business to new levels. As a child, Katossa spent many days in the hair salon alongside her mother and aunt who are both stylists. She would do her homework, hang out, or shampoo hair when they needed an extra pair of hands. In 2014, Katossa and her husband Malik wanted to invest in some type of business but couldn’t decide between a hair salon or a barbershop. Since Malik’s mother was also a former stylist, they decided to pay tribute to both matriarch’s and explore what they were already familiar with. Once the decision was made and the location was confirmed, the couple called on General Contractor Donnell Grier to work his magic and turn an office into a welcoming and workable space. Judging from the smile on Katossa’s face, he exceeded expectations. Why the name ‘Applause’? Katossa came up with it after attending her God daughter’s dance recital and seeing how excited the dancers were when the audience stood up and showered them with praise. “As my God daughter was leaving the stage, I jumped up and yelled APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE! And something hit me. I knew that was the name.” She wants everyone to feel how those girls felt when they were shining and at their best because everyone deserves an applause. That’s why the salon’s motto is “Creating timeless images in timeless women.” They back up that idea with oversized vintage portraits of Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge, and other famous icons hanging on the walls. Continued on the next page


Currently, Applause is looking to expand and looking to add a few more stylists to their family. Those specializing in natural hair, short cuts, and a female barber would make the team complete. Their lead stylist is Noshova Guy, a 20-year veteran in the hair industry who loves what she does. “For years I worked other jobs because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to only doing hair. Whatever I was doing, I found myself wondering about the next style I could create.” says Noshova. After years of flirting with the idea, she jumped in head first and now wishes she would’ve done it sooner. In August, Safiyah came aboard to lend herself wherever Katossa needed her due to her entrepreneurial spirit. The union seemed to be divine intervention, because the two initially weren’t even supposed to meet. After months of talking and simply getting to know each other, they both felt it was right. “Katossa already knows how to run this business, so I help with marketing and fill any gaps. We have the same vision for the salon and we really believe that we’ll find the people that want to join a place that makes them feel at home,” says Safiyah. Safiyah has an MBA and considers business her passion. She’s even passed the spirit onto her daughters. At 15, her oldest daughter has already started two small businesses and her youngest, just 12, has followed with her own money-making idea. Between the two, Katossa and her husband have raised seven boys that keep them busy with their business ideas. Two of them are consistently expanding their clothing line ‘BYOP’ (Be Your Own Person), and the soon-to-be empty-nester is all too happy. Recently, Safiyah started offering the aroma touch therapy technique using DoTerra essential oils. Katossa is a Certified Lash Technician and will offer lashes and brow services. They’re eager to implement other spa-like services but will pace themselves over time. “Taking care of the whole woman is important to us. We don’t want to just do your hair, we want h to take care of you,” says Safiyah.

Katossa’s Makeup by MUA Sheena Vandiver. Safiyah’s Hair: Color by Robbette, Installed/Styled by Noshova Guy Safiyah’s Dress by Mo Jazz


Applause Hair Designs 13127 Rosedale Hill Ave Huntersville, NC 28078 704-274-5100

Viticus Thomas 10

B Terry L. Watson Photos by Todd Youngblood

iticus Thomas has launched his own line of beard care products, Blessed and Bearded LLC. The Johnson C. Smith University graduate and Columbia, South Carolina native often reflects on how good God has been to him. He also has an eye for detail and passion for serving others. He’s enthusiastic and loves to put a smile on people’s faces with his personal arsenal of jokes. Now, he would like to add his beard balm to those same faces. “Being Blessed and Bearded is not just a company, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone loves a good beard and since I have one, I love promoting it,” he says. “My beard balm makes those who have beards look and feel good.” His products also include a line of Blessed and Bearded shirts, sweatshirts, hats, Have A Beardiful Day shirts and hats, and Beard Power t-shirts. The designs are geared for both men and women, with a ladies favorite shirt, “Beards Give Me Wild Thoughts”. With the growing popularity of bearded men, it leaves many to wonder what impact the trend has on those who may be seeking a different look. Thomas says, “I think with all the new groups on social media, beards have made it good to be a man again. More women are attracted to men with facial hair, more now than ever. If you have a beard and take care of it, your chances of getting the interest of a beautiful woman are increased by 50 percent. If a man keeps himself groomed, it shows women that he takes pride in himself. The beard resembles patience and strength. I reflect to the story of Sampson in the bible. If a man can show patience and strength with his beard, he can definitely show patience with a woman and have the strength to protect her.” Having and maintaining a healthy landscape of facial hair is very important as well. Many people aren’t aware that beards can often house several forms of bacteria. That is why it’s very important to have a proper cleaning regimen for them such as regular shampooing. It is equally important to use the proper cleaning tools such as that offered by Viticus.

