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Four days of folk song, music, dance crafts and traditions Tenterden Folk Festival - Registered Charity No. 1038663 Thu 29th Sept to Sun 2nd October 2022f olk festival Tenterden “Tenterden the Jewel of the Weald” TENTERDEN festivalfolk

AKF is published by Tenterden Folk Festival Registered Charity No 1038663 Promoting folk song, music, dance, crafts and traditions AKF is the independent folk magazine for Kent, Surrey, Sussex and beyond and is published six times a year. Copies can be picked up free from folk clubs and other outlets or you can subscribe to get your personal copy by post. Also available to read on the website. W: www.aroundkentfolk.org.uk E: akf@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uktwitter.com/AroundKentFolk kent folk Your FREE Guide to Folk Events in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and beyond around kent folk around Your FREE Guide to Folk Events inKent,Surrey,Sussexandbeyond Issue 93 June/July2019 PublishedbyTenterdenFolkFestival,CharityNo1038663 Promoting song,music,dance,crafts traditions. kent folkaround Your FREE Guide to Folk Events in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and beyond Issue 94 August September 2019 PublishedbyTenterdenFolkFestival,CharityNo1038663 Promotingfolk music,dance,craftsandtraditions.

Full details of events at Tenterden Folk Festival 2022 can be found in the diary section.

Welcome back to the Festival:

Alan Castle BEM Festival Manor

Road, Ashford, TN23 3HA T: 01233 626805 E: alan@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk Logistics, Health & Safety, etc.: Richard Cartwright E: 07817richard@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk260254 Dance co-ordinator: Spud Jones E: dance@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk Craft Fair and street stalls: Margaret White E: info@tenterdencraftfair.org.uk Stewards and volunteers: E: chiefsteward@tenterdencraftfair.org.uk Tenterden Folk Festival is a member of; • Ashford Federation of the Arts • Association of Festival Organisers • English Folk Dance & Song Society • Making Music • Produced in Kent • Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce • Volunteering England • Registered with The Fundraising Regulator Old Dairy Brewery will have the following food trucks visiting: Thursday: Rascalls Pizza serving from 4pm Friday: Thai So Catering serving from 5pm Saturday: Vabbe Italian Street Food serving from 4pm Sunday: Grate (Cheese Toasties) serving from 1pm 1

Despite the Covid pandemic that caused the cancellation of an in person festival in 2020, unexpected fuel shortages over the festival weekend in 2021, and torrential rain on the Saturday, Tenterden Folk Festival 2021 was a big success. Concerts and other indoor events were surprisingly well attended and people even came to the barn dance and risked close contact with friends and strangers. As far as we know there was no increase in Covid cases associated with the festival. Sadly, some outdoor events on the Saturday had to be cancelled as a result of the weather, including the procession. We learned from our experiences last year and have made a few small changes to this year’s festival as a result.

Brixton Tatterjacks and others spent several evenings playing music in the Tap Room at Old Dairy Brewery during the festival last year and were described by the staff as “lovely people”! The Tap Room will be a venue again this year. Also last year the Thursday evening concert was moved to the Tenterden Club and will be there again this year. We are also planning some improvements to the layout of the marquees on the Recreation Ground to provide more protection from any bad weather this year.

Director Festival Contacts Festival information: E: info@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk W: www.tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk W: (craft fair) www.tenterdencraftfair.org.uk W: (AKF) www.aroundkentfolk.org.uk Festival director: Alan Castle, Tenterden Folk Festival, 15 Repton

The festival continues until late Sunday night with concerts, music and song sessions, workshops, English Barn Dance and many other events. Last year we only had Chris and Steve Wilson with us but this year we will have the four Wilson brothers. Twice as good and twice as loud? We have several guests making their first visits to Tenterden this year including Jack Rutter, Martin & Shan Graebe and Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer. Other guests have been with us many times before and are back by popular demand.

Campsite: The campsite will either be in the 10 acre field beyond the Railway carpark or in Morphs Field, just over the level crossing before the Railway car park. Mr Edwards continues to work hard on improving both fields.

The popular procession on Saturday will, weather permitting, start from near the War Memorial in the High Street at 3:00 p.m. The procession continues through the town centre to finish on the Recreation Ground by the marquees. This year there will be a dance stage in the main marquee where appropriate teams will dance to entertain stallholders and visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

Concerts and Folk Clubs: Concerts featuring Festival guests start on Thursday evening and continue throughout the Festival. This year concert venues include the Tenterden Club, Town Hall and St. Mildred’s Church. Check the map to locate all the venues.

Workshops and meet the guest sessions: The Festival also offers the opportunity to attend other events which may offer the chance to participate, ask a few questions or just sit and listen. There are also many informal talks on folk related topics. Check out the diary section for full details.

