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Charlotte - July/August 2017


“Wize The Barber has been rooted, seasoned, and polished by the incomparable and encapsulating brilliance of NYC’s innovation with undeniable swag.”

The Grooming Lounge

Appointments Available 6801 North Lake

Walk Ins Are Welcomed Mall Drive Ste. 248 Charlotte, NC Charlotte - July/August 2017


Live Your Dreams, And Dream Again There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

A Letter From The Editor

I would rather not dream or aspire to do anything, rather than to dream and never act upon them. To me that is the equivalent of A Letter from the Editor someone who talks the loudest but never says anything. Those are juvenile acts of a person who is quick to critique others, yet remain tranquil with something that God has ordered for them to do. For if we What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes are blessed and fortunate to translate our thoughts into actions, we are and dreams wouldn’t have a street to park on. What if also obligated to see them through.

everything that you decided to put off until tomorrow never happened? There would bethat no reason toacted save on foreverything a rainy If I can be genuine, I must admit I haven’t day, and you could spare someone the trouble of making that has fizzled in my mind. When I was five years old, or somewhere if yourstanding last opportunity seemingly expired aroundpromises. that time, What I remember on my dresser and singing my today? What would you do? heart out to the tunes on the radio. From that point, I knew I wanted to

be like the people I was mimicking. I would later grow up to realize that beenThough told that I often like I by dosinging too much. was only aI’ve dream. I have fedseem this desire in a choir, this dreamHonestly, has been settled. I feel like I am not doing enough and I’m a firm

believer in knowing that God wouldn’t put anything on me

As I that haveI gotten older, I haveI sometimes realized thatwonder dreamshow also come in the couldn’t handle. life would form of visions from God. Nearly 20 years ago, I asked God to bless be if I chose to sit idle and accept what it presented to I with something that willtoutilize my boring. creativeness, and talents, and have found that be very In mygifts opinion, opportunity He responded by blessing meafforded with the vision for HuamiA Magazine. is a blessing that isn’t to everyone. challenge It has become a huge responsibility as I have realized that in for this to me is an adventure. What is the worst that canorder happen? vision If toIreach its fullest potential, must allow but my mind to dream do nothing, I fail, and if IItry I don’t, instead learn and seek God for confirmation.

something new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in return acquire life. Editor In Chief

Terry L. Watson Alana Allen - Deputy Editor Writers

Tonya Dixon Terry L. Watson Alana Allen Jeuron Dove Photographers Perfect Lenz Photography Todd Youngblood Photography

Shaw Photography Group Still Shots Photography

Howard Gaither Photography Who Shotya Photography

If your dream is to be a homeowner or start a business, don’t stop there. If your desire is to be an elite athlete, don’t stop dreaming once The college. best advice to meand happened when someone you get into The ever abilitygiven to dream the opportunity to fulfill told me to make my tomorrow happen today. Inus doing so and them is a blessing. I believe that many times God will give dreams havesopressed my way doorsto with a key only to visionsI just that others who through are connected us can bethat motivated hope provided. I have also learned the difference between jump off of there logs and find themselves in their dreams.

what God blesses me with and what life can burden me with as well. I compare to knowing when to Luther be confident and President Barack Obamaitwas one of Dr. Martin King Jr.’s when to be quiet, because dreams. What would the journey of African Americans be like if those someone may get it confused who fought for our freedoms didn’t act upon or believe his dream. with being arrogant. Even more, what will we become if we cease to dream. Dream, and dream Make you tomorrow again because there are so happen today, but many most more levels toimportantly your visions,make and realizing it count. them is Life a lifelong journey thatand requires is but a whisper us to return to God for direction and we must put ourselves in a instructions on how to do so.


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position to hear what it is telling us.

Terry L. Watson

Terry L. Watson Editor/Founder

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Calvine’s Coffee

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Charlotte - July/August 2017

Cutest Baby




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Calvine’s Coffee

Satisfyiing Coffee Lovers All Over The World By Terry L. Watson Photos by Todd Youngblood


hen Calvine Frazier was a young girl, her parents sent her along with her sibling to spend Summer vacations with her grandparents in Florence South Carolina. There were sugar canes, pecan trees and other fun things for her to immerse herself in, but her most favorite was to pick and sell pecans. These were vacations she looked forward to mainly because she would get to smell the aroma of coffee perking on a wood stove, and witness her grandmother and mother sitting at a small table with a bible, praying, laughing and having loving conversation. Continued on page 8


Charlotte - July/August 2017

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It was during one of those vacations that Calvine knew it was time for her to get a sip out of that cup and see exactly what was making them laugh. That was a sip that would change her life forever. Calvine realized that she would one day become a house hold name. This was due do in part to her telling anyone she met to remember her name, promising that it will be famous one day. Blessed wth the namesake of her father, whom she says was a giving and compassionate figure that embedded the importance of family and church into her, Calvine had no choice but to strive for excellence.