Moving forward, Viticus says he can see Blessed and Bearded becoming a house hold name. He has visualized bearded athletes, bearded actors, and bearded broadcasters wearing the Blessed and Bearded gear. “I see women who love beards wearing my clothing as well. I see this business not only for clothes but for men across the world to make this a lifestyle,” he says. The future looks bright for Viticus. For more information about the Blessed and Bearded line of products follow them on Facebook. To book Viticus Thomas for an event, please contact him by telephone or email. There are plans to soon launch a website. h

Viticus has faced many challenges with establishing the Blessed and Bearded line. Getting the brand to be recognized on a larger scale and placing them in large retail chains such as Wal-Mart or Target are just a few. He also hopes to land a well-known public figure such as James Harden of the NBA to use his products. In order to reach those levels, he understands that he must remain consistent. Viticus credits the lady in his life for encouraging him to push his Blessed and Bearded brand to new limits. “I have been able to take this to another level since I have been with her,” he says, “I am very fortunate to have friends that have supported me from the very beginning.”

Viticus Thomas 803-862-8160 Follow Viticus on Facebook & Instagram @Blessedandbearded


Trailblazing A Way For Herself and Others

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Todd Youngblood Ericka McKnight of Charlotte, NC is someone who looks for the good in everyone. Her vibrant smile is an honest greeting and pathway into her kind soul. She is the kind of person who will be the first to give and the last to ask for anything in return. She is a mother, an offering of love for those who need it, a fighter, and friend to the friendless. She is also a protector for the unprotected, and voice for the voiceless. Having such qualities and attributes have helped Ericka to succeed in life. She is a pioneer and history maker for being the first and youngest African American female to own a real estate school, ELM School of Real Estate. “It is an innovative facility designed to educate, empower and engage aspiring or current business leaders in their perspective industries. Our core focus is real estate agents and entrepreneurs,” she says. Ericka spent 11 years working onsite for builders as a new home sales counselor and then as a roving agent. Throughout her journey as a new home sales counselor she built up an alliance of realtors who were eager to learn more about the new home sales process. She began traveling all over the Carolina’s educating realtors and builders on the new home sales process, bridging the gap between builders, realtors, and the buyer. Her efforts showed them how to increase their wealth in new home sales. Upon realizing the demand for her message from her peers, she decided to take a great leap of faith and follow her dream. One of the best decisions Ericka made in her life was obtaining real estate license. Her mission was, and still is to sell a home to all people no, matter what. She often refers to her “diamond in a rough philosophy” when reflecting on her career. “I remember selling a single mom employed at Wal-Mart her first home. So many real estate agents turned her away because their commission check was too small. Until this day, this young lady has referred over 20 plus home buying clients to me. What others throw away, I pick up and make it work,” she says. Today, while leading ELM, she is also involved with writing a training manual for a fortune 500 company and working on a playwright production for the books she has written “Silence The Noise - Uninstalling Negativity”. She has also found the time to expand the school and real estate firm. There are many benefits that come with being your own boss. Having the flexibility to travel and write your own paycheck are just a few of the ones Ericka enjoys. “I am very fortunate to be in a position to change and impact the lives of others daily,” she says. Along with the rewards, come a few challenges. “Being a successful woman, and young African American, there were many times when I was told I couldn’t do it. That only fueled my fire and gave me an opportunity to shine and prove the naysayers wrong!” Her success has also made possible by an awesome support system which is God, family, and friends. “When others said was impossible, God made possible. He placed me in the palm of his hands, a place where no man can pick me out from. My family and friends have been ready at a moment’s notice to assist with anything I need,” she says. Moving forward, Ericka plans to remain focused on the purpose, path and plan God has for her life. To learn more about the ELM School of Real Estate, please contact Ericka. h ELM School of Real Estate PO Box 1441 Waxhaw, North Carolina (980) 319-2416