Your Festival

(See the map on page 16 to find the locations of the venues mentioned on this page)


This year your festival starts on Thursday evening with the regular Around Kent Folk sponsored concert. This is the only event not covered by the Full Weekend Tickets and features Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham and Dick Miles

Song and music sessions: The numerous friendly and informal sing-a-rounds and song and music sessions are, for many, one of the highlights of the Festival. These sessions will take place every day in various pubs and gardens, so there is sure to be one that suits your taste or mood. For the first time last year sessions were also held in the Tap Room at the Old Dairy Brewery and we are very pleased to have been invited back there this year. You can come along to some sessions and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere even if you do not want to sing or play.

Dance displays: The Festival continues to attract Morris sides and dance display teams from across the country including regular teams and new ones. They will all take to the town centre streets on Saturday and Sunday, together with other street entertainers and a one man band. Dance styles will include Cotswold, Border, Molly, Clog and Garland, as well as Slovakian, Bulgarian, Appalachian and other international traditions and styles.

Venues and public houses: Venues include The Town Hall, Recreation Ground, High Street, Tenterden Club, St Mildred’s Church and the Glebe Hall. Events also take place in The Vine, White Lion Saddlery, William Caxton (if still open), Woolpack, Ancient Boro and in the Tap Room at the Old Dairy Brewery.

Marian Button Mike Pearson Spud Jones ~ Dance co-ordinator

About the Festival and Trust

Workshops For Schools

TFF continues to work with a small number of local schools, teaching the students and staff to sing and perform some folk songs and tunes and also some Morris dances. At present we are working at Wyvern School and you may find some of the students at the Festival.

Tenterden Folk Festival is an annual event founded in 1993 and organised by Tenterden Folk Day Trust, registered charity number Our1038663.objects are to preserve and advance the public education and appreciation of traditional and contemporary folk music, song, dance and other related traditions, crafts and folk arts as part of the living heritage.

A special thanks to all the volunteers, workforce and stewards.

Sue Ferguson - Nominated by Tenterden Town JustinCouncilNelson - Nominated by Tenterden Town Council

Other committee members: Chris JaneFionaClaireRoche-collectionsEldridgeBranton–Volunteer co-ordinator

John Link ~ Nominated by Ashford Borough LesleyCouncilSmith

Tenterden Folk Festival is supported and/or partly funded by: Local authorities: Tenterden Town Council, Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council

Donations, sponsorship, and other offers of assistance, to help achieve these charitable aims, are always welcome.

Sponsors/Grant Funding: Brissenden Trust, Gibbons Mannington & Phipps LLP, Kent Community Foundation, Philberts, Post Code Trust, South East Timber Treatment, Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce, My Tenterden Business Directory. The Festival could not happen without the support and co-operation of all the venues.


Tenterden Folk Festival Committee: Trustees: Alan Castle: Festival Director, Margaret White: Stalls administration, Richard Cartwright: Logistics and Health and Safety, etc.

Individual event tickets are available in advance and, space permitting, will also be available from the Festival Box Office and on the door.

Tickets are available in advance

By post only, from: Tenterden Folk Festival, 15 Repton Manor Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 www.tenterdenfolkfestival.com/Buy-tickets/3HA

Many events are free but collections may be taken so please give generously as all monies collected help us cover the cost of promoting the festival

Tickets also available online from: www.musicglue.com/tenterdenfolkfestival/tickets Please do NOT attend the festival if you know or think you might have Covid.

Full Weekend

At the Festival: You will be able to buy single event and full weekend tickets at the dedicated Festival Box Office over the extended weekend. You can buy your tickets using contactless or chip and pin card payment. If you need to pay with cash, please tender the exact amount to avoid our valued volunteers having to handle and bank cash. Single event tickets should also be available on the door at most events.

Ticket: Full Weekend Tickets admit holders to all events from Friday to Sunday inclusive. The Full Weekend Tickets do not include the concert on Thursday evening or camping which must be paid for separately.


Workshops and similar event tickets will only be available on the door of the event. Please tender the correct amount.

We offer ticket holders informal camping in a field very close to the town centre and are again putting portable toilets on the camp site. There is no mains water supply in the field so please come prepared. Alternative camping: There are several small commercial and Caravan Club campsites nearby as well as several glamping sites.

Ticket Information PLEASE RESPECT OUR VOLUNTEERS AND GUESTS AND BE COVID SAFE Follow government guidelines. Hands, face, space! Get vaccinated! Take a test!

Cheques payable to: “Tenterden Folk Day Trust”

Thursday evening Concert: Available in advance; online as above and, if still available, on the door. Numbers will be limited. All tickets £14 each.


Events and Artists of Particular Interest


Martin & Shan Graebe: Shan and Martin met in 2000 and started to sing together in 2003. Their first album together, ‘Parallel Strands’, was issued by Wild Goose in 2005.