“I have never forgot the taste nor the aroma of my grandmothers coffee. When we would take family vacations I visited different coffee shops, anxiously trying to find my childhood experience.” Her mother showed her how to be resilent in any circumstance and to perserve over any obstacles that may present itself. As a wife, mother and grandmother, she continues to live by those same principles they taught her. “I have never forgot the taste nor the aroma of my grandmothers coffee. When we would take family vacations I visited different coffee shops, anxiously trying to find my childhood experience,” she says. This venture was unsuccessful, so Calvine decided to blend her own instead. Her goal was to make people change the way they think about coffee. In 2015, she launched Calvine’s Coffee, a gourmet specialty roast blend of coffee beans from many origins around the world, including small farms and farmers. Their beans are roasted in small batches in


a SanFranciscan Artisan roaster which infuses a gentle roast to every bean. She offers unique roasts and blends that matches the quality and taste profile her clients desire. Calvine selects the ‘Grade 1’ beans for every batch and give meticulous attention and precise detail to ensure quality and consistency. They use a state of the art packing process that includes foil lined bags and new zip bags with a degassing valve that promotes a longer coffee life up to one year. Her company acknowledge small farms and farmers who are part of the Certified Rainforest Alliance Fair Trade and Direct Trade. Calvine’s Coffee blends are deeply rooted in Calvine’s family heritage. Viola Bold takes the heritage of Calvine’s Signature blend and adds a bold finish with slight vanilla, and named after her grandmother Viola. Marylicious Original Blend is a mediumdark city plus roasted while maintain the dark chocolate with rich texture and a slightly almond dry finish, and named after her mother Mary. MediumKrystalight focuses on consistently providing the best medium-light roasted cup with flavors like Caramel with a bright beginning to each sip, and is named after her daughter Krystal. Calvine’s Signature is a dark roast specialty blend of smooth silky almond berry coffee with a great baked chocolate finish, her original blend and perfect example of a balanced cup. Calvine’s Coffee strives to satisfy coffee lovers all over the world including Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Texas, Washington D.C., South Carolina and North Carolina. It can be found at Williams-Sonomna in Charlotte every other Saturday for free samples and purchase. It is also the proud coffee resident for Little Rock African American Cultural Center for all events. “I am a huge advocate for Black Economics. I would love to see Calvine’s Coffee impacting our neighborhoods by creating jobs and circulating money back into the African American community,” she says. h

As the founder and owner of Calvine’s Coffee, I believe “passion” demands perfection with every batch roasted and every cup poured.”

(800) 545-8553

Charlotte - July/August 2017


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Jus’ Taste

Fabrianne Saunders


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Jus’ Taste

us’ Taste is a home based catering and personal chef/bakery service that specializes in Caribbean American food, as well as, alcohol infused custom baked goods. Owner and chef Fabrianne Saunders says Jus’ Taste focus is to create great flavors in a variety of delectable Southern cuisines with heavy influences from the Caribbean other parts of the world. They also service a variety of events such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, tailgates, and bachelorette,bachelor parties. Like most new business owners, gaining new customers and maintaining a steady influx of business is a constant challenge. Saunders never thought she would ever be able to create something and see it featured online for everyone to see and want to purchase. “Sometimes it still surprises her when she sits back and think, “Wow, I did that!”


In 2009, Saunders settled down and really thought about what gave her pure joy. A couple of years later, she decided it was time to start walking in faith and enroll in culinary school to pursue her passion for cooking. “Being able to express myself in a dish that was created by me has always been gratifying. Hopefully in the next year, I hope to finally open up a food truck or maybe even a small local eatery and walk away from my full time job.,” she says. The influence from her grandmother, mother and aunts who shared their culinary experience throughout the years with her is evident in almost every dish. She also gathers inspiration from various friends from various parts of the world, as well as her own travels throughout the United States and the Caribbean. In the future, Saunders plans to continue to make delicious dishes and making Jus’ Taste a household name.