Charlotte - March/April 2018 13

Nicole & Jamie Pittman

By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Todd Youngblood y day, Nicole Pittman is a 911 operator, dispatching police officers throughout the city when help is needed. It can be stressful and emotionally taxing at times, but she knows she was placed in that profession for a reason. By night, Nicole and her devoted husband Jamie, an IT professional, help others tap into their creative side while fellowshipping with other like-minded people at their new business venture, Paint and Praise. Paint and Praise is the couple’s unique twist on a concept that has been booming all over the country for the last few years – personalized canvas painting. The decision to worship God is constantly being challenged, including removing Christianity from public schools and other public entities. Their concept focuses on faith-based art (they do offer other images) which is exactly what the community needs. The paintings range from churches, to calming waterfalls, to crosses displayed high on a hill. What makes their concept so special is that everyone can feel comfortable without hiding their love for God and enjoy the evening in a spirit-filled environment. Customers might even want to share a testimony or two if they’re moved to do so. “Nicole came up with the idea after attending a few sessions at other locations with girlfriends, but wanted something where the Christian community could come and let their hair down,” says Jamie. He freely admits that he has no talent when it comes to art and that Nicole is the more creative one. Jamie devotes his time to the technical and administrative aspects, having created their website and social media pages. He did, however, express his interest in somehow offering classes that men would want to attend since this is typically a female-driven activity. Since the two both have outside careers, the first thing the couple did before beginning this new venture was pray about it. They have been by each other’s side for almost 17 years and already had a solid foundation and support, but building a business can sometimes be a challenge. When they felt God had approved their idea, they started doing their research, found a location, and spent time purchasing supplies and interviewing artists that would be a good fit. “I can’t say that I’ve always wanted to paint, but over the last year I’ve gone to these ‘paint and sips’ and just really got into it,” Nicole explains. Now she hosts her own classes and has hired other artists that teach technique, create new canvasses, and helps customers’ visions come to life. One of their artists feels so strongly about this ministry that she drives an hour to offer her talents as an instructor. Paint and Praise is centered on elevating ones energy. All events are void of alcohol, foul language, and aggressive music. They offer gospel tunes and uplifting conversation instead. “Some people are battling addictions or other things in their lives that they may not want to have to explain. So we want them to feel comfortable without any pressures,” says Jamie. If you can’t tell how deeply rooted Nicole and Jamie are in their faith, having met at Nicole’s home church, Christ Deliverance Temple, should give you an idea. Jamie is an Elder and a youth pastor and Nicole is also a minister. “Our church definitely had our back [with the business]. We had our grand opening on a Sunday after church and most of the members came and even stayed for the sample paint class,” says Nicole. Nicole and Jamie feel a sense of accomplishment now that they are business owners. They can also enjoy being role models to the youth in their church and the community. “The children can look at us and see that we’re doing something they might want to do one day. We let them know it’s possible,” says Jamie. Anything is possible when you are filled with faith, determination, and ideas. Paint and Praise is a true testament to that. h

