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My Little Book of Bugs

Featuring 17 bugs from the Te Papa collection of Te Papa, this educational book is perfect for growing babies and young children fascinated by the natural world around them.

Taku pukapuka iti mo nga pepeke

Fun for New Zealand tamariki and their whÄ nau learning the names of bugs found all around Aotearoa.

My Little Book of Bugs Taku pukapuka iti mo nga pepeke

ant popokorua Ants make trails to lead other ants to food. Ka whakatakoto te pōpokorua i ngā ara hei ārahi i ētahi atu pōpokorua ki te kai.

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Bees use their hair to collect pollen from flowers. Ka kohi hae te pī i ngā putiputi mā ōna huruhuru.

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beetle papapa Beetles hide their wings under their strong armour. Kei raro iho ngā parirau o te pāpapa i tōna pukupuku mārō.

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butterfly purerehua Butterfly wings are covered with thousands of tiny scales. Kua uhia ngā parirau o te pūrerehua e ngā inohi moroiti—e hia mano te nui.

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Ground beetle Megadromus capito

Chatham Island cockroach Celatoblatta brunni

Alpine grasshopper Paprides nitidus

Southern ant Monomorium antarcticum

Red admiral butterfly Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla

Giant New Zealand crane fly Austrotipula hudsoni

Housefly Musca domestica

Native bee Leioproctus paahaumaa

Clapping cicada Amphipsalta cingulata

Giant New Zealand bush dragonfly Uropetala carovei

South African mantis Miomantis caffra

What bug is that? He aha hoki tera pepeke?

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Millipede Order Diploploda

Giant New Zealand stick insect Argosarchus horridus

First published in New Zealand in 2020 by Te Papa Press, PO Box 467, Wellington, New Zealand www.tepapapress.co.nz © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa All rights reserved All specimens featured are from the Te Papa entomology collections A catalogue record is available from the National Library of New Zealand

Puriri moth Aenetus virescens

German wasp Vespula germanica

Common orbweb spider Eriophora pustulosa

Wellington tree wētā Hemideina crassidens crassidens Text by Phil Sirvid and Julia Kasper Translation by Stephanie Tibble Photography by Jean-Claude Stahl Digital imaging by Jeremy Glyde Design by Catherine Adam Printed by 1010 Printing Asia Limited

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MY LITTLE BOOK OF BUGS RRP: $19.99 ISBN: 978-0-9951338-7-7 PUBLISHED: September 2020 PAGE EXTENT: 34 pages FORMAT: Board book SIZE: 160 x 160 mm

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