Charlotte - July/August 2017


Cracked Conch w/Mango Salsa

Assorted Desserts

Assorted Wrap Tray

Curry Shrimp n Grits

Summer Colada Trifle

“I never thought she would ever be able to create something and see it featured online for everyone to see and want to purchase. Sometimes it still surprises her when she sits back and think, “Wow, I did that!” Charlotte - July/August 2017

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By Safiya Nelson Photos by Todd Youngblood

’ve often wished others could walk a day in my shoes, one day I thought, “many are walking in shoes that are very similar, how can I encourage them?” January of 2016 I conceived Fitted Hatline, LLC, a company that was established as a result of an idea I had to design hats. I soon found that hats, however, was only the push I needed to get to the ultimate plan. In effort to build revenue to begin my journey, I designed a t-shirt with four very powerful words on the front, “I Set the Standards”. As my T-shirt sales grew, so did my purpose. Like many, I have a story. I have always believed my story could inspire and encourage others, I had no idea that just may be the mission God has for me. I Set the Standards became a movement. People everywhere were reaching out to me, buying tees and sharing their testimonies about how they set the standards. This blessed me! The true meaning of “I Set the Standards” is knowing you are the compass of your fate, reaching your own level of greatness and not what others expect or desire of you. I spent most of my life trying to be accepted, to fit in and belong. I was never happy “trying”. At some point I had to decide to be happy with myself, therefore knowing I did not need the approval of others, hence “I Set the Standards”. My ultimate goal is to see people everywhere setting the standards and wearing it on their shirts. I Set the Standards is not just a brand, it’s a way of life.

“The true meaning of “I Set the Standards” is knowing you are the compass of your fate, reaching your own level of greatness and not what others expect or desire of you. I spent most of my life trying to be accepted, to fit in and belong.

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Charlotte - July/August 2017


One On One With Safiya When you visit I Set The Standards web page and see CEO/ Lady Boss, Natasha Erwin’s smile radiating from the inside out, it is difficult to comprehend the odds she has beaten, the challenges she has overcome, and the darkness she has navigated to discover her own sunshine. Born to drug addicted parents, and later adopted by Christian family members in Charlotte, this Harlem Girl at heart has become the personification of inner glow. Now she helps to lead others on that journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and value realization. She indeed has triumphed over many tragedies and now serves as a source of inspiration to others who once sought approval and external acceptance because they never felt like they belonged.

What does “I Set The Standards” mean?

I Set The Standards came to me because I spent a lot of time appeasing other people, and as a result -it made me unhappy. Then I finally came to a point in my life where I reached my own level of greatness and that greatness became what makes me happy. It was birthed out of hearing “I would be like my mother, that I wouldn’t be much or do much ” and one day it dropped in my spirit “I Set The Standards.” As I thought about what these words meant, it was the voice that conquered every negative word that was ever spoken over my life. Those words literally changed my life. Understanding Natasha, I Set The Standards is for every person that was ever told they wouldn’t amount to anything and/or for every person wanting to take a stand in their lives against imposed mindsets that become belief systems that trap us. Natasha shared how I Set The Standards began; however, it quickly evolved she went on to explain, and became different things for many people. People began to own it as theirs. They began sharing their testimonies about how they set the standard at school, they set the standard at work, and they set the standard in pretty much whichever arena they found themselves. Doors opened for speaking engagements for Erwin. I began publicly speaking to people about selfesteem and self-acceptance and encouraging them to set their own standard. When I shared what it meant, people got it. I wanted to encourage people and empress upon others that they too can set their own standard.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

I live with Bail’s Palsy, which has paralyzed one side of my face, this also contributed to feelings of not being enough and not measuring up to society’s standard of being beautiful. Although Erwin shared her confrontation with this stifling dis-ease, her inner beauty still outshines its darkness. I viewed pictures of Natasha and had no idea. This made me think symbolically of how the things scarring us and causing shame, are often undetected by others. You may not have a debilitating dis ease, but what other things has life presented you with that may have left you feeling paralyzed and no one h else knows.


“I Set the Standards came to me because I spent a lot of time appeasing other people, and as a result - it made me unhappy. Then I finally came to a point in my life where I reached my own level of greatness and that greatness became what makes me happy.”

Developing Shot Makers, Not Shot Takers

Kenyan Weaks

S basketball.

