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華語紀錄片節 2013

Chinese Documentary Festival 2013

長洲誌──大師班結業作品(一) Works form YTTA (1) 香港 Hong Kong / 2013 / 71 min 粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles 6/9 (Fri) 7:30 pm 香港太空館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum 一個人的社活 A Man from Cheung Chau 尹景輝 / Wan King Fai 14 min

生日會 Birthday Party 蕭彥瑜 / Siu Yin Yu

六十多歲的堅叔,常幫助有困難的居民,更曾獨 力打官司挑戰政府。1989 年他也在天安門廣場 上,那次經驗形成他不平則鳴的個性。

長洲一所安老院每季均會為院友舉辦大型生日會, 並邀請親朋戚友共聚慶祝。生日會當天,老人家的 心情和平日很不同。

Sixty something Uncle Ken always helps out

A home for the elderly on Cheung Chau hosts quarterly

residents in need and he has even single handedly taken the government to court. He attributes his bent for justice to his experience in Tiananmen Square in

birthday parties for its residents, inviting family and friends as guests. The elderly residents feel very different on this special day.

1989. 生活 Life 曾錦山 / Tsang Kam Shan

呼煥美好 My Mother’s Story 朱吉輝 / Michael Chu

8 min

10 min

10 min

阿文三代同堂,他雖然年紀不大,但已過著悠哉 遊哉的半退休生活,羨煞不少營營役役的都市人。

九十歲的煥好婆婆,年輕時獨力撐起整個家庭,養 活七個子女,但難敵歲月,她已患上輕微腦退化症, 幸好有女兒陪伴身旁,樂觀面對生老病死。

With three generations under one roof and still very

90 year-old Granny Wun Ho was the breadwinner of

much far from retirement, Ah Man leads a half-retired life, much to the envy of many.

the family when she was younger, raising seven children. Even though she is suffering from dementia, she is still holding up fine, thanks to the support of her daughter. 輝叔 Uncle Fai 6 min 陳巧真 / Chan Hau Chun

街坊 Neighborhood 譚志榮 / Tan Chi Wing

6 min

清晨時候大新街街角的茶居,沒有遊客人頭湧湧 的喧鬧,幾位老街坊嘆茶之餘,也慨嘆「興旺」

在長洲開跌打醫館的輝叔,今年八十多歲,日間應 診晚上賣腸粉,每天工作到凌晨,在街坊眼中輝叔



The customers of the tea house at the corner of Tai San Street gather at dawn. In the absence of the tourist crowds, several elderly residents bemoan the changes brought about by the ‘prosperity’ of tourism.

80 something year-old Uncle Fai owns a bonesetting clinic on Cheung Chau. A bone setter by day and a seller of rice flour rolls at night, Uncle Fai works around the clock and is hailed as a legend in the community.


華語紀錄片節 2013

靠近海 Home by the Sea 彭國偉 / Terence Pang

Chinese Documentary Festival 2013

5 min

麗新電髮 The Hair Salon 12 min 葉偉平、王偉健 / Yip Wai Ping, Wong Wai Kin

攝影師林 sir 十多年前與愛妻移居長洲養病,兩人 愛上這風景怡人的小島並拍下許多美麗相片,如 今愛妻已逝,餘下他一人面對生活。

燦爛陽光落在古老理髮店門前,店內傳出收音機 聲,陳伯一面熟練地揮剪、一面與街坊閒聊國家大 事、街坊趣聞。

Photographer Lam Sir moved to Cheung Chau ten years ago so that his wife could recuperate from an illness. They fell in love with this scenic island and took many beautiful photographs. After his wife

As sunlight streams into this traditional barber’s shop and sounds from the radio can be heard, the shop’s owner Mr Chan snips away and chats with friendly neighbors on everything under the sun.

passed away, he continues to live on the island alone.


華語紀錄片節 2013

Chinese Documentary Festival 2013

長洲誌──大師班結業作品(二) Works form YTTA (2) 香港 Hong Kong / 2013 / 68 min 粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles 7/9 (Sat) 7:30 pm 香港太空館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum 虫子 Insects 徐智彥 / Chui Chi Yin

5 min

荒山野人 The Savage in the Hill 15 min 鄔詠恩、司徒嘉豪 / Wu Wing Yan, Szeto Ka Ho

下雨時,昆蟲通常會到夜裡休息的地方藏起來, 有的躲在葉下,有的爬到樹林裡或岩石下。如果 雨太大,許多更會受傷,甚至死亡。

方伯承先父遺願,獨力開墾山上的農地,為的是希 望四散的兄弟姊妹有一天回長洲重聚,但近年身體 日漸衰弱,已有心無力了。

When it rains, insects usually hide in their resting

Mr Fong lives up to his father’s expectation that he

places, in the dark. Some seek shelter under the leaves, some head to the forest or rocks. If the rain is too heavy, some may get hurt and even die.

develops farm plots in the hills, in the hopes this will draw his other siblings back to Cheung Chau. However, his ailing health is making this a very

魚悲慘的一生 On the Wretched Lives of Fish 賽普拉‧木塔里甫 / Saipulla Mutallip 7 min

challenging mission. 華哥 Brother Wah 李鐵成 / Li Tiecheng

9 min

魚本海裡遊,不管別人,也不傷害人。後來人把 他們抓了,然後拍打、刮鱗、挑腸、破腮,要他 們忍受不必要的痛楚之後,才讓他們死;因為人 們不僅要吃,還要吃得鮮。

華哥的報紙檔在碼頭外,是街坊的留言、閒聊處, 也是遊客的詢問站。他每日清晨兩點開始工作,數 十年來風雨不改。

It is natural for fish to swim in the sea, minding their own business and not hurting anyone. When men came, they caught the fish, bludgeoned, skinned and dismembered them and punctured their gills, putting them through unnecessary pain before leaving them to die, and for what, just so people can have fresh seafood? 媽媽告訴我 Tell Me Mum 7 min 李偉盛 / Lee Wai Shing

Wah Gor’s newspaper stall, which stands next to the ferry terminal, is also a hub where neighboring residents come to chat and leave messages, and where tourists ask for directions. His day starts at two in the morning, a routine he has followed for several decades.

兩個已經有廿十多年都沒有聯絡的鄉里姐妹,因 為一個兒子的拍攝計劃,打了一個電話……

林氏夫婦用堆肥來種植有機蔬果,藉此使廚餘化為 肥料,過程中面對蟲害等問題,令他們非常煩惱。

Tell Me Mum tells of how two neighbors who haven’t spoken to each other in 20 years got to speaking again as one of their sons had a plan to film; it started with a phone call…

The Lams use natural fertilizers made out of leftovers to farm their organic vegetables. They are troubled with pest problems during the process.

願還原 A Will to Restore 鄭藹如 / Jo Cheng

25 min


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