11025 Monroe Road - Suite B2 Matthews, NC 28105 (704) 315-4490


Jeff Broadie Just For You Barber Styling Academy 16

Charlotte - March/April 2018

By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Todd Youngblood t’s not every day that one leaves a well-paying job in Corporate America for a service industry profession that has to be built from the ground up. Jeff Broadie, owner of Just For You Barbershops and Barber Styling Academy decided to completely change professions in the middle of his career. In 1992 Jeff received a promotion at his job as a banker and moved his family from Asheville to Charlotte. “After we moved and closed on our new house, I made the decision to quit my job and go to barber school. I didn’t even tell my wife at first, I just did it.” He seems to be a better man for it. He’s thankful that his wife supported his passion, because the business has been flourishing ever since. The Winston Salem State University graduate completed barber school the next year, opened his first shop in 1994, and by 1995 received his teaching license. He opened the barber and styling academy in 1998 and now works as an instructor that teaches students the best techniques used when styling hair. The barber academy has six instructors, including Jeff, and they’re all multi-shop owners. He knows the importance of not just simply teaching his students how to cut and style hair. He teaches his students how to look beyond the chair and potentially become owners themselves one day. He also stresses the value and importance of diversity. “They shouldn’t know how to cut only black folks’ hair. You can’t make it just on shapeups,” Jeff says. In addition to running the barber school and multiple shops around the city, Jeff is also a consultant to those who are ready to open their own shops. Thus far, he’s helped launch more than a dozen facilities in the state. It’s evident that Jeff is a busy man and just to make things even more hectic, he is on the brink of implementing some amazing ideas around the city. For over 20 years Jeff has sat on the Executive Board of the NC Master Barbers Association. The 600-member association makes decisions on license fees, merging cosmetologists and barbers, implementing taxes, and anything else related to the industry. He urges more people in his own community to serve and let their voices be heard. This life seems like a lot to handle hailing from the small town of Morven in NC. His family has been his biggest fans along the way. His wife of almost 36 years, whose hair he has been styling for decades, is a part-time math instructor at Central Piedmont Community College, having retired from the banking industry. His daughter and son haven’t shown any interest in the business, but his son-in-law has. He‘s part of Charlotte’s banking industry but has a barber license as well. When the talent doesn’t necessarily run in the family, simply passing it down is just as valuable. His son-in-law has expressed interest in one day possibly taking over the business and it sounds like he already has his father-in-law’s blessing. Jeff has certainly built an empire for him to grow, and who knows, his only grandson may get bitten by the barber bug one day too. h

To learn more, please call or visit Jeff Broadie at

Just For You Barber Styling Academy 5108-5 N.Reagan Rd. Charlotte, NC 28206 704-921-2998

Charlotte - March/April 2018 17

Cossandra Miller Safe Haven Child & Family Counseling Services, LLC


Charlotte - March/April 2018


By Dawn Cauthen Thornton Photos by Todd Youngblood t’s no secret that many African Americans tend to shy away from any type of mental health assistance. When someone is facing a tough time, they often consult their friends, pastors, or try to remedy the problem themselves. Cossandra Miller, owner/operator of Safe Haven Child & Family Services is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and recommends that people take care of themselves by seeking out a professional who is trained to identify factors that may be contributing to their feelings.

Cossandra didn’t set out to become a social worker. As an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina, she originally majored in Criminal Justice and had planned to become an attorney. While in school, she needed an elective so she enrolled in a social work class and immediately fell in love. After she graduated with her Master of Social Work degree, she fervently began her quest to become a licensed social worker. In 2000 she began working at a local hospital. After a few years she realized that while she enjoyed it, it didn’t pay enough. That caused her to venture out in search of part-time employment. She made a few phone calls to different counseling facilities and received affirmation from someone on the other end of the line. Those conversations resulted in Cossandra counseling patients at his facility and eventually renting a space there. The determined future counselor worked both jobs for about a year until she felt comfortable stepping out on faith. She moved her practice into a small space within her mentors office but eventually outgrew it. This left her with no choice but to step out on faith once again and open her own office, where she’s still located today. Over the last 12 years, Safe Haven has serviced hundreds of clients between her three locations: Charlotte, Lancaster, SC, and a Charlotte charter school. The majority of clients that visit her practice are struggling with a mood disorder, such as depression, anger management, PTSD, and many other things. With the child and adolescent population, trauma, ADHD, and conduct are the most common. Safe Haven uses the Cognitive Behavioral Thinking approach partnered with other theories, when needed. ‘Psychology Today’ explains this approach as a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. “The idea is to retrain your brain to think different when there is faulty thinking. We want to redirect the thought so it can evoke a more positive emotion, therefore provoking a more positive behavior.” When a loved one’s behavior is out of the ordinary, start paying more attention to them. If you notice their behavior is starting to impact home, work, school or community environment it is time to consult a primary care doctor to rule out medical concerns. If there is no medical issue contact a mental health provider for assistance. “People often recognize they have mental health issues so they’ll call me directly and self-refer,” says Cossandra.