By Safiya Nelson Photos by Kenyan Weaks

hooting, by far is one of the most critical aspects of basketball. Teaching players, especially young players, the correct way to hold and shoot a basketball is a lost art. A lot of personal trainers focus on the players overall game. They do tons of drills, which is good, but rarely do they take the time to breakdown the mechanics of shooting a

Kenyan Weaks has taken a concept utilized in professional leagues and carved out his niche for shot excellence. Billy Donavan, Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA, states “Weaks is one of the best shooters I have been around.”

For shooting lessons from The Jump Shot Mechanic, Kenyan can be reached at 980-777-5594

“I was sick and tired of going to basketball games and watching players, especially young players, shoot and score long range baskets while shooting the incorrect way. This results in practicing a bad habit that develops over time and is hard to break once a player gets older.”

Kenyan Weaks, aka “The Jump Shot Mechanic”, played collegiately at the University of Florida from 1996-2000 helping lead the Gators to two Sweet 16 appearances, 1 Elite 8 appearance, a trip to the Final 4 while advancing to the Championship game. He completed his career with 1,234 points (21st in school history), 2nd in career list for 3 pointers made (198), 4th in 3 point field gold percentage (42.7 %). During his sophomore year, Weaks shot a blistering 50.1 % from 3-point land leading the SEC in that category and finishing 5th in the nation. He was also Third Team All SEC and Co-Captain during his Senior Season. Kenyan has taken his shooting specialty and made it accessible for all players, especially young players. Following his career at Florida, Weaks played for the Harlem Globetrotters for a season, then played professionally in countries Turkey, Slovenia, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, and South America. Weaks launched No More Bricks, LLC in 2017 to teach players the proper mechanics of shooting and tricks to improve accuracy and confidence. “I was sick and tired of going to basketball games and watching players, especially young players, shoot and score long range baskets while shooting the incorrect way. This results in practicing a bad habit that develops over time and is hard to break once a player gets older.” Weaks desires to develop shot makers, not shot takers. h

Charlotte - July/August 2017


Unity In The Community Day Little Rock Cultural Center 401 N. McDowell Street Charlotte, NC June 17, 2017


Moore Out Of Life Demetra Moore

…The Seed of Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes has a few sideways thrown in too. When things go wrong or don’t go as planned, it throws us off balance and we doubt ourselves. After all, who likes feeling like a failure? Life throws challenges, and we can’t control everything, nor should we try. It is not what happens to you but how you respond that makes the difference. There are three steps we can take to move forward: Focus on Your Strengths We’re a bunch of contradictions. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad; sometimes hopeful, sometimes pessimistic. We also have loads of strengths and weaknesses that affect what we do and how we do it, but we tend to focus more on our weaknesses. Emphasizing what you do well rather than what you’re not so good at makes a lot of sense. Who wants to feel bad about themselves? Start focusing on your strengths and you’re guaranteed to get positive results while eliminating negative effects of your weaknesses. Set Things Up Ahead Of Time Sure, there will be times when you can just head into something, do brilliantly and get the result you were hoping for, but other times you might blunder forwards, wing it and not get the result you wanted. Whatever challenges or opportunities you are facing you will stand a chance of getting the result you desire if you set things up to succeed ahead of time.

breaking it down, think about what you can do to set up things so that you achieve your desired outcome. What needs to be put in place? And to ensure the best outcome, what are you willing to do? No Such Thing as Losing What’s life all about, really? Getting a good job, getting married, feeling valued, having fun? It has a specific meaning to everyone, but I believe we all want to do our best and be the best for ourselves and those we care about. It can be a struggle sometimes, but our capacity to learn, develop and grow is constant. Everything you do takes you one step forward. As Thomas Edison said while he was on his 207th prototype for the electric light bulb - ‘I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.’ Everything you do that doesn’t work out is another step forward, because you know one more way not to do something. All things have a process. You’ll never get to 100% without going from 1% to 99% first. In all that you do, whether it turns out how you wanted it to or not, there’s the capacity for learning. For more information on moving through the steps email h

So what exactly do you want to happen? What solution, outcome or result would be great? Get a clear vision of the outcome you want from what’s facing you and how it would feel to get that result . . Then start

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Charlotte - July/August 2017




Cutest Baby 18

Kly’len White Knight The son of Brittani White & Dwayne Knight Photo provided by Lita White