Morrigan sing the songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams who was born 150 years ago, on 12 October 1872. He was an important figure in the English folk song revival of the early 20th century. Having been introduced to folk music at the turn of the century, he began collecting songs in December 1903 and went on to collect

Nick Dow has recently published the second volume of his book “Secret Stream” and will present a workshop on modern Gypsy Songs and play the recordings and sing the songs. The list of events just goes on and on.

Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Dick Miles and may be one more. Sadly, Jeff Warner has had to postpone his tour of the UK for the third year Therunning.venue is the Tenterden Club and doors open at 7.00 p.m. for a 7.30 start. Full Weekend Tickets do not cover this fundraising event. All tickets are £14.00 each. A stair lift is available if needed.

The Thursday AKF evening concert: The fundraising concert on Thursday evening is sponsored by Around Kent Folk magazine. This year’s guests are festival regulars

Tom Perry & Clive Brooks: Tom and Clive were with us last year and are back by popular demand. Their repertoire is delivered a cappella and consists of traditional songs and contemporary pieces written in the traditional vein. Most of their songs have choruses and audiences are encouraged to join in.

Their repertoire includes a number of songs from the Baring-Gould collection.

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer: The Anglo-German duo, Paul & Karen, live in Staffordshire, although Karen is originally from Stuttgart, Germany. They met there and Paul invited Karen to perform in England. They have been playing music together at folk festival across the world ever since.

The English barn dance (Friday evening): The English barn dance is a regular and popular feature of the Festival. This year’s barn dance band will be Foot Down, a local band who are very popular on the festival circuit. Your caller will be John Sweeney.

Jack Rutter: Jack is a Yorkshire folk singer and, in recent years, has established himself as one of the standout voices of the folk, roots and acoustic music scene. A hugely engaging stage presence, his soaring vocal, guitar and bouzouki playing and masterful arrangements of traditional songs have enthralled audiences from the largest festival main stages to the most intimate folk clubs.

Chris Roche, My life, travels and shanties: Chris went to sea to find out how shanties might work in their natural environment, this after he met the legend that was and is Stan Hugill. He sailed many of the seven seas rounding Cape Horn a number of times learnt to shanty along the way edited the Journal of the Cape Horner association for 40 years and learnt much from the old timers about their wanderings. His being is steeped in a salty past which he will give some insight into along with an introduction to some of the out of the way and perhaps not so common shanties.

THE CREW: Dick Miles, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Morrigan, Portside, Tom Perry and Clive SaturdayBrooks. evening - 19:30 Town Hall

FRIDAY Friday afternoon - 14:00 Tenterden Club GUESTS: Bob & Gill Berry, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Jack Rutter, Si Barron. Friday evening - 19:30 Town Hall GUESTS: Dick Miles, Jack Rutter, Nick Dow, Rattlebag, Si Barron.

over 800 in 21 English counties. Morrigan have a long-established connection with his childhood home, Leith Hill Place, Surrey, and will be taking part in the anniversary celebrations there later in October. (Details of all other events can be found in the programme section on pages 17-20).

SUNDAY Two hours or so with- 11:00 Town Hall Morrigan, The Wilson Family, Tom Perry & Clive TheBrooks.Final concert - 18:00 Tenterden Club GUESTS: Bob & Gill Berry, Nick Dow, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Si Barron, The Wilson Family.


SATURDAY Saturday afternoon - 12:00 Tenterden Club GUESTS: Jack Rutter, Nick Dow, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, The Wilson Family. Cinque Ports Sea Tenterden Club songs and shanties - 17:00 Chris Roche and Malcolm Ward introduce.

A Quick Look at the Main Concerts

THURSDAY Venue Thursday evening - 19:30 Tenterden Club GUESTS: Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Dick Miles, Sheila Park.

Thursday evening concert - all tickets £14. Friday to Sunday concerts - Adult £10, Under 16 £5. 7

Tickets available from box office, and if still available, on the door.

GUESTS: Bob & Gill Berry, Discovery (Jeff and Elaine Gillett), Jack Rutter, The Wilson Family.

Friends of Tenterden Folk Festival

The Festival has to comply with Government and local authority guidelines, and Covid 19 regulations, so if Covid is still around we may have to make some changes at very short notice.

We have extended the long stalls marquee and moved the dance stage into it, so you can visit all the stalls and watch the dancers while you do it, and all in the dry if the weather is wet. This will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

Free Music Stage

Andy Holliday Mr and Mrs Services Ltd

(PA) Anmar Printing Services Best in Tents (marquees) CB Motors (van hire)

people who have supported the festival by providing accommodation for our guests: Alan Castle, Dave & Eileen Masterson and Marian Button. Become a supporter of the Tenterden Folk Festival by filling in the form on page 29 of this programme. The small print

Dance Stage

Children under 16 will only be admitted if accompanied by an adult and subject to normal licensing rules in licensed premises. Tickets permit entry only to specified event(s). No guarantee can be given that all events will run exactly to programme or that space will be available for all full weekend ticket holders at all events. However every effort will be made to ensure that holders of advance tickets are admitted, but please arrive early to avoid disappointment. TFF reserves the right to refuse admission or to amend the programme as necessary. Refunds will only be made at the discretion of TFF. We do no sell or pass on personal details of ticket holders, but such information may be used to send you news of future events. Festival events are often photographed.