“My son is also a therapist and works at my practice. He currently has a LCSW-A and is working on his LCSW,” she explains. An LCSW-A means that he is an associate working towards his full licensure. Being a therapist can be a stressful job, but when you love what you do, the trying days are worth it. Seeing patients succeed and manage their concerns can be the most rewarding. Cossandra admits that she loves to receive phone calls from former patients who have implemented her strategies and have changed for the better. For more information about Safe Haven Child & Famly Counseling Services, please contact them directly. They are currently accepting new clients. h

Safe Haven Child & Family Counseling Services, LLC

It’s apparent that the Kershaw, SC native positively impacts the community as an advocate for mental health. Her greatest honor was when her oldest child followed in her footsteps and aspired to be like her.

Charlotte - March/April 2018

4822 Albemarle Rd - Ste 202 Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 (704)766-8086 19


Cutest Baby 20

Kyrie Pointzes


The son of Steve Pointzes Jr. and Monae Cozart Photo provided by Nataisha Pointzes

Charlotte - March/April 2018

To submit photographs to be placed in the Huami Magazine Cutest Baby feature, please send a detailed email to

Justin Rhedrick

BitcoinVegan Consulting By Terry L. Watson Photos by Justin Rhedrick What is a Bitcoin? This question is being asked by many individuals lately. Yet, there aren’t many resources available to answer it. However, there is someone who has focused their attention on doing just that, answering the mystique about Bitcoin. Justin Rhedrick is a 28-year-old single father of a bright and brilliant young lady. He is also dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so much so that he transitioned from a vegetarian to vegan diet. Rhedrick is an avid reader of information on Cryptocurrency, having a keen focus on Bitcoin. With the knowledge obtained on Bitcoin, he has launched a company, BitcoinVegan which offers a very diverse line of products. One of the services he offers is Bitcoin Consultation. Rhedrick says this level is ideal for beginners who have never heard of Bitcoin but may have questions about it. These questions may include how to set up a Bitcoin wallet, where to buy Bitcoins, and who accepts them. For individuals already familiar with Bitcoin but may want to know more, Rhedrick provides guidance and directions to sources where they can learn more about the Bitcoin and Crypto currency space outside of just watching price swings, updates, news feeds, and business applications. Additional products include teaching Bitcoin Technology. This allows him to share resources with clients to help them learn how to run a full Bitcoin node, and direct them through the steps to implement the new updates for personal or business use. There are programming services available as well. “I’m currently increasing my skills as I increase my Bitcoin toolkit with different coding languages so I can design and create apps for my clients using apps for general use or apps for Bitcoin blockchain,” he says. His business started early in 2017 by first explaining Bitcoin to his family and friends. Due to the constant information and updates that was happening in Bitcoin, he started realizing the need for expert advice to spread the truth about it. “Our society is overloaded with fear or false evidence appearing real. This includes fake news or alternative facts which makes it difficult for new opportunities to prevail that could change someone’s life. Some choose to go with what they know even if the results or outcomes never change. I remain encouraged when I am able to meet new people and share this great opportunity. At the end of the day, when one more person is enthusiastic about exploring Bitcoin, it is a win,” says Rhedrick. There are many advantages to Bitcoin. Decentralization has kept Bitcoin safe for ten years and has the largest global network effect besides religion and social media. “All other altcoins or digital currencies are testnets for Bitcoin. Anything they think they can do, Bitcoin can adopt it or already has,” he says.