Charlotte - July/August 2017

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Gentlemen ‘R’ Us Youth Mentoring Program


Information and Pictures Provided by Gentlemen R Us

llsworth D. Best is a man of great humility and honor. He successfully served the U.S. Federal Government for over 35years at the Department of Justice with the FBI. The characteristics of that time honored organization only reflected his own, which are Integrity Honesty and Character. Among many accomplishments and accolades, his is most proud of his service as president of the Security Ministry of a 10,000 member church in Maryland. Through his guidance, he was blessed to take that ministry from 17 members to well over 104 likeminded people. He is now retired from both the Department of Justice, FBI, and his Security Ministry, and has began a brand new chapter in his life. Ellsworth has dedicated his life to teaching, mentoring and actively offers much needed guidance to young boys; boys hoping one day to become strong and productive men. He greatly enjoys teaching the meaning of what it means to be a real ‘Gentleman’ and how it’s not just something that is done on a part time basis, but is a way of living one’s life.

Ellsworth D. Best

Ellsworth is the Founder and Director of his own nonprofit organization ~ Gentlemen R Us Inc. His vision is to productively instruct young boys in the principles of being a real Gentleman. What that means is that after completing the short but rigorous course, the young men will one day themselves be able to successfully pass that knowledge to others. In so doing, these new gentlemen will become major assets within their own families and communities. Paying it forward and passing it on is the credo held most dear by Ellsworth.

OUR MISSION To effectively instill young boys with good principles, integrity and character to help them aspire, achieve and appreciate the benefits of a healthy and productive lifestyle. The mission of Gentlemen R Us (GRU) is very simple. To provide young boys with the tools, knowledge and understanding so that they will know what it really means to be a gentleman. Due to many different home situations and the myriad of tough decisions that face today’s young males on a daily basis, he wanted to try and instill good principles, integrity and character into their lives, of which they can learn and then be able to teach other young men. This vision was created out of a need he saw on a daily basis from young boys that seemed to lack the knowledge of how to be selfless. His organization believes these boys can be taught the meaning, value and benefits of being a real “Gentleman” and how it’s not just something that is done on a part time basis, but a way of living one’s life. His program is committed to teaching (through real life and mock training) the meaning of character, respect, honesty, and of course, ‘The Golden Rule’. To treat others as you would want to be treated.

Gentlemen ‘R’ Us, Inc. PO Box 412 Harrisburg, NC 28075 (980) 288-7758

Gentlemen R Us firmly believes that upon the completion of our training course, these new young “Gentlemen” will have matured mentally and emotionally! That maturity will then help afford them the opportunities to not only become stronger and wiser, but to also have had enough deposited into them that they will carry it over into their families, schools and communities as GRU mentors to others. h

Charlotte - July/August 2017


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Media Lane Photograpy


elf motivated, committed, driven, creative, an out the box thinker. These are just a few ways to describe Sharita Mathis-Lawson, a single mother of four who has recently obtained a doctor of philosophy in leadership studies from North Carolina A&T State University. “I am a goal setter who is always trying to be better than I was on yesterday. I try to maintain balance on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am a servant leader who loves to support other,” she says. While pursuing academic excellence, Lawson found her self in a uncomfortable place. She was pregnant with her fourth child and didn’t really know what the future held for her. She found peace after enrolling in Iylana Vanzant’s personal development program from Inner Vision Institute of Spiritual Development. “When I started there I was in a dark place. I was so broken and depressed when I discovered Iyanla and her work. So by the time she tweeted about her school, I knew I had to be there. That program saved my life. I got grounded, and really spent time getting to know myself,” she says. After receiving her PhD, many things in Lawson’s life were confirmed. “It is a demonstration to myself that I can do whatever I choose. Nothing is too big or out of reach and I am living demonstration to my girls of what is possible in life. Nobody can ever tell them what’s not possible because they saw me do it,” she says.