You will find the free music stage on The Recreation Ground on Saturday and Sunday. It offers a free taste of what a folk festival is all about! Saturday and Sunday 10.30 to 18.00 See website and social media for details of free music stage.

Many thanks go to all the friends of the Festival, and those who have played our lottery for their Thankssupport.gotothe


Lorrac Associates Traffic Management WC Hire Ltd (toilets) Kall Kwik Ashford Music Glue (online tickets) TMS Protection Ltd (security) Major Suppliers and Contractors

Edwards (campsite) BM Ambulance

Festival guests:

Jack KeithRutterKendrick & Sylvia Needham

Martin & Shan Graebe

Other festival guests will also be playing on the Free Music Stage on Saturday and Sunday.

The Wilson Family


Foot Down

Note: Not all guests are attending for the whole weekend

Jack Rutter Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer


Bob & Gill Berry

Weather permitting, we are planning some outdoor song and music sessions, hosted by our guests.

Our popular regular and local guests: Bob Kenward, Chris Roche, Gavin & Julie Atkin, Hook Line & Sinker (Sue Watson & Caren Scoll), Jerry Crossley, John & Di Cullen, Malcolm Ward, Portside (Rob & Liz Porter & Dave Earl), Rattlebag, Roger Resch, Spare Parts (Valmai Goodyear & Brian Creer), Sue Watson, Travelling Folk, Vic & Tina Smith, Vic Ellis, Direction Corsairs (Busking in the street), Yardarm Folk Orchestra (St Mildred’s Church), Free music stage & other showcase guests: Alchemy, Ashford Folk Band, Highworth Folk Band, Hook Line & Sinker, Invicta Ukulele Club Band, John Smillie, Milton Hide, Nunhead Folk Circle

PaulNickMorriganDowWalker & Karen Pfeiffer

Dick DiscoveryMiles(Jeff & Elaine Gillett)

John Sweeney

Si TomBarronPerry & Clive Brooks


Tenterden & District Local History Museum, TN3O 6HN Dip into 1,000 years of history with the help of our friendly stewards, and discover rich layers of history, architectural trends and house or family history. For opening times, entrance charges, special events and exhibitions phone 01580764310 For house histories to genealogy, speak to our volunteer staff or email. We look forward to meeting Blog:Email:www.tenterdenmuseum.co.ukyou!enquiries@tenterdenmuseum.co.ukFacebook:TenterdenandDistrictMuseum@TandDMuseumInstagram:tenterden_museumtenterdenanddistrictmuseum.wordpress.com We meet on the first and third Mondays of the month upstairs at the Beer Seller, 64 High Street, Tonbridge TN9 1EH (turn into Bradford Street where there’s plenty of free 3rdparking).October Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer 17th October Christopher Mark Jones 7th November Nick Dow 21st November Vic & Tina Smith 5th Dec Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter 19th December Simon Kempston We take a hat collection for our guests and suggest a contribution of £7. Tonbridge Folk Club (Nellie’s) The Beer Seller, 64 High Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1EH Tel: 01892 info@tonbridgefolkclub.org822945www.tonbridgefolkclub.org

The following will be with us on Saturday and/or Sunday; Allsorts AnnieMationMorrisClog Morris Bulgarian Folk Loregroup Bishop Gundulf Blackswan Border Morris Boughton Monchelsea BrixtonMorris EastCockleshellChingfordTatterjacksMorrisClogKentMorris G & G Morris Gong GreenwichScourersMorris Men Hannahs Cat Morris Hartley Morris Kent Korkers and Pork Scratchin’s Dance Sides There may be changes to availability due to Covid restrictions. More sides may still be added. Please contact us if your dance side, display team, street theatre group, etc. would like an invitation for next year’s Tenterden Folk Festival. You can come for the whole weekend or just for either Saturday or Sunday. dance@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk Kits Coty Morris Loose Women Morris Mad Jack’s Morris MorenaMishMarlingsMaenadsMorrisMashMorrisSlovakDancers PennyroyalOffcumdunsClog Dancers Romney Marsh Morris Roses are Red Royal Liberty Morris Seven Champions and Seven Sisters Sompting Village Morris Sutton Masque Border WolfsheadMorris and Vixen Woodchurch Morris Men And maybe even more! 11