Understanding that African Americans are some of the greatest consumers and spend over a trillion dollars a year, Rhedrick wanted to know what it would look like if they invested those dollars in Bitcoin. “For us as black people to capture one third of the Trillion USD spending power into Bitcoin, or what we may call the #Blexit. We could then give back to our community to help eliminate poverty which is the greatest contributor to most of our societal ills such as poor education, homelessness, and more,” he says. The healthy side of Rhedrick’s business involves Vegan Coaching. With his first business, Vegan on the Go, Rhedrick is able to provide consultation and food service for his Vegan clientele. “Healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “As a vegan, process chemicals are stripped from ones’ diet thus allowing clearer thinking and an overall better health. I am committed to working with individuals or families and assisting them with transitioning to a vegan diet”. I am very aware of the food deserts our communities are affected by. I believe resolutions to these issues can be found with organic farmers and natural health remedies,” he says. “Family is important to me and I want to see families thrive holistically”. Rhedrick says his family started the fire in him from birth to be an entrepreneur and a self-starter. “Two brothers, Darrin Miller El (Sr. Consultant Moab Bit Association) and Isaiah Jackson (Vice President of KRBE), encouraged me to start consulting. My daughter is my greatest inspiration. Just looking at her huge smile and hearing her call me daddy makes getting up every morning worth it,” he says. h

Justin Rhedrick 980-729-4228 21

Ashley Gladney is Memphis Tennessee’s

Mobile Child Care Agency 901-265-0631 By Terry L. Watson Photos by Ashley Gladney Ashley Gladney of Memphis, TN is a mother, daughter, and loyal sister. She is also a college graduate, entrepreneur and the visionary of Mobile Mommy, a mobile child care agency that provides temporary and comprehensive childcare to exclusive clientele. While combining over 15 years of experience in providing quality childcare to families in need with her professional experience in the healthcare industry, Gladney is able to offer a high quality experience for families while supporting the progressive nurturing of children. “I am very fortunate that I can do what I love and still be able to transition that into a business. It never feels like work,” Ashley says. Mobile Mommy began on May 1, 2018 and now offers in-home babysitting and nanny services. “We travel to the home and care for the child in their familiar environment that is comfortable and convenient for both the parents and baby,” Ashley says. “Parents with busy schedules who need that extra support. Also parents who need to just get out for a date night or even a short vacation alone, while Mobile Mommy takes care of the house and kids.” With clientele sprinkled throughout the Greater Memphis area, Gladney lists even former Memphis Grizzlies players as references.

The services offered by Mobile Mommy are for special events, special occasions, professional sporting events, teenager chaperoning, house sitting, homework assistance, and Parent Vision (which allows the parents to look in on the session via body cams and cameras). An extra fee is applied for this and available upon request. They also offer after-school, evening, groups, and last minute services. Ashley hopes to eventually share the Mobile Mommy experience with others outside of Memphis, so be on the lookout because Ashley may be coming to a city near you very soon. h

While Ashley continues to grow her business, she is faced with the challenge of finding quality sitters that are fit to join the Mobile Mommy team. There is a certain type that she looks for such as retired grandmothers, mainly because they are experienced. However, Ashley is shaping her team with those who are passionate about being a Mobile Mommy. To provide her clients with a added level of security and ease, all of Mobile Mommy team members must be prequalified. This includes a full background check, they must be legally authorized to work in the United States, possess a high school diploma, have valid CPR certifications and First-Aid certifications, have babysitting and childcare experience, certified professional references and/ or letters of recommendations, successfully complete a thorough screening, and pass a drug test. Once those requirements are met, the applicant will be personally interviewed by Ashley.


Charlotte - March/April 2018

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Education for Manicurist Licensing 8-Hour Continuing Education Training for NIC Written and Practical Exam Charlotte Location 4520 N. Tryon St. - Ste 38 Charlotte NC, 28213 704-858-4815

With Low Tuition Fees, Payment Plans, And Job Search Assistance After Graduation!

Charlotte - March/April 2018

Greensboro Location 3821 W. Gate City Blvd Greensboro, NC 27407 336-988-1442 23


Charlotte - March/April 2018

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