Mathis-Lawson Single Mom of Four Earns Her PhD

20 20

At age 39, she is an adjunct instructor at NC A&T and founder of an online social movement called, Black Girls Cheer, which is devoted to showing the world that Black girls cheer, and do so much more. “We are dedicated to creating equity in the cheerleading industry by promoting opportunities to cheerleaders and providing platforms to give voice and visibility to cheerleaders of color.” During her time as a graduate teaching assistant at NC A&T, she piloted a student retention and success program that consists of a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions. These programs are designed to support education preparatory students in selfexploration and the discovery of meaning and purpose in college and in life. Students identified to participate in this pilot program are in danger of non-admittance into the EPP program. Moving forward, Lawson plans to continue with her organization, Black Girls Cheer and promote scholarships, athletics and leadership in young girls. On the academic side, she hopes to build her program and continue to help support college students to excel in school. h

Marcus Pryor Realty Group By Safiya Nelson Photos by Marcus Pryor


arcus Pryor is a seasoned and successful Real Estate Agent/Investor with Wilkinson ERA/Pryor Realty Group. Marcus has over 18 years of real estate experience. At age of 27, Pryor began his real estate career by investing in a multiunit property in Newark, NJ. Since then, he has managed nine units and owned four homes. Pryor has an impeccable work ethic, not seen in many. Not only does Marcus invest in real estate, but Marcus also invests in people. Pryor has evolved into a mentor for budding investors and has built alliances with general contractors, builders and loan officers on this real estate journey. He has expertise in moving individuals forward towards attaining their real estate goals. Pryor is an educator and a leader. He walks with people and helps them to transition from renter to homeowner and from homeowner to real estate investor. Pryor inspires everyone he encounters to become better businessmen/women. If you have ever been in a conversation with Pryor, you begin to feel like you can accomplish even greater things, your entire world and thought process opens up after dialoguing with him just once. You are instantly turned “ON” and awakened to possibilities you had never imagined for yourself. Every entrepreneur needs a Marcus. Someone who makes people believe in themselves. Pryor has been instrumental in igniting mindsets. After a couple of conversations about ideas with Pryor, before you know it, you are on your NEXT LEVEL. He is the epitome of inspiration. He focuses neither on successes nor failures for too long, and always asks, “What’s next?” Though humble, Pryor prides himself on educating others and delivering reliable information to help clients make sound decisions. Hence his tag, “Quality Service, Satisfying Results!” Pryor believes in giving back and helping with the growth, development and opportunities for youth and young adults. He serves co-chair for both, Northwest Cabarrus Academy of Health Science and Biotechnology and Centralina NexGen Youth Council. As a father, Pryor’s motivation is consistent: Son 24, daughters 13 and 10. As his parents’ have provided for him: love, support, guidance and a foundation to build upon so too does he impart these same virtues into his children. This is always the focus. Some Frequently Asked Questions: • Can I purchase a home with challenged credit? Yes, many people believe they cannot purchase a home because of existing credit challenges. I want you to know, this is an obstacle that can be overcome. There are many agencies that can help, I partner with agencies in these situations and walk with my client through the process. I have had numerous successes in this area. • How can I increase the equity of my purchase? By building-in equity. Often times, new construction will enable a homeowner to have instant equity. I work with homeowners and builders to bring the best value to my clients and to help them decide if pre-existing or new construction is best for them. I personally work with the builder and future homeowner hand-in-hand to make this happen. I’m there every step of the way.

• What do I need to know about foreclosures? As mogul Warren Buffet states, “ Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.” Who better to heed than someone who has done it again and again over time? Purchasing foreclosures and short sales is a brilliant strategy; however, discount properties often require rehab work. Keep this in mind when endeavoring into this type of project. There are mortgage products available aimed to aid in this process and offset cost. I work with knowledgeable mortgage brokers who shed light on these products. In addition to holding a real estate license, Pryor also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Service, Educational Leadership. He is an innovator and loves entrepreneurial pursuits. His entrepreneurial spirit is constantly in motion. Currently, Pryor is in the research and development stages of a new APP launching in 2018. This will be his jumpstart into the technology sector. h

Marcus Pryor Realty 980-621-6524

Charlotte - July/August 2017


Jermaine, Manager Mobile Detailing

Hand Wash Waxing Leather Cleaning Buffering & Polishing


Charlotte - July/August 2017

Engine Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Odor Removal & More!


Spreading Motivation, From Youth Groups to Business Professionals

I Set The Standards works to inspire people to stand strong against the thoughts and beliefs of others in order to achieve their own level of excellence. We can encourage you and the people in your life to go beyond what others expect and set your own standards of achievement. Visit our website where you can not only order one of our “I Set the Standards” tees but also hire the CEO to inspire your groups and organizations. I Set the Standards is not just a brand, it’s a movement.

Natasha Erwin

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Charlotte - July/August 2017



Charlotte - July/August 2017

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