FromSATURDAYTo / Artist 11.30 Malcolm Ward 14.00 Smillie 14.15 15.15 16.45 11.30

Chris Roche,

PJ Music with musical instruments, as well as stalls selling hand made goods from cakes to clothing, corn dollies, bags, soaps, candles, etc. as well as woodturning, watercolours, jewellery, textiles, leather work, garden products, ceramics and much Charitiesmore.represented will include Kent Wild Life Trust, Woodland Trust, RSPB and Demelza YouHouse.can also visit a couple of stalls or rides from Marsh Vintage Amusements. Our bar is again being provided by New Romney Brewery and Nightingale Cider. This year our main hot food and drink concession on the Recreation Ground is Camper Catering of Tenterden. The marquees are also the venue for the popular free music stage and dance display stages. The dance stage is now situated at the end of the long marquee with the stalls. Do not miss all the free music and the numerous Morris sides on Saturday and Sunday. THIS IS FREE TO VISIT.


Ashford Folk Band 15.15 15.45 Interval for procession 15.45

Crafts, Street stalls, Music Fayre and Free Stages


We are very pleased to have so many of our regular stalls back with us this year as well as some exciting new ones. You will find them in and around the marquees on the Recreation Ground on Saturday and Sunday. Many of the regular street stalls have also been moved onto the Recreation Ground either in or around the Stallsmarquees.include

and Portside 11.45 12.45 Kitty & Bridget Walker 13.00



Nunhead Folk Circle 17.00 18.00 Open Water TBC FromSUNDAYTo Group / Artist 10.30

Hook, Line & Sinker 11.45 12.45 Alchemy Acoustic 13.00 14.00 Highworth Folk Band 14.15 15.15 Invicta Ukulele Club Band 15.30 16.30 Milton Hide 13

Julie and Gavin Atkin popular online Sunday night Zoom sessions continue –they’re fun and attract some great performers. If you’d like a link to join us, email Gavin Atkin at gmatkin@gmail.com.


Julie and I would be delighted to play or sing for online events or future live shows, including with our country dance band The Tonic! We’re based in Kent, specialise in trad and old-fashioned material, play a variety of instruments, sing separately and in harmony, and we’re always good value. See us in action at www.youtube.com/GavinAtkin

1 - Free music stage 2 - Craft fair and stalls 3 - Free dance stage 4 - Festival Office EC30 5 - Town Hall (Stairlift available) 6 - Woolpack Hotel 7 - Barn at the rear of the Woolpack 8 - St Mildred’s Church 9 - Glebe Hall 10 - Church Hall 11 - Tenterden Club (Stairlift available) 12 - White Lion 13 - Saddlery at White Lion 14 - Vine Inn 15 - K&ES Railway station 16 - Old Dairy Brewery and Tap room 17 - TFF camp site 18 Museum 19 - Procession assembly point 20 - William Caxton 21 - Ancient Boro, 3 East Cross 22 - Millennium Garden Key to venues and landmarks: Smallhythe Road B2082 521 8 6107 11 14 19 15 17 17 18 1216 13 20 1, 2, 3  P P P P P P P P P 9 22 OaksRdB2067AshfordRdA28 Toilets Toilets Ivy Doctor’sCourtSurgeryLeisureCentreRecreation Ground Road Sayers Lane Church Road Station Road A28 StreetHigh 4 Recreation Ground 1 5432 6 7 A B C D E F Festival Venues KENT EAST SUSSEX DOVER FOLKESTONE CANTERBURY RYE ASHFORD HASTINGS Tenterden TUNBRIDGE WELLS TONBRIDGE CRANBROOK SEVENOAKS LONDON MAIDSTONE M20 M25 A28 CHATHAM Car Parking There is short stay on-street parking in the High Street and a number of ‘pay and display’ car parks throughout the town. Charging point available in Station Road and Leisure Centre Car Parks These are indicated on the map. Access to First Aid personnel outside Town Hall on Saturday and Sunday (10:0018:00)to By Car Tenterden is situated on the A28 between Hastings and Ashford, less than an hour from the M25. By Public Transport Regular bus links from Ashford, Hastings, Headcorn, Maidstone, Rye and Tunbridge Wells. Train services from London and the south east connect with the bus routes. Nearest mainline stations are Headcorn and Ashford International. Note : Map not to scale Most venues are within 5 minutes walking distance from the Town Hall.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Festival office, box office and information EC30 Early - Late For ticketed events (T) please buy your tickets in advance from the box office. Contactless payment or chip and pin accepted, or please try to tender the correct cash For other events pay at box office or tender the correct cash on the door. This year pay on the door events are £5 or £10. Please respect our stewards and volunteers. Be Covid Safe. THURSDAY Thursday evening concert Supported by Around Kent Folk Club 19.30 - 22.30 A £14 T GUESTS: Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Dick Miles, Sheila Park FRIDAY Meet the guests T/H 10.30 - 12.00 £5 Jack Rutter Meet the guests Glebe 11.00 - 12.00 £5 Bob & Gill Berry Ralph Vaughan Williams 150th birthday party Church 11.00 - 12.30 £5 LunchtimeMorrigan song and music session Barn 11.30 - 14.30 Free Bob Kenward, Roger Resch and friends welcome floor singers and musicians with guests Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer Mainly music session Saddlery 12.30 - 15.00 Free Dick Miles invites you to bring your instruments and tunes Secret Stream - Modern Gipsy songs T/H 12.30 - 13.30 £5 Nick Dow Thursday 29th September to Sunday 2nd October 2022 VENUES: (numbers in brackets are map references, see map left) Ancient = This Ancient Boro, 3 East Cross (21) Barn = Barn at the rear of the Woolpack, High Street. Up alley by Town Hall (7) Brewery = The Tap Room, Old Dairy Brewery, Station Yard, Station Road, (16) Caxton = William Caxton, Closed (20) Church = St Mildred’s Parish Church, High Street (8) Club = Tenterden Club - Moulton Hall and/or Evans Bar, Church Road (11) EC30 = Festival Office (4) Glebe = The Glebe Hall - at the very end of Church Road (9) Lion = White Lion, High Street (12) Millennium - Millennium Garden (22) Museum = Tenterden & District Museum, in the Station Road car park (18) Rec = Marquees on The Recreation Ground – free music stage, dance stage & stalls (1,2,3) Saddlery = Saddlery at White Lion, High Street (13) T/H = Upstairs in Town Hall, High Street (5) Vine = Bar of The Vine Inn, High Street (14) Woolpack = Woolpack Hotel, High Street next to Town Hall (6) (Programme correct at time of printing, changes may occur) Festival Events Diary Continued overleaf C TICKETS: T = available in advance, A = Adult, U = Under 16 C = Collection, P = Private Song and music sessions in pub bars are free! Entry to Marquees on Recreation Ground are free. Donations welcome Event / Guests Venue Time Tickets

