Huami Magazine Charleston May/June 2022

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Because of her obedience and faithfulness, she is now able to see the fruits of her labor. “Being able to help others grow their business and learn to believe in the product they are offering to customers makes this all worth it. I also love grooming truck drivers to take pride in their entrepreneurship as owner-operators,” she says.

“I had been bullied in Corporate America by someone who was a bit intimidated by my knowledge and the respect the drivers in the industry had for me. I let fear and low self-esteem keep me from believing in myself.”

Crystal says her biggest challenge was believing in herself. That can be understandable, but her resume confirms her ability to get the job done. She has worked with notable brands such as Volvo, Michelin, National Tire & Battery, and Samsung. It only makes sense that she could help people succeed in her own community, including small “Mom and Pop” companies. Crystal says her daughter, Micaiah inspires her the most. “She inspires me to live out this dream and never give up because one day it will all be hers. That’s truly all I do this for, my well-being and her livelihood,” she says. “I battle with a chronic illness, Rheumatoid Arthritis, daily. I often told myself I have got to find a way to make a living that doesn’t put a lot of strain on my joints and will ensure Micaiah will be able to live happily ever after with me and after I am gone. Having a daughter who has become my confidant and friend pushes me even harder so that she’s always proud of her mom. As an African American woman, she will know there isn’t an industry in this world that we can’t conquer. I can’t drive a semi-truck yet, but I surely can dispatch one.” Her advice to others who may follow a path as she has is simple. “Believe in yourself, believe in your Godgiven talent, and know that faith is better than fear. Once you make your first phone call asking a broker or customer for their business, know that you just opened the door to a world of opportunities. Don’t be afraid of what will happen next. Stay organized and always be prepared for the next day, the next conversation, and the next opportunity. Also, stay organized and write everything down and always speak with confidence. You got this!” Currently, Crystal is assisting small companies in the Charleston, SC, area with starting up their trucking companies. She also assists owner-operators with their local dispatch needs and offers consultations with local dispatchers. This also involves contacting brokers, negotiating rates, and helping drivers navigate through the process of what happens after they obtain their operating authority. There are also plans for Will Logics to have its own truck on the road soon. To learn more about Will Logics, please contact them directly. h