£10 T Foot


Free Spare

Event / Guests Venue Time Tickets

Evening song and music session 20.00 - 23.00 Bob Kenward leads this open session with festival guests popping in The Brewery song and music sessions Brewery 20.00 - 23.00 all ye music session Saddlery 20.00 - 23.00 Parts and friends invite you along to play some good old folk tunes with guest spot from Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham

Traditional music class - open to any instrument and any level Glebe 10.30 - 12.30 £5 Gavin Atkin Alfred Williams and the Folk Songs of the Upper Thames Church 11.00 - 13.00 £5 Martin and Shan Graebe Mainly tunes session Saddlery 11.30 - 14.30 Jerry Crossley plus spots from festival guests Spare Parts

SATURDAY Craft fair, music stalls and many other stalls Rec 10.00 - 18.00 Music and Dance Stages Rec 10.00 - 18.00

£5 T Friday

Meet the guests Glebe 12.30 - 14.00 £5 Discovery (Jeff and Elaine Gillett) Friday afternoon acoustic concert ( A round Robin event) Club 14.00 - 17.00 A £10 T GUESTS: Bob & Gill Berry, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Jack Rutter, Si Barron U £5 T Meet the guests Glebe 15.00 - 16.30 £5 Anglo German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer This Ancient Boro’ Showcase Ancient 15.00 - 16.00 Free Tom Perry and Clive Brooks Music and songs in the Museum Museum 15.00 - 16.00 Free Chris Roche, Malcolm Ward and Portside Meet the guests T/H 16.30 - 5.30 £5 Rattlebag

£5 T





An hour or so with Glebe 17.30 - 18.30 EnglishKenwardBarnDance Club 19.30 - 23.00 A Down with caller John Sweeney. Plus a Morris side U evening acoustic concert T/H 19.30 - 23.00 A Dick Miles, Jack Rutter, Nick Dow, Rattlebag, Si Barron U


Free Free

First aid post Outside T/H 10.00 - 17.00 the guests T/H 10.30 - 11.30 The Wilson Family join us from Billingham, Teesside, North East England


Free Come


£5 Bob

This Ancient Boro’ Showcase Ancient 16.00 - 17.00 Free Four Gone Confusion Music and songs in the Museum Museum 16.00 - 16.30 Free

Free Foot Down SUNDAY Craft fair, music stalls and many other stalls Rec 10.00

Free Free Music and Dance Stages Rec 10.00

Chris & Ros from Morrigan introduce the kids from Wyvern School Festival procession High Street 15.00 - 16.00 Procession from the War Memorial in the High Street to The Marquee on the Recreation Ground. Meet the guests Barn 16.00 - 18.00 Free

Spare Parts - You can send for the music in advance if you’d like a chance to try it out at home

Cinque - 20.00 - 23.00 - 23.00 - 23.00 - 11.00 - 17.00- 10.30

GUESTS: Jack Rutter, Nick Dow, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, The Wilson Family U £5 T

Bob Kenward leads this open session with spots from festival guests including Kitty & Bridget Walker

Saturday afternoon acoustic concert Club 12.00 - 15.00 A £10 T

Ports Sea songs and shanties (Dedicated to Peter Collins) Club 17.00

An hour or so with T/H 12.00 - 13.00 £5 Si

A £10 T Chris Roche and Malcolm Ward introduce U £5 T THE CREW: Dick Miles, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Morrigan, Portside, Tom Perry and Clive Brooks The Brewery song and music sessions Brewery 19.30

Free Brixton Tatterjacks and friends Saturday evening acoustic concert T/H 19.30

A £10 T GUESTS: Bob & Gill Berry, Discovery (Jeff and Elaine Gillett), Jack Rutter, The Wilson Family U £5 T Song and music session Ancient 20.00

Ashford Folk Band

17.00 Harvest Festival Service at St Mildred’s Church 9.15

Free Martin & Shan Graebe join the congregation for this annual service Continued overleaf C Event / Guests Venue Time Tickets

VIP Reception sponsored by Tenterden Town Council T/H 14.00 - 15.00 Private Meet the students from Wyvern School (To be confirmed) Rec 13.30 - 14.15 Free

PartRattlebagplaying for concertina and other melody instruments Glebe 16.00 - 18.00 £5

Bob Copper - A gentleman of high renown (an updated audio visual show) Glebe 13.00 - 14.30 £5 Vic and Tina Smith

17.00 Free First aid post Outside T/H 10.00

Free John & Di Cullen floor singers and guests including Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham Band showcase Vine 8.30

LunchtimeBarronsing-a-round and music session Barn 12.00 - 14.30 Free

The Brewery song and music sessions 20.00 - 23.00 Free Morris musicians and friends music session 20.00 - 23.00

BeginnersRattlebagBodhran Glebe 16.30 - 18.00 Miles

Vic & Tina Smith invite you to this open session for musicians and festival guest


Bob & Gill Berry, Discovery (Jeff & Elaine Gillett) Music and songs in the Museum Museum 15.30 - 16.00 Free

Free Event / Guests Venue Time Tickets

Two hours or so with T/H 11.00 - 13.00 The Wilson Family, Tom Perry & Clive Brooks



Lunchtime song and music session 13.00 - 15.00 Free



Travelling Folk music and song session 11.30 - 14.30 Folk and friends - invite you to join them for some music and songs


The Final Acoustic Concert Club 18.00 - 21.30 A £10 Bob & Gill Berry, Nick Dow, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Si Barron, The Wilson Family


Free Travelling

£5 Chris

£5 Dick


U £5 T



“My life, travels and shanties” 15.00 - 16.00 Roche Folk Orchestras at St Mildred’s Church 15.00 - 16.30 Folk Orchestra 90 minutes or so with T/H 14.30 - 16.30



Julie & Gavin Atkin and friends invite you to join them in the garden Garden

Mainly music session 12.00 - 14.30 Free

A £10 Morrigan,

£5 Yardarm


same Glebe

Vic & Tine Smith Ancient Boro’ Showcase Ancient 16.00 - 17.00 Free


U £5

Squeeze boxes - they are not all the 10.30 - 12.30 Gavin & Julie Atkin, Dick Miles, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham

Lunchtime sing-a-round and music session 12.00 - 14.30


Bob Kenward leads this open session with spots from festival guests

Auf Wiedersehen, Me Duck’ Church 11.30 - 13.00 Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer


The Wilson Family

“Singing with the Wilson Family makes life a whole lot easier”


- Roy Harris

The present-day group are the original core members, Tom, Chris and Steve and youngest brother Mike.

“The Northern Wilsonia - a vocal orchestra!”

- Peter Bellamy

The accepted benchmark for powerhouse unaccompanied singing, they were awarded the Gold Badge of the English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS) in 2017, the highest honour the society can bestow.

“They have synthesised the qualities of all their major influences, which sets them apart as one of the foremost harmony groups entertaining folk audiences today”

Their influences have said of them:

The Wilson Family is an English folk music group from Billingham, Teesside, North East England. They have been singing and performing a cappella folk songs since 1974.


Over those decades the group members have consisted of sister Pat and five brothers: Tom, Chris, Steve, Ken and Mike.

Dick Gaughan

“There’s a musical honesty about them that links past and present together. They are among the people who go about singing traditional songs that move me - which I really love, because that’s what I try to do. But what appeals to me about them, apart from their musical skill, is their honesty. They are what they are and do what they do and say what they say and it’s very direct and I love that. They’re not pretenders.”

The Wilson Family www.thewilsonfamilyalbum.co.ukwebsite:

Sting has recently said of them: “They have a family sound and a natural, bonedeep understanding of music and harmony. And it’s quite something.”

- Lou Killen

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Lewes Saturday Folk Club Traditional music every Saturday night Elephant & Castle, White Hill, Lewes BN7 2DJ 8.00 – 11.00 valmaigoodyear@aol.comwww.lewessaturdayfolkclub.org01273 476757 Loyalty card: 6 evening visits = £5 off an evening Oct 1 Songs of the Sea with Don Morgan Oct 8 Celebrating Andy Warburton A special tunes night Oct 15 Leveret Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron, Sam Sweeney: Oct 22 Sara Grey & Kieron Means US Old-time, banjo, guitar Oct 29 Ben Paley US Old-time, Swedish, Irish, Scottish fiddle Nov 5 Closed for Lewes Bonfire Nov 12 Natasha Norodien & Terry Lees Traditional songs, voice, flute, guitar Nov 19 Riley Baugus US Old-time songs, banjo, guitar Nov 26 Missing Richard (Tom Evans & Harriet Barton) Accordion, fiddle, tunes from round the world, songs WORKSHOPS (10.45 am – 4.45 pm £35) The tutor performs at the club in the evening. Booking forms from club website. Half-price places for 2 under-25 year-olds. Email valmaigoodyear@aol.com to reserve places 15 Oct ANDY CUTTING MELODEON ROB HARBRON CONCERTINA – all systems SAM SWEENEY ENGLISH FIDDLE 29 Oct BEN PALEY SWEDISH FIDDLE 19 Nov RILEY BAUGUS CLAWHAMMER BANJO 11 March JEZ LOWE SONGWRITING 1 April THE WILSONS VOCAL HARMONY 29 April WILL & PIPPA NOBLE BALLAD FORUM

Meets every last Tuesday of the month, from 7.00 pm. All welcome. No paid guest performers, just residents, itinerants and wayfaring strangers (rich or poor). PA available if you need it. Hat collection (if you need one). Contact details: Jerry ‘Hatrick’ Crossley Phone - 07387 382050 Facebook - EgertonFolkandBluesClub

Bob & Gill Berry festival flashbacks! Photos by Lewis J Brockway

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23rd Nov Hunter Muskett - Excellent electric folk band with well-crafted songs of love, life and protest. Their last visit prompted many positive comments- their expertise much admired. £8/9

Yes, Faversham Folk Club is open every Wednesday, 8 pm til 10.30... We welcome performers and audience to our popular Singers’ Nights. On Guest nights, floor spots are welcomed by M/Cs if you arrive soon enough. A warm welcome is always available at The Limes!

26th Oct Helen North £7/8

All other Wednesdays are Singers Nights

12th Oct Sara Grey - Evergreen banjo and traditional American song selection from a veteran of many Faversham occasions. Sara’s way with a ballad and fount of knowledge ensure an evening of pure commitment. £9/10

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - As seen on Faversham Zoom and at festivals, Paul and Karen bring their unique combination of songs to entrance and delight. Guitar, harmonies and a range of audience anticipation. £8/9

14th Dec John Kirkpatrick - The Guv’nor returns for a pre-Christmas celebration. Cracking songs and gutsy tunes on squeezeboxes of all descriptions. One of folk’s finest entertainers- sure to be popular, reserve your seats now! £10/11

5th Oct

9th Nov Bob Fox - Ex Warhorse, long-standing singer of North-Eastern repertoire, pit tales and ballades. Bob’s much-travelled guitar enhances his powerful delivery, occasional melodeon too. £10/11

30 Nov Capella - Haunting harmonies from Tony and Lesley to warm us on the last night of November... plentiful and wide-ranging songs sung with passion and clarity. Traditional and recently written repertoire to amuse and engage £7/8

TENTERDEN FOLK FESTIVAL, PROMOTING FOLK SONG, MUSIC, DANCE, CRAFTS AND TRADITIONS Tenterden folk song and music sessions The popular Tenterden Folk Sessions restarted at This Ancient Boro, at 3 East Cross, in July. For more details FreeSessions/tenterdenfolkfestival.com/Tenterden-Folk-www.musicandsongsessioninthebar Local Folk Development Agency We will provide, or advise on, the folk content in other community, private, commercial or Council events. Folk song, music and dance workshops for schools A special project from TFF Please complete and return one of our feedback cards at the Festival. Let us have your constructive suggestions for future festivals or if you would like to join the team please tell us! We look forward to seeing you all again next year! Your Folk Diary For further information on all events shown here please contact: Alan Castle, Festival Director and Trustee, Tenterden Folk Festival, 15 Repton Manor Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 3HA T: 01233 626805 E: info@tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk W: www.tenterdenfolkfestival.org.uk THE TENTERDEN FOLK FESTIVAL 2023 (Our 30th anniversary festival!) Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October 36